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  1. I've repeatedly said for over 10 years now that Black folks need a SOLID AGENDA.

    But what I've been saying for about 3 years specifically is that INTELLIGENT and DECENT Black folks need to get together and formulate this agenda because you'll never unite ALL Black folks on everything.

    Unfortunately, some of our people are just plain too STUPID to know what's in their best interests.  They'll sell-out for a pack of Black-N-Milds and 12 piece party pack of Popeyes chicken.

    You can't discuss anything of importance with them.
    They won't understand if and many of those who manage to....will just screw your plans.


    1,339 Life Style Cigar Stock Photos and Images - 123RF


    NIgga this IS the Reparations!
    Da' fuck you thank???"

    INTELLIGENT and DECENT Black folks need to organized and form an agenda.

    I've discovered that INTELLIGENT Black people...meaning Black people with an IQ of atleast over 95..actually tend to think quite similar.
    We notice the same things in society and actually notice the same problems.  
    When intelligent Black men get together...and leave the dope and alcohol alone while we meet...we usually come up with VIABLE solutions to our problems pretty quickly.

    It's usually White folks who come into the meeting interfering with the discussion or Black FOOLS who waste time talking loud and making threats that hinder progress.

    And don't let a bunch of Black fools AND some White folks be at the same meeting...they'll REALLY act up!!!
    Start showing out and competing with eachother over who the White folks agree with the most.

    Trump ally running for Congress believes in baseless QAnon sex-trafficking  conspiracy | Republicans | The Guardian

    "Now wait a minute now...
    Shhhhhh...be quiet yall, I got sum' to say.
    Now hold on yall...
    I thank...I thank dat we should all show a dep of gratitude to Massa Trump fa takin'
    time out his busy schedule to come sit down wit' us."

    Just don't let THEM butter biscuit eating fools in our meetings and we'll be alright.
    Let them wait outside in the drive way next to the cars until we're finished talking businesses.
    Then they can drive us back home...or to the closest Popeye's chicken to celebrate our success...lol

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  2. I don't blame them at all  for leaving....I think more should.


    I'm a little disappointed more people haven't just given up on this society.

    It there's any justification for why we need a "Welfare State" it's this current Pandemic crisis where it's dangerous for most people to go back to work and they SHOULD be paid to stay home.
    But few people are talking about that right now.

    Too many people are "satisfied" and content with barely scraping by, leaving on pennies, hustling and scrapping like an animal, and living on people's couches.
    They've been doing it for so long...hustling like an animal is all they know.

    If poor and destitute people stuck together and refused to work unless conditions were safe and paid much more, they would have no choice but to give the people what they demand.  But too many are willing to work for scraps to feed their little drug and alcohol addictions


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  3. One thing I WOULD say about the Blaxploitation films as stereotypical as they were...

    Atleast the Black man was the HERO in those movies, unlike most of the movies of today.

    They may have been low budget but the Black men always won at the end, kicking the ass and getting the women.
    They even uncovered some racist plots that were going on in the movies.
    Except for Get Out (I'm still surprised they let that movie come out) you rarely see that in a script in todays time

    I still remember Three The Hard Way and the cop scene with the martial arts...lol.
    Shaft, Superfly,

    And we can't forget my man DOLEMITE..........



    Blast from the Past: Dolemite | Arts | San Luis Obispo | New Times San Luis  Obispo

    "Who get's the last laugh NOW....muthafuka!"

    Starting in the 80s, Black men started increasing their roles as just plain criminals, clowns, and buffoons.
    Con artists, car thieves, and then it elevated to drug dealers and kingpins like New Jack City.

    Spike Lee did his best to TRY to turn some of that around but the power of Hollyweird was just too strong.

    Like the OJays...Hollyweird had their hooks in some of these brothers to the point they went stone damn crazy!

    Remember when Martin Lawrence was seen running down the street in only his drawers with a gun in his hand yelling "fight the power"








    It doesn’t take long to mess up your whole reputation. 

    W.S. shouldn’t have taken that role, plus he made an 

    ooogly ass woman.

    You know I actually haven't even seen the movie.
    Just a trailer or two or maybe a poster of it.

    I couldn't bring myself to watch my man in that role.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Delano said:

    Does spirit have a gender.



    3 hours ago, Cynique said:

    Why can't they stand on  that claim?? Your question makes no sense.  Secondly,  they don't have to answer for an opinion I expressed.  The can  maintain what they believe. .  

    You're CLAIM...that souls have no gender...makes no sense, if you feel that they can stand on the claim that their soul is in the "wrong body".

    IF you are right....then Transgender people who believe they are trapped in the wrong body ARE wrong for feeling that their gender doesn't line up with the sex of their body.


  5. Cynique



    Body and soul are not the same.


    I never said that, nor is that even my point

    The point is.....
    IF (and it hasn't been established) a Soul has no gender then how can Trans people who claim they are trapped in the body of the wrong sex -stand ON that claim?

  6. This is one of the reasons I have so much respect for Dave Chappelle.
    The man walked away from $50 million at what was at that time the height of his career....because they asked him to put on a dress.

    He has dignity and self-respect.

    I don't agree with everything he says and does because he became famous playing a powder lipped crack head and other silly stereotypes....but he stood by HIS principles and didn't sell out.

    That's the part I respect.

    I'll tell you who I WAS disappointed in though

    Wesley Snipes

    I didn't think he'd ever put on a dress but he did it for some Two Wong Fu movie for a hot second and I thought it was so disappointing.
    Snipes was my man.
    I don't think he did it again afterwards but, still.....

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  7. 3 hours ago, Cynique said:

    @what's his name: Since you are not the head nigga in charge, you don't call the shots. Me and white folks can use the word nigger any time we please  What are you gonna do about it?  



    "Nigga you KNOW my name."

    What's with all the "what's his name" crap???

    Speaking of HNIC...lol.
    Where's my nigga Troy?

    What's his stance on the "n" word in general, and should Cynigg  Cynique get her pass revoked UNTIL she's ready to reconcile with the Black community?



  8. Apparently, we weren't the only ones who had enough!


    A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs


    New York (CNN Business)A record 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, evidence of the considerable leverage workers have in today's economy.

    About 2.9% of the workforce quit in August, up from 2.7% in July, according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) report, released Tuesday. That marks the highest quit rate since the report began in late 2000.
    The number of workers who quit rose by 242,000 from July as more Americans demanded higher pay, better working conditions and more flexible arrangements. Those number of people who quit rose in accommodation and food services, wholesale trade and state and local government education.
    "If you're unhappy with your job or want a raise, in the current environment it's pretty easy to find a new one," said Gus Faucher, chief economist at PNC. "We're seeing people vote with their feet."
    Companies continue to grapple with a serious worker shortage. Job openings remained very high at the end of August at 10.4 million, the JOLTS report showed. However, that marks a decline of 659,000 from the end of July.
    The numbers show the worker shortage was even worse than realized this summer. The number of job openings in July was revised higher to 11.1 million, a record high since this report began in 2000.

    'Golden age' for workers

    Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM, said this may be witnessing the start of what might eventually be considered the "golden age for the American worker."
    "The American worker is now confident that he or she has the bargaining power and can obtain a reasonable wage -- and have influence over the shape of working conditions," Brusuelas said.
    That bargaining power comes from their willingness to quit jobs they don't like and look for new ones. And this shift is not merely centered on simple economics -- but a broader reassessment around quality of life and purpose.
    "This is what happens after great wars or depressions," Brusuelas said. "It's hard to spot while you're in it, but we've gone through a shock that has elicited an unexpected change upon the population. And it will take some time to sort through."
    All of this helps explain why employers, including factories, trucking companies, restaurants, construction firms and schools, are having trouble finding workers.
    In the long run, such a workforce transformation will be a positive thing, allowing more people to find satisfaction in their careers and for businesses to have happier employees. And it can allow more workers to make a living wage and contribute to the broader economy, easing the alarming gap between rich and poor.
    In the short run, however, the worker shortage will continue to complicate the reopening of the global economy, contributing to rising prices, supply chain stress, product shortages and shipping delays.
    "It takes some for these things to work themselves out," said PNC's Faucher.

    JOLTS job openings report: A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs - CNN


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  9. 3 hours ago, Mzuri said:






    That picture is old news. 


    They are saying Trump lost weight and he's in great shape now that

    he doesn't have the weight of being president on his shoulders.





    :rolleyes:  Yeah, well let's KEEP him in great shape by keeping the stresses of being President off his back.

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  10. Mzuri


    It seems to me that even when people are arrested, oftentimes

    they are set free anyway. Especially in places like NYC.

    Especially when they are violent and mentally disturbed and the cops want to put them out on the street to commit a violent act to JUSTIFY themselves.

    Isn't it interesting that most of the well publicized violent incidents that took place in New York earlier this year almost all involved a homeless Black person with mental problems who was previously arrested but for some reason was let back out on the street?

    That one dude who beat up the Asian woman infront of a building had allegedly stabbed his own mother to death a few years back.
    But he get's out and is allowed to roam the streets?????

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  11. 5 hours ago, Cynique said:

    One is physical , the other is mental.  Sex has to do with your genitals; gender has to do with your masculine or feminine orientation.

    That's actually spot on.
    I wish I had gotten to the question first.



    They also believe they are trapped in the wrong body.  Who are you to say they aren't. Live and let live.

    But if soul has no gender...wouldn't that nullify their argument of being "trapped in the wrong body" ?









    You are conflating cultural assignments to gender with it being an independent entity from sex. 


    Those are GENDER ROLES

    Many Transgender people DO have psychological problems.
    Some do not.

    However like you and most Conservatives, I do NOT support the Trans Movement.

  12. Mzuri

    I'm not on YOUR case...right now atleast...I'm on Cynique's...lol.

    Membership has it's privileges.

    One of the privileges to being in the Black Club is the unlimited use of the words Nigger/Nigga.

    Now I LOVE niggas...I do....but niggas need to understand this!

    You can't just let EVERYBODY run around saying it.
    Power is exclusive, not inclusive.

    Now I'm sorry to do this to your friend Mzuri but I have to take her pass from her and "put it up" in the closet until she get's her mind right!!!!


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  13. Jasmine Reed


    There are TWO "N" words

    Nigger and Nigga


    Nigger is the racist insult

    Nigga is the term of endearment

    Both should be used in their proper contexts.






    @Jasmine Reed: You can weaponize words, and empower them.  To a white person, the word "nigger" is like a bullet they can use to wound, frustrate and anger a black person. 


    Speaking of angering a Black person, lol

    Since you DIVORCED yourself from the Black race, you lost your PASS to use the word "nigger".

    You are officially PROHIBITTED from using that word and it's derivatives....until you reconcile your relationship with the Black race.

    Your Nigger/Nigga Pass has been REVOKED, lol.



    Do you hear me????












    I don't know what "we" should do but I use the "N" word all the time

    I use it mostly in reference to white people.



    I hear you calling them "whitey" most of the time, lol.
    Which I don't hear much today.


    When I hear the word "whitey" I think about a neighbor who used to live down the street from us who paid the boys in the neighborhood to rake leaves or do odd jobs around his building while he'd preach to us about "whitey" and "niggas"...lol.

    He had property and money and even voted Republican back then...but would constantly talk about White folks and called them "whitey"....lol.



    "Now wait a minute now...
    Yall listen to me now...

    Never let whitey know what you're doing 
    with ya money!

    When whitey gives you a job...
    Make sure you show up on time!"


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  14. Mzuri & ProfD


    This is where I blame Black people again.



    I read about  few areas around the country where the Police Chiefs and Sheriffs said that due to the virus, they would stop enforcing traffic laws and other misdemeanor offenses.


    You even have Sheriffs around the nation who are flat out REFUSING to enforce mask mandates and social distancing regulations and have been for over a year now.

    They flagrantly ignore the laws they don't want to enforce.


    So it CAN be done, if the people demand it.

    Black folks who don't DEMAND shit...don't get shit.
    But then stand around with their lips poked out crying about how "America" treats them wrong.


    "Why dey do dat??
    But why dey do dat doe???"



    If we had REAL Black leadership they would had demanded a national moratorium on arrests for non-violent misdemeanor offenses..atleast until the Pandemic is declared over.

    But as usual...these Negroes wait for a White man with long hair and glasses to stand up and "speak out" to follow instead of initiating it themselves.

  15. I didn't click on Delano's thread yet, because I was concerned about what I might find...lol.

    When I hear something called "Myths about Slavery'...it makes me wonder if they are going to somehow try to make it seem as if it wasn't as bad or cruel as we commonly think, or feature a bunch of Black and Native American slave owners to make us think it wasn't about race.
    That's getting to be pretty common now a days on social media.





    You know what I've taken an interest in lately?

    The rampant racism down in Latin America and how much more pervasive and open it is compared with the U.S. today.

    Right now there are movements in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to WHITEWASH those island nations and erase their Blk presence.
    It starts with taking down the statues, erasing the pictures, then making movies and television show that feature lighter and lighter characters supposedly representing the people.

    Even in the U.S. there was a recent case about a sister who was a firefighter somewhere down South who's face was erased and replaced with that of a White persons!

    Racism is real and deliberate.

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