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  1. Who knows?

    So it is, what it is.
  2. Who knows?

    OK. You don't think that the creator is a person but you agree with Pioneer's assumption that the creator is a person because it is a reasonable one from your perspective.
  3. Who knows?

    I was confused about who was saying what in this sentence.

    @TroyOh, Puleeze. I'm not trying to pull anything. Or am i trying to harass you. I just respond to what you put out there. i thought the conversation was over; I had my say on the use of mansplaining being beyond my control and i accepted this and was done. But you decided to reopen the subject and mansplain what you had already expressed during the course of the discussion, then further decided that i didn't know what you were talking about and was therefore at fault for giving my reasons for not sharing your opinion, - all of this before patting yourself on the back, convinced that your rigidity is a virtue when it comes to the use of certain unique words you don't approve of. Good for you. To me, your stance is akin to the accusations you make against Pioneer and his obstinancy about race. The only difference is that your personal rejection of certain morphed words occurs in a situation where there is another accepted point of view, something which seems to frustrate you. You, of course, have a perfect right to balk at being labeled a victim, and i accept your denial. It's also your prerogative to disagree with my philosophy about words. So be it. Suddenly everyone is at each other's throats on this board that is currently mired in the mode of a dysfunctional family. This excerpt from an old poem comes to my mind because it appropriately applies to everyone. Oh, would some Power give us the giftTo see ourselves as others see us!It would from many a blunder free us...
  5. Who knows?

    @Pioneer1 "Stable" mind as in a stagnant mentality? In other words, you don't think outside the box, because you are trapped in the box of your dull mindset, void of an imagination. You don't know the origin of the universe. All you are doing is parroting the intelligent design theory, taking the easy way out. And your reference to schizophrenia has nothing to do with "uncommon" (rare) sense. I'm neither hearing voices in my head nor suffering from paranoia. Those traits apply to somebody like you who listens to the voices inside your head filling you with a consuming suspicion of THE WHITE MAN plotting against you - as you hover there, bug-eyed, shuffling from foot-to-foot, waving the American flag. BTW, Del. A creator is not synonymous with being a person. Gravity can create a black hole.
  6. End of Poverty?

    @Pioneer1And got you i did!

    @Troy Now you're playing the victim. SMH. I wasn't exactly in the dark about your sentiments. There was never any doubt that you didn't agree with where i was coming from, or that you despised the word mansplaining and all it brought to mind. So you proceed to reiterate your sentiments in the guise of a "different approach", and have now accused me of not knowing what you're talking about just because i don't share your opinion; typical male reaction. I'm sorry, but i don't care about "sexism". I think "bromance" is a really cool merger. "Fuck" is my favorite curse word, "nigga" my favorite sobriquet to express the love/hate relationship i have with my people. So shoot me. How many times do i have to say that i'm a cynical ol bitch? And just to prove it - you should've written "I said my piece on the word; not peace."

    @Troy Why are you belaboring the point about mansplaining in its current usage??? Didn't i say that i accepted what i have no control over? Didn't i imply that the essence of the word was preserved because patronizing presumptuousness transcends gender? And your opinionated deconstruction and rejection the legitimacy of this word doesn't really register with me because i don't agree with you. I tend to like colorful, creative words. The ongoing battle of the sexes spawned mansplaining and it has found a place in the vernacular of pop culture. Nobody is saying you have to accept the word. But, by the same token, nobody has to defer to your disapproval of it just because it offends your sensibilities. Language is the living instrument of human communication and if it's flawed, it is because humans are. Deal with it. BTW, how often do you encounter women who toss the word manspaining at you? Is it a constant in your life? And can you bring yourself to consider that women who use this term are just as often right as they are wrong? If they're wrong you do have the option to get things off our chest by telling them this. You can squelch Pioneer's obstinacy about race being an authentic classification, and Del's postulation about climate change being suspect, but you cannot place yourself on the side of right when it comes to the controversial nature of the word "mansplaining". You want to bad-mouth Oxford Dictionary because it is based in England, as if the English language is not spoken in America. And i don't think Merriam Webster really supports your personal distaste for the word. Words are their business. To them, mansplaining is simply a word they are watching with interest to see if it will eventually fall out of usage. Unlike you, they are objective.
  9. Me and my daughters hangin' out. Aim for the center to hit the Bulls Eye.
  10. End of Poverty?

    The epitome of mansplaining. I well aware of the "soup kitchen" community. You just need to be kept in check when you resort to hyperbole as was the case with you declaring that white college students were being paid $50,000 a year for serving hot meals to drug addicts, and subsequently contradicting yourself by saying these white kids serving hot meals to drug addicts were ones sentenced by the court to do community service. Keep it real.
  11. Who knows?

    @Pioneer1 Like i said, you can't wrap your finite mind around the idea that the universe created itself. And that voids everything else you said as far as I'm concerned. I prefer uncommon sense when i ponder.
  12. End of Poverty?

    @Pioneer1According to your previous post, these people feeding drug addicts are white college graduates earning $50,000 a year until they can find a job in their profession.
  13. Who knows?

    @Pioneer1Who says the universe was created by a someone? Apparently your mind can't conceive that this wasn't the case.

    @Pioneer1I'm not a feminist. You don't have to be one to agree with the definition of mansplaining because it's something all women encounter. And as i previously stated, there are Urban Dictionaries that supply a definition of mansplaining, using street slang to do this. And i do know the origin of the word manslpaining. How many times do i have to tell it! Del is who used, "Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday". So he knows as much as you do. in fact you weren't even sure about what it meant.