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  1. 9 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    i see Del isn't the only one who needs to be educated.
    You need a geography lesson.

    And I suppose according to your logic just because  things are "based on the same principles" that means they're the same.....lol.


    What a pathetic attempt to obliterate your ignorance.  You are really stupid enough to think that all you have to do is contradict something and that makes it wrong.  And you did this without even bothering to offer facts or information that would prove you right. Haiti is a country located on the island of Hispaniola, east of Cuba in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea and covers 27,560 square kilometers of land and 190 square kilometers of water, making it the 149th largest nation in the world with a total area of 27,750 square kilometers. Jamaica is a beautiful island paradise located in the western Caribbean or the West Indies.Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica. It has a population of 937,700, and is located on a latitude of 18 and longitude of -76.79. Kingston is also the political center of Jamaica, which is considered a Constitutional Monarchy, and home to its Ceremonial head of state. The country of Mexico is separated from the United States of America by a border. Your assertion that these distinct independent countries  with their individual cultures are part of the USA does not apply.  just like you can't wrap your brain around the idea that devices that operate on the same principle do not become  different  inventions just because new features are added. 


     Anybody with any sense can see that the turn table on  the original phonograph and a later model  popularly known as a record player are virtually same  and are what hip hop deejays used to scratch on.  And Del's reply to your remark about who invented hip hop wherein he informed you that it was created not invented is an example of your not being able to speak on this subject with any more authority than anyone else.  


    Your personality disorder makes it impossible for you to acknowledge these things because your delusions of infallibility are the glue that holds your fragile self esteem together. 


     lp-45_black__1_1024x1024_6e7b9000-9978-49b2-a331-7a2c22c81489_large.jpg?v=1498165563  s-l300.jpg

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  2. 20 hours ago, Troy said:

    No, ya'll don't get it; in Islam denonoucing one as a "hypocrite" is about the worse thing you can say to a practicing Muslim. I saw a YouTube video of Ali saying this and only then did I understand why Malcolm knew he was a dead man.  Malcolm was an amazingly brave man and the NOI, nor are their, leadership Nazis.

    I'm not talking about what Muslims do or what Muhammad Ali did or what Malcolm was.  What does this have to do with Farrakhan having things in common with nazis when it comes to disparaging Jews, and embodying homophobia and preaching racial superiority or with Ali being a male chauvinist? i expressed my opinion about these issues.  Since i didn't know about what hypocrisy denotes among NOI,  how could i answer your question about this.  


  3. 2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    The Turntable that AfroAmerican youth invented in the 70s IS NOT the same thing as the record player Edison ALLEGEDLY (because we don't have too many witnesses confirming it) invented.
    For all we know a Black man/woman probably invented that too....lol.

    The Turntable is an INSTRUMENT that started off as a normal record player but was transformed into something new and different for DJing purposes and other aspects of Hiphop.

    This is history according to pioneer.   The turn table as it appears in this phonograph is no different in appearance and principle than those used to scratch out accompaniment on  hip hop and rap music using the arm of the phonograph which contained a needle that was  scratched  on a vinyl record to produce the scratching sound.  Do you have a picture of the device you are making reference to?  And the form of communication that is known as an iphone is based on the same principle as a telephone. They both transmit voices via towers  and poles and wires. the iphone is just more advanced.    







    2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are part of AMERICA just like Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, ect....

     Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico etc not ect  are not part of America.  And nobody said that white people invented rap or hip hop. That's just you trying to  create a straw man argument.

  4. 1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    At any rate I do remember her making a statement similar to that regarding the Depression and it was to you.
    You said something about the "greatest generation" during the course of the conversation.
    I was hoping you'd recall it but it's not a big deal.

    i never said what you are attributing to me and you can't handle that you are mistaken about this.  Your refusing to accept this and coming up with some cock and bull story about me discussing this with Troy and then accusing me of is deleting the conversation is indicative of how you deal with being wrong about the notions that take permanent residence in your imagination.  That's why you're stuck in Pioneerland, a place  where your foolish world view originates. 


    I explained that i was a child during the Depression,  i was born in 1933 and  the onset of the Depression began in 1929 when the stock market crashed.  The Depression lasted until World War II began in 1941.  We were poor and i didn't even know it because i had an idyllic childhood, and i certainly didn't know anything about life as it existed in rural America on farms. So you need to get a handle on being wrong. 

  5. 20 hours ago, Troy said:

    You justified calling Farrakhan a Nazi, in part, because he condoned Malcolm's killing. Ali called Malcolm hypocrite (a very serious thing). I was asking if you'd also considered Ali to be a Nazi on that basis too.


    No, because Muhammad Ali calling somebody a hypcrite is not an example of the hate speech that neo nazis spwe.  Malcolm X was not above reproach.  Muhammad Ali is free to express his opinion.     

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  6. Image may contain: one or more people and text


    This is just a little tile in the mosaic of African American culture. 


    I don't agree that the African American sub culture is a matriarchy. In a typical inner-city environment, women having children out of wedlock and raising these kids with the help of an extended family is not  an example of a household headed by a female wherein the male is subordinate to her rule.  in these typical cases,  the family unit is loosely structured and its members simply do whatever works, in some cases whatever works is a single man raising his kids in the absence of a responsible mother.  In the black middle class, mothers and fathers typically share the household responsibilities and the raising their kids. In any case, an adult male member of a household routinely abandons the family rather than deferring to a matriarch. What is a more accurate description of the black family unit is that a "village" raises a child.  It also should be noted that millions of single white women raise their children under these similar circumstances.   


    As for break dancing, Hispanics, specifically Puerto Ricans were an equal  presence in its New York city origins. And, certainly, anybody who considers themselves as being aware of everything should be familiar with the abundance  of pictures of old fashioned phonographs with turn tables. 




    1 hour ago, Delano said:

    Instead of making snit up you could use the internet. 


    Here's a newsflash I was there and I also look things up. Since my experience is only a part. But I am not suggesting that you think critically or conceptual. 


    @DelYour above response to pioneer's  pontificating is right on point!

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  7. 7 hours ago, Troy said:

    You condemn Farrakhan for being "complicit in Malcolm's execution." Do you also condemn Muhammad Ali or do you worship him like the other white people? We can't keep allowing white people to tell us whuch Bkack people are acceptable.

    @Troy i can't believe you asked that question as much as i bad mouthed Muhammad Ali about being a male chauvanist,  hypocritical loud mouth, who always voiced his preference for light skinned women with long "good" hair,  and who referred to Joe Frazier as a "gorilla".  i've never idolized him!  i did feel sorry for him after Parkinson disease ravaged his body and i never had a problem with him being a draft resistor.   And i don't worship any human being, nor do i allow anybody white or black to dictate to me who is "acceptable".  


    No i didn't notice the coffee cup on GOT.  Yes, as the series winds down, these final episodes are wrenching... Gonna miss this show when it ends.



  8. While Troy is waiting for Mel to reply to his statement above...



    @Pioneer1@Troy If you 2 are offended by my calling Farrakhan a black nazi, it's is too friggin bad. Get over it.  In 2019, you don't have to be a killer to be called a nazi, albeit Farrakhan was complicit in Malcolm's execution. All you have to do is  what neo nazis do: spew anti-semitism, and homophobia and racial superiority, - which is why i called pioneer's "secret crush" a black nazi. Pioneer has had a hard-on for Farrakhan for years, creams in his jeans at just the thought of him and pees on himself if i say anything bad about his idol with feet of clay.   And just like you guys' , Hitler's sycophants thought he was doing good things for the master race. As for "Farkie" upsetting me, no way. I'm case hardened against bigots.  i really couldn't care less about whether he stays or goes on Twitter.   i take him with a grain of salt, like i do all glib, unctuous con men.  


    pioneer's conception of the white male characters i fantasize about in Game of Thrones is, of course, inaccurate.  But even the picture he included is preferable to a reject like him who admitted that people find him ugly. And if that isn't bad enough he's also obnoxious.  BWAHAHAHAHAH!


    Ahhh but not so with with my GOT guy, Jon Snow.    




    @Mel Hopkins  Thanks for explaining how Twitter works.  Sounds complicated which is why i keep it simple and limit my social media  participation to just scrolling and "liking" and trolling and ranting on FaceBook. 

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  9. @Pioneer1If you find the statement you say i made,  i'll reply.  i did once say that folks used to joke about people who worked for the Post Office being the only ones who ate regularly during the Depression. i don't ever remember saying anything about rural people  faring better during the Depression than urban ones because these farmers were better educated. i was a child during the Depression and never lived on a farm and don't know anything about the Depression experience of farmers.  Unless you come up with some kind of a study that verifies your assertions, no matter how thin you slice it, they are still hearsay or anecdotal or - baloney. 


     And fess up, you prefer to ignore the "garbage" about Mel and Del schooling you on turntables and matriarchies because you can't handle the truth about how inflated your opinion of yourself is.    

  10. They should name the kid Leroy Tyrone. I, personally, couldn't care less about this event.  Just the birth of another parasite to live off the blood, sweat, and adulation of the subjects who bow down to the British royalty who are nothing but a bunch of dumb figure heads.   

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  11. Promoting racial superiority, embracing homophobia, and spewing anti-semitism are, indeed,  tenets of right wing  politics, and your hero is nothing more than a black nazi full of hate for the "other".  Farrakhan is exactly where he belongs, in a category with the 2 white conspiracy bigots who FaceBook also gave the boot to.  (And it's not "lable", it's "label." )

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    On 5/1/2019 at 8:05 PM, Pioneer1 said:

    BTW, from what I've heard those who were PROPERLY EDUCATED in the area of agriculture and live stock production living in the more rural areas of America were MUCH better off during the so-called Depression than most of those with mere academic training living in the urban centers who could barely eat and didn't know how to grow their own food.


    19 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I'm asking you that if I  brought it to your attention that YOU ALSO made this very same assertion, would you also consider your very own words "wrong"????

    WHEN and WHERE did i make this assertion about farmers that you are referring to?  I never said any such thing!   i simply said that had i done so, it would've been "anecdotal".  This is all your sorry, transparent attempt to absolve yourself from what  you desperately make up because you cannot bring yourself to ever acknowledge your ignorance. Cases in point:  Del had to inform you that the turntable,  which was a component of the phonograph, was  invented by Edison back in the 1870s, and Mel had to educate you on what constitutes a true matriarchy, yet you  continue to plod along, deluding yourself into thinking you are "in the know" about everything.  Puleeze.    

  13. @Pioneer1You have, indeed, complained.  What else do you call your constant  harping about homosexuality being foisted upon black people by the media. You bitch so much about this that it's almost as if you are trying to convince yourself that you aren't being turned on by the thought of a male lover, thanks to the frequent exposure to this.   

  14. 1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    No one is questioning the existence of homosexuality in human history.
    My point is that BEFORE coming into contact with Caucasians, homosexuality was usually either rmarginalized or hidden in various African cultures and societies.  It was generally seen as abnormal and unacceptable.

    Today there is a PUSH (by Caucasians) to normalize it and make it acceptable in various African societies.

    Well, you point is your opinion and your have not substantiated your speculation with any facts or references, so what you claim is just a case of you bitching about something that irritates you.  

  15. All of these observations are something i can relate to. Of late i am consumed by melancholy and jolted by the relentless thud of another one biting the dust.


    As A.E. Housman so succinctly put it; 


    With rue my heart is laden, 

    for golden friends i had,

    for many a rose-lipped maiden,

    and many a light-foot lad.


    By brooks too broad for leaping,

    the light-foot lads are laid, 

    And the rose-lipped maids are sleeping

    in fields where roses fade...



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  16. The reason why i, personally, don't like the look of these wigs which are designed to replicate black tresses is because i don't think dense, drab-colored exploding hair with no sheen or flow is attractive and i've always thought this even as a little girl before they had the medium of TV to captivate me.  (the only brainwash i underwent was when i wore my hair in a bushy Afro.) 


    i always look for parallels in nature when judging humanity because i trust my eyes to perceive what represents beauty.  No where in nature is there a growth that is comparable to wooly black hair except sheeps' wool which, unlike the slick glossy coat of a black panther or the luxurious brown mane of a lion,  doesn't become beautiful until it is processed and dyed into fabric.  


    Nobody has to brainwash me into thinking what occurs in nature is beautiful, that what silk worms produce is pleasing or that the color of a cloudless sky is soothing, or that  gleaming gold so like the sun, or a sparkling diamond so reminiscent of a twinkling star, or a lustrous pearl so captive of the moon, or the darkness of an onyx so like the deep of night, are breathtaking treasures of the Earth.  Nobody has to convince me that a shiny red apple is appealing or ripe yellow banana is appetizing.  I reject all the psycho-babbo about why i prefer what i prefer. The personification of what is comparable to the  glory of nature are what infuse themselves into my world view. Nor do i even  have to justify what stirs my innate affinities.


    And if what i say offends anybody,  so be it.  To each his own.

  17. @Pioneer1Your idea of culture is one that western civilization has defined and to which you have deferred just like you accuse others of doing.. The way slave descendants have coped with their environment through improvisation is their true indigenous culture. Africa has not exerted any great influence on the diaspora after centuries in this country.  People of color are made up of many blood lines that manifest themselves in unique ways. Diversity is the wave of the future because time brings change and the essence of culture is one of the things that changes.  .  


    As for homosexuality,  it is here to stay because it has always existed, long before the media focused on it. And the media isn't injecting it into black programming any more than it is into series about whites.   If you are offended by the sexual orientation of people different from you, it means that you are not being influenced by it, so why sweat it? Get over your paranoia, and accept that there's no such thing as "normal" any more.  

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    1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    BTW, from what I've heard those who were PROPERLY EDUCATED in the area of agriculture and live stock production living in the more rural areas of America were MUCH better off during the so-called Depression than most of those with mere academic training living in the urban centers who could barely eat and didn't know how to grow their own food.


    Well, you heard wrong. As usual you are citing hearsay and anecdotal evidence.  And you need to make a distinction between education and experience.  



    1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Obviously you haven't been paying attention, because I've been saying the PROPER EDUCATION is indeed a key to success all thorugh out this thread.

     What constitutes a "proper" education is all in your head, which makes your concocted contentions irrelevant.     

  19. On 4/30/2019 at 5:24 PM, Mel Hopkins said:

    what else?

    1. Oiling your freshly washed hair and using a hot comb to straighten  the kinks out of it so as to make it more manageable. 
    2.  An Ebonic dialect of which unique colorful slang is a spinoff.  .
    3. A cuisine known as soul food (that has become demonized because it is a guilty pleasure whose sapience  stems from ingredients purportedly bad for your health.)
    4. Music genres made up of Jazz, Blues, R&B and negro spirituals.
    5. An innovative version of the card game whist which is referred to as "bid-whist", a popular pass time which was originated by and is played exclusively by black people.      


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  20. 2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    So the next time a little Black girl accuses a grown White man of sexual assault, will she be believed?

    That question can also be asked  in the case  of a teen-aged white girl accusing a white man.  Nowadays, the credibility of every accuser is questioned because all teen-aged females know how to be seductive, thanks to the media and the internet. 

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