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    How are you doing???


    No, they are not like The National Enquirer although 

    they do have a gossip section.


    And they also have a science, finance, sports, and 

    all sorts of news sections.


    They often have U.S. breaking news before anybody 



    I usually check their Wires




    and if there's nothing major going on I check the front

    page, and I comment every now and then on topics

    that interest me.


    You should check it out.







  2. ************************************************************************************

    54 minutes ago, Troy said:


    Stefan don't discount or overlook the purveyors of this garbage -- the platforms that encourage this are the true benefices and are apparently at little risk.  


    Cardi B, win is purely symbolic, as I doubt the woman posting lies about Cardi has the money to pay and the platform pushing this stuff has plenty of others willing to do that same thing.


    Your reaction and @Mzuri illustrates why this sort of thing is so profitable.  It creates controversy, and controversy drives engagement, and engagement drives revenue.  


    Nothing will change, for the better, until we start engaging on more important things than a Cardi B and her trolls.




    I am familiar with this news only because it was

    on The Daily Mail website, I do not follow Cardi,

    I'm not into the female rappers of today.


    My jaw dropped to see anyone even defending 

    her and saying that it was all unfounded.


    The lady blogger claims that she has the funds,

    and she says that she will fight this matter all

    the way up to the Supreme Court.


    From what I can tell she has credibility, but 

    we shall see.









  3. ************************************************************************************

    1 hour ago, Dr Francis Welsin said:


    None of what you said is racism. NONE. If I grew up in a black neighborhood then how is only inviting black people to my party racism? 

    If a white cop who is notorious for driving around black neighborhoods to look for teen black girls to rape comes around my black child, why shouldnt I teach them to be suspicious of these people? Being angry that a child marries a white person has 0 effect on anything so how is that racism?


    Your response was idiotic and quite stupid




    And your argument is silly.


    Obviously, if you live in the 'hood with no access or 

    knowledge of any white people, or you don't have

    a job and therefore you have no white co-workers

    or friends, and every single person that you know

    on Planet Earth is Black, then you couldn't invite

    any white people to your party.


    But that's not what I meant, and you know it.  


    If you want to twist my responses into some inane 

    hypothesis to fit your narrative, that's fine, but that

    doesn't mean my replies are idiotic or stupid.


    Let's take your story about the white cop who 

    prowls the neighborhood looking for young 

    Black victims to rape, do you also teach your 

    daughters that rapists come in other races

    as well?


    You've made several comments about teaching 

    your children that whitey is bad, when a Black

    man is just as capable and likely of being a

    rapist as an asian, hispanic, or any admixture

    of humanity thereof.  


    It is this thinking that makes you seem racist.


    You should teach your children about ALL 

    dangers, not just the ones that might emanate

    from white people. 


    BTW, I am well aware that hispanic is not

    a race, so don't bother pointing that out.








  4. ************************************************************************************

    1 hour ago, Stefan said:



    I could care less about Cardi B. You are the one who seems to be apoplectic over her. Not me. I merely posted news and added an editorialized lede.  

    Now, where is your proof about our Vice President sleeping her way to the top? Got a link? You have no proof. 

    Seriously, you whine and complain about me attacking Donald Trump when it is widely known he is a liar, a racist and went to extraordinary lengths to stay in the White House.

    And you don't like any criticism of him?

    Then you do not want any open discussion. You want an Amen Corner. You want everyone who posts comments to only share your viewpoint. But I will never take the side of those who believe Black people are worthless or unaccomplished.

    Not all of us are perfect. But no one is.  And no one ethnic group is either. If you refuse to accept this, then you're a phony.

    I was a moderator of a couple of online forums that concerned Black thought. But I never stopped anyone with differing viewpoints from posting. If this is what you're about and this is what this discussion forum is about, then you're afraid of those who challenge your viewpoints. 



    It doesn't matter whether the topic was Cardi B. 
    or some other person of disrepute.


    You started a whole topic about Cardi having won 
    a slander/libel suit against a blogger who referred 
    to her as a prostitute, but your assertions about the 
    blogger's claims being unfounded were incorrect.


    Your initial post is full of misguided falsehoods and

    I simply pointed out that you missed the part about

    Cardi being an admitted thief who drugged people.  


    Instead of admitting that you were wrong, you went 
    on to defend her by saying that just because she

    was a stripper, that didn't make her a prostitute.  


    Except she's even worse than a prostitute.


    I also don't care whether you or anybody else

    agrees with me about anything.  


    Because right is right, and wrong is wrong,

    and in this instance, you missed the mark. 


    How many more times are you going to ask

    for proof that Kamala Harris slept her way

    up the career ladder.  

    What is it that you don't comprehend?  


    The woman lacks morals, scruples, or integrity.


    I don't care if she slept with Willie Brown, or the

    San Francisco 49ers.  When a person accepts 
    a promotion based on an affair, that is WRONG.  


    If Kamala Harris had any decency about herself, 
    she would have declined those promotions and

    made her own way based on her own hard work.  


    That is what an honorable woman does.


    But instead she's gone through her entire career 
    with that funky Willie Brown cloud hanging over

    her head.


    She is a HORRIBLE example for women and girls 

    and she should NOT be the vice president of this 

    great nation.


    As to Donald Trump, you posted a rant that he lied 
    that his apartment was three times bigger than it

    actually was.  
    He was trying to pay the correct amount of property 
    tax so what is your argument here?




    Find something else to argue about.  


    You seem to take pleasure in fighting for lost causes.








  5. ************************************************************************************

    2 hours ago, Stefan said:

    The bottom line is this: Jurors decided the blogger lied when she claimed Cardi B was a prostitute and backed it up with millions in directed damages. No amount of hate from you is going to change that.

    Now, for the third time, where is your proof that our Vice President "slept her way to the top?




    Look.  I don't mind if you edit your posts for punctuation or 

    because you made a typographical error.  But don't be adding 

    more of your nonsense after I have already responded to your 

    pansy thoughts.


    Obviously that jury didn't get the memo about Cardi INVITING

    strange men to her HOTEL room so that she could DRUG and

    ROB them.  Which, BTW, is MUCH WORSE than being just a 



    This fact may have been inadmissible because people's prior

    CRIMES aren't usually held against them in trial. 


    Juries are often kept in the dark on people's CRIMINAL

    CONDUCT so as not to taint their judgement about

    the case at hand.


    This does not mean that people in the general public,

    meaning us, cannot have a different opinion.


    If you want to live in lalaland and pretend that this HOE was  

    not a PROSTITUTE, that is fine with me.  Just don't come on

    here expecting the rest of us to agree with you and your

    silly comments that it was egregious for somebody to insult

    Cardi, as if she is a virtuous woman, because she is not, and 

    everybody knows it.


    As to your defense of Kamala Harris, you need to get a grip. 


    I wouldn't mind her humping people for promotions if she was

    actually competent at her job, but the majority of the people

    have caught on that she is a total fraud.  


    Cardi and Kamala are birds of a feather. 


    And I'm sorry if that hurts your little feelings. 


    But those are the facts.








  6. ************************************************************************************


    10 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    Being a stripper does not make one a prostitute. Do you understand the difference, Mzuri?

    You accused our Vice President of "sleeping her way to the top." Without any proof.

    You are no different than the racial bomb throwers on Fox News.




    Cardi B was a stripper who DRUGGED and ROBBED men.

    After she invited them to her hotel room.


    But you want to split hairs as to whether or not she was



    Odds are that a woman who dances in the nude has a 

    higher propensity towards PROSTITUTION than one 

    who does not.  Especially when she admitted to 

    DRUGGING and ROBBING men.  But a nerd like you 

    probably could not draw that simple conclusion.


    Cardi B explains why she drugged and robbed men


    Kamala Harris slept with Willie Brown whilst he was a 

    married man, and he promoted her and that advanced

    her career, and you want me to prove that she slept

    her way up the career ladder.  


    I posted this already on the other thread, the one 

    that you are trying to pretend you did not see.


    Kamala Harris had an affair with powerful Willie Brown


    Grow the fuck up and stop being so lame.













  7. ************************************************************************************


    2 hours ago, Stefan said:


    Congratulations, Cardi B.

    As a journalist who eventually up training and mentoring reporters and taught writing for five years in business colleges, I despise liars and cretins who spew untruths and unsubstantiated drivel simply because they are jealous or don’t like someone.

    Just tell the damn truth.




    Right, because Cardi B has such a stellar and impeccable

    reputation that she needed to sue somebody for calling

    her a prostitute.  


    Which, BTW, she was.


    Cardi B explains why she drugged and robbed men


    Why don't you get your facts straight before you post 

    a bunch of stupid nonsense.









  8. ************************************************************************************


    18 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    Donald Trump, man so insecure that he lied in tax returns about the size of his apartment in Trump Tower.




    Trump's penthouse apartment is a tri-plex.


    If each level is 10,000 square feet, then wouldn't 

    that equal 30,000 square feet of living space?











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  9. ************************************************************************************

    Why in the world would I need to provide proof 

    of something that is common knowledge, and 

    something that Kamala Harris admitted to her 

    own self?
















    4 hours ago, Delano said:






    My Helium Hotspot is performing nicely.


    I am still experimenting with different combinations 

    of antennas.  I am on a hill and all the other Hotspots 

    I am interacting with are downhill so I am trying to 

    make as many connections as possible so that it

    will earn more.


    The Helium Cryptocurrency lost some of its value

    over the past few days, it went from around $39

    down to $21.  I don't track that too much, I just

    happened to notice it while I was switching out

    an antenna on the unit a couple of days ago. 


    I have an Android phone dedicated to the Hotspot

    and I was looking at the app when I noticed that the

    funds in my Helium account had decreased by half, 

    I'm sure it will go up again so I'm not worried about

    it.  But I do wish that I had withdrawn those funds 

    while they were up.


    I am patiently awaiting the shipment of another 

    Hotspot from iHub, I don't know what is taking 

    so long.  If I don't hear anything by mid-February 

    I will deal with it then.


    I got a new desktop computer for Christmas and 

    I am in the process of setting it up in a different

    part of my house than my other computer, so I

    have been busy moving some furniture around. 

    And shampooing carpets.  Things like that.


    Once I get the new desktop computer setup

    I have about twenty things I need to work on 

    such as finishing a course and then enrolling

    in another course. 


    Things that I have procrastinated for various



    The courses are for professional licensing

    purposes and I'll be doing that for the next

    few months.


    Earning this Crypto was intended to be an

    aside, something easy that generates extra

    income for me, and I think it's going to work

    out just fine.









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  11. ************************************************************************************

    1 hour ago, Stefan said:

    White people are NOT superior to Blacks. And Trump is a rank idiot and a racist. You simply gaze at him in wonderment because you wish him to be your Führer. 






    You seem to have a very serious case of TDS.  Every time 

    you post you inject some derogatory comment about him.


    Honestly, I don't think about Trump any more than I think

    about anything else.  And I don't speak for others but I 

    doubt that Nels is thinking about Trump either.


    What is it with you and Trump.


    Are you jonesing for him or what???











  12. ************************************************************************************

    7 hours ago, Stefan said:


    I refuse to castigate my entire race of people because a relatively few Black men do not dress the way others want them. I will also not condemn Black women for the way they dress. Every person is an individual.




    This is not about a few Black men not dressing how others  

    want them to.  I was making the observation that when Black

    people dress inappropriately, it makes it difficult for them to 

    become successful, financially independent, contributing

    members of society. 


    I seriously doubt that someone who can't even be bothered

    to pull their own pants up, is anybody's role model.


    Besides that, we must take into account the one bad apple 

    effect.  This sort of behaviour reflects poorly on all Black

    people, whether we admit it, deny it, or attempt to ignore it.


    When another Black woman goes to the grocery store, or

    wherever, with her breasts and/or derriere exposed, it

    signals to the other races that Black women have no

    self-respect, and that we are easy lays.   


    People can be individuals without engaging in conduct 

    that reflects poorly upon the rest of us.








  13. ************************************************************************************

    I.  Think. 


    It.  Is. 




    To.  Have. 


    A.  Woman. 


    Police.  Commissioner.























  14. ************************************************************************************

    6 minutes ago, daniellegfny said:


    @Mzuripart of the backlash against mixed marriage is the rape by White Slave masters.






    That is a very valid point that hadn't occurred to me before.


    Thank you for your wisdom(s). 








  15. ************************************************************************************

    10 hours ago, Chevdove said:


    Oh! I threw my head back, jerked the door open and said, "I can't believe you! Pull your pants up!" I was so mad! 




    I don't like to tell other grown people what to do about their 

    offsprings, but obviously all your "talks" didn't have an impact 

    on him.  When I first started reading your post I was thinking 

    that they were doing that the whole time, sagging.  I didn't 

    even know there was a word for that.  I just call it pants 

    hanging down. 


    Anyway, I have a son, my only child.  He is in his forties now. 

    I been through it with that boy so I have some first-hand 

    experience.  I won't even go into what all happened with

    him because I would be here all day telling that story.


    If he disrespected me the way yours did to you, when he 

    got out of the car to pump the gas, I would have drove off 

    and left his Black sagging pants hanging down sorry ass 

    standing there trying to figure out how to get back home. 


    And then I would have cancelled all my funding for his

    education since that seems to have been a waste, then

    I would have put his ass out of my house.  That way he 

    could see how far he gets in life sagging his pants and 

    all the other juvenile delinquent things they do.


    Because they don't understand talking to.  Sometimes

    you have to demonstrate through actions, even if it

    hurts and breaks your own heart.


    Years ago I drove my Husband to the Veteran's hospital

    for a doctor's appointment, and he was arguing with me

    about something or the other, I don't even remember what

    it was. 


    We hadn't been married that long at the time, probably 

    less than a year.  We had known each other for a long time,

    over twenty years before we got married. But just as friends.


    After he got out of the car I drove back home without him.

    He made his way home and I promise you, he didn't argue

    or talk back to me nearly as much after that because he got

    the point that I don't allow people to disrespect me.  



    11 hours ago, Chevdove said:


    I am embarrassed to say, but you touched a nerve[!], that I had to learn how to dress appropriately! When I was young, sometimes, I dressed cheaply, not because I didn't have the means to buy classy and appropriate clothes, but I was vain, and was not taught that it was bad taste. Later, I came to realize that too, a lot of clothes in certain stores that seem to cater to ethnic 'more rounded' women were of very cheap quality! I soon stopped going to these stores and learned to look at the actual thread of material. 




    We were all young once and didn't know better.  That is 

    part of life and maturing.  And it is different from grown

    women who have the means to do better, to be out here

    dressed like common trash.


    I was fortunate, from an early age my Mother dressed 

    me well.  I got to order things from the catalogs as well 

    as shopping in person at nice clothing stores. 


    Not upscale dress shops, but regular shops at the mall

    like Lerner's.  If you remember that.


    I also learned to sew from my Aunt, who was a master

    seamstress, I can make my own clothes from patterns

    and finished clothes, as well as tailoring store bought

    items.  Sewing is an important skill that more women

    should practice.  Most women don't own a sewing

    machine these days and that's too bad.


    Early in my adulthood, someone gave me several silk 

    dresses, and that began my collection of silk outfits 

    that I'm still working on today.  Silk pieces will last a

    lifetime if cared for properly and if you maintain your



    Once I was on my own and started my career working 

    for the federal government, at the age of 22, I began

    curating my professional wardrobe. 


    I typically wore dresses and skirt suits to the office.  

    Sometimes I wore pant suits, but not that much.


    I bought some things that were "trendy" when I first 

    started buying my own clothes, but I quickly caught

    on that trends change and read a couple of book on

    how to select and purchase quality clothes in classic



    You choose natural fabrics like silk, cotton, wool, 

    cashmere, linen, and blends.  Some manmade and 

    natural blends are acceptable if it makes the item  

    easier to care for, wrinkle resistant, etc.


    You should ensure that the seams are straight, fabric 

    patterns line up, buttons and button holes are good

    quality, and obviously you want the clothes to fit

    correct and hang properly. 


    And of course you want your clothes to be

    comfortable and suit your style.


    The other thing that I have learned over the years is

    that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have

    a nice wardrobe. 


    You can find things on clearance, on sale, you can

    find nice things at consignment shops, eBay, etc.


    Most of my clothes I bought brand new, but I did 

    get some designer outfits from consignment shops

    and I got some really good deals.  In case you are 

    not familiar with consignment shops, that is where 

    rich people take their gently worn clothes, some 

    things they never even wore at all still has the tags,

    and that way they can get a few dollars from it as

    opposed to just throwing it in the trash.


    I would take that stuff to the dry cleaners and it 

    would be good as brand new.


    Once you decide how you want to present yourself, 

    it's not that hard to find quality clothes that you can 

    be proud to wear, and that attract attention and

    admiration for the right reasons.









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  16. ************************************************************************************


    Did anyone watch Mark Levin last night?


    I recorded it and am watching it now, and

    ordered Peter Schweizer's book on this

    topic as well.


    Biden and a whole bunch of other ones are 

    corrupt as the day is long.  It's scary that we 

    have a bunch of sellouts and traitors through

    out the federal government and corporations.  


    Biden Received $31M from Chinese Officials








  17. ************************************************************************************

    18 hours ago, Dr Francis Welsin said:


    Am I going to get an example of HOW black people practice racism?




    Perhaps if you took the time to read some of the replies here

    you would get your answer.


    Better yet, why don't you re-read your own topic starter. 


    Black people teaching their children to look at other races

    with suspicion is a form of racism.


    Being shocked and angry when your Black child marries 

    a white person is another one.


    Throwing a party and only inviting your Black friends 

    is racism.


    Black people practice racism just like all the other 

    ethnic and racial groups.









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    16 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    Trump is a racist, a liar and an unaccomplished bully. He was guiding the U.S. into a hellhole. 




    You keep posting disparaging comments against

    President Trump.


    Why is that?


    ICYMI, Biden is a lifelong segregationist, who refers to

    Black men as boys, and all his other racist rhetoric. 


    Besides the fact that the CCP deliberately infected us 

    with COVID-19, we were doing fine under President

    Trump's leadership.


    Installed Biden was handed an orderly start to his fake 

    administration, and he is the one who single-handedly 

    fucked it all up with his 



    vax mandates


    higher prices on everything 


    open borders


    false promises and outright lies


    Keystone XL shutdown laying off thousands of workers


    COVID being out of control


    energy dependence


    skyrocketing inflation


    defund the police


    failed Afghanistan exit


    supply chain shortages


    higher gasoline prices


    increased crime 


    Green New Deal


    non-existent COVID tests because they

    have to build the factory first


    and all the other un-Constitutional dictatorial

    and tyrannical executive orders, policies, and

    mandates brought to you by Joe Biden, his

    incompetent V.P. and all the rest of the

    do-nothing Democrats.


    None of this mess would be happening if Trump 

    or any other Republican was in charge.










    15 hours ago, Stefan said:

    Whoever you are, stop engaging me.






    What a cry baby you are.




    Grow the fuck up.








  20. ************************************************************************************

    14 hours ago, Stefan said:


    Take a look at this forum. How many members of this forum always attack and malign those who remain committed to Freedom and Liberty by regularly berating those who stand up for truth and dignity? And look at their arguments. They are always generalized whines of bullshit.

    And THESE are the folks who have the nerve to criticize Democrats? In favor of who? Racist and bullying Republicans such as Trump?

    Their complaints always lump together half truths, falsehoods and dubious claims. But very little of what they post is 100% accurate or can be truly confirmed. It is mostly nonsense and designed to bolster their choice of political champions.




    I will assume that you are addressing me, since I am an

    open Conservative.


    In case you don't know about me, I am the daughter of

    a military family, an Army wife of a Vietnam veteran who

    served this nation for over fifty years, and I am a retired

    Department of the Army civil servant.


    I am committed to freedom and liberty, truth and dignity,



    Freedom and liberty are under attack by a DEMOCRAT

    administration that, among other things, is attempting to

    force its citizens to take unproven and dangerous vaccines.  


    A DEMOCRAT administration that violates its citizen's

    Constitutional rights by telling us what we can and cannot



    We can't call it the Wuhan virus, we can't call it the China

    virus, we can't call people illegal aliens, we must refer to

    them as non-citizens and on and on.  Our human rights are

    being violated and you people are too dumb to know it.  


    TRUTH and DIGNITY.  Some of you have forgotten what

    TRUTH really is.  The TRUTH is that we have a career liar

    and plagiarist in the White House.  


    A plagiarist who had to drop out of the 1988 presidential

    campaign because he got caught using other politician's

    speeches and writings.  Because he's too dumb to come 

    up with his own original content.


    Biden is a chronic liar who lies about EVERYTHING.  


    He made a bunch of ridiculous campaign promises that

    he didn't even bother to try to fulfill.  He said he would

    eradicate COVID.  


    As we all know, that is not happening.  


    Biden recently declared that COVID is not a federal issue,

    that the states will need to deal with it.  


    Biden's self-inflicted crises range from Keystone XL

    pipeline shutdown to open borders.  


    Biden's entire family is corrupt.  


    Biden uses his own son as a shill to conduct all of his shady

    business dealings, allowed him to use Air Force Two over

    four-hundred times while he was vice president.  


    Now this stumbling, fumbling, mumbling idiot has caused so

    much damage to the nation, people are worried if we can

    ever recover.

    Second in line to Biden, we have Kamala Harris.  A woman

    who is notorious for sleeping her way up the career ladder.  

    A woman who has proven herself to be incompetent to hold

    her position.  


    Whenever a journalist poses a serious question to her, she

    throws her head phony back and belly laughs. 


    I am sick of it.


    I could write a book about this disgusting woman, but I

    won't since she's not even worth the bother.


    Third in line to succeed presidential office, we have the

    Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a woman who has

    enriched herself while in office to the tune of hundreds

    of millions of dollars.  


    It has recently been revealed that she and her husband

    have utilized the information she received while in office

    in order to invest in the stock market.  


    This is insider trading, it is illegal and in violation of the

    Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act

    of 2012.  


    Yet she is the one who attempted to impeach President

    Trump on numerous occasions for minor and made-up

    infractions, while she herself was engaged in criminal



    On top of that her own district is a dystopian disaster zone.


    Please don't talk to me about anything I post being bullshit 

    when you and your cohorts are the ones posting a bunch 

    of crap and lies.










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  21. ************************************************************************************

    8 hours ago, nels said:


    Why is black America always complaining about how it feels it’s being treated by other groups, when what it really needs to do first, is get its own house in order? Let’s take a step back and a brief look at black America’s self-inflicted damage.







    As usual, you are totally spot on.  This list covers just about  

    all the shortcomings of the Black community.


    The only thing that I would add is the way that people dress. 

    I'm not trying to scrutinize your list, this has been a pet peeve 

    of mine for awhile now.


    You have grown men walking around with their pants hanging 

    down, exposing their underwear to past their behind.  This 

    nonsense has been going on for around forty years now.


    The women are out here in the daytime exposing their breasts 

    to the edge of their nipples, wearing thongs like it's clothes, 

    fake fingernails and eyelashes to the point of looking like a 

    cartoon character, and they think it looks good.


    Not to mention all their fake wigs, weaves, dyes, hairpieces,

    and then there are the grills they put in their teeth.


    It's bad enough that they can't even speak correctly, they

    top that off by popping on some bubble gum with an open

    mouth like all of that mess is cute.


    And then these same individuals wonder why they cannot 

    get any kind of job or get ahead in life.  


    Stop wearing cheap housedresses and other inappropriate

    items as if it is business attire, pull up your pants, put on 

    a shirt and tie and act like you have some common sense,

    decency, and self-respect, and perhaps you will have

    some success in your life.


    This shameful disgusting behavior is embarrassing to 






    20 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    Blacks support phony politicians, according to Nels? Has anybody been reading the latest news about Donald Trump? How this racist clown conspired to thwart the will of the people in the 2020 election? And some on here are forever beating up on the Democratic Party. I cannot believe I am reading such racist lies in the year 2022. And in a Black discussion forum.




    How did Trump thwart the will of the people when Biden 

    is in the White House?


    It's dumb negroes such as yourself that are the problem, 

    not Nels!








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