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  1. JD'S REVENGE!!!!

    .....aaaaahhh don't get me started, lol.

    I said it before but unfortunately it got no response...............
    I don't usually like to be the only one who thinks a particular way or notice a particular thing but I often find myself in that position.

    Again, say what you want to but the thing I loved about those flix was that they not only showed real Black LOVE (Black people making love to eachother unapologetically on the big screen), but it showed Black men in the masculine dominant role of good guy who gets the woman.

    That's lost on a lot of people and I can't figure out why.

    Look at most of the movies spawned from Hollywood these past 30 years and the fool role most of the Black men play in them.
    Going to jail
    Getting slapped around and arrested.

    And often times men who I didn't think had it even IN THEM to sell out.

    Like Mos Def playing that retarded ass criminal in that Bruce Willis movie (yeah we're on the internet and I could have looked it up but that would take away from some of the "real feel" of conversing in this setting)

    Or Denzel Washington playing a crooked cope in Training Day and dope dealing crime boss in American Gangsta.
    I was so disgusted at certain scenes in that movie.....but not at just the scenes themselves but at my boy Denzel Washington's willingness to even put his stamp of approval on them by starring in these movies.


    I happened to catch one episode of Law and Order on tv the other day and saw even Blair Underwood being slapped against the wall and handcuffed!!!
    How is BLAIR UNDERWOOD of all people allowing himself to be chumped on tv?


  2. Delano


    Thanks Pioneer - I saw the reverse situation in Boston at Uni. The non US blacks didn't associate with the Blacks from Boston, but they would talk to me.

    When I was living on the West Coast in a small town with few Black people I had a girlfriend from Brazil who was going to college out there who always loved to insist that she was a BLACK woman.

    Not a Brazilian or Latina.....but a BLACK woman.

    When she left and decided to go to Boston to further her career...lol...I have to laugh just thinking about it....she'd call me up asking me what was wrong with these "Blacks", lol.

    She kept talking about how the children acted and how red the people's eyes were and how she believed something is being put in the water or food to run some of the Black people there crazy....LOL.

    I believe some of the cultural differences between many Black Americans and Black people from other parts of the world is what the Catholics call "irreconcilable".

    Many Black Africans and Blacks from Latin America think AfroAmericans are just plain stupid and crazy and want nothing to do with our people.....period.

    Sometimes I encounter a reserved or shy attitude when I first meet foreign Black people but after I drop some knowledge on them their hearts melt as they realize they're dealing with an international brutha.





    You disputed my saying that the legacy of slavery was at the core of current problems in the African American community, Pioneer.


    I didn't dispute that the legacy of slavery didn't pose SOME problems in the Black community, ofcourse it does.

    But it's not the core of them.


    Funny how when I think of West Indians, shiftlless, pot-smokin Rasta-types come to mind. When I think of Africans, it's about Nigerians trying to recruit "mules" to transport heroin out of the country. Back in the day, $25,000 was the going rate offered by these slippery crooks to any young woman with a baby who, under the guise of going to visit her soldier husband in Germany, would secretly transport drugs in her child's diaper. ( A stiff jail sentence awaited anyone who got caught.)

    You have criminals in every nationality.

    I'm talking about the basic standard behavior and ethics of the Africans and West Indians that I've encountered in the United States.

    I can't speak from anyone else's perspective, just my own.

    And most of the Carribean and African Black people I know and have met tended to be well educated and good workers.

    In Europe the story is slighly different because many West Indian youth seem to like imitating the glamorized gangster image of AfroAmericans portrayed in much of the music and movies.

    They do it as some sort of identity.



    Forget Black Muslims. They are grim, rigid, self-rightous, male chauvinistic bores. Farrakhan lives likes a king whose only function is to periodically appear on a dais and deliver 8-hour rants Yes, they have parlayed their strict disciplined way of life into a degree of success, but do they ever have any fun? The Fruit of Islam are an over-rated bunch of sour grapes. Yawnnnnn.

    Some methods are tried and true regardless of how old they are.

    Establishing strong morals and promoting a well structured family works and brings success to any community willing to practice these habits regardless of their race or religion.


  3. I thought when we got off subject.....the subject of this new strip show....the road we traveled down was featured with Blaxploitation flix.

    Now Good Times, Sounder, Claudine and Sanford and Son were good Black movies and television programs but they weren't the stereotypical Black movies of the 70s.

    When I think of Blaxploitation I think of:

    ((waaaay down in the jungle deep))

    .....now that's Blaxploitation for your ass.

  4. Maybe this is a "weeding out" process that will determine those who go to church to truly seek spiritual salvation as opposed to those who just go to "find a good man" or put on a fashion show.

    I tell people before I left Christianity I actually left the Church first.

    One of the reasons I left the Church was because of what I saw as it's ineffectiveness in establishing moral order in the Black community.  Telling people what they WANT to hear instead of what they need to hear according to the moral codes of Christianity.

    Plus there tended to be a SweetDaddy-Pimp type of structure in too many Chuches in which the only alpha male allowed was the Pastor and maybe his assistant or Deacon.  They would get most of the money and under them were usually a flock of devoted women (the Pastor's wife usually included) who ran the day to day operations.  If any other men were allowed to participate in Church affairs they usually were either very old or very gay....either way they posed no threat.

    I thought this big-pimping style some men in the clergy used to surround themselves with women and keep the competition away was a game unique to the Black Church....until I met a few ex-Mormons and they hipped me to the practices that go on in the Latter Day Church that would make IceBerg Slim sit back with his legs crossed grinning and nodding his head in admiration.

  5. I'm not sure if victims of lynching and other torturous acts are still roaming the south haunting places.
    It would seem that once they die and are released from that horror, they would want to move on to the "light" and enter into another realm to meet with God and thier ancestors.

    ((after eating some left over bar-b-que glazed with that good ole Rufus Teague sauce Pioneer stuffs his pipe full of black cavendish and lights it))

    But let us get a little more scientific with this subject.....

    Some spiritualists believe that when a very tragic event happens in a place it leaves an "imprint" there that someone who is very sensative can "pick up" on.

    Now this makes sense when you consider the science beind an ECHO.

    Suppose you shout in an open space.
    You hear the echo of that sound continuing even though you're no longer making it.

    The question is ((puff puff)).....How long does it last?

    3 seconds?

    Or if you consider that the sound of the echo doesn't just stop abruptly at the same volume, but gradually decreases in volume with each echo until it's no longer discernable, could it be that they echo is actually CONTINUING but at increasingly lower sounds undetectable to the human ear?

    And if this is the case with sound.....might it also be the case with sight?

    If something happened in a given space who's to say that those sights may not still be around in that space but at a frequency so low that the AVERAGE human senses can't pick up on it but a very sensative spiritual person can?

  6. Del


    You made a very good point..........

    Africans and Caribbeans don't seem to have the same problems as AfroAmericans.
    They also have higher self esteem and a stronger culture and it's one of the reasons they are so much more successful than the average AfroAmerican.
    I've been saying for quite some time now that Detroit needs to attract more Black people from Africa and the West Indies as seeing them will give a lot of our people in the ghettos

    When I go to New York and Atlanta I see thousands of Blacks from all over the world professionaly dressed and smiling with a totally different perspective of life. It seems that AfroAmerican children see this and this cosmopolitan view of Blackness "rubs off" on them and they adopt a more well rounded view of life than Black children in other parts of the nation.
    Most Black people in the South, Midwest, and West Coasts know little to nothing about Salsa and Merigue and if they saw Black men speaking Spanish to eachother they'd think they were playing a joke......this is how limited the world view of so many of our people are outside of the Eastern Seaboard.

    Also it seems that Black people from Africa and the West Indies aren't as "color struck" as AfroAmericans who's ancestors hail from the South.
    They don't see being very dark with very kinky hair and broad nosed and big lipped as a "curse" that dooms them to failure like so many AfroAmericans.

    Usually when I see a very very dark skinned Black man or woman who is professionaly dressed, smiling, with a beautiful attitude.....before they even open their mouth I know they're from an African or West Indian country, occasionaly they're from Europe.
    Because if they were raised in America looking like that often times they'd be on drugs, behind bars, or in some menial occupation just getting by in life not thinking they "belonged" with others who are more successful.
    Most Africans and West Indians I know don't have this attitude.
    They believe education and hard work will get them anywhere they want to go in America.
    We need that type of attitude in the Black community.

  7. For some reason, that photo of White tourists enjoying a Black church service from the balconies reminds me of that old cartoon of a Black man on display in a museum or zoo with a sign the says "Endangered Species".


    But I know why it aggrevates you.

    It's a sign of the deterioration of collective Black social organization.

    You wonder why does it seem that White people are more interested in traditional Black culture and than Black people themselves.

    The Black church has been a reliable institution in the Black community for decades, and now even IT seems to be succumbing to the.....whatever...that seems to be draining so many Black people of thier moral and social duties toward maintaining institutions.

    The fact is, we're living in a SHOW ME time where many of the people both young and old no longer believe in that which can't be proven outright.

    Violence, drugs that get you high or make you rich, and the legal system that can take your money or lock you up.....those are real and they produce immediate results so the Black community has no choice but to believe THOSE realities.

    Religious services, family, duty towards one's fellow man...???

    What if I choose NOT to honor these duties....so what.....what are you going to do about it?

    That's the mentality of a lot of our people today.


  8. I can't speak on this particular show and it's content but....

    I too want more positive programming and I think stripping and other sex shows CAN be positive depending on how they are produced and presented.

    Black girls seeing other Black females with faces that look like theirs and bodies shaped like theirs being adored by men can be a VERY good thing for thier self esteem as opposed to being constantly called ugly, unwanted and abandoned.

    Explicit sexual program being seen as negative is part of what I consider the "old world" system of things.
    If I ran a public education system not only would I teach sex education but I would include videos that many would probably be considered x-rated
    I'd teach young people how to actually have sex (lol....I'm still learning things myself) and how to do things safely instead of the trial-n-error method most go through by the time they reach adulthood.

    But this is teaching for a NEW WORLD.

    As surely as the old world was built on lies and violence.
    The new world coming in will be built on truth and love (sex being but one expression of it.....)



    And now for a word on those Blaxploitation flicks, lol.

    Whether it's......

    or one of my personal favorites...THREE THE HARD WAY

    The thing I liked about these movies was that Black men were always the PROTAGONIST.
    They were almost always the good guys who kicked ass and got money and got the women in the end.

    Unlike most of the movies in Hollywood today where Black men have gone back to playing the role of fools, petty street hustlers, thieves, rapists, illiterate sidekicks who get smacked around and almost never get any coochie.

    That's one of the reasons I enjoyed Django (the "D" is silent) Unchained so much.
    The violence was so extreme it was comical but atleast you had a Black man kicking ass and getting his woman at the end, when was the last time Hollywood featured that?


    The Black men were MEN in those movies back then.


  9. Delano


    Pioneer knowing what something is used for may not tell you it's purpose. I mean what is the purpose of a truck. That depends on who you ask.

    Like electricity or people, I can tell how they are utilized but their purpose I haven't a clue. What is the purpose of Astrology? I hope you're wrong because I use it at least 100 times a year. High Magic is about improving the person, low is about improving the situation.

    When you talk about magic.......

    Are you talking about working with chemicals and potions, or actually contacting and working with entities in the spiritual realm?

  10. These women are professional strippers, plying their trade, capitalizing off their voluptuous bodies, finding their niche in the reality TV format. Good for them. (A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do.)

    Believe it or not (and I'm sure you can) I actually agree with this statement.



    And the fact that you both say we need other programs that are MORE positive...as opposed to saying we need positive programs which would have insinuated that women displaying their abilities for sexual tititlation weren't positive....actually neutralized the argument I was prepared to make. 

    So I leave you in peace.....one piece...lol.

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  11. Lol......
    Ok I hear what you're saying.

    Personally, I don't support theocracies (unless established by God Himself) because moral codes are as numerous and varied as the men who wish to impose them on others.
    Although I'm not a Christian, I have devout Christians in my group as well as people who believe in no religion (but still believe in God). If there are atheists, they haven't "come out" yet....lol.
    People's views have to be respected.

    Like other organizations in Detroit I believe the NOI could play a role (a prominent one at that) but they wouldn't RUN the city like the local temple down the street with brothers in bow-ties on every corner slapping 40 oz bottles out of people's hands and making women pull their tops up and skirts down....lol.

    From what I undertand of their doctrine, the NOI is against pork, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, and many other vices they feel ruins the Black community.
    While I'm against many of those things also.......

    ** I actually support the legalization/regulation of prostitution and the legalization of drugs in their HERBAL form

    ...... I don't believe it's the government's job to BAN them.

    As long as it's not hurting anyone else except those who made the choice to engage in them, I believe they should have the freedom to do so.

    However I do believe that a society should all be "on the same page" and in agreement when it comes to certain behaviors.
    For example, we should all be against murder, rape, theft, child molestation, ect......

    If the Black community could unite on THOSE moral issues and then fight to enforce them in the community putting other petty religious differences to the side, I thing well over 90% of our problems would be solved within 6 months.














    As are as densely populated communities goes.............


    I'm not SURE it's a good idea either.
    But the more populated this Earth gets (especially the Americas) it seems to me that we'd need to build a new infrastructure capable of comfortably holding it.

    Too many people living together often brings out coldness and callousness, but it also brings out a more "hustling" spirit that brings out people's natural talents in an effort to be seen and make a way for themselves.

  12. Cynique



    You're speaking in generalities and describing the aforementioned "noveau riche". The black middle class people I know do not favor a lot of flashy jewelry and loud clothes. They are laid back and elegantly tasteful.

    ((With his eyebrows raised and a finger up Pioneer declares....))

    You know, I have a very good joke in mind regarding that statement.

    But since you haven't insulted me tonight...so far....I'll keep it to myself, lol.

  13. You hit the nail on the head when you called it "so called reality" tv.

    When people bring that up I ask them WHO'S reality are they portraying on these shows?

    The cast on most of these shows are attractive young people who seem to never work but have plenty of money to jack-off at malls and parties every night and they constantly get drunk and fight eachother but rarely do time in jail or prison.

    How many of the characters are unemployed?
    How many have cancer or AIDS?
    How many are victims of incest?
    How many are hardcore racist and belong to the Ku Klux Klan?

    These things are also part of reality but they don't make it to nework television.

    Rather than truly portraying a reality the public can relate to, it seems like the objective is social engineering by using ART to SHAPE REALITY.

    I'm meeting more and more normal well adjusted people who tell me straight up that they don't even HAVE a television set anymore and don't want one because of the garbage constantly flooding the airwaves.

    They say their computer allows them more control over the information and entertainment that flows into their home and it certainly makes sense.

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  14. Are the Nation of Islam's goals consistent with yours? What do you think a city run by NOI would look like?

    Not sure about the Nation of Islam "running the city" but I do think they could actually have an important role to play in the city's rebirth by giving Black people an example of what can be done when we follow a strict moral code and unite under singular leadership.

    Let me just make it clear that I don't see White people as a race of devils, nor do I see Jews as the root of all the world's evils....lol.

    But I have to be real, the Nation of Islam has worked wonders in reforming Black people in a way that no other national organization has.  They were able to clean up some local housing projects when even the police couldn't (or wouldn't) do it themselves.  Farrakhan is no doubt a charismatic and influencial Black leader who has the power to mobilize and motivate Black people into being more productive.

    But more to your question................

    I actually got a chance to go to the grand speech he made at the Fellowship Chapel on Friday.

    I didn't hear an actual blue print about how he'd like to go about rebuilding an entire city so it's hard to figure out if his vision lines up with mine.

    He talked more about Black people pooling thier money together to buy up vacant property and abandoned buildings.

    My organization isn't focused on patching up a 300 year old city.

    We're more about deconstructing and clearing out most city's old infrastructure and building a brand new densely populated mega-city from the ground up.  

    We envision a city where the average residential neighborhood would be more densely populated than mid-town Manhattan!

    But built with an infrastructure that could comfortably hold such a population.

    So our plans involve more than just buying old property and refurbishing it or cleaning up old city parks, but an actual massive urban planning project on a scale greater than the New Deal initiated by Roosevelt.

    Ofcourse this will take DECADES and probably CENTURIES to complete but it must be initiated.

    What I really like about the Nation of Islam is how much they emphasis the importance of MORALITY and how your righteousness and connection with God will give you the power to be successful.

    The biggest problem AfroAmericans face around the nation isn't political, economic, or even social...it's MORAL.

    Too many young people are steeped in an immoral lifestyle to the point that they're not only losing much of the wealth their parents worked hard for and left them.....but they're even losing many of the CIVIL RIGHTS thier grandparents fought and died for.


  15. Delano


    Pioneer I find it interesting that people say the esoteric is not scientific. Whereas quite a few of the giants in science and philosophy held esoteric beliefs.

    The most learned men of science KNOW....not simply believe.....KNOW that a spirit world exists.

    Tesla, Edison, most of scientists of the West knew the spirit world existed when they discovered that sight and sound could be transported through invisible radio waves in the air.

    They just keep it secret.
    That's what esoteric....or occult means.
    Secretive and available only to a select few.

    I've said many times that most of the people at the very TOP of academia are really NOT atheists and fully believe in a Creator despite thier public claims and how they present themselves.


  16. Cynique







    The report, itself, says that : ("Given major underreporting of alcohol-related diagnoses..." ) furthermore, black people are more likely to go to free hoslitals and clinics with their alcoholic related illness whereas white people get private care and rehabilitation and stay under the radar.


    ((Pioneer scratches and rubs his chin while sighing))

    Cynique do you actually have an ARGUMENT to present, or are you just being your usual ornery self?

    You asked for figures to back up my claim that alcohol ill-affects Blacks more than Whites....and I gave them to you.
    Now you're looking the gift horse in the mouth complaining about the color of it's teeth.




    There are too many variables and too many "closet" alcholics in this country of a 300 million people to draw any conclusion about alchohol-related illnesses as it relates to race. Figures can be manipulated which is why critics get away with saying that there are more Blacks on welfare than Whites.

    In other words...............
    You're setting the stage to REJECT not only the figures I already provided, but ANY OTHER material that I may present to support my claim.....lol.

    Why believe the population of the United States is around 330 million?
    Figures CAN BE manipulated you know.
    It may actually be more like HALF A BILLION.....sho'll is lot of people walking around at Wal-Mart, lol.




    Your observations are just observations. I worked as an Ward Clerk for Hines VA hospital for 3 years back in the late 1950s and there were twice as many sick ol white drunks on my ward than black ones.

    Could that be because....perhaps....maybe...Whites are THE MAJORITY POPULATION in the nation?
    Ofcourse they'll be more Whites in hospitals period.

    Hell, back in the 50's the military had barely been integrated so it was still probably overwhelmingly White.  Ofcourse most of the vets in that hospital were going to be overwhelmingly White regardless of the reasons they were in there because the military was virtually all White for decades up until that time.

  17. Cynique


    "Proportion" was the operative word in my response. Percentages are extrapolations. If the possibility of how white people are affected by alchohol is under reported than your whole claim has no point.

    If by "proportion" you mean the amount of CONSUMPTION versus the amount of PEOPLE.......

    It's easily observed that among those Blacks and Whites who do drink, White people STILL tend to drink Black folks under the table.

    The 2nd excerpt actually alludes to this fact.

    And why would they "under report" the illeffects of alcohol on Whites anyway?


  18. Cynique

    It's not what people regard themselves as. It's how a Sociologists would classsify them in the cultural spectrum. The movie "The Great Gatsby" which just opened is a classic example of a man trying to buy class. Ghetto fabulous bling is not comparable to the expensive understated good taste of the middle class. A black athlete making big money doesn't have the inherited wealth of the upper class.

    Middle class values are grounded in WASP values and Southern Aristocracy. That's who house niggas got them from.
    As a voting bloc, it was all about middle income ranks because they are the ones shouldering the financial burdern. All middle class people have middle income but all middle income people do not have middle class values.

    Being Ghetto Fab is comparable to traditional "middle class values" in the sense that rich Black people are using their disposable income to buy that which will bring them happiness, security, and contentment the same as rich Whites even if they don't value the same enjoyments.

    Most Black men love jewelry, fancy cars, and a lot of women despite where we were raised or how long wealth has been in our families.   
    There are few "Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air" among the Black aristocracy.
    Most of them seem to act like Brandy and Ray J.
    Most wealthy Blacks and Whites just have different social values period.
    I think this behavior is more than just cultural.....but I'll stop right there, lol.

    I know there's old wealth and there is a certain culture that goes along with it, but still most of what we call "middle class" values are actually White Anglo Saxon Protestant values that even the lower working classes of America strived to maintain.

    Values such as: Monogamy, lack of flashy loud clothing, bland music, quiet household, hunting, ect.....

    You find White people of all classes engaging in these habits (if they can afford it)

    While the richest Black men and women tend to like the same thing the poorest Black men and women like....flashy jewelry, similar tastes in music, loud colored clothes, promoting their sensuality.
    The only difference is rich negroes can afford more of the good thing, lol.

    There are no more "middle class values" so to speak in America today because the dot-com bubble as well as the entertainment industry has made wealth too diverse.

    Now there IS a "culture of success" and achievement and a "culture of poverty".
    But this has more to do with education, work habits,  and spending habits more so than typical social habits.

  19. Cynique




    Has it ever occurred to you that Blacks drink more in proportion to whites because they lead more depressing lives, This is a cause and effect syndrome. That report was admittedly inconclusive. Puleeze I tried you and your response was left wanting. 

    Lol, has it ever occurred to you to actually READ my responses to you before you attempt to respond back?

    It is well known that Black people in this society actually DRINK LESS than Whites!

    The first excerpt I posted states:
    "although a higher percentage of blacks than whites abstain from using alcohol "

    The second excerpt says:
    "It has now been confirmed that black women drink considerably less than their white counterparts"


    Now I'm "left wanting" to know how you missed this key info, lol.


    But I didn't need to research the internet to compare the drinking habits of Whites and Blacks......
    Everywhere I've been I've seen that White people drink far more alcohol than Black people and on a consistent basis.

    They gotta have it in the morning, in the afternoons, at night, at parties, when they're depressed, when they're happy, at meals, while watching television.....White people love drinking!

    But it doesn't affect them the way it affects our people.
    Especially the hard fermented liquor like Gin, Vodka, and Whiskey.


  20. Cynique


    The distinction that has to be made is between middle class and middle income. A plumber making 80 thousand dollars a year, but is a high school drop out and has a bunch of kids, one of whom is an unmarried pregnant teen-age daughter does not exemplify middle-class values.

    An NBA basketball star born and raised in the hood who's now worth 20 million dollars doesn't have the same "values" as the owners of the Walgreen's drugstore chain.

    .....yet they're worth about the same amount and they are in the same "class".

    Also, don't confuse "middle class" values with "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant" values that often transend economic boundaries.

    The Democrats made this mistake during the 1980 presidential campaign.


    An inner city drug dealer making $10,000 a week, is not "bougie".


    But hasn't he also bought into the the very "materialism" that you condemn but attribute to the more "legitimately arrived" middle class Blacks?


  21. Cynique


    Do you have figures to support that black people are affected by alchohol any worse than whites?


    Alcohol and Minorities

    Given major underreporting of alcohol-related diagnoses, minimum estimates from one survey of non-Federal, short-stay hospitals in 1991 found 54.5 patient discharges for alcohol-related diagnoses for every 10,000 people in the United States over age 15 (10). The rate for whites was 48.2 per 10,000; however, the rate for blacks was 102.9 per 10,000 population (10). Because it is not known whether the rates of underreporting are equal among ethnic groups, it is difficult to interpret the meaning of such reported differences.

    A study of alcohol-related mortality in California showed that blacks and Hispanics had higher rates of mortality from alcoholic cirrhosis than did whites or Asian-Americans. Nationwide, death rates attributed to alcohol dependence syndrome also were highest for blacks, although a higher percentage of blacks than whites abstain from using alcohol (5,11). The high rates of medical problems seen in blacks thus occur among a smaller percentage of the black population when compared with whites.

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

    The prevalence of FAS among select groups of Navajo, Pueblo, and Southwestern Plains Indians has been studied. Among two populations of Southwestern Plains Indians ages newborn to 14 years, 10.7 of every 1,000 children were born with FAS. This was compared with 2.2 per 1,000 for Pueblo Indians and 1.6 for Navajo (12). Overall rates for FAS in the Un ited States range from 1 to 3 per 1,000 (15). Cultural influences, patterns of alcohol consumption, nutrition, and differing rates of alcohol metabolism or other innate physiological differences may account for the varying FAS rates among Indian communities (13).

    The incidence of FAS among blacks appears to be about seven times higher than among whites, although more blacks than whites abstain from drinking (5,14,15). The reasons for this difference in FAS rates are not yet known (14,15).











    Another revealing find tears down the stereotypes about alcohol and black women. It has now been confirmed that black women drink considerably less than their white counterparts. The statistics show that 46 percent of black women are more likely to refrain from drinking while 34 percent of white women will struggle to do the same. But despite that fact, black women suffer significantly more from alcohol-related illnesses















    Still haven't learned not to "try" me.......lol.

  22. The reason why the working class aren't traditionally counted as Middle Class is because that definition was established BEFORE the industrial age.....sometime during the French Revolution.....when the vast majority of the workers were indeed poor.

    But after the Industrial Revolution and Labor movement most workers today earn income above the poverty level if they work full time.

    So today it is more accurate to say that there are 2 "middle classes".

    Blue Collar-Working Class (factor workers, police/firemen, postal workers, ect.....)

    White Collar-Professional Class (doctors, lawyers, small business owners, politicians, ect...)

    At the very bottom UNDER the working class are the Poor/Destitute Class (homeless, welfare, chronically unemployed, ect......)

  23. Funny I was actually discussing a similar subject last night with an associate who calls himself an agnostic but believes in a soul.
    He's the type that believes things should be measured in a laboratory for proof.

    I understand the desire to want to PROVE any type of theory before accepting it.
    But there are 2 things we must remember:

    1. The spiritual world is far far more advanced and you're dealing with energies that are finer and more subtle than anything you'll experience in the physical world.
    There are no instruments that we know of today that can accurately measure the energies of the spiritual realms.

    2. You're dealing with ANGELS....GUIDES...SPIRITS....and who knows who/what else that exists outside of our physical plane of existance.
    These entities are infinitely more advanced than any human being on this planet and to expect them to submit to some "experiment" by some clown in a laboratory in a white coat with glasses........is laughable.
    The fact that most scientists have to wear GLASSES is evidence of thier frailty and inferiority.
    They haven't advanced to the point to heal their own bodies yet.

    It's like a snail or worm with only a fraction of intelligence and only lives a few weeks trying to figure out and do studies on human beings.

    I believe one day humanity will progress to the point where we'll have tools and instruments that can access the spiritual world.

  24. Troy

    Lol.....man what's wrong with you.

    Posting all that - what Archie Bunker would call "pornagrafitti"


    But personally, I don't have a problem with programs that promote and celebrate Black sexuality as long as it's NORMAL HEALTHY sexuality (not homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, rape, ect....)

    In a culture where White women have long been considered the epitome of feminine beauty, I can't stress enough the need for Black women to promote their sexuality in a POSITIVE way.

    I'm sure SOME people will consider this exploitation.
    It really all depends on who the producers of the show are.

    What I mean is............
    If the producers are BLACK MEN, they will be called exploiters who are disrespecting Black women.
    But if the producers are WHITE GUYS in t-shirts and glasses then they'll probably get praise and applause for promoting the "untapped treasures" of Black female sensuality.

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