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  1. Pioneer1

    Bill Cosby Sentencef

    Troy I'm not sure. Because I'm not sure who's telling the truth. The accuser....Lucia Evans....NEVER said she voluntarily performed oral sex on him. She has consistantly said he FORCED himself on her. The only ones claiming it was voluntary are the defense and the prosecutors and their excuse for dropping the charge they CLAIM is because of some letter they received by a so-called "friend" of Lucia's: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/harvey-weinstein-district-attorney-drops-part-of-sex-assault-case-lucia-evans-lawyer/   So because of some anonymous letter the prosecution is now all of a sudden gonna drop a serious charge against Weinstein made by an actual person? Like you said earlier, you can't be indicted if you're not charged. And it seems that the prosecutor's refusal to charge Mr.Weinstein is based on simply receiving a statement that contradicts his accuser. My question is, did they use that SAME standard with Mr. Cosby and his accusers?
  2. Pioneer1

    Supreme Conflict

    Troy Personally man's adverse impact on the climate is at top of my list -- that is if you really want to talk about humanity. Climate change is THE existential threat of our day. The impact of which we can see every day. To the contrary! Climate change is actually a SOLUTION to a major problem. When human beings mistreat, exploit, and pollute the environment for so long the result is that the environment reacts by making itself uninhabitable for humans for a period of time until they are "wiped out" and then new life begins all over again. Hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme tempuratures and the other changes we're witnessing in the global climate are just SOME of the many ways this "great correction" takes place. BTW...I forgot you were living in Florida now, how are YOU doing? In the US the growing wealth inequality leaves racism in the dust. Who do you think is ORCHESTRATING this growing inequality? Whether you're talking about gentrification, the elimination of decent paying jobs in the inner city, or the defunding of the public education system....all of these factors that helped to create this growing enquality was initiated by those with undoubtedly racist agendas. Further.....how do you thing racism is practiced? Police brutality and name calling are just a few aspects of how racism is practiced, but one of the major methods of expressing racism is through WEALTH INEQUALITY and the systematic denial of financial opportunities to those of another race.     As an aside; How is racism the root cause of sexism? Please explain that, or provide an example. While sexism....or more specifically the mistreatment OF females BY males (and often other female collaborators).... was fairly common in the Caucasian homelands of both Europe and the so-called "middle east" for millenia, it was almost unheard of in indigenous Native American, African, and most other societies around the globe. But under the racist expansion of Caucasians both European and Arab into other parts of the world which FORCED other societies to adopt their sexist female-suppressing religions and cultural habits......racism was essentially used to export sexism and make it worldwide.
  3. Pioneer1

    Supreme Conflict

    Troy Racism is one of the biggest problems humanity faces. Bigger than economic injustice. Bigger than sexism. ....in my opinion. Infact, racism is at the root of both of them both directly and indirectly. For example............. The reason why there is so much poverty in the United States as opposed to Europe is because most of the socialist and safety-net programs that Europe has to care for it's poor are SABOTAGED in the United States by racist politicians who are afraid that too many Blacks and Browns may benefit.
  4. Pioneer1

    Bill Cosby Sentencef

    Well, well, well..................... Prosecutors drop sex assault charge against Harvey Weinstein after contradictions arise in accuser Lucia Evans’ account The criminal case against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein sustained a blow Thursday when prosecutors with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office dropped one of the charges against him. Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon told the court she would drop count six of the indictment, which involves Lucia Evans, an actress who accused Weinstein of forcing her to perform oral sex on him in 2004. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/weinstein-case-heads-back-court-amid-potential-setbacks-050900619--abc-news-topstories.html Is my point still "rendered indefensible".....or does it now have some validity?
  5. Pioneer1

    Supreme Conflict

    I'll let Dr. Claude Anderson explain it..................... Since he discusses both racism in the "White women's movement" as well a the Supreme Court confirmation I decided to post the entire video instead of just a clip or two of it.
  6. Pioneer1

    Supreme Conflict

    Sophia A. Nelson Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation is the ultimate affirmation of the patriarchy — and Republican women let it happen As I watched a parade of Republican senators like Susan Collins cast their votes for Kavanaugh, I saw women upholding male power and privilege. Collins and her cohorts affirmed the reported more than 50 percent of white women who voted for Trump in 2016. These women clearly have no issue with the president’s openly misogynistic behavior, his demeaning of female reporters and his mocking of Ford last week. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/brett-kavanaugh-confirmation-ultimate-affirmation-patriarchy-republican-women-let-it-ncna917386
  7. Pioneer1

    I'm Changing...........

    Chev Lol, honey WHY are you throwing all of this information at me??? All these pictures of little red-head Black children??? This concept is very simple.....Adam means "ruddy" or "blushing" or "to show blood". The Hebrew definition IS what it IS and needs no spin or explanation. Caucasians aren't actually "white" they are ruddy and reddish and Adam symbolizes the Caucasian race. In Genesis 5:2 it plainly tells you that Adam isn't just one person but symbolizes a GROUP of people: "Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created." Adam and Eve were not actual individuals but a myth that symbolized the GENESIS of the Caucasian race.
  8. Pioneer1

    AfroAmerican Men Need A CODE

    Troy You said you lost respect for Tariq because of his video, but outside of the Hidden Colors series did you follow his work or even know who he WAS before the controversy? I agree with you that neither would I do that in public, and I also agree that it's a rather natural or "common sense" thing as far as I'm concerned. But just like some people NEED a religion to give them direction and tell them what to do, some people NEED to be taught a code because they would be clueless as to what to say or do otherwise. When it comes to social issues, I'm more focused on the BEHAVIOR ITSELF than on what the motivation is behind it. Meaning...... I don't give damn WHAT keeps you from robbing, killing, and raping. Whether it's because of your personal conscience, your family upbringing, your religious indoctrination, or threats of death for your crimes.....whatever, I don't care. As long as you're NOT DOING IT. Which is why I don't trip on brothers who do things for money or personal gain. If that's what it takes to motivate them to do the right thing....so be it. Chev You believe that the African trait of bushy hair is more recessive than straight hair!? No. I believe kinky hair is just as dominant as EAST INDIAN straight hair (which is also dominant). And more dominant than EUROPEAN straight hair (which is very thin and recessive). My consideration of dominant and recessive has less to do with the TEXTURE of the hair and more to do with the STRUCTURE of the hair. The more coarse it is and the thicker the strands....the more dominant because it has a medulla.   Okay, and the 'keener features' in contrast and comparison to the African traits means that you believe that FULLER LIPS and HIPS of AFrican people are recessive traits and that the FLATTER HIPS and the THIN LIPS are more dominant and this 'BLACK KEENER FEATURES' are unique from White people and Africans? No, I don't believe this.   That you believe that Africans and their trait of bushy hair and fuller lips and hips stem from East Africans with their traits that show, as do White Europeans, of oftentimes possessing flatter hips and thin lips and straight would be saying that White Europeans and East Indians express the more DOMINANT TRAITS and that the human species today, MODERN HUMANS originate from EAST INDIA? No, I don't believe this either. I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. This would be a contradiction because, as you have also stated, there is a high percentage of TALL, BLACK or, DARK SKINNED NUBIANS in this part of Africa. Because of the hundreds of years of transatlantic slave trade, it would be West AFrica that expresses a lot of European admixture too. So, the Genetics of Africans would not necessarily be based upon what you are saying. It's not a contradiction. I'm speaking of separate groups that exists concurrently. Slavery and mixing in with Caucasians occured to BOTH West Africans AND East Africans. With West Africans it was primarily done by Europeans but you don't see as much admixture in West Africa because the Africans who were enslaved were TAKEN AWAY to the Americas. Where as with East Africans it was primarily done ON THEIR OWN LAND by the Arabs, Assyrians, and Persians who came down to exploit them. They also set up a "caste" system in East Africa based on how light skinned or close to the exploiter you were just like they did with the creoles and octoroons in America. If you study East African nations whether it's Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Eretria, ect....no matter what nation the lighter skinned groups with the curly hair and thin noses have historically dominated and mistreated the dark skinned groups with the kinky hair and broad noses whom they felt they were better than.
  9. Pioneer1

    Serena Williams Cartoon

    I must not be THAT much of a loser. I can't seem to lose YOU......lol.
  10. Pioneer1


    Cynique And If you ever ascended to Trump's position, i'd voluntarily leave the country I don't know if AALBC could wait that long, lol. Tell you what...... Would me simply ANNOUNCING my intentions to run in 2020 be enough to get you going?
  11. Pioneer1

    AfroAmerican Men Need A CODE

    The reason East African have straighter hair and keener features than Western or Southern Africans isn't because East Indians come from THEM...more likely the other way around. 1. East Africans have more Caucasian ancestry mixed in with them from the Arabs, Assyrians, and Persians who've been coming down there and mixing in for thousands of years. 2. And I can't prove this but I believe that ALL Africans had their origins from the original Black people's who came from East India THROUGH Egypt and began slowly spreading down into the rest of the continent. So that East Africa region of Ethiopia and Somalia as well as the Nubians of Egypt probably have a higher percentage of the first Africans who were probably more like East Indians when they first started coming into the continent. But again, I can't prove this theory. However there is PLENTY of proof that East Africans like Nubians, Somalis, and Ethiopians are far more mixed with Assyrian, Arab, Persian, and other ancestry than other AFricans which clearly explains why so many of them have features more like Cauasians.
  12. Pioneer1

    I'm Changing...........

    giving him.....360 degrees of knowledge, just like Erykah Badu. Brushwaves Nicca, Nas and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson did a lecture and were on stage together so what are you talking about? Infact, Dr. Dyson asked him if he would TEACH A CLASS with him at the university! By the way Nas is from the Queensbridge projects. I'm not sure if he was born there though. Chev Don't confuse ADAM with ADAMAH. ADAMAH means "red soil" but ADAM means "to make red". Both words have the root word "dam" in them because it signifies RED as in BLOOD. But there are two different Hebrew words. And as far as my references, all you have to do is look up the word ADAM in Hebrew and it will clearly show you that it means "to be red" or "to make red". As far as non-Whites being able to turn red and blush....... OFCOURSE we can now! Most of us are mixed with Caucasian ancestry and come in all kinds of different colors. I'm what most considered light skinned and I can get red when angry (I don't blush as much as I did when I was younger because I rarely if ever get embarassed now). I'm talking about the original dark races that were UNMIXED with Caucasian ancestry and retained there original dark color. Adam means "reddish man" or "blushing man".....take it or leave it but that's the TRUTH. And no, don't believe White people came FROM White people but FROM Black people. Just not African Black people. I believe they came from East Indian Black people or the Dravidians now mostly found in Southern India.
  13. Pioneer1

    AfroAmerican Men Need A CODE

    Troy Yeah, I do see the contradiction. He also went hard against Umar Johnson and many other AfroAmerican men in public. But his overall point was well noted. And ofcourse other races of men criticize eachother publicly TO A CERTAIN DEGREE, but for the most part they also know when to stop and how to keep it from going too far. When they don't, it leads to war. All ethnic groups share the same basic social behaviors but the DEGREE to which those behaviors are practices is what distinguishes some groups from others. Going back to the beginning of this nation I'm sure there were some White boys in school who took pleasure in insulting eachother and talking about eachother's mothers....but they didn't turn it into a CULTURAL STAPLE with it's own name (the dozens) like Black boys did. Just like there are some good White basketball players, but not nearly as many as there are Black. I agree with you that we as AfroAmericans need to be MORE critical of ourselves. I just don't believe we should be doing it infront of other racial and ethnic groups who may see it as an opportunity to manipulate those ctiticizms and exaggerate them in a way to take advantage of and further exploit our people. That's why Cointelpro was so successful in taking down many of the civil rights organizations of he 60s. Black leaders would come on television and radio openly criticizing eachother and exposing their differences and the agents who sought to destroy them were able to exaggerate and exploiting those differences. If I have a problem with you or how you're running your business I'm not going to get on youtube or ESPN and tell the whole world I think you're a cheap bum who sleeps with other men's wives. I'm going to go directly to you and either try to work it out in private or go our seperate ways.
  14. Pioneer1

    Bill Cosby Sentencef

    Harvey's case has not played out yet. Lets see what happens when it has been fully adjudicated; then maybe you'll have a point Well. As long as we're ignoring the here and now and focusing on what justice MAY come in the future...... George Zimmerman isn't in jail right now, but maybe he'll eventually go. Trump isn't finished with his term yet, maybe he'll change his speech and behavior. Catholic priests HAVE and probably STILL ARE molesting boys, but maybe ONE DAY they will stop. We can certainly hope for the best.
  15. Pioneer1


    Cynique ALREADY has a room. And it's padded And obviously has problems staying locked...lol. Cynique Well, let me put it this way........ Everyone else can relax, but YOU better leave the country, lol.