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  1. I checked out your site and give you an "E" for effort. The format is professional and attractive, its content fairly relevant. If your target audience includes those looking to get their game together, "afrodaddy" would seem to be an appropriate name because implicit in this title is the idea of mentoring. This name also espouses your intent to represent yourself as a support group.

    Just to spice up the usual menu you are serving up, however, I would suggest a little subliminal injection via of quick multiple choice vocabulary and grammar quizzes. Being articulate and well-spoken is certainly an asset for any black man, and too many of them seem woefully inadequate in this area, expecially when it comes to the written word.

    This may seem pedantic and patronizing, even elitist but no "survival guide" should be without a Plan B. Having swagger and playa skills and street smarts and being adept at texting are fine, but if you are hampered by an inadequate vocabulary that contributes to a poor command of the English language, you may be missing out on opportunities. These tests could be wake-up calls for those who fail them, inspiring them to hone the skills that they don't realize they are lacking.

    Thanks for the feedback Cynique. Your points about knowing proper english versus street slang are very well received and if the site is going to educate and inform on one side it should definitely do the same on the other. As with all my responses I would ask of you that if you know anyone who would like to contribute any content (related to the 6 survival guide topics OR a general topic that we should know about) to please have them email me at teamafro@afrodaddy.com. This site will only work if people much smarter than I contribute their content!

  2. Well AfroDaddy, I've gone and I've come back. And, since you asked for it. Here's my feedback. There's nothing new over there. Really, it appears to be a lot of the same ol same ol... nothing new.

    There's a bunch of stuff to digest, but nothing new. I read the blogs mission but I couldn't find a central point on the blog in which a confluence of information, feedback, forums, ideas, etc, would all come together. There were several "viewpoints" SEVERAL, however, there was no central point. I mean, even in the Afroblog section, there was nothing new. I've read most of those blogs(in the past), and again, nothing new. Most of them are well written, but....

    Even the google driven adds were the same... Black Singles Network, SugarDaddy.something "we only accept men making over $100,000.", Get your degree in 4 weeks.

    Oh, and this was a dandy, This Week In Blackness.... Is this site necessary in the Obama era?

    1. Yes, we are still struggling

    2. No, Obama will fix everything

    3. I know it all already

    Duh, which one should I pick while they're slapping me in my face.

    NO Team Afro, you have to come with something new. I've seen your house before, and I've heard those same old songs. I am not Humphrey Bogart, so I don't want you to play it again, Sam.

    And, let me get something straight. So, AfroDaddy is like the Wizard of Oz? I mean, there really is not an Afro Daddy, right? So who is the daddy? I mean, who is behind this blog? Somebody is driving that car.

    Thanks for the comments careycarey. I am completely down for constructive criticism. As far as the name Team Afro is concerned, we had that name before we came to this forum so unfortunately I don't see that changing. In regards to the content, the purpose of the site is to provide something that you may not know and/or need to know. If the site has not done that for you then it has failed you. Granted we are just getting started (launch date August 1) and there will be much more content in the upcoming days, weeks and months but we want every piece of content we place to be relevant in some way whether it is educational, informative, enlightening and in some cases a little humorous.

    The main point I want to make here is that this is a community project. The writers at AfroDaddy (just another way to say black fathers) are really just seeding the site with their content. The point of the site is for contributors (like you and the members of this forum) to submit content by asking questions, answering questions, providing comments and/or submitting articles. We also want to recommend more in depth writings from authors (black or otherwise) who will enlighten the community with their insights, again providing black men with ideas, concepts and strategies that they may not be aware of. Keep the good comments coming careycarey and don't hold back. Criticism is what makes us all better!

  3. As a black man I've got way too many questions with too few answers. I got tired of waiting for someone else to create the site that tries to answer these questions so we decided to create it. The Black Man's Survival Guide is located at www.afrodaddy.com and it contains articles about basic survival skills for black men as well as information on how to save money and be more efficient. We hope the site provides black men information about things that they don't know but need to know to help themselves and their families. This is a community project and we need the ideas and content of all the positive, literate and intelligent brothers and sisters in this forum. First, tell me if this is a good idea and second, give me some advise about getting some good, relevant content.

    Thank you AALBC members!

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