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    creatve list
    hat it means to be a writer , Sylessae- draw in your own style , Alligado , The Black SCreenriter cometh, , Animal BFF, Character Copyright , Humanity vs I am Legend ,  Negotiating , Artist be like, Spiderman head tutorial , audiobook narration styles future, going from text to voice , Summer Of Soul- some thoughts, deviantart displays ,  , what if what if , happy 21st birthday deviantart , Dragon tutorial: steps/headless/1960s , fire tutorial &nbsp;,  Dexterity Test/Story Challenge/Comic Book Superhero/Kloir DYIS/Monster Cutie/One Light Source/OC Pet , Contrast craft, Dessert Dragon/Fav Season/Dream Catcher , retrofuturism RMI , Blackberry cookie run, Death by example,  pop of grayscale, werewolf your pet , addietober , Death by example in dreadful tales, may the real nubia stand up, Ebonee , Novembrush2021, writing parents , where do the stories go , Final fantasy weaponvember, see the world in my way , Chibi KAwai dragonslayer , emotions 2021 , Zenith power collage  , Legend Collage , comic book aging, translated works and immigrants, epistles of the future , internal problems in characters, AduiShirika of MSinChe <BlackGamesElite > , cancelling films- a query, reaffirmation to HBCU's , what books make a good film, Holiday Rex DTIYS + NAscha DTIYS , valentine's day 2022 , The Case Of Our Escape , Black Tribes of the USA fictional book list ,  eat a lemon 2022,  International womens day 2022 ,  Audio-Shipoffools,legend to be, Audio-head of hatshepsut, Audio-Death by Example , The Last Race Film , The Journey of the PS Eternal , Superhero profile left hand, rose left hand , spin bowlers, Last day of womens' history month 2022 , Black universiy press , grant earned to the south side home movie project , to spike lee's favorites, Monna Lisa  , Danny Glover in small budget, The King of Paradise, , Superman outdated, Feetorfins2022 ,  Ampraeh DTIYS , delight dislyte , 2k watchers 2022- In KaleJiwe , KZlovetch invitational  , favorite magic spell, the golden mirror plus the gift from impatience, ? 
    Richard Murray's Pulpit : 1+2 , 3+4+5 , 6 , ? 
    In the first creative table, I used the comment section of the post to hold the content. This was dysfunctional. Took me years to figure it out:) This creative table, I will use my profile activity list to hold the data and tabulate it in this post.
    If you want to see the first creative table, utilize the following link after the makeshift arrow -> LINK 
    The Black Table 
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    Kinematic self-replication in reconfigurable organisms , ?
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    industrial review
    I remember when American Telephone and Telegraph sold Warner Bros media to Discovery channel. 
    To me the big points were what? 
    AT&T was able to offload hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, from Warner Bros, off themselves to Discovery Channel. 
    Discovery Channel was able to buy a horde of media properties on the cheap. 
    The head of Discovery channel, who became the head of the merged firm between discovery channel side warner media, said on DAY ONE, day one! The days of high expenditures are over, and downscaling was going to occur.
    I recall this very well.
    Which is why the responses in the tweet stream below, show the ignorance of USA based e-citizens. 
    All this was inevitable. 
    What people have to comprehend about Movies/Music/Video games/ any entertainment zone is high cost production is always very expensive or very unwise.
    Frank L Baum went bankrupt wtith various investments including making his own Oz movies. 
    Nintendo didn't try to mirror Sony or Microsoft cause over time who has money for high end systems.
    Beinsports stayed a free service with commercials cause you can only make money with paid subscription streaming by adding users, which assumes potential users will grow. 
    Beyonce this year has presented her latest album in the common way, not in her more eccentric methods in recent years.
    What do all of these actions have in common? Making high production cost media is not financially wise, long term. 
    Those who try it, trip up or go bankrupt. 
    AT&T essentially sold a bakrupt media firm to a smaller media firm willing to take the bankrupt media firms debt. 
    Yes, the entire banking system in the USA went bankrupt and they were saved. But the parameters for that is unique. The banks have knowledge of various activities, have anchored various financial interchanges with their survival. It doesn't mean they are too big to fail, they were not and are not. But, letting them fail will cause huge financial storms which will take time to settle.
    MEdia firms are not the same. AT&T was tired of spending hundreds of millions and didn't want billions of debt to be attached to them, as they are making huge profits in other sectors. 
    AT&T is big enough to have a huge line of credit, but AT&T realized this is folly. 
    Discovery channel had to cancel all these projects. We all know why? 
    PAramount already did similar. Disney is very fortunate. They own the best set of properties and have presented them well enough in a timely fashion to afford heavy expenditures. 
    But, most media firms have to scale down high production cost ventures. 
    The question is: will fans online , most humans are not online, be able to accept lower production cost content? 
    The media reply seems to suggest they will not, as I expected as well. 
    In the video game world, the quantity of video game players who talk about the visuals over gameplay is beyond count. Even though most video game players can only afford lower budget. 

    The title of this post is a question
    How will Warner Bros media video games survive?
    The answer is simple, Discovery is downsizing. They are cutting down high production cost activity. I think Discovery will be best if they do like MArvel and sell rights of DC products to be used in various media. Discovery has hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. If I was the CEO of Discovery and I accepted the AT&T deal. I would had killed all the projects in Warner Bros immediately, and put bids out for the huge quantity of media properties , forcing their presentations to be on discovery channel media properties. 
    It is like I say with many things in terms of fiscal capitalism. Stop the debt, stop the gambling, stop the games, act extremely and then reset the standards as quickly as possible. It is rougher to do at first, but wiser long term.
  3. richardmurray
    I admit, the following youtuber, I follow for sword/weapon information and design. He is informative. 
    But when I realized he had a set of videos specifically on games,  I feel they are discussion starters. 
    rpg character classes are stupid- his reasoning is that character class restrictions turn the fantasy into tomfoolery.  Why can't a wizard pick up a sword? His proof is whenever a game has added character classes later, the developers are admitting the original character class set is dysfunctional

    rpg levels are stupid- his reasoning is that the ability of a player to reach the unkillable level deletes the reality any player should have. I will call it the sword art online god power. 

    dragon's dogma best rpg ever- the ability to manipulate the personal characters plus the pawn system free's up the personal touches to the game. 

    what divinity sin 2 tactical rpg did right- has all that baldur's gate, but has all modern features of a tactical rpg

    why fantasy dungeons are stupid- great for gameplay but bad for the purposes of the main boss who couldn't get out except how the heroes get to them, or the heroes who can't use the big bosses back door until they defeat the big boss or the mini bad characters who are always bottlenecked in the vault of their boss.

    master sword of link- he made models for each blade, which one do you like

  4. richardmurray

    I thought a simple, Black Princess Shooter game. IT is only a small level. But I think you can get the drift. 
  5. richardmurray

    Game Builder Garage for Nintendo doesn't allow everything possible with the system. But, a game like the old Kung Fu is doable. I only made two boards, showing two different enemies. I will love for game builder garage to have a way to share beyond system to system or through nintendo's data service. But if any are interested in advancing this game, lets go for it.
  6. richardmurray
    Spinbowlers is a concept I derived out of a deviantart invitational called Three EMoji challenge
    The characters are in the gallery immediately linked below. The prototype game is afterward, tell me what you think 
    Three EMoji Invitational Gallery
    HEre are the rules
    Seven cards are shuffled out, negative six to positive six with two zeros, two RO cards, meaning roll out and one GG card meaning GalaGyro every time you shuffle the shift value goes to zero and five multiple the times you shuffle is taken from the final score every time you shift, the shift value increments and the sum of shifts is taken from your final score shifting changes the position of cards in ashuffle which can be advantageous The bowling starting point influences the final value as the starting point is given a value of seven points if not RO , all positions from the starting position are given nan incremental less value The spinbowl is seven values emitting numbers zero to six.  The game is a match game. Seven spinbowl cards matching seven shuffled cards. if a shuffled card is an RO it is an automatic zero points for that space. If a shuffled card is a GG. Fourteen points if the value spinbowled equals the position of the spinbowled card. Seven points otherwise. If a spinbowl card is [0 to 6] and a shuffled card is [-6 to +6] the sum of the cards is taken. if the sum is between or equaling [0 to 6] the value is the sum, else the value is zero.  Bowl positions 2|3|4  USe the status line to see what is going on ENjoy

    First prototype arcade entry
  7. richardmurray

    Gaming Craft
    Learn More & Register Join us for our second-annual Professional Bootcamp, presented by the*gameHERs and Belong Gaming Arenas! Sign up for 3-days of informative events including panels, educational webinars, and roundtable discussions with gaming industry experts. Plus, you’ll be able to join the conversation, connect with industry professionals, and directly speak with them in RitualMotion GUILD!

    This event is the perfect opportunity to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes in various parts of the gaming industry, including cosplay, streaming, esports, community management, game design, and more. And... your registration automatically enters you for a chance to win a Respawn 200 gaming chair!   Just a few of our exciting sessions include: Professional Bootcamp Kickoff with Belong Gaming Arenas with Mary Antieul – VP, Customer and Strategy at Belong Gaming Arenas Goddess Gab: The Gamer without the Girl with Emi Vener – Executive Director at The Athena Alliance CLT Content Creator and Organizational Influence with Ashley "MiDNiTE" Glassel – Director of Content at Version 1 Our Lived Experiences: Non-Binary in the Gaming Industry with Raffy Regulus – President & Co-founder of NYC Gaymers How to Identify Your Personal Brand with Chibith0t – Event Curator, Fashion Consultant, Stylist at Noir Network/LanPartyStudios Along with panels on: Contemporary Issues & Solutions in Esports featuring
    *Ahman Green, ESports Head Coach at Lakeland University
    *Halina Malik, Director of Content at eFuse
    *Freya Marquardt, VP of Marketing at Vite Kitchens

    Women Building the Metaverse & Beyond featuring
    *Ahna Boley, Chief Experience Officer at Double A Labs
    *Keisha Howard, Founder of Sugar Gamers

    Streaming 101 featuring
    *Morgan Biemiller, Head of Design at Streamlabs
    *Michelle Henderson, Head of Success at Streamlabs

    Let's Talk College Esports featuring
    *Kyla Kennedy, Director of Esports at LevelNext
    *Sari Kitelyn, Executive Director, Esports and Project Development at Full Sail University
    *Neal Tilley, Business Development Manager at Cisco

    Get Inspired: A Conversation with Industry Game Changers featuring
    *Britanni Johnson, CEO & Founder of TVRN
    *Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo, VP of Events at VP of Events at Dignitas & Raidiant
    *CtrlAltQuin (Quin Martin), Twitch Partner and Social Media Influencer 
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    Spin Bowlers was thought up as a concept after a deviantart three emoji contest- links are below
    For the prototype I thought of bowling with spinning objects on an axis only. I didn't embed it like the others in the arcade cause it is a prototype, not a version. This is meant for users to play with it and tell me what you think, what values you used. ANy issues, whatsoever.
    Well have fun!:)
    DEVIANTART folder
    Spin Bowlers
    Snake Blossom
    Id- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Snake-Blossom-id-card-911245998

    Pose- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Snake-Blossom-three-emoji-911246082

    Bowling Move- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Snake-Blossom-bowling-gif-911245738
    Branch Popper
    Id- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Branch-Popper-id-card-911245502

    Pose- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Branch-Popper-three-emoji-911245619

    Bowling Move- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Branch-Popper-bowling-gif-911245334
    The Slice Twins
    Id- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/The-Slice-Twins-id-card-911246659

    Pose- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/The-Slice-Twins-three-emoji-911246710

    Bowling Move- https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/The-Slice-Twins-bowling-gif-911246382
    Cover image

    Cover Gif

    Snake Blossom coloring page

    Branch Popper coloring page

    The Slive Twins coloring page

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    industrial review
    great share, I have always wondered how many great franchises in media are owned and literally sat on by big firms cause to use them is either too costly or the firm isn't inteesting in utilizing their fanbase... rampage and psyhunter... I never knew about the john singleton written game starting snoop dogg in production. The question is what about revisiting fear and respect , in black games elite?  
    PHOTOS TO FEAR AND RESPECT:) the video game:)

    The biggest tragedy to arcade games is midway, the arcade king missed out on connecting the home market to the arcade market. Nintendo/Sega/SOny/ et cetera don't or didn't have as strong an arcade presence. Midway spent millions on developing games  that they didn't finish developing. But it never occured to them, with all that money being spent, millions. in the 80s or 90s that they needed to focus on their main market which was the arcade. They needed to develop games that could be played at home but could also be played at the arcade. Like many firms , when they see a new industry they are so focused on being part of the new industry they miss out on focusing on their main business. 
  10. richardmurray

    industrial review
    interesting, you can connect to a cathode ray tube, very much for the international world. Starts at $40 . They use a faux nintendo shaped base for the system or ports, like an nes mini. They use a faux playstation controller.
    the systems when you power it on,
    super nintendo, sega cd, sega 3ds, turbo grafx, odyssey2, neo geo, nintendo hacks, nes, nintendo 64, sega genesis, intellivision, gambe oy bolor, gambe gear, game and watch, famicom disk system, atari , lynx, atari 7800, amstrad, commadore, amiga, all games, sinclair
    wonderswan, virtual boy, vectrex, and more
    He tested, playstation portable/dreamcast/ neogeo/neogeo cd/lynx/MAME/Game boy advance/snes/n64/ds/virtual boy/genesis/nes/neogeo pocket color/intellivision/odyssey 2/2600/5200/7800
    Shared from MErgirldunne of BlackGamesElite https://mewe.com/i/mergirlwhitedunne
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    game news from somewhere
    Far Cry the tears of hope - for fans of the game , here is a bande desinee
    Video announcement
    Far Cry
    The Glenat and Ubisoft collection
  12. richardmurray
    The Designer Of The NES Dishes The Dirt On Nintendo's Early Days

    Masayuki Uemura demonstrates a Famicom at Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters on July 1, 1985.
    Photo: The Asahi Shimbun (Getty Images) 
    By Matt Alt 7/07/20 5:00PM 

    When discussing Nintendo’s rise as a digital dreamsmith in the ‘80s, game designers like Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi get most of the limelight. But it was the hardware designed by Masayuki Uemura that served up their fantasies to millions around the globe.
    I spent 2019 criss-crossing Japan researching my book Pure Invention: How Japan’s Pop Culture Conquered the World, in search of the country’s architects of cool. In March of that year I came face-to-face with a true legend: Masayuki Uemura, the engineer who designed Nintendo’s first cartridge-based game system, the Family Computer, aka the Famicom, aka the Nintendo Entertainment System.
    With a design based on the arcade hardware that powered Donkey Kong, the Famicom quickly revolutionized home gaming in Japan when it was released in 1983. As the NES, it revitalized the home video game market in the United States after the Atari market crashed. From then on, it proceeded to deliver a steady stream of Japanese fantasies into the hearts and minds of people around the world. It’s hard to imagine a world today without Uemura’s machine.
    Masayuki Uemura joined Nintendo in 1972. Gunpei Yokoi, the inventor and toy designer whose products like the Ultra Hand had transformed Nintendo from a humble maker of hanafuda, Japanese playing cards, into a well-known toy and game company, recruited Uemura away from his previous employer, the electronics company Hayakawa Electric, known today as Sharp. Uemura retired from Nintendo in 2004, and currently serves as the director for the Center for Game Studies at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. The university’s leaf-covered Kinugasa campus is a quiet oasis in what is—or was, before COVID-19—a bustling and tourist-packed city. It is also a 10-minute walk from the ancient Zen rock garden of Ryoan-ji temple, whose evocatively arranged boulders and artfully raked gravel seem to me one of Japan’s earliest “virtual realities.”

    Departments that teach students how to make video games abound in higher education today, but the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies is one of only a handful of academic efforts specifically designed to preserve home video gaming equipment and ephemera. Its archives contain everything from early home versions of Pong to the latest consoles, every controller variation under the sun, and an ever-expanding library of software on tapes, cartridges, and discs. The packed shelves of its climate-controlled storage facility look like something out of a kid’s dream, organized with the obsessive rigor of the Library of Congress. The scent in the air is that paper from countless magazines and strategy guides, tinged with the nostalgic ozone smell of vintage electronics.
    Uemura was 75 years old at the time of our interview, but seemed much younger. A benefit of a life spent making playthings for the world? Whatever the case, there is no mistaking the amusement and restless curiosity in Uemura’s eyes as we sit down over a round of Famicom Donkey Kong to talk about the little beige and burgundy machine that touched so many lives.
    < Interview> 
    Kotaku: What was Nintendo like when you joined the company?
    Masayuki Uemura: One of the things that surprised me when I moved from Sharp to Nintendo was that, while they didn’t have a development division, they had this kind of development warehouse full of toys, almost all of them American.
    Kotaku: What were your impressions of Nintendo’s former president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who ran the firm from 1949 to 2002?
    Uemura: He loved hanafuda and card games. I remember once, early on, a birthday party for an employee and he showed up and got right into hanafuda with everyone.
    He was a Kyotoite. It’s a city with a lot of long-running businesses, some maybe five or even six hundred years old. In the hierarchy of the city, traditional craftspeople rank at the top. Nintendo, as a purveyor of playthings like hanafuda or Western playing cards, originally ranked down at the very bottom. Doing business in that environment made him very open to new ventures. He wasn’t interested in specializing. He was keenly interested in new trends.
    Here’s an example of what I mean. In 1978, he bought around 10 tabletop versions of Space Invaders and placed them in headquarters and our factory. The idea was that we’d playtest them as a form of research. But what ended up happening was the entire company got so obsessed playing it that we couldn’t get a turn in. It was like a fever. Everyone abandoned their posts and stopped working. I was just bummed out that we hadn’t made it ourselves. Shocked and annoyed [laughs].
    Kotaku: Did you feel behind the curve compared to other game companies back then? 
    Uemura: In the 70s, we had no idea what was going on with companies like Namco or Atari because we were here in Kyoto. If you lived in Tokyo, you’d probably pick up lots of things about companies like Taito or Sega or Namco or even what was happening in America. But none of that filtered down to Kyoto at all. That’s Kyoto for you—a little standoffish, going its own way, and proud of it. To a certain degree, not even caring about the outside world. A little conservative when it comes to new things. When I worked for Sharp, I took many business trips to Tokyo. But when I started working for Nintendo, that completely stopped. It’s pretty shocking when I think back on it, but Kyoto has always been kind of closed off that way. So no, there wasn’t any sense of us being behind.
    Kotaku: I’ve heard that the atmosphere inside the company was very competitive, with a big rivalry between Nintendo’s two R&D divisions.
    Uemura: There wasn’t really any R&D 1 and 2! It was just Yokoi and Uemura. There wasn’t any rivalry! Yokoi found me and recruited me to Nintendo; he was my senpai. It was Yamauchi who set us up as rivals. It was symbolic, which is important in any corporate organization. That’s why he created R&D 1 and 2.
    Kotaku: How did the Famicom project come about?
    Uemura: It started with a phone call in 1981. President Yamauchi told me to make a video game system, one that could play games on cartridges. He always liked to call me after he’d had a few drinks, so I didn’t think much of it. I just said, “Sure thing, boss,” and hung up. It wasn’t until the next morning when he came up to me, sober, and said, “That thing we talked about—you’re on it?” that it hit me: He was serious.
    Kotaku: Were you influenced by other companies’ machines?
    Uemura: No. I mean, after I got the order I bought every single one, took them apart, analyzed them piece by piece. I looked at the chipsets, saw what CPUs they used, checked out the patents, all of it. That took about six months. Most of it I did myself, but I did have some help from outside resources, people who worked at semiconductor companies. I looked into Atari’s [2600] machine, of course—it was the biggest—and the Magnavox machine. Because those two were the biggest hits, and Atari’s biggest of all.
    Kotaku: How did you analyze rivals’ game consoles?
    Uemura: I had a semiconductor manufacturer dissolve the plastic covering on the chips to expose the wiring underneath. I took pictures, blew them up, and looked at the circuitry to understand it. I had some experience with arcade games, and right away I knew that none of what I was looking at would be any help in designing a new home system. They simply didn’t have expressive enough graphics. They had a monopoly on patents for them, circuit structures and features such as scrolling. And they were simply old-fashioned. That’s why I couldn’t use anything from them.
    Kotaku: Did America’s game industry crash scare you?
    Uemura: Japan didn’t really experience a video game industry crash like America did. What we had was an LCD game crash. They stopped selling at right around the same time—Christmas of 1983.
    Kotaku: In US the crash made the very concept of games taboo in the industry for a while. What about Japan?
    Uemura: In Japan, the issue was that toy stores didn’t know how to carry them. Toy stores didn’t carry televisions. So they didn’t see game systems as things they should carry, either. That’s why a lot of companies tried positioning their products as educational products, with keyboards, more like PCs than game systems. The thinking in the industry was that was the only way to go, back then. The only way to sell a video game was showing it on a screen, and it was a big ask of toy stores, making them purchase TVs. LCD games had their own screens; you could just put them out and they’d sell themselves.
    Kotaku: Is that why you chose to style the Famicom more like a toy?
    Uemura: It was less of a choice and more that this was the way it had to be.
    Kotaku: Why is that?
    Uemura: Because that was the cheapest way to do it [laughs]. The colors were based on a scarf Yamauchi liked. True story. There was also a product from a company called DX Antenna, a set-top TV antenna, that used the color scheme. I recall riding with Yamauchi on the Hanshin expressway outside of Osaka and seeing a billboard for it, and Yamauchi saying, “That’s it! Those are our colors!” Just like the scarf. We’d struggled with the color scheme. We knew what the shape would be, but couldn’t figure out what colors to make it. Then the DX Antenna’s colors decided it. So while it ended up looking very toy-like, that wasn’t the intent. The idea was making it stand out.
    Kotaku: And it did. Were you surprised when it became a societal phenomenon?
    Uemura: I didn’t have time to be surprised! When it really took off, I was totally focused on making the NES for the American market, and also on making the Disk System. I had my hands full. And we were swamped with defective returns. At first we had a very high percentage of defective machines being returned to us. We were just getting so many returns, far more than anything we’d ever seen before. That’s when I realized just how many people out there were playing with them; there hadn’t ever been a system this popular before. That was about the time Super Mario Bros. came out, 1985. Everyone in the company realized we were going to be swamped. Super Mario was fuel on the fire of the fad.
    Kotaku: Mario arguably became even more of a phenomenon than the Famicom itself.
    Uemura: Super Mario Bros. was the first to really bring a kawaii perspective to game characters. Actually, Donkey Kong was first to do it, in the arcades, and it established that unique sense of design. Until that point, most games followed the arcade style of shooting game design. Super Mario is often cited as the very first game to connect that style of cute character and cute music together. I’m not sure who specifically on Miyamoto’s team connected the dots, but that’s what happened. Probably Miyamoto himself.
    Kotaku: After Nintendo went from 3rd or 4th place to 1st in the ‘80s, was there a sense things changed, among people inside the company?
    Uemura: No! We’re in Kyoto [laughs].
    Well, my salary went up. That’s a fact. So I was getting paid more, but the flip side was my job got a lot harder. President Yamauchi’s attitude played a big part in this, but my feeling was one of “seize the day.” Just go for it. You have to remember, there was a time, after Donkey Kong, that we really didn’t make another game for about two years. Well, not exactly, but pretty much. That’s the period Super Mario Bros. was being developed. That game basically ended up including everything and the kitchen sink, gameplay-wise.
    Kotaku: What led to the decision to export the Famicom abroad?
    Uemura: There’s a rule in the game industry that fads last for three years. That’s why President Yamauchi targeted America—to get around that. The prevailing sense at the time was that television games would fade into history as they were replaced by personal computers. So we were shocked that the fad kept going. It was Kudo-san, the president of a company named Hudson, one of the Famicom’s first licensees, who said to Yamauchi, “this is a culture.” Yamauchi was like, “What are you talking about?”
    Kotaku: Japanese games swept the globe starting in the late 70s: Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong. Why do you think this made-in-Japan culture resonated with people all over the world?
    Uemura: Actually, that’s what I want to ask you [laughs].
    Super Mario Bros. isn’t set in Japan, but the character’s Japanese. The name Mario sounds Italian, but he isn’t Italian. They were really able to capture that ambiguity. The number of dots you could use to draw the characters was extremely limited, so Miyamoto was forced to use colors to differentiate them. He spent a lot of time working on the colors. In the end, it became the template for how a designer might express themselves through a game. It was a whole new world.
    Until video games became able to portray characters, they were nothing more than strategy games like shogi or chess. Once hardware developed to the point where you could actually draw characters, designers had to figure out what to make. Subconsciously they turned to things they’d absorbed from anime and manga. We were sort of blessed in the sense that foreigners hadn’t seen the things we were basing our ideas on.
    The Designer Of The NES Dishes The Dirt On Nintendo's Early Days (kotaku.com)
  13. richardmurray
    Hacking Nintendo Punch-Out To Control It With Actual Punches

    By Ian Charnas November 17th, 2021
    I recently adopted a kitten I found on the street, and every morning we play with the laser pointer. She gets a lot of fun and exercise out of this single-pixel video game, and it got me thinking I should make a video game where I get exercise too!
    Fast forward 3 months and I’ve hacked a Nintendo Punch-Out boxing game so that you control it with actual punches instead of a controller. It gives you the feeling of actually being inside the video game! You can watch me build and test the game on my youtube video.

    The hardest part of the project was hacking the game to slow the opponents. You see, punching into the air is much slower than pressing a button on a control pad. So, the opponents were moving too fast, relatively, and it wasn’t a fair fight. I had to reverse engineer the source code (a process called “disassembly”) and slow each opponent down one by one.
    The result is a very fun and playable game that you can try yourself — entirely in your browser —  by visiting RealLifePunchout.com
  14. richardmurray

    Gaming Craft
    Caleb KRaft is a great maker, this is a video with examples on how to aid gamers with disabilities.
    The Controller Project
    This site is a place where you can find documentation on how to modify game controllers for people with physical disabilities. Most of my mods have been used for assistance muscular dystrophy, but the library is an ongoing process and people may find the modifications and accessories helpful for other physical needs.
    I will be adding other modifications from around the web as I find them.
    If you need a controller modified, or want to share a modification tutorial or 3d printable files, contact me at Hello(at)calebkraft.com
  15. richardmurray
    What's up fam of BGE
    I was having a conversation early today with two young brothas talking bout video games..... One of these bros mentioned that he did not know one black female gamer. (Till he saw me rocking my RE2 GRAPHIC T-SHIRT) I'm like
    We are out there but unfortunately we don't get the same recognition as the bro's.
    My questions to BGE..... How many black female gamers do you know personally....And Why the exclusion 
    From Mergirl Dunne of Black Games Elite
    BGE mewe page
    Mergirl Dunne Mewe page
  16. richardmurray

    industrial review
    Didn't know magnavox was bought out in 1974 , they were making versions of their game system until 1978. interesting.
    Didn't know coleco meant the conneticut leather company:) 
    Photo information in 1977, magnavox/atari/coleco all USA based companies dominated the gaming market. A telling thing that all three corporations are gone.

    in 1982, Atari was the distanced leader, while three other usa based makers , mattel had joined, aside japan's nintendo were all equal as second. Atari is an interesting story.
    1985, all the usa makers plans with their systems all were negative,in comparison to nintendo's vision. this is the key year. all four  Atari/Coleco/Magnavox/MAttel needed to come together and make one system or at least rethink their strategy together as they are all based in the usa and are losing significantly to a non statian firm. 

    1987, when you look at Sega or NEC they came in as Nintendo had an unrivaled competitor. the usa firms for various reasons were mismanaged in their strategy or finance and wasn't competing and thus it opened the market for more japanese firms to get involved.

    1992, this has been very helpful to see the industrial change. in 1992 by console sales, Atari was still the third biggest maker in the gaming industry... A firm based in NYC. Born in the west coast but by now, owned by a firm in nyc. 

    1994, when you look at the video gaming industry today and you realize that Magnavox/Coleco/Mattel/Atari ,all are usa based and all are losing to a group of japanese led firms in Nintendo/Sega/NEC and Sony starting that year, it says alot about industrial management. Why couldn't they come together to try something, something. wow! The owners quit on the idea didn't they?

    1996, Nintendo/Sega/Sony all japanese dominate the video gaming market. Atari is  still 4th. Hell, Atari join with NEC. I have real problem with the 4th biggest firm in a market , not having any sort of viable plan. 

    2002, microsoft came in, but I am looking at Atari/Coleco/Mattel/Magnavox/NEC , I don't recall Microfot involving them at all. 4 usa based firms, with properties, video game properties, Microsoft didn't think they warranted getting their properties or working with them or former engineers developers from their time. I even include NEC, why not. you are the last entry, coming real later. Consider that Microsoft was founded in 1975. So they were founded in an era when usa gaming companies was at the top. It took them a long time to want to join the video gaming industry? odd and explains with their lack of interest in aligning with older competitors the fact that they have not made a dollar on consoles. 

    2006 Sony accepted selling playstation three with a lose of 240 dollars per console, that is over half the price of the system. Very bad business model in my view. And I think sony has never stopped trying to make some high priced system be worth so much even the affordable buyer risks getting it

    2019, a great lesson in industrial history here, 
    thanks to MErgirl Dunne of Black Games ELite

  17. richardmurray
    I can't recall any video games made from a movie mostly involving black people. A black film I define as a film which is produced or financed, written, directed, and mostly acted by black people. Every other film where black actors are mostly utilized is a non black film that mostly involves black people, ala Black PAnther. With definitions out of the way, will you want to see a Candy man video game? the way most black people love the horror genre, especially in the usa, plus the way most black gamers seem to love the horror video games, I think the candyman video game is... inevitable? thoughts?   #blackgameselite
  18. richardmurray

    creatve list
    Dear Readers, 
    I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. 
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    Below is a collage i made to Ty Wilson Art

    Be Safe
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