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  1. 10 hours ago, Wendy Jones said:

    The Culinary Art Portfolio of Josephine E. Jones with Ready-to-Frame prints, where food and art intersect.

    @Wendy Jones 


    "The Culinary Art Portfolio of Josephine E. Jones with Ready-to-Frame prints, where food and art intersect."

    You nailed it right here. I want to read, see and have this book on display in my home!  So as you can see, just from this title and introduction; I already know I'm in this audience.  I know there are others in the audience too. 

    And here's why - #arthistory #africanamerican #womenshistory #chef #foodporn #gastronomy #oralhistory #pictorialhistory are some of the tags that popped into my head.

    I also believe "all art is political" ; so in the content I would expect to read about a change agent too.
    Art is a movement. - Food is America's pastime  and  "Food Porn" as the young people call it today - is all over Instagram, pinterest and maybe even facebook as a club.   In 2019 , We finally got our very first black woman Michelin star chef. In. 2019.  So, imagine to learn there was black woman who was doing this way before social media was a thing! 

    You are tying the past to the present and that would make this book hard to ignore. 

    You've nailed this! Answering the rest of those questions just help you and your publicist to promote your brand in a way that secure you as an authority on Black/African American women history. While your mother may be the protagonist in the narrative you are still highlighting the journey of a group of black women and documenting the period for the annals of American history.   Your brand is shining.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, Chevdove said:

    I am very shaky on the 'A' for access aspect. I have no understandable clue as to how to market a book and find interested readers!


    Thank you for asking!!! (I'm so excited)...ACCESS = LOCATION and refers to  where people are most likely to get information about something that interest them. 

    Example - If you are interested in creole cooking - you're are likely to show up to a location that either serves creole food or teaches creole cooking.   You will most likely search for creole recipes and even find a creole history club to join locally or the internet. You may even show up here AALBC to look for books on the origins of creole culture or if experts post here. You might even start your own thread about creole culture.  

    NOTE: business owners provide what customers need so the customer can get what they want.   Your interest in creole cooking means either you or loved one wants to eat it.  So business owners fills the need - by selling a cookbook, opening a restaurant or inviting you to take a trip to the source.

    So, someone who is promoting, lets say  Louisiana travel tours, will make sure they share their information at all those access points where you are likely to show up. They will be at the places where you might look for information creole cooking. It may be advertisement or even information about authentic creole cooking spot on the tour - or even the best dish and include a recipe... Now they have your attention you may even jot down their information for future reference - and remember them when you plan your trip so you can get some good food.  This is  how the best marketers are getting noticed in today's marketplace. 

    2 hours ago, Chevdove said:

    And the 'E' I do not understand how an author can really know who their audience might be.


    A lot of independent authors think they don't know their audience. 

    My suggestion is to start of movement of one.  Ask yourself, "what do I believe needs changing?"

    I did something similar when starting this blog.  I believe Marketing = Change.  Marketing is a force that shakes up the status quo.    I believe independent authors are unaware they use marketing in the course of their daily living. 

    Therefore, my mission is to help authors realize they can create change through intentional use of the marketing techniques they unwittingly use daily.

    I was the first person in my "marketing is a four-letter word" movement.  I was the first one in the audience.   I'm so passionate about this topic, I just want to spread the word to anyone who will listen. I believe, "If you don't believe in your movement or are passionate about it - no one will be."


    Creating a movement of one is the first step. It will help you clarify what you intend to change.

    Then, you will be able to identify the people who are interested in your subject matter.   You'll notice there are "followers" who will agree with your mission.  (note: it might not happen immediately - that's why you have to be patient and passionate.) These people are your core audience.  Don't waste your time trying convert anyone who is not interested.  Focus on those who are interested.  -These "followers" will become your ambassadors who will bring other like-minded people to the movement.


    How to start a movement:
    Now, the best thing about being a writer is ideas and words are our movement. We just have to educate others and lead them to the goal we he hope to accomplish.

    If we didn't believe in changing something we wouldn't write in the first place.   And the best way to help others make a change is by sharing information (Education). 

    So when you start your movement answer  "Who, what,where, when, why and how." from there you will understand what information you need to share to build your audience. 



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  3. "Who owns the land?"   It was either my youngest or middle daughter who asked me that question when they were still in elementary school.  My answer disturbed them -because they instinctively knew no one SHOULD own the land  - and we should have freedom of movement. With freedom of movement it would be impossible to starve on this planet.  There's enough vegetation for everyone who wants to eat.  Now, I have no evidence that this concept of owning territory began with those of anglo-descent ...because Africans were first of the modern humans - and it appears there were "kingdoms" and "queendoms" long before journeying out of Africa ...Possibly the practice of owning territory began with us - but now we are out.  I just read a list of the largest landholders in the world - and it included queen elizabeth II, nicole kidman's family and king abdullah who are  at the top -list dated 2011.   I agree we shouldn't behave as our predecessors but unless we wake up or something shakes us up...we (the 'nonlandowners' ) are at the mercy of those who own the land.   This is why MLK was on the right path to talk about economic freedom - but he was taken out before he could actually lay a solid foundation. 

  4. @Troy  The action is here!  Some of Independent authors here seem to echo the same thing "I didn't know how to market my book." Except, they do. -It appears they're not strategic in their marketing practices.   I was the same way with my first novel - I knew what to do but I didn't work my plan.  I like how you call it a  (book marketing )"clinic" because it is!  We, independent authors, already know what's wrong - we  just aren't consistent with our "outpatient" care.   I'm writing this out for me too.  I believe this is one the best places for original content on the subject. 

    By the way,  I like that I don't even have to repost it to my profile - the software keeps track of all my postings as long as I'm signed in. 


    Oh!  I'll check out @dtpollard.

    9 hours ago, Troy said:

    DT Pollard Used to post here quite regularly. He really was cranking the ebook several a year (or so it seemed).

    @Troy  OMG @hen81 is my writing "hero"!  He didn't come here to play with us one-book every 20 year folks !!! 65 titles according to his last post! 😀

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  5. On 8/12/2018 at 6:49 PM, richardmurray said:

    De blasio today suggest a certain philosophical merit must come before fiscal profiteering when the fiscal profiteering is the philosophical merit.

    It doesn't get any "truer" than this... Except I think black people want to take the moral high ground and make money too.  I think you may have a point though. It's nearly impossible for the two to exists.   Robert Johnson learned quickly and emerged as the hip-hop era's first billionaire.

  6. 4 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    "Lose the fear and make money whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams."


    @richardmurray  Thank you!  That is a dang good edit. 


    It is actually what I was thinking but chicked out, afraid to put the emphasis on money. Clearly, my intent came through.  You are correct.  Making money is the American way, sadly.  But still I was being disingenuous not following through with the true intent of the commentary.  So, thank you for calling it out.   I actually made other edits to complete the thesis.

    4 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    That is how donald trump went bankrupt three times but and came back financially from each. 


    Also please elaborate on what you mean here about DT - I think I understand what you implying but I don't want to miss out on the spirit of your observation. 

  7. 5 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    Art is not meant to reflect one viewpoint or one lifestyle, art do reflect all lifestyle.



    Art is often commentary  and commentary reflects a perspective.  Eliminating that perspective or the one who perceives it is akin to censorship ... and similar to what happens in war.   Removing artwork and the artist is an attempt to silence.   Not cool.  I rather be offended than to be a witness someone losing the right to express themselves.  

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  8. The irony of this article  dated May 7, 2018 appearing here as a post  is that I believe it was inspired by awesomelyluvvie  article - dated April 17,  2018 -  😐 


    Still, It drives home the point that unless a black woman's feelings are echoed by a woman of non-color - then those words are just another "fart in the blizzard."


    Further, tears of woman of non-color are assigned as the attributes of all women especially black women. And if we don't cry at the drop of a hat then we are labeled Angry black women. Or we're not women at all, or rather we're acting like "men"...because we don't act weak.  When in reality women are not weak at all - but women of non-color just play men that way. 

     Now, they've joined the me-too movement to kick men out of their offices all the while playing victim but getting the corner offices in the process.  All I got to say is "well-played women of non-color; well-played. 😛

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  9. 27 minutes ago, richardmurray said:

    highly well known strong mom characters are rare, as involved characters especially.


    I'm not the right person to ask though.  I read a lot more nonfiction, than fiction.  And when I read  fiction it's sci-fi, horror and fantasy.

    I'd love to hear from those who  who read literature. They may have an example of a strong mom character.   

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  10. @richardmurray ,

    On 5/13/2018 at 2:04 AM, richardmurray said:

    Who is the best mother in fiction? any phenotype/religion/genre/language/age/species apply

    In all the fiction, I've read I don't have a nomination for a "best mother" If I go by memory , then most of the mothers have been largely forgettable.

    However, I felt comforted by  mother-figure  in The Shack by William P. Young

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  11. 19 hours ago, Kalexander2 said:

    As with any venture, there's always the best and better way to benefit; offering cryptocurrency platforms may very well be the best way for Black investors to get involved. That involves manipulation, bold approaches, and deceit seem to always work for the short-run. Remember, banking was a moral success story until the usury was implemented and paper replaced gold, values we placed objects.


    According to Anari Sengbe in this talk,  the internet of things (IoT) allows the devices to mine bitcoins for others and earn a fee for the transaction. 

    In short, your refrigerator, thermostat or any device in your home can become a virtual "Check Cashing Place" except its mining bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies. 


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  12. On 5/10/2018 at 5:39 AM, Kalexander2 said:

    "When there’s a gold rush on, the thing to do is not to dig. Instead, sell shovels to all the suckers who think they’ll get rich digging for gold.


    Yes, this is a very old aphorism.  I've read one about fishing poles to fisherwomen/men.


    But do we still find value in tools today? Also, do you think wealthy people are “careful”?


    Let's unpack this sage advice using the top 25 wealthiest people in the world.  

    (1) Jeff Bezos–sells tools, provides a virtual and real location for tools and storage for information.

    (2) Bill Gates – makes and sells tools

    (3) Warren Buffet buys companies that sell tools, transportation and shelter & tools protection

    (4) Bernard Arnault sells luxury tools and goods

    (5) Mark Zuckerberg’s product is people and sells their attention

    Mark Zuckerberg provides the tools, but his company, Facebook’s product is people and he sells their attention. Allegedly, he doesn't even sell personal information, he sells access to those who’d like to get in front of specific eyes.   

    In this case, is attention the shovel/fishing pole?  I'm not sure. 


    Also, MZ allows those who want access to determine the value of those eyes.  


    Although this tends to be my blind spot, most of these people on the list "sell shovels/fishing poles", some sell "fish” but there are a few gold-miners /fisherwomen/men here too. 


    But all those businesses have one thing in common – they earn and require currency. 


    Now bitcoin is cryptocurrency, and  its value is in the exchange.  I don’t know if the goal is to get rich quick from using bitcoin but rather allowing those who use it, determine its value. 

    It’s practically an egalitarian currency that’s in use nearly worldwide.    


    So, I guess the key to predict who will profit from the proverbial gold rush is the one provides the platform for trading. 


    Currently, heavily regulated financial institutions are the ones who profit.   But now we have the Winklevoss Twins who were awarded a patent for ETP (exchange-traded products (ETPs) using cryptocurrencies) –(See  Vanguard ETF)

    Then on a smaller scale we have Anari Sengbe's website OWO where gaming and purchasing products at a discount using cryptocurrency gives the platform its value.   

    We still have bitcoin miners (With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange AND cryptocurrency platforms just might be the new “shovels or fishing poles" in this digital economy.   

    Edit: to change but to AND.  According to Anari Sengbe in this talk,  the internet of things (IoT) allows the devices to mine bitcoins for others and earn a fee for the transaction.  In short your refrigerator, thermostat or any device in your home can become a virtual "Check Cashing Place" except its mining bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies. 

    I don't think the Black community can afford to be ignorant of  cryptocurrencies. We're already 10 years behind. 

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  13. 20 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    every machine purpose stem from its creator, not itself 


    @richardmurray  ... OMG!!!  this is true of everything we create.

    Understanding the creator reveals the creator..

    I knew this to be true of my writing ... to read me is to know my heart - (good bad or indifferent).   BUT now looking from your perspective I'd say this is true of what we consume.  

    On 5/6/2018 at 8:50 AM, Kalexander2 said:

    I do believe anyone with something to hide exposes everything about her/his self.





    "It's not that I have something to hide.  It's that I have nothing I want you to see."  ~ANON  (Netflix) 

    10 hours ago, Kalexander2 said:

    allowing local and state governments to continue receiving HUD grants without compliance with the full requirements of the Fair Housing Act, the Post reported. 


    @Kalexander2 If I understand this premise correctly, if  the state is receiving the money - then why aren't officials distributing the HUD funds based on needs  - rather than using the cash to integrate communities.   One challenge, however,  is to make sure millionaires such as Fox News Sean Hannity don't get the HUD money  and then fix up buildings in areas - and charge exorbitant amount of rent for each apartment. 



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