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  1. I have not heard one person who saw this movie say it was not good. Even its critics concede that it is an excellent representation of its genre. I poke fun at all the hype, but credit should be given where credit is due.
  2. The New Religion

    Is Astrology a religion? Aren't the Summer Solstice, the Vernal Equinox, etc, Paganistic in origin, preceding Christianity?
  3. The New Religion

    @Pioneer1 the only thing Mel was wrong about was dignifying your half-witted response. I happened to be writing when I saw your bc/ad as being part of science. My head was about to explode because that was the furthest thing from truth. Saying AD/BC is used in science is about as bright as saying English is a scientific language because the universal language is for scientific studies is English. None of it has anything to do with Christianity - it's a damn standard! The only way scientists can keep tract of their discoveries is by using standards. Is the demarcation of the Gregorian calendar determined by the birth of jesus - KINDA -but only the ignorant would stop there. Is science governed by christianity -I guess if you're one of four people who believes the sun revolves around the earth. Right. i just noticed that myself while skimming over the thread. Pioneer's "pretty sure" statement of "fact" was a prime example of having "knowledge" but not "comprehension".
  4. Calling all amateur psychiatrists

    How about that? Someone who admits he was in error. I'm sure Del could parse Troy's reasoning ad infinitum, and Pioneer would have little empathy for him, but "in my opinion" Troy's admission was a sign of good character.
  5. Calling all amateur psychiatrists

    Incidentally, Troy and i did pretty much accept our "mansplaining" debate as a "draw", when he reluctantly accepted the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language's inclusion of this word in its dictionary, as a legitimate alternative to Merriam Webster Dictionary's omission of the word.
  6. Hey Cynique, you asked if Pioneer was on drugs.  But I have been seriously considering asking Del the same question.  He seems off lately.  I honestly don't understand what he is talking about lately.  It that just me or have you perceived that same thing.  I'm not going to ask him the question but I was curious to know what you think.


    Perhaps I'm giving off the same impression :o

  7. Alternative thoughts when everything about the confines of this disgusting country stifles and disgusts, thanks to Trump and his ilk. When the "Black Panther" orgy morphs into a bizarre worship of the ancestors who supplied bodies for the slave trade. Time for the sanctuary of introspection.
  8. The New Religion

    @Pioneer1Mel put you in your place. Let you know that your obnoxiousness undermines everything else. Get it, Dummy? LMAO
  9. The New Religion

    @Pioneer1Yada, yada, yada. Go think up some more nonsequitor metaphors until Mel can put you in your place. Again.
  10. Actually Troy.....

    @Pioneer1Are you on drugs?
  11. The New Religion

    OK. i don't find it necesssary to elucidate on what are my opinions because we do agree that everyone is entitled to their opinions, providing they don't try to pass them off as facts.
  12. The New Religion

    @DelContrary to what you say, you're doing a very thorough job of arguing points here. If facts dispute a person's opinion, then "i don't agree" that people are wrong in disputing a person's opinion. They are doing him a favor by educating him. i don't deny anybody an opinion. What i do find off-putting is the self-glorification that accompanies the expression of an opinion or a fact. Your boy, pioneer, is good at one thing. And that's gloating and patting himself on the back when he "thinks" he's gotten over on somebody. In your effort to make yourself over and become super-tolerant, you have lost all of your flavor. Under the cloak of blandness, you now use the intolerant pioneer as an instrument through which you play out your repressed resentments against others - IMO. LOL Feel perfectly free to correct this opinion.
  13. The Science Delusion

    @DelWhen did you stop telling people what to think?
  14. The New Religion

    @DelSpeak for yourself. Pioneer's mixed metaphor makes no sense; not surprising considering the source. Guess since you had no rebuttal to Mel's epic take-down of him, you had to resort to praising his sorry attempt at humor. Better luck next time.