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  1. Delano < https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/3868-delano/ > asked

    He asked what type of leaders we need, and then defined we from the black community on earth to each black community in a city or town, indirectly. 

    Well first, the scope of the group is the largest factor in the quality of leadership needed. To rephrase, the black community in your town , that I think Delano is a part of needs a leader that is inadequate for the global black community. 

    The global black community varies in fiscal quality/knowledge/culture/views/gender demography. Yes, all humans are human. All humans need water/food/shelter but we all don't need money, we all don't need to be superstars, we all don't need a mosque or a church, we all don't need to be married, we all don't prostitution to be illegal, we all don't need something that another human being needs.  And once you add a racial element , ala Black/male/christian/asian/or other categorical form to the pronoun. you have a problem. Who determines who is black? who is male? who is christian? who is asian? 

    What I have found living in NYC is individuals have an idea on the collectives they are apart of. Individuals like myself. But , sadly in some ways, what all humans who live long enough find out is, the idea of the group you are apart of is rarely the truth. 

    For example, Former Mayor Bloomberg is considered a new yorker by many and I daresay most in NYC, but not by me or many others. He was raised in connecticut or massachusetts, he is not from NYC. But, because he is a businessman who as an adult did most of his activities from NYC he s a new yorker to most in the city. 

    What is the point? Who is we. 

    Many Black people in the USA see themselves more American than Black. More Christian or Mulsim, than Black. More Asian than Black. 

    When searching for leadership qualities, the smaller the group of people the more specific or less complex leadership needs. 

    For example, fiscally rich black people in NYC don't need the leaders the fiscally poor black people of NYC need. And a leader to the fiscally poor or fiscally rich black people combined has a very complex problem, cause the needs of the two fiscal halves in the black community in nyc have needs that collide with each other. 


    1. Delano


      I would say that because groups have different needs that doesn't mean that a leader isn't needed. It just means that more than one leader is needed. Or perhaps the solution lies in the other direction what clubs or groups are needed and which should you join best on your needs and aspirations

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  2. A question was asked:
    What do you want out of life?
    My reply
    To the individual, Knowing what you want is like knowing oneself, sometimes it doesn't happen in seventy years. Somestimes it happened when one is five years old. 


    To the group,the similar atemporal occurence is true. A group may not find its self in hundreds of years. A group may find itself in a  minute. But groups have added elements in knowing what y'all want. Unlike an individual a group doesn't have the luxury of singular trust, a group must have faith in its unique parts to survive whatever it wants. It also doesn't have the simplicity of individual philosophy. An individual can say, I believe but a group rarely has a philosophical cohesion throughout its body.

    Whether an individual or group, knowing what one wants is like knowing self, it is not determined by school age or determined by some lifestyle algorithm, it is unknown when it will happen. 

    I think a deeper question than knowing what one wants is knowing how to wait till you know. Many individuals or groups in their quest to know, don't act with patience or act with rigid philosophy or viewpoints. Before you know what one wants, one has to live not knowing what one wants. Every baby lives said life. All babies want is happiness of life and they have an open mind continually searching for who they are until they know. 

    How many individuals or groups are open minded?

    1. Delano


      Thank you.

  3. Have a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!!! 🤗

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