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  1. 1 hour ago, ProfD said:



    @Mzuri, that number came from this chart posted earlier in the thread. 😎



    Thank you, but this article states otherwise.




    I suppose that the difference is whether the 

    police shooting victim was armed or not.  







  2. ************************************************************************************

    7 hours ago, Troy said:


    You drive a car in NYC have you ever been pulled over for some BS?  Have you never been abused by a cop for no good reason?  If not that is great and you are lucky to many others -- liked the more than 1,000 black people killed in the last five years.  A number you curiously called minuscule, but the same as killing of of the Black players in the NFL not so miniscule huh?




    More than a thousand Black people killed by police

    in the last five years?




    There have been approximately 135 Black victims of

    police inflicted homicides.  I would post some links

    but I'm not since you consistently challenge them. 


    Google that information for your own self.


    Or see the previous thread on police brutality.


    And perhaps before you hire moderators, you should

    get some better defined rules.


    But in the absence of clearly defined rules, common

    forum decorum that everybody knows is that you're

    not supposed to start a whole new thread on the

    same topic that's already being discussed.


    Like this right here:



    CRT is being discussed here in this thread, but this

    dope goes and starts a whole other thread about

    how CRT is taught at university.  The same dope 

    that thinks you need to hire moderators.  Next 

    he'll be telling you that he wants to be one.


    NEWSFLASH:  The topic of CRT is not exclusive

    to university courses.  


    It's taught as a university-level course at university

    and it is also taught in grade school, at the grade-

    school level.  Kind of like English, Art, Science, and

    all the other subjects that are taught in schools.


    Some of these negroes on here need to read a book.



    P.S.  Maybe you should stop insulting your regulars, 

    like Nels, Clarence, and Pioneer, and that way you 

    won't be left to wonder why this forum lacks











  3. ************************************************************************************

    11 hours ago, daniellegfny said:


    Show the data. I can show the data that people getting shot to death by police is minuscule. Show me your numbers on reported police brutality.





    I'm still waiting for his proof that grade schools aren't 

    teaching CRT, so don't hold your breath because he

    won't provide any data to substantiate his claims, 

    all he has are lame Trump bombs.


    Frustrating over this troll's silly rhetoric and chronic

    lies is a massive waste of time. 








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  4. ************************************************************************************



    The federal judge presiding over the hate crimes trial of three

    white men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery said she will

    seat a jury Monday after a week spent asking potential jurors

    what they already know about the Black man’s death as well

    as their views on racism in America.


    Judge in Arbery death federal trial to seat jury Monday



    Several potential jurors in the hate crimes trial of three white men

    who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery said in court Tuesday that

    they believe problems with racism in America are exaggerated

    and questioned whether there should be special charges or

    punishments for crimes motivated by race.

    In Arbery death case, possible jurors question hate crimes









  5. ************************************************************************************


    6 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    Troy is highlighting an issue that anyone who can read fairly well will have with yourself, Nels and Mzuri.

    None of you seem to read anything in the links you post. You just rant.

    I told you that CRT is not being taught in any public grade, intermediate or high school. But you keep insisting it is and then have the nerve to post links which fail to prove your contention.




    How dare you tell people that they don't read anything that they are linking to.


    CRT IS being taught in schools, to CHILDREN.


    Why do you think parents are up in arms about it?


    PROVE that it's not since that's YOUR assertion.








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  6. ************************************************************************************


    On 2/6/2022 at 11:56 AM, daniellegfny said:


    what’s your view?




    Whether CRT is an acronym for Critical Race Theory or

    Culturally Responsive Teaching, they don't need to be

    teaching it to five-year-olds.


    Our entire society has gone down the toilet ever since

    Biden occupied the White House.











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  7. ************************************************************************************

    32 minutes ago, Troy said:

    @Mzuri you already know you can link to any sources you'd like. There is no need for me to amend my forum rules


    The issue with my challenging your sources is when you post something that is wrong then back it up with a questionable source.  If I have the time I'm gonna challenge it.


    Have you considered reading a Black-owned newspaper.  Again they should not be your only source but if might help give you a perspective that would service you better than the Daily Mail and that other propaganda engine you linked to recently.


    Here is a list of Black-owned newspapers: https://aalbc.com/newspapers/ 






    No, clearly I cannot link to any source I would like, which is

    why I am requesting clarity.


    The issue is that you own and operate a forum/discussion 

    board with no clear cut posting rules.


    And then when someone posts something that you either 

    don't like, disagree with, or don't believe is factual, you feel 

    the need to challenge that individual because of their source.


    You have done this to several people, not just to me. 


    Someone posts a link to an article and you take a deep dive

    into how old the domain name is, who owns it, what's in the

    archives, where it is located, and all the rest.


    One episode we had was about the Crypto kids.  I posted an

    article from CNBC, which could also be found on Forbes and

    some other financial news sites, and you wanted to argue

    about whether their earnings were real.


    I would assume that CNBC or whoever originated that article

    researched the validity of their claims.  Right?


    Why is the onus on me to prove how much money those 

    children made?  Or whether Bitcoin mining is real.


    If I see an interesting news article and decide to post about 

    it here, I should not have to endure being insulted about it 

    because you, or a member of the peanut gallery, feels that

    the story is questionable.  Or because you think that 

    The Daily Mail is a rag. 


    And you rarely dispute the content, only the source,  

    accusing people of being fringe conspiracy theorists.


    ICYMI, mainstream media withholds information and

    they don't publish negative news about Biden and

    various other topics.


    Sometimes the only place you can find information is

    from alternative sources.


    So why don't you setup some actual rules, instead

    of accusing people of breaking non-existent ones. 


    That is all I am asking you to do.


    If you don't have time right now, please just do it

    whenever you get around to it.


    It will improve the forum for everyone.


    Thank you.









  8. ************************************************************************************


    On 2/6/2022 at 11:35 AM, harry brown said:


    Black. News. Anchors. Cannot. Talk. About. Racist. White. Police. Who. Are. Klan. KKK. Members. Racist. Police.




    @harry brown


    Black.  News.  Anchors.  Can.  Pretty.  Much. 

    Talk.  About.  Whatever.  They.  Want.


    What.  Channels.  Are.  You.  Watching?







  9. ************************************************************************************



    When you have a moment, can you please provide a list of your 

    approved NEWS SOURCES for this DISCUSSION BOARD, since

    there's nothing stated regarding this matter in your



    If you can either post those here in this thread, or amend your 


    provide clarity for the members here.


    Thank you for your consideration.








  10. 1 hour ago, Stefan said:

    One of the reasons I initially declined to comment on this thread is because I recognize there may be more than one incredibly mean-spirited and vicious-minded person in these discussion forums. 

    From her comments, Mzuri seems to exhibit scant sympathy and patience for many other Blacks who get into trouble. She can be beyond hateful at times. And such thinking puts her in the company of like-minded GOP legislators who think nothing of slashing Aid to Dependent Children, aid to disabled children, ( Texas Governor Gregg Abbott in 2016 ),  refusing to add funds for Veterans Affairs and cutting the budgets for Medicaid and Medicare benefits for the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill. 

    So, it stands to reason Mzuri might heap abuse on those who take their own lives for the sole sake of appearing superior.  

    Recent suicides did not just claim the lives of notable Blacks, but it also took the sons of actor Michael Madsen and Irish singer Sinead O'Connor. We know that Regina King's son, Ian Alexander, took his own life. And now, suicide has snuffed out the future of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, whose mother said publicly that her daughter was a beautiful soul, despite being prone to depression.



    Nobody GAF whether you comment or not.


    Stop stalking me around this forum.


    Thank you.







    2 hours ago, daniellegfny said:


    I submitted a support ticket




    I feel your pain, getting stuck in an app is a drag.

    At least you got a reply, so that is something.


    Keep trying.  Perhaps various times of day might  

    make a difference in their level of congestion.


    Coinbase is starting an NFT platform soon.

    They are working with Mastercard to make it 

    easier to buy and sell digital products.







  12. ************************************************************************************

    36 minutes ago, Stefan said:

    I used to look forward to coming on here and reading some thoughtful and congenial posts from Black people. 






    Perhaps you should have reflected on that before 

    you started this particular thread for no valid reason 

    than to harass other people here.  


    If you want thoughtful and congenial content, why

    don't you be about that.








  13. ************************************************************************************

    32 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    I only know of one incident when Joe Biden referred to (but not called) an adult Black man as a "boy."



    32 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    Now, do not forget: You have to provide proof of Joe Biden actually calling a Black man "Boy" as a demeaning insult. Not simply referring to the Black adult man in an everyday sense as in "The boy knows Louisiana ... " which is how Joe Biden said it.






    Referred to but not called?


    Everyday sense?


    Are you really THIS STUPID.


    Please take a seat somewhere and STFU.


    You are dumber than a box of rocks.








  14. ************************************************************************************

    2 hours ago, Stefan said:


    Mzuri seems to think Joe Biden spent a lot of time calling Black men "Boy." She continues to hyperventilate over a lone incident. 

    But completely ignores DECADES of Trump's racial and misogynistic insults and behavior.

    Because apparently, nothing can ever get in the way of her adulation of her the worst President in U.S. history. 

    I bet she does not realize Trump had been the only POTUS since Herbert Hoover to leave the Oval Office responsible for less jobs in the U.S. than when he first entered office. 






    Lone incident?




    How many times does a racist need to call you




    before you get offended? 


    One time wasn't enough?


    And how was that a LONE INCIDENT when I posted

    TWO (2) separate videos of Biden calling TWO (2)

    different people




    Can you not count? 


    TWO (2) times equals more than once.


    I don't understand why you think that I'm 

    hyperventilating, when I'm kicked back chilling 

    on a Sunday afternoon.


    Why are you imagining what I'm doing anyway?


    You people are so absurd.


    So now your new Trump talking point is that he

    was responsible for less jobs, and that I supposedly

    did not realize that. 


    Probably not.


    You know why I did not realize that?


    Because I'm retired and I don't give a care 

    about job growth or employment statistics. 


    Do you see how that works?

    And in case you are having difficulty figuring

    out simple concepts, jobs were down because


    of COVID.


    You are so dense!


    Get a clue.





     Clown job graphics








  15. ************************************************************************************

    6 minutes ago, Stefan said:


    Trump was once a POTUS!




    It's amazing what you spineless snowflakes take offense at.


    Now you have a POTUS that refers to Black men as 




    Where's your outrage about that???


    You snowflakes make me sick.


    Here's your proof. 


    It's on this video at 4:35 minutes in.

















    Has anyone gotten any richer???







  16. ************************************************************************************


    30 minutes ago, ProfD said:


    I believe the system of white supremacy is very real and it's the most destructive force against humanity on the planet. 




    I never even think about white supremacy and 

    my life is fine.


    My Husband served in the U.S. Army for thirty 

    years, he joined back in the 1950s, I asked him 

    if he ever experienced racism and he said 




    So if he didn't experience anything untoward 

    during his military career, what is everybody 

    else complaining about?


    Let me just add that he is an extremely 

    wonderful and charming person, so it would

    be difficult for anyone to mistreat him. 


    But still.


    What is your gripe?


    What are white people keeping you from

    or depriving you of?










    20 minutes ago, richardmurray said:


    conditioning is the key, athletes play in thier 30s , near 40s some after 40s all based on conditioning, not age, find the time and slowly build yourself up and you can do those moves, it takes time, it takes time, but you can get there...now you may have to take time off your crypto analysis so:) ... get out there and dance on the roller skates




    We used to go roller skating/dancing all the 

    time.  I even had my own skates.


    I had so much FUN roller skating, probably 

    more fun than almost anything.


    But I am 60+ now and I know my limitations.


    Trust me, I can't do those moves anymore,

    not on roller skates.


    And I definitely can't risk a fall because I 

    have a herniated disk in my lower back.


    But I enjoyed watching those videos. 


    There's a whole bunch of skating vids 

    on YouTube.


    It's not for everyone and that is fine.


    Roller derby seems cool, but I never tried it.


    Just watched.









  18. ************************************************************************************

    1 hour ago, Dr Francis Welsin said:


    Where did I say to teach black children whitey is bad?

    So far, I havent gotten an example of a black person practicing racism and also people are trying to put words in my mouth. Where did I say teach black children that white people are bad? 




    First off, you started this thread about people being 

    shocked when their children marry a white person.


    Why is that?


    It can't be because you think that's a good thing.


    Now you want me to cite examples of what you wrote.


    Unless you are suffering from some type of memory 

    loss, you should remember what you wrote for

    yourself, without asking other people about it.  



    On 1/19/2022 at 10:04 AM, Dr Francis Welsin said:


    If your black child looks at every white person as a racist suspect then you have successfully taught them about racism. If your black child looks at a white person and believes its "not all of them" then you have done a poor job.



    On 1/28/2022 at 3:52 AM, Dr Francis Welsin said:


    If a white cop who is notorious for driving around black neighborhoods to look for teen black girls to rape comes around my black child, why shouldnt I teach them to be suspicious of these people? 




    Several forum participants have answered your

    questions about Blacks practicing racism, so why

    don't you take some time to read and comprehend

    their responses, instead of repeating your same

    questions over and over again.









  19. ************************************************************************************

    1 hour ago, daniellegfny said:


    If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can’t even participate in humanitarian aid programs




    There are other forms of government issued

    identification besides a driver's license. 


    Here in Texas you can get a regular picture

    I.D. from the DPS, it costs $16.00.  I'm sure 

    that other states offer regular I.D.s as well.


    There's also military I.D., passports, and

    various certificates that might have your

    picture on them.


    I have four forms of picture I.D. so I don't

    have any sympathy for a person that can't

    even obtain one.


    People need to stop making excuses 

    about everything.








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  20. ************************************************************************************


    Good Morning Pioneer!!!


    I've been wondering what you were up to.


    Sixty hours a week sounds like a lot, but it 

    all depends on what you're doing.


    My Helium Hotspot is still going, it just sits

    there in the window generating income, 

    freeing me up to do other things. 


    I just put a different antenna on it yesterday,

    still testing different ones trying to increase

    its performance. 


    All the Cryptos including Helium Crypto took 

    a hit a couple of weeks ago, Helium value

    decreased by half, but it's coming back up.


    I'm sitting here reading a book so I'll check

    you later ❤️


     Books glitter gifs








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  21. ************************************************************************************

    It's fantastic that those ladies are figure skating, but when

    I think of skating as an activity, I think of roller skating. 


    That's what we used to do back in the day and I loved it.  


    But I'd probably have a heart attack if I tried these moves

    that they are doing now.











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