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  1. Pioneer1

    OPRAH. INTERVIEWS On. Sunday's.

    I'm not sure if you got the clearest understanding of what I just said, but actually it's even colder than what you just described. From a business owners perspective whether or not your employees or subjects are receiving "better opportunities" is irrelevant. The only thing relevant is whether or not your'e getting rich or generating a profit. Now most owners will CLAIM to be concerned or PRETNED that they care about their workers, but I don't believe most do. So perhaps the slave owners tried to convince the SLAVES or those who witnessed the brutality of slavery from the outside that what they were doing were for the benefit of the slaves....but THEY THEMSELVES couldn't give a damn about their slaves or their benefit. The only thing that mattered was the money and work they could get out of them. As far as me...... I'm not fond of using other people's lables to describe myself or putting my ideaology in a box. In today's society there word "Capitalist" could mean a million different things. Everyone has their own definition for it. The same thing could be said for "Socialist". I believe in AfroAmerican controlled and influenced Free Enterprise were Black people are free to own and operate their businesses however they like as long as they aren't posing a danger to the community.
  2. aren't you asking for proof in this statement? This reads to me as if you are asking for proof. What did I miss? I think you're mixing up two separate statements on two separate positions.... In the case of the above quote, I was talking about in the above quote was whether or not those in prison commit more crime than the general public. And I wasn't so much ASKING for proof as much as I was simply establishing my disagreement on the issue unless your provided proof. But if you see this as asking for proof, OK...I can' see how it could be interpreted as that. BUT....... A related but SEPARATE issue that I HAVE NOT asked for proof on is whether or not less educated people are more violent. THAT position was what I was refering too when I said I'm not asking for proof.
  3. I know it's a defense mechanism, but I guess my question is how great is your defense if you STILL end up choosing the wrong men in your life despite your "tests". Most of the women I know who deploy this technique have a history of miserable relationships and have several children by several "baby daddies" who obviously passed whatever test they had for them at the time.
  4. Pioneer1


    Is this what writters commonly call "satire"?
  5. Pioneer1

    OPRAH. INTERVIEWS On. Sunday's.

    Troy If you were worth a few hundred billion of dollars could you live with yourself having the people who work for you making $9 an hour? Let me answer your question honestly...... Yes I could, as long as that was what they agreed to work for BUT- I wouldn't, because I would pay them more. I personally wouldn't mind taking a SLIGHT decrease in my profits to makes sure my workers are receiving a decent living wage. However if paying them MORE than $9 an hour means I won't make a profit at all....they'll only get $9 for the time being. The goal of most business owners isn't to be nice, or even to be fair, it's to get rich and accumulate wealth. When we understand this, we are no longer suprised or disappointed in why they do what they do.
  6. Pioneer1

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Chevdove Glad to see you back! The information you're providing is so powerful and detailed, it reminds me of those giants they allegedly found in western China a while back. They were said to have blond hair and white skin. Are you suggesting that the particular giants that you're speaking off are descendants of what many Christian scholars refer to as "fallen angels" ???? Troy I agree that reading about a place AND visiting it would most likely be better than just flying over and visiting it with no direction or guidance; however the problem with ONLY reading about it is that you're getting SOMEONE ELSE'S opinion about a place from THEIR perspective. Everyone processes information differently and we know how other people see life and interpret their surroundings may not always line up with yours. I used to live down South and MY interpreration and opinion of the South is different from most of what I read about in books or online....especially articles and reports written by Caucasians. I was born and raised in Michigan. When I hear the word "Michigan" my understanding of the word and the images it brings will be entirely different than YOURS or someone else who knows far less about the state because of so much of the first hand knowledge I have of this place. If given a choice between the two....and it's safe to do,,,,,it's better to go and see for yourself because you're taking in far more sensory information that match up with YOUR senses and mindset so that you can interpret and process the information in YOUR way. Unless danger is involved, first hand direct knowledge is almost always better than second hand knowledge you're receiving from others. Even the courts don't see eye witness testimony as very credible because of the errors in human memory and perception.
  7. I WOULD answer the question if I could figure it out....lol. Can you re-phrase it or break it down to where it's a little clearer? Del I've come to the conclusion that when you sweep aside all of the insults, projecting, and trying to get into our heads to figure out what REALLY mean or how we REALLY feel..... The fact is, I don't think Cynique even HAS a serious opinion on the subject of these corrections officers getting pregnant. And because of that....she is trying to divert attention from it.
  8. Troy Pioneer why do you keep demanding proof. You have no proof and I've never said i have proof. I have presented a factual correlation. all the gradious assumptions are yours (and Del's). I'm not asking for proof, just more evidence to JUSTIFY why you so ardently belief this. Again, there are serious social and political implications for promoting this belief. Do you see how evil people could use that position to PURPOSELY miseducate or undereducated an entire class of people they don't like in order to lable them as violent and use that as an excuse to eliminate them from society?
  9. Well first of all, I never did understand why some people needed magazines and porn videos to masturbate too....lol. I have a vivid imagination. Even as a teenager if I was alone that night and needed to "beat that meat" all I had to do was close my eyes and Thelma Evans (among others) would pop up grinning at me. But.............. To be honest, if I really thought they had the goods on me AND I thought paying them off would protect me.....I wouldn't have a problem paying them. But again, those two criteria must be met. It's not enough for them to prove they have the goods on me, they must also demostrate that me paying them will get them off my back. It also depends on how much harm their information would cause. I don't jack off to porn, but if they just had a picture of me nude or having sex....I ain't paying them $50, lol. I mean, really my friends and family KNOW I have a diick and they KNOW I need to get "treated" from time to time, either by my woman or by myself...lol. It's nature, so what....am I supposed to be "embarassed" by this or something?????
  10. Obviously this thread is open to discussion from everyone..... Cynique said something in another thread that I've been meaning to question her on for weeks but when I log on I tend to get so involved in other topics that I forget to ask. She said: "All my female friends tended to be like me. Our tough bitchy facades were almost a litmus test. If a guy could hold his own with us, we'd let down our guards and be nice and sweet. Unfortunately, i think more flunked the test than passed it. We were in the vanguard of ball-bustin' black sistas. (Something I'm not particularly proud of.)" https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/5260-what-do-you-think-of-the-ongoing-battle-between-pionner1-and-kalexander2/ Now, she already said it wasn't something she's proud of and I'm not accusing her of endorsing it, but I'm just curious as to the purpose or intent behind this behaviour because MANY women have confided in me the same thing but when I ask them why the do this most couldn't give me an answer. I don't want to say this "dissing" of men who approach you is EXCLUSIVE among AfroAmerican women, but I've certainly observed this type of behavior since childhood even in school and I don't recall observing it or experiencing it from women of other races or ethnicities. I remember as far back as elementary school a girl could be straight up INLOVE with a boy but will diss the hell out of him in public and repeatedly turn him down UNTIL she she sees him with another girl....then she'll break down and throw herself at him, lol I've seen it so many times that I started playing games with girls and having a female friend PRETEND to be my girlfriend in order to get the one I wanted. But it's a shame you have to do all of that game playing in our community. So this is what I want to know............... What is the REAL PURPOSE of some women insulting and berating the men who approach them even if those men may be attractive? Clearly you're trying to weed out people....but WHO and WHY? Are the men who "pass the test" somehow emotionally stronger or smarter than the average men? And if so how is hooking up with THESE men (who past the test) benefiting the community? This type of "game playing" between the men and women has been occuring for generations so: Has it produced stronger men? Stronger relationships? Has it produced stronger or smarter children? What benefit are we getting out of this type of game playing and testing that so many of our people engage in?
  11. Del This is why I decided to challenge that position in the first place. Like you said, it CERTAINLY could be used as propaganda! Those beliefs taken to the extreme could be very dangerous and damaging politically and socially in this society because it could lead to masses of people being unfairly incarcerated and quite possibly "eliminated" for no other reasons except the fact that they are considered "uneducated". This has historically been one of the arguments for negative eugenics.   Troy   I don't really understand what you mean by that statement, but I'm sure it is not a position that I've asserted here, or in our in previous conversations, nor is it related to the title of the conversation you started: "Are Less Educated People More Prone To Violence?" When I say I'm challenging the idea, I'm not saying it's necessarily untrue....I'm asking you to PROVE that it IS true. And statistics on those in who are imprisoned in a legal system that requires money to adequate representation isn't my idea of proof. is obvious, to any educated person, that prisoners are significantly less educated than the general public. Again there is a correlation between education and propensity to violence. This is nt really up for debate. We can debate the reasons for this correlation, but I suspect we will find common ground there. Yes, I agree that those in prison are less educated than those in the general public. But what I can't agree on...unless you can find me proof....is that those in prison actually COMMIT MORE CRIME (violent or otherwise) than those in the general public. By continuing to use that example you're making two broadbased assumptions: 1. You're assuming that everyone in prison are actually guilty of the crimes they are accused of. 2. And likewise you're also assuming that people who are freely walking around in the general public are typically law abiding and non-violent. I've said before that there are many reasons to CONSIDER why a person may be in prison besides the fact that they are guilty. -not being able to afford decent representations to clear them (one of the biggest reasons) -not having the right connections to keep them out of jail -not being smart enough to keep from getting caught while the smarter person who commited the same crime had a better plan There are far too many factors involved in why some people are incarcerated and others aren't than them simply being more violent. I'd like to return to my examples of TRAINED/EDUCATED police officers and military members who engage in far more violence than the average citizen including those who are less educated. They assault and KILL people.....but arent' incarcerated for it. How many soldiers do you know have been imprisoned for the killing they've done? You can't point to those incarcerated as an example of the most violent individuals in society.
  12. This is why I am turning to eastern teachings to change the perspective that I have been raised with, Have you considered that most East Asians are abandoning or have abandoned THEIR OWN traditional "eastern teachings" for a more Western lifestyle? Look at Japan, Korea, China, ect....... For generations now they have abandoned much of that traditonal culture to adopt Western economic, social, and even moral standards. Even after war with the West and having two of their major cities nuked and hundreds of thousands of their own people maimed and killed by the West, the Japanese have almost totally submerged themselves into Western culture. There is a reason for this.
  13. Troy Cynique has been called a LOT of things on these forums over the past 15 years or so but "nonsensical" is not one of them, I'm not trying to put words in Del's mouth but I'm assuming that he called her response to my post "emotional and nonsensical" for the same reasons I thought it was......because it was entirely unwarranted and unrelated to the conversation. Me and you were talking about class and income and all of a sudden she leaps in and launches a demonic tirade calling me a loser who hangs out at starbucks begging for spare change and conversation....lol. Now you'd have to admit that emotional outburst WAS a little over the top. Why is it so hard for us to stay focused on the topic without the insults? I've articulated my point that those corrections officers most likely came from the middle class. Not necessarily the UPPER middle class, but still in the middle....now can anyone disprove that statement with SOLID EVIDENCE that most correction's officers come from either wealth or poverty?
  14. Pioneer1

    OPRAH. INTERVIEWS On. Sunday's.

    I'm beginning to think that the amassing of extreme wealth has less to do with doing what is morally right or wrong and more to do with capitalizing off of collective effort. The Whites of America have managed to accumulate large amounts of wealth by coming up with ideas and working together to put those ideas in motion. SOME of those ideas were morally good like inventing new technology, and OTHERS of those ideas were morally bad like enslaving and murdering people. But in most cases, the common denominator was collective effort. AfroAmericans who are serious about becoming wealthy are going to have to learn to find common ground among eachother and work togther towards their goals.
  15. Cynique You turned down my invitation in regard Lol....I'm sure I wasn't the first one to "turn down" your invitations.