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  1. ProfD

    That's the difference between the OLD SCHOOL Black politicians and the new cats who came along after so-called "integration" who grew up confused as hell and don't know who their enemy is.

    The old school Black politicians spoke directly to the concerns of the Black community and didn't pull any punches. The new Black politicians (those under 65 today) who went to school with White folks, smoking weed and drinking with them at parties, and getting blow jobs from White girls have a totally different outlook.  They really believe in this "can't we all get along" garbage that seeks to be friends with and compromise with their open enemy.

    Most of those born in 1960 or later don't know the full STING of racism and how wicked White folks really are because they usually don't witness it until it's too late.

    When it comes to mayors like Young and Barry....a lot of young Black people mistakenly believe that THEY are the reasons that so much of Detroit, D.C. or other inner cities controlled by Black mayors are run down or have a lot of crime.
    What they don't realize is BEFORE these Black mayors took over....the majority of the city may have been clean but the segregated ghettoes Black folks were forced into were run down and crime ridden because of extreme poverty.  When these brothers took over, they provided relief for OUR community and expanded the wealth so that it would reach us.



  2. Greg



    Most black women choose white men because they find them more attractive and much better providers than the very unreliable black man.


    When it comes to women, attraction tends to be somewhat complicated........

    They can find a man "attractive" in the sense that he is wealthy and has the potential for being a good provider but UNATTRACTIVE sexually.

    Vice-vera....they can find a man who is broke and totally untrust worthy VERY ATTRACTIVE sexually and physically and want to have many babies by him.


    It's been my observation that in THIS society, most women see Black males as attractive SEXUALLY and even PHYSICALLY (although this causes conflict in their minds because they were raised to see white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes as attractive and are confused as to why they can't helpl but find the opposite of that attractive), but many don't trust us to be able to adequately provide for them and the offspring we produce.

    This causes a lot of distress in the psyche of a lot of women.

    Subconsciously, they want their attractions to "line up" neatly.
    They want the SAME men they find sexually attractive to be the great providers and protectors; not the lames and nerds whom they find generally a turn off.  But unfortunately for them, in this society it's the nerds, lames, and "soft" White men who often have the most money and power.

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  3. Troy


    I've met a few Black people who think and talk like Greg, but something still tells me he's not a Black man.
    Perhaps maybe even bi-racial...but not "fully" Black.

    As you know, I've contended over the years that the intelligent discussion has waned because the INTELLECT of our community has continued to wane over the past 50 years or so.

    I remember back before 2000 when I would participate in the many Black discussion boards, there would be pages upon pages of dialog and debate....mostly with relatively intelligent and educated Black people who knew how to maneuver a computer and the internet and were knowledgeable enough of various subjects and MATURE enough to hold prolonged discussions on them.

    Over a 20 year or so period I saw a steady decline in intellectual and civil discussion as it devolved into online beefs, petty emotionally driven arguments, threats, sexual harassment, ect...

    Now much of the online dialog between Black people takes place in SOCIAL MEDIA in chatrooms like Youtube or Twitter.  And these discussions don't consist of structured dialog so much as they consist of highly individualized posts made up of 20 words or less and half of THAT is usually emoji...lol.
    These social media platforms are also usually HEAVILY moderated and HEAVILY biased preventing alternative opinions to be expressed.

    The intellectual decline is real.

  4. For one thing he actually signed up and joined the site.
    Perhaps Troy found that slightly commendable since most so-called conscious Black folks won't even make that commitment and would rather just drop a few posts as guest before dropping off the scene and not even bothering to stick around for the response!

    But another sad fact is........
    Racist or not, there are so few of OUR OWN people who are willing to (or capable of) engage in intelligent discussions on boards like this that sometimes even dialog with a TROLL is welcomed...lol.

    It's an extreme analogy but, think of a person who has been in solitary confinement for years.
    There only contact is with prison guards; so if someone comes to visit them, they're probably not going to be TOO picky about who that person is since any visitation and human communication is welcomed.


    Another analogy would be how the biggest goofball who wouldn't get the time of day from the average woman will often get some conversation and even some play....and perhaps a bit more....from a rather ugly woman who is starving for the attention.


    I remember you mentioned in another thread that anti-semites wouldn't be welcomed on the average Jewish platform.
    While you're correct, most Jewish platforms probably have very high traffic of Jews who participate on a regular basis and engage in conversation.
    A Jewish literary site the size of AALBC would probably have 50 or 60 REGULAR members engaged in routine dialog and debate on everything from the latest political issues to religious doctrine.  Not to mention many more infrequent members who add to the discussions.
    There is simply no benefit what-so-ever to entertain a troll pestering the site.

    I did quite a bit of non-professional social activism in the past, especially when it comes to fighting for the homeless, worker's rights, and fighting racial discrimination.
    Low level activity, but it was enough for me to learn quite a few things about human nature in general and the behavior and thinking of our own people (AfroAmericans) in specific.  Especially what gets our attention and what the majority of us are attracted to.

    One of the strangest things I noticed over the years was that no matter what social issue we were fighting for:

     Most Black people were uninterested in serious issues and were more interested in having a good time, even when those serious issues directly involved THEM like fighting for some basic shelter in the wintertime for them or keeping their jobs.
    They didn't want to attend the meetings let alone sit in them for hours; infact most didn't care much for engaging in simple dialog over these issues.
    Many found it too boring to hold their attention.



    Most White people were the opposite and seemed VERY curious about our meetings and what we were fighting for and about, even when it didn't concern them directly.
    If we held meetings, most of the participants were White people.
    Even in a community that was majority Black....White people often made up a disproportionate number of the audience.

    And they weren't shy about engaging in those meetings...asking questions, even offering money and other forms of support.

    Even in racial discussions where I was unapologetically pro-Black I would often find more White people interested in dialog with me....even if they opposed my position...than many other Black people who simply were uninterested in what we had to say and wouldn't even show up.

    The sad fact is, sometimes racist White trolls are more interesting to dialog with than many of your own people who obviously find intelligent and meaningful discussion about serious issues PAINFULLY BORING and will treat YOU like a troll for "bothering" them with shit they are uninterested in.

  5. ProfD


    When Coleman Young....Detroit's first Black mayor....became mayor, one of the first things he did was MAKE SURE that no White cops were patroling Black neighborhoods alone.
    He made sure that in Black neighborhoods either there would be Black police officers (of which there were very few when he first got into office) or a White office WITH A BLACK PARTNER.

    But what was totally unacceptable is to have two or three White cops riding around in a Black neighborhood by themselves like Starsky and Hutch shooting up the place and conspiring all kinds of devilishment with no oversight.






    Was the White man "complying" with police orders when they went to serve him a warrant and he refused to come out of his house and instead started shooting at them???


  6. 20 hours ago, Cynique said:

    @Pioneer1 Hell, no. No reason in the world to think a dufus 🙄  like you would be good at managing women. 

    That's why I'd hire YOU as the "Madam" to keep the other women in line.



    Josh Denny on Twitter: "In the 80's, Della Reese was in Harlem Nights with  Richard Pryor, Eddie and Charlie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and Red Fox - and  absolutely stole the show. The


    "Pioneer, I TOLD you the girls are having a busy night tonight!
    They already made you over $25,000!
    Now leave me alone and let me get back to work!!!!"


  7. ProfD



    Agreed. This could flip racism upside down. Especially when grandparents will have a harder time denying their mixed grand chilluns.


    ...or further add to the confusion of ALREADY confused people.
    Namely the people of color.


    The White folks themselves are less likely to be confused no matter how much the races mix.


    White folks know who they are and have known who they were for centuries, even while keeping the rest of the population in a state of chaos and confusion about their own identities.

    Neely Fuller Jr. said knowing that they are White or atleast classified as White is ESSENTIAL in the practice of "White Supremacy".  
    Having non-White offspring won't disturb this pattern that has worked for them for centuries.

  8. ProfD

    Smart people often communicate in a way that the average and stupid people can't relate to or understand.
    What they say often goes over the heads of the masses.

    A VERY smart person who is socially intune knows how to "dumb down" what they're saying to a level that stupid and not so intelligent people can easily understand and relate to.

    Bill Clinton was great at this.
    He was smart like Obama, but he was also smart enough to know how stupid the average person is and how you must talk to them to get their support.

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  9. Stefan


    You are wrong.


    I'm not wrong, you simply misunderstood my post.
    You have a habit of doing this.



    Canaan was never cursed to be Black 


    I never said he was.





    because he was NOT the progenitor of the Black Race. Ham's son Cush and likely, his other son Put, are acknowledged by serious Bible scholars and anthropologists to be the Fathers of the Black Race because both settled in Africa.


    SERIOUS Bible scholars don't even believe in the Flood myth and know it was borrowed from other existing Flood myths that were floating around the Middle East before the Bible was even written.






    Canaan was a grandson of Noah and his descendants settled in the area of the Middle East that is called Palestine. As the Book of Genesis prophesied, the sons of Canaan in time became subservient to Ancient Israel. 


    Well if you DO believe in the Bible.....
    It says that Canaan was to be a slave to HIS brothers also.
    Phut, Mizraim, and Cush

    But the fact is all of this is mythology.


    The Canaanites (Kena'ani people) didn't come from Noah or some mythical man named Canaan but were already in existence for thousands of years before the Caucasian  Israelites invaded that land and enslaved the native Black population and later on came up with scriptures to justify why they did it.


  10. On 7/2/2022 at 7:12 AM, ProfD said:

    The woman ia still alive 67 years later, d8mn right she should be held accountable for her part in leading to a murder.


    Bill Cosby just lost $500k in a civil suit for an alleged crime that occurred 47 years ago. Nevermind that a 16 year old at the time had no business being at the Playboy Ranch. 


    White folks have committed and gotten away with more physical, social and economic murders than any other group of people on the planet.😎

    My question is why haven't a group of Black men....especially the relatives of Emmitt...ALREADY hunted down his torturers and killers and GAVE THEM JUSTICE THEMSELVES instead of waiting on the system to do it?

    Most of them down in Mississippi know who was involved.
    They may not know EVERYBODY who was involved in his torture and murder but I'm sure they know SOME of those who were involved.
    They could have snatched them up back in the 70s and had it taken care of already.

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  11. Stefan


    What you're describing are the values that work in an IDEAL WORLD.


    It sounds like a Meritocracy, where virtues like honor and loyalty are extoled.


    But that's not THIS society.

    In THIS society, the Uncle Toms and Sell Outs often times get more benefits and support from the White racists than their own people if they would remain loyal to them.

    -You go to a job and start kissing White folks ass....they give you a promotion, a better job with more money and invite you to various parties.


    -You "keep it real" and stay loyal to the niggaz and you end up being lied on, have your things stolen, end up being threatened in the parking lot for looking at somebody's woman, and don't even get a pleasant "good morning" when you come in.

    If you get fired, the niggaz you were loyal to don't even look in your direction when you're fired and escorted out of the office.

    In this society, often times there are simply more TANGIBLE BENEFITS to get from selling out than being loyal to your own.

    The Black community needs to make the environment more enjoyable and beneficial to dissuade people FROM selling out rather than relying on "loyalty" and other intangible values that don't pay the bills.

  12. ProfD


    I came to the conclusion years ago that the Democrats are just a "pressure relief" party whose job is not to come up with their own policies but to slow down and tone down the agenda of the Republican party.

    They are a PRETEND PARTY.
    They pretend that they are the opposition but really their only job is to slow down what the Republicans are doing rather than stopping it.







    It was Republicans who created the Dept. of Homeland Security, began rolling up huge national deficits, embarked on wars of choice, turned a blind eye to undocumented immigrants as long as they cleaned their houses and mowed their lawns. All was good as long as such ones worked cheaply and quietly in factories.

    It is the GOP that is now intent on re-dirtying our air and water, restricting voting and a woman's right to make her own medical decisions, allowing only certain people to have guns and playing unfair when it comes to banking and finance.


    I think YOU do a much better job in exposing the inconsistencies and true agenda of the Republican Party than most Democrats in office!

    I haven't heard any of them lay it out like you have on television or on the internet.

    Most of them preach "reaching across the aisles" and working together with them.

    The only Democrats that I've heard who really go after Republicans and expose their eviliness are the Black Democrats prior to the 1990s like Shirley Chisum and Jesse Jackson.  They told it like it was and didn't play games or pull punches with these right-wing racists.


  13. ProfD

    Hispanic actually have a VERY anti-code way of procreating because they often seek the lightest and Whites people to procreate with.

    If you really observe most Latinos, you'll find that there are two types of people MOST Latinos (regardless of color or race) will marry and procreate with:

    1. Another Latino who is very light skinned or White racially.
    2. A non-Latino White person whom they can mate with and CALL that offspring "Latino" and accept them into their culture.

    This practice in the Latino community is called "Mejorar La Raza" which translates into "Bettering The Race"
    They literally believe that they are improving their community by adding as much White genetics as possible to it!

    The weird things is even when a Latino woman get's some Black dick and falls inlove with a Black man, the pressure from her community to have a lighter and lighter baby is so strong she'll still often seek a White man just to have a baby with.

  14. ProfD

    This is why I keep saying we need to POLICE OURSELVES.
    We need our own specially trained police department designed specifically for OUR communities so that shit like this doesn't keep happening over and over again.

    It indeed is a sad and difficult situation.

    The unarmed brother didn't deserve to be executed like that, especially by a a firing squad.
    However if he didn't jump out and run, he'd probably be alive today.
    In jail probably....but alive.


  15. Cynique

    Honey child, your "opinion" ain't worth two rusty nickels rubbed together....lol.
    You said what you said and TRIED to present it as viable argument before I pointed out how ridiculous that analogy was.

    BODY PAINT isn't the same as TATTOOS either because it's not permanent.
    Just like you can SHAVE OFF a beard, you can WASH OFF body paint.


  16. 3 hours ago, Cynique said:


    @Pioneer1 nor does  it mean that that having a tattoo is improper or unhealthy or that people are conditioned to accept them, - except within the confines of your irrelevant opinion and personal prejudices. Not to mention that painting and decorating the body quite possibly originated with Africans and Native Americans. 


    @Pioneer1They are analogous in that they are both trends in today's pop culture. Whether you can shave off a beard which is natural and not a tattoo which is artificial, has nothing to do with the subject; just another of your false equivalencies



    1.  A person of color getting a tattoo is EVIDENCE that their minds have been conditioned by White culture because you do NOT see them tattooing themselves in traditional African culture.  So where did it come from if NOT from outside of our own culture?

    Decorative scarring?  YES

    Pin on Tribal Reference


    Tattooing?  NO

    2. It's NOT a "false equivalency".  What YOU offered was a false equivalency by trying to equate someone growing a beard which occurs naturally with someone deliberately injecting dye into their body to permanently alter the image of their body.





  17. Greg

    It's not racist, it's actually COUNTER-RACIST because that position counters the racist strategy White men have been enforcing for the past 4000 years.

    Since your ancestors left the caves....

    Through their religions and laws, they have made it ok for Caucasian MEN to go around raping women of color, mixing up the blood, and producing mixed up babies for the purposes of being "go betweens" to help them rule over the darker races since there's not enough of them to go around.


    Regardless of why Black women marry White men....there's usually ONE REASON why White men marry Black women -and it's not for love.
    It's a POWER MOVE.
    A strategy to cause more confusion and maintain their dominance over the Black community by tricking Black people in general and Black women in specific into thinking they have some sort of "love" for them.

    However it should be noted that often this power move goes both ways where many White women who marry Black men do so for the same reasons.
    Kanye West and the Kardashians immediately come to mind.

    Average Black men are FAR MORE "reliable" in bed than White men would ever hope to be....even with Viagra and Cialis.

  18. A White man in Kentucky KILLS 3 cops and wounds many more and he get's taken into custody alive and relatively unharmed.........

    but a Black man in Ohio who is actually trying to run away from the cops gets shot over 60 TIMES and is killed?

    In the words of Flava Flav:  Yo Chuck, is they serious man????


  19. 18 hours ago, Troy said:

    If you brought early and sold before the crash you made a ton of money, But the real money is in charging others to teach them how you made money. To me @Pioneer1 that is the real potential for scams come in.  Of course there were some straight up crypto scams, but I don't think Bitcoin is one.


    Blockchain is probably here to stay, but like the WWW there needs to be some regulation otherwise people will get exploited.  


    I don't even know how much my little investment in crypto is worth today.  I use a cold storage wallet -- which I just came across after three months of not being able to out my finger on it (or my keys)...  Maybe in 10 years the value would have increased. I'm treating it like a savings bond, albeit a very volatile one 😉 

    Not being the brightest bulb in the lamp.....what you're talking about sounds a little too complicated for me to risk investing my money in.

    That's why I say most people should stick to safer investments like real estate or partnership with businesses instead of all of these pyramid schemes and super-complex financial plans where you need a doctorate degree in economics just to figure out what the hell you're doing.


    Investing shouldn't be NEARLY as complicated as Wall Street is making it.

  20. ProfD

    Those promises  certainly appeal to me....emotionally.

    Problem is, the Republicans rarely DELIVER on these promises when they get into positions to do so.

    As quiet as it's kept, even though they are a racist right-wing party...the Democrat party is so WEAK that if the Republican politicians would actually KEEP the promises they made I probably would have swallowed my pride and become a Republican years ago just to see SOME of the issues I support actually being enacted!

    But alas......
    While preaching less goverment....Republicans EXPAND government (chiefly by joining it)
    While preaching against illegal immigration.....rich White Republicans are the ones primarily sneaking them in the country for cheap labor.
    While promoting free market capitalism....they are the ones responsible for so many restrictive laws that TARGET Black businesses.
    While promoting gun rights....they are the ones primarily supporting law enforcement and legislations that target Black and Brown men to take away THEIR rights.

    I got hipped to their double-speak game 15 years ago.
    It's like the novel 1984; just preach the opposite of what you actually do and most people won't be any the wiser.


  21. As mentioned before, when it comes to interracial dating, sex, and marriage.....I have a DOUBLE STANDARD.

    My rules for Black women are much different than my rules for Black men.

    I personally believe that Black men should be able to date and have sex with any race of women who consent, as long as HE has the upper hand in the relationship.
    However when it comes to Black women, I don't approve of them having sex with or even marrying White men except for EXTREME circumstances.

    I know this standard isn't equal, but I think it IS relatively fair.

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