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  1. Sometimes people who are trying to conceal their true identity inadvertently provide clues for a perceptive person to pick up on. A lot can be discerned by someone who can instinctively read between the lines of what someone else writes - or says. Who and what ideology an individual supports can indicate the political persuasion of an anonymous person, or at least narrow down the type he or she can be categorized as. Yes, people can pretend to be something they are not, but unless you are on an online dating site, what purpose does this serve? Most people conceal their identity on line so they can be their true selves without fear of repercussions. You tend to come across as offensive, and poised to get people before they get you. I think this is facade, an acquired persona. The real you is probably more filled with adventure than aggression.
  2. Cynique

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Verrrrry interesting. It seems like language is just as influential in exploring evolution as appearance is. We encapsulate syllables and sounds into words and use them to refer to conditions. You might all be talking about the same thing but just using difference utterances or written symbols to express this. Words, words, words... (I put the words "good" and "evil" in quotations marks in previous post because they are just vibrations that refer to 2 different forces; the same goes for "strong" and "weak". Humans are the ones who subjectively decide that using "strength" to acquire "power" over "weakness", is "evil". In the over-all scheme of things, however, this is just a natural process.) The color black is non-white, non-white can be a spectrum of colors. Color aside, humans are mammals and all have 2 arms, 2 legs, walk upright, have opposing thumbs and forefingers which allowed them to pick up objects and fashion them into tools - and the rest was history. They also have tongues and vocal chords and use them to communicate. They have brains that give rise to intellect and ideas, instincts that encompass needs and desires. Curiosity also seems to be a dominate trait. Who are we? What are we? Where did we come from? We are unique entities who are made up of the exact same elements as stars. In the final analysis, i am me.
  3. Cynique

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    I can dig it. Happy Camping!
  4. Cynique

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    The revisionists say that African Lucy is not the source of all human life; that there were other sources elsewhere. The "Petralona Man" for one. ancient-origins.net/human-origins-science/human-skull... How did theses primitive blacks from a warm continent manage to navigate vast oceans to get to the less temperate North America before the continents shifted and provided a shelf that enabled the Eskimos to get here by foot. And of course, black is a loose term that can be used to describe anything other than pale white. I bring all of this up because people of all colors like to romanticize their kind as being the "first". Hence the claim that Lief Erickson preceded the native Americans. The truth is out there -- but we tend to embrace our own version of it. I've heard of the movie Promethus. I'm going to see if i can track it down on my premium cable channels. The trailer is compelling!
  5. Cynique

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    I repeat. What happened to these black people who preceded Native Americans and Anglo Saxons?? And with claims made by the revisionist white researchers, i don't know if we all came from Africa or not. Just sayin. i like the alien theory and that's probably because i'm an alien. 🙃
  6. Cynique

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    So what do the dueling researchers say happened to all of these blacks that fanned out over the world, and were subsequently uprooted by different looking peoples. Did the black-skinned ones just die out? Or were Natives Americans and Anglo Saxons invaders who drove these blacks into extinction??? Or are y'all suggesting that Anglo Saxon and Native Americans are descendants of migrating Africans? So many questions and what is more significant is there are so many "answers". Add to the mix what white revisionists are now contending about "Lucy" not being that ancestor of Caucasians. I continue to be fascinated with those who say we are aliens who ended up on earth via asteroids that crashed here and infested the planet with primitive forms of life from outerspace. 👽 Of course no body can prove this. But that doesn't make it a unique situation.
  7. Cynique

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    I guess i didn't make myself clear when i said "Once we get over the idea that "good" triumphs over "evil", and are able to attach significance to the idea that the strong prevail..." i meant that "good" and "evil' are just words and what we think of as "good" has no tendency to triumph over "evil". The strong do indeed prevail, and they invariably do this because they engage in what we would refer to as "evil". That's how the ball bounces. And humans can only endeavor to exert some control over their own personal destinies. As for the complicated controversial subject of race, we are all variations of a common theme, imho. I am more amenable to the idea that there is an alien presence on this planet. Debating the subject of race has become a waste of time as far as i am concerned, because it leads down the rabbit hole of semantics. And just out of curiosity, do you know who these "blacks" who preceded the Anglo Saxons and Moors were, and what specific studies support this vague statement?
  8. They say the same thing about a fly who circles horse dung. An apt simile.
  9. Cynique

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Does this discussion acknowledge or reject the idea that there is but one human race? I entertain the idea that all that goes on within the homo sapiens ranks is nothing more than family conflict that has degenerated into sibling rivalry. Once we get over the idea that "good" triumphs over "evil", and are able to attach significance to the idea that the strong prevail, we can spare ourselves some frustration. Life is not fair. It is, what it is... We must each embark on our own journey and blaze our own trail. 🤪
  10. If you can't see how flawed your reasoning is, then you're fooling yourself about your credibility. You either can't comprehend the distinction i made, or you conveniently neglected to not include what else i said about Kalexander's mendacity being limited to things about himself, but that he was on solid ground when it came to hard data to support his arguments. You, however, make the statement that your paucity of "intelligence and education" have no bearing on the truth, as if what you and your ignorant self are saying about black men and college is true. And it simply isn't - except in your mind. You are a purveyor of a sophistry. Rather than ever conceding a point, you resort to specious arguments that obscure reality with subterfuge. If i was into "psycho-babble", I'd suspect your need to always be right is symptomatic of a deeper personal problem. I have recently tried to limit my role on this board to that of an observer. But i must confess that i lack enough self discipline to keep quiet when your fallacy is so loud. So i give up. So much for my hiatus. The cynical old contrarian has taken off her gag.
  11. Obviously. Having admitted that, why should anybody pay any attention to or place any credence in the scenarios you make up in your head and subsequently declare to be true. Such as: These kind of "playas" are the ones who you relegate to not being college material and, indeed, they don't go there. Plus, you continue to gloss over the black middle class whose ethics do not fit into your "one-size-fits-all" way of categorizing black men, and from whose ranks most black male college students come from. You are also ridiculously behind the times when it comes to the Puritanical way you characterize the sexual climate on white college campuses. And contrary to your imagination, a social life reinforced by the partying traditional of black fraternities is alive and well on black campuses and within the black enclaves on the mostly-white and integrated universities. (This is what my contacts among the millennial college crowd report.) Since you've chosen Booker T. Washington as your latest "avatar", you are once again advocating his approach, as if it is new and innovative, as if technical and trade schools don't exist and as if black men do not go into the blue collar or self-employed labor force. In your efforts to be a black visionary, you wallow in stale ideas and a lack of awareness. Or do black people need you to tell them how to live, in the first place. At this point, they've all figured that they have to come up with their own individual way of getting over. Black unity is just an empty phrase that's been bandied about for at least 100 years with little effect. The best kept secret,which is right under our noses, is how diversity works for black individuals in this country. You mentioned on the "Break" thread that i haven't posted on other subjects in a while, so these comments are my way of giving equal time to another subject before i resume to my summer hiatus. BUH-BYE 😑
  12. Cynique


    Kalexander is quirky in and of himself. The subjects of the discussions he participates in do not rivet me. Del apparently needed a break from the hostility he was exuding toward Kalexander, - and he passed the torch on to you. Hint: The mention of my name in a post very often elicits a response. This is easily remedied.
  13. Cynique


    @Pioneer1 Saying you don't distort things is a lie. And I hate to burst your balloon, but you fail miserably at your attempt to come across as anything other than the egomaniac that you are. As far as "looks" go, ugliness permeates your persona. Furthermore, since you can't keep up with Kalexander, you do what you always do, which is to blame that on him instead of on your having a deluded shallow mind. And he gets points for not being a bore.
  14. Cynique


    They does no such thing. In fact, your response just confirms what i've always said about you distorting things in order to make yourself look good. None of those assertions are accurate. When i'm so inclined, if i get on Kalexander's wave length, i figure out what he's saying. I don't take him on, because the subjects you and him discuss don't inspire an opinion on my part. They are not issues i'm particularly interested in. Think what you want to think about him. But stop putting words in my mouth.
  15. Cynique


    @Pioneer1 Speak for yourself, and stop assuming that you know what i think! Kalexander shucks and jives and is inclined to taunt people; that's his style which is why I referred to his posts as "raps". I am not deeply engaged in discussions with anyone anymore but I get the impression that while he may mislead or exaggerate about himself, he doesn't falsify data when presenting his points. That's the bottom line. Like everyone else on this board, he's opinionated, and is just another member of the cast of characters who post here.