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  1. Cynique, I notice that most of the time that I spend responding to your questions to me is spent on my telling you that I never said or implied the the things that you have inferred.

    I certainly enjoy interacting with you for many reasons and I will definitely continue to interact with you as much as you allow me to do so and I view each instance of interaction is always one in which something, even if inadvertently so, can be learned and/or taught.. However, I am not going to continue to go back and forth over things that I never once said and repeating my purpose of stating things that I say when the other party is not really interested in clarification but the further countering of things that I never once said or implied.


    Hey Waterstar, you are aware aren't you, that this is Cynique's Corner?

    Seriously though, I understand your point Waterstar. My take is that you can expect to have your posts challenged and/or questioned on this discussion board. Concurrence is typically less interesting. This "feature" of the board is not intended to discourage.

    If misunderstood or misquoted try considering it part of a process.

    And remember, if you are explaining yourself, you are probably not YET affecting some of your audience as intended.

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  2. ...

    As for prez, no one will get my vote. If Randall Robinson were running, he would get my vote without question or if Cynthia McKinney were running, it is possible that she would get my vote (unless she were running against Randall Robinson). Well if Cynthia McKinney were running against these people who are out there running now, she would get my vote.


    I enjoy reading most of your posts on this board Waterstar.

    What little I know of Randall Robinson I admire. In 2000 I picked up a copy of Defending the Spirit: A Black Life in America. After moving, it ended up in storage before I had read it completely. I'm going dust it off.


    What I respect about most republicans is that they don't come in like foxes, cunning, planning to devour yet not straightforwardly. Most of those republicans do not try to hide the fact that they do not care about their prey, that they are out to devour it. Meanwhile, most democrats pretend as if the care is their prey is their top priority. All my opinions, of course...

    This reminds me of the loose characterization of southern versus northern "people". The saying goes that in the south people let you know right up front if they hate you. Sophisticated northerners are less transparent.

  3. ...

    Little did the Republicans know the media would hold a female VP candidate under much more scrutiny than they would a Black Presidential candidate.

    Palin was a relative unknown. With the initial basic VP scrutiny she did poorly and that earned her additional scrutiny (piling on). It snowballed on her. Weakened, and in defense of her poor performances, all she could do was take the right's arguments of blaming the media. She does not deserve sympathy for any of this.

  4. Ok, breathbooks. Thanks for your input. I would just remind you again that I didn't say I would've preferred Colin Powell, himself, for president. I meant a Colin Powell-type, - someone who was older and projected an image of having wisdom and being in charge. I further maintained that a layman coming up with solutions to the country's problems would be an exercise in futility because, as the law-making branch of the government, Congress is who has to enact reform since this is what its members were elected to do.

    Or did I bring up the subject of Obama's performance. This thread has gone silent for a long while before Dee got it going again after which others chimed in and had their say. Opinions were exchanged and insults hurled, and so it went. But that's what a discussion forum is all about. So be it.

    A McCain/Powell duo may have provided some of what you would have preferred. And maybe a Hillary/? dou would have as well.

  5. No, "breathbooks", Colin Powell's image is what we need. We've had enough of everybody's politics. In a time of crises, people feel more reassured when their leader brings to mind a calm confident, father figure rather than a brother or a son. Image is the operative word here. The consensus is that Obama does not project strength and toughness.


    I may have to dust of my old copy of My American Journey. This unimpressive autobiography of General Colin Powell (CP) was not the most compelling or exciting ever written. Would CP implement the Powell Doctrine? CP has been known to compromise and negotiate with opponents. For what it is worth, CP does inspire confidence during public appearances, but the sausage making process is done primarily behind closed doors. And it is political by nature.

    CP originally financially supported John McCain for President. And CP was being touted as a running mate for McCain. Shortly before the election CP changed his mind and announced his endorsement for candidate Obama. At the time, CP publicly regretted disappointing McCain. CP has offered criticisms of the President Obama. And Mrs. CP does not want 74 year old CP to ever run for president.


    I said nothing about "political" reform per se. But any reform comes about via of the governing body enacting it.




    Obviously there are Obama supporters who resent those who criticize him. Their solution to the problems seems to be for everybody to just shut up.

    I resent birthers and the "I want him to fail" crowd (Limbaugh, McConnell). And I'm disappointed with the people who everyday act as if today is opposite day, that game children play. Everything the president says, oppose it, say the opposite or simply say no or disgree with it. It is Frank Luntz word doctoring in full manifestation.

  6. You don't listen very well either, Carey, because I and everybody else who has any sense knows that since anarchy hasn't prevailed yet, it's not the job of the electorate to solve the nation's problems, except by voting out those who aren't getting the job done. Those in office are the only ones who can implement reform. But, as usual, you resort to attacking the messenger instead of the message, on and on and on and on and on, invoking the signature pettiness that is your MO because you can't deal with anyone who dares burst your bubble and disagree with your sorry ass.

    You're an Obama suck-up and because others don't emulate your slavish groveling they are "closet haters". Wooooo. I don't hate Obama. I feel sorry for him because I"ve always kinda thought of him as a son. I voted for him because he was a black man and I wanted to participate in history. If you'd stop droning your "if not Obama, then who" whine maybe it would occur to you that the situation Obama inherited is in such bad shape that nobody can untangle the mess, so sympathy is all he really inspires. In all honesty, I would've preferred someone older and wiser and more experienced like Colin Powell.

    And it's not like we who assess the situation place all the blame on Obama. His advisors, Congress, and the right wing Republican factions are just as at fault. But since the economy has gotten worse on his watch, the buck stops with the POTUS. Yet, your mind seems incapable of processing logic and you identity so closely with Obama you can 't stop wallowing in your hero worship. So you trot out all your old stale arguments that are laced with the personal attacks and name calling that set the tone for a debate with you.

    And speaking of slinking back up in here with the same ol mess, I haven't gone anywhere. You're the one who showed back up, trying to portray yourself as the voice of reason and intelligence on this board. Puleeze. Get real.

    I am now succesfully sobered regarding the "mess" your would-be son inherited. General Powell is certainly beloved, but are his politics what we need?

    Regarding the underlined portion of your quote above, I'm unclear. Anarchy as in a political ideal, or chaos/disorder?

    Also, are you saying that successfully implemented political reform will solve the "mess"?

  7. Just started Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom by Ron Paul.

    Keeps me aware of the latest swill.

    Granted, it is difficult to read or listen to the views of those trumpeting the virtues of "the good old days".

    I've argued and debated with those who espouse the varying views of the likes of Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, etc...

  8. Hello,

    My name is John Van Roekel. I’m a 62 year-old white guy who in 1994 read a biography of Teddy Roosevelt that described his experiences with the African-American 9thand 10th Cavalry Regiments during the Spanish-American War. I was so impressed with the story of these men that I naively decided to write a novel about a young black man serving in the 9th Cavalry. After years of research, writing classes, and trips to Fort Robinson, Nebraska, the Wounded Knee site in South Dakota, and to the San Juan Hill battle site in Cuba, Braver Deeds is the result.

    So, what do African-American readers think about a well-meaning white man writing a novel mainly about African-American characters?

    More information about Braver Deeds is available at http://braverdeeds.com, including the first chapter and information on purchasing both print and Kindle version. By the way, I make no profit on the sale of Braver Deeds.


    The underlined portion of the quote above came across similar to the phrase "She is not like other blacks" or "He is so articulate". As if "impressive" behaviour is or was rare among blacks.

    That said, the quality of the novel is of greater importance. Would a black reader enjoy reading the novel without previously knowing the race or motivation of the author?

  9. We can observe what Clinton and Jimmy Carter did when they were in office. Whatever president is in office is acting like the party he represents when he opposes what the rivals party is for. As I said, the lines have become blurred and Democrats and Republicans have morphed into abstract terms. Just like democracy. Just like Osama bin Ladin became a symbol; the face of terrorism which inspired Americans to unite against a common foe. He was the boogie man who made America look like the good guys, while he languished in his retreat, doing nothing but giving pep talks via videos. We killed thousands of innocent Iraqis to avenge 911. As far as I'm concerned, it's all a big chess game, with world domination as the prize. And so it goes.

    Sobering indeed. A paradox. The "big chess game" ain't fun, especially for the losing player(s).

  10. Michele Bachmann is awaiting an annointing - “a special anointing on how to put our team together.”

    Diddy On Obama: Calls Out President, Asks To 'Do Better' For Black People.

    "I love the president like most of us. I just want the president to do better. There's a difference between us voting for somebody and us believing in somebody. He's the person that we believed in so I pray night and day that he understands how God ordained his presidency. I feel there was a promise made to God to look after people that was less fortunate, and [many] of those people are African-American..."

    Similar expectations abound.

  11. I have a feeling that anybody who I said represented a consummate Democrat would be challenged by you because I gave you a definition of a Democrat and you ignored it. If you want me to name examples I would say Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, every black lawman in the Black Caucus.

    It would be very surprising if one of these consumate Democrats were to run for president one day in the future.

    Breathebooks, I'm unaware of any serious contenders ot Obama in 2012, though that guy (whats his name) with the white hair and the contract for America might give Obama a run.

    Newt Gingrich, Contract with America. He should run in 2012.

  12. I have a feeling that anybody who I said represented a consummate Democrat would be challenged by you because I gave you a definition of a Democrat and you ignored it. If you want me to name examples I would say Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, every black lawman in the Black Caucus.

    Thanks for your list of model Democrats. This helps with understanding "what would [a] democrat do?".

    ... what is your definion of a Democrat? After you answer this then name a person who fits the definition. Other wise just acknowledge that you don't believe Democrats and Republicans any longer exist.

    Any of the millions of people who self identify as a Democrat. Take your pick.

    Empathize is a variation of sympathize. Living vicarioiusly through someone is different because it implies that you envy that person . When you empathize with someone you feel sorry for them because you know what they're going through.

    This is a rather limited explanation of the usage of empathize.

  13. What is YOUR definition of acting like a Democrat? ...

    That is exactly the point - "acting" like a democrat depends first on a definition. Even with a definition, "acting" is subject to interpretation and misunderstanding. In the context of this discussion, acting would not be a term I would use. However, because it was introduced into the discussion, I would be delighted to learn who acts like a democrat. A well known public figure. Contemporary model preferred.


    What words would you use to describe people who "are willing to trust the president during dilemmas"?

    These could be called citizens who trust their elected leader to do his or her best for the entire country. They could be prayerful people or atheist. They could be needy or independent people. Self confident people that are leaders in their own right. American citizens.


    "Empathy" has nothing to do with "trust" in my application of it. I meant that it's about putting yourself in the president's shoes and commiserating with what it's like to be in deep shit.

    Empathy has other similar applications. For example, I might be willing a certain level of trust toward someone with whom I believe I understand or can relate to. During good times, I might vicariously share in their happiness or success. During a dilemma, be it one of my own personally, theirs, or one involving the country as a whole, again, I might share in their disposition. Trust grows from the relationship.

  14. Why does an alternative to Obama have to be a "faceless Republican", carey? Why not a Democrat who acts like a Democrat instead of one in bed wih big business and war mongering generals.


    I had not read this thread, so I'm late contributing.

    I'd like to know of any politician past or present who "acts like a Democrat" (per a traceable record), or comes close to meeting that bar.

  15. Just in case this post by Troy got buried in the debate thread I am making it a separate one

    Two writers with two very different prespectives on President Barack Obama; read what they have to say and vote on which opinion most closely matches yours.


    "President Obama: More Than Meets the Eyes" by Vanessa Davis Griggs closer aligns with my sentiments.

  16. Regarding "Oedipus and Ordinariness: A Meditation on Barack Obama" by Rudolph Lewis.

    I suppose we, the nation, will get a clearer sense of Mr. Obama between now and November 2012. Much more so than what we thought we knew and understood before November 2008.

    What exactly was it that "we thought we knew and understood before November 2008"? Based on what sources?

    Or at least what we refused to acknowledge, that is, excessive racial pride can blind one to the truth of things.

    "We" have refused to acknowledge that racial pride can manifest as myopia? Which we? The nation nor any racial subset are monolithic. Furthermore, how is it that the myopia relates to how "we" misunderstood our President? Incidentally, "excessive racial pride" is redundant.

    Many of us expected wrongly that Mr. Obama would change the context in which we in our efforts strive to make a more perfect union.

    If the Preamble to the United States Constitution is being referred to, well, our less-than-perfect union is centuries in the making. President Obama has had 2 years in office so far, which is less than 1% of the elapsed time since the Constitution was adopted.

    That was hope beyond reason, possibly. ... That is, to hope beyond reason. To state the matter in the context of folk knowledge, to hope beyond one's own fate is folly.

    Indeed, hope, like faith, is somewhat based on insufficient or yet unproven information. And yes, it would be both folly and "beyond reason" to hope/expect wrongly.

    ... Many of us mistakenly thought him a genius, a godlike creature, a view which he encouraged by making himself over in the religious consciousness of Negroes, namely, to proclaim himself a Joshua, to the well-agreed upon characterization of Martin King as Moses, the Deliverer.

    Genius, maybe. God-like, no.

    ... But in African-American history the folks allow the existence of the arrival into the world countless approximations of the biblical prophet Moses.

    And whose fault is that?

    ... “Ole Nat Turner,” born old like Obama, was probably, though a murderer from necessity because of his religious beliefs (a modern-day Jesus), was much closer to being a disciple and saint than our present-day Joshua could ever approach. Why? Turner grew gradually and with much introspection to the view that he could only become truly a man by changing the context in which he lived.

    Who has attempted to elevate President Obama to sainthood? Is it not presumptuous to ascertain that President Obama has not changed the "context in which he lived"?

    But to change the context in which one lives, rather than changing one's self, is to be a revolutionary. That aspect of American character never really dawned on Mr. Obama to the point he found it an attractive career to pursue. Mr. Obama was born to be ordinary, not to change the context of his life, but to learn how to live within the context in which he was born, the context he deemed truly American. That is, Mr. Obama discovered that to be exceptional within limits, within the context of the given, is no small matter to be snubbed.

    The above portion ascribes motives and the thoughts and intents of the heart.

    Yet Mr. Obama concluded after organizing within Chicago’s black Protestant communities that fanciful acts of orating could, if dressed in clothes and terms of middle-class respectability, as it had for others, bring wealth, power and even more powerful allies. In these career choice meanderings, Mr. Obama has accomplished his goals and accomplished them exceedingly, and probably fortunately for family, friends and associates in the Democratic Party and Corporate America far, very far beyond his youthful fertile imagination.

    "Fanciful acts of orating", "dressed in clothes", "career choice meanderings", and "youthful fertile imagination". These phrases clearly reveal animus.

    ... Now what? Well, we really don't know. Surely, I don't have Jim Jordan’s visionary ball into which I can peer and see both past and future. But I know for certain that the next eighteen months will make him or break him.

    You don't say!. How enlightening.

  17. I got someone to write the article and will be publishing it shortly.

    Please do share a link to the article as soon as it is available. Thanks.

    Well, Larry Elder carries no weight with me. His slavish addiction and zealous desire to parrot the whims and interests of white conservatives is legendary. There are a number of things he has said that I agree with but his strident refusal to question or criticize the toxicity of white conservatives (Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, Bush, et al...) while excoriating blacks and liberal whites at every opportunity, is unacceptable. Farrakhan is a tired aged self anointed buffoon who has made a life of race baiting, virulent antisemitism and divisive rhetoric.......

    Larry Elder wanted McCain/Palin in the Whitehouse. Anyone interested in more of what Mr. Elder has to say may follow his regular column on the TownHall.com website.


    Now lets see, what other jewels did I see? Oh, Lee Elders. Please, why would anybody support their position by mentioning the author of "Stupid Black Men. Yeah, that's the title of his 2008 "race card" book. Go figure.


    After the 2008 election, Larry Elder revised "Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card--and Lose." [978-0312367336] and changed the title to "What's Race Got to Do with It?: Why It's Time to Stop the Stupidest Argument in America." [978-0312541477]. Unlike many of the newly disaffected, Mr. Elder is among those who from the outset were decidedly against nearly all things Barack Obama. It is interesting to compare and contrast these two camps.


    ... I am still wondering when one of Troy and Cynique's ilk, are going to step up and bring their contender for POTUS?

    ... I know they have a replacement in mind.

    If not Obama then who? BRING ME HIS NAME!

    There is no one. Yet.

  18. Similar questions could be leveled in return toward and about Minister Farrakhan:

    • arrogance in meddling in ... [fill in the blank]
    • publicly recommending ... [fill in the blank]
    • look beneath the surface to see who stands to benefit from his comments
    • be careful of the words coming from advisors lobbying him to ... [fill in the blank]

    Radio and television personality Larry Elder ("The Sage from South Central"), generally agrees with many of the sentiments in this and other threads pertaining to President Obama. The talking points match up well.

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