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  1. Sometimes I'm glad I didn't go to college because I'm not sure I could tolerate the extremely strict rules this society has set for so-called professional at a corporate and national level.

    When I look at those in the media and national spotlight whether they are professionals in entertainment, politics,  religion, etc.....it seems you have to be near PERFECT in your thinking, looks, performance, social relationships, and have a near spotless record going back to Kindergarten .



    Barack Obama | Biography, Parents, Education, Presidency, Books, & Facts |  Britannica

                        "Mr Perfect"  ?????

    When you look at the news, it's full of entertainers and politicians who were otherwise smart and attractive but made ONE mistake or said the wrong thing and now they are being ran through the wringer and asked to resign and in many cases even prosecuted.


    -A Principal who served a school for over 30 years, told one off-color joke, and is now forced to resign in disgrace.

    -A Mayor who has all types of degrees from Harvard and other institutions who served his city will but was caught mis-appropriating several hundred thousand dollars and is now being forced to resign and possibly prosecuted.

    -Not to mention a famous scholar or actor who has a bad cold or flu and ends up sneezing during an interview with snot flying all over or they happen to have a bad stomach and bust out a fart....lol....seriously....now THEIR career is ruined.


    Does it even PAY to do all of that hard work only to end up in some abyss, abandoned, and ostracized because of one fuck up?

  2. Troy


    So in all your conversations, you did not pick up on this trait and the resulting behavior?

    But like you said, I didn't actually believe he'd go so far as to openly and directly go against other Black people like that.

    Most sell-outs will atleast PRETEND not to be such.....or justify their actions.

    When you hear somebody say "fuck these niggas"......you generally understand it to be an emotional response quick expression of frustration because of a particular incident.
    You wouldn't want to believe they LITERALLY mean "fuck the Black people here" as if they don't care about them and have turned against them.
    But based on several sources, he actually meant that.

    I only gave you guys a FRACTION of the problems he made and went through during his time on that job. 
    He had many many more negative interactions with people both Black and White there.
    The only people I hadn't heard of him having problems with were the Latinos.  

  3. 13 hours ago, richardmurray said:

    in defense of NYC @Pioneer1 NYC has a larger black upper poor or lower rich than any other city. remember nyc has a significantly larger population than detroit or washington d.c. , atlanta, back then especially. The problem is, NYC was and is so large in populace that it the black wealthy or black elected officials will never have the financial power or government control to uphold or protect the black community against the others , whites or other people of color who are trying to help themselves in the same way.

    Another problem is New York has a very large percentage of "ethnic" Whites like Italians, Jews, and Irish who are less apologetic about their racism than the typical WASPS who make up the majority of Whites in other parts of the nation.  They were less willing to compromise and concede to Black power.

    Some say that Latinos, Asians, and "ethnic" Whites don't feel as guilty about racism and the plight of Black Americans as do the average WASPs of America, so they are often more likely openly express their racism and do so unapologetically.

  4. Chev


    and now, Minister Farrakhan has weighed in on this attack on Kanye-- Ye, and Kyrie.


    Yes I see.
    I recently saw the video where he spoke on the issue.









    Hate Speech, which is what these two are accused of promoting, is legally permissible. But there are consequences. 


    And both of them should have known and understood that already.

    Although as  learn more and more about the Kyrie situation, I stand by him more.  I don't think HE said anything wrong.
    I still don't stand with Kanye and think he's confused as hell.

  5. 7 hours ago, Cynique said:

    WHO beside the  Retrumpican trolls infesting this site disagreed with your assessment of Trump??? The feeling was that the American people would punish the Democrats for inflation, rampant crime and mishandling of the covid crises, and that Right wing Conservatives would capitalize on this at the polls.  I, for one, did not attribute the specter of the red tide to Trump's "greatness".  I, and a lot of other , blamed the Democrats for not getting the priorities together and stating their case better. 


    I NEVER thought tRump was anything other than an ignorant dishonest, racist, narcissist, fool and that his comeback would be a disaster for the country.  


    Isn't that interesting.....................

  6. I have nothing against Congresswoman Bass.
    She's an intelligent and professional sister and I'm sure she would make an excellent mayor for any U.S. city.

    I was hoping she DIDN'T win that election.
    I was actually hoping that Republican White dude had won it.


    Because like most elections in the United States today, I think it is/was rigged and I don't trust them.  I think it's a ruse and a trick to further confuse AfroAmericans and give our people....especially in California and elsewhere...a FALSE sense of power.

    California....including the Los Angeles area....is racist as hell against AfroAmericans.
    Black people make up only a TINY percentage of the population in Los Angeles and even much tinier percentage in California as a state.
    There are FAR more Black people in the state of Texas both in terms of numbers and percentage wise.
    Yet Texas is considered a "red" and "Conservative" state while Cali is supposed to be the cool "blue" "liberal" one with all of this Black Power bubbling up inside of it????

    ...so how do Black people end up getting so much political power and media coverage there?

    I believe it's a trick....a trap.
    The media intentionally paints California as some sort of Liberal bastion of Black progress in order to suck Black people into the state and entrap them and send them to prison.

    Can't speak for other people but when I was in California nearly half of the Black men there had been locked up.
    Most were living a hardened street life from drugs, to gangs, to homelessness.
    Nothing like the pool parties and champagne popping I saw on the music videos and movies.
    I quickly realized that there was some sort of concerted effort on the part of Hollywood and the media in general to give people...especially Black people...a FALSE idea of what life would be like for them in Cali.   
    For what reason....I wasn't sure and still am not sure.
    But it's clear that a lot of energy has and is being put into making California "appealing" to Black people more so than any other place in the U.S. and electing our sister as mayor is just one more piece in that puzzle.

  7. Facts.

    We were kind of spoiled growing up in Detroit in the mid-late 70s and 80s.
    Coleman Young shielded us from a lot of the racism and police brutality that so many Black people were facing in most other parts of the nation.

    Detroit, Atlanta, D.C. St. Louis, and even Chicago to a certain extent has such large Black middle classes with a huge Black presence in every sector of city government so if you grew up in those cities, you most likely didn't feel the cold clutches of racism that say a person who grew up in New York, Cincinnati, or Denver did.
    Pushed into slums and ghettoes, being locked out of good paying jobs and being forced to rely on hustling, illegal activities, and talents just to survive.

    I didn't understand that anger and vitriol against the police that rappers like NWA were rapping about because most of the cops in Detroit were Black.
    It wasn't until I got older and started traveling to L.A., New York, etc.....that I started seeing how a lot of other Black communities lived and how oppressed they were.

  8. As an addendum to this story.........

    I recently found out that one of the reasons he was fired was for.....RACIAL DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINTS!!!

    Several employees launched racial discrimination complaints against him and one even threatened a racial action LAW SUIT.

    And guess what?

    These were BLACK EMPLOYEES!!!!

    Say what?????

    That's right.
    Black workers were complaining about this young nigga practicing racism against them, trying to get them fired, and limiting their opportutnities!

    Apparently it was the threat of a lawsuit that made the White folks are HR jump up and get rid of their tool before more serious heat came down on them.


    I almost can't believe it!
    But I heard this from one of the women who worked in Human Resources as well as one of the Black workers!

    One of ladies who hated him and is a pretty good friend of mine told me MONTHS ago that she was trying to go for some position in another Department and he actively tried to prevent them from transferring her.  I thought she was being a little paranoid when she was telling me this.  But now.......

    And speaking of paranoia........
    Another Black dude who was kind of close to him said he often complained about "niggaz trying to take his spot".


    Maaaaaaan, man, man......

    I wonder what goes on in the minds of these sell-outs and gate-keepers.
    Do they try to RATIONALIZE their behavior in their own mind to justify betraying their own people, or do they just freely admit and enjoy it?

  9. richardmurray

    Yes, in atleast one instance.

    The former mayor of Detroit, Coleman A. Young.

    He was elected to be the city's first Black mayor back in 1974 and made several promises DIRECTLY to the Black community and delivered on many of them, including integrating the police department and making it less racist.

    When Coleman got into office he refused to allow 2 White police officers patrol any Black neighborhood together.
    If the neighborhood was Black it had to be either 2 Black officers or a White officer with a Black officer....but absolutely not two White cops.

  10. Chev



    STOP right there. West Africans???

    All West Africans come from where!?

    Come on. 

    I'm not 100% sure but based on my research the various ethnic groups of West Africa migrated there originally from the Kemetic Empire (Ancient Egypt) in North Eastern Africa.

    The Dogon, Wolof, Yoruba, and others certainly have a lot of linguistic, religious, and cultural traits that are known to be ancient Egyptian in origin.




    But yes, I absolutely agre in that Igbo people are definitelc connected to being Hebrew Israelites.

    I also agree that not all are Hebrews but, All African people are intermixed with each other and this is by design from God Almighty.


    Not sure "all" African people are intermixed with each other and definitively not sure that God designed it this way.

    But certainly most of us here in the Americas are mixed.
    Not only with White and Native American but mixed between the various African tribes who were forced to live and work together despite cultural differences.





    "our people" meaning Blacks, Negroes, Hebrews, whatever, is not a problem because we are trying to sift through a lot of miseducation, however, the problem is foreign people who INSERT themselves into ancient African script is more of the problem.

    Infact, there is actually a group of zealot White people who claim to believe they can HASTEN the return of Jesus by reading the book of Revelations like a script and actually plan and plot ways to play out the various scenarios in the book.
    Like sending comets to Earth and poisoning 1/3 of the water.
    They believe if THEY make those scenarios happen then the prophecies will be fulfilled and Christ will come down.






    But until the ancient scriptures are dealt with properly, confusion will continue. 

    Maybe it's time for NEW scriptures.

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  11. I've said for years that whether they are Republican, Democrat, or Independent.....Black people should vote THEIR interests.

    Vote for the person who promises the most and has a history of delivering on those promises, even if they're a Republican.

    I've said numerous times that as much as I don't like Trump and think he's a racist clown, I can't deny I made more money under him than I did under Obama.
    Infact, I ended up HOMELESS for several months under Obama.

  12. ProfD

    I agree.
    Just start your own platform.
    No need to play musical chairs.

    I think Kanye's PROPOSED purchase of Parler was some sort of ruse that him and his White right-winger friends may have hatched to try to change hands 

    Whatever the case, if you notice we haven't heard anything else about the deal.
    It was all over the internet a few weeks ago before the other shit came down on Kanye, then there was no more talk about it.

  13. ProfD



    i believe that  would force America to talk about and deal with it especially when their kids start asking questions.


    The only people who will FORCE America to deal with Slavery and Reparations are US...AfroAmericans.

    When we make up our minds to stand up as citizens of this nation and WRITE OUR OWN CHECK, we'll get our Reparations AND SOME.


    The power is in our hands already.



    Kanye West and Kyrie Irving are free to say whatever pops into their heads and comes out of their mouths. 


    But that doesn't mean they should.

    Like Tariq Nasheed said on one of his broadcasts the other night, Kanye has to learn some DECORUM.


    When you reach BILLIONAIRE status, you can't be running your mouth blurting out any silly ass idea that pops into your brain.  You have to learn discipline and responsibility.  That comes with the territory of nobility and high class.


    Too many LOW CLASS people end up falling into money and don't know how to act or speak and often end up LOSING their wealth and status.

    It's one thing to be out there running your mouth jiving and clowing when you ain't got shit to lose....lol.

    But when you got a Billion dollars snuggled down in the bank, you can't be talking or acting reckless giving your enemies and opportunists any excuse to snatch it away from you!


    Black Business Man Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash


    "I done asked the bitch about a dozen times to sit on my lap.
    I bet if I was one of them White boys, she'd be all OVER my ass.

    Ahhh girl, you know I'm just fuckin' with you"

    When you reach a certain status, you need to ACT like it and leave the street shit behind.


    Too many of our people wanna just do what THEY wanna do with no responsibility or consequence.
    It doesn't work that way.





    There IS no damn "free speech" in this nation.

    Since when?
    Since when have rich Black folks been allowed to sit up and say WHATEVER the hell they wanted to a national audience with absolutely no consequences period????

    If there's no history of it, then why in the HELL would people expect for things to be different for Kanye?

    🤔 Now think about this........seriously....let's think this through together......

    You run around claiming Jews run the world and control the media.
    THEN you start bad mouthing them.
    Now you wonder why your money is being snatched, you're being demonized in the media, contracts being cancelled????


    Did you NOT believe your own words???

    Everything you say has consequences to it and COMMON SENSE should have told them that already.





    And another thing......

    What's up with all this "exposing"?

    Ok...so now you've "exposed" who runs the world.
    Good.....now what?

    Since you "exposed" the plot and plan, has that freed  Black folks in jail?
    Has that helped homeless Black folks on the streets?
    Is that feeding Black children?

    Our people are being played like fiddles with this Kanye business.
    That dude is the biggest distraction.

    Too much silliness is going on and it's keeping too many of our people running around in circles.

    Instead of focusing on the SERIOUS issues like Reparations, acquiring land, etc....now niggas running run around lifting up garbage can lids and shining lights down man-holes looking for the Illuminati or some other mysterious group who "really" runs the world.

    The Pancreatic Philosophy of Oswald Bates | Sonic Geography

    "Ok, so it says it right here!
    I says here that while the world BELIEVED there was only 12 tribes of
    Israel....there were actually 15 tribes!!!!
    3 of them got lost.
    See....secret knowledge!
    Now what had happened was, they sailed across the Atlantic
    and became nomads until they hit the West Coast and 
    founded South Central Los Angeles.
    Heh hehhhh......Watts in the house."







    We are not lacking agenda's we are lacking unity.


    All of the plans in the world will be futile unless you get behind them and make them work.

    Unity was more achievable prior to "Integration" because most of our people were in the same socio-economic condition.
    Today, as you said....we are so diverse;  going to a Black American event is almost akin to going to a U.N. Assembly.




    We have no problem eviscerating and writing off a Kayne West or Hershel Walker simply because the white-run media tells us to do so.

    Wasn't it the same White run media who BROUGHT us Kanye and Herschel????

    Both men are beloved and supported by Trump worshipping right-wing White people.


  16. A lot of lies, wishful thinking, and confusion has been promoted through out our community but especially the past few years with so many "internet scholars" claiming Black Americans are everybody from the  "true Jews" to the " true Native Americans".

    I'm no scholar but I've done decades of research on race, religion, nationality, as well as psychology and how people are manipulated through their base desires.
    I'm gonna lay out some facts in a simple way and compare it to the prevailing ignorance as a contrast to highlight it and make it more clear.

    WHAT is a "Hebrew"?

    The word "Hebrew" is an English mis-translation of the original word "Iboo"

    If you listen to some Jewish or Biblical scholars, Hebrew is the Anglicized version of  "Yibr"
    That's only HALF correct.
    Yibr is a corruption of the original word and as usual, most White folks MISPRONOUNCE  words that they learn from other races and cultures.

    The original word is "Iboo" 






    WHO are the Hebrews?

    The Hebrews were and are ethnic group of Africans.
    Yes, they were and are Black people.
    They PROBABLY came from Kemet as one of the many ethnic groups of that Kingdom but I'm not sure.

    The Bible says they descended from one of Shem's progeny called "Eber"
    Don't go by the Bible, it has been corrupted.
    Much of the Bible is designed to explain people and lands that ALREADY existed while those scriptures were being compiled.  Much of it was made up, guess work, parables, allegories, as well as out right fabrications, etc...

    As I said, the Hebrews were and are an African ethnic group and they are STILL in existence.
    They are known today through out much of Western Africa as the "Igbo" people.



    7 interesting facts about the Igbo culture | Pulse Nigeria

    The word "Igbo" is pronounced "Iboo" by the way.

    If you ask why they choose to spell it "Igbo" and put the G in there...simple....because the British who colonized them told them to spell it that way to sew confusion.

    Think about it....
    "Igbo" isn't an English word, so why not spell it the way it actually SOUNDS.
    There is no logical or grammatical reason why a silent "g" should have been inserted in the word.
    It was inserted strictly to cause confusion in how the name is pronounced.



    Because most AfroAmericans are descended from West Africans who were enslaved and brought to the Americas, SOME of those captured were undoubtedly Igbo/Iboo or "Hebrew".  However most were not.

    Problem is, most Black people were FORCED to convert to Christianity as slaves and were given the Bible and told it was the word of God.  So they have a strong history of belief in it and wish to see themselves in it.  Especially as the "good people" or "chosen people". So often times many of our people will INSERT themselves in the scriptures and paint false narratives just to satisfy vain desires.

  17. I'm glad we were able to keep our halfway decent Democrat Governor here in Michigan!

    Her Lt. Governor is a Black man.
    Hopefully after her second term he'll run and become the first Black Governor of the state.

    There was a right-wing Black dude who was running for Congress in the district I live in and he loss to a White Democrat woman.
    Had mixed feelings about it, but it was probably better that she won instead of him in the long run. 

  18. Troy


    I dunno. Seems like Kanye is dialing for himself. What could racist Republican give him that makes up for all the blow black from black folks and lost endorsements?

    Perhaps he's not doing the things he does for favors from the Republicans or right-wing who are promoting him.
    Perhaps he actually believes that he's doing "God's work".

    He probably believes that God is driving him to do and say what he's doing so he probably welcomes the backlash or if he doesn't welcome it he feels it's just a consequence of doing "God's work".



     Herschel on the other hand does come across as you describe @Pioneer1 but i would stop short of exclaiming it as if it were fact, because i don’t know the man.

    i also know the sound bites I’ve heard up until that point were biased and positioned to make him look dumb.  My expectations were so low, he came across better than i expected when i actually heard him speak.

    I put Walker in the same category as George W. Bush...

    They aren't retarded.
    They are obviously in the range of normal intelligence, have had successful careers in life, married, children, etc...
    They are just inarticulate, misinformed, and make far too many gaffs to qualify for public office....especially on a national level.

    They'd be fine working at a factory or on a construction site somewhere, but not in an executive position.





    Twitter Removes Ye’s Inflammatory Post as Musk Faces Pressure Over Content

    It comes as a coalition of several civil-rights groups said they plan to exert more pressure on Twitter advertisers to stop spending.


    Kanye West


    November 4, 2022 at 1:01 PM PDT


    Twitter Inc. removed a tweet from Ye for violating its terms of service as new owner Elon Musk comes under pressure from advertisers and civil-rights groups over the social-media firm’s content-moderation efforts.

    Ye, the Black rapper and designer formerly known as Kanye West, had suggested in his tweet that calling someone antisemitic was a coded way of using a racial slur against African Americans. Ye has become a lightning rod for criticism in recent weeks for his offensive comments about Jews. Adidas AG, Gap Inc. and Balenciaga have dropped their partnerships with the artist.

    Ye’s tweet was taken down the same day that a coalition of several civil-rights groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP and Accountable Tech, said they plan exert more pressure on Twitter advertisers to stop buying ad space on the platform over concerns that Musk would relax its content-moderation policies. Volkswagen AG, General Motors Co. and Pfizer Inc. are among companies that have announced a pause in advertising on Twitter.


    Kanye West Deleted Tweet: Twitter Removes Post While Under Advertiser Pressure - Bloomberg








    🙄  Don't look like too much has changed on Twitter to me.

    They're still making up excuses to delete posts by and ban accounts of Black users while justifying why they let White users come on spewing all types of vile filth in the name of "freedom of speech".

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