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  1. Ofcourse there's an elite groups of wealthy Caucasians of whom the rules don't apply...lol.

    That's what people mean when they talk about the System of White Supremacy.

    It's not just in facebook, but through out social media and through out the government and other establishments in this society.

    Some go as far as to say that social media was DESIGNED by these elite group of Caucasians...so ofcourse they're going to exempt themselves from the rules they impose on their "subjects".

    Another thing I don't like about most social media platforms is the fact that there is no CLEAR LIST of rules and rights.
    What's acceptable and unacceptable tends to depend on who's doing the moderating and changes with the times and what is currently socially acceptable. 
    Racism thrives in environments where the rules aren't clear.

    People on social media are now SELF-CENSORING their own words so as to avoid the "algorithm" picking up on certain words and alerting the censorers who monitor what's being said.  


    I got into a bit of a heated discussion the other day over the use of the word "retarded"
    They were trying to call it the "r word" and pretty much equate it to the word "nigger". I objected, but some thought it was just as bad....back and forth..back and forth.
    Ofcourse those who thought it was just as bad were Caucasians, lol.


    If you notice, all of these platforms START OFF the same...
    Just sign up and you can post and say what ever you want, no censorship what so over.  But as time goes by and the memberships increase THEN the rules come and you can't say "this" or post "that".  Most of them follow the same predictable pattern.

  2. I thought this was just common sense....

    Ofcourse eating a proper diet full of nutrients will make you healthier, strengthen your immune system, and make you more resistant against diseases of all sorts.

    This one of the reasons the racists try to keep "food deserts" in most Black communities and even in some Black nations.
    They promote a diet of junk foods and "plastic" foods with no nutritional value to heal you so that you are more likely to get sick and buy THEIR medicines.

    If you noticed....
    Most of the oldest people in the country happen to be AFROAMERICANS.
    Most of those over 100 are AfroAmericans more so than any other race or group.

    Black folks who grew up down South and ate off of what THEY grew and raised themselves lived a lot longer and were much healthier than a lot of Black folks who grew up in the city eating what the Caucasians put out today like  Doritos, chili cheese fries, nachobell grandes and shit.

    Black folks down South even had their own medicines called HOODOO where they would prepare roots and herbs to heal themselves.

    Even delivered their own babies by midwives without the aid of a Caucasian doctor or nurse pumping the mother and the baby full of toxins.
    Now they CLAIM (if we can believe them) that the infant mortality rate for Black babies was higher then than today....but even if we were to BELIEVE that.....the children who lived were much stronger and healthier than a lot of these slop-pots running around in the streets today.

    You didn't hear about as many Black children being obese, having autism, asthma, and other problems.
    They may have been buck-toothed  but they could run 10 miles straight and never got sick.


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  3. Troy



    Why do people chose to sleep in a busy street under an overpass?  I imagine their is some benefit to this -- any ideas what it could be?


    Several reasons:

    1. It's usually hidden and out of the view of the public.

    2. It usually provides a natual protection from the rain, snow, and flooding

    3. The hum of the vehicles whizzing by is often soothing and helps them relax and sleep.






    The process for selecting a president, any highs level political office, is driven by theatrics rather than anything substantive.  



    Trump's charisma and ability to attract a crowd was one probably the MAIN reason he got elected.

    I don't think even HE seriously expected to win...until he got the nomination for the Republican party.
    Then he realized that he really had an opportunity!





    I know our government creates money out of thin air, but at some point the chickens will come home to roost....


    But the U.S. is currently almost 30 trillion dollars in debt and those chickens haven't toddled back home yet.


    Conservatives have been predicting the fall of the dollar (so hurry up and buy gold) and talking about how the debt is going to ruin the economy for the children for DECADES...but the economy keeps chugging right along no matter how much debt the nation gets in.


    I think the MILITARY MIGHT of the nation is more of a determining factor of how strong our economy is than it's national debt.

    So what if the U.S. owes "somebody out there" 30 trillion?
    What other nation on Earth today has the muscle to make the U.S. pay up?

  4. Daniel


    The end of the world and Jesus coming into his Kingdom are two different things.


    2 things:

    1. The scripture said Jesus the Son of Man will be coming IN his kingdom....not "into" his Kingdom.

    2.Matthew Ch.24 v.3 says:

    "And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?"


    This scripture suggests that the coming of Jesus and the end of the world occur at or very near the SAME TIME.

  5. 5 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

    What makes you think that?

    According to the Bible in Matthew Chapter 16 Jesus said:

    "27For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

    28Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom."

    Unless those people are STILL ALIVE....then clearly whoever wrote this was expecting the world to have ended already.
    And this was written HUNDREDS and probably well over a THOUSAND year ago.

  6. Daniel


    Wrong they don’t let racism define them.


    Who does?
    Give me an example of a person who lets racism "define" them.




    She doesn’t attack her own people. Also if you read her book she addresses this issue


    She attacks other AfroAmericans at the behest of her racist Caucasian supporters.


    Like Larry Elders, she's an attack dog for the right-wing.

    She's being used to say terrible things against Black people that her White supporters can't say without being labeled racist.

  7. When it comes to people like Larry and Candy O....racism doesn't exist...unless it happens to HER.

    Let her tell it, all of the other Black people who make claims of racism are delusional;  but HER claims of discrimination are legitimate and has merit to it.





    For DECADES AfroAmerican and Latino activists on the Left have been saying that race, politics, and economic status plays a huge and unfair role in healthcare and we need to make healthcare more universally accessed and less privatized.
    But none of that mattered to Candace.
    it was all one big excuse for people not taking responsibility for themselves and looking after themselves.

    .....until a PRIVATE health care provider apparently discriminated against HER based on her race or political beliefs.
    Now all of a sudden there's a problem and private practices shouldn't be allowed to do that.


  8. Mzuri


    This is the issue that Biden’s $3.5 Trillion budget 
    should address.  Where are these people going 
    after they are evicted?  If they don’t have money 
    to cover their current living expenses then how
    are they going to make a move.

    Many of them are going to the streets and to jail, but perhaps that was the plan all along anyway.

    Put people in a desperate situation to where they're willing to do any type of work for any wage just to survive, or end up in prison being forced to work at slave wages.

    They've been pushing much of the population in that direction since the 80s with Reaganomics.  This eviction moratorium just EXCELERATED what was already happening.







    This is going to be a nightmare and I feel so sorry

    for the people caught up in it because once you 

    are homeless it is very difficult to recover.


    I've been homeless before.
    I was younger then and found different ways to survive and eventually became a community activist out of it.  A lot of homeless people are elderly, disabled, and/or have mental problems that prevent them from functioning properly even if they have GOOD home.  So imagine how well they function with the added burden of not having any shelter to rest their bodies and minds in.

    Most of the shelters around the nation are crowded and dangerous.
    When you see people sleeping under bridges and in alleys you wonder why don't they just go to a shelter.  But most shelters in the U.S. are FULL and aren't taking in new people, and others are very dangerous full of violent criminals who just got out and can't stay anywhere else BUT there...and a disabled or elderly person too sick or weak to work is usually too sick or weak to fight off the thugs.






    We are all screwed.


    Not all of us.
    However that's what happens when you raise a society of boys to grow up to be men who sit on the couch playing video games and smoking weed.

    In past generations the young men would be out in the streets flipping over cars and raising hell over the conditions of society.  But today....as long as they can score some weed and have their vaping pipe and cell phone....they're cool.

    They spend their money smoking weed and looking for someone to live off of.  And now the people THEY are staying with are looking for somebody to live off us.  A nation of beggars and couch surfers.   With the immigrants working and saving and keeping things operating.




    P.S.  You are easy today agreeing with my comments.

    Lol...'cuz you caught me on a nice Sunday afternoon!

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  9. Mzuri

    There are just too many problems with this pandemic, 
    it is out of control and there’s not much that can be 
    done at this point.

    There's a whole lot that can be done.
    You just don't have enough people in office willing to do it.

    And too much of the population THEMSELVES don't seem to be willing to do what it takes to get this virus under control.
    They hear about people getting sick and dying and they look at it as "somebody else's problem"...not theirs.  
    Their focus is on making money and having fun. 
    Until THEY get sick.


    The main problem is that most citizens are oblivious to 
    what is really going on.  They are content to get ALL
    their news from CNN and the like when those supposed
    “news” sources are either withholding actual news or 
    outright spreading misinformation.

    When you try to point things out to them, the first thing 
    they say is, “I am not watching Fox News.”  That’ fine, but 
    change the channel sometimes.  



    Totally agree with you.
    I don't trust either channel at this point because both of them seem to be working togther to push an agenda.

    One channel is pushing the needle on people and the other channel is pushing death itself by telling people to go around mask free and live their lives like nothing is wrong.


    Both are promoting death and disease.






    Biden’s main campaign promise was all about getting 
    COVID-19 under control, how is that going to happen 
    with open borders, COVID-positive migrants getting
    transported throughout the nation, Afghans coming
    here, Chinese nationals infiltrating our corporations 
    and institutions, and the citizens have no idea about
    what is really going on?



    Again, total agreement with you.

    I've said since a year ago how in the hell are they gonna get the virus under control and have a "shut down" while the borders are still open and people are pouring in by the hundreds of thousands with all kinds of diseases.
    They aren't testing these people because they supposedly don't know they're coming in!

    Even before the Pandemic, people who were here illegally had diseases and would still work WHILE being sick because that's what they came to do...work.  So they were spreading diseases around.


    Down in Texas, every week you're hearing about them catching 20,000 illegals under a bridge or a  40 of them killed in a truck accident while being smuggled across roads, or 80,000 of them packed together naked in a motel.
    They are bringing them in as REPLACEMENTS because so many Americans are refusing to work under unsanitary and dangerous conditions.  
    Also they are expecting so many millions of citizens who DO go back to work to get sick and die or just get too sick to work...they're already bringing in their replacements.

    Same thing with the Afghans and Chinese...bringing them in as REPLACEMENTS.
    They've been doing that for decades anyway.

    Now with the moratorium over and so many people being kicked out of their homes....they're making room for REPLACEMENT WORKERS to have a place to stay when they come here to work.

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  10. Chev



    The Bible expounds upon this idea in many ways as well. Moses wrote that the Creator speaks to us in many formats such as parables, visions, etc. and many more ways, however, he specifically said to the people at tht time of the Exodus, that Moses was the only human being that he spoke with face to face.


    Did it say Moses spoke with The CREATOR face to face, or did he speak with Yahweh (Yahuah translated as "The Lord" in the Bible)  face to face?

    Some would argue that the Being referred to as Yahweh is not the same as The CREATOR


    No Way!!! Not today. The scriptures say that THERE IS NO PRIVATE INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE TODAY. 
    TODAY, all of the SEALS of God have been opened!!!

    Show me the scriptures where it says that.
    Book, chapters, and verses...........





     However, the Holy Spirit [which was actually Jesus Christ at this time] ,

    This is the first time I've EVER heard that before.
    I don't think you got this out of the Bible, who told you this?





    the time of the Crucifixion MARKS the BEGINNING OF THE END TIMES. Many people are not aware of this. Many think that today is the end times, but no. The End Times actually began 2000 years ago. 


    This is more CONJECTURE on your part.
    If the "end times" really began 2000 years ago then the world would have ended already.



    This is what is called an "open ended" prophecy where you make predictions so broad and vague that they can be intepreted a thousand different ways to avoid being called "wrong".

    Instead of giving a definite date for the return of the savior or end of the world such as 1993.....they'll say when the Earth trembles and there is an increase of war in the Middle East...WATCH OUT...because the end is "near".
    And some people'll be sitting on a tree stump looking up in the sky for the next 50 years waiting on what's "near"


    This is one of the reasons I left religion.
    I saw the game...the word games they play.
    The open ended prophecies and the hypocrisy of people who CLAIMED the world was endeding and that they beleived Jesus was coming back....but they were taking out mortgages on homes and sending their children to college preparing for a world to last much much longer that what they were preaching.

    It's a CON GAME.


    It's designed to trick people into doing absolutely nothing but WAITING on salvation while rich and evil people who know better exploit them and steal the resources.

  11. I've had enough of the media and some of those in authority blaming "these people" and "those people" for the Pandemic surge and not placing the blame SQUARELY on where it belongs.  The ineptitude of those in charge of managing this crisis.


    Earlier this year when the CDC and other groups told people it was OK to walk around without a mask on they KNEW it would spread the disease around.
    How could they NOT know?
    I barely graduated from highschool and I know that some people are carriers and can spread the disease even if they are vaccinated or not sick...so why didn't they?

    When Walmart and these other stores started going by the "honor system" and telling people if they've vaccinated they can shop mask free,
    "And by the way...we won't CHECK to see if you're vaccinated....we'll just take your word for it "
    .....I KNEW most people were gonna start lying and go shopping mask free despite their status or even health and spread the disease around.

    If I knew it....why didn't they?

    They knew it too,  but didn't care.
    They just wanted to hurry up and  "get back to normal" and get the economy rolling again so they could keep making money.

    The powers that be have made up their minds that they are gonna keep the economy going no matter how many people get sick and die.
    They'll replace dead U.S. workers with as many immigrants and they can smuggle into the country, to keep this economy rolling.

    I believe some will intentioned people TRIED to get it under control earlier in 2020 with the stimulus payments and sporadic local PARTIAL shut downs here and there, but too much pressure came from the right-wing blood suckers who don't care about death and sickness.....only money and making a profit.
    Like they usually do, the Democrats caved in to pressure from the Republicans to open things back up too fast and too soon, and resisted a real national shut down that would have had a huge impact on the spread of the virus.



    It's time for a REAL NATIONAL SHUT DOWN in which means:

    -Closing down nearly all non-essential businesses
    -Another eviction moratorium to keep people in their homes and off the street
    -Using the empty spaces available to HOUSE people who aren't in homes for free
    -And sending people stimulus checks again to stay home and sit this out

    ....that's the only real thing short of a Miracle or Black people coming up with our own cure for this pandemic, that will STOP the spread of this disease.

  12. Mzuri

    Usually, two wrongs don’t make it right but sometimes it can. 
    For example, if someone keeps messing with me and so I kick
    them in their face and then I feel better.  


    Kicking someone who messes with you may feel better and feels like justice because you did it to someone who was picking on YOU at first.
    That's understandable.

    But the people that Trump points out at his rallies and tellsthe crowd to beat up or drag off aren't necessarily the ones who are harrassing and attacking people in MAGA hats.  These are people...usually women...who are holding up signs or counter protesting at his rallies but haven't lain a hand on anyone at the event but he's inciting mob attacks against them.
    That's not justice or revenge...that's displaced aggression at best.


    This was just an illustration, I don’t actually kick people.

    No, you just out-dress them...lol. 





    Unfortunately bad things happen to innocent people, and I 
    believe that you increase your chances of something untoward
    happening by engaging in risky behavior.


    And George Floyd was one of those innocent people.
    He didn't have his day in court.
    Infact, we don't even KNOW if the $20 he was using was actually fake or not, that wasn't even determined.  We're just going off of what's reported in the media.

    But under this legal system as person is PRESUMED innocent until PROVEN guilty....not assumed guilty and punished first.

    The problem isn't the police, but the racists ON the police force.
    Racists have infiltrated most of the institutions of this nation from the various police departments, to the schools, to financial institutions, to the grocery stores....spreading their hatred and venom and using their authority in their different positions to harm Black people and make mass confusion and chaos.

    While modifying one's behavior to prevent contact with law enforcement and racist cops will be a good TEMPORARY solution, the lasting solution will be for Black people to form our own private police departments and police our own communities like the Nation of Islam used to.

    Because as I said racists will MAKE negative conditons that make you act negatively.

    One of the reasons crime is out of control in this nation is because many violent criminals were LET OUT of jail a year ago and sent back to different neighborhoods in the name of "covid relief".
    They didn't let people who were writing bad checks or selling drugs go....they let the VIOLENT ones go because they KNEW what would happen. So that they could go back into the community and commit more violence.

    So the same racists who POINT THE FINGER at the crime and violence going on were the ones RESPONSIBLE for making it.
    Just like the same people who POINT THE FINGER at how covid rising in the population are the same ones RESONSIBLE for it because they opened things back up too soon and told people to walk around Walmart without masks on.

    The same racists who point out the problems in society are the ones MAKING the problems under the table and setting up conditions for the problems to occur.

    One racist devil is trying to force you take a shot full of unknowns substances.
    Another racist  devil is telling you to take off your mask so he can cough in your face.

    BOTH of them have the same aim.

    The solution is for Black folks to build our own communities and secure them ourselves and build our own hospitals to come up with our own cures.
    Sitting around arguing over which White man treats us better isn't a viable option.

  13. Mzuri



    You blame Trump for inciting violence but look at how you
    Trump haters are always bullying and beating up Trump
    supporters just for wearing their MAGA hats and t-shirts.
    People should be able to wear Trump gear without fear
    of bodily harm.  


    But does two wrongs make a right?
    Do people wearing MAGA hats being assaulted give Trump the right to call for the attack of OTHER people who didn't attack him or anyone at his rallies or at the Capitol?


    If Trump or his followers have a problem with those with MAGA hats on being harassed then maybe he should spend some of his billions to provide personal security for his followers, not go out and beat up INNOCENT people.






    George Floyd didn't deserve what happened to him, that
    was one of the worst things ever, but if you keep messing
    around, something is eventually going to happen to you.

    Well there are people who never drank or did drugs and ended up getting killed in car accidents and other catastrophies at 19 years old or even as young children.  So something "happening to you" isn't necessarily a result of bad behavior.

    There are plenty of people in Mosques, Churches, and in life in general who spent many decades as drug addicts and criminals but became Muslim or found Jesus or found other methods to turn their lives around and reform themselves and are no longer in that life.

    What if THEY had gotten killed by a racist cop before they did so?

    What if they were forced to "pay up" for their crimes and sins and end up losing their lives BEFORE they turned their lives around?


    This is why I say, cops shouldn't be judge, jury, and EXECUTIONER on the streets.  That's why there's a legal system to protect people.




    I agree that arguing on forums has gotten old, so stop
    harassing @daniellegfny with the Uncle Remus pix.



  14. Daniel



    Jails, Institutions or Death. If the drugs don’t kill you the lifestyle will.

    Is THAT what the autopsy said?
    That his "lifestyle" killed him?

    Have you ever seen a death certificate with "lifestyle" listed under the cause of death?



    You know Daniel.......
    Something tells me that YOU don't think Derek Chauvin even deserves to be in jail.






    You really believe the nonsense.



    Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit - Song of the South Fan Art (40275377) - Fanpop

    "See YO problem is.....
    You don't know good White folks when 
    ya see 'em!"





  15. Mzuri


    I know that you are being very serious with your 
    comments, but you keep me in stitches.


    I'm not being TOO serious, lol.
    I've learned NOT to take my discussion online too serious.  When I was younger I did and it would have me driving around angry and snapping on people because of some crap somebody said to me on a message board during a heated discussion.

    Much of the violence and craziness you see in this society started from people exchanging cross words over the internet.

    Somebody say the wrong thing about your baby's pictures and the next thing you know you're kicking their door down with some timberland boots.



    As to Trump being a racist, if you will recall before 
    he became president, Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons, 
    Kanye, Mike Tyson, Oprah Doprah, Don King, Puffy,
    and of course GlossLips, all associated with him.
    And other Blacks were friends with Trump as well.

    As soon as Trump became president, everybody’s 
    calling him the biggest racist in the WORLD!


    But also remember he was a DEMOCRAT for most of his life and didn't preach the right-wing rhetoric he NOW preaches. So he didn't DISPLAY his racism as much in the past as he does now.

    In the 80s and 90s he was just known as a flamboyantly rich white dude.  
    Now he's known as the father of the modern right-wing movement and encourages people to fight and beat up people at his rallies.



    But Biden called a Black staffer “BOY” a couple
    of weeks ago and y’all ain’t said nothing!!! 
    Why.  Is.  That?


    Because while Biden may be a SENILE racist..Trump is a DANGEROUS racist.
    Biden will call a Black man "boy".
    Trump will tell the Proud Boys and 3 Percenters to "stand down and stand by" until further orders to attack folks!

    Like I said before, Trump ENCOURAGES people to beat up other folks in his rallies.
    One 90 year old fool ended up breaking his bony hand hitting a Black man upside his hard head at a Trump rally.














    No need the Drugs and the Lifestyle killed George Floyd.


    So it wasn't Chauvin's knee crushing his neck that killed him?
    It was his LIFE-style that killed him?


    So his LIFE-style happened to catch up with him right about the time Chauvin yanked him out of a car, tossed him on the ground, and kept his knee on his neck for 9 minutes while the man was calling on his mother in agony?




     Let us not forget he was engaged in passing counterfeit money.


    .....and the punishment for that is the DEATH PENANTLY, according to you?




    Addiction was the end of Mr Floyd.


    ....oh, so THAT deserves the DEATH PENALTY according to you also???



    You're a driver and I'm sure you get cash from time to time. Some of it may even be counterfeit without your knowing.  
    Are you saying YOU deserved to be snatched out of a car and jacked up because YOU may have passed on a counterfeit bill?




    It’s because they stuck on Democrats.


    I'm not a Republican NOR a Democrat.

    I'm a Progressive and I'm loyal to IDEOLOGY, not party.

    Neither Party has been very good to our people lately and I believe both are controlled by racists at the top.

    So leaving the Democrat party only to run into the arms of the Republicans is like Uncle Remus running bare foot from one plantation straight to another.



    Free Uncle Remus! – Corporal's Corner

    "Yeeeeees, yes!
    It's MUCH better on the TRUMP plantation
    Den over yonder on the BIDEN plantation
    Massa Trump gives us cone-bread EBBYDAY.

    Ain't dat right little Daniel??"

  16. Daniel



    He is focusing on our humanity and not skin color. He doesn’t deny Racism, he puts it in its proper perspective that it doesn’t prevent us from Advancing in life.


    Maybe he should channel George Floyd and asking whether or not racism kept HIM from advancing in this life.


    Elder made a FORTUNE off of racism...downplaying it and telling Caucasians that Black folks were making it up and using it as an excuse.
    So ofcourse it didn't keep HIM from advancing in life.  It made him RICH.

    They through an egg at the nigga and missed.
    He didn't get hurt, so I can't say I feel sorry for him.








    There were seemingly more people with cameras that there were participants, viewers or protestors.  


    They have that "attack" filmed at nearly every conceivable angle.
    I wouldn't be surprised if this entire thing was orchestrated.
    A staged event.







    20 years ago I would have been heated and say:
    "How dare these racists attack our brother Larry Elder.
    I may disagree with him politically, but he's still our brother."


    But today with so much shenanigans going on and people like Elder and Candace Owens openly selling out and participating in buffoonery and supporting racists like Trump.....

    Unless they get seriously injured, I say let them sleep in the bed they made for themselves.



    Candace Owens was a victim of discrimination in college and enlisted the help of the NAACP to fight for her and win a law suit on her behalf.


    Racist threats case filed by Stamford High student settled for $37,500 (newstimes.com)



    Candace Owens: from Stamford High 'victim' to conservative firebrand


    And how did she repay the NAACP and Black community?

    By selling them out and turning into a Trump supporting Conservative Republican who denies racism (except when it happens to her) and attacks her own people for her right-wing supporters.

    These Uncle Toms and Aunt Tammies are something else.

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  17. Troy



    I do recall however Harry indicating that the space bar on his key board was busted, but I may be misremembering...


    A man, obvoiusly....lol.
    Banging away on a busted computer with some of the keys missing for a long period of time is definitely a male trait.


    Along with rubber bands and even duck tape wrapped around the mouse to hold it together...lol.






    Oh... Dear,, Should. We. Set. Up: A. Go-Fund-Me?

    So. That, Harry.. Can/ Type,, His• Harry-Type?

    Pretty close....
    But Harry doesn't ask questions, except rhetorically.....LOL

  18. Daniel

    Well....it's kind of hard to defend a sellout negro who HIMSELF said that the slave masters deserved reparations as compensation after losing their slaves.

    He spent DECADES cooning it up claiming racism didn't exist and that it was just an excuse for Black failure, but now all of sudden that HE'S a victim of it....he cries foul.

    Maybe the Universe is showing negroes like him who go around DENYING that racism exists, that it does.

    As far as racism on the Left....
    Racism exists in ANY organization or ideology that is populated by Caucasians.
    MORE racist Caucasians exist in right-wing organizations like the Republican party and Conservative movements....but they still DO exist to various degrees in certain Leftist and even  "Progressive" establishments as well.

    The problem with being a Black Republican who faces racism is...he's often alone to deal with it, unless he enlists the aid of other Black Republicans to help him...which will draw the attention and ultimately the CONDEMNATION of Caucasian Republicans because of the Conservative and racist nature of the party itself.

    The problem with cooning and Tomming is it'll only take you so far with Caucasians.....at the end of the day no matter HOW you act you're still a nicca in their eyes and they'll let you know sooner or later.


    Because ultimately racism isn't about behavior so much as it's about RACE.

  19. Dr Francis Cress Welsing said that Black people shouldn't get married and have children until they were over 30.

    I have mixed feelings over that but I understand her point.
    Most Black people in THIS society aren't mentally mature enough to handle relationships and child rearing until after 30....and many aren't ready for it after that.

    Black people are TAUGHT dysfunction in this society.
    This is one of the reasons I have so much love and respect for the Nation of Islam.
    It takes adult Black men and women who have been broken by a system designed to make them dysfunctional...and teaches them responsibility, adulthood, and how to be functional members of society.

    In other words....they help clean up the mess this system has made of so many of our people.

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  20. Mzuri



    Everybody doesn't want to see a titty


    But who doesn't though?????

    Except for Lil Nas X, maybe.....lol





    I remember after I read it I explained to my husband
    that if we are out and about somewhere and a woman
    pulls her boob out, he needs to be quiet.  Because he
    speaks his mind and tells people where to get off in
    a minute.

    One time, he told a youngster to pull his pants up and 
    I warned him that he's going to mess around and get
    shot if he doesn't mind his business.

    And I find that interesting, because usually it's the OTHER WAY around.
    It's usually the woman who is speaking her mind to strangers and scolding them on their behavior and the MAN has to pull her away and say "Let it go honey.  That's there business".
    Because he knows where it would lead to if you got in some people's faces.

    I had a couple girlfriends with big mouths who felt they had to comment on every little thing they saw people doing.
    I used to tell them, 
    "Don't get ME in trouble with YOUR big mouth, because then if a someone decides to go upside your head you'll be looking for me to protect you."

    Look at what happened to this poor fellow because he has a partner who couldn't keep her big mouth shut:








    I'm not really bothered by it, I nursed my baby but I
    would never do it in public.  Back then I was young
    and free-spirited but I wouldn't expose my boobs,
    not even to nurse.  

    Now women act like they can't give their baby a 
    bottle.  I don' t know what they are thinking.


    Hard to speak on that one.
    I'm not a mother, let alone one who's nursed an infant so I don't have a real opinion one way or another.


  21. Daniel



    So your Christian faith allows you to NOT care if Kamala Harris who shares a different political ideology from you is lying?

    Is that the point you're trying to make?




    She merely pointed out what was in the released Autopsy. Until you read them you will continue to have a shallow understanding.


    But WHY did she point out what was in the autopsy report when nearly the entire world saw who killed him?
    What was her MOTIVATION for bringing it up?

    During the 9/11 attacks....what would you and most other Conservatives say if all of the bodies of the dead were given autopsies and instead of saying they were killed by a terrorist attack...the autopsy shows they were killed by the drugs or alcohol they may have consumed before the attack?
    Or that they were killed by obesity and high blood pressure?

    You'd be crying foul left and right.

    But here's a man who was obviously killed because a racist cop knelt on him and crushed his neck, and Candace is trying to suggest that this WASN'T the reason he died.


    Again, that doesn't sound very Christ like.




    That’s not fair. 

    I think she may have been a bit hyperbolic...lol.
    Perhaps she just means there are extra laws to protect them from being harassed while nursing their children.

    I personally think women SHOULD have the right to breastfeed just about anywhere they like.
    What's so offensive about seeing a titty?

    This nation has too many sexual hang-ups when they NEED to get the violence and poverty under control.

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