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  1. 3 hours ago, Rev said:

    They not using Chinese as slaves lol smh the world runs in money and they are working fir their money I guess u don’t understand the concepts of money and look up how much money America owes China it’s right there on google and China is literal buying America right under our nose literally you haven’t done much stuff remember the silent conquers slowly no roar just a swift moves maybe ,maybe then you’ll understand the expression how the turtle won the race 😂

    China isn't "buying" America.....China is PAYING RENT on U.S. property.
    There's a difference.

    Everything the U.S. is allowing China to spend it's money "purchasing" is still in America's POSSESSION on our soil.
    Anytime the U.S. wants to...they can literally SIEZE and reclaim the property.

  2. ProfD



    When I was a youngin, AfroAmericans owned everything in my community.  In the late 1980s, I saw the handwriting on the wall.  AfroAmericans cashed out and Asians showed up. It's been that way for three decades now and counting.


     It appears that the same economic gentrification took place in Black communities around the same time all over the nation.

    I remember back in the 70s MOST of the businesses in the Black neighborhoods of Detroit were owned by Black people.
    You had some major outlets like a McDonalds or Kroger or Sears that were White owned national chains, but most of the small businesses like resturants, dry cleaners, funeral homes, barbershops, ects...even the gas stations...were owned by us.


    Right around the late 70s I started going to the gas stations and grocery stores for chips and candy and saw light-skinned dudes with hair arms and hair pushing out of their chests speaking a foreign language and counting money.
    They owned just one or two stores and gas stations.


    Then as time went by I started seeing more and more of them owning the stores and gas stations...then the restaurants and supermarkets.

    These were the Middle Easterners who...like the Koreans in other Black communities...were being brought into the Black communities of Detroit to supplant the Black businesses.











    And W T F does whitey want from us???  


    Maybe he wants YOU to stop calling him "whitey"...lol.




    Why don’t you work the system and stop complaining about everything.


    Ok, then why don't YOU learn to work with the Biden Administration and work the system under his presidency instead of complaining about him so much?


  3. ProfD

    White folks consume what black folks do until they figure out how we did it.  Then, they codify, reproduce and sell it to themselves.  From The Rolling Stones to Elvis Presley to Michael Bolton to Celine Dion, they've repackaged black music.  Now, they consider Eminem one of the greatest rappers. 

    And Eminem ain't even from Detroit

    His entire image is as phony as a $4 bill.  
    Completely made up and used to put a White face on Hiphop

    But that's what they do....they see something valuable and slowly try to co-opt it into their own culture.
    The first thing they do is get RACIALLY AMBIGUOUS looking music artists like Paula Abdul or Mariah Carey....even Michael Jackson....and make them the super-stars instead of artists who look clearly Black.  
    And each generation the artists get lighter and lighter until right around 2000 they started using full blown White artists like Christina Aguillar and Justin Timberlake to perform Black music.

  4. Rev



    how the white man conquer China when the us owes China trillions and trillions of dollars 


    And how the hell does the U.S. "owe" China trillions of dollars when China doesn't even MAKE dollars?
    They make "Yuan"...not "Dollars".
    Only the U.S. and Australia make Dollars. 

    Believing that the U.S. has to borrow money from from China is like believing a man who told you he was borrowing sperm from a woman...lol.



    African American Man Pointing With Finger Near Free Stock Photo and Image

    "You PROMISED to loan me some sperm so we could make this baby!"


    It's all one big game and you're falling for it.


    As far as Chinese technology.........
    I have little idea of what they do or don't have; but I'll say this much.
    Whatever they have, it's not keeping Am*zon and other Big Tech companies from coming overthere and using millions of Chinese workers as slaves and exploiting them.

  5. ProfD



    There are so many factors that affect Black Love today.....


    1. Confusion over sex/gender roles


    2. Literal chemical castration that has plummeted the testosterone rate and thus the ambition and sex drive of many young men.


    3. Decline in manufacturing jobs that Black men depended on to be the bread-winner.  So he no longer feels confident enough to be "the man".


    4. Regression from the "Black Power" days of the 60s and 70s where dark skinned men/women with big Afros and kinky hair were seen all over television, movies, and magazines embracing and making-love to eachother.


    This is one of the reasons I didn't have much of a problem with Meek Mill's picture on the bus.
    A lot of people thought it was disrespecting Black women but when was the last time you saw brown/dark skinned Black women portrayed as sex symbols in public?

    In order to FEEL sexy and attractive as women, they need to grow up seeing sexual images of Black women.

  6. They're coming up with one excuse after another to explain why the poor man got the jab and STILL ended up dying of Covid.
    And many many many people who have received it have died.
    And I have a feeling many many many MANY more will end up dead....or worse...from having received it.
    Just give it more time.

    Minister Farrakhan and other Black leaders have WARNED you not to trust your open enemy.
    But greed and love blinds a lot of our people into having unconditional trust for them.

  7. ProfD



    Some of it comes from working too much, but a lot of these folks don't even have jobs.
    Laying around on their sister's or grandmother's couch texting all day....ain't doing a damn thang worthwhile


    But much of it is because the latter generations (Millenials and Gen Z) of boys have been CONDITIONED by the White people they went to school with or worked around to take a prudish attitude toward approaching girls/women.

    They were taught that it's "inappropriate" to flirt with women, call them baby, and other things that were so common in the Black communities prior to 2000.

    The were told that flirting heavy with a woman in public is called "street harassment" and were taught to feel guilty about doing it.


    Now ofcourse boys will be boys and men will be men and  testosterone has a way of FORCING you to assertively and seek the comfort of a woman regardless of any social rules against flirting pursuing; but still most people just want to fit in and will try to honor the social rules.


    The interesting thing is....
    I was told by many many women (including White women) that the bold assertiveness of Black men is one of the things that made us so attractive! 
    So it's I find it suspect that so many Black boys/men have been convinced that this is a problem.

    If you're in your 50s I'm sure you remember the days where on any given weekend night if you go around the hood you'd see tons of Black boys and girls just out embracing eachother  smooching in public.
    The boy would have his arm around his girl as if to say, "This is may lady".

    When was the last time you saw THAT lately?
    When was the last time you even saw a Black male and female embrace eachother in public let alone smooch and kiss?

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  8. ProfD



    I doubt it will go that far but if so, I'm guessing national guard would get called up similar to during protests.


    Or start deputizing the racist militia groups.








    Medical personnel, law enforcement, and other essential
    workers would rather quit their job and lose their income
    than get vaccinated, which says that the risk of side 
    effects is not worth it and the people will not be bullied
    or threatened by their employers or the government.


    It's just more re-enforcment and assurance that I made the right decision.

    And that I'm CERTAINLY not alone.
    I have millions and millions and millions of folks right there with me.

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  9. Rev Run

    Danm can’t believe will actually come to an agreement. 

    We agree???
    Well, I might have to DO SOMETHING about that...lol.



    Because no one would know God exist white man was created for a purpose to complete the wholeness of good and evil ying yang 


    I'm not sure if I'd go as far as to say they wouldn't know that God exists.
    But similar to what you said, Caucasians were made as the recessive or "evil" part of ourselves and allowed to rule so that we can experience what it feels like living under UN-righteousness.

    "Let US make man in OUR image and likeness and let us GIVE HIM POWER AND DOMINION....."

    This gives you more respect and appreciation for Righteousness.

  10. It get's better and better..........



    NEW: Of Chicago’s 12,770 total police officers, roughly 35% did not report their vaccination status by October 15 as required by the city of Chicago, city officials say. It means about 4500 officers could be placed on no-pay status in the foreseeable future. -


    ((Twitter Link Unavailable To Paste))


    I'm willing to wager over a third of all law enforcement in the nation will eventually end up walking off the job....plunging this society into mass chaos.


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  11. Troy


    As I said at the beginning of this conversation I think cryptocurrency is the future and my concern here is that we will fall behind fail to adapt to technology and run businesses for fear of scams.


    Scam or no scam....as long as Black people are satisfied with being PARTICIPANTS in other people's economies instead of building a sound economy of our own (like the Asians) we're gonna be behind.

    Haven't you heard that you can't win playing ANOTHER man's game?


    White folks control Crypto-currency like they control the OTHER currency. And as long as we keep trying to fight for a spot in THEIR crap game, they're gonna continue to have the upper hand.

    We need to get our own game going.

  12. 4 hours ago, Rev said:

    Why does white people have a perpetual hatred for black people?

    It's not hate...so much as it's ENMITY.

    Does that cat "hate" the mouse?

    Does the eagle "hate" the rabbit?

    Does the lion "hate" the gazelle?

    The Caucasian was MADE with inbred animosity for the Original people and it's part of his nature.

  13. 4 hours ago, Cynique said:

    @ProfD  The Civil War was also instrumental in the formation of the electoral college  which was conjured up to placate the defeated Confederacy States by giving them them equal voting power with the large Federal states. Just another reason for the electoral college to be abolished along with supreme court justices being appointed for life!  Like Lincoln, everybody reveres Ruth Bader Ginsberg but she neutralized her legacy and endangered freedom by refusing to retire during Obama's administration when she was in her 80s, so he could've appointed a liberal to the court to maintain so much of the legislation that protects individual rights.


    The Electoral College existed BEFORE the Civil War.
    It existed back in the 1700 close to the original Constitution.

  14. Rev Run



    That’s actually a wrong statements if there was no black leaders there wouldn’t be no Haitian revolution so t that as stupid.


    Who said there were no Black leaders?





     There have also been numerous Afro Americans leaders the white man is a snake he just paid them off to rebelled against their brothers I’ve watched juda and them lack messiah and that happens within all black groups. And don’t compare the Afro American with Asians Asians have a former training tHey weren’t conquered and deeemed subhuman.


    So you don't consider the British control of China for centuries a form of being "conquered"?

    The U.S. dropped a nuke on Japan, that's not a form of conquering?

    The French colonized Vietnam...but they didn't conquer them?
    The U.S. didn't conquer South Korea?



     You’re whole point is to point out the black man flaws without first understanding the roots 

    you’re not here fir solution ur here for  mockery. 


    If that was my WHOLE point then I'd spend the rest of my time here mocking and pointing out the flaws in YOUR posts alone, lol.







    I'm here "fir" solutions too!
    Give me some!


    ....but ones that  don't involve sitting on a milk crate waiting on the hot sun to "cook up" all the White folks.


    1,570 Man Sitting Corner Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

    "Seems like it would have
    happened by now"


  15. Mzuri


    And I would never prescribe anything to @Pioneer1 that 
    would cause him harm.


    🥰  That's right honey....I know you wouldn't.


    Cynique on the other hand.........🥺


    I'm not taking ANY candy from HER, lol.



    Esther Anderson (Sanford and Son) - Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia

    "I brought you some suckers...sucka"




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  16. Mzuri


    Mess is the right word for it.

    A HOT mess.


    And it just didn't get started, it's been going in this direction since the 80s.
    The Pandemic is just bringing things to a head.

    When it gets to the point where the average person can't afford to take care of themselves and must shake up with a spouse, boy/girlfriend, or roomates just to make ends meet...you're heading towards Third World status.


    Do you know why you don't see HORDS of homeless and drug addicted people staggering around on the streets by the millions like a zombie movie?

    1.Mass incarceration
    2 Mass suicide


    First of all...EVERY YEAR tens of thousands of people have been overdosing on drugs and killing themselves for the past 20 years or so.  Look up the stats if you don't believe me.  
    More people have killed themselves through overdosing than were actually killed by homicide in the U.S.  
    They couldn't take the harsh conditions and first turned to drugs and then used it to take themselves out.


    Secondly, unlike the Great Depression where people were allowed to be homeless and sleep on the street in tend cities around the nation....today police are instructed to round up much of the homeless and store them away in jails and prisons by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS...so you don't see them.

    As conditions get worse.....the government SANITIZES the problem so as to appear like it doesn't exist.


    Just like if there was a car accident and 5 people were killed on the highway...then send in a teams to "clean it up" and in 3 hours traffic is flowing and you wouldn't know anything occured.

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  17. Troy

    Whether the IRS as a single agency can trace it or not, SOME government agency can.
    The FBI..NSA..
    They are on the deep net too.

    So many Black folks still don't get it.
    White folks have a world wide SYSTEM where all of their agencies, economic systems, and even governments are connected.
    You think you're escaping one by dealing with another, but both of them are working for the same global network of Racism connected at the top.


    There is no crypto-currency or any other global currency that you can hide or conceal from the U.S. government.
    The old folks were much smarter to hide their money in their mattress.






    There’s nothing wrong with being a celebrity spokesperson.


    The man was the mastermind behind Watergate!

    He was locked up for years for theft, perjury, and a host of other crimes.
    And the Conservatives turn around and embrace the guy???


    Using G.Gordon Liddy to sell gold...

    Is like using  R.Kelly to promote a private school for girls.



    Watch R. Kelly Describe Trips to McDonald's With His Mother - video  Dailymotion

    "Girl you know you got that vibe
    You need to bring it to my new school!"


  18. The thing I notice about both Whites and Asians is that even the stupid ones will often get behind a smart one and recognize him as the leader.

    A lot of times among AfroAmericans,  even when a person is CLEARLY smart and is coming up with good ideas...many of those who are stupid and foolish will reject them and go in the other direction out of jealousy.  
    Ask the smart one, "Who made YOU the leader????"...lol.

    I've seen so many Asians work together.
    You have one or two people....and it can be a man OR a woman...running the operations pointing and giving orders.
    And the rest of them are shuffling around with their heads down busily carrying them out.


  19. Troy

    Well, you're talking to a guy who hasn't made over $60,000 in a year...yet.
    So I'm clearly not rich and I don't know much about Wallstreet and investments admittedly.
    But I can smell scams a mile away 

    When people start trying to sell me on something by saying......



    "Invest in Bitcoin!
    The IRS can't trace it.
    The government can't control it
    You can do whatever you want to do with it".

    That right there raises red flags!
    The IRS and government monitors nearly all financial transactions on line whether they ANNOUNCE they're monitoring it or not.
    A FOOL sit there thinking they're being slick and sneaky and can actually make millions and hide it on the World Wide Web.

    Also when I repeatedly ask people (as I have on here) how much money have YOU made doing "this" or "that", and they either tell me "nothing yet but---" or start getting angry and figidty and don't want to admit they've made little to nothing -that raises MORE red flags.

    It's like those Amway pyramid schemes where THEY make money by getting you to invest YOUR REAL MONEY into their schemes

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