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  1. 1 minute ago, Pioneer1 said:

    , but I know quite a few skinny people who are both diabetic AND have high blood pressure.


    Processed sugar is poison/drugs, especially to black people. I know people who are thin and diabetic, too. 😔 It's terrible.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Pioneer1 said:

    preference is someone you would RATHER have but it doesn't exclude others.


    Most men don't even use this correctly tho. At least you understand that.


    I still believe you are splitting hairs, but I'll play along. Most men still do have types. Men will say they have preferences but exclude whole groups of women for one TYPE. Like light skinned over darker tones or skinny over plump.


    You might be the exception tho. 😊 

  3. 44 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Determining health and obesity shouldn't be governed by the "cookie cutter" definitions given to us by Caucasian scientists.


    There's a lot of white things I don't agree with but obesity is hardly cookie cutter. It's based on sex, height, age which is not the same from person to person.


    And while it's not perfect because there are very healthy people who are technically obese because of muscle mass, when it comes to fat, on a woman's smaller frame, even if it's well proportion that can still be very dangerous and stressful on her body. 


    Just because someone carries their weight well doesn't mean they are healthy. And that's not a choice anyway. Fat will go where it wants. 😂

  4. 7 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

    .usually be OTHER WOMEN more so than men

    Stop lying. 😭 Omg. What happened. You made so much sense the first day and now you're in full Mars mode. 


    9 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Which is why they would rather take an arrogant and persistent asshole of a man over one who is more respectful of her wishes but easily gives up on pursuing her.



    11 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

    but if a man is weak and wimpy when it comes to women and sex...


    Then he's not a rapist. 😂 The end. Omg. 


    But you've been around so Ima let you have this. 

  5. @Pioneer1 I understand using our own system to measure our health because we are different than whites but even if we used a drastically different system I'm pretty sure a lot of who's considered obese now would still fall under being very unhealthy. Ain't nobody bones that big. 😭

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  6. Why would I care

    That your man want me

    When he picked you 

    I won't mind him


    Why would you care

    What I'm up to

    He ain't here or there

    So go find him


    Stop stressin' my chill

    'Cause he actin' up

    You're his wife

    So do better


    I'm lmfao

    All day over this 

    I can't believe y'all

    Still together

  7. Gross eww nigga

    I don't wanna get high wit'chu

    And I'm not a drinker either

    Keep all that lameness you do


    Take me on a picnic

    And tell me a funny joke

    Take me out to dinner

    Where no one there smokes


    I just wanna enjoy the company

    I don't like living hard and fast

    I wanna slow it all down

    And stop grabbing on my ass


    I'm a boring old soul

    I like what I adore

    If you give me a little room

    I might give you a little more


    But don't tell me none different

    Than what I wanna hear

    Give me sweet nothings

    All from ear to ear


    You don't need to be the best

    Just be better than you planned

    And if you're best for me

    Then that probably makes you my man





  8. A lot of black people are educationists. And it's as bad as classism and racism because they truly believe they are justified in excluding the less educated from life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness.




    Stop that. 😊

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  9. I've been told multiple times that I sound like a white girl( because of a "girly voice") or that I sound educated. 


    I don't really take it as an insult because it's not always meant that way but sometimes it is. I find it troubling that black people think a black woman with a feminine voice sounds white...??? Like??? Or that I sound educated because I sound white to them??? Hmm???


    I didn't grow up around white people nor am I college educated, so this how I know people are unapologetically biased against their own.



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  10. 1 hour ago, Chevdove said:


    Yes! You found it! @SpeakHerTruth He's mentioned this a few other times. And just like you expressed:


    no excuses!


    We AfroAmericans express different shades and like you, I had similar statements at times coming from darker skinned Black men about having 'European traits'! 

    Our people have been so oppressed though and sometimes we attribute beauty to our oppressors. 

    @Pioneer1 sat back and let racist white males attack and then came into the d*mn room and starts attacking Black women for defending themselves!?


     And here, he is expressing Color superiority but I think he may also have a gender issue too, cause I can't believe he would try to include @Cynique in on this. She is thourough and have spoken on this subject before. 


    It's very odd what he's expressing like it's a given that light skinned people are so stuck up. I know light skinned people who are, but also know plenty who'd never turn their nose up at anyone darker then them. They still know they are black and the same can be done in an instant by someone white to them. I still believe light skinned men tend to show the least colorism but idk about @Pioneer1. He musta fell through the cracks. 😂


    Then trying to blame his attitude on people treating him better because he's light. Oh brother.


    You are an adult. If you treat people bad because others treat you better, you are an ass. And that's 100% on you. 

  11. 15 hours ago, Troy said:

    first time i cold image how a biracial people must navigate through life in s daily basis.



    Biracials are some of the most racist people on earth. Navigating someone questioning their blackness is nothing like a dark skinned individual having to navigate a biracial who questions their humanity. They do it often.

    15 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I know women who say they don't find light skinned men attractive BUT want babies with them.....lol.
    I know other women who are dark skinned but can't stand a dark skinned man.

    Dark skinned black men degrade them so that's probably why they have trouble tolerating them.

  12. On 8/14/2022 at 8:53 AM, Pioneer1 said:


    Not sure what complexion you are but I'm considered light-skinned (more like T I's color) and Cynique is very light skinned.
    If she were honest (yeah right....lol) she would agree with me that most light skinned AfroAmericans have a slight sense of superiority over most darker skinned AfroAmericans that has been bred into us by our favorable treatment BY other AfroAmericans.

    This goes for mixed raced AfroAmericans as well as most light skinned people in general.

    Many if not most AfroAmericans see light skinned/mixed people are more attractive, more "beautiful" and even smarter and just plain "better".
    This isn't always a CONSCIOUS mentality either, many subconsciously believe this from generations of indoctrination.

    Just like a lot of White people say racist shit about Black people when they think we aren't around, a lot of mixed raced and light skinned people will criticize and even make fun of darker skinned Black people when they aren't around and even see them as more disgusting. 

    And it seems that for the past 20 years the OLD practice of marrying and mating between two light skinned/mixed raced people are making a comeback.
    Something I thought we did away with in the 60s.




    Is this what you meant? This explains a lot. 


    It's always a conscious belief of superiority. No one is indoctrinating you to be colorist against your own. I'm brown, and was disgusted by how some dark skinned men thought I was pretty because I was closer to being " white ". One even said I had a pointy nose like it was a compliment.


    I guess @Pioneer1 being light skinned gives him a preference for white skinned people harassing us darker and "more disgusting" folks. 


    No excuses.

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  13. 12 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    How can a man properly BE a man if he's not allowed to do his duties?

    Allowed? You must be joking. 


    No man is stopped from doing his duties by a woman. That's either a little boy or a man who never wanted to do that duty anyway. Stop pretending. If you need to be "allowed" then what makes you the man?


    Men do what needs to be done. They don't wait for permission. Much less from women.

    6 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Another FACT is that the Bible was not written by God, Jesus, or even Jesus' disciples.
    It was written by White human beings!

    No, it was not. Stop spreading racist white lies!


    You are one of the many reasons white people think they are the major authority on the bible. You are the reason they actually believe they created it and it's their religion they shared with the world. They gave black people that lie and now it has been spread many generations down.


    White people were the original pagans of the world. They say this all the time. But people refuse to believe that, but will take every lie they spew.


    They had no hand in the Bible's creation. 

    6 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I defended his right to be here and express himself UNLESS he posed a threat to the site; unlike YOU who thinks people should be banned simply for disagreeing with you.


    Defending a racist til they "pose a threat" is like defending an alligator in your home til it "poses a threat." It is a threat by nature, and waiting til it's real bad is how black people get themselves in trouble.


    STOP GIVING THEM LENIENCY AND THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. They want you eradicated and all you can think about is their right to talk about it as if it helps anyone at all. This is why they run amuck. No one believes in reigning them in. And they will rule the world until REAL MEN know better than to give their enemy breathing room. Something whites never afford to any group they target.


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  14. On 3/23/2023 at 8:13 PM, Pioneer1 said:

    When BOTH sexes grow up understanding and accepting this, they can relate to eachother better without trying to FORCE eachother's ideology and mentality on eachother.


    Women can't afford to look at sex recreationally because then they get called sluts unlike men. And more now than ever before women aren't giving their hearts to men they lay with and men are pissed for it because now they feel they've lost leverage and control they once had. But hey, you get what you wish for.


    And I don't care if a man views sex differently than me, I'll never try to force him to wait; I'll just leave him alone. But men don't mind trying to coerce a woman into sex because they find her attractive instead of just walking away.

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  15. On 3/23/2023 at 8:16 PM, Pioneer1 said:

    My musical tastes have definitely changed over the years.

    I used to be a huge fan of Gangsta Rap.
    Now I rarely listen to it.

    I tend to listen to CLASSICAL MUSIC now.
    Bach is my favorite, then Beethoven and the others.


    That's a pretty big leap.

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