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  1. Sara

    You see Troy as ultra-effeminate because he was raised in a non-competitive household.

    I was responding to Pioneer's "observations" which implied your personal anecdote denoted you as ultra-feminine.


    STOP trying to whip up anger and animosity between Black men by accusing me of calling men I barely know and haven't even met in person "feminine" !

    You really don't want to put yourself in the role of the proverbial "agent provocateur" who spreads lies among people to brew enmity between them.

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    I saw a similar situation of fatherlessness growing up in Detroit, but we were blessed to have both our mother AND father together in our household growing up. This was the late 70s to the early 90s, and at that time in the part of Detroit I grew up in about half of the kids had fathers still at home. Many were latch-key kids where BOTH parents had to work, but a good half still had both parents.

    Detroit, like Chicago, New York, and Atlanta had a lot of BLACK upper middleclass and working class neighborhoods where Black people did well and many were quite professional. Which is why the Cosby Show didn't seem "odd" to me, I didn't understand what the controversy was about until I LEFT Detroit and started traveling to other cities and saw how dismal so many Black people lived.

    But most of our cousins grew up in the ghetto with NO father.
    And so when they came to our home a lot of my cousins kind of looked at my father as a novelty and used him for advice and help.

    But I'm going to blame all of this on the fact that Black people in America have been either forced to or voluntarily decided to accept a system that CLEARLY wasn't designed by us or for us to base our male-female and familial relationships on...and the results of that decision have been devastating.


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  3. Cynique

    Everything that you pontificate about is anecdotal, Pioneer. Your "proof" takes the form of people you've known or incidents that you have personally observed over the years. Your generalizations are not objective but are simply your subjective interpretations which amount to nothing more than the "truth" as you see it, which is untested.

    I said nothing of PROOF. Just stated FACTS based on my observations.
    Which is anecdotal EVIDENCE to support my argument.

    You're right, my observations haven't been tested by you to determine how accurate they are...but if OTHERS (notably CD and Troy on this site alone) as well as countless men and women all over Black America have also noticed the same thing I speak of concerning Black boys being effeminized in this society....the EVIDENCE (anecdotal or otherwise) presented is too overwhelming for even a CYNIC (or Cinque) to dismiss.


    Have you ever been in prison? If these men were masculine how did you know they were gay? Just because they had a "bitch" doesn't mean they were gay and if they were the "bitch", it is more likely they'd be acting effeminate. It would make more sense to simply speculate that while in prison, out of desperation, many masculine men engage in homosexual behavior, but once they get out and have access to women again, they revert to their straight self. This is what an "observer" once told me.

    No, I've never been incarcerated by the grace and blessings of God, but I've known people who have been. And I've also had a job that required me travel to one of the state prisons, so although I wouldn't exactly call it a "stompin' ground" I know a little something about the social behavior inside.  And some of the observers and a few of the "participators" told me something a little different...lol.

    Many of the men they are calling "down low" are nothing but masculine homosexual men.
    Typical mildly aggressive men who just happen to find other men attractive. And the prison environment gives them just the excuse they need to have sex with other men without the stigma attached to being an openly gay man on the outside. It's not rocket science.  They wanted to do it all along and now they have an excuse to engage.   Some are being raped...but that's not the majority.

    It's the same with many priests in the Catholic church and some other religions.
    Homosexuality has existed in the clergy for centuries.  If a gay men grew up in a society where homosexuality wasn't tolerated, what else could he do when the community starts pressuring him to get married and produce children?
    He joins the priesthood and pretends to be celibate and  "holy".
    It's funny how holy people can be when it comes to abstaining from something they didn't want to do anyway...lol.

    Which reminds me of another point........
    It's funny to hear some women point to their male friends who are gay and applaud them for how "respectful" they are and how much of a "gentleman" they are because they don't stare at women, hit on women, or pressure them or sex.

    I find my self constantly reminding them, uh....that's because he probably doesn't WANT sex from you or any other woman.  How can you praise someone for having the discipline not to do something they never wanted to do in the first damn place?

  4. Perhaps....I made the mistake a lot of environmentalists do when discussing global warming.

    It focused people too much on "warming" which allowed skeptics to poke too many holes in their theory, especially in the winter.  But when they started calling it  "climate change",  people understand their arguments better.

    So, perhaps I should correctly say HEAVY METAL poisoning rather than focusing on lead.

    And it should also be pointed out that heavy metal poisoning includes problems that come from not only the lead in most urban water supplies but also the mercury from vaccines and the paint in old apartments and houses in the inner cities.

    As far as your examples of those living in the same areas and not affected......

    We know lead CAUSES excessive violence and poor academic performance in the same way the smoking CAUSES lung cancer.

    Meaning, just as every single person who smokes doesn't get lung cancer, it seems to target those who are more suseptable to it.....
    We also know that every single person exposed to lead and other heavy metals aren't severely affected by it, but those who are suseptable are.

    It should also be pointed out that poor nutrition increases the negative effects of heavy metal poisoning because there are certain nutrients  and vitamins that if the body is deficient in them the body confuses the lead and mercury molecule for these vitamins and absorbs them.

    Most immigrants don't share the same poor diet as AfroAmericans in a given community, nor do most of them consume the alcohol and drugs that so many AfroAmericans in the innercity consume.
    All of this has an effect on not only the differences in behavior itself but the suseptability of these various groups.

    I used to live in the West Coast. I even stayed in San Diego briefly (only a few weeks) and used to ride that Orange Line trolley through South East "Deigo"...lol.
    Mexican gangs on the West Coast are MORE violent than the Black gangs are, the media just doesn't focus on them as much because of an agenda.
    It's the same in Phoenix and Chicago....the Latino gangs are just as if not more violent, but the media gives them a pass.

    And quite frankly, Black people tend to be too hard on themselves when it comes to self-critique. As much killing....slaughtering...as is going on in the Middle East and Latin America you rarely hear Latinos and Arabs berating themselves for "killing eachother" as much as AfroAmericans.

  5. Troy

    I don't know about that one @Pioneer I'd be willing to bet this is exceedingly rare; like 4 standard deviations for men with those characteristics.

    Well, let me put it this way.....
    I've known men who were married with children AND had girlfriends on the side who talked with a lisp and some behaved in a feminine fashion and you'd think they were gay.  Infact, the rapper Ice-T talks with a lisp and gets his hair done...and claims to be a ladies man.

    Now perhaps these men just used their wives and girlfriends as a front to hide thier homosexuality.

    Or perhaps they were BI-sexual and went both ways.

    However, without absolutely knowing who they were sleeping with I'd have to take it that some straight men have feminine demeanors just like some straight women have "butch" or manish demeanors.
    Infact, I've MET straight women who loved men but were very aggressive and man-like in the way they carried themselves.





    Most of what I'm giving is my OBSERVATION.
    It's what I've actually SEEN myself over the years in this society.

    So while it may not be absolute science....it's more than just opinion.

    Unless a person is lying or hallucinating, what they see/observe should count as fact rather than opinion.

    Gender and sex are different because gender (masculine/feminine) has more to do with role playing and social customs, while sex (male/female) is more mechanical having to do with genitalia, secondary sexual characteristics, and edocrinology (hormones).

    You can switch genders back and forth all day long, but outside of an actual operation you can switch your sex (male/female) about as easy as switching your race (African/Asian)...lol.

    Sitting up straight doesn't make a boy feminine.
    But trying to force a boy to sit with his legs shut together squeezing his already sensative and developing penis and testicles is down right inconsiderate and cruel.

    What if all toilets were taken from school bathrooms and girls were forced to urinate standing up because that was the "proper" way?
    See how ridiculous that sounds?

    It's just as ridiculous to force boys to do something they weren't designed to do.





    I had decided to leave this convo alone since we're dealing with pure opinion and not quantifiable fact. However, the arrogance of your above "opinion" is rather mind boggling and your conclusion that those who disagree with your OPINION are unintelligent, well..... smh

    As I told Cynique.
    Most of what I said comes from what I've OBSERVED in this society.
    Observation is a key component in the Scientific Method for establishing facts.

    So what I've said is more than just opinion, much of it is absolute FACT based on personal observation that can be applied to specific individuals.

    I never said you were unintelligent for disagreeing with me.
    But if you're feeling GUILTY about disagreeing with me, it's probably your pre-frontal cortex nagging you for ignoring it.....lol.


  6. Sara

    While I am skeptical about some of the social analyses presented by CD and Pioneer, I am so proud of them for being 'doers' and not just complainers, for being creative parts of the solution rather than the problem.

    Thank you.
    For  a long time I WAS just a complainer.

    But as I found my self getting older, I wanted to see a change while I was young enough to enjoy it....so I got busy.

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  7. Is an economic system entrenched with white racism directly responsible for black American dysfunction in 2016?

    The answer seems to be advertised in the very question itself.

    If the system is ENTRENCHED with White racism.....
    Then regardless of whether it's 2016, 1916, or 1816......the system will still produce a state of dysfunction or malfunction for it's Black victims.

    It's like picking up a loaded revolver hand-gun from the Civil War era and waving it around at people saying, "Relax...it's 2016 not 1864 !"

    But I must admit that I do find it quit sad  
    :( that neither of you mentioned the impact lead poisoning is having and has had on Black urban communities and how that just may be the key to understanding much of the crime, dysfunction, and academic issues.

    I mean, there is a clear link between lead poisoning and social dysfunction.
    And people (most of whom are Black) living in urban areas show high levels of lead in their blood.

    Should we really be looking any further?

  8. Xeon

    Well, as you said, most black republicans are very intelligent and well educated. They are not stupid nor are they the source of the sub cultural dysfunctional and chaos that is a virulent malignancy in segments of black America. Although I personally do not share many aspects of their politics -I think it is very misguided and erroneous to assume they are naive or gullible. They just see things differently. I do not agree with the idea that because someone has black skin they must conform to a particular rigid dogma for no other reason than having black skin.

    Yes, I said most are intelligent and educated.
    However education and intelligence doesn't necessarily save one from being a FOOL.
    A fool lacks the good judgement to effectively USE those smarts and because of this they are constantly being taken advantage of and exploited by those with better judgement.

    Such is the case with most Black Republicans who constantly fall for the lies and rhetoric about self-reliance and morality the Republican establishment brandishes without attempting to exert any effort to live up to their claims.

    Except for a handful of CLOWN who are elected to local offices, most Black Republicans get absolutely NOTHING from the party.


    Despite the Republican party's claims to value education, church, freedom from excessive law enforcement and government control......
    They refuse to help Blacks (regardless of their political affiliation) with education, healthcare, home ownership, legal assistance, suppport from the NRA, funding for churches., or anything else valued by Conservatives.

    I dismiss this inane idea that black people must be monolithic in their ideology. For whites (and other non-blacks) - it’s perfectly acceptable to have diametric beliefs and opinions. Ann Coulter and Amy Goodman are both white females -but their ideology is 180 degrees opposite! Sean Hannity and Tim Wise are both white males -but their politics are completely polar! No one says anything about the radical differences in ideology and politics that exists between whites (or other non-blacks). I’ve never heard Tim Wise being called "self-hating" or Ann Coulter labeled a "sell out" by those who disagree with her. But with Negroes it’s just the opposite! They are preemptively denied the latitude of diverse opinions and beliefs that others (races and ethnicities) enjoy. This is sad and indefensible….

    Yes but the difference between those Whites mentioned in the examples you gave is all of them can support different beliefs yet still look intelligent for the choices they made.  Why?  Because both White Republicans AND White Democrats are actually GETTING SOMETHING out of thier political affiliation.
    They may belong to two different parties, but  BOTH are benefiting from those parties regardless of the differences.

    With Blacks it's more one-sided.
    They actually benefit from the Democrat party while the vast majority of Black Republicans get NOTHING from the Republican party.

    I'm not a Democrat, but atleast Black Democrats get money, prominent positions, government contracts..hell, the Democrats elected President Barack Obama!

    Besides empty rhetoric, what are Black people getting from the Republicans that ANY should join the party?????

    It's STUPID to belong to any organization that ain't doing a damn thing for you.

  9. Xeon

    Sarah Bland was not shot nor killed by the police. Her demise occurred while held in custody in the Waller County jail. The sheriffs dept runs the country jails -not the police.

    Thanks for pointing out what I already know.
    Now let me point out something you may NOT know.
    The term "cop" comes from the COPPER badge worn by most law enforcement officals.

    Take a look at the badge of the Waller County Sherrif's Department where Ms Bland died:


    What COLOR is that star?

    Deputies are considered "cops" too whether inside or outside of jail.







    Sandra Bland was not shot down like a dog in the streets by the Texas cop. Now what happened to her in jail is something different. But then, we aren't talking about "killed while incarcerated" are we?

    Well I'm not sure....
    When you said "murder by cop" I didn't know your definition of murder is only when a life is taken OUTSIDE of an actual building.

    Cops kill blacks in the North. It has been going on since at least the 1950's (first caught a whiff of it from a rerun of a Dick Cavett, Merv Griffith, somebody Show where Dick Gregory brought it to my attention). Blacks in the South are more likely to be killed by ordinary white citizens than white cops. Not so in the north.

    To repeat: You stated your belief that many of the blacks killed by cops committed "suicide by cop." If that is the case, is it your belief that most black lynchings were "suicide by white mob?"

    Nice try.
    But I'm not going let you try to take the focus off of and wiggle your way out of your statement of "murder by cop" being confined to the North.

    Take a look at this site that maps cop killings of Black people in 2015:


    I see a diversity of regions that includes the North, South, West Coast.......

    All it takes is a quick 45 second search on Google to refute your claim that police shootings of Black people are "confined" to the North.

  10. Guest Com' on Sense

    Oh guest, come on.........

    With all that common sense you have you should KNOW that being HIV positive has NOTHING to do with "access" to health-care.  Yes, proper treatment will prevent your viral load from overwhelming your immune system, but either way except for a miracle you're still HIV positive.
    So how would "access to healthcare" or the lack there of effect one's HIV status?

    Being EXPOSED to the virus is the only thing that determines how much of a population is infected, not the amount of healthcare they have access to once exposed.

    To draw an analogy......

    If I point to an impoverished city and find out that half of the people in that town came down with lung cancer, their diagnosis has NOTHING to do with their  financial status.  Their TREATMENT and ability to pay for it may, but that lack of proper treatment isn't what initially caused the cancer.   They were exposed to something in the city that caused it.

    If half of the gay Black men in Atlanta are HIV positive while most of the gay White men are not, that means more gay Black men were EXPOSED to the virus .
    And there has to be a definate reason for this.

    By your own admission, you're still a student.
    So I hope you keep searching until you find the REAL reason for this.

    And perhaps you'll come back and share it with us.

  11. CD

    To the average person who knows little about psychology or psychiatry this may seem like a bit of a stretch to connect lead contamination with violence and academic performance. It may even seem ridiculous.

    But I had an experience years ago with mercury poisoning that let me know how real the effects of metals poisoning can be. I was a healthy person and out of nowhere when the mercury levels accumulated in my body I started getting rashes, my muscles started jerking in spots, and I started having anxiety issues. After prayer and research I was blessed to find out what the problem was and removed it and I got better.

    Lead, mercury, arsenic...these metals can cause severe PSYCHOLOCIAL effects in people at low doses!

    At high doses....they kill you.

    At low does....they may give you depression, make you bi-polar, scizophrenic, hyper-aggressive, retarded, and a host of other problems and you may not directly tie to the metal poisoning itself.

    If you look at what's happening in the inner cities all over the nation where the pipes are old and outdated and look at the high rate of violence and poorly performing schools....it can't just be a coincidence.

    Nowhere in nature do you find stupid and violent constantly occupying the same space.
    One person may be slow, another may be violent....but to have so many residents in a limited area that are of both low intellect AND quick tempered????

    That area is being poisoned!

    It is actually said that the Roman practice of putting lead in their wine to sweetin it actually lead to the fall of the Roman Empire because the population became increasingly volatile and began fighting and killing eachother until the empire collapsed from the inside.

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  12. I really think this re-discovery of so much lead contamination in the drinking water of urban areas around this nation may be a turning point for Black progress.  It may provide many answers to a lot of the social, criminal, and academic problems that Black America has been facing for decades.

    For decades many of our social scientists, civil rights leaders, and others have been trying to figure out the root cause of so many of the problems plaguing the inner cities of America....perhaps we may now have a leading suspect.

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  13. Troy

    I remember as a kid in the 6th grade I was put out of class because the teacher said I kept slouching instead of sitting "properly".
    She kept pointing at a girl and telling me to sit with my legs squeezed together like her.
    I wasn't articulate enough at the time to explain to her why it is highly uncomfortable and in some cases painful for boys to sit like that, I just wouldn't do it.
    And when I went to the Principle's office she also kept telling me to do the same and I finally told her that I couldn't sit like that because "I got something down there that won't let me do it".
    As I said, a lot of boys are being punished just for being boys....most of whom by nature are biologically hardwired to be aggressive and push boundaries. But Black boys seem to be especially targeted in a White female dominated educational system.


    While some of these changes may be liberating, most people are just confused, as the culture is in a constant state of flux. What is wrong today will be perfectly acceptable tomorrow.

    That's why I've decided to take a NEW approach social acceptance and say we should tolerate almost EVERYTHING in society as long as it's between consenting adults and doesn't directly harm anyone other than the practitioner.




    The irony is that the video you posted of the gay dude is an exaggeration of the way women walk. Women don't even behave like that.

    This is true.
    It seems to me like he was going out of his way to get attention.

    I've noticed that some feminine acting Black men behave as such as if to tell society,
    "I just soft and silly, nobody to worry about.
    I pose absolutely no harm to you."

    Kind of like Black men who won't stand at a bus stop or train station if there is a White woman there alone for fear that she may be afraid of HIM.

    You know the more I study, the more I realize that there has always been a large gay population in the Black community. I mean many of our major writers were gay, but they weren't so feminine that it was easy to decipher what their orientation might be. That is the problem... gay now seems to mean that you have to carry the characteristics of the sex you are attracted to. Men act more like women and women act more like men. I've always wanted to ask someone gay why this is necessary if being homosexual is about the attraction to someone else. Why does a person forego the stereotypical qualities associated with their sex? I don't ever ask because these questions always lead to confrontation and I'm not that interested in fighting through the confrontation to ask, lol.

    There is a gay population in EVERY race and nationality just like there are LEFT-HANDED people.
    That's why when that Iranian president came to America a few years ago and claimed that they didn't have gays in his nation (Iran) like in America the audience nearly laughed him off the stage.

    At various times in history it may unsafe or seen as unacceptable in society, so you may not hear about them....but they are there.
    In societies where homosexuality is forbidden and punished, a lot of homosexuals join the CLERGY and become priests or nuns to help hide their lack of interest in the opposite sex.


    But... I really do want to know why a gay woman takes on the "male" persona? And why the gay man takes on the "female" persona? (I do know that not all gay people do this.)

    I do believe that in many cases it's NATURAL for some straight people to just operate in a way more common to the opposite sex, so you'll see a straight man who likes women but has a lisp and bashful demeanor.
    But as far as the exaggerated masculine or feminine behavior...I think it's often a homosexual person trying to make a SOCIAL STATEMENT.
    A lesbian doesn't have to put on a wife-beater and tatoo herself all up and sag and spit to be a lesbian, all she has to do is go out and get a woman.
    But she'll do all of that as a way of drawing attention and letting either society at large or a targeted audience know this is who she is and how she gets down.

    A Black man who grows up in a hard ghetto may exaggerate female characteristics to let the local thugs know that he poses no threat and thus doesn't need to tested or challenged.


    I thought the issue was that straight black men were unconsciously starting to act a tad effeminate. That's different from flamboyant behavior on the part of black men who are actually gay. Obviously the flaming male in the video is flaunting his gayness but this has nothing to do with a trend toward straight black men losing their masculine demeanor. Unless this distinction is made, everybody is not on the same page.

    Well I'm not sure about the various points other people were pushing but MY point was that modern academia seems to make it hard for masculine Black men (gay or straight)

    There are plenty of gay Black men who are masculine. Spending a week of observation of any state penatintary will prove that statement.
    It's not so much the gay or straight Black man whom society fears, it's the MASCULINE Black man (aggressive, bold, risk taking) that seems to be often targeted.

    But as far as the flamboyancy.......
    As I told CD, that's usually a gay man acting in an ultra feminine way just to get attention and make a social statement. It's purposely exaggerated for that effect.


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  14. Sara

    So 30% of young black boys in high school and 30% of young black men in college are not gay, rather lisping ultra-effeminates?


    Did you even COMPREHEND ANYTHING of what I just told you?

    First of all, where are you coming up with this "30%" business?
    I didn't mention any percentages....

    Second, whether you agree or not with what I said....if you UNDERSTOOD what I said the you wouldn't be applying the same percentage to both high school AND collegiate males in your question.

    I said that there is a HIGHER percentage of effeminate Black men in college than in highschool because the weeding out process prevents many masculine men from even making it TO the college level.

    How many young men can function successfuly in an environment where they're EXPECTED to suppress their natural inclinations and act like eunuchs?

    Third, there is a DIFFERENCE between men who are effeminate and men who are gay just as there is a DIFFERENCE between women who are masculine and women who are lesbian.

    One is how you ACT....the other is who you LIKE.

    I have no idea about how much of the demographic GAY Black males make up on high school and college campuses because I don't go around asking men who they're sleeping with. But I can clearly SEE how men behave and carry themselves so it's easier to come to my conclusions regarding thier demeanor being feminine or masculine.





    To say that a young black boy or man is effeminate (and ultra? WTF???) because he's well-spoken, mannerable, civil, and subjugates his thug impulses to earn a diploma or degree makes about as much sense as a female looking to marry a dope, pimped-out bad azz who goes to work every day, pays his bills on time and takes care of his kids.

    I agree.



    Now if I've gotten the wrong of it, please, give an example of a "masculine" young black male and define his behavior vis a vis an ULTRA-effeminate young black male.... who is not gay.

    It appears that you HAVE gotten it wrong so......

    Example of an MASCULINE young Black man talking:



    Example of an EFFEMINATE young Black man walking and talking:


    You can see a clear difference in how these two men carry themselves.
    If you look at the brother in the second video, a good example of feminine behavior is the exaggerated sway of his hips.

    Why would a man's hips "sway" when he walks?
    Mechanically it makes no sense.



    Like you...I don't understand how Sara can live in this society and actually QUESTION my statement about so many effeminate Black men occupying positions in both academic institutions as well as corporate America.

    It's one thing to be tolerant of those who are different than us, but it's another thing to turn a blind eye to it and pretend that it doesn't exist and is all a delusion.

    A few Black men being feminine in their demeanor isn't a problem, it's natural. But when you start seeing the percentage grow higher and higher in society you MUST ask yourself why is this happening and why now?

    Intelligent people closely observe their environment and carefully note any changes.

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  15. CD

    Yeah, I know when it comes to practicality it's all about the detail.
    I think some people are just naturally better at detail while others are best imagining things in their entirety.
    This is why TEAM WORK is so important, bringing these skills together so everyone can work in harmony doing what they are good at.

    Personally, I've found that when it comes to many of our people you have to first SELL them an idea with the method of big and broad visionary description so they can get a clear picture of what you'd like to accomplish before they decide to contribute.

    I can walk up to a group and say let's build entire districts of greenhouses growing millions of tons of produce a year. 
    But I just leave it at that; people would scratch thier heads and ask "what the hell for?"

    But when I give it to them in the context of helping to feed a massive city of millions with a dense population so that they can be more self-sustaining, then it begins to make more sense as to why we should build an entire neighborhood of high-rise greenhouses.


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  16. CD

    Chinese men would have PLENTY of women to marry if they didn't give so many of them away to White men....lol.  Go to any college campus and most of the Asian women I see are dating White men while the male Asian students are usually by themselves.  For years White men have been going to Asian nations literally buying women.

    If you think a garden tower was pretty imaginative, me and some of my partners have dreamed up plans for entire greenhouse districts in the middle of cities.  Especially for cold places like Michigan where you can't naturally grow most edible plants all year round, we have to have some sort of way to grow enough to feed a massive population.

    There are forces who would like to diminish the population no doubt, but I say we shouldn't give them any excuses to do it.

    What I mean by that is, when I drive through Detroit, Flint, parts of Chicago, Milwaukee and other mostly Black communities and see so many of our people just doing NOTHING but laying around consuming.....it makes me frustrated for 2 reasons:

    1. There is a lot of creativity in thier minds but they aren't expressing it because they're too busy waiting on a green light or go ahead from a White person to ENCOURAGE them.

    2. If I as a Black man can look at the inertia and shiftlessness among so many of our people and find it distrubing....I can only imagine what most NON-BLACK people are thinking.

    So if there is a plan to diminish or move Black people out of the inner cities and take over the land, many would actually see this as a LEGITIMATE move because the current occupants aren't doing anything with it anyway. So why not just move them out (or worse) and put the land to valuable use?
    This is the mentality of a LOT of people.

    So like I said, we shouldn't give people who think along these lines an excuse to justify thier inhumane ideology of putting profit over people. We should busy ourselves to start building with a new vision.

    The situation in Flint would be an excellent opportunity for Black professionals to come together with plans to initiate something rather than waiting on wealthy White men to build it and then come running and begging for a place at the table.

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  17. Sara

    Since most "murder by cops" are pretty much confined to the North, what about lynchings in the South. Were they actually "suicide by white mob?"

    I didn't know cop killings were confined to the north.

    From the news I'm getting, it's occuring all over the nation.
    Look at what happened to Sandra Bland, and before that the shooting caught on camera in South Carolina.


  18. Sara

    Yes, I've noticed the same thing among SOME Black boys in highschool....but not as many.
    It's not so much a "change over" that occurs among the individual that turns them from masculine to feminine.......it's more of a WEEDING OUT process.

    It appears that many masculine Black males don't make it to college level or if they do they are quickly disheartened and end up dropping out (like I did) because of the very sterlized culture of most colleges today.
    Most of us grew up in communities where it's common to "chase" after women and no matter how smart you are academically....it puts you at odds with the culture of todays colleges.

    The majority of AfroAmerican males I've met who've actually made it through major universities with a graduate degree seem to fall into 2 types:

    -Those of average intelligence but are passive and feminine in thier demeanor.

    -Those who are masculine BUT are smart and clever enough to carry themselves in a certain way as to not attract too much attention and can focus on their curriculum.

    Ofcourse there are exception, but these two categories seem to be the most prevelant types among the Black American men who seem to do well in college.

    But again, to answer your question......
    The demographic among Black male demeanor doesn't change...it's that most masculine Black boys end up dropping out of the academic system BEFORE reaching college which is why the more effeminate type seems to be seen.




    So we meet again....LOL.

    In SOME ways a very smart cereberal person may appear more feminine only because smart people tend to THINK before taking action....so they tend to be less impulsive which some people may ignorantly take to be more feminine.

    But this isn't what I'm refering too.

    I'm refering to the walk, the talk, the lisp, the shyness, the loss of bass from the voice....just the way so many operate in general.

    I'm not even talking about homosexuality, because there are plenty of MASCULINE gay men.
    I'm talking strictly how a lot of the young men I'm seeing carry themselves regardless of their sexual orientation or even level of intelligence.

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  19. I don't think it's the size of the population that's the problem, it's the INFRASTRUCTURE that's the problem.

    This is the problem in Flint, Detroit, New York, and cities all over the Western world.

    The Western world is old, decaying...and doesn't have the desire to "renew" itself through massive building projects like Franklin Roosevelt's plans of the 1930s and 40s.

    With only about 40 square miles, Flint could COMFORTABLY house atleast 2 million residents if the city was built with a proper infrastructure and advanced planning.
    Also the educational system would help by teaching young people how to live with and get along together in groups instead of the current Western mindset of fearing strangers.

    The problem isn't in the ability, it's in the desire.

    I personally believe that the leaders of the Western world see it as collapsing and they've given up on saving it and are just trying to get as much wealth and enjoyment out of it as they can.

    It's up to those of us living in the West with VISION to come up with new ways for architecture, urban planning, housing for huge populations in limited space.

    China is building cities every year that can hold millions of people, why can't we?

    I say professional Black people and Black youth are in an excellent position to show forth their creativity and determine FOR THEMSELVES the type of housing and society they'd like to have instead of being forced into someone else's limited ideaology.

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  20. I think it should be noted that a lot of Black people are suicidal but they tend to be so religious or fear going to hell that they tend not to carry it out as often as Whites.

    As Troy alluded to, they kill themselves in a lot of indirect ways like drinking too much, picking fights with people, not caring about their health and future.

    I also believe many of these latest police shootings are actually "suicide by cop".


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  21. What happened in "the Fly N T" (as locals call it) is probably happening in cities all over the nation, it was just EXPOSED in Flint.

    I don't live in Flint but I do live in the Detroit area just about an hour from Flint. I've been there several times to see first hand what's going on.
    The media is being deceptive about the aid being provided.

    The sad fact is with all the love and charity people around the nation are giving the city of Flint....it's not enough.

    It's not enough because the problem will cost BILLIONS of dollars and YEARS to fix properly and no one person in this country has the amount of money and resources to fix it.
    I personally don't even think the city of Flint and state of Michigan combined has the money to fix it.
    Only the Federal Government has the money and resources to fix this problem.

    I've been saying for weeks now that we need to bring in the Army Corps of Engineers to fix the problem and provide temporary housing for people.

    Hell, why should an American city rely on CHARITY and fund raising when the Federal Government is currently spending billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Perhaps this crisis could be a turning point in this nation to help rebuild our infrastructure.

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  22. The plan seems to either destroy Black boys OR turn them into girls.

    I frequent the college campuses from time to time and I'm amazed at how many young Black men are ultra-feminine in their demeanor.
    I'm not talking sexual orientation because there are plenty of masculine homosexual men.
    I'm talking about "mode of operation".....how you talk, walk, and just carry yourself in general.

    I'm not a trained psychologist but Dr Umar Johnson and the late great Dr Frances Welsing  respectively has and had some very interesting theories on the effeminization of Black boys.

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  23. Most Black Republicans seem to support the Republican party because of the rhetoric they espouse without carefully examining their ACTIONS.

    You can talk personal responsibility all you want, but when YOU are caught engaging in dishonest and illegal behavior and try to cover it up it makes you little more than a hypocrite.

    You can call yourself pro-life all you want, but if you support war and bloodshed, again...hypocrisy.

    Most Black Republicans I know are intelligent....they aren't stupid.
    They just tend to be naïve and really believe in the "patriotism" and  "values" lie so many Republicans claim to hold.

    Don't tell me the same party who's members have gotten RICH off of exploiting the labor of illegal immigrants in this nation are SERIOUS about the immigration policy.

  24. Hello Fam, it's been a while since I posted here.
    Feels great to be back.

    I'm sure most you are aware of SOME of what's going on in the city of Flint Michigan.  But being from Detroit and having traveled to Flint many times and having friends and family up there, what's NOT talked about as much is Flint's high crime and violence rate.
     And there is a CLEAR link between lead contamination and not only violence but also low IQ and poor academic performance.
    Check out this amazing article I found from Mother Jones Magazine linking lead and violence:

    Mother Jones Lead and Violence

    If this is accurate, and I believe it is....then it  would explain the high crime rates and dismal academic performance plaguing many inner city communities.  The fact is, lead and other toxins are most likely contaminating the water systems of urban areas all over the nation. 

    I think we should all get together and come up with some sort of plan to rid the cities of all heavy metal toxicity and this would probably help tremendously with the problems that seem to have been plaguing so many of our communities for decades.

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