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  1. Cynique



    i repeat: you are deluded in that you have convinced yourself that I have ulterior motives and am spending my time psycho-analysing you. Delano is right when he says you have an egocentric consistency.


    And Delano was also right when he said:

    1. You can only be mistaken

    2. You're not invested in the truth of your statements

    Now STOP.
    You're interrupting my "zombie movie" time going back and forth with you...lol

  2. Cynique



    You're too deluded to realize you're deluded.


    You're too deluded to realize how clearly I see your motives...lol.
    Or so forward and bold, you WANT me to.







    I would say  of his positions are irrational yet logical, since they have an egocentric consistency.


    Can you give us an example of an irrational position that I take?




    You can also be hopeful for something that you will never attain


    But who's to say what will "never" be attained?

    Never is a long time for something to NOT occur in.




    Cynique is not delusional, she can only be mistaken. since she is not emotional invested in the truth of her statement. I would say Cynique is disinvested in Pioneer.


    Well if she spends this much time trying to psycho-analyze someone she's disinvested in....imagine the focus and dedication she'll give when she finally finds her niche...lol.

  3. tipsyturv



    Id also defnitely say that many Jewish people are clearly more of Mediterranean-ish heritage than just White. 
    The fact tht many of them can grow real afros shows that they are not "White" people IMO

    Interesting observation....
    However I'd be careful using ONE or TWO phenotypical traits alone to take someone OUT of a racial category since race is so much more complex than just a hand full of physical characteristics.


    For example there are a lot of Black people with thin noses or slant Asian looking eyes..does THAT take them out of the "Black" racial category?

    A lot of Black people with straight or wavy hair as in the pictures you provided above....does THAT take them out of the "Black" racial category?


    If not, why should curly or even kinky hair take a person with White skin and other Caucasian features except for their hair out of the "White" racial category?


    For me a person's race is a result of a PREDOMINANCE of phenotypical features...not just a few.







    They're clearly more closely physically similar to populations like Italians or Spaniards, or even North Africans.


    This is true.
    Many Ashkenazi's ancestors CAME THROUGH Italy and Spain on their way to northern and central Europe.

    But as I've said before, they have far more European ancestry than Middle Eastern.
    Which is why I classify them as Caucasians racially..despite trace amounts of Hebrew ancestry.

    Infact, most Italians have more African and Arab ancestry coursing through their veins than the average Ashkenazi Jew.



    John Turturro — Charlie Rose

    John Turturro






    Nicholas Turturro

    Famous Italian American actors




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  4. tipsyturv


    But, I look just like my great great grandmother because my grandpa looks like her - and I look like him. LOL So it at least explains the "other" people see in me. I am always asked  "What are you?"


    Genetics is an interesting study because a person of mixed race ancestry can have all of the phenotypical traits of one race EXCEPT the skin color....be only the skin color of the other race....and come out looking like an entirely different race than both!

    They can be mixed with African and Caucasian and come out with a straight hair, thin nose/mouth, and dark brown skin..looking like an Indian or East African.

    People who aren't aware of this may mistake a typical AfroAmerican Mulatto admixture with an Ethiopian or even East Indian.




    And yes, Afro-Americans have European ancestry in general, but it's usually NorthWestern European ancestry from slavery . I also have this of course, but I do NOT acknowledge it all for obvious reasons. Besides, my fully Irish ancestor is like 6 generations away from me. My Ashkenazi ancestor is actually the closest non-Black ancestor in my tree.


    This is true.
    Also we have a lot of Native American ancestry.  
    For some, their Native American ancestry is more pronounced than their Caucasian ancestry.





    2. You're kinda wrong here. Ashkenazi Jews are of deeper MIddle Eastern heritage. An Ashkenazi Jew themselves will tell you that. Read this article written by an actual Ashkenazi. 


    The way modern Judaic ethnicity works is if your MOTHER was a Jew then YOU are considered Jewish..whehther you practice it or not.
    So what you have today among many Ashkenzai Jews are Caucasians with TRACE amounts of the original Middle Easter (Sephardic) Jewish ancestry but diluted with a predominant European ancestry.


    Maybe a woman who was a full blood Hebrew back in 900 AD mated with a Caucasian from France and had children...and her daughters (technically Jewish though only half Hebrew by race) had daughters who did the same and have children with Caucasian men...so on and so forth.
    This is typically how most Ashkenazi Jews came into being.
    European Caucasians with trace amounts of actual Hebrew Middle Eastern ancestry.


    Another example to use recently is how so many blonde haired blue eyed Caucasians in the U.S. have Italian last names and go around calling themselves "proud Italians".  
    But if you go on the East Coast and look at the Italian communities of New York or Boston or Philly....most of them are dark haired, dark eyed, and have tans and more African features than other Caucasians and certainly look different than most of the so-called "Italians" in the rest of this nation.  Because they are truer to their roots and aren't as diluted.


    Sometimes the names and culture lasts where the genetics don't.


    Like you said, to people who are well versed in the subject...it's very interesting and the more detail...the better.

    You can read hours and hours of detail on a particular aspect of a person's heritage and ancestry and wouldn't come out one bit confused but more enlightened.


    But with MOST people....
    Giving them more details and being more specific about this cultural trait and that racial trait seems to cause even MORE confusion in them...lol.

    This ancestral DNA thing is an example of this because you have people running around calling themselves  3% Irish and 7% Russian not realizing that these are nationalities that can't be passed along in the genes.


    The older I get the more I understand why the very educated often kept certain knowledge in elite circles.

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  5. Mzuri


    Them negroes ain't focused on rebuilding down in Louisiana and Houston.  I know them.  They're busy with their minds on the same bullshit that was occupying it BEFORE the floods.  Smoking dope and engaging eachother in a bunch of drama and juvenile foolishness.

    Maybe the White folks down there are focused on sawing logs and clearing the damage.
    Most of the Black folks in that area are "busy" sitting around waiting on the White folks to clear the damage and rebuild so THEY can get back to....whatever they were doing.

    ....which probably didn't amount to TOO much.



    "I sho' wish deez White folks
    would hurry up and turn dem
    lights own!
    ...'cuz we don't know how to do it.
    And it's dark up in dis mug! Shit!"



    This is the things to understand Mzuri....
    A FOOL constantly has problems to deal with..because they MAKE the problems for themselves.
    And they'll make some for YOU if you let them.

    As soon as you SOLVE a fool's problem, he'll make two more worse than the first!
    ....and be busily occupied with it.
    Too "busy" and occupied with it to help anyone else.



    In truth.....
    Black Americans should be in a MUCH better position in this nation than we are.  
    We have had so much liberty and made so much money these past 50 years since the end of the Civil Rights Era that we should have our own schools, medical centers, grocery stores, and food distribution centers to not only sustain OURSELVES but to send down there to the border to help fellow Black folks need need as well as to send to other Black nations.



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  6. tipsyturv

    Hello and welcome to the site!

    Got a few points to make about your post:

    1. If you're great great grandmother was Jewish and she's the ONLY Jewish ancestor you have, that's not much Jewish lineage to put on your resume...lol
    Most AfroAmericans have more White or Native American ancestry than that.

    2. Most Askenazi Jews are NOT of Middle Eastern origin but of Germanic or European origin.

    Middle Eastern Jews are known as Sephardim.

    3. Saying you're part Middle Eastern/North African would be a mistake and add to the confusion because those are GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS...not races.  So you can have no "part" of them in you.  Either you're from there or your not.
    You can be part Arab, part African, part Caucasian, ect.....but not part "Middle Eastern".

    I'm from Michigan....doesn't mean any children I have will be "part Michigander".

  7. Not just wrong but outrageously inhumane.

    But do you know who I blame the MOST for how the Ayitian people are being treated down there?




    Because AfroAmericans from Texas and Louisanna should be the first ones down there to offer food, water, and medical assistance to our brothers and sisters down there.

    It's enough Black churches in Houston alone to show some love to the 14,000 people stranded down there.


    AOC went down to the border to visit fellow Latinos and show them some love and care.  
    What's up with the Black congress people?  
    Where are they?
    Where are the Black celebrities?
    Ofcourse what the plans of the Administration are racist...as was the Administration before it...but where is the Black political RESISTENCE to it?

    Are they speaking up on it or is CNN the only ones addressing the issue?


    Some people say that life isn't fair.
    However as I've gotten older I realized how FAIR life is.
    Most people just don't know the rules


    And as injust as this society is....there's a certain amount of fairness even in it too!

    Wheels that don't squeak...don't get oiled.


    Too often AfroAmericans IGNORE problems, especially when it's happening to someone else and not themselves personally...and then when they end up in the same trouble..want to complain.


    No one is stopping atleast SOME of the MILLIONS of Black folks who live in Texas from going down there and helping those people out and maybe...MAYBE...the show of support will make the government change it's too.

    Even when it comes to Ayiti itself....who's stopping Black politicians from demanding that assistance to that nation and Ayitian Nation building doesn't become a national priority?  They just aren't focused on it.



    I was on social media today and there was barely a WORD about this from other Black content creators in this issue.

    This is one of the reasons so many don't respect the slogan "Black Lives Matter".....they see the hypocrisy in many of those chanting it.

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  8. I agree, Troy runs an excellent forum.
    It's one of the things that has kept me on here for years.

    I've said over and over again that I'm surprised it doesn't do more traffic since social media is so restrictive and is so quick to ban people.

    With all of the forums on this one site....
    What's stopping people from signing up, starting a thread and then posting back and forth on it like a chat room?
    Only difference is it may be a little slower to submit comments.

    I haven't seen any limits on the pages of a thread...people could potentially have a thread full of a thousand posts.

    I don't have to worry and say "Blk" instead of "Black" or "Wht"  instead of "White" or avoid saying the word "vaccine" for fear of it getting caught up in some algorithm

    Plus, unlike Twitter or Youtube...where some unknown figure is sending you warnings and stikes....you can easily just e-mail Troy about a problem.

    But many of our people love to follow the crowd.
    They love to go where the "action" is and follow their friends around.

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  9. Mzuri

    Yeah....or they might be LYING...lol.

    With so much pressure coming from society to get the shot...a lot of Black folks would rather just lie and claim they had it to keep the hounds off their back and avoid hassles.


    It also appears that RANDY JACKSON has come to Nicki's defense:


    Randy Jackson defends Nicki Minaj’s vaccine tweets, praises her ‘intelligent advice’ (yahoo.com)



  10. What about people using the term "Black Twitter" as if it's a separate and Black owned social media platform?

    That's what I thought when I first heard the term.

    I kept hearing Black people say "Black Twitter is doing this"  and  "Guess who's trending on Black Twitter".

    I was looking for a way to SIGN UP for Black Twitter and a friend told me, that's just the name for the Black community OF Twitter....lol

    But the way so many negroes kept saying it made it seem as if it was somehow owned and operated by us.

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  11. Troy


    It is already beginning.  Our crumbling infrastructure, reaction for climate change. the low quality of our highest elected officials, our pathetic health care systems, our extreme wealth gap, our hyperincarceration, the control of the web by a handful of companies, etc, etc.


    Those problems....and they are indeed serious problems....have more to do with BENIGN NEGLECT and mis-appropriation of funds...than the nation actually being in debt or inflation.

    Even when the nation had TRILLIONS of dollars to spare they weren't focused on building the infrastructure or providing Universal Healthcare.
    More money or less debt will not bring an improvement in these issue.  A change of national priority in Washington will




    China. Just give them a minute...


    Brother I don't believe China poses much of a threat to the U.S. or Western powers period.
    China is essentially one big SLAVE PLANTATION for Western corporations like Pfizer and Am*zon and Walmart who employ MILLIONS of Chinese for cheap labor.


    They are pretty much well educated slaves to Western interests.
    And their so-called "Communist" government are the paid OVERSEERS

    Western corporations just pay the Chinese government to force it's own citizens to be slaves for them.

  12. Mzuri


    Joy Ann Reid looks foolish with her various wigs and when she opens her mouth it confirms that she's gone off the rails. 

    I actually find Joy attractive and think she looks like a giant tootsie roll

    I really liked her when she was in her braids.
    But all of that blonde hair and highlights are a turn off for a woman of her complexion.

    Like you I don't care for Nicki Minaj either.

    I don't like to see two AfroAmerican women going back and forth fighting with eachother over information NEITHER ONE of them know to be correct.

    I have to admit that Joy shouldn't have came at Nicki like that.
    She should have contacted her PRIVATELY first atleast.


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  13. I agree.

    I also agree with Nicki Minaj about the now acceptable culture of people being BULLIED into taking the vaccine.  Much of it coming from so called Progressives & Democrats.

    I think the problem is Black folks arguing and fighting eachother over SECOND and THIRD HAND information they're getting from Caucasians...instead of arguing over KNOWLEDGE.

    Troy I believe people should go with the science as well.
    Problem is there's a difference between SCIENCE and what the CNN or Fox News or even the CDC Reports.


    But what you're hearing on the television screen or getting on a news website is an alleged REPORT of the science....not the science itself.

    So it's not so much accepting science as it's accepting THAT REPORT on a scientific finding you read on a website you trust.
    It's not so much rejecting science...it's rejecting THAT REPORT on a scientific finding you saw on the news.

    It's basically Black folks who believe one group of White folks...versus....Black folks who believe another group.

    Because for the most part NEITHER owns their own hospitals and laboratories to do their own research and discover the truth for themselves about the virus and it's proper treatments.

    That's REAL SCIENCE in my opinion.
    Not just choosing which "smart" White person to trust in.



    And that's a shame...........

    Black folks at war with eachother over what could be LIES on both sides.

  14. Chev


    Those verses you provided doesn't support your statement that the Bible isn't up for private intepretation.

    The 2nd Peter scripture refers to PROPHECIES.
    He's saying the PROPHECIES were inspired and not up to interpretation, not the Bible itself.

    The Bible itself isn't even printed in it's own original languages..but it's translated and interpreted in English
    So clearly that statement is wrong.




    However, the High Priesthood such as Isaiah and Jeremiah, had root name endings 'AH' ['Ah' meaning 'of the LORD' as you also wrote]...


    That's not what I wrote though.
    I say that the word "Yah" which is an abbreviated word for "Yahuah" is the name of the Diety that is translated as "Lord" and "Lord God" in the Bible.


    I didn't say "Yah" MEANS Lord.
    I think the word for "Lord" in Hebrew may be Adon but I'm not sure.  However I don't think "Yah" means Lord.  I think it was just MISTRANSLATED into "Lord" by the English translators.







    All the prophets wrote about certain aspects of THE REDEMPTION PLAN OF GOD for the world. And the major Nebiim prophets wrote that end times and beyond. 


    It seems to me that SOME prophets of the OLD TESTAMENT predicted a DESTRUCTION of this world....not a "redemption plan" for it.

    It seems that for them the ONLY people they were focused on redeeming were the Israelites...not the entire world.

    Later on in the NEW TESTAMENT Paul and some others were talking about a Redemption plan.





    you left religion and now then what do you believe in!? 


    The question is WHO and What do I believe in?

    First and foremost I believe in The SUPREME BEING.

    And a distant second I believe in the Truth.


    I can't believe in the Bible because it contradicts itself too much no matter how much you read and study it.





    What does 'end times' mean to you?


    The end of the Caucasian world and his rulership on this planet.
    Not sure when it will end though.





    The Nebiim prophets [Apocalyptic prophets] 


    Nebiim prophets don't mean "apocalyptic prophets" sis.
    It's actually a REDUNDANT term.
    The word "Nebi/Nabi" itself means "prophet".
    It's the Hebrew word for prophet

    Nebiim literally means "prophets" plural.






    The proper word would not be 'worlds' in this context. Perhaps it would be 'governments'.


    But there's a difference between a "world" and a "government".
    A world is much greater.
    A world is a major system with many governments inside of it.


    The Canadian government is just one GOVERNMENT OF the Caucasian WORLD.

    A world is a global SYSTEM....sort of like an operating system on your computer.






    I think this is what @daniellegfny might be addressing when he said that Jesus will come into His kingdom.


    Lol...there's no telling WHAT Daniel meant when he said what he said.  He may have meant anything, or nothing at all.

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