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  1. Pioneer repeatedly accused me of lying when it came to his position on sex between adult males and young females. This is how it went down: He said "As long as they were above puberty and he didn't physically force himself on them, he's not a monster in my opinion." In another exchange between us, I reminded: "So in your opinion once puberty kicks in a female is fair game for any man seeking sex, no mater what her age is." Later i said to him: YOU are who brought up the subject of puberty being what transforms a female into a sex object. This subject is not only about Elijah Muhammad but about your philosophy in general when it comes to male entitlement". This was his response: "the only thing I said that came remotely close to this is when I said as long as the females are ABOVE puberty then.....(and it's still not necessarily OK if you're already married to someone)....I don't give a damn. Those affairs are between them and his wife, not us." What he calls "lies", i call "implications". Bottom line; he left himself open for my interpretations. When a person tells you his opinion - believe him! Pioneer's confusion about the duration of puberty also didn't help his case. So he and i remain at an impasse - as usual. (1) puberty: the period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction: (2) puberty: In humans, puberty occurs at the onset of adolescence, between the ages of about 11 and 14 in girls and 13 and 16 in boys. Pioneer also accused Mel of lying about him.
  2. Cynique


    @DelI'm not angry. It ain't that serious.
  3. Cynique


    Propriety is important and mutual respect comes with propriety. On an internet discussion board, ongoing feuds can precipitate an exchange of insults. Online forums invariably become outlets for the kind of behavior that would not occur in a face-to-face confrontation. Anonymity emboldens some people prompting them to push the buttons because they don't have to suffer the consequences of their aggressiveness. That's life. That's what the board is a reflection of. We have all kinds of personalities here. i am tired and old and impatient. In the future i will curb my true cynical self and not name-call. That's the best i can do. 😬
  4. Cynique

    Kevin Hart Shows Some Heart

    @ChevdoveWell, all of what you revealed above seems to be compatible with a white supremacist agenda. Although total acceptance of white man's science goes against some of the arguments advanced on this board. All of which muddles things. i do find this research data interesting, however.
  5. @Pioneer1No, Del just realized on his own that his first impression of you was correct.
  6. Cynique

    Black Female Writers

    There is such a thing as statutory rape, - a legal term for an adult having sex with an under-the-age-of-consent minor, and this is a crime. It doesn't matter if such sex was consensual.
  7. Me, and my 2 daughters among many others. (1) puberty: the period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction: (2) puberty: In humans, puberty occurs at the onset of adolescence, between the ages of about 11 and 14 in girls and 13 and 16 in boys. The subject under discussion was child predators. That's the context in which you made your statement. Above the age of puberty does not exempt teen-aged minors from being preyed on by these molesters.
  8. Being "above puberty" gives you no leeway inasmuch as puberty commonly begins at about 12. In my response to your denial, i did not interpret what you said. i just ignored your bogus rationale You just cannot deal with reality when it comes to yourself. You're a waste of time.
  9. Cynique

    Kevin Hart Shows Some Heart

    Blah, blah, blah. is that the best you can do? I'd been more impressed had you not said anything. the animal kingdom is a very good barometer of what is instinctive and natural. There's nothing clear about cancer in animals. Cancer has always been around also.
  10. Grasping at straws. I've never That's a lie. You think that simply contradicting the truth about yourself will dispel it. I quoted you exactly. But your personality disorder traps you in denial. Accusing everybody of lying about you says more about you than them. Delusion is the glue that holds you together. Without it you'd have a mental meltdown.
  11. Cynique

    Kevin Hart Shows Some Heart

    And you have the nerve to talk about Del making unsubstantiated statements. You can' even spell "definitely" correctly so stfu. All of a sudden everybody is an authority on homosexuality, dutifully accepting the veracity of white scientists prone to advancing white supremacy. Homosexuality has even been noted in animals. i read somewhere. But i can't cite the source so anyone can feel free to challenge this.
  12. @Pioneer1The above italicized sentence in quotes is exactly and completely what you wrote. i don't have to read between the lines or imagine what you are implying. Your words speak for themselves in spite of your devious attempt to do damage control. You can try and wiggle out of what you wrote and omit parts of it, but all your convoluted rebuttal proves is how you are so invested in your need to be right that truth becomes the nemesis of your ego. Your transparency betrays you and all of your subterfuge fails miserably when it come to your trying to defuse your words. If you didn't think what you wrote debased you then you wouldn't be trying so desperately to sanitize your opinion.The fact that you misspelled "language" is a subliminal clue not a coded signal.
  13. What if the oppressive white supremacist system steals this grand idea, like it has been known to do, and the movers and shakers in this country, who are secretly conspiring against black people, also embrace metaphysical concepts and do a better job of making thoughts things, thus sustaining the status quo? Seems to me this plan calls for re-location, a black exodus to someplace where the diaspora could fall back and re-group. There's also the possibility that diversity within the ranks would replace racism as a problem. I am a amenable to metaphysical concepts, but i think that becoming all you can be is an individual undertaking.
  14. i think the average woman is more detail-oriented than the average man. They also seem to know a little bit about a lot of things, whereas men have limited interests.
  15. Did Del ever say that his input about MLK was true?? Seems like just contributing what had been put out. 😮