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  1. 1 hour ago, Troy said:

    My boy and his wife have graduate degrees (his mom has a PhD), but the kid's mom on the show was locked up for 4 years when he was a kid.


    🙄 welp, there goes that!


    Why not write it true to life? It could still be dramatic!  Hell, if they got those degrees after the kid was born the absentee-parent would still be valid!


    This is why I can’t stand watching most “black” dramas. Show runners usually let us down.   I don’t know why you want to get me started! 😡


    I was ready to root for this show! 


    Oh! By the way, I watched one episode of GoT and the black man was a  “prop.”  I didn’t see any black women - so I never went back. 


    Don’t get me wrong, I indulge in Film & broadcast programming but it’s mostly romcom, rom-mystery, holiday romcom, mysteries, thrillers and the supernatural.  


    Most of the time,  even with a black cast, Hollywood does a better job with those genres. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Troy said:

    unfortunately greedy website hosts, like GoDaddy, do not allows the use of this free SSL certificate on the websites they host. 


    You took the words right out of my head! 😆

    I didn't want to give google or godaddy any airtime it would interrupt my flow. Thank you for the added information! (Quiet as kept, I counted on you adding it! lol)

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  3. On 8/12/2019 at 7:20 PM, Pioneer1 said:

    2. Confusion over conservative principles.
    Up until recently most AfroAmericans were SOCIALLY conservative. They were against abortions, against homosexuality, had strong family values, and were very religious. The more the Democrats moved away from these principles the more AfroAmericans lost faith in the Democratic Party and many turned to the Republican party because of their moral RHETORIC (which most really don't believe in) which tickled the ear of the average Jesus loving AfroAmerican who believed Republicans were the party of values and morals.

    Some of us were not socially conservative but fiscally conservative. 


    We believed in the bootstrapping way in life.  -That was until I woke the eff up and realized that was a lie too.   (Pre-Obama)  I was actually a card-carrying republican appointed official for two years.  When I moved to Illinois, the GOP preyed on me like I was a lost native venturing too near to the door of no return in West Africa.  They snatched me up and appointed me an elected official.  Once inside, I saw the GOP for what they were really are; gang members.- The political party system in America is nothing more than a bunch of thugs and gangsters.  Prior to my two-year GOP stint,  I was strictly independent and only voted issues - and that's where I've returned.  I vote for folks who represent legislation that I believe is best for the nation.

  4. not-secure.jpg



    First, thank you for updating and managing your digital platform. We book lovers, and avid readers enjoy visiting you and purchasing your books directly. We like finding out about your appearances and events.  We appreciate your photos, videos, blog postings, and podcast. We especially like updates such as information on when you'll release your next publication.   


    Those of us who don't use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., like knowing we don't have to sign in just to read your thoughts. We trust you with our email address, and we appreciate that you won't track us throughout the internet.  


    Since we're on the topic of email addresses, did you know if you don't secure your website - you leave us, visitors, vulnerable? An unsecured site makes it easy for bad actors to get our information if we visit and purchase anything from your website.  Now, before you say it, yes- big corporations are hacked all the time; this is why I'm asking you to secure your website. Visitors are hack-weary and if we see a not secure notice on your site - we may bounce. 


    Let's make it easy for your supporters to do business with you. 


    PLEASE SECURE YOUR WEBSITE with a digital certificate such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate.


    More on Digital certificates from Verisign.




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  5. 8 hours ago, Wosey said:

    @melhopkins yes I am a native speaker i speak the standard Yoruba language (mostly spoken in South western Nigeria-Most universal). I apologize in advance for referring you to Wikipedia page of the Yoruba language however I must say it is well written and referenced. 







    Thank you.  As a professional journalist, research takes up most of my time.  But when I get a chance to encounter a primary source I jump at it.  


    I’m familiar with the secondary source information on Yoruba culture - I even follow a priestess on wordpress (smile) but when you shared the background of the language, you appeared to be a native speaker with first hand information.  


    That’s not to say I don’t use wikipedia - but I only use to determine the author’s  sources - and then I go to the source.  


    Usually  when I ask questions on this board - it’s more for the member’s first hand  experience.  

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  6. 20 hours ago, Troy said:

    Which Black American journalist today, with a significant platform, could interview a Black American novelist half as accomplished as Morrison? 


    @Troy any of them!   BUT who has a product like CBS' 60 Minutes to distribute that caliber of an interview?    

    Maybe because I was a managing editor/news producer for a CBS' Network Affiliate I understand what goes into making a polished product like 60 Minutes,
    CBS Sunday or even  48 hours. 


    Ed Bradley was an excellent journalist but trust me, 60 Minutes, Sunday Morning et al - also has an elite team of writers,  videographers, editors, graphic artist, sound, lighting technicians...  AND it appears they had a generous budget too.   60 Minutes, the media product stands alone.   I really do miss the days when we cared about packaging good journalism!     

    ALSO, I did feel the gripping loss watching this interview!  Thank you so much for sharing it! Toni Morrison was a giant! She was courageous and eloquent too.   I don't think we'll see another like her, of any ethnicity or sex, in our lifetime.  Morrison stood alone on that pedestal.   And I'm not just talking about her literary skills, either.  Morrison was the whole package who embodied all that a great  writer represents.   She made us want to be in her world.

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  7. On 8/6/2019 at 11:50 AM, Troy said:

    I understand the permanent loss of anyone, especially someone so talented, is sad, but Morrison's transition is the culmination of a life well lived, a life worth celebrating. We all should be so blessed.

    Let the church say "AMEN" and celebrate life!

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  8. 16 hours ago, Delano said:

    which episode a do you mean? 

    Also i am not knowledgeable enough to have a strong position. Anthropology and genetics is not my area of knowledge. 

    @Delano  Gotcha! And I think that's the truth for most of us. I think your position should also be considered too. Often we believe others are appropriating the African american culture because we expect people too look a certain way  - but who can dictate who belongs to the culture and who does not. 

    On 8/5/2019 at 1:26 PM, Mel Hopkins said:


    Ali A. Mazrui, also wrote a companion book to his documentary "The Africans: a Triple Heritage" " Originally issued in connection with a PBS series, this volume by the Kenyan political scientist offers a stimulating introduction to Africa's peoples and problems. ""Throughout, Mazrui provocatively suggests remedies for Africa's malaise,'' PW wrote. (September) "
    The Nature of the Continent | Program 1| Link is in the above comment
    A Legacy of Lifestyles | Program 2 https://youtu.be/fByaUQppoGs

    New Gods|Program 3 https://youtu.be/zyZHhMtgDzM
    Tool of Exploitation | Program 4 |https://youtu.be/fNnN63hXLfo
    New Conflicts|Program 5 | https://youtu.be/sAxOGImWWF4
    In Search of Stability|Program 6 |https://youtu.be/zdhp5JeZkKY
    A Garden of Eden In Decay|Program 7 | https://youtu.be/98DeZLWnkJg
    A Clash of Cultures|Program 8 |https://youtu.be/B3AGGHooJ6I
    Global Africa | Program 9 | https://youtu.be/Nf25hZe1ZhE



    @Delano  this is documentary I referencing.


    On 8/6/2019 at 2:07 PM, Wosey said:

    Mel Hopkins it is called the Yoruba language, it has several dialects but there is a universally accepted form. It is currently spoken by approximately 80 million individuals in the world with 56 million native speakers.

    @Wosey, thank you.  Are you a native speaker? what is the name of the universally accepted dialect?  

  9. 5 hours ago, Delano said:

    Isn't there a Black Aesthetic that transcends time and place?


    @Delano  I shared this concept with my Nigerian ( Igbo) friend - because he displays this rhythm, tempo and cadence in all his creative endeavors.  

    He mentioned I have it too.  I’ve noticed it others - who like Slim Shady, do not  share  our phenotypic traits.  So, these traits appear to be genetic but not limited to ethnicity. 


    So, do you include genetic traits in your definition of culture?   If so, would this mean African-American culture would be a misnomer?  


    Would it be more inclusive to say - cultural traits found predominately in the African-American ethnic group.  


    This is what the documentary  video, I posted “The Africans - Three Heritages” talks about too! 

    11 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Lol....and that's why I say we should crown you as new 1st Lady of AALBC!


    😂😂😂. @Pioneer1 I keep telling you that’s the main reason I can’t be moderator!  Moderators are supposed to provoke NOT agree!  

    11 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    If you notice out in public, AfroAmericans can be talking and it doesn't bother them at all but Caucasians tend to get ANGRY and nervous as hell when Africans and other people of color start speaking in a foreign language around them!


    Sadly, history has shown this to be true. Whenever a group is captured and colonized the first thing outlawed is language. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, Troy said:

    Whoa, @Mel Hopkins I'm not accustomed to such sardonicism from you. Most people will move through this life without being murdered :-) That said it seems like Roe V Wade as has a better than even money chance of being overturned.  More unwanted children will mean more crime and poverty.  Murders are already on the rise... maybe you are right.


    See @Troy !  I know that was harsh but sometimes I just don't feel like sugarcoating my thoughts.  Actually, I grew up in a household where we say the most inappropriate things - but for the most part, I play nice on these here internets :D

  11. 8 hours ago, Maurice said:

    And what the hell was the shooting at a garlic festival about? The mind boggles.


    This comment caught me off guard LOL.. but men are crazy.  So, really that's all the answer ever needed.  The only time "life" is sacred is when a woman is carrying it in her body and a man gets to decide through his laws whether she's allowed to terminate.  After that all bets are off.  So, really if roe vs wade is overturned here in the states - all women have to do is give birth ...and then keep it moving. Some man will eventually kill the kid anyway.

  12.   the-africans-a-triple-heritage.jpg

    Ali A. Mazrui, also wrote a companion book to his documentary "The Africans: a Triple Heritage" " Originally issued in connection with a PBS series, this volume by the Kenyan political scientist offers a stimulating introduction to Africa's peoples and problems. ""Throughout, Mazrui provocatively suggests remedies for Africa's malaise,'' PW wrote. (September) "
    The Nature of the Continent | Program 1| Link is in the above comment
    A Legacy of Lifestyles | Program 2 https://youtu.be/fByaUQppoGs

    New Gods|Program 3 https://youtu.be/zyZHhMtgDzM
    Tool of Exploitation | Program 4 |https://youtu.be/fNnN63hXLfo
    New Conflicts|Program 5 | https://youtu.be/sAxOGImWWF4
    In Search of Stability|Program 6 |https://youtu.be/zdhp5JeZkKY
    A Garden of Eden In Decay|Program 7 | https://youtu.be/98DeZLWnkJg
    A Clash of Cultures|Program 8 |https://youtu.be/B3AGGHooJ6I
    Global Africa | Program 9 | https://youtu.be/Nf25hZe1ZhE


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  13. Spoiler


    On 5/1/2019 at 8:08 PM, Pioneer1 said:

    But we don't really have an actual CULTURE.
    In my opinion a TRUE culture means having your own language (not merely a corrupted form of English or a mere dialect of it which is what most AfroAmericans speak);

    @Pioneer1   I agree! (damn!)

    And there's an actual academic studies authored by an actual African scholar Ali A. Mazrui,  who also specialized in afro-linguistics that helped me to understand that this was the truest statement made on this board to date!!!  Most African-Americans come from West Africa where the  base language is bantu - which is the root of most swahili words - when swahili speaking cultures refer to the etymology of their words - they refer to bantu NOT latin...and etymology of those words form the culture to which many can refer to even though the british colonized a lot of Swahili-speaking people.   In fact, when we look to the seven principles of Kwanza it's important to look at the bantu etymology of the word AND NOT the AMERICAN translation. 

    So, when I first thought of this topic I was trying to make a point. African-Americans  subscribe to the american culture.  It is our language that dictates our culture. Most of the time, without even noticing it -we reinforced the dominate culture - because we only know one language -american english

    The things we do today would be virtually unrecognizable to a pre-colonized African.


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  14. 1 hour ago, Delano said:

    EMO was founded by John Johnson and Londa Johnson was yhe CEO of an on for a few year


    @Del EMO is Ebony Media Operation. The new owners, CVG, LLC  gave the media company ( EBONY & JET magazines)  that name shortly after purchasing the media division in 2016.


     Johnson Publishing Company is the previous owner of EBONY and JET Magazines, the photo collection and Fashion Fair Cosmetics. 

  15. 6 hours ago, Troy said:

    50% off. Please share the info.


    @Troy  50 % OF retail. 


     I think with your experience in coding AND books,  you can create a better model.  - Lawd knows,  I was thinking of something similar but this group created this model first.  I don’t want to link to it.  Look for  | Every where store dot  Zola books |



  16. We black women straighten hair or we don’t.  We color our hair or we don’t. Sometimes in the same week! 


    Beyonce at the Lion King Premiere 2019, Serena Williams at the royal wedding  2018.  Mary J Blige (undated)



    Women worldwide change their literal body parts to look like black women.


    So, that makes black women the standard.  


    There is no low self-esteem when the world wants to look like you.


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  17. 1 hour ago, Troy said:

    Why couldn't it last?


    From what I heard, the father was grooming the son to take over the business but the son passed away.


    The daughter went to business school but allegedly her “heart and mind” wasn’t into it. 


    Also overheard in one of the editorial meeting “LJR didn’t care for the target market” that EBONY served. So, yes I agree it would be an excellent story!!!

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  18. 11 minutes ago, Troy said:

    This happens all the time.


    @Troy Exactly!  


    Apparently  it is rocket science for some writers to figure out how to avoid getting burnt.  Troy,  I’m a writer and you could see my name in every publication out there but it’s not worth it, if I earn less than a $1 a word and I have to chase my paycheck.


    I would end  up - broke with a portfolio filled with clips!  Writers have to do better for the sake of the industry.


    It is our time (again)!and we still can’t figure out how to win. 


    21 minutes ago, Troy said:

    f EMO did not pay JPC, then this quote is a lie.


    I agree but no one can get the parties on record. The closest is the press release from Linda Johnson Rice and the bankruptcy petition that names all the creditors. 


    My source did say a lot reporters are calling with excellent questions that would reveal the truth of the matter but all the source can do is refer the journalists back to EMO.  


    This whole affair is heartbreaking - the multimillion-dollar media company didn’t make it two generations.  


    The irony is the top tier of 1% owns the prized African American photo collection archive.  



  19. On 7/26/2019 at 10:51 AM, Troy said:

    (@Mel Hopkins you were lucky to be paid). 

    @Troy  😁  Luck had nothing to do with it!  I get paid for my time - unless I volunteer.  I never understand why writers don't get paid for their talent.  Especially, when we know magazines are getting paid for those advertisements that run tens of thousands of dollars!   

    Anyway, this is heartbreaking. I had a feeling EBONY Magazine and Jet were next.   After following up on the Johnson bankruptcy and photo collection auction - it appears the EBONY Media Operations purchased the magazine through an partially owner-financed structured leverage buyout - (once you read the chapter 7 liquidation petition you'll learn of the creditors) Linda Johnson Rice is listed as a creditor plus she mentioned in her news release that the buyers of the media division failed to pay - which she says is one of the reason for the chapter 7 petition.  So I'm not surprised.  I followed up with the new owners for comment but they didn't respond.  

    As for the photo collection  it's reported a consortium of the known players purchased the archive for $30 Million. From theChicago Crusader. 

    "Four foundations- the Ford Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the J. Paul Getty Trust, and the MacArthur Foundation—came together to buy the archive in just a week to keep it from disappearing into private hands. They plan to donate it to the National Museum of African American History of Culture in Washington, DC; the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles; and other cultural institutions."

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