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  1. Mzuri



    You seem to define the morals of a society largely by it's sexual norms.
    Judging a society's morals based on it's sexual behaviors a Caucasian custom not found in any ancient society African or Native American.  Africans and Natives did indeed have sexual rules but it's moral codes didn't hinge on sexual behavior like Caucasian/European societies.
    Europeans saw sex itself as a SIN...a necessary sin...but a sin none the less.
    And they also blamed the woman for introducing sin into the world.
    That's still ingrained in the psyche of most Caucasians which is why they will tolerate murder, theft, lying, and all other manner of evil in their society but can't stomach sex and sensuality.


    The very term "missionary position" was developed out of the European's perverted sense of sexual development.







    Some of these women (not your momma) don't have 
    sense enough to know what is appropriate or not.  


    I agree.
    But is it their fault if they weren't properly educated on what is and isn't appropriate to begin with?
    Schools teach that human beings "evolved" from animals....that's taught to people since childhood.
    So can we blame them entirely if they dress as animals "dress" in public?




    My husband and I went to a steakhouse three years ago,
    it was around 2:00 in the afternoon, there was a lady with
    a baby at the salad bar, wearing one of those JLo dresses
    (that green one she worewith Puff) that was slit down to
    the naval and no bra. 

    The woman looked like a complete idiot trying to juggle
    her raggedy baby and keep her boobs covered with the
    all open in the front dress, trying to plate her food.  


    If she had a baby with her, maybe she chose that dress not only because of how it looked...but for ease of access to her breast to feed her baby.
    As silly as she may have looked trying to get food while holding the baby...it may have been even MORE awkward trying to lift up a tight shirt, undo her bra, and pull a breast out to feed the child.





    I don't need to worry about who makes the dress code 
    rules at the supermarket, since I am properly attired 
    wherever I go.  It ain't no joke when I show up.


    Well, well, well.......😃










    You are confusing leftist and media portrayals of Republicans and Conservatives. It comes from a failure to recognize that a true Christian recognizes their sinful nature is remedies by Christ alone. 
    And you are confusing Christians with Conservatives and conflating Christianity with traditional Conservative ideology.

    One has little to do with the other.
    So why even bring Christ and Christianity into the conversation?




    Have you read Blackout by Candace Owen’s? I am finding people(myself included) are arguing about superficial descriptions of people without learning about what they say about themselves. This is why book sites like this are important. 


    No I haven't.
    But I have heard her say crazy things about George Floyd after he was murdered in Minneapolis.
    She even seemed to be taking the side of the police who murdered him and said he died of a drug overdose...not a knee on the neck.


    http:// https://youtu.be/RYwokUtb2Kg


    Was that very Christ like?


  2. Abortion itself is really a racial issue in the United States because the only reasons so many White people in the U.S. are REALLY against abortion is they feel too many White babies are being aborted.
    I've seen a few abortion clinics being protested, and they were all in mostly White communities.

    I didn't see anybody protesting abortion clinics in Black or Latino communities.
    There's a reason for that.
    Because most of those making all of this noise over it are racist and only care about White babies being aborted, not babies of color.

    It's good the Black church is talking about abortion though....because it's a discussion WE  need to have among ourselves as a community.

  3. Mzuri

    Actually I wasn't even thinking about you reporting it when I was posting....lol.
    I'm certain you didn't have any evil intentions behind mentioning Michaels drug use, but I believe many of those in the media DO.

    These racists in the media will use any excuse to assassinate the character of Black folks.
    They'll take every opportunity...from reporting drug overdoses, to reporting looters, to reporting mothers leaving babies in hot cars to die......ANY excuse they can to show a Black person in a negative light.

    I heard about Fuquan and almost forgot about him until you brought him up.
    I didn't know much about him except that he was a comedian out in L.A.

    Certainly is a lot of relatively young Black celebrities (along with Hank Aaron) dying this year.

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  4. I just read the news a little while ago....sad.

    May our brother have peace and comfort on the Other Side.

    I don't like the way so much of the media reported him having a heroin overdose and reported the drugs he allegedly had around him.
    That was very disrespectful in my opinion.
    They don't do this with White celebrities who overdosed.
    It takes them damn near a month to "determine the cause" of why 20 year old Josh died and even then they may never report his drug use.

    I'm also wondering could it be something else that may have taken his life...........

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  5. Mzuri

    For me to do that would raise a number of questions:

    1. Since you mentioned my Mother and my Sister....both adults
    Me telling them to put more clothes on suggests that I have better judgement on how they should dress than THEY do.
    Are you suggesting that I should have better judgement over how these two adult women dress than they do themselves?

    2. Going by the same principle that they are adults with no mental problems
    Me telling them to put more clothes on....unless I was joking...suggests that I have more AUTHORITY over how they dress than they do.
    Are you suggesting that I should have the authority to tell my own Mother or Sister what to wear?

    3. Who determine what's proper and under what circumstance when it comes to going to a store?
    There is a law against exposing your genitals....other than that....who makes the determination of what is proper or improper for grocery shopping besides the individual markets themselves?

  6. Mzuri


    Do you want your woman, mother, sister, daughter
    going to the grocery store, restaurant, doctors
    office dressed with their boobs all out, because
    that is what women are doing now.  


    If they are adults, and that's what they want to do...I think they should have that right.
    The only time I as a man would step in is if they are going to a place where I think it would be DANGEROUS for them to do so.
    But even then, I can only do so much.


    The Progressive position is not that women SHOULD dress provocatively, but that they have the RIGHT to if they so choose...as opposed to being FORCED to dress a certain way, which is what goes on in many religiously Conservative societies like in the Middle East where women are oppressed and have few choices.

    Most Conservatives would like to see women returned to their old fashioned roles which as romantic as it sounds to some...would drastically reduce their freedoms to dress as they please and make a living for themselves.




    Do you want your children/grandchildren’s school 
    teacher coming to the classroom dressed like a


    This should not be a partisan issue.


    Like you said, it shouldn't be a partisan issue and I don't think most intelligent people of any party or political affiliation do.

    Has any political organization that you know of proposed to lower the standards of teachers  to allow such provocative dress?

  7. Daniel

    Pioneer plays the role of scholar, but he either is a deceiver or spiritually blind. He quotes and mimics intelligence quite well, but he gives the impression of being bereft of wisdom. Some would say an educated fool.

    Lol, how does one "mimic" intelligence???

    That's like "mimicking" height or a dead person "mimicking" being alive. 
    Some things can't be mimicked.

    A stupid person doesn't have the ability to PRETEND to be intelligent and go back to being stupid at will any more than a short person can "mimic" being tall for a while before shrinking themselves..lol

  8. Mzuri



    Why Cynique accused me of being Owens follower is 

    beyond me. 

    Lol....to get the reaction from you she's getting right now.






     Women should not be

    exposing themselves like they are doing now where the 

    entire boobs are out except the nip.  And the rear ends 



    But I guess you liberals are fine with all of that.

    There's a time and place for everything.
    I strongly believe in The SUPREME BEING, however I'm not religious anymore so I don't have a problem with most sexual issues as long as it's consentual, including prostitution and pornography.  I see it as more of a biological issue than a moral one.

    If it were up to me there would be MORE nudity on television and less violence, kind of like how it is in Canada and Europe.



  9. Troy

    Pappa King????   Lol....sounds like a pizza and burger joint combined.



    Yes, this is what I don't understand -- why? Surely there is a reason.


    Probably for the same reason the mainstream media doesn't talk about ML's brother being drowned or his young niece dying...
    The family was being targeted and many in the media are complicit.


    Neely Fuller Jr. said that "White Supremacy" is a gangster organization.


    Most colleges available to the average person in the U.S. don't EDUCATE people...they merely TRAIN them.

    In most cases...unless you take certain classes in philosophy...they don't teach people how to THINK for themselves or think critically and analytically.  They just prepare people for entry level work in a specific FIELD, how to meet deadlines, and how to follow instructions.


    If you want to know true history...especially Black history...you usually have to do your own research like Henry Louis Gates; or pal around with some older people and ask them a bunch of questions.


    Old Black folks are some of the BEST sources of history...if you can get them to talk about it....because they were around to see it themselves and are under no obligation to cover it up and lie about it.




    "They lyin'.....that ain't what happened.
    I was there.  I saw it.
    They wuz already handcuffed and on the ground
    when they started beating and shooting 'em."


  10. Still trippin' off those earlier clips of Gladys Knight!

    The woman was fine as all GET OUT when she was younger.
    She doesn't look bad now, but she was SOMETHING SCRUMPTIOUS back then...didn't know it until I saw those clips.

    So I guess this brother was before Don Cornelius and Soul Train.

    There was another brother out in Oakland....I forget his name....but he also had a nice little show going on that was getting to be pretty main stream.
    He had Paul Mooney on the show and Paul had an AFRO...lol...so it had to be pretty far back in the day.  I'm thinking late 60s.

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  11. Both Kamala Harris and Candace Owens look like two peas of the same pod.

    Both of them are professional AfroAmerican women who learned to play the game and "act" their way up the ladder of success in politics.
    Both of them are married to Wht men also..lol.

    Probably the ONLY thing they differ on is politics.....and I if you take away the labels I doubt they'd differ much from eachother even on that.

  12. Chev

    I agree.
    I'm a PanAfricanist and believe both groups should come together for the betterment of the Black race. 
    However you have a lot of people in the ADOS and FBA movements who don't like Africans or Caribbeans and a few even go around the internet stirring up trouble between the two.

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  13. Chev



    Oh WOW! @Pioneer1 I just read the interchange and I understand exactly was @daniellegfny conveyed!


    Lol, I understand what he conveyed too....and so far it's erroneous.


    He said: "Genocide doesn’t have the same meaning to an all powerful being as it does finite beings."

    I didn't say I agreed or disagreed with the statement. I merely asked The All Powerful BEING tell him that directly and he said yes when he reads the Bible.
    So I asked him to show me the EXACT scriptures, book, and verse where I could find that quote.


    Not a similar sounding INTEPRETATION.....but the exact quote since he claimed he got it from the Bible.
    And so far he hasn't.

    You can "interpret" and "read into" any scripture what you want...which is why I ask for the EXACT match.






    As I said previously, those terms are interchangeable, and more importantly, the history of those 3 countries are too extensive to capture in one term.


    Well if those terms are interchangeable, then technically speaking the nations of Libya, Egypts, and Ethopia were NOT founded in the 19th century!

    They are much much older.






     In ancient Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia, there were DEFINITELY time periods where 'nations' formed but NOT AT ALL like the 19th century 'Nations' that were formed under the Western Leagues that carved up Africa for their benefit. 


    I agree.
    Just like the PEOPLE of the ancient world were not like the PEOPLE of today or even the 19th century.

    But that's a far cry from saying people "didn't exist" and were "invented" in the 19th century as Troy said.








    Anyway, you asked me to give you some links to the definition of the word 'Bible' and so, even though you say that you don't believe in the Bible,


    And thank you for doing so.

    It just confirms my suspicion that we can't agree on the definition OF what the actual Bible is...so there is no use in arguing over it.








    No. I meant, that 'like you stated to ; in that I agree with you in that the Hebrew Israelites strongly believe in the Bible'. I definitely did not mean that you believe in the Bible. 


    Ok....thank you for clarifying that?

  14. Daniel


    Don’t know don’t care. It’s irrelevant.


    🙄 I'm surprised to hear that.

    Most Republicans DELIGHT to hear when a Democrat is caught in a lie or mistake.
    But with this one, not only do you ignore it but you declare it irrelevant.


    🤔You're acting mighty "funny" when it comes to Kamala Harris, lol.


    I think you got a thing for her.

    I think you got a crush on her and just want to see her in ANY kind of office...lol

    I think you just luuuuuuuuuv you some Kammy!


    VP Kamala Harris' Hip-Hop/R&B Music Playlist & Howard Alumni Blackburn  Party | EURweb

    "My milk shakes bring all
    the boys to the yard!"


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  15. 3 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

    It is sad you denigrate Black men.


    I'm not denigrating the brother.
    I'm just pointing out the fact that he's not qualified to hold a political office.

    He's too slow.
    He talks like he's reading a note somebody handed him.

    It's also interesting how Black Republicans talk about how they want to live in a color blind race free society....but feel the need to BRING UP race in nearly every speech they give and statement they make..lol.
    Black Republicans talk about race and racism MORE than Black Democrats...lol...but only to deny that it exists.




    Larry Elder: 'I have no intention of getting rid of the minimum wage' -  California News Times

    "I am a Black Conservative and 
    I am TIRED of all this race talk!
    Black, White, Green, Purple...
    IT DOESN'T MATTER as long as you're American.
    I'm a Black Republican btw...."

  16. 3 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

    Did you watch his video? Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate — "Run" https://youtu.be/zmL0LYueLCU via @YouTube responsible leadership.

    I voted for Obama. And I am pushing for Harris to replace Biden.

    Well I'm glad you voted for Obama, and I also agree with you that Harris would probably make a better President than Biden...although neither one are my favorites.

    I didn't see that video until you presented it to me, now I KNOW he's not qualified to be Senator...lol.

    He can barely speak....

    Splitting verbs and adding syllables to words.

    He said he's from Wrightsville and it sounds like he said RIOTSVILLE...lol.

    He's not qualified to be a Senator.
    He's not even qualified to sit on city council.

    If he's bored, he should use some of that money to open up a small business chain down in Georgia and give some Black youth some decent paying jobs...instead of being a flunky for the Rednecks of Georgia.
    I don't think THEY'D even trust him up in the Senate seat.
    I don't think they think he could do the paperwork and understand the complexities of the job anyway.

  17. Now just...take a LOOK at this gloss-lipped Negro on here praising Donald Trump:


    He can BARELY read from the teleprompter !
    You do seriously think he need to be in a Senate seat representing a U.S. state?????

    He needs to take some of that money and open up a hot dog or pizza restaurant chain and enjoy the rest of his retirement...lol

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