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  1. Cynique


    Barf. I repeat. Go somewhere and sit down, Pioneer. And dry your tears because you can't bear having your idols subjected to a "warts and all" scrutiny, most of which has been divulged by black historians and journalists who have done the research and possess the crendentials that put you and your puerile hero worship to shame. Like most renowned historical figures, Malcolm and Martin were not perfect and not always right. You are obviously in denial about this. if you can quit sucking on the pipe that is a pacifier for your not ever having gotten past the oral stage of your development, may be you could grow up and stop believing in fairy tales.



    I think you're just paranoid.
    Judging by what you're willing to believe.....it appears that you're so used to people blowing smoke up your ass, everytime you see someone with a pipe or cigar you probably fall into a panic, lol




    Matriachies orginated in Africa, and women there are no more inclined to be subservient than any place else contrary to your romanticized generalizing.


    Oh..so not only are you a half-ass Buddhist, now you're a wannabe historian??????

    What proof can you offer us that matriarchies originated in Africa as you claim?

    There is no religion originating in Africa that can compare with the Virgin Mary worshipping Catholic Church that came out of Europe.

    There is no religion in Africa that worshipped a goddess over a god.

    The term Lesbian and the island of Lesbos originated in EUROPE, not Africa.

    No form of polyandry (marrying more than one husband) is found anywhere in Africa as has been documented in parts of Europe and Asia.

    You're half-baked attempts at history is as comical as your views of religion, lol.

    Your contention that the current negative ramifications of housholds headed up by women is proof that patriarchies are best is ambiguos. These gangbangers and thugs are not a testament to the ineffectiveness of their mothers. They are the products of a family breakdown.


    They are products of fatherless homes.

    When there is no strong male in the household to instill and enforce discipline, the children both male AND female tend to become wayward and corrupt.  Even a little kid acting up in a grocery store will respect and obey the deep authoritative voice of a man they don't even know more than their own mother's.
    That should tell you something.

    Take off the mob-moll shades....lol...and open your eyes to what's going on in your community.


    On second thought, Pioneer, don't go somewhere and sit down. Go somewhere and start your own colony so you can live out your chauvinistic fantasy of having a harem of women who defer to your every self-aborbed need. Surround yourself with a brigade of lackeys who mistake your pebbles of wisdom as pearls.


    Howz-a-bout I start in Illinois and make YOU one of my first experiments,lol.



    What "more" do Black people need to know?


    Black people have been in this nation since it's inception, where are the Black or predominately Black hospitals and medical schools today?

    We had them in the past, before integration.

    Before Black folks got too lazy to do anything for themselves.

    If you look at Black America a hundred years ago you see pictures of Black doctors and rows upon rows of Black nurses caring for their community.

    Black farmers who grew REAL food that actually nourished our people.

    Black scientists like George Washington Carver.

    I'm talking about REAL Black scientists who worked for themselves and did their OWN research and experiments.......

    Not these chicken-livered negroes with worthless degrees and white coats on who act as mere flunkies to clean up the petri-dishes and mop up the damn laboratory floors AFTER the White scientists go home for the night.

    Not only does Black America have an HIV problem, but if you notice more and more Black females have become lesbian of the BUTCH type with big husky hairy shoulders, flat butts, and a truly masculine demeanor!

    All these weird disease our people used to never get.

    Women turning into men.

    Black youth are increasing victims and subjects of chemical experimentation.

    That's what happens when you:

    1. No longer believe in a Supreme Being and lose your morality.

    2. Become so lazy and complacent you lose the desire to do anything for yourself.


  3. You know......

    Every time I see or hear stories about White people who "dare" to go into predominately Black neighborhoods and take up residence or perform a service for the community.....I have to laugh to myself, and often times LOL.

    Tom Brokaw of NBC Nightly news was good for that.....
    He'd often top off his news report with some half-ass manufactured story a White guy from the suburbs who out of the kindness of his own heart would dare to venture down to his local ghetto to feed little Black children or paint over some graffiti and "make a difference".

    After that 3 minute bit of racist propaganda he'd shuffle his papers with a smile and that NBC music would begin announcing the end of the broadcast.


    As Dolemite would say: I wanna ask yall just one thang........

    What's so brave about an old White woman or a White woman of ANY age going around the hood talking with and taking pictures with Black men?

    What the hell do THEY have to fear?
    White women aren't the ones being shot up and killed by Black men.

    If ME and TROY went around the hood trying to give young Black men we don't know "bro hugs" and asking them to take pictures with us....lol.

    Now that's courage.

  4. Troy


    The Black genocide is an American genocide. We are just the canaries in the mineshaft


    The madness going on in many Black neighborhoods is indeed an American problem, however thanx to the media and the resegregation of America's public schools....an increasing number of non-Black Americans don't even see the AfroAmericans in the innercities as HUMAN let alone fellow Americans.

    They see them as mere statistics or routine characters that make up the first 5 minutes of their nightly local news.

    They could care less what happened to them.

    The Canaries in a mineshaft analogy is a good one because while the canaries are the first to die....often if not most times they are the ONLY ones to die because the miners manage to save themselves through sacrificing their feathered friends.

    Having been to Europe and seeing how other Capitalist nations operate, there is always an undercurrent of "throw away people".

    A large pool of uneducated, ignorant, and often times immoral and drug addicted people who are constantly in a state of desparation and are readily exploited for their labor and bodies and/or sexuality and then disgarded.

    In Europe these have historically been other Whites, but in American history most of these "disposable people" have been Black and Brown.


    They want it this way.

    It's not about eliminating crime....it's about CONTAINING the crime and regulating it to certain neighborhoods.

    I've said it again and again, the only way the crime problem in Black neighborhoods will be solved is when DECENT BLACK MEN stand up and take care of it ourselves.


  5. Cynique

    SMH. Go somewhere and sit down. Pioneer. A man's penis is not only interchangeable with his brain but is his Archilles heel. Phallic symbols abound in his world, which is why guns will never be banned or controlled, and why drones and missiles are the favorite toys of leaders in their ongoing quest to be king of the hill. This is also why America's standing army is a hotbed of sexual harassment, its ranks teeming with trigger happy warriors targeting the "fox holes" of their female comrades.
    The terrible shape of the male-dominated world is a very poor endorsement of Patriarchy.
    A female president would never have been stupid enough to risk war by drawing a line in the sand, daring an opponent to cross it. She would've perceived that playground games are for children.


    If you think putting women in charge would automatically make things better, take a look at the matriarchal Black family today in the United States and tell me what phenomenal accomplishments OUR people have achieved as a result of female headed households?

    Just look at the innercities of America.
    Look at what happens when so many of the older men are locked up or dead and the only ones around to keep order are women.


    Coming from you, Malcolm X's words ring hollow, Pioneer, when you consider the source and the circumstances: a man quoting another man. Garbage in; garbage out. Invoking the names Malcolm and Martin no longer guarantees acquiescence since time has proven them both to be as flawed as they are iconic.


    ((Pioneer takes a puff or 2 from his pipe and frowns disapprovingly))

    I see somebody's been drinking the poisionous Kool-Aid that White racists and their silly ass negro slaves (who have a nasty habit of being too lazy to do research for themselves) have been serving up in cheap paper cups as "history", about our beloved Civil Rights leaders.

    First Martin is accused of cheating on his wife, then they go after Malcolm with the most digusting of slander.....one by one they seem to dig up "something" on our brothers 100 years after the fact.
    It's funny to me that they wait until DECADES after these men have passed on and most of those who would be around to corroborate or dispute their lies have died or become senile, THEN they come out with new never heard before "information" on the personal lives of these men.



    Chances remain slim for women getting  the chance to rule and utilize their flexible, pragmatic, multi-tasking skills because their ascent involves a contest between brawn and brains, and men have the brawn. 


    Matriarchy status has been thrust upon the black race.  Sisters would love to turn the reins over to their men, but white men have succeeded in emasculating black men, enabling black women to do the same.  Black men who are the exception to the rule are those who are not threatened by women but appreciate their value.




    Matriarchy wasn't thrust upon the Black race as a whole, just AfroAmericans.
    African men STILL know how to act like men and African women STILL know how to act like women and both respect their roles in society.
    The only Black communities where this gender-bending madness can be found and even tolerated is in Black America.

    I wouldn't put too much faith and hope in men who "appreciate" women who take charge and lead organizations.
    Those generally are the same gigilos who'll not only share the power but relinquish ALL of life's responsibilities over to their women for an occasional blow job and spaghetti dinner on Sundays.

    Being a good mother to her children and raising them properly so that they know how to stay out of jail and be productive members of society is one of the most important jobs anyone could have.


    This may sound a little ironic but.....

    Now, because the President DIDN'T do anything militarily (yet) it actually makes him look weaker!

    He had no business drawing red lines on Syria to begin with.

    Even after drawing it he could have came up with another alternative to hold the Syrian government accountable.

    But after preparing for war.....

    THEN passing the buck along to Congress for approval....

    THEN accepting a deal from Russia to help monitor and destroy Syria's weapons....

    It makes him look as if he's looking for any excuse to get out of a fight that he started.

    It's like a kid insulting you and you threaten to kick his ass after school but then you keep walking up to him asking him to apologize and then tern to his friends asking them to make him apologize.

    ....you really didn't intended on fighting in the first place.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting peace, but if you're a head of state you shouldn't go around bluffing.

  7. ((Pioneer takes a couple of puffs from his pipe, sips on a hot cup of coffee, and ponders the subject while watching Zacharia on GPS......))



    I am fascinated that beliefs override knowledge. Perhaps it is not possible to be truly objective. There are no external objects and and the world exists in the minds. Which is way something is painfully obvious to you, but I can't grasp the concept.


    I....I uhhh.....I think I'm going to go back to the original idea of this thread and graft another branch on this tree, lol.

    What is knowledge?

    What do you really know?

    I have my own system of categorizing information and one of it's foundations is accurately separating beliefs from knowledge.

    If I've experiened or observed it myself....it's knowledge to me.
    If I haven't experienced or observed it.....it's just a belief of mine that may vary in intensity.



    For example,
    I don't KNOW that China exists....I haven't been there and I haven't actually seen it myself from any distance.
    I BELIEVE it exists from the books I've read and the people i've met, but I don't know for sure.

    I KNOW Mexico exists because I've been there to not only observe it but experience it.


    Do you KNOW the Sun is appx 93 million miles away from Earth?
    Or did scientific books you trust relate the information to you and you accept it as fact without dispute?

    How do we KNOW how fast light travels?
    The speed was determined at a time when light was considered the fasting thing in existance, so by which method did they compare it to in order to measure it?


    There is a big difference between knowledge and belief, however you really don't KNOW everything you think you do...lol.


    KNOWING this difference has kept me out of a lot of trouble.


  8. Delano


    I heard a quote that if you redistributed the world's wealth. The richest 1% would have it back in three generations. You give any group drugs or alcohol they are going to unravel. I was in Zurich in the late 90's. There were about 100 heroin junkies in the park. I had never seen that before and Switzerland is a small country. Again no race has a monopoly on greatness or stupidity.



    Ofcourse  no race has a monopoly on stupidity or greatness, but from a technological and financial point of view it is clear that for the past 4 or 5 hundred years or so, the Northern Europeans and to some extent the Northern Asians have been advancing farther than the rest of humanity in general.


    I believe this is because those who founded this modern economic system set it up in a way that jives with their genetics.

    That would explain the theory that if those who are the wealthiest were stripped of their wealth, they would get it back in short order.  A system has been designed to favor their very nature and allow them to rise towards the top regardless as to where they started.

    Much of the wealth in this world is owned by Northern Europeans (White Americans, English, Germans) and Northern Asians (Russians, Japanese, Northern Chinese).

    These groups share a lot of similar cultural traits and they have come together to make a society and world based on THEIR genetic and cultural traits like:

    -Sexual restriction or weak sexuality
    -More left-brained logical pursuits
    -Societies where you are expected to act one way at home and another way in public
    -Disciplined in scientific/academic study

    These are traits most wealthy families/communities in this world possess that set them apart from most of humanity who tend to be less disciplined and more sensuous and open with their feelings and behavior.

    Also, it is known that Europeans tolerate alcohol much much better than Africans, Native Americans, or even Asians.  So in a society where alcohol consumption is so prevalant, who will be the winners?


  9. Delano

    Pioneer I couldn't help thinking this sounds like a Harvard Business School case study. You have a product that is dangerous. Who is our target audience. What media channels influence them. What's are marketing plan. How about a strategic product placement. Veil it so it's not obvious.
    Sounds good or we can out it all down to dollars instead of an insidious plan.
    I don't think "White" people gave a plan to exterminate black people. What would be the benefit to them. I think it's more likely multi billionaires would just leave earth and colonize another planet. Which isn't easy either. Just more likely. What did Richard Pryor say, there are no black people in Star Wars


    When it comes to world power, there is PRIORITY....orders of importance.

    Yes, racist global capitalists enjoy making money off of ignorant Black people by keeping them addicted to dope, alcohol, and tangled up in the criminal justice system.

    However, most would RATHER just destroy them outright (which they will never be able to do) and hoard the resources for themselves.

    Remember, money is just currency or a means of exchange to get what you really want.
    RESOURCES (land, food, energy, ect.....) are their ultimate desires.

  10. Malcolm X once said the AfroAmerican community is a matriarchy, meaning it's ran by women.

    This is one of the reasons the Black community is in the shape it's in today and why it has often been victimized and exploited by other more male-dominant ethnic groups that has come into contact with it.

    While I think it's wise for any organization to pick the smartest most qualified people to lead regardless of gender, because the United States is a MATRIX that breed MATRIARCHIES......


    Because the United States is an incubator primarily governed by White men who love to be incharge themselves but don't like to see men of other races incharge therefor love to put WOMEN of other races in charge of their respective communities instead of the men in order to destablize those communities.

    .......I think Black organizations should be very careful when selecting it's leaders.

    They need to understand that while women are just as intelligent as men, there are other qualities of leadership that are just as if not more important than education and intelligence.

  11. Cynique


    Grammar, like cursive writing, is not even taught in public schools anymore. Forget about black teachers correcting or setting an example for their students. Substitutes and non certified teachers very often don't speak proper grammar, themselves.
    It's unforutnate how the descendants of slaves have such a struggle to rise above their humble circumstances, and how those who drag the race down are more successful in doing this than those who try to uplift it.
    Is this because, to the extent black citizens have assimilated, they are still just as much African as they are American and the DNA of their Nigerian motherland with its tribal culture and jungle environment, prevents the psyche of black Americans from totally adjusting to the hostile environment of the white western world???

    Have Blacks remained strangers in a strange land??? Why does the downward spiral continue, - the whirl pool of white rejection and black self destruction that victimizes those who for centuries have been trying to conform to their adopted country? The President of the United States must certainly wonder this, himself.


    Much of what you say are my sentiments also.

    I'm not sure if it's the media who celebrates Black people who drag down the race more so than those who uplift it....or is it Black people themselves who seem to embrace them more!

    It's known through out psychology, sociology, and history that people with low self esteem tend to gravitate towards underachievers and rebels in society because they feel more comfortable with the lack of competitiveness.
    I think much of the way so many of our people speak comes from laziness* and lack of proper education but I'm beginning to believe a great deal of it is also genetic.

    You mentioned Ebonics in a different thread.

    I believe there is some science behind the concept of Ebonics.

    You said we like to use the word "be" but I think it's actually the opposite.
    I don't think Black people of West African descent feel comfortable using relatively useless verbs like "be" and "is".  These are words that state that something "exists"....which is obvious.

    An example I like to use is.............

    A girl walks into a room and seeing her brother sitting on the couch inquires about their mother.

    The correct English version would go something like:

    Girl: Jason, where is our mother?

    Brother: Oh, hey Jan.....mom's gone now.

    Girl: Oh?  How long has she been gone?

    Brother: She's been gone for quite some time.

    The AfroAmerican version goes something like:

    Girl: Where mama?
    No need call his name or use the term "our" as this is evident.

    Brother: She gone
    No need to use the word "is" she being gone is also evident.

    Girl: How long she been gone?
    No need to use the word "has".

    Brother: She BEEN gone!
    Being an emotional people, how we say a word and how intense we say it can be just as effective a description as using a lot of adjectives.
    In the Antwon Fisher story Antwon said his step mother called him and his brothers "nigga" on the regular but they'd all know which one she was talking to by how she said it, lol.

    I believe Ebonics is more than just cultural but it has to do with how our brains are wired too.

    With our genetic speaking pattern we seem to now like using many unnecessary or redundant words and our highly emotional personalities also come into play....sort of like the Italian language where you use your hands to emphasize some words.

    * A lot of our people have a "lazy" attitude.
    Even growing up I've heard so many Black people purposely mispronounce words and names because they didn't want to take the time and effort to learn how to properly say it.
    It's not that they couldn't physically pronounce it, they just didn't want to take the time to even LEARN how to pronounce it.

    I used to go to the laundry mat and see fat women sitting around with their eyes half closed mumbling out words and talking about how "tired" they were.
    I heard them make fun of names and words they hadn't heard before instead of saying it right.

    For example....
    If they were talking about some African immigrants from the Belgian Congo they would say

    "Where dem' niggaz from?"
    "Ah-owe-know (I don't know)....from the BELCHIN' CONGO or somewhere......"

  12. Troy

    Speaking of racial differences....
    One of the biggest differences between Black New Yorkers and White New Yorkers is the way most pronounce the letters "t" or "th" in a word.

    Take the word "something" for example.........

    Most Black New Yorkers will pronounce it as "suh-in" or "suh-aaann" depending on their mood.

    "I didn't know you felt that way.....you shoulda said suh'in !"

    Most White New Yorkers will prounce it as "sum-tin"

    For example a couple times in Manhattan a little pudgy White man with a balding head has walked up to me with a goofy smirk on his face saying:

    "I know I don't know you but can I eeeeask (ask) you sumtin (something)?
    If I just came out of nowheeah (nowhere)....like just now...and flat out told you that you were an alright looking Black guy would you get meeead (mad)?"

    These were 2 different White dudes but they had the same profile and goofy smirk, lol.



    Drawls, accents, twangs. these are all in the ears of the listener and it depends on what part of the country the listener is from, obviously.
    When I think "twang", speech that is nasal and high-pitched is what comes to my mind. which is why I disagree with twang being the word to describe how black Chicagoans talk. They speak from their throat and their tongues sometimes get in the way, all of which contributes to their tendency to mumble and to pronounce the word "ask" as "aks". They punctuate their speech with a lot of "you know what I'm sayin'" interjections and they kind of riff when they talk. They also use the word "like" to introduce a phrase; e.g: "like, you know what I'm sayin?". In speaking Ebonics, they have a long history with the verb "be". It's almost as if it helps to validate their very existence: "like, she be actin crazy, or Girl, I be so tired."


    Like most Black people from Michigan I use the term "yall" but I don't pronounce it with a twang.
    I pronounce it as "yaw".

    "Hey....where yaw goin' "

    People down South and in the southern Midwest seem to pronounce BOTH "L's" when they say it.
    That's a real twang, lol.

    I'm living in Western Michigan right now and there's a lot of Black people from Chicago here.
    Although I've heard the "she be actin crazy" I haven't heard the "I be so tired".

    You've brought up Ebonics a few times, I think I'll give my take on it in my Black Grammar thread.


    When I would visit the South back in the day, comments were always made about my speech. The fact that I talked fast seem to almost mesmerize folks, especially older people.


    Now the speed at which Black people from Chicago speak is what saves them from being called "country"...lol.
    The southern dialect is ofset by the big city quickness.

    I used to tease friends from Chicago by saying maybe they talked fast because they had to say what they had to so they could hurry up and get in out of the cold, lol.


    Language is certainly tied to region and culture and is a fascinating subject.


    The way people (even of the same race) look seem to be tied to region also.
    When it comes to AfroAmericans over 60 I used to be able to tell which ones were born in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
    I used to scare some people I was so accurate, lol.

    Of all the southern states, people from Georgia seem to have the nicest looking skin.


  13. "Demarquise" ????

    Where in the hell do so many Black women come up with these jacked-up-French names for their children?


    This seems to have started in the 70s as a way to reclaim our heritage.
    I understand the desire to get out of the colonial White supremist mindset but it seems that too many people just started MAKING UP names and adding French prefixes to them instead of giving their chilren authentic African names that have been fully vetted.

    I have some cousins with names that I can't even say without laughing.

    There is meaning in a name.
    There is even power in some names.

    A twisted name is an indication of the twisted mind who came up with it.
    A mother should atleast know the meaning of the name she gives her child before issuing it.

  14. I notice that over the past 20 years the grammar of many Black youth seem to be deteriorating.

    Walk past a group of Black youth today and you're liable to hear terms and phrases that used to be outdated, like "red bone" and "what you name iz"

    I even notice that the baggy pants many of the boys wear is forcing them to shuffle when they walk like Step'n Fetchit.

    Young people in their teens and 20s talking and acting like slaves who just stepped off the plantation!

    Where are they learning this?

    I think it's a combination of the entertainment industry attempting to establish what we used to be considered country and ignorant in the past,  as "Black culture" today.

    Also it seems to me that cutbacks in public education along with pockets of poverty and neglect in many urban areas of America are creating islands of ignorance and violence and reversing the lifestyle of many parts of America.
    Even many poor White areas are going backwards with young White men wearing long beards, missing teeth and adopting a redneckish culture similar to Duck Dynasty.

    I've talked to many Black people over 60 who told me that although most Black youth in their day may not have actually graduate for one reason or another....of those who DID graduate....their quality of education was far superior to what most children are getting today.

    They learned not only how to read, write, and count but also hygiene, home economics, and trade skills.

    I'm under 50 and even I remeber that teachers used to correct children in the class if they heard us using improper grammar even during casual conversation....they don't any more.

    I remember teachers used to grade students not only on their spelling but their handwritting and neatness, they don't anymore.

    It seems like many of the teachers...even the Black teachers....don't care.
    They just want to put their time in and go home.

  15. Cynique

    I don't know that Chicagoans speak with southern accents, Pioneer. They most definitely speak Ebonics and street slang but they do so more with a slur than a drawl.
    Roots in Mississippi, yes. Louisiana? Not so much. More like Georgia and Alabama and Arkansas.


    You've lived there longer than me so I stand corrected.
    I was speaking from personal observations.

    But I have noticed for years that a lot of youth from Chicago use terms like "look here" and "lemme tell ya sum'n" , and even have a little twang on the end of their words like people from either the South or the Southern Midwest.

    Now this kind of dialect is common among people of all races in southern Illinois as it is in southern Indiana and Ohio but in Chicagoland it seems the only people with southern twang are Black youth from certain pockets of Chicago.







    I clearly remember the 1st Black person I met from the was born and raised in the midwest -- because they sounded just like people in my family from the south. It took a second to wrap my brain around this.
    I got pretty good at making the distinctions between Black midwestern (different that white) and Black southern accents. But it is much harder now.


    I had a similar experience while living in Pittsburg.

    When I first went there and saw all the rowhouses and brownstones, being in Pennsylvania I considered it an East Coast city, but people soon let me know it wasn't...lol.

    I ran into so many people living there who were actually from New York and Philly that I was able to distiguish between a New York, Boston, and Philly dialect.
    I also noticed bruthaz from Philly seem to like wearing beards.

    Didn't spend much time in D.C. but going through there...just like Baltimore....the place LOOKS East Coast but Black people seem to act and sound southern and rural.



    The Midwest is divided into 2 sub-regions.....

    The "heartland" which comprises of Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, ect....
    And the Industrial Midwest which comprises of Michigan, Wisconsin, and the northern parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.
    Those to regions are VASTLY different in not only dialect but in culture and values.

    I was driving through Iowa and had to laugh at how the gas stations allowed you to pump your gas BEFORE paying....lol.




    My New York City bred kids sound just like their friends from Philly, DC, etc. But I believe that is more of a class thing. People lower on the socio-economic scale speak quite differently than people in the same neighborhood. Poor kids speak ebonics more more frequently than middle class kids regardless of where they live.


    It seems to me that in many Black neighborhoods around America conditions are reversing. Due to budget cuts and the lack of proper education, ignorance is making a comeback.

  16. What?

    That he's not being manipulated at all but actually is WITH those who appear to be his political enemies???

    Lol, perhaps.....

    But a man as smart as him would surely realize that it would have been much better for him to have entered his political career as a Republican and establish his reputation as a moderate Republican like Colin Powel.

    With his intellect and charm, I'm sure he would have not only risen to the Senate but probably would have STILL ended up becoming President as a Black Republican!

    But this way....claiming to be a Democrat while pushing Republican policies.....he incurs the wrath of Republicans as well as liberal Democrats who are continually baffled by his behavior.

    Why would a man engage in a deceptive strategy which makes him look like a fool, wimp, and punching bag for his political enemies?


    Perhaps I may be wrong.....

    But I still think he WANTS to be a Democrat and WANTS to be....atleast a moderate if not a little left of center.

    That's what he probably WANTS deep down in his heart...probably...maybe...on a warm spring afternoon, lol.

    But his desire to please his political enemies and try to calm them and satify them. His desire to MAKE them love him seems to influence so many of his policies.

    He thinks it's smart to ignore his base because he figures he has them, so he continues to focus on ways to win over his enemies.

  17. I thought Molly WAS the drug they called Ecstacy.

    Shows you how out of touch I am with the club scene, lol.

    ((Imagine the balding Mr.Osgood character from Sanford and Son talking))

    I never was big on clubbing....

    Didn't see the purpose of it.....

    It only took a few nights of clubbing as a teenager for me to recognize that most of the people in the clubs (atleast the ones we went to) already knew eachother and they went there just to get drunk and fight or show off their new clothes.

    Me and my boy did better hanging out in the parking lots of clubs and pull (or tried to pull) the women we wanted.
    And when I hit my 20's and discovered Canada.....lol....game changer like a mug!!!



    We know many of these entertainers are being paid by these corporations to destroy the minds and morals of young people and make them better consumers.
    They use their basic needs like the need for love and sex to do it.

    Most corporations have hired psychologists designed to find out the best ways to manipulate their target consumers and audiences.

    Just like a scandelous pimp who preys on abused girls and run-a-ways because he knows they are emotionally vulnerable and are seeking love and attention......
    Those who seek to manipulate the youth use the fact that most of them come from broken homes and lack that love and stability that a good home offers to ward off the negative influence of drugs and a criminal lifestyle.

    The fact that the United States is such a prudish and Puritanical society also assists with this.
    Pornography flourishes in societies where nudity is censored in the media because the people want sexual titilation and if they can't get it for free they're willing to pay for it.
    Pornography is far bigger in the United States and Latin America than in Europe because you see nudity on television any time during the day and get used to it.

    In Canada I didn't have to go to clubs or bars for sex, I could go to a shopping mall or coffee shop and start a conversation and end up in bed with a woman that same night.
    It was the same way in my brief time in Europe.

    Canadians and Europeans don't need to get drunk or high to express their sexuality.
    But in America (and Mexico and many other Latin American nations) people are so out of touch with themselves they need alcohol and drugs to get back in touch with their natural feelings.
    The corporatists have exploited this detachment.

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  18. 2 of the biggest hawks pushing for war with Syria are John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

    Both McCain and Graham are ARCH ENEMIES of President Obama!

    They hate him and everything he does, so why would he even listen to them and their advice let alone accept their support?

    It's absolutely foolish to accept advice and support from your sworn enemies.

  19. It's pitiful to see how Obama is constantly manipulated by the Republicans into doing THEIR dirty work for them.

    Just like Obama Care......
    A right wing health care beauracracy designed to make the Insurance companies even richer.

    The Republicans TRICKED Obama and the Democrats (who originally wanted Universal Healthcare) into not only supporting such a bill but actually spearheading and leading it.

    It's the same with escalating the war in Afganistan, expanding the war into Pakistan, the war in Libya, and now what looks like the future war in Syria.

    They love to go to war, but they know the American public is tired of war and is against it so they had to figure out a way to initiate these conflicts while looking like the "good guys".

    So what do they do?

    Like a "rabbit" in a race, they run out ahead and prime and promt the Administration, Senate and House  on the urgency to go to war.  Not ALL of them, just the hawks....some of them quietly criticize any military action and make sure this criticism goes on record.  But like the rabbit of a race once the hawks get the crowd going in a particular direction and the conflict is raging .....they jump back out of the scene and the people like Rand Paul come on and CRITICIZE the administration for intervening in other people's affairs and playing the world's police.


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