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  1. 3 hours ago, Troy said:

    You easily desparage Welsing and elevate Oprah. I don't get it...

    I  didn't disparage Frances.  i put her in perspective. What's so hard about getting that???  Oprah didn't rise from her humble beginnings and ascend to where she is by being shallow  Her black experience is  more authentic than a product of middleclass  upbringing like Frances.  Maybe you wouldn't be so adverse to "O" if you weren't framing her in her talk show vein of the past instead of her more in depth venues of the present. (Did you know she is also a correspondent on 60 Minutes now?) 


    And yes, i  will keep reading articles that social media provides links to, and i will keep listening to broadcast TV and getting news from them along with other sources because i want to broaden my awareness, not narrow it. And anybody who doesn't do this is in a bubble. I want a full course on my plate, not just one dish. i watch Public TV every night and i can speak with authority on how it compares with network TV.  And their news overage isn't vastly different from network TV.  And at this very moment i am watching the Daily Show with Trevor Noah who is having a one-on-one in depth conversation with a distinguished black guest.  BTW, i've never really gotten it clear where this esoteric realm is that you get your pure news from?  Mount Olympus?

  2. 20 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I miss Tony Browns Journal.
    He used to have POWERFUL indepth interviews where it would just be him and the guest going at it and exchanging.
    No music (except for the introduction) no fluff, no glamour, just straight logic and dialog.
    I loved it.



    17 hours ago, Troy said:

    Me too. The culture does not support programming like that. They feed us R. Kelly, Jessie Smollett, and Bill Cosby jail stories in between 45's tweets. We are a culture of

     selfie-taking mental midgets anxiously waiting for the next shiny thing social media puts in our "news" feed.

    The above statements are just not accurate.  There are still programs where there are one-on-one interviews on compelling subjects, where black women and men are given a platform to expound on timely topics as they relate to blacks. Oprah has a show that does this.  But, of course, you will dismiss it because of your pre-conceived notions about anybody who doesn't pass your litmus test of being on a decades old YouTube tape. Angela Davis is still around giving interviews and kickin butt. Kathleen Cleaver, too. Check out the Sunday morning community affairs programs on your local TVs networks. They feature these kinds of guests discussing what negatively impacts on blacks.  You can't speak about what's not on the media if you don't watch it because you prefer to stay in the comfort zone of your bubble and commiserate with like-minded dweebs about tired ol problems that haven't mellowed with age.  When you  finish rehashing left-overs, you can go back to pursuing discussions on the redeeming value of porn or your pouting about white men, and other thrilling subjects that you find so much more uplifting than current events or pop culture.  See ya.       

  3. 3 hours ago, Troy said:

    Just because something like free will feels like it is true and the stories we've created seem to make sense. Does not make it true.

    Doesn't make it false either.  You don't seem to grasp how incredible the world being created in its totality 1 second after the big bang is. The idea of there being free will is just as possible as your belief.  

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  4. 3 hours ago, Troy said:

    Sure it is Cynique. "my theory," (more accurately the idea im defending is not novel I'm sure) does not eliminate or negate blame.


    Too bad the burden of your ongoing frustration with the media comes with the territory of the idea you are defending. 

    3 hours ago, Troy said:

    Did you enjoy the academy awards last night?

     I usually find live TV interesting to watch because you never know what's going to happen; especially on award shows There were a lot of surprises last night, and black folks made out pretty good. They won Oscars in both the male and female categories of best supporting  actor category for their roles in black based movies. Two black female nominees won for best costuming and production design for their work on the movie "Black Panther". "Green Book", the film based on black jazz pianist. Don Shirley, won for best picture, and Spike Lee got an Oscar for best adapted screen play of his black based movie, "Black Klansman". 


    The acceptance speeches of all the black winners were worth hearing.  I also dug the show's opening act featuring 2 famous hits by the rock band QUEEN, whose movie based on its front man, Freddy Mercury's life was a nominee for best picture.  Also liked checking out all the "hits and misses" among the gowns worn by the female celebs strolling the red carpet.   

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  5. 3 hours ago, Troy said:

    Me too. The culture does not support programming like that. They feed us R. Kelly, Jessie Smollett, and Bill Cosby jail stories in between 45's tweets. We are a culture of

     selfie-taking mental midgets anxiously waiting for the next shiny thing social media puts in our "news" feed.

    According to your theory, all of this was put in place seconds after the big bang so it's not the media's fault.


    6 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    The only reason Cynique is dismissing Dr. Welsing is because of her mentor Neely Fuller Jr.

    The only reason you are saying that is because you can't stand to have anyone not give a damn about people who you grovel over.  As far as i'm concerned, Frances Cress Welsing was just another  Afro-centric idealogue. And i'm glad my assessment of her bugs you.


    3 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    see, this is the problem.....we're not hearing anything from THEM...all we're hearing from is from the police department and the media taling ABOUT them.

    It's a problem for you. Not for their lawyer who advised them to not make public statements as any good lawyer would do to prevent their clients from incriminating themselves. The brothers did go before a grand jury and what they said was apparently credible enough to bring an indictment. If Jussie is brought to trial, the brothers will be served a subpoena to appear in court where their stories will be cross-examined with due diligence by the Defense.  Jussie unwisely chose to solicit an interview  with Good Morning America co-host, Robin Williams, so he could plead his case, and his words may come back to haunt him.  Any of them speaking publicly will make it even harder to impanel an impartial jury later on down the line if the case goes to trial.  Of course Jussie has his defenders, the usual crowd  who think he's being railroaded because he's black. He needs to be found guilty of being stupid.


    Now go back to empathizing with RKelly by peeing on yourself because you can't find a young girl.  Then you can concentrate on being further pissed because the white massage parlor patron and owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, is not getting as much bad press as your heroes.







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  7. 5 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I know some people (like Cynique...lol) get territorial when "new people" come on board and see them as a threat to their popularity but I actually enjoyed exchanging perspectives with him until we had some sort of disagreement and he insulted my Mother....and then my Father.

    Don't hide behind me in an effort to make yourself look like something other than a wimp who kalexander made mincemeat of. You're who imagines this site is a stage where posters are vying for the approval of lurkers.  If popularity was my concern i would be a sweet pleasant person instead of a bitch. I love it when smart people come on board and express themselves well.  Then there's you.  It's amusing to watch others here regularly clean your clock.  LOL  

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  8. 22 hours ago, Troy said:

    So I'm stuck in a "rut," unable to look around me? That statement is incredulous since you know my background and ongoing behavior.


    You did the same with Dr. Welsing...  if that helps justify your disagreement with me on issue fine. 


    Did i say you were stuck in a rut?  You shouldn't have tried on the shoe. LOL    I have never been a devotee of Frances Cress Welsing and her unorthodox views.  I have been looking around and trying for about 50 years to find out whether the rumors of her having been married to and bitterly divorced from a white man were true.  Because she and i had mutual acquaintances,  i heard that this was what redirected her career from being a  pediatric psychiatrist to an uncredentialed afro-centric anthropologist dismantling white supremacy, something that cost her her position on the staff of Howard University. Some say she was married to an African but i couldn't ever find any verification of this.  While looking around  i did learn that a fan of hers had to come forward and pay for her funeral.  i find that curious. 


    BTW, since i know you won't be watching the the televised Academy Awards this Sunday I  will let you know whether black Actress Regina King wins a supporting  Oscar for her role as the sensitive and loving mother in "If Beale Street Could Talk", a black film based on a book by James Baldwin, or if Mahershala Ali, wins one for his role in "Green Book", a film about the elegant and intellectual black jazz pianist Don Shirley. And also if "Black Panther" wins for best picture.  These artists and this picture did win Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this year. Spike Lee is also up for a best director award for his picture "Black KKKlansman" starring John David Washington, Denzel's son.     

  9. 12 hours ago, Troy said:

    The first statement is true. The second is completely false.  Are you suggesting that Jazz is or some other genre of Black is nearly as profitable as rap?

    No i'm suggesting the R&B  and Slo-Jam music is still popular, so popular that rappers sample it on their cuts.  Chicago is the home of the uniquely  midwestern "steppin" community, a type of dance that is not geared toward Rap music, but to good ol R&B songs.  It is also the home of "house music" whose popularity raves in the alternative music genre. And i make a distinction between hip hop music and gangsta rap. BTW, Cardi B won one of her Grammy's for the best rap album of the year in that category, a genre that has its own category just like all of the others types of music.( Nobody gives rap more credibility than the people who say it's not credible.) Rap is now establishment music. And black purveyors of it have their own labels, and producers and they  keep the money they make, many of them giving back to the communities they came from. Other ethnics have adopted this genre, and little kids don't have to be taught it; it comes natural to them because it is syncronized with the beat of their pulses which throb with the times and, as such, rap is a cultural phenomenon that would be widespread whether it was profitable or not.  The music scene is a mosaic of which rap is just one facet. and most blacks like all types of black music. You folks act like you've never heard of Beyonce or John Legend or a slew of other millionaire non rap superstars out there, - or like you have never listened to Urban radio stations.   


    "Precious" which came out almost 10 years ago, was  based on a book written by a black woman and the movie was true to the book. There are currently a lot of mainstream movies out there about positive black people, especially on the black TV channels. A series based on the movie "Boomerang" executive produced by Halle Berry who acted on Eddie Murphy's idea, has just debuted and it rocks. Plus Oprah's channel has a lot of contemporary programming that authentically portrays black folks.  Of course y'all wouldn't know about these things because you boycott TV.


    These are the observations of an 85-year-old-woman in the year 2019, not those of Frances Cress Welsing circa 1970.  To me, y'all are stuck in the past still voicing the same ol  rhetoric that is not that relevant today.   So we have to agree to disagree.  

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  10. 18 hours ago, Troy said:

    Cynique that is all true, but why is most of the stuff we get awarded for by the majority culture usually something negative. Denzel got an award for playing a villain too. The music award was a song about a pimp.  I heard stripper turned, rapper, Cardi B, got a Grammy award.



    10 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    ...for the same reasons these violence-n-crime promoting rappers are awarded so many record deals and get so much attention......because desired behavior is rewarded in order to REINFORCE it!

    The racists IN the entertainment industry (not all those in the industry but the racists in it) who want to demonize AfroAmericans in they eye of the public will pay Black entertainers big money and offer them fame in exchange for playing demeaning roles and promoting violence and immorality.


    7 hours ago, Chevdove said:

    I heard the late Dr. Francis Cress Welsing spoke out against the movie 12 Years a Slave along these same lines though. She really impressed me in how she spoke about how they set up Black actresses and actors and then praise them for certain kinds of demeaning roles. And it seems like to me that all of a sudden around a certin recent time, all of these slave type back-in-the-day movies began to be produced. So, I became un-interested in them and have not seen most of them especially when I heard certain comments about them. I did see The Help and I did not like it at all. Those days cannot be glamorized imo, no matter who plays those roles. 

    Well, you folks ask the questions, then you answer them. You all seemed shocked in your reaction to the way black actors were treated in Hollywood.  Consider what the black actors, themselves, say which is if you want to work in Hollywood, you take the roles that are available. This is true of whites as well. Would you  rather have white people playing roles written for black ones in movies exposing the awful history of slavery??? The film industry is about making money and providing entertainment. Movies are as American as apple pie and this means that those who produce them can be racists. They are not crusaders for truth and justice. Okay? Since blacks wielded no power, they had to start somewhere,  had to take baby steps  in making progress. They did the best they could and through perserverence they have made great strides, even owning their own studios and producing their own movies nowadays.  i stand by my statement below.

    9 hours ago, Cynique said:

    Nobody in Hollywood wins acclaim and awards for bland, Pollyanna roles.  They win for for giving performances that are compelling and riveting.  As for rappers, they are "art imitating life". There is an audience for this type of music, and it makes money.  There are other genres of black music being recorded that are equally popular and profitable. 

    This debate has been going on for years.   You guys can't be as naive as you sound when it comes to this subject. 



  11. 18 hours ago, Troy said:

    Cynique that is all true, but why is most of the stuff we get awarded for by the majority culture usually something negative.

    Why?  Because the industry is controlled by whites and money, and racism comes with the territory. Hollywood has always promoted ethnic stereotypes, Blacks have been the main victims of this but movie characterzations of Italians, Jews, Mexicans,  Irish and Germans have also been unflattering. 

    10 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    All she needs to do to be pro-Black; and she can do that simply by playing more dignified and respectable roles than what she played in Precious....which was disgraceful.

    Puleeze.  It's not like black actresses had choices.  If they wanted to work, they had to take the roles that were available.  Nobody in Hollywood wins acclaim and awards for bland, Pollyanna roles.  They win for for giving performances that are compelling.  As for rappers, they are "art imitating life". There is an audience for this type of music, and it makes money.  There are other genres of black music being recorded that are equally popular and profitable. 

    This debate has been going on for years.   You guys can't be as naive as you sound when it comes to this subject. 

  12. 29 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

    And this also goes more into what I've frequently said about why so many women like other heavily moderated websites where they can point out people they don't like and have then punished or banned.


    If that was the case on this site, you would've been banished long ago.  You are not a threat to the woman on this board. You are still around because you provide us with ongoing opportunities to debunk the dumb ideas of the type of men you are representative of.  LOL

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  13. @Pioneer1Oh puleeze.  Anything to blame the media and exonerate a black man, - even a gay one. The Chicago Police Department bent over backwards to treat Jussie fairly because they knew they were under scrutiny by the entire nation due to their bad reputation. Bottom line, if Jussie hadn't done what he did, none of this would be happening to him and you wouldn't have to be trotting out your usual paranoid theories. Jussie is being punished for his stupidity,  and he is solely to blame for the damage he has done to the credibility of the black and gay communities. All because he didn't think Empire was paying him enough money. 



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  14. On 2/20/2019 at 9:00 AM, Pioneer1 said:

    Infact, the role she played as that embarrassingly dysfunctionaly mother on Precious was one of the biggest disgraces for Black women that Hollywood ever produced as far as I'm concerned.

    I disagree. Monique played a role that was essential to the plot of the movie and her character was more of a pitiful victim of circumstances,  than a hard core villain.  This is what actresses do; they play a role and the part is not always that of a heroine.  The role Halle Berry played and received an Oscar for wasn't one that placed black women in a flattering light, but she embraced the character she played, - as any good actress does.  The same can be said of the actress who played the obese, down-and-out Precious in Monique's movie, as well the subservient maid played by Viola Davis in "The Help". This has been the history of black actresses in Hollywood, but things are getting much better as sistas are stepping up in the industry and making a mark for themselves in front of and behind the camera.  

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    7 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    said she has no history of being pro-Black.
    The only way to disprove this statement is to find PROOF of her being pro-Black before all of this began.

    Doing a few stand up routines on Def Comedy Jam or Comic View doesn't make her a Black nationalist.

    @Pioneer1As if black people have a choice about being pro-black.  Monique doesn't have to be a black nationalist to be pro-black.  All she has to be is a black person who is anti-white when it comes to blacks being exploited.

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