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  1. White Liberals could be accused of trying to foist blacks on the white population by advocating equal rights, and voting for black candidates and supporting black law makers.  They could also be accused of approving interracial marriage and even listening to black music and emulating black styles.   Ordinary white folks must really feel put upon by this attempt to infiltrate white society with blacks.  Supporting Trump and his MAGA movement is their only recourse. This conspiracy theory is really finding a niche in the psyche of the white masses.

  2. I agree with Troy! One reason people are poor is because they are uneducated.There's a correlation between the 2. The world doesn't adjust to the individual; the individual  has to adjust to it. Learning to cope with the vicissitudes of life is a survival tool. A liberal education should never be devalued, never be regarded as a waste of time since it stimulates and enriches the mind. And the benefit of a subject like basic algebra is that it hones the problem-solving skills that can apply to everyday living. Those who acquire the intellectual buoyancy to swim in the mainstream immerse themselves in an environment that provides a measure of enjoyment.  

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  3. People are still scratching their heads over the Jussie Smollett farce after the Chicago Police Department, on the recommendation of a grand jury,  leveled 16 charges against Jussie for his alleged crime of falsely claiming to be a victim of a hate crime at the hands of 2 masked Trump supporters, shouting "this is "MAGA country"!  


    So, what had happened was that in its zeal to sanitize its bungling, racist, reputation, Chi-Town's police force conducted a very thorough investigation of the case in an effort to track down Jussie's attackers, only to reach the conclusion backed up by security surveillance cameras and other incriminating evidence, that Jussie had perpetrated a hoax on the city, lying about this incident in an effort draw sympathy to himself and thereby secure a higher salary for his gig on the TV show EMPIRE. 


    Once no credible evidence was found to support jussie's inconsistent and contradictory claims and with the testimony of 2 Nigerian brothers, who reluctantly confessed to aiding and abetting Jussie in staging this hoax, the duped and enraged CPD, led by its black Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, and hot-headed lame duck Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, decided to throw the book at Jussie and bring him to trial in order to erase this blemish on the beleaguered city of Chicago. 


    Elsewhere, the Cook County States Attorney's office, headed by Kim Foxx, a black woman who had earlier recused herself from this case because she was approached by a mutual friend who was a former aide of Michelle Obama's, and who was also acquainted with Jussie's family, and who had asked if Kim could intervene on behalf of Jussie, and get the FBI involved in the proceedings because his family feared Jussie was being framed.


    Then - out of the blue - without consulting any local law enforcement officials, the States Attorney's office dropped a bomb shell, declaring all charges would be dropped against Jussie and his record expunged with the agreement that he would perform 60 hours of community service, and forfeit the 10% of $100,000 bond he had posted.


    When all hell broke loose, the States Attorney office explained that their action was an option in "Class 6" felonies, a category that is just one step above a misdemeanor, and something a defendant who has not committed a violent crime and had no previous criminal history is eligible for.  They  further admitted that their action did not exonerate Jussie of the charges and that he was, indeed, believed to be guilty as charged but that he had been the party in a routine plea bargain negotiated by his attorneys.  Subsequently,  Jussie, in a brief statement to the press, poured salt on the wounds of the CPD by continuing to insist he was innocent - a performance drawing mixed reviews from the entire country.


    As the case now stands, with the city in an uproar as everyone takes sides, Chicagoland blacks are mumbling about this being payback for the short 4-year sentence given Jason VanDyke, the white cop who pumped 16 bullets into the back of LaQuan McDonald, an unarmed black teenager walking away from him.  The police union is frothing at the mouth, claiming this is an affront to their hardworking boys in blue, and are calling for the head of Kim Foxx, who is now on the hot seat, being criticized from all quarters by those who think that behind the scene, she was instrumental in showing favoritism toward a celebrity. Those in the hood are also angry about all of the money spent on investigating this bogus case, believing it could've been better spent on the unsolved killings of hundreds of black murder victims. Mayor Emanuel agreed and has sent Jussie Smolette a $130,000 bill for services rendered, after telling Trump to "butt out" when 45 publicly referred to this Chicago fiasco as an embarrassment to America that needed to be looked into by the FBI and DOJ.


    Meanwhile, Jussie has reportedly arrived in Los Angeles, presumably to attend the NAACP Image Award TV show Saturday, where he is a nominee for "best supporting actor in a drama"...  You can't make this stuff up, Folks.    

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  4. 20 hours ago, Chevdove said:

    Are you saying that I am wrong for the way I criticize the black men in my life? As far as the media goes, I don't know what you mean. 

    No, i'm just observing how you criticizes black men for the things they do which you don't like,  but then turn around and reprimand the media for not showing black men in a favorable light.  You support Bill Cosby and consider him a victim, but you criticize the black men who you have encountered who have abused black women.  This is why i said that, you don't want the media to do as you do, you want it to do as you say do -  which is to refrain from reporting negative news about black men and, instead, just focus on bad white men.  LOL 


    The evil cabal of white supremicists scheming to do-in black people is a scenario that has become woven into the black narrative.  These ongoing conspiracy theories make me yawn.   I did, however, appreciate the suggestion put forth by the recent poster who has written a book about launching a metaphysical attack on The System, proposing that black folks should just try "thinking white racism out of existence".  Sounds like a much more pro-active idea than black folks just standing around reassuring each other that this secret plot against them is not so secret. Apparently, as soon as white Democrats and Republicans are no longer at each other's throats, it will be curtains for black folks... 




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  5. @TroyI have an open mind.  i said just because i don't know the answer to whether there is a god, doesn't mean that there isn't one.  i just don't know it because he hasn't show himself to me... yet.  


    BTW, i'm plowing through the posts you provided.  i cant resist editing my comments. Some of them needed to be shaped up  i'd forgotten  how much Chris Hayden and i butted heads.  But our run-ins were rather funny.  

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  6. 23 hours ago, Troy said:

    So what do you really believe? Do you believe there is an omnipotent being or spirit answering our prayers and orchestrating our every move based upon the depth of homage we pay?

    i said i am an agnostic.  i have an open mind, which means i don't answer questions that you phrase.    I believe that the answer as to whether there is a god remains to be seen.   

  7. On 3/26/2019 at 9:25 AM, Chevdove said:

    Yeah, but this is not a new tactic. This is how the Roman Empire set up.


    And what is it that  the Roman Empire set up? What unified countries in the midst of its dynasty did it divide and conquer?  And who did it unleash homosexuality on? Did it work? In the 21st century  were you a loyal supporter of Obama, and what black man do you currently support and promote? BTW,  do you think Bill Cosby was persecuted?  Finally, considering how you, yourself, criticize the black men in your life, would you say that as far as the media goes, that  you and Pioneer embrace a "don't do as i do, do as i say do" attitude?    


    16 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I not only blame AfroAmericans in part for this attempt but I blame AfroAmerican men in particular because of the responsibility and role we share in ENABLING these tactics.

    Just who, beside Farrakhan, Neely Fuller, Malcolm X and - Booker T. Washington, would you point to as black males who deserve praise?  What is it that Obama did that muted your approval of him?  Today, all charges were dropped against Jussie Smollet by Chicago's Cook County State's Attorney's  office which is headed up by a black woman. Chicago's black police chief is seething  with anger over this plea deal and had harsh words for Smollet's beatin the rap.  How does this fit in with your stance?   All of this has caused a media frenzy because it is reporting all of the details.  But if you had your way, all of this would be hushed up.  BTW, Do you think the media is pickin' on Trump because it is demanding to see all of the the Mueller report??  And are the Democrat and Republican white leaders secretly plotting to tear this country apart so that black men can be repressed?   


    Just curious.



  8. 18 hours ago, Troy said:

    ...you can rest assured that your grandson would not have won had he brought the ticket you wanted him to buy.  However I would have absolutely  brought that ticket if were in his shoes

    The ultimate jackpot isn't the only prize offered in the scratch-off games..  There are smaller pay-offs that are still a substantial amount of cash. so,, the idea of him winning at least something is not that remote.




  9. i was hanging out with my daughter, and my grandson, driving around  returning from what we thought was going to be a showing of "Us" the highly touted horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele and opening this week-end.  A big bust, because my daughter got the times mixed up and the show wasn't coming on util 4 pm instead of 3, and my grandson had to be at work by 6pm, so we headed back home.  But first my daughter wanted to stop and pick up some food. 


    i noticed that there there was Lottery sign in the  window of the mini mart across from the restaurant where my daughter stopped.  Playing  on the car radio sirrus station  was an old honky tonk song by R&B singer Johnny Taylor.  i hadn't heard the song in years.  it was an one about a guy asking to borrow  2 dollars because his girlfriend had lost all their money at the Casino.  He repeated the phrase again as my grandson and i got out of the car to go buy some lottery tickets for the half billion dollar PowerBall Jackpot game.  "Casino" was the last word i heard before i slammed the car door. 


    After we entered the store and i brought $10 worth of tickets from the swarthy Arab sales person, my grandson, the street wise one with 3 baby mamas,  decided he wanted to buy some instant scratch-off tickets. He'd gotten paid the day before and because the only tickets left in the machine were 10, 20 and 30 dollars ones, he decided he would splurge and buy a $20 one.  Looking over the selection, he was trying to make up his mind which game to play. 


    The winning pay-off on all of these tickets were all high, between $25, 000 and one million dollars.  The first ticket that caught my eye was a game called Casino.  "Look at that!" I exclaimed.  We were just listening to Johnny Taylor sing a song about he and his girlfriend being at the Casino.  Right next to this ticket was a game whose jackpot payoff was a million dollars.  My grandson was immediately excited.  In my head i heard the word "Casino" being repeated by Johnny who died years ago. 


    "Play that one!"  i urged.  "Naw," he said, i'm going for the million bucks!"  "Noo," i pleaded. "Play the Casino one."  He ignored me and selected the million dollar game which turned out to be a total loser.  


    Why am i boring y'all with this long anecdote?  Because my gut feeling tells me that had he bought the Casino one, my grandson would've won a lot of cash!  He couldn't hear Johnny's voice, but i could.  Loud and clear.  But - we'll never know.  

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  10. @Pioneer1What you claim is more blurred than clear. Lesbianism isn't being pushed specifically onto the black community by feminists.  Another figment of your rampant  imagination along with your paranoid delusions about the media suddenly promoting black women over black men.  This is not a recent occurrence, and certainly not a priority of a white media preoccupied by the ominous specter of Trumpism. Going out of its way to favor black women over black men is not  high on the to-do list of  a media that is the voice of a white America so polarized that the prospect of civil unrest has become a real possibility.  Who really cares about a contest between black males and females when the country is in turmoil?   


    You also assume that all a black woman has to do is decide that she wants to hook up with white men and it's a done deal.  As if  black women can easily compete equally with white women and those of other ethnicities. Unless they are high profile celebrities, they can't, which is why the majority of  them  have never given up on finding their black "Mr. Right".      


    The white media isn't promoting black women. What is the advantage of doing this?  It's not like black men pose a genuine threat. It is simply reporting what independent black women are doing and have always done. Why? Because this is interesting OpEd material.  


    Moreover, because you are so fixated on the idea of black women being so overwhelmed by powerful white men that they have abandoned black men, what needs to be brought to your attention is that a black man named Barack Obama who was flushed with credentials, including a respectable reputation as a husband and father, ascended to the highest office in the land, enabled and empowered by black women and the media.  Sistas remained  loyal to him through out his presidency.  Yet who were, and still are, among Obama's harshest critics?  Other black men. Sniping and grumbling about the job he was doing. calling him a sell-out, reluctant now to give him credit for any accomplishments, as the crabs in a barrel syndrome is still going on.  Here on this board, all the black female posters supported Colin Kaepernick taking a knee.  And what were you doing?   Pooh-poohing Colin,  opting to grumble about  Bill Cosby being a victim, luke warm about condemning the likes of RKelly and Jussie Smolette.  Puleeze.  

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  11. 11 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Does it take a White man to TELL us this before we are willing to believe it?

    Obviously it does, since no black scientist has come out and said it.   World famous, black Neil DeGrasse Tyson is totally invested in the infallibility of science.  The black clergy keep the faith, preferring to ignore science.  And, of course, not being an Atheist does not mean you are religious.  It means you maintain an open mind, as in Agnosticism.  

  12. @DelVery interesting.  I found no points of disagreement with the guy who is the subject of the article.  I've always contended that not all of what we call "problems" have what we call "solutions", always accepted that certain things are beyond human comprehension. i also think Earth is miraculous and unique in terms of its place in the vast cosmos, always taken into consideration the fact that, inasmuch as  there is  predictability to the Universe, the idea of there being  a Supreme Intelligence is a reasonable possibility.  i  do  prefer the substance of science to the  superstition  of organized religion, but neither provides all the answers.  My compatibility with the spirituality of Pantheism and the technology of Quantum Physics makes me very receptive to being an Agnostic.  I have always been and continue to be filled with wonder about this thing called Life.


    A rare event occurred in the heavens last night and, as is my custom, i ventured out into the chilly, damp darkness to check out the full super moon welcoming in the Spring Solstice.  After a few minutes of squinting i was rewarded with a brief view of this luminous orb peeking though the clouds. Awesome. 

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  13. 3 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    But I find it very strange and even suspicious that the media has all of a sudden "discovered" them and what they've contributed to society; and more telling....why these same media sources seem to be purposely and quite blatantly leaving Black men OUT of the picture.

    What's strange about it?  You, yourself, focused on 10 black females achievers and never said anything about black males who might be equally accomplished. Black men have had their chance.  White women are not unified. Strong black sistas have always been recognized and credited as being trailblazers and are now more than ever making a great impact. You, as a black male who is sulking on the sidelines, nursing his suspicions about black men being picked on, are obviously not newsworthy. Your not being able to figure this out, is a clue as to why.

  14. 9 hours ago, Guest Deborah Turner-Bey said:

    understand completely. However, for my part, I feel specifically called to teach metaphysics, as I understand it, to Black people. We continue to suffer under the yoke of institutional racism around the globe. Knowing our true nature, I am convinced, is how Black people will break the psychological shackles that bind us, in the 21st century and beyond. Maybe for some, what I teach is their pat

    Yes, that's your calling.  Your quest stands a good chance of resonating with black folk because we are a spiritual people with  well developed instincts  who should probably liberate ourselves from religion and focus more on a pantheistic mental discipline.  I wish you well.


    5 hours ago, Delano said:

    That right there. 

    You know.   

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  15. @DelOK, my question has to do with some dental work i am contemplating, hesitating to have it done because of my age, wondering if it would be worth the high cost since i could croak at any time and all of the expensive reconstruction would go up in flames when i'm cremated.  Also, one of the things on my bucket list is to get my nose pierced.  Should I?  

  16. On 3/18/2019 at 10:24 AM, Pioneer1 said:

    Like many women who grow up in this society, you clearly like powerful White men and admire them and you're seeking to justify it.
    The "kindness" part is just the icing on the cake or the cherry on top of the sundae.

    And when you say "kind" what you really mean is kind to YOU.
    You don't give a damn how they treat other Black people and especially Black men with their power.

    Just keep in mind that some of those "lucky" Black men and women you speak are victimized BY those same powerful White men whom you appreciate.

    @Pioneer1 Again, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Don't try and tell me what my feelings are about white or black men. You have neither the insight nor the knowledge to deconstruct my sentiments.  You fancy yourself some kind of a guru but as Mel so aptly implied, you are a captive of your imagination, and one of things you imagine is that you know far more than you actually do.  


    White men have never played a significant role in my personal life. And i've rarely interacted with them outside the work place, where my relationship with them was casual.  it's not like i was daily rubbing shoulders with powerful, kind, white men who were bedazzling me.  You can't seem  to get past what you, yourself, believe, and that's that all white men are so powerful that all black women are in awe of them.  Not so.  There are just as many ordinary white men as there are black ones. Something you can't keep in mind because your brain is like a sieve.   When i worked at the post office, the black Superintendent of Mails, judiciously exerted his power over the white letter carriers.  He was a smart, dynamic fine black man of whom there are many.  i've met a few of them in my day and appreciated them to no end. There's nothing more appealing to me, than a brilliant black man - even if he isn't powerful.  And he doesn't even have to be kind, as long as he's not cruel.  So go somewhere and sit your pitiful ass down. You're full of BS and can't see past your nose.   


    9 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    It should've gone without saying that you were excluded from appreciating powerful white men who are kind because it's obvious you can't bring yourself to appreciate good character in a human being.

    I don't remember Troy, Nubian, or even Delano co-signing on to loving and appreciating "powerful White men who are kind" either....lol.
    Stop lying and claiming "everyone" supports this when it's only YOU TWO (you and Mel) who are sitting up hear extolling the virtues of powerful White masculinity.

    You don't remember me saying anything about "loving" powerful kind white men either because i didn't include the word "loving"; that's your sneaky insertion.   And i don't think any of the people who you claimed didn't endorse what you said i  said, would have a problem with appreciating a human being whose power didn't prevent him from being kind,  which is what i actually said. 


    I have never been someone who ran behind white folks and sucked up to them, and as an individual, my personal policy has always been to treat them whatever way they treated me, which, as it turned out, has always beenwith civility. 



    Now that statement from you explains a lot.......

    Given your mild, civil, and somewhat pleasant  experiences with them, I'm not suprised as to why YOU could  appreciate a "strong powerful White man who is kind" .
    You obviously don't have the same concerns, angst, and apprehensiveness towards Caucasian authority that many Black men have because you haven't gone through what Black men have gone through with them.


    @Pioneer1  i also noted that i may be more typical than some of you think, which is why black unity tends to be elusive.  Not every black man has been beaten down by whites and black women.  Such victimization has been played up by the media and by black organizations with agendas. Millions of law abiding, gainfully employed black men who are married to black women and lucky enough to not have been caught driving while black have been able to fly under the radar and don't fit your description.  You choose to ignore those slick, smart black men who have been able to successfully navigate their way through a racist society because they are above average, something you don't give them credit for because you apparently can't identify with them.     

  18. i'm not an avid fan of EMPIRE.  It's just a show about show business.  It has drama, comedy, and music. The homosexual aspect is marginalized in its plot because homosexuality is not unusual, especially in the entertainment industry.   Homosexuality is simply a brain-wired sexual orientation, an anomaly  that has always been around and it's not going away.   i take it in my stride, and people do have a choice when it comes to watching shows that have gay characters.  Furthermore, homo-sexuality exists across the board among all races so i don't buy it as being something that whites are seeking to use as a spell to cast over black men via the media. 


    Paranoia is rampant in the black community. i don't think white people have to plot against any rich and famous black man seeking to acquire a piece of the action. They just have to wait for these celebs to commit stupid acts of sexual misconduct for which they are easily found guilty. Then all the "white powers-that-be" have to do, is sit back and leave black folks to exist in a perpetual state of suspicion about conspiracies  that gnaw away at their minds. The crimes for which innocent black men are found guilty exacerbate this black mindset because African Americans can't relinquish their high expectations from a country they can't stop loving.    



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  19. Everything Ms Bey wrote is familiar to me. Not because of something i have previously read.  But something i have always known because it was inherent in my psyche, - a 6th sense just waiting to be realized, interpreted and applied.  As a "star child", the "as above, so below" principle has also been an appoach taken by me when it came to  my aspirations  🤩

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  20. I've never identified as anything other than a member of a non white minority who was born and raised in this country, so marrying a man who was of the same category as me was a given and no big deal.  BTW,  I did forget to mention that i was told i had blue eyes when i was born, as do a lot of babies at birth. a temporary condition that changes during infancy. ( Eye color has a lot to do with body chemistry.) i got my fantasies about my RH negative blood from several sources, one being a documentary that explored the idea of this unusual blood type being alien in origin.  But, of course, no proof exists for this hypothesis.


    i don't want to make this subject all about me, but i would like to clear up what may be some misconceptions. I have never been someone who ran behind white folks and sucked up to them, and as an individual, my personal policy has always been to treat them whatever way they treated me, which, as it turned out, has always been with civility. But  i have actually never had a white friend; they've all been acquaintances and I am not really compatible with the white vibe.  I am, instead, permeated with the essence of blackness that has been defined as soul. Nor have i ever been color-struck.  I've always valued intellect and wit above skin tone. i have, however, been the target of people who had  a problem with my light skin.    So, it's not that i reject my African roots, it's just that i put them on the same level as all my other blood lines that contribute to the hybrid creature who is me.  My  genesis began on the shores of this country centuries ago.  Even so, i have no great love for America.  i think it's a big lie, - a land that has not kept its promises.  i also think i am more typical than some realize.  Every black person has a personal history that makes her/him unique, which is perhaps why black unity has never coalesced. This post has obviously triggered something in me, prompting me to do some self-examination at the expense of what might be called a captive audience.  Sorry about that.  Didn't mean to hi-jack the tread.  


    Thanks for the further information about the Black Foot/Feet tribes, Chevdove.  i guess i'll never know for sure about my grandmother, but i do know she did belong to a breed of native Americans. How cool is that?  

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  21. Jussie appeared in court yesterday, here in Chicago, and entered a "not guilty" plea.  I'm thinking he and his lawyers are going to fight this case, in an attempt to completely clear his name because reasonable doubt is creeping into the situation.  The dumb-assed Chicago police, who did a 360 degree turn on the case, are so anxious to prove that they are not being racist they have gone overboard in their attempts to prove Jussie totally to blame.  This may very well backfire on them because a lot of their evidence is circumstantial.  i don't trust those Nigerian brothers, and am very unimpressed by their lawyer a young white woman who when she was first assigned to the case referred to them as "her boys".


    The immensely popular show EMPIRE premiered its new season on Wednesday and jussie will be appearing in it on up to the last 2 episodes which were being filmed during the time he was under suspicion, and the producers have written him out of the show for now.  We shall see.  I've heard the LGBT community is keeping its distance from this situation because they don't know who to believe. The black community seems to withholding judgment, too, and if Jussie is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, he will have done great damage to both of these segments.  

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  22. 4 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    The only one lying (well...not the "only" one apparently) is YOU.
    Because "we all" didn't say we appreciated powerful White men (kind or not).
    YOU AND MEL are the ones who said this.
    I don't recall if Chevdove co-signed or not so I won't put that on her, but to say "we all" said it is a straight up lie.


    4 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    And how did you REPAY the honor he gave you, Cynique??
    Did you call HIM a "King"????
    Did you call HIM a "son"????

    Or did you continue to argue with him over whether or not he should be concerned about the self-esteem of the women of his community?


    @Pioneer1You are really grasping at straws. It should've gone without saying that you were excluded from appreciating powerful white men who are kind because it's obvious you can't bring yourself to appreciate good character in a human being. That's how flawed your character is. And i hope you will continue to be offended by my not addressing Nubian Fellow the way you want me to.  You  don't tell me how  to react to his words or what to call him. Just like Mel doesn't owe you any further explanations  as to  however she feels about black and white men. You act like you're somebody who we women here have to answer to,  - somebody whose approval we should seek.   Puleeze. 

     I, myself, will continue to hold Nubian Fellow in high regard and believe that he is insightful enough to discern that i respect him as a strong black man who doesn't need me to "adopt him".  You keep overlooking the things outside the subject of black beauty that he and i did agree on.  I thought his observation that when it comes to white supremacy, black people aren't inferior, they just act inferior was truth in a nutshell.  That was when he made a believer out of me, and was why i was glad that he became a regular on this board - for a  while.   


    1 hour ago, Delano said:

    At times you sound as though you have more contempt for Black Women than the harshest racist... 

    ...I seriously wonder whose team you are on cause you aren't an ally to black women. At least not on this forum.


    @Del i couldn't care less about pioneer being an ally of mine or that he might hold black women in contempt. Any woman he holds in contempt must be doing something right.  With allies like him, who needs enemies?   


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