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  1. Very well said. I forgot to mention that in addition to the quote from pages 29-30 that I've already shared in the OP, the very beginning of the UNESCO source that I've linked starts off by unequivocally stating the ancient Egyptians were black africans before it even mentions any of the works/studies of the numerous different scholars that contributed to the source. One does not even need to read the book in it's entirety to see for themselves that the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization has obviously and undoubtedly ruled that the ancient Egyptians were indeed bla
  2. Yes... all great info indeed. Regarding ancient Egypt, the UNESCO source even goes onto say: "...Be that as it may, it is clear that anthropology is far from having established the existence of a white Egyptian race and would tend to suggest the opposite. Nevertheless, in current textbooks the question is suppressed: in most cases it is simply and flatly asserted that the Egyptians were white and the honest layman is left with the impression that any such assertion must necessarily have a prior basis of solid research. But there is no such basis, as this chapter has sho
  3. Henry Field (December 15, 1902 – January 4, 1986) was an American anthropologist and archaeologist. On page 154 of his book "Fieldmuseum of Natural History" (1939), Field states:"Physical anthropologists are certain that Mesopotamia was the eastern borderline for Semitic types of individuals and that the Semites, whom we know as the brown Mediterranean peoples who invaded Mesopotamia from Arabia, did not inhabit Iran at an early date. […] Nor did Nordic peoples speaking an Indo-Iranian language dwell in Iran in early times; the earliest evidence indicating their entry is dated to the beginning
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