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  1. @Pioneer1, the thread is about music.  Messages in music have always been a harder sell. 


    There's never been a shortage of deep music.  But, it won't be found on the Billboard chart. 


    Again, from an entertainment perspective, most people like the McDonalds equivalent of music...nice beat and catchy lyrics.


    If someone was to put a Farrakhan speech over a strong beat, nigglets eyes would glaze over and they would find something else to listen to and/or do.


    As an aside, the 1st Million Man March message was 28 years ago. 


    Almost 3 decades ago, most of the brothas who were at the March have probably forgotten the message.🤣


    From a musician's perspective, I wish that Black music contained  more positive messages and instructions for getting our people on code.😎

  2. 3 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Chances are any Entities smart enough and advanced enough to travel all the way to this planet wouldn't be vulnerable enough to be shot down or taken captive by a bunch of semi-neanderthals.....lol.

    Bingo. *If* such entities exist, they would not have physical bodies or aircraft.  They would be like spirits. 


    If the spirit decided to take on a human or animal form and fly around...I believe that's called reincarnation.🤣😎

  3. 3 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Not only have we had definite leaders in the past 40 years, we've had TOO MANY leaders....leading our people in the WRONG direction.

    They're called RAPPERS.


    They are entertainers


    No group of people considers artists, musicians and athletes leaders of a community. 


    These folks are influencers.  Not leaders.  There's a difference.


    It can be argued that some AfroAmericans spend way too much time being entertained.😎



  4. 21 minutes ago, Chevdove said:

    What took so long!?


    It's good to know that this case is brought back, but this is frustrating.

    Don't be too frustrated.


    The streetz already knew what really happened in these cases.


    Most of the folks involved are already dead too.


    This arrest just brings the public a step closer to closure.😎

  5. From the moment this old dumb azz nigglet started running his mouth, I knew it was only a matter of time before he would get arrested:




    The million dollar question is will he start singing like a bird and point fingers at everyone else involved to include solving the Notorious BIG murder too.


    It's been almost 30 years since Tupac and Biggie were murdered. There's no statute of limitations on convicting murderers and accomplices. 😎

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  6. Senator Tim Scott is another one of those self-hating Black men:


    This bootlick will do anything to cozy up to white folks. He's only been doing it his entire political career.


    A snowball stands a better chance of survival in an active volcano than Scott has of becoming POTUS. 


    Sen. Scott is clearly auditioning for a VP or  cabinet level position if Orange Julius gets re-elected.


    Sen. Scott should be Secretary of Interior. He's got his nose so far up white folks azz he can smell their breath. 


    Of course, like Uncle Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Herschel Walker, Herman Cain (RIP) and every other wannabe GOP knee-grow, Sen. Scott's 15 minutes will be up soon enough. 


    I'd slightly like to know who's giving birth to and raising these types of n8gglets. But, I've seen how it happens. Still a d8mn shame. 😎

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  7. Jay-Z rose from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NYC to becoming a Hip-Hop icon.


    It's awesome that Jay-Z's  hometown library has an exhibit on him especially while he's still in the prime of his life. 


    Jay-Z is to music what Denzel Washington is to theater/cinema. They're both extremely talented masters of their craft and highly respected in the entertainment business.


    Jay-Z turned his pen and word play into a billion dollar business enterprise. That's no small feat.


    A young person would be well served in applying  Jay-Z's hustle in their own positive endeavors. 😎

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  8. 7 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    .. when he started in his perm and third trimester days...

    That's hilarious. 🤣

    7 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    But a black christian leader is inadequate to the structure of the modern black populace in the usa 2023

    Black leadership would have to consist of several people representing the interests and diversity of the race.😎

  9. 9 hours ago, Troy said:

    my main point is that the black community is essentially leaderless. Not the NAACP or the Black church’s various factions speak for black people.


    maybe that leadership is impossible. maybe it is unnecessary. 

    I'm inclined to think the 1960s was a watershed moment in Black leadership. 


    Over the past 50 years and counting, Black folks have been devoid of leadership. 


    Black folks have been content with "trying to make it" in the system of racism white supremacy.


    Interestingly, during the GOP debate last night, Senator Tim Scott blurted out that America is not a racist country. 


    Senator Scott is a textbook example of a Black person who sticks his head in the sand when it comes to racism.


    Regardless of any person who denies it, the religion/system of racism white supremacy is alive and kicking.


    Black folks need leadership in order to get on code and dismantle the system of racism white supremacy. 


    Unfortunately, it's way too easy for white folks to pay off potential Black leaders and/or kill them.😎

  10. 1 hour ago, richardmurray said:

    a person can be well known or popular and be a leader.

    I didn't write that a well known or popular person could not be a leader. 


    I wrote that being well known or popular doesn't necessarily qualify them be leaders.


    An individual has to want and/or be willing to be a leader.


    1 hour ago, richardmurray said:

    I oppose your assertion that schrumpf is a leader,

    Of course, I've come to expect nothing less than your opposition to my assertion/opinion.😁😎

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  11. 10 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    Again, the problem is many black people who are well known can't even be considered the leader of black people in the city or state they live in, so how can they be the leader to the entire black populace in the usa. 

    Whew. Say that with your chest mayne.👏🏿


    Black folks definitely have to get past the belief that well known or popular people are qualified to be leaders.


    For example, Michael Jordan could play basketball no doubt. Yet, the only thing MJ is capable of leading off the court is a cigar into his mouth.


    As I mentioned in another thread, contrast that with the actions of  former POTUS 45 who has the MAGA crowd ready to fight


    Leaders take actions to motivate people to get on code and be ready to work or fight or whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.😎

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  12. 11 hours ago, Troy said:

    He is the leader of the Black community in so far as we have one today. 

    Most AfroAmericans have heard of Al Sharpton.  He organizes rallies and  marches against social injustice.


    Most of what Sharpton does is fundraise  from liberals to make them feel better ss they pay lip service but do nothing to cure the ills of racism white supremacy. 


    IMO, Sharpton doesn’t lead the AfroAmerican community in a significant way. He uses their plight under the system of racism white supremacy as fuel for his activism.


    In stark contrast to Sharpton, former POTUS 45 leads the MAGA crowd. Orange Julius travels around the country keeping his base stirred up and ready to fight for their country.😎

  13. 1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    However a direct all out war between the U.S. and Russia IS coming eventually.

    I don't think so.


    The US and Russia have been saber-rattling since the 1960s through the Cold War ending in the 1990s. 


    Notice that under POTUS 45 there was zero tension between the US and Russia. 


    Under POTUS 44, Russia invaded Crimea. After POTUS 46 got elected, there's now a war in Ukraine. There's a common denominator.


    As always, watch their hands and follow the money. War and conflict or a hint generates a lot of it. Kinda like wrestling.😎

  14. 1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    BTW...I think he may need to gain a little more weight.
    His body is smaller but his head seems to be the same size.

    Grinning and dancing around....obviously he's not sick, so it's amazing how small his actual frame is and how he managed to carry so much weight around when he was younger.

    I think Al lost weight initially due to illness. Having a younger wife might factor as well.


    Unfortunately, nobody wants to tell Al he looks like a Pez dispenser:



    That's how a person knows who's truly their friends. Someone needs to feed Al or buy him a sandwich. 😎

  15. 2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    But they're losing the war big time and so the U.S. has to step their game up...or change games...in order to prevent Russia from expanding their grip.

    Obviously proxies aren't helping, so it's probably time for a DIRECT confrontation.

    The US cannot confront Russia directly unless they commit an act of aggression against us or our NATO allies.


    Ukraine doesn't count because they're not in NATO.  Of course, that's the whole reason for the dust-up.


    Putin knows all of it. Yet, money is bejng wasted. More importantly, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. All for nothing. 😎

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