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  1. Dan



    However we see earlier we see eye for eye. 


    Jesus didn't preach "eye for eye".



    The words are as clear as day.
    Now it's your choice if you want to live by them or think the advice is realistic or not....but you can't twist them.

    You can't tell us that we're not reading what is written in PLAIN ENGLISH.



    And he has given Genocide orders.


    Show me the scriptures where Jesus ordered genocide?

  2. Chev


    Oh I hate to say it but, I suffer from paranoia when it comes to this strange pandemic, but I'm okay.

    I don't blame you.  It's common sense.
    I wear masks when I go out and I'm very careful about who I go around and who I let near me....especially Caucasians.
    I had to drive a few of them away.

    I was driving down the street not too long ago and we were at a traffic stop and the car in front of me PARKED.
    A goofy looking Caucasian without a mask on got out of the car leaving the door open with a little kid bouncing around still inside the car.
    He walks over to my window looking all inside my truck and toward the back seat and then and starts twirling his finger as if to say "roll down your window".
    I'm just STARING at the fool.....

    He keeps twirling his finger and hand and then starts saying,

    "Roll yer winda down...I wanna TELL ya somethin' !!!"
    "I wanna tell ya something...jeez....why don't ya just roll yer winda down !!"

    For legal purposes, I'm not going to tell you EVERYTHING that transpired at that scene but I WILL say that by the time the traffic light turned green his ass was SPRINTING back to his car and was trying to get out of there so fast he almost messed up his foot because he had the car rolling before he even closed his door!

    I don't play around with these White Supremacists.
    I treat them like the demons they are and get them out of my face and MIGHT even run them down the street if they catch me in an off mood.


    Horrifying moment man runs down Castlemilk street brandishing weapon |  Glasgow Times

    "Ok!  Ok! 
    Gee wiz....I'm leaving!!!
    Calm down guy."






  3. 6 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

    I think some of his theology reflects a major distortion in Black Christian thinking in some Churches. While Jesus said blessed are the peace makers, that wasn’t a indictment of the military. Scripture indicates he healed the son of a Roman Soldier.


    According to the Bible he DID say:  
    1. If someone strikes you turn the other cheek....as opposed to hitting them back.
    2. Put away your sword, for those who live by the sword will die by the sword

    The Jesus of the Bible was DEFINATELY against war, violence, and the military....despite how racist gun-toting conservatives like to twist it.
    Caucasians are hypocrites and they teach those who follow them to be hypocrites as well.

  4. On 11/22/2020 at 9:26 AM, Gibran said:

    For once in my life, I can offer the news that a city in NC has put forth a REPARATIONS package for the black residents of Asheville. It is hoped that what happens in Asheville will become a model for the rest of the nation.


    The city council voted unanimously to issue an apology for slavery and promised to pour money into investments into the black neighborhoods. No money will be paid out to individuals, but a newly formed Commission was formed so that the money could be allocated accordingly.


    Two other cites, Providence, Rhode Island, and Richmond VA have followed the Asheville model while last year, Evansville, Illinois took it one step further by becoming the first city to approve direct payouts to individual blacks.

    Oh hell.............

    Those first 3 cites are a SCAM brother.

    When they talk about "investments" into Black neighborhoods, it's VAGUE and AMBIGOUS talk like that the raises my antenna.
    If most of the businesses in so-called "Black" neighborhoods are not owned by Black people then who are getting these "investments"?
    If most of the housing and land in so-called "Black" neighborhoods are not owned by Black people then who are getting these "investments"?

    And how many Black neighborhoods even EXIST anymore.
    Most of them are a MIX between Blacks and Whites or Black and non-Black Latinos.
    So how do they know who is getting what?

    It's too scatter-shot and vague.

    The only one that sounds half way decent is the Evansville Illinois approval.

    We'll have to keep a close eye on this and see where it goes.

    But I'm telling you that the WORST part of this is can play games and give out checks to under-cover firms and non-profit organizations where the money goes right back into the hands of Caucasians instead of Black people and then they can run around saying that they "already paid" reparations to avoid having to pay them FOR REAL.


    "I'm happy to announce that we
    JUST paid out Reparations to
    PEOPLE OF COLOR last week!"



    15 Stars Whose Blackface Blunders Backfired, From Ted Danson to Jimmy  Kimmel (Photos)

    I got MY check.  I'm happy!"


  5. Hey bro......

    Do you want to know a sad truth?

    The sad truth is ONE of the reasons Europeans are so successful in coming to African communities and speaking on African affairs is because Africans tend to TRUST THEM and seek to IMPRESS THEM and give them all of the information they want....while they too often DISTRUST and DESPISE eachother over ethnic and religious differences.
    Often times the ONLY person who can mediate and serve as a liasion to get into the nation and interview people and get the information is a White man from the outside!


    Like Rwanda.
    Neither side trusted other Black Africans to tell their story to or help negotiate a peace deal....so they call in White people from Europe to come down and broker a deal because BOTH sides trust "da white man" to be fair and impartial....even though he was the one who STARTED the conflicts to begin with!

    I was watching that racist movie The Last King of Scotland the other night with a lady friend of mine and we got into a discussion which almost turned into an argument because she hated the way the movie portrayed the main white character in a positive light when the fact was White people seem to constantly INJECT themselves into African affairs. 
    And she was right about the movie, but she missed the mark that too often the case is Caucasians don't have to inject themselves because they'll be pulled into those affairs.

    Too often we as a people (African people) trust Caucasians and would rather talk to them and do business with them and even be friends with THEM over our fellow African brothers and sisters.

    Look at such logic......

    One African doesn't like the other African who looks just like him because:
    -he is of a different ethnicity
    -he speaks a different language
    -he has less education
    -he practices a different religion


    But those same Africans will chase after and make friends with a WHITE MAN who is:
    -of a different race
    -speaks a different language
    -didn't go to college at all
    -doesn't even believe in God


    ....they'll ignore ALL of those differences just to pal around with a White man but let ANY of those factors prevent him from getting along with another Black man.

    Many Africans will DISOWN their own daughter if she marries an African from another ethnic group, nation, or religion......but will REJOICE if she marries a WHITE MAN who doesn't even believe in God!
    Am I lying?

    Look at Iman and how she was allowed to marry David Bowie.


    So this is one of the reasons so often White Europeans can come to African nations and get access to certain information and areas that even other Africans aren't given to do their news stories and documentaries.

  6. 13 hours ago, Chevdove said:


    @Pioneer1 No. I was too busy with being a new mother. I've never been a serious TV addict, so there are probably more popular shows that I did not see especially during the 90s.


    BTW, I've been absent from this community for a little while because my computer had a virus and also some significant changes have occurred.

    So, I am super busy but hope to eventually pop in more and more to see the topics!


    Hey Sis, glad to hear from you.

    I hope your computer was the ONLY one that had a virus!

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  7. Liber8ion



    Knowing what I know TODAY as a 50 year old AfroAmerican man who has spent decades studying race, politics, and the issues affecting the AfroAmerican community......

    I wish there was an organization that PROPERLY EXPLAINED to other Africans from around the world EXACTLY what happened to AfroAmericans and why we behave and think the way most of us do.

    Because there is a lot of IGNORANCE on both sides floating around and too many Africans and AfroAmericans are looking to and relying on Caucasians to tell us the truth about ourselves and eachother when THEY are the ones who separated us in the first place.
    That conflict going on over in Etoobya (Ethiopia) right now.....if you really investigate it....was started by Caucasians keeping up conflict and division among the people.


    AfroAmericans as you mentioned were STRIPPED of our culture when we arrived year hundreds of years ago.  What you see most of us doing is ATTEMPTING to practice a European based culture that was not designed for us and actually causes many of the pathologies that afflict the AfroAmerican community today.



    Not sure how old you are but do you realize that prior to the INTEGRATION of the races in the United States (about 60 years ago) AfroAmericans collectively were actually doing MUCH BETTER?????


    We had our own supermarkets, bus stations, gas stations, hotels, and even had all Black cities that we built from the ground up!

    You NEVER saw homeless or drug addicted Black people.  And they rarely went to jail.


    Black literacy actually DECLINED when our children started going ot school with White kids...lol.

    Did you know that?


    It all changed AFTER we started mixing in with the larger White population.


    This isn't talked about.

    It's hidden.


    But if you don't believe me talk to a Black American over 70s and ask them if everything I just told you is true.

    Even if you think I'm making this all up or it sounds crazy....JUST ASK THEM TO SEE WHAT THEY TELL YOU.

  8. Dan




    That’s a dodge.

    No....THIS is a Dodge!


    2012 Dodge Charger SXT V6 Test – Review – Car and Driver


    Everytime I ride around my city
               * BLING -BLING*




    I think she has a much more authentic answer to a conversation she wasn’t even in.

    No doubt our sister has intelligent thought to add to any conversation, however let us put this in context.....

    Judging by most of your responses, you seem to give MUCH more credence to the answers those beings who reside in your imagination feed you than what any intelligent real-life human being has offered you thus far.



               "Say...say WHAT now???"

  9. Especially when you're dealing with a people with a high "stupidity" rate among them.

    I've come across so many AfroAmericans lately are running around hating on other Black people from the Carribean and South America and using the "ADOS" movement as an excuse to do so.
    Many of them think that ONLY Black people in the United States were enslaved....not Jamaicans, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, ect...ignorance.


  10. White "information"....like White "history"....changes with whichever direction the wind is blowing.


    First the oldest person "recorded" is 117.
    Next year scientists will "discover some artifacts" to show that the oldest recorded person was actually 243....lol.


    White people's so-called knowledge fluxuates because they're always "discovering" new information.

    They are a NEW people and just like a little kid running around their parent's house....are constantly finding out things that have ALREADY been around.

    Hell, for thousands of years they thought the world was flat until they "discovered" the truth about 600 years ago.


    Truth is, they have people in Africa HUNDREDS of years old who can still walk around and talk.

    Like Herodotus said, African people are LONG LIVED.

    Dr. Sebi (if anyone on her knows him) was in his 90s and was still making babies!

  11. Dan



    The lies we tell ourselves. I thoroughly reject that sorry explanation. The reason is based on how we respond to words. The problem is that’s it is a fossilized confirmation of the property status of Blacks. 

    Lol...it's no "lie".
    The definition has CHANGED....TRANSFORMED.

    WE have the power to define our own words for ourselves.

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