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    Dear Readers, 
    I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. 
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    EBook List- see below , Onmyoji Contest Entry ,  Pacific Rim contest Entry , Bettering American Poetry Anthology Entry , White House Carol , Maple Me entry , We Happy Few Wellington Wells entry,   Fiyah Magazine-  , Killens Review-, Audiobook list , ?
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    Kiss of a dagger , Angelique Noire , ?
    Anthology Sentences
    Breonna Taylor , ?
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    EBook LIST
    Richard Murray Short Story Collections Kobo Link OverDrive Link
    JIHI series Kobo Link Overdrive Link
    Poetry or More Audiobook link Kobo Link
    Visasiki Audiobook link Kobo Link
    Gospel of Joseph Kobo Link Overdrive Link
    Richard Murray Collages Kobo Link
    SanaTambo Versions Overdrive Link Kobo English Kobo Francais Kobo Portugues Kobo 日本語 Kobo 中文
    Der Tchrumpfs Kobo
    Below is a collage i made to Ty Wilson Art

    Be Safe
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    Midsummer eve 2020 <between August 6th and August 7th , equal distant days between the June Solstice and the September Equinox >
    This is a free subject time, think of your dreams or compose any art or prose to any subject.
    Aphelion is July 4th 11:04pm in 2020, the Aphelion for earth is when the earth is farthest from the sun, in its eliptical orbit. If you consider the Perihelion the beginning of a year, then the Aphelion is the trust midyear point. Every planet around the sun has an aphelion. Earth's moon like all other moons has a similar action, called an apogee to a planet, where a moon is farthest from the planet it rotates around, by having an elliptical orbit.
    Story 1 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-aphelion-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=923
    Story 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-aphelion-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=924
    Midsummer day June 24th - summer in europe or other places was culturally started in May and ended at the end of august. Thus late july was called midsummer. What dream did you have?
    Father's day is june 21st
    Story 1 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-june-solstice-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=911
    Story 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-fathers-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=912
    The June Solstice , in 2020, is on the 20th, it will be in the moment 5:43 PM on Saturday
    In the northern hemisphere summer begin, in the  southern hemisphere winter begin.
    The sun will appear to be at its highest point in the sky in the northern hemisphere, the lowest point in the sky in the southern hemisphere.
    In parallel, during the December solstice, in the northern hemisphere it begins winter, in the southern hemipshere summer
    The sun will appear to be at its lowest point in the sky in the northern hemisphere , while the highest in the southern hemisphere
    EQuinox, the path of the sun crosses the equator of earth extended out into space or the celestial equator.
    Story 1 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-june-solstice-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=909
    Story 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-june-solstice-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=910
    Juneteenth is July 19th , a day celebrated as the day when all black people in the usa knew that the slave system had been destroyed, not legally abolished, which is the 13th amendment.  State text or graphics depicting Juneteenth to you.
    Flag Day <june 14th , June 14, 1777 the usa flag was adopted : "That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.">- commemorating the Flag of the usa. IT is not a federal holiday. But, what does the USA flag mean to you? I ask for various text or graphics depicting that feeling. Here is some trivia. When is a star supposed to be added when a state is added to the union?
    Memorial Day <last monday of may originally may 30th, originally called decoration day> - create writing or art that involve the the death of Black soldiers who died serving on the battlefield for the us military or others. I ask a query? https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-aphelion-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=914
    Joan or Arc canonized <may 16th>+ Jumping Frog Jubilee <every third weekend in may, honoring MArk Twain's first published work>
    Mother's Day is May 10th , Photos or text involving art /live model/stories involving black mothers
    Story 1 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-mothers-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=897
    Story 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-mothers-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=899
    Earth Day, is april 22nd, show art or text or fiction involving the earth
    Story 1 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-earth-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=894
    Story 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-earth-day-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=895
    Easter is April 12th in the year 2020, the name is derived from Ēostre the real or unreal germanic goddess but the date and most modern traditions refer to Pascha which roguhly translates to passover, the Jewish holiday. But, I want to focus on  Ēostre. For easter, include the real or unreal traditions attributed to Eostre, like rabbits, or make your own.You can show photos of art OR text of fiction
    The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo or any craft depicting Eostra real or unreal traditions
    The text can only be fiction based on the following: Real or unreal traditons of Eostre. Orthodox catholic easter comes a week after roman catholic easter.
    Story 1 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-eostre-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=892
    Story 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-eostre-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=893
    April Fool's day April 1st
    March Equinox art or text craft parade
    The March Equinox is March 19th 11:49 pm EST UTC -5 , it is the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, fall in the southern hemisphere
    share photos of art OR text of fiction
    The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo or any craft depicting Black people in fall in the southern hemisphere, any country <south america/caribbean/africa/south asia/australia> OR  Black people in spring in the northern hemisphere, any country <north america/europe/northern asia>
    The text can only be fiction based on the following: Black person or peoples at the first day of spring or fall
    Story 2 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-eostre-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=890 
    Story 3 https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-eostre-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=891
    Saint PAtrick day
    Mardi Gras is February 25th in the year 2020. I ask you to make a journal of your day in New Orleans during mardi using photos from wherever you like to paruse
    Story 1 :  https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-eostre-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=885
    Story 2 : https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/261-eostre-art-or-text-craft-parade-good-news-blog/?do=findComment&comment=886
    Black Hearts Day or Valentine's Day good news -
    Any Love , story or image stating Black love, any language, any geography, any religion. Love is meant to be shared everyday,but giving it a day in the year to itself is not an evil or bad thing. Enjoy Black people together.
    In the usa it is feb 14th
    Richard Murray Valentines day album 2020 LINK
    Martin Luther King junior Day -
    His actual birthday is the fifteenth of january but the federal holiday is in a monday for three day weekends, like others. It is celebrated on the third monday in the month of january in every year since its inception in the Statian Empire. I ask you to share , historical fictions/prose/graphical artwork in any style concerning MArtin Luther King jr....I do wonder why Blacks in the U.S.A. can not come together and demand a true day off for this federal notice. And also share, officials days in a country outside the usa for a black person in history?
    In Amendment
    Why the holiday is on his the third monday and not his true birthday?
    MLK jr's views on Financial Accountability
    MY 2020 speech
    January Perihelion
    The perihelion is the moment in the path the Earth make about the Sun ,elliptical orbit, where the Earth's position is closest to the sun. It will occur : January 5, 2020 2:47 am EST or UTC-5. The June Aphelion is when the earth is farthest away. Please provide any art or text concerning  a sun coming closer, and don't try the twilight zone episode.
    December Solstice art or text craft parade
    The December Solstice is December 21st 11:19 pm EST or UTC-5 , it is the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere, summer in the southern hemisphere
    share photos of art OR text of fiction
    The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo or any craft depicting Black people in summer in the southern hemisphere, any country <south america/caribbean/africa/south asia/australia> OR  Black people in winter in the northern hemisphere, any country <north america/europe/northern asia>
    The text can only be fiction based on the following: Black person or peoples at the first day or summer or winter
    November 28th
    Native American Harvest Art
    Thanksgiving is November 28th , share photos of art OR text of fiction
    The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo concerning Native Americans enjoying food only -can include Black seminoles- no colonists from europe
    The text can only be fiction based on the following: Native Americans communities around harvest - black seminoles allowed- no colonist from europe
    November 11
    Veterans day is November 11th, share photos of art OR test of fiction, guest comments are allowed
    The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo concerning Black Veterans, any country any time, any army
    The text can only be fiction based on the following: Black Soldiers who fought against the USA for the british/ Black soldiers during the Haitian Freeing/ Black Seminoles during the time of osceola/jonas caballo/Black soldiers who fought for Menelik II in the first Abyssinian-italo war
    A Day, and Most Night, At The Uffizi
    Daylight savings time 2020
    Arcane Idol 2020
  3. richardmurray
    The Text Based Zenith Power Collage can be accessed using the following link. Tell me what you think and if you will like to see the Legend Collage below in audio form? https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/179-richard-murray-collages/?tab=comments#comment-513

    CLICK anywhere in the image above and it will take you to a story, click on the tale to go back
    Richard Murray Collages Book 2
    The following Collage ebook ,similar content to the slide above,is based on the 1985 film legend. The Collage was interesting as the themes of Evil/Love/Fairies/Demons encircled each other.  Legend source story is more romantic and the Evil is not as straightforward as some will like to think, to be fair it is darkness not evil. Like the prior week , Please use the kobo mobile app to view. Please tell me your thoughts in private message if you are part of my email list or in guest comment here... Lastly, I am pondering what the next collage book should reference, the private collage series will involve black stories like john henry or three the hard way getting the treatment, so any ideas to another non black story you will like me to collage?
    Links exist below to view the film or read the scripts.
    the film for those that do not know 
    Legend first script- one of the finest scripts I have ever read in terms of flat out imagination and beauty. the opening scene with the princess needed to be made 
    Legend second script with the truest darkness- the black unicorn, lovely 
    Legend third script made into the film 
    LEGEND - look above
    ? Who is next, give me a suggestion
  4. richardmurray
    The essence of day 1 was making a game that was a non zero sum base. I placed in the audiobook my audio thoughts. If you want a complete reference, the ebook has the audio as well as the transcript and the game. The Game link below is where you can see my gaming example. In a non zero-sum game, winning or losing is not the goal. In the game I made, the goal is to keep playing it, thus you do not want it to end, you are in control of both sides, like when one plays chess by themselves but unlike the chess scenario the goal is to never have either side win, it is to keep going. In my head, I had an idea of jason and the argonauts, if you know that film from ray harryhausen.
    Question, what problem does the game have? I will not tell
    Oh, penultimately, what is the game imaged on the cover of the audiobook/ebook or this blog?
    And lastly, I love to quiz, where does Houyhnhnm come from?
    Audiobook : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/gameclass-audio-i
    EBook : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gameclass-i
    Game: https://houyhnhnm.github.io/Gameclass/game1.html
    Introduction , Day 1 (Above)
  5. richardmurray
    In modernity many Black people speak to finding roots or gaining reparations or many other thing offline that require a collective power that does not exist or an individual power that does not exist. I am not suggesting said power will not become to a black group or black individual offline. But, I am certain it is easier for a black collective or individual task online to be successful. To that end, I cognize a nice way to show who black people are today, that can have value tomorrow , collectively or individually, is through individual sigils. The data storage for the sigils will be linked at the postend to this article. The comments to this post will be links to each sigil made, which is composed of the graphic, name, and url to main place online.
  6. richardmurray
    ADINKRA EXAMPLE 2/21/2019
    Link to example in comments: https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/215-sanatambo-is-here/?do=findComment&amp;comment=504
    Kobo complete version: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sanatambo-adinkra
    ORIGINAL POST 3/25/2018
    Good day all, 
    I wanted to accomplish a few things early two thousand and eighteen: make a video game utilizing some sort of Black cultural reference, sell it on a platform; I achieved it. SanaTambo which mean art puzzle is here; it is a rendition to nonograms, more commonly known in the usa as picross; the images one can create are versions to Adinkra from Ghana. To access it, you must use the Kobo App. If you want to test out whether you can utilize it, you can use the first entry in the SanaTambo series, which is free. 
    The process itself was very interesting. I will share that in my emailing list. If you want to join my email list, you can comment on here as a member or guest and we will connect.
    SanaTambo Versions
    SanaTambo Example 
    I have created a system that allow me to make puzzles in the style to picross/nonogram/SanaTambo . But I need to check how the system will operate in varying scenarios. I made an example epub to see. In my emailing list I asked folk to check it out but I ask as much in the AALBC community as well. Whatever your experience please share it publicly in comment, guest comments are allowed, or in private, or ,<if you are in my emailing list> an email. If you want to join my emailing list, please ask me and I will add you after a short correspondence.
    The Example is linked below , it is a free ebook 
  7. richardmurray
    Title:Harlem - June to November 2015
    I am a child to Earth
    living side my peer, in a concentration
    in a night, I see...
    not from the Sun, many moon, shining
    ... many voice yell in the sky
    no horn or four horseman ride
    remind, a faint glimpse to a god
    kicking a free moon by
    know why, not I
    Out from the quiet Harlem
    Where the trees recall yesterday
    South from the modern
    Where the lights shine away... from the old song in the street
    Is a raccoon family
    Waiting for sapiens to segregate
    Tis a wait insane
    Waiting for: fish fry, jass, or roof... parties
    Them can not survive: mixing, security, or real estate
    But a darkling notice the scene
    He provide a path in the shade
    Just to a few from Harlem past... to find the Black Bath
    Walking outside, I ponder, where is wisdom,
    when the Sun can not wake me to see it,
    what can be seen from apartment 2B?
    concrete sequoia, surround every pane,
    even the baby thrush, needing parental sustenance,
    can't be known, and...
    we all ask, where with all is hope?...
    can I know in 9C?
    can enlightenment be, where no butterfly roam,
    even if I live or write every poem?...
    may I live near 2B... only down the hall,
    where you live in 4U, and maybe you can see or know,
    if you own, a pane or more from hope...
    will it sing, to my craft, as I walk...
    apartmentless, in the public dark
    The Trees or the Churches, are all that will stand
    Where is the tree that remember the land
    Does a church know where, the skulls from the first, was planted
    The collages from modern mancraft is disorganized, most ignorant
    I heard from one collagent
    ... The Pigeon who climbed a whole hill
    do not forget a sky
    never needing, to walk to one again
    ... do not forget an earth
    while sleeping to fly
    truly fly... to a rose beyond any sky
    do not forget a time
    when two sunflower , grow at first glance
    for one grow a short... distance
    yet, the shades them can not see prove:sky, earth, or time in chiaroscurhyme
    and!...this dummy still stand!
    pondering a turncoat dove ponderance
    I am comforted in knowing their finiteness
    though, I know a clear sadness
    for the collages everborn
    pretelling I will never know
    where stand the skulls, or the land
    What if a green speak to you one day
    do you think, it will speak to Giants colored grey
    or multicolor dirt from an annual day
    I say they are not signs... from the urban green
    not like those southern trees who know the bloodiest luxiery
    A salvadoran Rose, through my mind, once spoke to me
    We look at each other through a lens that is the moon
    after in the afternoon, a bluejay hope to find
    hopping up the fire escape to the top floor, why?!
    a rainforest on the third, or higher than Everest on the roof
    or maybe a query from the terrace fleur
    How do you find a place beyond time, is it galaxy wide, or smaller than an eye?
    Does a green, the Moon, or an avian know where it hide
    In a deep autumn night
    I think, what deep thought
    from those once cargo
    or more than likely, threw off
    did they saw life as hope, or a wrought
    did they trusted in nature, used her time
    as I have
    born in summer, a plethora from light...
    this fall beginning
    I was unwised, lived on the obvious prismal abuse
    suddenly pondering, why I suddenly dream to you
    you are not in a thought yesterday
    think yesterday has nothing from you?
    now nearest to the future
    what will winter be, these questions
    do you feel the sunlight when i do
    do you feel the rain
    are you surround between the night stars
    do you block their speak
    ... or the mirror to chaotic reality...
    silent fantasy
    from Richard Murray 2015
    Check out my ebooks- the free one is noted, please read/enjoy/give me your response:
    Sunset Children Stories: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sunset-children-stories  
    Looking West and West: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/looking-west-and-west  
    Janidogo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-janidogo  
    The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
    The Nyotenda FREE : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-nyotenda   Includes a comic. The following link is an excerpt LINK
  8. richardmurray
    Leah Cutter has this idea for a  island map where you use the coordinates for the genre you write in and make these islands
    So I first had to list my work, I chose only the work I have published on Kobo, I didn't choose everything I have ever written or had accepted in this that or the other. While that would be fair, to be honest, my mindset is, if I incorporate those things that I may have to add another axis and I didn't want this to be muddled too much. If you ever tried to graph a function having five variables by hand you comprehend me, in the visual imbalance to that. 
    As it is, I first listed each work I have in Kobo or I am working on this year, and labeled them next to it
    Gospel of Joseph- Religious fiction
    Kings of London Epic Poem CFC 2012-2013 sport Poetry/sport Comic/Sport Assessment
    Kings of London Epic Poem CFC 2013-2014 sport Poetry/ sport Comic/Sport Assessment
    Kings of London Epic Poem CFC 2014-2015 sport Poetry/sport Comic/Sport Assessment
    Looking West and West - Story Collection - Fantasy
    Lucky 13 - unfinished science fiction 
    Richard Murray Thoughts Round 1 to 8 and ongoing /Sport Assessment/sport Poetry
    Sunset Children Stories Fable Collection/ Story Collection
    The Janidogo Fantasy Script
    The Nyotenda Science Fiction Script 
    The Visasiki Story Collection FREE intro
    Richard Murray Poetry Collection- Fantasy poetry/Social critique poetry
    Richard Murray public paths- Fantasy/Science Fiction 
    For me, what I see is quite a bit of poetry and story collections
    If I use two axis- one for poetry the other for prose, the poetry can go from sport to fantasy(red)
    the prose from sport assessment to fantasy either have social critique or religious fiction in the center (green)
    I came up with the grid in the following ...Before I created it I knew it would not be good enough, the graphical scheme needed a change for me. I added Roman numeral index to the list and applied the numerals into the graph but I then went at it again
    I Gospel of Joseph- Religious fiction
    II Kings of London Epic Poem CFC 2012-2013 sport Poetry/sport Comic/Sport Assessment
    III Kings of London Epic Poem CFC 2013-2014 sport Poetry/ sport Comic/Sport Assessment
    IV Kings of London Epic Poem CFC 2014-2015 sport Poetry/sport Comic/Sport Assessment
    V Looking West and West - Story Collection - Fantasy/adult riddles 
    VI Lucky 13 - unfinished science fiction 
    VII Richard Murray Thoughts Round 1 to 8 and ongoing /Sport Assessment/sport Poetry
    IIX Sunset Children Stories Fable Collection/ Story Collection
    IX The Janidogo Fantasy Script
    X The Nyotenda Science Fiction Script 
    XI The Visasiki Story Collection
    XII Richard Murray Poetry Collection- Fantasy poetry/Social critique poetry
    XIIV Richard Murray public paths- Fantasy/Science Fiction 

    So I was more rigid, placing an alphanumeric next to each representing a book next to each book that applied going down the line adding in
    Fiction- Religious 1
    Poetry-Sport 2347
    Prose- Sport 2347
    Comic- Sport 234
    Fantasy- short story 58B      
    Adult-riddles 5
    Science Fiction- unfinished 6
    Fable 8
    Fantasy -script 9
    Science fiction - script A
    Fantasy poetry C
    social critique poetry C
    Fantasy fiction D
    science fiction D 
    Then I remade the categories to focus on genre, I excluded audio which is unfair since i added the comics. But, the audio is akin to the text.
    Religious fiction 1
    Sport poetry 2347
    Sport prose 2347
    sport comic 234
    Fantasy - short story 58B
    Adult- riddles 5
    Science fiction unfinished 6
    Fable 8
    Fantasy - script 9
    Science fiction- script A
    Fantasy poetry C
    Social critique poetry C
    Fantasy Fiction D
    Science Fiction D
    Then the true boundaries came to light. 
    I have fiction: religious/Fantasy-short story/fable/fantasy script/science fiction script/fantasy/science fiction
    Sport: poetry/prose/comic
    Adult: riddles
    poetry: fantasy/social critique 
    if I combine riddles into poetry, which is not literally true, a riddle need not be a poem but the adult riddles in looking west and west are poetic, i should know:), then I have three shapes
    Fiction is a septagon
    Sport is a trigon
    and the poetry is a trigon 
    but then i realized the shapes don't merge functionally , fiction needs to be an  nonagon, to include sport and nonfiction; sport must be a quadgon to include nonsport, and poetry must be a quadgon to include nonpoetry, and I index them
    fiction(green): I religious/ II Fantasy-short story/ III fable/ IV fantasy script/ V science fiction script/ VI fantasy/ VII science fiction/ IIX sport/ IX nonfiction (yellow)
    Sport(red): I poetry/ II prose/ III comic/ IV nonsport (blue)
    Poetry(black): I fantasy/ II social critique/ III adult riddle/ IV nonpoetry (brown)
    So the following is the second attempt, I made the shapes and then placing the alphanumeric described above. 
    For example, the gospel of joseph is religious fiction. So I placed digit one under the appropriate green line, using purple. For some books where I do multiple I made purple lines connecting, thus making islands, if you will on top of each other in the air that are see through except for the border. 
    But this proves how some work I do have multifaceted and some does not. 

    The first thing is obvious I learn about my writing, a lot of poetry. More than I even considered, spanning various genres, which makes my first poetry book this year, common sense. 
    But it also shows how much of my poetry is dominated through sport and not beyond into the fantastic thus the poetry book this year will be about the fantastic. 
    I also have not settled on a favorite fiction genre I like to write in. well, as it is , can you make your own graph and share with all what you have learned about your writing
    I was inspired by this post

  9. richardmurray
    My second story collection, Looking West and West, is a collection of 18 stories followed by 18 poems; in the work, 18 story is to the most lifefull in their heart fore 18 poem to those mature in body or will; it is the second in my story collection series, the first being Sunset Children Stories. In Sunset Children Stories two part exist: fables and tales.
    A preview is available for the ebook on the official kobo page. Check it out and at some time, leave your review on the official kobo page. Any question or thought, you can respond in this blog.
    If you want to hear an excerpt from Sunset Children Stories, use the following audio stream

    Below is an excerpt from another book, The Janidogo

    If you want to check out my writing style, or just enjoy a free book, please utilize the following
    Sunset Children Stories: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sunset-children-stories  
    Looking West and West: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/looking-west-and-west  
    Janidogo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-janidogo  
    The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
    The Nyotenda FREE : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-nyotenda   Includes a comic. The following link is an excerpt LINK

  10. richardmurray
    The Nyotenda is a story I wrote ,as a script, free to fans or others  who may be interested; it was based on a dare perhaps you can figure out what the dare was after reading my prose; it involve a woman who played a video game as a child to adulthood; after she succeed in the videogame in a way, she gain the attention to people from outer space who want to use her skills; she is successfully trained, and achieve a great feat becoming The Nyotenda.
    I cognize the universal comprehension from graphic imagery to a global audience that has no common tongue. Sequentially, I added the complete Nyotenda Comic alongside the story in the ebook. Enjoy.  

    Check out my ebooks- the free one is noted, please read/enjoy/give me your response:
    Sunset Children Stories: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sunset-children-stories  
    Looking West and West: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/looking-west-and-west  
    Janidogo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-janidogo  
    The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
    The Nyotenda FREE : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-nyotenda   Includes a comic. The following link is an excerpt LINK
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    I successfully published a poetry book, i entitled, Poetry or More. Now, the original plan I used is to place three year in one book, text side audio. Unfortunately, a 100MB or 100,000KB limit exist on ebooks that can be loaded <that is fair cause that equate to a huge amount from raw text>. Thus, I made four version, one is only text that include all the years. The other three are partials: 2015-2016, 2017 January to June, or 2017 July to December. 
    The text only includes all the poem stories, poem of the months or seasons. I placed the links to each Poetry or More variant below, and if you want an excerpt I kept the December solstice 2017/December 2017/December Poem Story 2017/July Aphelion 2017 poem blog entries. All is linked below. Enjoy. 
    Poetry or More 2015-2017 text only
    Poetry or More 2015-2016 audio or text 
    Poetry or more 2017 January to June audio or text
    Poetry or more 2017 July to December audio or text
    Overdrive links 
    December Poem Story 2017
    December 2017 
    July Aphelion 2017 
    Listen to "January Perihelion 2017" on Spreaker.
    Farthest from the light 
    Is the ancient under water wheel 
    Seahorse, crab, anchovy, or like, dance in it 
    The last to it's kind 
    It's descendent's, kill or betray the old life 
    ...Long before man, or when dinosaur's began 
    Earth made the ancient plant's 
    To play side all other children 
    But... came a change 
    Earth became cloudy, the sunlight distant in essence 
    And, nearest penultimate ancient plant's died 
    But the heart from Earth, did not want all to die 
    And embrac'd the ancient under water wheel 
    To usher in the dinosaur 
    And, it surviv'd, to today, deep in the water 
    Far from the sun , alway's
    Audio ( https://www.spreaker.com/user/6716082/july-aphelion-2017 ) 
    Check out my ebooks- the free one is noted, please read/enjoy/give me your response:
    Sunset Children Stories: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sunset-children-stories  
    Looking West and West: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/looking-west-and-west  
    Janidogo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-janidogo  
    The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
    The Nyotenda FREE : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-nyotenda   Includes a comic. The following link is an excerpt LINK
    December 2017 Poem 

     I hear some speak to maturity 
    why am I not convince? 
    do I have access to a wise diary 
    am I living behind a fence 
    nothing literal or from prison is about me 
    sole support from my sense 
    kin to all common water's  
    born from being many schnee 
    each winter, the former liquid chime, Never  Again! 
    On the craterous surface, will we be sow 
    Under only the sky, above all other life, is our remaining time 
    ... then the sun rise, and maturity prove elusive again 
    ... I hear few speak to possibility 
    why do most shun if sense 
    do they have no craft they fee 
    are they surround from total absence? 
    nothing craftal or annihil they don't see 
    all support from their mince 
    kin to all warstarter's 
    born from inherent malflee 
    each winter, the sanguine rhyme, Always Again! 
    In the cavernous channels, will we be sow 
    Under only the hide, between all other life, is our remaining time 
    ... then the lids rise, and possibility prove all coming again 
    ...Can a possible be immature 
    Is immaturity a craft from some possible 
    to reject all other possible 
    Do the questions prove sense? 
    Audio ( https://www.spreaker.com/user/6716082/october-2017-poem )
    Check out my ebooks 
    LINK Short Story Collections 
    LINK JIHI series
    LINK The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
    December Solstice 2017 
    Happy December Solstice. Mama Earth in less than a moment tilt her axis farthest from parallel to the Sun, more than any other time save one between the Perihelions. May those in the northern hemisphere, have a collective , communal warmth, may those in the southern hemisphere, have a energetic smooth cool. 

    A once virgin prince, now white hair king
    Ponder to her tomb, the Last Rose, from Hadinchi
    On his regal seat, in a cold empty hall
    He remember, the fairies dance, on all the jewel pall's
    No longer their sprinkle's, in this long fall
    He leave his seat, stride slow on broke floor
    He see her portrait, made when good time's were more
    A goblin weave'd her skin, from hairs on the amber boar
    No longer it make step, in this long fall
    Open the hall door, and on to the mausoleum
    The path shimmer or shine, throughway, to where his woe's sum
    From glass depicting her life, molded from dragon fire's, or jitu hum's
    No longer they breath or song, in this long fall
    Finally, to her body rest, in grandeur timeless
    A statue made, from the king mind or hand, to her likeness
    Eight ninth from centuries, on the craft, and still a jumble mess
    No longer can he remake, in this long fall
    And fall... the white hair king, crying My Love! my love...
    Time smooth over, and none recall, or only hear whisper, in winter
    To the once virgin prince or Tamawari, his lover
    ...But, the rarest whisper, say a black dove cry in a spring, will end their leter
    Audio link( https://www.spreaker.com/user/6716082/december-solstice-2017-poem )
    Check out my ebooks- the free one is noted, please read/enjoy/give me your response:
    LINK Short Story Collections 
    LINK JIHI series
    LINK The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
    Be Safe
    December 2017 Poem Story 

    Somewhere, or sometime, in existence 
    In a temporal expanse 
    Tween cluster's from star's or nebula's  
    On a planet from like set 
    Aside a beach, part to an isle in the caribbean, is waterfall's 
    Where she sit 
    I don't know her name 
    Have not ask'd about 
    Been here a few day, and still not approach 
    I have no game, or malice play 
    A simple joy, watching the sun, shadow, wind, or mist mix, about her, or her dress 
    But... time is near done 
    The time this somewhere 
    Me no romeo, her no juliet 
    Nor us two ship, to make a living idol or gret or regret 
    Only a woman enjoying the sun, shadow, wind, or mist, mix about her, or her dress 
    Or a man enjoying where she sit, honorable distance, no persistence 
    Two pleasant, quiet, honest... 
    model: amber rayne 
    photographer: Travis Houze 
    Check out my ebooks-  please read/enjoy/give me your response:
    LINK Short Story Collections 
    LINK JIHI series
    LINK The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
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    Good day readers, the Visasiki excerpt is available for free on Kobo. If you enjoy you can follow up with the Visasiki which is an audio book from stories in the Sunset Children Stories or Looking West and West. The poems to the month is coming, be ready and I will make a collage to a story idea, that you may like.  Happy reading.
    Visasiki Excerpt
    Sunset Children Stories
    Looking West and West
  13. richardmurray
    A White House Carol 
    Richard Murray 
    In the morning and afternoon, in Christmas eve, in the year two thousand and seventeen: tweets, blogs, news anchors, or other modern media personnel utter out variances to President Trump; the year, is near complete, when the President try to climb above: rigid governing party line, violent tribalism, backstabbing factions, or other negative partitioning structures throughout humanity; but he fail in making positive partitioning structures, while ever increasing problems generate from the early or hopeful deals; now, dedicate to making a deal that will win all, he is in his bad alone; demand from his doctor can not be ignore; he stay awake while the moon peer in his temporary home and eventually he fall into sleep, and the clock strike ten. ...  
    Trump feel a pinch on his left foot, and shuffle; easy to incense, he notice a light figure and look to call the secret service.  
    "Why do you modern presidents always to that"  
    Trump expect to hear a voice through the phone; none arrive after many button are press, and he calm his nerves; his eye set to the light figure, and he notice a human visage; he cry out to his guard. 
    "I have all night, which is as long as you want it"  
    "Don't hurt me"  
    "You have already hurt yourself... but I am here to guide you"  
    Trump collect his thoughts and say: "who are you?"  
    "Monroe... James Monroe"  
    Trump think for moments 
    "You had us align chronologically in the hall, sequentially I am between Madison and Quincy Adams"  
    Trump still ponder 
    "That does not matter, do you have an idea to why I am here"  
    "Not at all, really... I really don't"  
    "I am here to warn you"  
    "Warn me about what?!"  
    The eyelids from the light figure close and it grimace extremely  
    "It is amazing how the living is free from the pain absent time while treasuring a handful from moments in their life"  
    Trump is in disconnect or confuse. Monroe turn round and set his back to Trump. Trump jump out from his bed to the door, witnessing creatures eat the entire backside from James Monroe.  
    "Do not fear them Trump, but heed their warning!"  
    "And what is that... Monroe"  
    "The harshness that your eventuality can bring"  
    "Listen, I don't understand, I really do not comprehend"  
    "Of Course you do not, none of us did..."  
    Monroe turn to the window and a loud shriek come into the room.  
    "What was that!"  
    "That was Jackson"  
    "Andrew Jackson, I don't believe it, he was a great president"  
    "Great... yes, he was great, but you confuse great to good, you see his deals, domination, expansions, and you see power, prestige, but side that was cruelty, treachery, sinful pride, a hardness that never bent... and so he bends now... look!"  
    Trump go onto his bed and hide under sheets 
    "You can not hide from the truth"  
    Trump, encase in covers, is raise above the bed; he cry out: "what are you doing?!"  
    "Nothing... you still do not see"  
    The cover about Trump is peel away and a thing, pull his arms out, while in the air; and, pull his eyelids back; he shrieks seeing Andrew Jackson bent like a taco being burn or frozen in various places.  
    "Do you see now Trump..."  
    Monroe point to another place and Trump is place there. In terror Trump say: "Who is that!"  
    "It is John Tyler... do you recall him"  
    Trump turn away and say:"no"  
    "He made a choice to betray those whom he was supposed to stand by, instead he tried to appease those that did not like him and in that imbalance, as you can see, many people were tore apart from those that was part to who they were, now he has to continually tear at his body, bands from one side to the other"  
    Trump squeeze his eyes shut after hearing Tyler cry louder; the spirit tear at itself, left hand to right torso or right hand to left torso, tearing roughly while skin fall or blood spill. Trump is set down. 
    "Am I in hell?"   
    "Calm yourself, you are alive and getting a chance to make your passed time better, you are not in hell"  
    "But I don't get this at all... did my predecessor have a night like this"  
    "Why didn't he say something?"  
    "Would you had listened or had any respect to the man"  
    Trump look down  
    "Of course now, besides you don't see the cause to this"  
    "What is the cause!"  
    "The presidency itself, the position like all powerful chairs binds whomever sit in it. Some chairs let you dream the lies you made or keep you isolated side your biggest failure... this chair torments you using your errors"  
    Monroe approach Trump and offer, the mortal, a comfort or pat on the back. Trump jitter nervously.  
    "Don't you see, none of us can manipulate you, only guide you hoping you will see what you have to do and I see you will have a long night... to that end you will be visited tonight by three ghosts: purpose, community, truth and it is time for me to go"  
    "But wait Monroe, if you always do this, why not come earlier"  
    "I do not always do this"  
    "But why come here then, you are not my ancestor... why not Washington"  
    "It is simple, you are most like me... like you, I wanted to bring Columbia back to what I thought was a greater time... I did not see, how many were hurt from cruel people I empowered through my plan to bring everyone together. I learned that uniting all peoples can not occur on one people's terms or ... or... you get these creatures knowing at all I don't see including my own reverse... if any of us match a new president, the chair choose us to warn you on Christmas Eve"  
    Monroe suddenly yell and scream; the creatures are bigger on her back while, a thing, lift him to beyond the window, about his peer.  
    Trump go to the window and in horror see Abraham Lincoln; the father to the Republican party melting away from a blob like thing emanating form his skull; he notice Monroe is set face up while the creatures attach to a void; he call out to Monroe, but the pain overtook the spirit.  
    Trump step back and notice the thing whose own skin is trying to suffocate it is Thomas Jefferson; he only notice through a moment to normal as the skin grow back and peel off into the mouth from Jefferson.  
    Trump turn and jump into bed. 
    "Mad spirit... bah humbug, that is the stupidest thing ever, I will find out who did this and they will pay"  
    The light dim and return to the state before, while the: howls, yells, or screams fade.  
    "I need a drink... some nice egg nog"   
    And Trump put on his slippers and prepare to travel the hallway; he open the door and people are sitting all about on a lawn. Trump rush to go back into the room and close the door.  
    "Donald Trump!": announce a booming voice; again, it speak the same.  
    Trump run to his bed, slippers on, and hide under the cover; after moments, he hear a voice say: "you can not evade me, my purpose is clear" ; and some grab the covers and pull them off him.  
    Trump sense bright light and know his room is not present; he say: "please don't hurt me"  
    The voice gently say: "Monroe told you the truth and you can not stop this so the harder you make my situation, the longer and more painful it will be for you"  
    Trump open his eyelids and see the lawn where people sit, surround his bed; he ask worryfull: "who are you?"  
    A voice from a person standing behind a podium in a distance speak:"come here and you will learn"  
    Trump walk between two long columns in a narrow isle, not a seat empty, every face look to him; a little fatigue he try to see, looking to the horizon, where any row end; but none seem to end.  
    "Come on Trump... you can make it, you walked far less than this"  
    Trump reach the podium and the man put out his hand.  
    "Welcome Trump, I am William Henry Harrison, your ghost of Christmas purpose"  
    "I don't recall your presidency"  
    "Yes, most do not know of it. I caused my death in a place like this"  
    "Well, yes, through natural forces... they were the bullet, the gun was my love to speaking"  
    "I am a pretty good motivator"  
    "... well, remember that essay in the New York Times"  
    "Listen, I spoke the truth"  
    "Ha ha ha... yes, you spoke as you saw fit, the most truthful intention... but not the truth in the scenario"  
    "Ok listen, I am a pretty smart guy, where is my past, where is that woman that I mistreated... who I grew up with"  
    "Ha... yes, you still do not see. This is not Dicken's fable. this is real. you were given a choice already, a choice in every moment in your life, but you failed to choose positively to yourself side others, usually only to yourself"  
    "I don't have to listen to this, this is ridiculous"  
    Trump try to walk away but is unable to.  
    "You were told, the chair has decided"  
    "Well can I just talk to the chair then, and forego talking to you or your two friend"  
    "No but I will help you, as talking is my skill too... this chair started when Opechanacanough"  
    "An old native leader... on his death bed cursed whoever led the English colonist"  
    "But what does that have to do with the U.S.A."  
    "Patience, please do not interrupt like that... led the English colonist to suffer the pain from all their failure as he id in his life, to his own, that English colony, Virginia, would be led from George Washington who would be the first president to the U.S.A."  
    "So because of Virginia, the U.S.A. has to suffer?"  
    "No because of those european... White colonists, presidents will suffer long after they think they can not"  
    "That guy was a fool, should had used his magic to win a victory"  
    "Magic, mathematics, science... all mean knowledge, how often has humanity used the knowledge it is modernly eager to acquire to positive use... not vain, individualistic goals that hurt others"  
    "You do what you gotta do"  
    "Yes a saying that seem very purposeful yet lack mentioning the sacrifice to undo what others did before"  
    "You have said your case, is that it"  
    "No you have some more guest"  
    "If they are like you, this should be a cakewalk"  
    "Why do you say that?"  
    "You are just standing in front of this immense crowd, not great cause no one is talking, but a great crowd"  
    "You do not see, my talking caused my death, got pneumonia, lasted for a few weeks, from my own memory"  
    "So the chair is unfair to punish you"  
    "No, when you accept a chair like this, the time spent is irrelevant, and my punishment is my mouth, every time I talk another person is added, the columns or rows grow, I am surrounded by all the possibilities my pride or vanity did not allow"  
    "These people are not people you know"  
    "No, they are people my lack of purpose did not make happen. And that is my point to you Trump. Be purposeful, vain advertisements do nothing except lead to a quicker death"  
    A person in the front row get up. Trump shuffle frightingly. Harrison say: "remember" as he side Trump are surround from the former sitters; they brush past Trump but the first one nearest Harrison hit the ghost in the face; and the mob assault Harrison through: rips, pulls, hits, bites, kicks; they each hit any part to the body they can access while Harrison wail. Trump see people at the horizon in every angle, riotous; he step back in fear to the refrigerator in the kitchen; it take moments for him to cognize his position; he open the refrigerator door, hurrying, and lift liquor to his lips.  
    A door open and Trump cry out: "please leave me be"  
    "Sir": say a secret service agent. 
    "Oh... I apologize Jim... Listen, can you walk me back to my room"  
    "Of course Mr. President... is everything all right"  
    "Yes... lets walk... how is your family"  
    "They are fine sir, we will enjoy tomorrow, got a good surprise for the kids"  
    "Good, good... well listen, come with me into my room"  
    "Sir, step back, give me a moment"  
    The secret service agent communicate to others as Trump stand in the hall way; Trump watch him go into the room; Trump notice a secret service man in front to him, suddenly.  
    "It is okay sir": say a secret service agent behind Trump, startling him.  
    The door to Trump room open and Jim usher the President in.  
    "Do you want me to stay in the room sir"  
    "Yes Jim"  
    Trump go into his bed, and relax, certain no spirit will make itself known, now that a guard is present; he slowly rest or relax; before he can nod off he hear a tap; he try to ignore his fear and hear more taps. Trump open his eyelids and see a man he cognize tapping Jim.  
    "Herbert Hoover"  
    "Yes, I am glad you know me"  
    "You were a winner and it is nice knowing you are similar to me"  
    "Not in personal terms Trump. I was an engineer, a fiscal operator who never went bankrupt on fiscal maturity. Did you ever think to learn architecture, or engineering a building construction?"  
    Trump is frustrate: "then what do we have in common"  
    "We both believe... had faith in business, in individuality overcoming collective woes, especially in this country, we are both businessmen"  
    "We are both right"  
    "This is not about right or wrong Trump, it is a curse, and we both do not or at least I never saw the truth. Fiscal prosperity, growth benefited us both personally, made life seem like a win if only government get out of the way, as in your bankruptcy, I did not see how greater fiscal allowance never gained the collective value but only disempowered the fiscally poor more"  
    "That stance on prohibition was a bad call"  
    "Yes, but one I made, cause like you, I talked community only in spirit, not in function and in trying to favor government responsibility in the cultural aspects I neglected many who never had the means to fly or allowed by their fellows to do so... efficiency... efficiency to the enabled is blocked by the successful inefficient"  
    "So your my ghost to Christmas community"  
    Jim suddenly fall and break into pieces.  
    "It is alright, your friend is safe, just a scare tactic, but it is not for you"  
    Trump is in a puzzlement while Hoover bend over and slowly progress to the floor. 
    "Are you still here Trump?!"  
    "Yes... oh god, oh god your blind"  
    "I can not see you any more, or feel your skin... as you may guess my pain is to hurt form what I can not stop, hinder, or prepare to"  
    Trump watch Hoover crawl on the broken pieces, that is Jim, blood dripping and yet unable to cry out or feel the shards position. Trump turn away from the horror, kneeling to pray or bed or wail. Thunder sound, wind howls all about Trump; he rise from a kneeling position on the white house lawn; a man appear before him; and he say:"you are not death or the ghost of Christmas future"  
    "No, I am your ghost of Christmas truth"  
    "And what is your pain?"  
    "Simple to see truth, totally throughout my soul, unable to discard or hide it"  
    "Well what do you want to talk about, certainly not my essays or finance"   
    "As you have guessed, your campaign"  
    "What happened is in the past, aren't you here to give me a chance to be better, if I can't escape the curse, why do this"  
    "You still do not see... like you I did not see truth. I saw signs the rules from my past or in my present were cracking, and I lied to myself about what needed to be done. In the end my actions to maintain order or justice led to alot of pain"  
    "Well, can I go now"  
    "I hope you see, your post mortem pain is inescapable, but if you lessen it, you may make the wait easier"  
    "The wait, to what!"  
    "To the destruction of the chair, which can only happen when Opechanacanough's curse is satisfied"   
    "But from all the talk I heard tonight from you lame spirits, no deal is possible"  
    "Your wrong... we may get lucky and a truly positive or great leader may arrive or..."  
    "Or what"  
    "Or the U.S.A.  falls, absent a community to govern the chair is nothing"  
    "Well, that will not happen in my lifetime!"  
    "The truth is, I do not know but I saw quite a few presidents before you and... you give me hope"  
    A complete lightness totally surround Trump or the spirit. Trump ponder, looking round.  
    "This is energy from the chair"  
    "I thought evil was black"  
    "You know already, evil come in all colors... and I leave you to what you wanted an audience too"  
    "Wait! I get to go home yes... I really got work to do"  
    "You must stay"  
    The spirit begin to fade. 
    "Who are you?!"  
    "You can call me Pierce... never forget, acting against the truth will lead to fire, unconsumable fire to the chair"  
    The spirit, name Pierce, merge into the lightness. 
    Trump feel hear as the lightness approach; his hand burn as it get closer and he scream and scream and scream... and wake while the sun beam on his face. Trump sit up silent or disquiet; he wonder to his guest and is startle when his Christmas day breakfast come in.  
    Later, in the morning, Kelly Anne Conway is about to start the morning tweet plan when she is halt from President Trump; and he say: "It is time to speak to the press about my new plan"; she ask:"What is the basics?"; and he reply... 

     The Beginning
    Check out my ebooks- the free one is noted, please read/enjoy/give me your response:
    Sunset Children Stories: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sunset-children-stories  
    Looking West and West: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/looking-west-and-west  
    Janidogo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-janidogo  
    The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph  
    The Nyotenda FREE : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-nyotenda   Includes a comic. The following link is an excerpt LINK
  14. richardmurray
    These are the members I have guided into this website, an eternal pledge drive
    https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9365-sabine-ziya/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRUL_JY2-Oj3tVRtnPUugvg
    https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9251-maame-dede/ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=53502809&ref=br_rs
    https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9366-rosa/ http://melaninmoney.tumblr.com/
    https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9384-uniquelymade7/ https://www.facebook.com/uniquesolidfoundation
    https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9407-angel-alita/ https://www.facebook.com/AngelAlita77
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