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  1. KWLTakeover-10-1.jpg

    ROMANCE WRITERS consider viewing
    I never wrote a roman romance :) but I will look to gain some ideas or suggestions to writing stories concerning love between folk as the main theme.

    How to Build your Romance Writing Career with Shayla Black 

    The Kobo Writing Life team is excited to announce our latest Live Q&A on March 31st, 2022, from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST. KWL Director Tara will be chatting with Shayla Black. If you can’t make the takeover, feel free to comment on this post with your questions and we can ask them for you!   

    Hi authors!  

    I’m delighted to be chatting live with Shayla & William Black this month. Shayla is a titan who has written more than eighty books over two decades. As an author with such a prolific romance writing career, I’m going to be chatting to Shayla about the following: 

    How she got started with romance writing and how she became a queen of the genre! 
    Tips for authors who want to start building a writing business 
    Her advice on being a hybrid author, what are the pros and cons of this approach 
    What she’s done to build such an engaged reader base of superfans 
    Predictions for what’s next in romance 
    I love tuning in to Shayla & William in their live Wine Wednesdays hosted in Shayla Black’s Book Beauties on Facebook. They’re a real hoot and I’m delighted to be able to chat to both Shayla & William in our own live event. 

    And you may have heard that KWL is turning 10 this year! To commemorate this, I’m also going to be asking all of our guests about where they were 10 years ago and what they wish they knew. 

    Be sure to join live and bring your questions! It’s an event not to be missed.   

    Happy writing,  


    Director, KWL 

    Shayla Black books
    https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Shayla Black&ac=1&acp=shayla bl&ac.author=Shayla Black&sort=PublicationDateDesc






    1. richardmurray


      My thoughts as I listened to Shayla Black side her husband William Black communicating with Tara of Kobo Writing Life
      All links are available in the AALBC link below.

      circa 10:49
      That is a great question, Tara. Is a book written between parents and child a genre? I can't recall any book co-authored between generations
      circa 12:45 
      she said being a hybrid author you can't control everything. They wouldn't want a competing book schedule. 
      circa 14:46 
      shayla says every sunday morning she talks business with authors. Maybe every author needs a business circle of authors to talk with on a regular basis. 
      circa 16:29
      shayla offered william, a business plan to get her spouse to leave his job, and make her writing career better. He said he had 100% faith in her. 
      circa 17:39
      she said, the marital relationship needed the bonding cause they were starting to be very busy with two different lives. She said most couples have problems being in the same house together.
      circa 18:36 
      William says, network, network, network, you have to multiversify, and the community of networking is always changing, but it is a long process and you will make mistakes of ignorance.
      I agree to him, that Kobo is a very pleasant experience with backend work. I have applied to many different platforms and Kobo is the easiest. I agree to william as well, computer engineers design the systems to interface without any comprehension of writing a book.
      circa 21:46
      Shayla has not found plotting straightforward yet. Shayla says she has used all plotting models
      circa 23:19 
      I agree to Shayla, romance is not formulaic. I think people confuse a genre's nature with formula. A movel whose main plot point is the relationship between two people trying to strengthen their love will have moments of intimacy , moments of collission. Is it formula or reality of a genre?
      circa 23:54 
      shayla gives books preorders nine to twelve months in advance
      circa 26:04 
      shayla makes a good point, some authors have readers who are fans while also supportive, some fans to other authors feel entitled.
      circa 31:23
      Shayla feels the newsletter is vital, but her thought it, newsletters need to be framed where the author talks with , not at the , audience
      circa 33:25 
      William says to the introvert, let the fan feed the conversation and practice makes perfect.
      circa 35:20
      Have they had their books translated into other languages besides english?
      circa 38:14
      shayla has an agent that does her audio translations or literal translations. She doesn't feel she knows enough about translations so she sells her rights through agents. 
      she said after the pandemic foreign publishers have not been the same
      french, spanish, portuguese, japanese, russian, israeli... she will rather a steady french or german translation stream 
      some publishers didn't come to their office for two years.
      circa 43:14 
      Shayla said she wanted to find a book that was larger than 5,000 words that she can read from dinner to bedtime, she couldn't find it so she wrote it herself.
      she found it more challenging to sink into books as she reads words all day
      circa 47:10
      if a film producer said they want a shayla black book to be made into a movie, and they want the author to provide the name, name the  book of yours you recommend first and name the book of yours you recommend last? 
      circa 48:23
      shayla's answers... in her heart of hearts, wicked and devoted for netflix
      circa 49:20 
      William says he will handle the casting
      circa 50:02
      Tara asked what were the Black's doing 2012, for kobo writing life 10 year anniversary. they answered.... 2012 is when shayla presented her presentation to her husband to aid in her business
      circa 52:20
      she is waiting for some artists to figure out the place to mix music/video/writing and open up the world of fiction to many more people
      She wants something engaging and layered but they can sink into a few minutes but got a whole story
      circa 54:50
      a mini musical , like rock of ages but shorter, and through an app, but alot of ideas, she can see it in her head but the rights issue is huge, music, actors, are quite expensive
      circa 55:58 
      the interview is ending, they state their online locales
      I suggested 3d printing for their merchandise


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