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  1. ProfD



    It would be interesting to see what those mixed race folks would do if whites declared war on non-whites. Most of them would not be able to hide or blend. I guess they would be fine with 2nd class status when the dust settled.


    According to our Elder Neely Fuller Jr (lol...a junior elder???) the war has ALREADY been declared, fought, and won.
    Now they're just in the maintenance phase.


    Most mixed people through out history have shown a CLEAR willingness to side with their Caucasian half over thier Black/Brown half, especially when Caucasians are in the position of power.

    Not all, of course.
    But most.


    Even in the U.S...unless they were FORCED to by Caucasians with the "one drop rule"....many mixed people would only side with and identify themselves as "Black" AFTER the Civil Rights movement got going and especially during the Black power movement when it looked like Black people were rising in power and status in this society.
    Before then....you had the paper-bag tests and other methods to establish "rank" based on nearness to White people.

  2. There are a lot of viruses period going around on the internet.
    There's no telling what these devils may have put out to jam up people's systems.

    I'm not a computer expert but I don't understand why they have to be so complicated in the first place.
    They MAKE them so that they're vulnerable to glitches and viruses.

    On top of that......

    When dial-up first came out it was moving fast.
    Then the DSL cable came out....and dial-up started "slowing down".  If you wanted faster service you had to go with DSL.
    The wifi became more prevalent....then DSL mysteriously started "slowing down" so that everyone gets wifi.

    It's a GAME these people are playing.
    They make up a bunch of damn problems just to get you to spend more money to get back to where you were originally.

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  3. Dave has nothing to apologize for.

    Here's something I've noticed, even since I was a teenager.......
    It seems that Caucasians who are weird, strange, have problems and issues who are often ostracized from the general Caucasian society will often come around Black people.

    These FREAKS will just start hanging around Black people and learning the lingo and culture and just post up around our people sometimes to have a "friend".

    Black folks can be sitting at the table chilling, eating lunch and enjoying themselves and some freakish White boy with 3 heads and an arm growing out of his back wants to come sit his ass down at the table with them; talking about "Yo yo whaddup bros!"

    It's the same with a lot of Trans individuals.
    Many of them are ostracized from the larger White society because of how they live and behave an their own people don't accept them, so a lot of them want to connect and hook up with Black folks and form political and social relationships with our people.

    We shouldn't go for that.
    If your own people don't want you and think you're weird.....why are you hanging around here trying to hook up with us?

    Go form your own little group down by the river.


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  4. Mzuri


    I personally don't believe it came from China.
    I believe it...like most diseases...came from the Caucasians and they are PUTTING it on China.

    Even if it came from the land of China, it was probably some Caucasians messing around inside of China.


    Neely Fuller Jr. says when you see tragedies like this...look for the USUAL SUSPECTS (White racists).

    They're usually behind it one way or the other.



    Whether you have been vaxxed or not. 
    This pandemic is far from being over.


    Absolutely, this Pandemic is FAR from over.
    Infact I believe it's still in it's beginning stages.
    It keeps mutating and mutating.


    Unlike most Conspiracy Theorists, I don't believe they're exaggerating the number of deaths....I think they're actually SUPPRESSING the number of people who are actually getting sick and dying from this mess.
    I think they're keeping the numbers suppressed because they don't want to public to panic and they want to keep people working and spending money.

    They want people to suck it up and go back to work, but they haven't declared the Pandemic OVER yet.
    They just keep playing with the numbers....up down up down....flat..up in Alabama...down in Michigan....up in New York...down in California.
    Just playing games.


    While Pfizer and Moderna are getting RICHER AND RICHER.




    Mel Hopkins


    I'm actually not afraid of death...it's HOW I die that concerns me, lol.
    But death itself is just a transition from one Reality to another.


    As far as the jab...
    They keep telling one lie after another about this mess.

    First they said if you took it you wouldn't get sick.
    Then they claimed IF you got sick it wouldn't be as severe.
    THEN they claimed you wouldn't be hospitalized.
    THEN they claimed you wouldn't die.
    Now that folks took it and are STILL dying....they say



    Family-‐based Interventions with Children and Adolescents with  Externalizing Behavior

    "Look...just shut up and take it anyway.
    And if you say something we'll cut
    you're money off.
    How about that!!!"



    Like I said earlier I'm not going to turn this into an anti-vaxx rant.  I respect Troy and his site too much to get it flagged or labeled as such.

    But while the media is TRYING to portray this is a Trump Supporter or right-wing position....we've had many many Black leaders like Minister Farrakhan who warned us NOT to go along with the madness.
    But the media just IGNORES the Black people who speak out and question it.
    Pretend they don't exist. 
    Which I find suspicious.






    I didn't understand why the CDC said to take off your masks - I didn't. 

    I understood it.
    They aren't serious about ending the Pandemic.
    They want to PROLONG it.

    I barely graduated from highschool and I know if you tell people to take their masks off and walk around Wal-Mart again that they were gonna spread the damn virus.
    They KNEW it was gonna be a surge when they told people that if they were jabbed they could take their masks off....especially when you have no way of verifying their status and going by some "honor code"

    The CDC and other organizations operated by Caucasians have a HISTORY of lying to the public which is why I don't trust them.
    They know the truth....they just don't tell it.

    Or if they DO tell it....they wait 50 years later when most of those who are involved in it are DEAD before the real truth of it comes out.  That's their PATTERN over and over again.


    But when you don't trust them to begin with...you don't have to worry about it.


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  5. Mzuri

    I now call CNN the "Crying News Network"

    Between Don Lemon and Van Jones coming on crying every two or three weeks over something....those two seem to be part of a tag-team to humiliate Black men.

    Van Jones cried when Trump became President....then the nicca turned around and cried when BIDEN became President!
    He'll cry for any damn thing.

    Just say "good morning" to the clown and he's liable to break out crying.




    "Ahhhaaa....you said good morning.
    But it's the WAY you said it...ahhhhh."


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  6. 3 hours ago, ProfD said:



    Nor do I see a constructive benefit in a person knowing and/or believing they're mixed. It's not like they're going to use it in order to overcome racism. 😎

    Perhaps OVERCOMING racism isn't their objective.
    Maybe PRACTING it...on other people of color they demean as "inferior"....is their goal.

    And determining what you're mixed with and how much, helps to establish your "status" in their hierarchy.



  7. Mzuri


    Well, according to the CDC and others who even PROMOTE the jab...when it comes to the Delta Variant, it really doesn't matter whether you've got the jab or not you can STILL spread it just as easily.


    They knew all of this when they were telling people to take their masks off and walk around Wal-Mart a few months ago.
    They knew that jabbed people were just as likely to pick up the virus and spread it as the un-jabbed.
    They KNEW this...and hid the information.


    Their entire goal is to get people to stop worrying and panicking and go back to work, go back to shopping....ignore the dead bodies laying in the street and go back to business as usual.





    Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not yet complied
    with vaccine mandate as deadlines near

    Yeah, I was reading that earlier today actually!
    Also hundreds of thousands of POLICE OFFICERS around the nation haven't gotten it yet.

    They said the LAPD chief is refusing to enforce the mandate on his officers because so many haven't gotten it that he doesn't want to risk a mass WALK OUT by the officers.


    This thing is getting real.....very real.

    And I say it's about time.

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  8. Maaaaaaynne, I've had a crush on Chilli for DECADES.
    And I'm a little older than her too...lol.


    I've always thought she was the most beautiful one in the group, and then the lovely Left Eye.


    TLC Unpretty Lyrics Meaning Feminist Song







    You sure do have a thing for Black people with "something else" in them...lol.


    But it's hard to answer your question without factoring in the REST of her ancestry.

    Don't just focus on the one Indian great great grand parent.
    What about the OTHER great great grand parents, and grand parents?
    What were THEIR races?

    Like most AfroAmericans...I'm sure she had some White and Native American ancestry too.
    How much?


    You must factor all of this in to make an accurate assesssment.

    Also, it should be understood that "Indian" is not really a RACE but really more so a NATIONALITY made up of atleast two different races.

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  9. Troy



    It was fascinating to read the back and forth between Pioneer and Rev. because one would think they’d be on the same page being believers in the notion of race, but since the foundation of what they believe is flawed they can’t agree.


    Well no, we can't be on the same page because...I'm a WHITE MAN....according to Rev. Run, lol.


    Read his last few posts to me carefully.

    If you can make it out.




    these statements are factually inaccurate.


    Well his first statement is inaccurate.
    His second statement has some truth in it.

    TRUE Blackness DOES carry with it all the colors of the Universe.

    However certain individual colors that most humans can't see in this light spectrum often appears as "Black" simply because their sight doesn't pick up on the actual vibration of the color and detail them.

    So there is SOME truth to his latter statement.

  10. Yet nobody has answered my question as to WHY in the hell are so many cops still making routine traffic stops during a Global Pandemic.

    Why hasn't it been halted, suspended, until the Pandemic is declared over?

    I personally think that is a good question that should be brought up at every press conference.

    You mean nobody else is wondering why cops are STILL making routine traffic stops and engaging in other petty exercises where they're coming in to close contact with one citizen after another in the middle of a Global Pandemic that is SPREAD through human contact?

    They're telling US as citizens to put on a mask, socially distance, and have as little contact with eachother as necessary in order to be safe...
    Yet they STILL have their officers raiding houses, stomping all over furniture, stopping people for speeding, grabbing and handling their driver's license, and snatching them out of the car having all kinds of CLOSE contact with them.....and not wearing masks or gloves half the time.

    Virginia officer who pepper-sprayed Army officer fired | TheHill

    You mean to tell me that does raise an eyebrow of concern????


  11. Speaking of Black love...........

    I've been checking out the Black Man-o-sphere lately and although I hear some good points in it, much of it consists of AfroAmerican men who are CONFUSED.

    Unlike the White Man-o-sphere which is based on misogyny and hatred of women....which is part of the Caucasian tradition....the Black Man-o-sphere consists mostly of Black men who like women and find them attractive but have so many relationship problems with them.  Cheating, lack of respect, child support, etc.....and they just sit around for hours and hours and hours complaining.
    Others give advice on how to exploit and abuse women.
    It's a shame how elements of our community have resorted to promoting dysfunction just to make a quick buck.

  12. I think it's about time the Black community puts this "trans" business in it's proper place and perspective.
    Which means it's NOT a legitimate cause or movement in my opinion.


    I'm a Black Progressive and I've been talking to other Black Progressives about starting our own movement where OUR issues and other TRADITIONAL Progressive issues like Women's Rights, Poverty Programs, Reparations, Police Reform, ect..can take center stage.


    Don't get me wrong....

    I support the right of Trans people to be who they are and if a man wants to wear a dress and high-heels, that's his business.
    But when you try to FORCE me to accept him as a woman...now you have a serious problem on your hands.
    And that's what the Trans Movement is all about.


    I've said over and over again for a couple years now that the Trans Movement should NOT be part of the Progressive Agenda, but so many White folks want it to...so now it may be time to separate and focus on our own Progressive issues.


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  13. 3 hours ago, Cynique said:

    @Pioneer It's a mystery to me why you think i would prefer having you rather than my dog and cat laying around. or even being in your company under any circumstances.  You've really convinced yourself and continue to try and convince everybody else that I have thing for you. All i can say is, I don't.  But dry your tears. Maybe Farrakhan can get you a  job selling bean pies.   

    If Minister Farrakhan offered me a job I'd accept it!

    I've worked with the Nation of Islam before doing different things.
    They are good for their word.
    Plus I enjoyed being around so many clean intelligent morally upright Black people that I could trust and have meaningful convesations with.
    I don't think you can put a price on that.

    TRAINING | muhammadmosque75

  14. Despite THOUSANDS of people dying from this virus every day......

    And despite many many MORE THOSANDS who are getting so sick from it they can't work......


    They INSIST on keeping this economy operating and refusing to shut down all non-essential establishments to try to get this Pandemic under control.

    And like toddling little idiots, you got millions of people going right along with it trying their best to "get back to normal" as if "normal" was working out so well for them even before the Pandemic.



    Poor old African american homeless man - Jay Harold

    "Man, I sho' wish this society would hurry up and

    open back up so we can all get back to normal!


    Why in the WORLD would most Black men want this society to "get back to normal" any way?
    What was so great about THIS society's version of "normal" for most of us?

  15. 3 hours ago, Cynique said:

    @pioneerI I don't care whether you get the vaccine or not and all your conspiracy theory spin off drivel is to be expected. As I say, getting the shot is a personal choice, and nobody on either side has to justify what they decide to do. Maybe you can find another job, flipping burgers at MacDonalds. 

    Maybe I won't have to.
    Maybe I'll just move to Illinois and move in with YOU if you move all those animals you got in the house out of the way....lol


    Man in bed with cat: Black Twitter, Animal, Bed, Cat: FreshMemeTemplates


    One of us gotta go"



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  16. ProfD



    Pioneer, I take it you have a plan to insure your financial needs are met. Be well.


    I KEEP several plans.
    However I'm sure you've heard the old saying about "man's plans"...lol

    Like Neely Fuller Jr. teaches....
    Under the System of White Supremacy..you should be ready to toss your bag over your shoulder and roll out at any a moment's notice because you never know WHAT these clowns might do.

    However that's easier said than done.
    Especially for a 50 something year old man, lol.


    This is why I've constantly stressed Black independence over and over again through out the decades.
    As I said on the other thread, there is enough Black folks with money that they could have BEEN done something so it wouldn't get like this.

    Now millions of people are in the Twilight Zone and are in the Valley of Decision as to whether to take the jab or live out on the street like a pack of nomads.



    City Settles Federal Lawsuit Allowing Homeless on Skid Row to Keep Property









    Why have vaccines become such an issue? They've never been 100 per cent safe, but they've always been required in many situations; schools, the military, foreign travel.

    And they were causing problems THEN..and are STILL causing problems.

    Look at the high rates of autism, cancers, asthma and other health problems that the AfroAmerican community suffers disproportionately from.

    Do we really KNOW what there causes are?

    How many laboratories do AfroAmericans own to analyze what we're taking and KNOW it's effects?

    For people to say "I got it and I'm alright" is a little PRE-MATURE because you don't know what the effects will be 5 or 10 or 15 years down the line.






    This is 2021. Medical science has advanced.

    That means they can kill people in larger numbers and more efficiently.



  17. Mzuri


    What are you going to do?  Do you have a plan B?


    Honestly, I'm not exactly sure.
    Many other jobs in the area are also demanding that you get the jab either to get hired or eventually will require it of their employees.

    I have a plan B,C, AND D....lol.
    But your plans don't always work out.

    I saw the mandates coming way back in April of 2020.
    I knew where this was headed.
    But even when you see it what can you do about it besides not take it yourself?

    I'm just a little surprised so many Black folks are going along and not questioning it.





    I don't want to give you advice if you don't need it.


    I'm always ready for some good advice!
    Even if I had a my own business with a billion in the bank...and 2 billion stuffed in the mattress...lol....I'd listen to some GOOD advice!





    This particular vaccination is different from the others we've had in the
    past because it was a rush job and it did not undergo the normal trials  
    that vaccines must routinely endure. 

    Then there are all the rumors surrounding the COVID vaccine, and the 
    negative comments that influential people have made about it, all of 
    this has caused people to be reluctant about getting vaccinated.



    💯  EXACTLY!


    Minister Farrakhan and other people I trust have WARNED us to stay in the house, stay masked up, and NOT take their poison.


    I'm gonna HEED that warning.


    He has a better track record than the CDC, in my opinion.







    Right now, I'm just worried about Pioneer1, this is not a good time to
    be out of a job, or without an income.  People have enough things 
    to worry about.

    I just hope he will be alright.

    Ahhh....thank you sweetheart.🤩


    I appreciate the concern.


    Don't worry too much about me, focus more on your family.
    I've relied on The SUPREME BEING before I started working and will continue to rely on The SUPREME BEING for my sustenance.

    As I constantly say...I'm not religious but I strongly believe in The SUPREME BEING.



  18. Del



    Paul Mooney molested Richard Pryor jr

    Has that accusation been VERIFIED?

    Weren't you telling us that Martin Luther King engaged in some homosexual behavior a few years ago based on rumors and inuendo?

    This may or may not be true but you can't just BELIEVE every scandalous thing being put out about famous Black celebrities.
    They'll purposely put out misinformation, lies, rumors, scandals, ect.....knowing a certain percentage of the population will just automatically believe it without verifying it.

  19. ProfD



    IMO, the biggest mistake black folks make is consistently relying on white folks to give them a job.


    Sorry, but it's no longer just YOUR opinion because I'm gonna have to SHARE it with you...lol

    For DECADES...greats like the Honorable Booker T. Washington and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Marcus Garvey have not only preached to us but WARNED us that we must become an independent people and start producing jobs for ourselves.
    They warned us that a time will come where White folks won't even have enough jobs for their own people...let alone us.
    That time has BEEN come....it came back in the 1980s.


    Some heeded the warning, but most have not.


    Again...this is why I stress having LAND so much and why just like the Lyon's family @Mel Hopkins mentioned, the Bruce family, and the hundreds of thousands of other AfroAmerican families of the past were able to be so successful.
    They had their own land and were able to support themselves and build their own businesses on it uninterrupted by the local politics of that time.
    Even if you are broke and penniless...as long as you own the land no one but the federal government can push you around and make you get off of it.






    Case in point. Detroit had plenty factories. Black folks had the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to run it. When the white folks abandoned the factory, Black folks should have pooled their resources, bought and reopened it to build things.

    In a NF Jr voice, what did black folks do but go home and sit on the porch and scratch their heads. Oh well, no more jobs guess I'll sell drugs.




    I've been asking myself that question for decades.
    And I've actually been asking former Black FACTORY WORKERS that same question for decades.
    Why the hell didn't yall use some of that money yall were buying cadillacs, whiskey, and chasing white women with..to buy up the factories they abandonned and open them back up for yourself and YOUR CHILDREN????

    But most of them would look at me with a silly grin on their face and then look off into the distance talking about
    pictures of black old people - Google Search | African american men, Older  men, Character inspiration male


    Now wait a minute now!
    That's  a GOOD question
    right there!"

    .....and give you that "thousand yard stare" look.



    The answer I've come up with so far was NEGRO STUPIDITY.


    That answers the question as to why they didn't do it.
    And why many of them with money STILL haven't done it.

    There are plenty of Black folks in Detroit with money....quite a few Black millionaires.  Just like in Atlanta and D.C.
    But they tend to operate as INDIVIDUALS instead of collectively and if one falls...he's just in trouble.
    Can't rely on the other Black millionaires to help him get back on his feet like the Arabs or Koreans may do eachother.









    Problem is there's no infrastructure to make it worthwhile. I'd have to do what Dan Gilbert did in Detroit and Cleveland. Use my own money to rebuild a city. 


    Detroit doesn't have the infrastructure of a New York or Chicago.

    It has a stronger foundational infrastructure than most newer cities like Houston or Denver or Seattle but it still doesn't compare to New York or Chicago.

    In New York you can build a building anywhere and hook it up to the already existing infrastructure and the subway is right down the street and ready for the residents.
    In Detroit, you have to repair the entire neighborhood, install new street lights, and clear the rust out of the pipes before a building is ready to be inhabited.

    Having the highest Black population of any major city in the U.S.  (including higher than Atlanta) I wanted Detroit to be the capital of Black America for such a long time

    Atleast we DID have a strong AfroAmerican mayor named Coleman Young who shielded us from a lot of the racism that our people were facing in other parts of the country.




    Music is my thing. Early on, Hip-Hop was a gold mine. White folks didn't wanna have anything to do with it. Thought it was a passing fad. Black folks were making legal dope money selling their own music. 

    White folks caught wind of it, decided to front the money and n8gglets cashed out. Now, Japanese folks (Sony) own the master tapes. They pay black folks a salary to produce their own music. 

    Don't get me started bro.
    I'm STILL angry that Motown left Detroit and went out to California....only to flip flop and drop.

    Just like Black factory workers could have gotten together to revive the industry...Black Motown artists could have made Detroit the Urban music capital of the world just like country music artists made Nashville the music capital.




    I'm definitely hip to cats like Napoleon Hill. His book should be right next to that Bible that seems to be present in every Black household.

    It's funny you say that because I DO tend to read his books religiously....lol
    Although I still read them with the understanding of racism and how it works and how I must add the element of racism ALONG with his advice and philosophy.

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