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  1. frankster




    The Divine can do anything and everything.....
    Die is a verb present tense  - dead is adjective/noun past tense
    Take the modern term "dead man walking " what a miracle - go figure.



    Not sure what that was in response to however allow me to ask you the question again:

    Do you believe The Divine has ever communicated something false to human beings?










    Who named Eve....Adam - man is frail and vain and do err...



    It doesn't matter who named her that, the point is it's in the Bible and it's FALSE.

    It's false information.







    Do you think Adam thought Eve was his mother?

    Those words of Adam must be wrestle with to discern its meanings.



    Maybe YOU have to wrestle with them, but I've overcome that struggle a LONG time ago when I finally accepted that the Bible was NOT a Divine book but a script written from the minds of men.









    The Divine is omnipresent

    All things in existence is made by The Divine of the same Stuff - Atoms



    Just because The Divine is Present, doesn't mean They brought everything into existence.

    Furthermore, atoms are the building blocks (that we know so far) of much of the PHYSICAL REALITY.
    But there is a much much more vast SPIRITUAL REALITY and we have no clue as to what That is made of.


    You don't even know what material your own thoughts are made of.







    Neither are we mention in our books of health, biology, psychology and law but they all tell/teach  us about ourselves.


    And just like the Bible, they too are books that often consist of both true and false information.

    But unlike the Bible, most of us accept that they often contain false and incorrect information.









    The differences you see is owing to one or all of the following ..Perspective, Perception and Personal Prejudice (opinion or goals)

    The Divine is Most Wise .... 



    Naaaw buddy, don't put that on "The Divine"...lol.

    The Divine didn't write the 4 Gospels.
    They were written by MEN and those men were given the identities of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


    Now in Matthew 1:16 it says:

    …and Jacob the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born, who is called Christ.

    But in Luke 3:23 it says:

    Jesus, when he began his ministry, was about thirty years of age, being the son (as was supposed) of Joseph, the son of Heli,



    One so-called "inspired" scripture claims Jacob was the father of Joseph and another so-called "inspired" scripture claims he was Heli.


    Who is right, because BOTH of them can't be?

    That's not an "opinion" or "perspective" but a straight up contradiction.










    .Pauline Christianity has brung functional unity and Civilization to great parts of  Europe.


    Yeah, and that was it's purpose...to help unite Europeans.
    Not save souls or bring peace and justice to the world; but further civilize and empower White folks through a sense of unity.











    And I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision.




    Ok, and WHERE is Gabriel mentioned as an Angel in this scripture????










    I never refuted that meaning -Because it's the TRUTH, lol.

    I only tried to reveal to you that word can have more than one meaning...and sometimes the other meanings are revealing



    There is no evidence that "Israel" has more than one meaning.
    All of the evidence we have point to it only having ONE meaning.

    Your explanations of what the word "really" means on an "esoteric level" is mere fanciful thinking and speculation.

  2. @Chevdove

    Yes, most of the 'Black' doctors that I've been too are either African or from India.

    There's a reason for that.
    Africans and Indians tend to be more academics-oriented than AfroAmericans because they have more trust in the Western system.

    You talk to them about racism and it's like talking a foreign language.  They squint their eyes and scratch their heads trying to figure out what you mean..lol.

    Compared with AfroAmericans...Africans (atleast the ones who come to the West) tend to be far more pursuant of Western education and the heights of our career fields.









    If some of the 42 Negative Confessions or Laws of Ma'at sound familiar and like the 10 Commandments of the Bible, there's a good reasons for that!

    When Moses went up into the mountains of the Caucasus to civilize that savage Caucasian...he took many of the Egyptian books of knowledge and wisdom with him and took bits of information from those books to impart to the wild Caucasians to give them civility and humanity.

  3. Whether it's a strike or a boycott, instead of waiting for everyone to get onboard....sometimes it's best to just focus on a handful of "true" riders who will be down to support you and get things going.

    I've been saying quite vocally over the past few years that we should focus less on collective Black unity and more on uniting intelligent and righteous Black people; Black people with like minds who have the same interests.  
    Just focus on THAT group and let the zombies roam the streets.

  4. Cynique



    Change is change. Young people are receptive to what's new and different. Everybody is not stagnant, stuck in a time warp.


    And stupid is stupid.
    ...whether you were BORN that way or ended up that way.

    Young people are receptive to what's new because most of the time they DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER.

    Most youth don't have the wisdom and maturity that comes from a developed and stable mind so they tend to be more easily influenced and manipulated by things an older person has seen before and knows better than to fall for.






    i am NOT of the same generation as Millennials or Gen Zers. We have very little in common because of the huge age gap. 


    I'm gonna say it again because you are what you are; whether you were BORN that way or ENDED UP that way, lol.

    As long as we're living, we are in OUR generation!



    If you are alive and your faculties work you see  what young people are seeing, you taste what they taste, you hear what they hear.  Your PERSPECTIVE may be different but you are in the same society on the same planet.

    You're using the Western concept of generation and I'm using a universal concept.

  5. frankster





    I am saying you are I cannot and should not limit the Divine...



    The Divine includes MANY Beings including The SUPREME BEING.

    The SUPREME BEING has no limit, but as for many of the other Beings...I can't say if They do or don't.


    However let me ask you directly, do you believe The Divine has ever communicated something false to human beings?









    I think they are legends yet to be proven.


    You "think"....key word.
    You don't KNOW that they are true and only have to be proven as such, you just BELIEVE they are.
    I'd even dare to say you HOPE they are.

    But at least you admit that they haven't found proof.

    This means your mind is open for correction.









    Name the most Glaring Fabrications that you know of?


    I can't think of "the most" glaring fabrication at the moment however there are so many in the Bible, where do I start?


    Let's see, how about Genesis 3:20

    The scripture says Adam's wife was named EVE because she was the mother of all living?




    There were animals and vegetation alive before she was made  so she couldn't have been the "mother of all living".










    In short Holy means  worthy of devotion or of  the Divine...



    Well, that's limiting the definition but I understand.









    ..Can you name something in existence  not of the Divine?


    The telephone, carpet, swords, piano, ect...
    It's not very hard to come up with examples.







    The Bible is about the Divine....it tells/teaches us about ourselves.



    No sir.
    Neither I nor you are mentioned in that Bible.







    Written by the Divinely inspired Men.....Men are vain frail and do err


    Do you believe King James and the men he authorized to write the current KJV Bible was "divinely inspired"????

    What about the Greeks and Romans who wrote the script the European Bible was based on????

    Were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John inspired by the same "Source" even though they offered contradicting accounts???


    And IF (because I don't believe it) the Divine trusted men who are frail and erroneous to write a book for Them and it ends up full of lies, what would that tell you about Their judgement for entrusting such men with something so important to humanity?







    No....you must be clear.

    The Divine is always Clear....St Paul struggles with himself an unclear vessel.

    Romans 7:15

    For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.




    OFCOURSE Paul struggled with clarity, he was an AGENT of the Roman Empire.

    That's why he admitted that he changes himself for his audience:

    In 1st Corinthians Chapter 9


    19For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more.

    20And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;

    21To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law.

    22To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.









    So now you are saying The Divine lied?



    I'm saying which ever man/men wrote this fabrication, lied.







    As an aside their is an Angel named Phanuel whose named is sometime translated as Peniel.

    Lastly EL is often at the end of most if not all Angels name...



    That's the NEW TESTAMENT explanation.

    In the Old Testament you don't find Angels with an "el" ending their name.
    Infact, if my memory serves me correctly the Angels aren't named in the Old Testament.


    And before you go there.....
    The Old Testament does NOT refer to Gabriel or Michael as "angels"








    Jacob overcome his lower self and is renamed/reborn a new man - esoteric meaning



    This is found no where in the Bible.
    It's philosophical pondering.








    Very Good name when one realizes that to fight is to struggle or wrestle with an issue....is to find a solution/Salvation - Savior


    The Narrative

    He stole his brother's birthright who now approaches with four hundred men...Jacob Has a dark night of the soul moment - Esau is now Satan - The Adversary The Angel of death or the Avenging Angel destruction and ruin approaches


    More philosophical ponderings to explain the unexplainable or contradictory scriptures.

    Anything but admit they simply are wrong and can't be "righted".









    That could very well be.

    IsRa means....Journey at Night

    El means God

    Journey at night with God....perhaps a dream or simply to meditate.


    LOL....sir please stop.

    Is-ra-el  Means HE  FIGHTS/STRUGGLES (with) EL/GOD


    That's the literal meaning.

    No need to spin it or "philosophize" it to fit some weird belief system not grounded in scripture or linguistics.

  6. Cynique







    That's beside the point.  Millennials and GenZers are the vanguard of the future, and they are who will determine what the future of Society will be like.

      Their mindsets and lifestyles are already changing and they are why the future will be different from the present. 



    Is it that their minds and lifestyles are "changing" or are they being "CHANGED" by maniplation?







    Your generation will become the past.



    THIS is my generation, and yours too.

    As long as we're living, we are in "our" generation.






    @Mel Hopkins





    Consider some men who “feel” inadequate and leave or hurt their families Just recently, a  Black women, mother of six was murdered by her children’s father Raymond Thompson. He  told Philadelphia authorities  he believed she was cheating on him. He allowed his emotions to cloud his mind and stabbed her more than 18 times while she sat in the car with him. 



    I've heard more and more stories like this over the past 10 years and past 2 years in particular.
    I'm convinced that most of it comes from our current proximity to White folks.  Just living around them, engaging in their diet and behaviors, watching so much of their entertainment.


    When we were more segregated we had our own problems but you didn't hear about crap like this coming from OUR community. 
    When you heard or read about it, you could almost count on it being a problem between White folks.
    Not today though.

    ....OH, and that fake weed so many of them are smoking today is making things even worse.







    Sadly, reporting agencies ( Justice Department / CDC), also state, per capita, Black women are more likely to be killed by their Black spouses/ partners than any other ethnic group. Whereas intimate partner murders rank 1 - 1.4 out of 100,000 for other groups, Black and First Nation women rank 4.4 - 4.3 per 100,000, respectively. Also noted. possibly by surviving family members, Black women rarely report domestic violence most likely to keep Black men out of the prison system



    I would think that the murder and overall domestic violence rate against women would be MUCH higher among Latinos than among AfroAmericans.
    Mexican men often routinely beat and even murder their women.

    I know this from years of living on the Westcoast.

    They dog their women out.











    The reality is in many cases the white mans ice is colder, so we have to be very intentional about investing in Black business, for example, and give them an opportunity to develop and be on par with white businesses.





    Too many Black businesses like to cut corners and do business in a "tacky" sort of way that lowers the quality of their product or service.

    While we can blame this on a lack of funding in many cases, in many others it's simply shoddy inventory and shitty customer service.











    As evidenced by history, leadership does not require a significant degree of competence or knowledge


    Just Charisma.


    But a GOOD leader would be competent and knowledgeable.











    But Oh Gosh! I'm interested.





    🤭Come on now sis...lol.


    This is one of the reasons the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us over and over again to DO FOR SELF.

    He said DO FOR SELF....or suffer the consequences.

    In other words........

    You stop sitting around waiting on White folks to give you things and do things for you and learn how to DO THEM YOURSELF...or end up dealing with the racism and humiliation that often comes along with working for or with White people.

  8. Quote

    I am also surprised at you because you are usually neutral and non judgmental.  


    Not when it comes to MY posts....lol.

    Especially with regard to religion.








    America has done a job on us.


    However some of these niggaz are just plain stupid.

    No matter what country they were born in they'd be screwed up.


    Do you think THESE clowns would really turn out any different if they were raised in Uzbekistan?



    Young Thug: Hip Hop's First Openly Gay "Trap Rapper?"



    YNW Melly and Kodak Black Team Up on 'Thugged Out' - Press Ug - Your home  of news












    Michael Montvert






    Slavery would not have ended. They already had white slaves in the 13 Colonies. In the 17th century in Virginia there were more white slaves than black. They'd have kept on enslaving the Irish and Scots and poor English, transporting them, indenturing them, and so on. Or they'd have started importing Filipinos or someone else.



    I hear what you're saying, but atleast OUR people wouldn't have had to endure 500 (and counting) years of it.


    White people weren't slaves in the colonies btw....
    They were indentured servants who weren't "born" into it generation after generation.  
    They also were offered more opportunities to buy their freedom than Black actual slaves.







    The African-American experience here created a people resilient and strong, and besides providing a lot of labor and talent which was exploited, blacks here also contributed a lot of positive things to this country. I suppose all that suffering was not really worth it just so I could listen to music by Miles Davis and Snoop Dogg... of course there is no way to repay that. But the nation owes African-Americans a lot of gratitude for things most haven't even thought of yet.










    I don't know if I should even say this, but I'm glad y'all's ancestors did NOT all poison themselves. I'm glad you survived, if that's any consolation. Damn, now I need a drink... this is troublesome to ponder.



    Take it easy man, it's gonna be alright.






    Just wanted to confirm this. I'm white and was a teacher in South-Central L.A. I'd go into the donut shop in the morning, talk to people, walk around all over, nobody bothered me. Once the people in the neighborhood knew me, I would go everywhere, on any street, visit students' homes. The Crips would shake my hand and thank me for helping their siblings get educated so they could escape this life, as they put it.


    The Bloods and Crips were formed and are maintained to harm BLACK PEOPLE...no other group.
    That's what they are allowed to exist for; both on the streets and in the prisons.

    When the gangstaz of South Central talk about "breaking a fool off proper" they aren't talking about White folks but their own people.


  9. frankster







    Exactly ....

    The Divine sees more than we humans do and emphasize  that which is most important.



    Totally agree.









    We cannot limit the Divinity by denying its capabilities..of what it does and doesn't do

    Is the Divine limited or constrained by our concepts of Right and Wrong?.....I say NO


    I'm a little confused by your statement.
    So are you suggesting that the Divine DOES do falsehood along with truth?









    Embellishment and poetic license can both be achieve without lying.....but by placing emphasis and  some details and less on other facts of a story.


    However when it comes to the Bible, that's not MY assertion nor is it the assertion of most Biblical scholars.
    Whether you call it embellishment, poetic license, or out right fabrications...we all agree that many of the stories in it simply are not true.

    WHO authored those stories are up for debate, but their actuality...not as much.







    You should not answer a question with question.


    You don't ANSWER a question with a question but sometimes you must RESPOND to a question with a question to gain more understanding of the nature of it in order to answer properly.









    You go first who if anyone of the Two lied? Serpent or God.

    or is there another answer?



    Yes, there IS another answer.
    Most likely NEITHER, because the story was most likely an ALLEGORY that didn't take place.


    Secondly, the Bible doesn't say "God" spoke to them, but rather the "Lord God".
    The Hebrew has Yahweh

    Even in the English translation, there is a clear difference between "God" and "Lord God".








    What does Holy mean?




    According to Webster's Dictionary:

    Definition of holy
    1: exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness
    2: DIVINE
    3: devoted entirely to the deity or the work of the deity
    4a: having a divine quality
    b: venerated as or as if sacred











    Man is One Agent of the Divine....and all Agents color or influence the Message of the Divine



    Only if the Divine wishes this to be so.

    If the Divine wishes to impart the clear unadulterated truth to you with no spin or seasoning, that is entirely possible as well.










    The part meant for you are Clear....and simple as in every first step














    So you are telling the divine what is best?!?...that's rhetorical.


    I know, however that would be a real question some would have for those who dare question the need for preachers, priests, and "holy" books.


    There is often a difference between a message that is unclear and hard to understand and one that is out right FALSE.

    If Adam was told he would die THAT DAY and lived hundreds more years after that....clearly that statement was false.
    No amount of spin or claiming "a day with the lord is a thousand years" is gonna make it true.

    He simply DID NOT DIE that day.









    The following are literalistic interpretation....No Contradiction

    Genesis 32:24 says it was a man

    And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

    Genesis 32:1 agrees with Hosea 12:4  that is was an Angel.


    The only way that could NOT be a contradiction is if Angels were men.






    Spiritual Interpretation

    Angels are extensions of the Divine/God and act in The Capacity of God

    Genesis 1:26

    God said, Let us make man in our image.


    Sacred Meaning

    Man must wrestle/struggle with God and Man/Earth to secure his Blessings in Life...


    That's YOUR spiritual interpretation.
    That's YOUR sacred meaning.

    However for it to OFFICIALLY be considered as such, others would have to generally come to the same conclusion.

    This is one of the problems with relying on scriptures to determine morality.  So much of it is unclear and ambiguous there is too much room for error.

    Based on the research I've done so far, the story of Jacob allegedly wrestling with an Angel is another allegory that symbolizes a man who rebels against the Divine.

    An Angel is a member of Divinity.
    So if you are fighting and opposing Divinity and righteousness...whose side are you REALLY on and who's backing you up?




    Another point I'd like to make is.....
    If you recall, after wrestling with the Angel Jacob receives the name "Israel" which literally means "he fights God"

    So if you look at it, the "Children of Israel" could literally be called "Children of he who fights God"

    Not a very good name.

    There is evidence that the Canaanites actually gave them that name (Children of Israel) because they likely saw them as desert invaders and evil people who invaded their land and cities, murdering and destroying what which THEY found holy and sacred.

    For the Canaanites, perhaps the "Children of Israel" was another term for "children of rebellion".

  10. According to the stats I just looked up (which may be true or false) Black doctors make up about 5% of Physicians.
    That's not a bad statistic.
    It could certainly be better obviously but it's a lot better than only 1% or 2% which I expected to find.

    They didn't specify whether these were strictly AfroAmerican (FBA/ADOS) doctors or included African and Caribbean doctors as well.

    It may be that the small island nation of CUBA has more Black doctors than the United States.

  11. ProfD


    IMO, we have no idea of how the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by slavery could have been passed down to and could be the source of all forms of dysfunction among AfroAmericans.


    While slavery has had a profoundly negative effect on AfroAmericans in terms of out culture and behavior.....I still put much of the blame on low IQ, lol.

    Too many stupid people are in our ranks.


    We need to separate ourselves from them and build our own private communities to see real progress.










    Survival is about evolving. 


    Or having enough intelligence to acquire and secure resources that allow you to maintain YOUR way of life without having to "evolve" or change.

    The more resources you own and control, the less likely you are to be influenced and manipulated by others outside your community.

  12. 6 hours ago, Michel Montvert said:



    Is it all a colossal sham, a show? Or can we trust anyone, even the FBI, even the progressive Democrats, at this point? The entire world is ominously dysfunctional and worse by the day. At this point I have to say, Here's hoping we survive!

    To answer your question....NO.

    Most Democrats at the Federal level can't be trusted (sorry Stephan....lol) and are in cahoots with the Republicans.
    Both are playing for the same team and it's one big game.

    However UNDERSTANDING this is key to breaking the spell and moving towards progress because as long as you BELIEVE that you actually have a choice you will continue to do nothing but EXPECT for the "opposition" to provide the resistance for you.
    Once you realize that they aren't true opposition and won't help you....then you'll get up and do what needs to be done yourself and THEN you will begin to see progress.

  13. 11 hours ago, Chevdove said:


    Black communities have always been easy to infiltrate and divide to conquer. 

    White people can walk right up into a Black Barber shop and feel at ease, but it's not the same in other communities.



    Even more so than that.....

    White people can ride around and even walk around in the most gang infested ghetto and remain unharmed but if a Black person tries driving through the gangsters will be asking all kinds of questions like which set is he down with, who did he come to see, is he a snitch or the actual police itself?

    But they leave the White folks alone.













    6 hours ago, Cynique said:


    I consider myself condescending when I correct people's grammar and spelling.  And I'm always surprised when nobody catches some of my errors - which are usually typos. I just set high standards for people who hold themselves in high regard.  Especially since they don't have to be college-educated or intellectual to speak or write standard English correctly. or be detail-oriented enough to proof read what they write. These are elementary things. 


     I also invoke "ad hominem" arguments, but my thinking is that what I say about a person is directly related to what i believe is their "flawed" argument. 





    Yep...😉....this will be noted for future references, lol

  14. 3 hours ago, Chevdove said:


    Absolutely @Pioneer1 but the problem is that historically, when it comes to us, have not Black men failed?


    Collectively speaking, so far AfroAmerican men have indeed failed their women in terms of adequately protecting and providing for them in this society.

    We can make all the excuses we want to make ourselves feel better, however the facts are the facts.

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  15. Chev

    You'd also be an excellent fit for a forum like that because you like to post a wealth of information about the Bible and history that many if not most people EXCEPT for the intellectually inclined will not take time to read thoroughly.

    It's a shame for a person to take so much time digging up, formatting, and posting information so dear to them only for it to get ignored and float down to the bottom of the page or disappear because the average viewer is more interested in participating in beefs and online feuds than gaining insightful information they otherwise wouldn't come across.

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  16. I believe the Willie Lynch letter was real, however the older I get and the more I observe Black people across generations....I wonder how much of the division I see among Black people was CAUSED by the racists....and how much was caused by US and just TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF by the racists....lol.

    Both as a kid and as an adult I saw little AfroAmerican children fighting and quarrelling with each other over silly shit that causes unnecessary division with apparently not a White person in sight to initiate it.  It appeared to initiate from WITHIN the community itself.

  17. ProfD

    Not sure what complexion you are but I'm considered light-skinned (more like T I's color) and Cynique is very light skinned.
    If she were honest (yeah right....lol) she would agree with me that most light skinned AfroAmericans have a slight sense of superiority over most darker skinned AfroAmericans that has been bred into us by our favorable treatment BY other AfroAmericans.

    This goes for mixed raced AfroAmericans as well as most light skinned people in general.

    Many if not most AfroAmericans see light skinned/mixed people are more attractive, more "beautiful" and even smarter and just plain "better".
    This isn't always a CONSCIOUS mentality either, many subconsciously believe this from generations of indoctrination.

    Just like a lot of White people say racist shit about Black people when they think we aren't around, a lot of mixed raced and light skinned people will criticize and even make fun of darker skinned Black people when they aren't around and even see them as more disgusting. 

    And it seems that for the past 20 years the OLD practice of marrying and mating between two light skinned/mixed raced people are making a comeback.
    Something I thought we did away with in the 60s.

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