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  1. Here I am back on this forum after finishing another 6 month work assignment of 10 hour days for 6 days per week. That work schedule leaves me too drained for anything else, but food and rest. Yet as I come back I viewed videos of 2 men shot and killed like rabid dogs in the streets by those sworn to protect us, one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota. This is the most disturbed I have felt in years since it seems that even the most mundane encounter with the wrong police officer can end in your death.


  2. The 2016 Republican contest to become the party’s nominee to run for President of the United States has been like no other in history and is dominated by one surprising candidate, Donald Trump! As political pundits and his rivals struggle to figure out why Trump shot to an early lead in the polls and maintained his standing despite making statements that many thought should have imploded his campaign, they missed the secret to his success. Donald Trump is not who his opponents and media thinks he is and his supporters know it.


  3. Liquid Memories – You Can Live Forever For A Price – Free Limited Time


    Billionaire technology tycoon, Daniel Grayson, is dying from terminal cancer, but he  has invented a way to live beyond the death of his physical body. Daniel invented liquid memory and can live forever as long as he finds a new body and brain to host his mind. What would you do to live forever?





  4. The Unreal Housewives of South Dallas – Things You Can’t Tell Mama


    Tasha Johnson and Latavia Taylor lived in a secluded area in southern Dallas until two new neighbors built homes adjacent to theirs. Amber Watkins was a woman in her twenties that was a former side piece to married professional athletes and other wealthy men with wives. Tanesha Green-Johnson, a model, was once featured on the front cover of a national magazine as the Planet’s Most Beautiful Woman. Both women aroused concern from Latavia and Tashaa in regards to any interest they might have in their pro football player and mega church pastor husbands respectively. Amber arranged a surprise trip to Las Vegas as a bonding experience for her new neighbors and invited her ratchet friends Laticia and Shequilla. The Las Vegas trip caused these women to cross all types of boundaries that could rip their marriages apart if discovered. Before the trip was even planned, Tasha and Latavia caught their new neighbor in the act with a professional basketball player during a housewarming party and that kicked of the relationships between these Unreal Housewives of South Dallas.

    To catch up on Tasha read: The Pastor’s Lover 1, 2, 3 and The Pastor’s Lover 4: The Pastor’s Wife 4
    To catch up on Latavia read: The Pastor’s Wife 1, 2, 3 and The Pastor’s Lover 4: The Pastor’s Wife 4
    To catch up on Amber read: Side Piece and Side Piece 2 – Amber Alarm
    To catch up on Tanesha read: Pretty for a Dark Skinned Woman




  5. The Obituary Of Gut Bucket Johnson – I Ain’t Dead Yet - Free Limited Time


    Roland “Gut Bucket” Johnson walked into a church and stopped his own funeral with a copy of his obituary in his hand. Roland walked out with his formerly grieving wife, Velma, in his arms. Roland was a throwback of a man, hard drinking, hard fighting and woman chasing. Although they loved each other, neither  Roland or Velma expected each other to be faithful if they were apart for long periods of time, but Roland had a special problem resisting tasting the fruits of ratchet women regardless of their or his marital status. Roland decided he needed to confront the demons that chased him.  Roland came to a crossroads where his future, present and past all caught up with him at the same time. Emotions were raw, anger exploded and blood was shed in an exhibition of sudden violence. Would Roland “Gut Bucket“ Johnson survive because death would visit as men fought for their lives and future?




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