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  1. On 7/25/2022 at 6:36 PM, Cynique said:

     Predictably, pioneer has to add his worthless 2 cents to what has already been said because not doing so would cause his festering gut to bust. He can never pass up a chance to prove what an unoriginal thinker he is. "Dank" is his favorite new word in his ludicrous attempts to be "creative".  🤣🤣🤣   Get a life, Loser.

    If your ONLY friend is some part-time astrologist who lives  way down in Australia, you should be the LAST person to call somebody else a "loser"....LOL

  2. Man, I don't know HOW my computer brought me way back to posts from 2010.  Not sure what button I hit, but I found this topic quite interesting.
    Especially given my current stance of not belonging to any man-made religion.

    I would say YES.....they should.
    They don't have to promote sex outside of marriage or homosexuality.
    They can continue to preach that both are sins......those churchs who STILL preach this; because traditional Christianity as well as the Bible itself clearly says both are sins.

    However nothing says they can't show videos of people having sex or even give live demonstrations with MARRIED couples up on stage having sex infront of the congregation.

    How likely is that to happen?
    Not sure.
    Most Christians will balk at the idea.

    However in an ideal world where people aren't hypocrites and recognize that sex is life giving, beautiful, and one of the greatest physical desires of this world the prevailing attitude should be: Why not?

    In ancient African and Native American societies, not only was public sex common but TEACHING people how to properly have sex was also very common.
    The original people didn't have sexual hang-ups and weird pervsions like the Caucasians and their culture so sex was viewed differntly.

  3. ProfD


    Problem is, you can't get on code with a damn FOOL.

    And a lot of our people are straight up FOOLS.
    Stupid as hell.


    You call yourself trying to get on code with some of them and as soon as the meeting is over they sneak off to a backroom somewhere and tell some White man everything you talked about.





    3,807 Old Black Man On Phone Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock
    "Well uhhhhh.....
    I don't know what all they was talking about but I told you I'd tell ya when they met.
    Uh huh.....uh huh.....ok."

    You can't expect a real code out of some of these niggas.
    They don't have that type of honor.

    Even on the streets there is no honor among most of them.
    They'll snitch on eachother, lie, cheat, get lazy, announce everything he plans to do on Twitter or facebook.

    Dumb ass nigga all up on facebook live with a stack of $5 bills to his ear rapping about all the dope he sold today before the police kick his door in and snatch his ass up.

    I'm telling you the best thing for us to do right NOW is for the most intelligent and righteous among us to get together and forget about the dead weight.
    Let the zombies feed off of eachother.

  4. ProfD



    I personally believe that the Willie Lynch letter was real.

    For decades we accepted it real and authentic and then someone comes along and calls it into question and all of a sudden we're supposed to reject it?  Not so fast.  I need more evidence that it was "made up" because the contents of it sounds mightly similar to what you can observe among many AfroAmericans today.
    Too similar for there to be just some casual coincidence.





     As a result, many AfroAmericans operate on the  belief that the white man's ice is colder.



    That, and personal experience dealing with a lot of AfroAmericans where often the White man's ice actually IS colder...lol.
    Nigga got a store but use cheap ass worn out refrigerators where much of the ice is already half melted when you pick up the bag...lol.





    If/when AfroAmericans wake up and realize their supremely given gifts, talent, intelligence, knowledge, skills and abilities, I believe they will come together to pool resources and build wealth for future generations.


    Personally, I may not live long enough to see it come to fruition.  But, the cool thing is that that we live in advanced society technologically that it it can happen very fast and exponentially

    Not sure when AfroAmericans collectively will wake up but there are plenty of work INDIVIDUALS.  I think the solution you speak of will manifest itself once we stop waiting on the collective to come together and those few of us who ARE ready to build a new world just come together and DO IT.


    Stop waiting on the masses.  
    Many of whom may never come.

    Let's take what we got and use what we have and build where we stand. 

  5. 18 hours ago, Cynique said:


    At this stage in my life. I'm set  in my ways. I'm not somebody attracted to opposites because it has also been my observation that an individual's personality influences his politics and the personalities of  people  whose poltical views are not aligned with mine, make them the type who turn me off.   Different strokes for different folks. 



    😏  Something tells me this lady was "set in her ways" looooooong before THIS stage in her life.

    Infact....something tells me her "ways were set" probably before reaching adulthood, lol.

  6. Del

    Not sure about the other times you attempted to "explain" it (as if it needs explaination); however I recall you relating an incident in Europe where you were walking down the street and some cops stopped you and questioned you.

    But you said it had nothing to do with race....lol.

  7. On 7/18/2022 at 8:58 AM, ProfD said:


    I believe billionaire business owners had inside information on the flow of the virus and they were also provided with economic relief for any lost productivity. 😎

    Many of them ABSOLUTELY had inside information about the virus and I know this from direct observation because as far back as January the owner of the place I worked came in and sat us down and talked to us about the Coronavirus and how contagious it was and how much of an impact it was gonna have on the company and the entire U.S. economy.
    He has a very sober and frank expression on his face while he was talking to us and I was wondering why he looked the way he did.
    I thought it was gonna be some sort of mild reaction like the Swine Flu, but certainly nothing on the scale we witnessed in 2020.  But apparently HE knew!

  8. On 7/17/2022 at 8:34 PM, Cynique said:

    @GregToo bad the cops called to the scene at the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting  displayed no impulse to do their sworn duty to "serve and protect". Thanks to their cowardly restraint, 2 teachers and 19 students lost their lives. Just another example of how your tunnel vision has programmed your gullible mind to only see what you've been instructed to look for. You really suck.  

    I find it interesting that there's been a lot of criticism of the police response in the Uvalde Massacre but almost none (to my knowledge atleast) for the cops in the Buffalo Massacre. 

  9. ProfD



    I believe part of the disservice in our educational system is that it tries to fit everyone in the same box.

    IMO, beyond basic reading, writing and arithmetic, young people should be educated according to their aptitude and interests. 


    I believe this is the main purpose behind many of the Montessori Schools that are sprinkled around the nation.

    They are favored by wealthy parents because unlike traditional public schools that teach children how to fit in and be good subservients and workers.....Montessori schools claim to allow children to develop the best of themselves and follow their natural path.



    There will always be varying levels of intelligence. A highly functional society can accommodate it too


    This is why I've constantly said that this society should focus on building more manufacturing and agricultural jobs that pay well.

    Not everyone is built for office work or communications and customer service.  Some people work better with their hands and being physical and this society should acknowledge this and foster it.

  10. Cynique



    And we look forward to the day when you favor us with something other than the far-fetched rationales you come up with in your pitiful attempts to avoid admitting you are wrong. They are the real jokes when it comes to comic relief. 

    Actually, I know YOU look forward to anything coming from me.
    You just don't like admitting it...lol.






    Nobody said "liberal" was just associated with sexuality, except you in your futile attempt to appear smart instead of dumb. Liberal in this case refers to the "political left". 


    You implied it, especially when you used the LGBT as an example of "liberalism".





    That's the whole point of my disputing your claiming the LBGT "tribe" was a sub category of the Caucasian "race". "


    That's not the WHOLE point.
    MOST of the point of your disputing my assertions is getting satisifaction from arguing and being contrary to them.  

    You really don't care if you're right or wrong and THAT has been obvious for a long time now, lol.




    "Arabic" of course is overlooked in your "general" assessment, of what you think you know. 


    "Arabic" has been overlooked thus far in this thread because it's a CULURE...not a race.  
    I said that most of those in the Middle East are made up of various mixtures of Africans and Caucasians.  This includes most of those calling themselves Arab.

    Like Jewish, Arab is not a race.










    See, that's just it....Black folks have to embrace entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.  We can do better than relying on a paternalistic hand out or up.

    Black folks are intelligent enough to run their own businesses.

    Back in the 1950s, Berry Gordy started Motown Records which became extremely successful. He laid the blueprint.

    Early Hip-Hop was independently owned and successfully run by Black folks.

    Unfortunately, they all eventually cashed out when offered a huge sum of money.


    No one.....except Greg maybe...lol...questions our POTENTIAL and what we CAN or SHOULD do.
    That's not the issue.
    The question is ARE we doing it?


    I believe Black people CAN run our businesses as well as White folks, however currently we are not.
    So until we start doing so...that assertion is just a BELIEF based on our potential capabilities.





    I've never seen the point in Black folks getting paid to work hard while an agent gets 20% of the earnings to sit around making phone calls *selling* their labor/services.


    To put it bluntly.....

    Because a lot of Black entertainers may have the talent to do what they do, but don't have enough sense or discipline to make the calls and establish the connections to propertly market their services.


    Talent doesn't always come with smarts.
    Sometimes you need someone who is smarter and more knowledgeable than you to market and sell your skills and talents.


    Certainly there ARE Black people with the smarts and knowledge to be good agents and producers but at that time in history, certainly there weren't enough.  Especially compared with the Jews who were.

    I think Muhammad Ali was one of the first major Black entertainers to publicly employ Black boxing promoters and agents in place of the traditional White ones who were taking advantage of a lot of Black athletes.




    The oldest profession calls it prostitution. There are many similarities considering how often Black folks get screwed in the deal.


    Well, like I said earlier.
    A lot of Black people were getting screwed and cheated but a lot of them were fucking THEMSELVES up.

    Wasting money on cars, jewelry, women, liquor, dope, just wasting it away.
    The Jewish agents didn't MAKE them screw their money up like that.  They did what they wanted because it was fun to them.


    As the old saying goes, the fool and his money are soon parted.

  11. Troy

    Not quite sure what to say about this one.

    I didn't follow up on it too closely, so learning this is actually quite embarassing....lol.
    Here I was ready to get down and support these brothers pushing their own online financial system too.

    Rizza Islam is a very smart young man.
    If not this one doesn't get off the ground, perhaps another one will come along that is even better and more reliable.


  12. 5 hours ago, Delano said:

    My first trip as an adult was to Zurich. It wwas the first time that my color wasn't a hindrance. I met white people who were interested in me and as a person. Once hough I was walking down this road with a friend and three farmers were staring in our direction. We both turned around and there was nothing behind us. So I guess that hadn't seen a Black man and White women walking together.

    Tells me they were racist but just didn't quite know how to respond....yet.
    Unlike White Americans who have WELL REHEARSED PLANS for expressing their racist outrage.

  13. Kenneth


    Can two black people with very different political views have a relationship, and even be in love? 


    Infact, some of the strongest attraction and passion comes out of couples with different religions or political affiliations.

    Opposites tend to attract when it comes to the opposite sex.
    What may turn OFF a person of the same sex may attract and turn on a member of the opposite sex who finds someone who thinks the way they do rather dull and boring.
    A lot of women enjoy the challenge of trying to change a man to her way of thinking.

    Personally, a lot of women find my views on religion and religious history quite attractive.
    I've been involved with a number of women who started off arguing with me over religious differences.....lol.



    The more interesting aspect of it is when two folks are already in a relationship and one of their political views changes. 

    Insightful pondering.....
    It reminds me of that political couple who used to come on CNN from time to time.  I think James Carville was the husband but I forgot who the wife was and don't care to look her up at the moment.

  14. ProfD



    Jews have exploited black folks especially in the entertainment business. 

    However another way to look at it was that Jews were able to spot Black talent and give Black artists an opportunity to shine and make some money when the White Gentiles didn't want to sign them on or give them the time of day.

    A lot of Black entertainers have gotten rich (and fucked up their money) in the course of making their Jewish agents richer.



    I refuse to accept or believe that a Supreme Being would have made Jews the caretakers of this world/system.  Maybe I'm jealous.🤣


    I'm not exactly SURE one way or the other because I wasn't there.  I make these claims based off of the research I've done along with simple observation as to who's running this world.


    Caucasians run most of the world and have been for centuries.
    They don't run EVERYTHING....but they run most of what's in this world.  More so than other races do.  And at the pinnacle of most intellectual fields of the White race you will find those who are labeled Jewish.


    Why they are in those positions? 


    Again, I'm not sure....but they typically are whether we want to accept this or not.

    Hitler certainly didn't want to accept it, but in the end...he had to.









    You favor us with your voice of reason


    And YOU favor us with comedy relief!

    Thanks for the laughs...lol.




      "Liberal Agenda"  which is what the LGBT community is, would not be a sub category of it


    LGBT community isn't a "liberal agenda".
    It is what it is.

    The word "liberal" is a HUGE umbrella which connotes a lot of different ideas.  Not just those revolving around a sexual orientation.



    And even if Caucasoid was a race. which is debatable, the descendants of the Semitic tribes would not be in the same classification with it. 


    They wouldn't be in the same category simply because tribes and races are different categories.

    Also, the word "Semitic" is a manufactured lineage because it assumes that the Biblical "Shem" (from which the word "Semitic" is derived) was a real actual person and that that lineage descended from him.  Something that is HIGHLY questionable.

    Those groups currently in the Middle East who are CALLED "Semitic" are generally mixed race.
    A mixure between Caucasian and African.



    When can we expect you to step up and save the world????? 


    Save the world?
    Sheeeeyit, I don't know if I can even save YOUR silly ass....lol.

  15. ProfD


    Smarts and intelligence is measured in different ways, but IQ tests have a measure of reliability when they are repeated over and over again.
    The controversy comes in when people don't like the RESULTS of those tests.


    Many of them tend to be bias, but then again....a lot of people labled as stupid really ARE low in intelligence and they just don't want to hear it. 
    Or we don't want to hear it about someone else.


    There are reasons for EVERYTHING.

    There's a reason why some of the people we know drop out of school (and didn't get good grades while they were in), can't seem to stay out of jail, can't hold a job, never read a book, can't hold a decent conversation, ect....
    I put my money on low intelligence as the MAJOR reason although certainly not the only reason.

  16. Mel

    There are several other tell-tale signs he gives off to let me know he's white.....lol.
    But I'm not going to give the game away.

    It's better to leave the other racist lurkers GUESSING about what they should do to cover their tracks...lol

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