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  1. I asked??? What was it I asked to elicit that self-serving anecdote that wound up with you comparing yourself to Malcolm X? Puleeze. As, usual you burdened me with an overload of information about your favorite subject: Carey.

    And what's with this "love TKO" thing? Now, this is a question I would welcome an answer to since it seems like a typical example of how you apply inappropriate phraseology to the inaccurate scenarios you imagine.

  2. Thanks a lot for informing us about this disease, and for telling us about your treatment for it being available for purchase! Wow! Who knew it existed???? :o

    Tell us, has vitiligo ever afflicted anybody famous???? LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON???? Too bad he's gone on to that big drug store in the sky, or maybe you could've gotten him to be your spokesperson. :unsure:

  3. It is way 2 early in the morning to be writing, but here I am. I just had my biggest dream come true.

    I signed a publishing contract with a legit tradional publisher. Yippee, right?

    WRONG! I wrote them this morning, after much thought and prayer to let them know I wanted out of the deal.

    I never thought I would say this, BUT, if you have the skills to self-publish like I do, DO IT!

    I will now be hibernating the rest of the month and come back out in March to house hunt near Tiger Woods mansion!

    WRITERS, write on!!!! Wonder why my hair is starting to fall out, hmmmmmmm???? Peace!

    ( I am happy to say, I did complete my chapter book, which I didn't think I had it in me, oh well!)

    Good 2 see you back on board CHRIS, but even you won't bring me out of hibernation, lol

  4. Blah, Blah, Blah. STFU up you "half-cocked" goof ball. I must say those monkies on your icon look better than that grotesque picture of you. How could YOU have the nerve to "go there". I can't believe an ugmo like you would even bring looks into the conversation.

    Nothing you ever say makes any sense, "Careless". You're always somewhere out there in left field missing fly balls. Any time you have to laboriously explain what it is you are trying to accomplish, you really haven't done your job. You're not a wanna-be. You're a "never will be". Not only that, you're a long-winded bore. How I wish the board had a yawning emoticon. And why, pray tell, would I be jealous of YOU. Is your name Oprah????

    You think because you are a duplicitious, slippery, chameleon who has led a life of deceit and degradation that this somehow makes you something other than a legend in your own mind. Not. A psychiatrist would undoubtedly call you a sociopath with multiple personality disorder. I'd call you a big, deluded doofus - an unfunny joke.

  5. :D Ooooh did I rain on your widdle parade, burst your hot air balloon?? Poor ol "Carey-Me-Away".

    In the first place, your whole approach to the subject was all wrong. You start out immediately putting folks on the defense by accusing them of reading garabage. Then you set yourself up as some kind of a judge who expects testimonies from people eager to earn your approval. :blink:

    You would, indeed, do well to take some courses in writing because your technique stinks. It's obvious that you write to please yourself. :rolleyes:

    Stick in the mud? Why? because I'm not a disciple of your pedestrian attempts at being clever? Get over yourself. :P There nothing I like better than a good laugh and, lately, inspite of your concocted scenarios, I've been enjoying life. Just came back from a great Black History month gathering. B)

    For somebody who can never just respond to a message without attacking the messenger, you gotta lotta nerve calling anybody a whiner or a hater.

    BTW, I'm waiting for somebody else to answer your question. Could it be that your verbal stumbles didn't inspire them?? :)

  6. I can't believe some of the things you said in your post, bunnie. In the first place, that "20 year" figure you randomly threw out there in an effort to dismiss the current disapproval of spousal abuse doesn't neutralize the issue. 20 years ago was 1990 and back then beating your wife was not something that was excused.

    You further seem to be saying that any abuse that occured during Bill and Denises' marriage, which was more like 35 years ago, was no big deal because it used to be was considered OK to beat up your wife. Oh really?

    You also make the statement that you're sure the documentary included what happened between Denise and Bill. But Troy, who saw the documentary, said this was not the case. That's what this whole post is all about!

    Like the others, you don't want to rock the boat. You want to silence those who raise legitimate concerns, because you apparently believe that ignoring the truth will make it go away. Puleeze.

    Certain of you keep saying that you don't care about his personal life because you like Withers' music. Me, I like his music, too, even as I recall that contrary to what the documentary wants viewers to believe, he was once married to Denise Nicholas.

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  7. Why is it important after 20 plus year to bring up this man's past? I would hope that he has made amends with those he may have hurt. Why do we want to continue to punish people for their past sins. We are not God and should not judge. Is it really your business wheather he abused his ex-wife or do you like his music? As anyone who listens to music can see he has remained out of the picture when it comes to music. Denise has gone on with her career. Why not leave the ugly truth behind. Enjoy his music if it pleases you and watch re-runs of In The Heat Of The Night I'm quite sure that Bill nor Denise want to rehash what happened 20 yrs. ago. I'm also sure the movie/doc. included all aspects of his life. Also, 20n yrs. ago it was alright to abuse whoever and whatever you wanted. Not saying that abuse is or was the correct way to handle a situation. Back in the day it was one of man's ills, just like discipline is now considered abuse. Check out some states blue laws. In North Carolina, it was against the law to beat your wife on a Sunday. Times change so, forgive him of his past misconduct. Be careful in what you do because 20 yrs. frfom now someone might be writing about you.

  8. You deny being an "Obamanite", Xeon, but in your passionate defense of him you proceed to engage in the very hyperbole you accuse his critics of using. Sounds like the rant of an "Obamanite" to me. :angry:

    BTW, many voices in the growing chorus of Obama detractors are black Democrats. And in your attempt to cast him as a political martyr, you overlook how millions of people, like you, still support him. :huh:

  9. Well since I prefer to think of my interest in the lives of the rich and famous as "curiosity" rather than "pathelogical" a term Xeon plays fast and loose with, I will ignore his patting himself on the back for wearing blinders.

    Considering how Withers' long marriage to his present wife was mentioned in this documentary, the door was open to examining his personal life, and the fact that his first marriage to Denise Nicholas is ignored is not only dishonest, but bad journalism.

    Certain things come with the territory of being a star. Everything unfavorable that the public knows about celebrities has been revealed in documentaries and bios but there are apparently those who take pride in sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to the truth, preferring to think of themselves as purists who only care about art. Puleeze. Any broad-minded person knows that having talent is not synonymous with being angelic, and people like myself can handle the duality of genius. Others prefer to sweep the truth under the rug. So be it.

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  10. Man! Talk about beating a dead dog to death! Deconstructing the word "alleged" became the focal point of a discussion replete with a field day for superlative adjectives. Whether or not Bill committed the common act of whippin Denise's ass becomes a "phenomenon". The toe-tappin little ditties composed by Bill became "wondrous". Sheeze! :mellow:

    All I gotta say further is that whether he was an abusive husband or not, it's a fact that Bill Withers is in denial about having been married to Denise Nicholas! :huh:

  11. In the first place, if you write a column for a newspaper, Carey, then why would you have trouble finding an editor for your memoirs??

    In the second place, you should've figured out that all you need is a proof-reader. If you are planning to shop your manuscript around to a publisher, if it is purchased, the company will take care of the editing.

    If you are planning to self-publish, then you have total control over the project and since it's your life story, you can exercise your own judgment in regard to editing. Also, since you are aware of how important "voice" is, then the battle is half won. All you have to do is read your writing out loud, and see how it "sounds".

    You seem to be creating a problem that doesn't exist. :blink:

    But who, better than Chrishayden, can assist you in the undertaking of "tellin it like it is" from a subjective POV. :lol:

  12. I was never naive enough to think that Obama was a savior who was going to work miracles by turning hell into heaven. My beefs with him always have to do with his stupid little missteps, many of which are down right sophomoric. His foot has taken up permanent residence in his mouth, something which is a clue to his lack of the wisdom I like my presidents to at least project the image of having.

    Yes, old girl that I am, I prefer the POTUS to be a little more statesman-like and tactful instead of someone who wants to be one of the guys, somebody who suggests having a beer with his adversaries or who welcomes the NBA champions to the traditional visit to the white house by trash-talking about MJ's Chicago Bulls being a better team than the Lakers.

    Obama is, of course, no worse than his predecessor George Bush. But I hardly find this a recommendation.

  13. I understand your dilemma, Troy. And you just have to consider how hard it is to teach an old dog new tricks. :huh:

    I guess my problem has to do with when I post a reply, it's like it disappears into the nether world and I have to go looking for what I said and where I said it. But, since nobody else but the other old dog is complaining, I will just have to go along with the program. BTW, how do you delete posts? <_<

    I clicked on to the link you provided and I guess I was looking at what you said it was. I think it was something I had discovered myself through trial and error... Oh well. :unsure:

    I'm lovin the smiley emoticons, anyway.

  14. Well, look who finally showed up. Welcome aboard, Chrishayden. You finally took the plunge into this mire which used to be a discussion board. :blink:

    I have to agree with you about Obama. He does seem oblivious to how oblivious he is. He doesn't seem to be the least bit aware of how unaware he is. With a serious expression on his face, he gave his first year in office a "A-". Like I continue to complain, it's the little things that reduce him to inadequacy. It would've been so easy and diplomatic for him to give himself an "incomplete" when grading his first year. But, no, he has to make himself look deluded. :rolleyes:

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