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  1. All of my sistas here have really done themselves proud in offering explanations about their approaches to interacting with other women - as well as men.  Each testament was flavored with their individual personalities and provided clues to why they are so impressive.  I have concluded that one difference between them and me is that i am more argumentive  and when it comes to engaging with men, i like to question everything they say  just to be contrary even as, on this forum,  i cringed at their written responses that had little regard for being detailed-oriented or proof read, full of disjointed sentences, misspelled, omitted, improperly-used words, and incorrect punctuation,  wondering  if these careless lapses carried over into other areas of their lives and have anything to do with their claims of black male victimization. 


    On 5/16/2019 at 8:31 AM, Troy said:

    Hey does this mean you and Pioneer really aren't gonna hook up? 

    I am really not sure whether your parting shot was a lame attempt at humor or if you really think that i actually entertained ideas of "hooking up" with pioneer. 😩 EW.  But, I understand how observers might conclude that making him my whipping boy is motivated by my having secret designs on him. He modestly interprets my "harassment" as an attraction to the "masculine energy" which he imagines he exudes. Sooo untrue. I, myself, always felt that his aura was like a drag, mired in the sticky emanations that seeped from his pompous assertions.  But dream on, pioneer.  As usual, what you decide upon takes on a life on its own and settles into a permanent residence in your warped mentality. Be advised that you have earned a place in my "Obnoxious People Hall of Fame". 


    I'd also like to clear up what i think others might suspect: that i looked upon this site as my personal domain and that i jealously guarded my status here, considering all other comers a threat, and that i competed with them for Troy's attention. In response, i say:  it's not like this forlorn forum is bristling with activity and broad participation and enjoys widespread recognition.  On a good day, there might be 4 posters here, bickering or exchanging one-liners.  I'm told there is a substantial lurker audience who, for some reason, never make themselves known and are who pioneer plays to, positive that they are in his corner, rooting him on.  Does this sound like a scenario that my life would revolve around, something that would bolster my self-esteem and make my day? Not.  What benefits accrue from Troy's approval?  Sure, he's a great guy but my being a fixture on his discussion board  enhanced or enabled me in no way. My critics got it all wrong.


    So, yes, Troy, remove the "Cynique" title from this site. Free me from having to see what should be Cynique's Corner instead of "Cyniques' Corner", which is how it incorrectly appears.  i'm pretty much history here. "Connie" has more fun on Facebook, hangin' out with my homies, laughing at memes and arguing with a broad spectrum of strangers, Mark Zuckerberg be damned.   Sure, out of curiosity,  I'll be checking things out here from time to time - if you don't block me. Thanks for everything. We cool. (That goes for you too, Del.)  


    To my girls, i love you all.  It's been "real".  😙    Buh-Bye!


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  2. 6 hours ago, Troy said:

    Yes that us what I mean. You will strongly disagree with me on occasion but never with Mel or Chev. 


    Because you  strongly engage in  debating with me.  i fight fire with fire.  Mel and Chevdove  are cool.


    7 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I keep telling yall that she doesn't WANT me to leave, lol.

    I told you months (probably a couple years) ago that Cynique has mixed feelings for me that fluxuate back and forth between jealousy and attraction.

    - Jealous that I may get more attention from you than she does because she enjoys the attention of saying what's on her mind
    - And attracted to me (and you too...as well as Xeon and Nubian Fellow -but not Del....lol) based on the natural feminine desire for masculine energy.

    Infact, based on my observations I'd say the order for her attraction goes like this.

    1. Troy
    2. Xeon/ Pioneer1 (for different reasons)
    3. Nubian Fellow

    @Pioneer1Watta crock of  psycho-babbo bull shit. It's almost too absurd for me to dignify with a response.  I 've never seen you, never talked to you in person and the only thing i have to go by is the crap you post which i never find has much merit as exemplified by your above post.What you call masculine energy i call the resistance of opposites poles and just for the record i like Del a hell of lot more than i do you.  There's nothing about you for me to be attracted to. You guys must really think i have nothing better to do than sit around and wallow in jealousy and compete for your attention.  Get outta here. You flatter yourselves. My main concern in life is waking up every morning. Men, in general, and y'all, in particular, do not command a great deal of my concern because the more i come in contact with men, the more they get on my nerves. i have to try and rein myself in to keep from saying some of the things i really think about you because i'm trying to not be so hypercritical.   But believe whatever makes you feel good about yourself.  Obviously pioneer's ego thrives on his fantasizing and he concocts rationales because he can't deal with rejection so, as usual, his imagination works over time.   Excuse me while i go barf.  And i think i need a hiatus from this presumptuous egomanical drivel.  @TroyAnd feel free to remove my name from this site. I'm serious. Things have run their course.   And i'm bored and tired.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Troy said:

    I don't, because i dont buy into the premise of your accusation. Perhaps if you shared a single vile thing Fsrarrkhan wrote on Facebook i could respond to your question. I'm still waiting...

    Well, "vile" is your word. "anti-semitic" is mine, and  Farrakhan incriminated himself when he admitted he called certain jews "satanic". He never denies being anti-semitic because he geniuinely has a big problem with jews.  i have heard Farrakhan speak out against Jews, and his litany never changes so i'm sure he's not saying anything good about Jews on FaceBook 

  4. @Troywhy don't you speak to my legitimate observation about how black folks would go ballistic if a controversial white person regularly came on a black owned site and railed against an organization like BLM or civil rights and militant black organizations of the past like SNICK and the Black Panthers. 


    Farrakhan, himself, refers to the jews he admittedly bad mouths as "satanic", so this proves that he is singling out certain jews he's doesn't appreciate and utilizing a platform supplied by a jewish person to diss  his people.  It's beside the point whether Zuckerberg is wrong in doing this.  My point has to to do with my doubting if the situation would be different if it was reversed.


    Have you forgotten that in my quest for the truth, i  no longer give black folks a pass just because they are black. BTW, i also think that Twitter should  not provide Trump with a platform.  He needs to get his own media outlet to deliver his fake news.   

  5. @TroyAn interesting explanation but not entirely on the mark. I don't know about Mel, but my always being in step with her  is not because we are both females but because she a smart astute, insightful person who i find easy to side with because she makes sense and is amusing.  I don't find any reason to oppose Chevedove, either,  whether i disagree with her or not.  She's full of documented information.  I know very little about the subjects she posts and she educates me and doesn't have an arrogant bone in her body.  i also felt this way about Chris Burns, who is a man. 


    i am not a sensitive person and there is not a man on this board who could hurt my feelings  because insults just roll off my back.  I don't take myself that seriously.  


    As for pioneer i couldn't care less whether he stays or goes. i'm not trying to run him away.    i just  don't feel like i have an obligation to like everybody. Some people are just the epitome of what turns me off and familiarity breeds contempt if you get my drift,  but that's life.    You and Del have areas of expertise that make you interesting people.  A lot of what i say is off the top of my head.  i have a store on knowledge in my mental files.  Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes not. Whatever  


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     Bwahahaha, Del.  i knew where you were coming from. 


    i don't understand why Farrakhan and his indignant groupies think  Zuckerberg, who  is a jew, is just going to sit idly by and let people like Farrakhan and white Alex jones and a bunch of other alt right anti semites defile jews on a site that he owns.  Black people including the righteous Farrakhan would be apoplectic if a jewish racist came on a black-owned site and bad-mouthed black people. Farrakhan is the epitome of someone who thinks he's a privileged character.  Are black people now boycotting FaceBook because of his expulsion?  i doubt it. He's yesterday's news. 😴

  7. On 5/14/2019 at 11:34 AM, Pioneer1 said:

    Although I knew the turn tables DJ's use was based on this and was a highly modified form of it, I didn't know it was actually called this BEFORE the Hiphop era.

    The turn table,  a speaker,  an "arm" that a needle is screwed  into are what comprise a phonograph or record player.  They all work together to produce sound. They were not "highly modified" in the ensuing years.  There was no need to change them.  Whatever music or sound was produced was what changed, not the equipment.  CD and tapes were the different ways of producing sounds  

  8. 1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Both you and Del were INSINUATING (without being brave enough to come right out and say it) in the other thread that "Latinos" in New York are just as responsible for the invention/creation of Hiphop as the AfroAmericans.
    I believe you two were WRONG about this.

    Who gives a damn what you believe? You offer no references except a bunch of opinionated subterfuge. Unlike you, i pursue the truth, and am not beholden to an afro-centric agenda. 

  9. No, that's not comparable to my forgetting about the Americas  from back in my grade school social studies class, something which did come back to me once my memory was prodded.  Farrakhan bores me.   He and i are the same age, from the same era, and nothing he has to say is new  or of interest to me.  zzzzzzzz  The same goes for your advice.  

  10. 1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Well your words are still there in the other thread just as I quoted them, no changes have been made to your statement that Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico are NOT part of America.

    So you're STILL wrong.


    18 hours ago, Cynique said:
    19 hours ago, Troy said:

    For the record I'be been know to change my position on issues as well when provided with new perspectives and additional information. @Pioneer1 can you reference a single incidence when you did this?


    No.  Pioneer still can't bring himself to acknowledge that using a turntable to create a different genre of music does not make it synonymous with inventing a turntable. 

    @Pioneer1YOU are still wrong about this, and everybody here knows the chances of you admitting it are nil.  You are trying to divert attention from your inability to acknowledge you are ever incorrect by harping on a very ambiguous designation, considering that Haiti and Jamaica were colonized by the European countries of France and Britain and in the modern vernacular are more commonly identified as being a part of the Caribbean.  We realize that your sanity depends on your winning this argument but get a grip and stop playing the victim.  You are stumbling over your ego in trying to take a victory lap.   LOL

  11. 5 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    You said specifically and I have you in quotes that those other nations are NOT part of America:

    I corrected myself, something you never do, and later i also elaborated on my correction  by classifying these countries as being a part of "greater America", a fact you couldn't come up with because you were too busy sucking up to Mel and Troy, begging them to agree with you. And you conveniently ignored all  of the facts  i did offer about Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico, opting instead to cherry pick what is an ambiguous status of these countries, and you never explained why their being located in  the American hemisphere had anything to do with the subject being discussed. Now go change your pee-soaked shorts.  LOL  

  12. 21 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I said that Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Jamaica are nations that are part of America.

    Cynique said NO they aren't and Mel (to my surprise actually)  supported her and said this was fact.

    I did not include Puerto Rico in my statement because It is a possession of the USA.  The natives of these other 3 countries when asked what they are, would in all probability say Haitian , Jamaican or Mexican, not American, although technically their countries are located in the American hemisphere.

  13. @Del  I followed your advice about looking things up on the interet and this is what i found about headphones.  Of course there are those who will dispute this  and claim they orginated with hip-hoppers and rappers.

    Brandes radio headphones, circa 1920

    Headphones originated from the telephone receiver earpiece, and were the only way to listen to electrical audio signals before amplifiers were developed. The first truly successful set was developed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin, who made them by hand in his kitchen and sold them to the United States Navy


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  14. 16 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I'm actually a bit surprised that you consider what she said factual.
    I didn't actually expect for you to side with ME against Cynique on this or anything else....lol....but as much as you've been around I thought YOU knew better and would have just said nothing; but to consider it "fact"??

     in lecturing Mel on this, why don't you get specific and give quotes that can be attributed to me as not being factual. Below is a direct quote from me:

    "Haiti is a country located on the island of Hispaniola, east of Cuba in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea and covers 27,560 square kilometers of land and 190 square kilometers of water, making it the 149th largest nation in the world with a total area of 27,750 square kilometers. Jamaica is a beautiful island paradise located in the western Caribbean or the West Indies.Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica. It has a population of 937,700, and is located on a latitude of 18 and longitude of -76.79. Kingston is also the political center of Jamaica, which is considered a Constitutional Monarchy, and home to its Ceremonial head of state. The country of Mexico is separated from the United States of America by a border. Your assertion that these distinct independent countries  with their individual cultures are part of the USA does not apply. " 


    The only non factual thing about that quote is that you didn't say that these countries were part of the United States of America. OK.   And in the following statement  below, I did refer to them as  being "Americas" - as in the broad sense of the word as it applies to continental America. 

    On 5/10/2019 at 9:16 PM, Cynique said:

    And just what is the relevance of your referring to Jamaica and Haiti and Mexico as part of the Americas?  What does this have to do with hip-hop  and rap originating in the city of New York in the United States of America, especially since nobody said the that these genres  originated elsewhere and were created by white people.

    And,  i still question what whether Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico are a part of greater America or not has to do with the subject being discussed, a question you continue to dodge. 


    16 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    ...telling me about what he was doing in the 70s has no bearing on who invented/create/made/whipped up/molded together/conjured up Hiphop and the elements of it like Break Dancing, MC'ing, and the Turntable which I maintain CAME FROM AfroAmericans and so far his so-called experiences haven't proven otherwise.

    In the above statement about Del, your "maintaining" that the turntable came from AfroAmericans has not been proven right by you.   Using your twisted logic, Charlie Parker invented the saxophone because he played Be-Bop on it, or Scott Joplin invented the piano because he played Ragtime on it.   This whole debate is much ado about nothing because everybody agreed that Rap, Hip-Hop, Break-dancing and turntable MCing were originated by people of color.  You just had to pollute the discussion with your silly rejection of white Thomas Edison being the inventor of the turntable, and your ignorance about who invented headphones. And in the end, you haven't proved yourself anymore knowledgeable on this subject than anyone else.  At least Del's input is not second hand.  Nor was mine.  I grew up in a household where, dating back to the 1940s, my brother always had phonographs and records players  equipped with turn tables.  

  15. 5 hours ago, Troy said:

    I'm trying to understand your reasoning for calling Farrakhan "...a black nazi full of hate for the 'other'."


    Farrakhan only disparaged Jews who behave in a wicked fashion. He is no more homophibic or chavanistic than many Christians -- but no one calls them Nazi's.

    Well one of the things that come to my mind when Jews are excoriated  in  public orations reminiscent of Hitler, is nazism because  Hitler was a nazi and this is what he did.  Just because Farrakhan didn't preside over a holocaust doesn't exempt him from having something in common with nazis.    i don't call Christians "nazis" because they don't publicly disparage Jews.  i do call them and anybody else "homophobic" when they condemn gays  on the basis of their religious beliefs.  I also call anybody who advocates female submissiveness a "male chauvinist".


    i don't really detest Farrakhan.  What piques my cynicism are the many who idolize him and think he can do no wrong and lavish praise on him for converting convicts and losers into a rigid albeit productive lifestyle that only a relatively few follow, something which begs the question of people like this. Since what Farrakhan does is so great and inspiring why don't they join his cult? The NOI numbers are relatively small in comparison to the overall black population whose members are either helped by other black organizations or who have the gumption to make it on their own.  Farrakhan is simply a charismatic rabble rouser with very limited success, a slickster who owes his popularity among blacks to his ability to piss white folks off.     


    Farrakhan was recently invited to his church by Father Michael Phleger, a white militant Catholic priest who pastors a black parish in Chicago, to speak at a rally supporting his right to free speech.  Farrakhan showed up grinning from ear to ear, so happy this white man had thrown him a few crumbs that he declared he didn't hate all Jews,  Just the satantic ones.  LOL 

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    @Pioneer1Do you even know what a turn table is? The round device that is a component of a phonograph and that spins  around and  is where  a grooved  disc is placed on??   The two pictured are just alike.  They are  simply packaged differently. 


    And just what is the relevance of your referring to Jamaica and Haiti and Mexico as part of the Americas?  What does this have to do with hip-hop  and rap originating in the city of New York in the United States of America, especially since nobody said the that these genres  originated elsewhere and were created by white people.  Why make Mel do your work for you?  You can't concoct  an answer yourself, just like you couldn't truthfully verbalize  whether you ever lived around Atlanta or Chicago, and couldn't find any reference to what you imagined i said about farmers and the depression  so you  just stall. What a transparent phony you are.  LOL 


    BTW, headphones were invented waay before hip hop and rap came on the scene. 

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