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  1. yesterday was the anniversary of the first time a us president lived in washington d.c. and that president was... john adams:)


    Today is the greatest elongation between mercury and the sun, that means today mercury will appear farthest from the sky than any time after until the next greatest elongation


    Tomorrow is a lunar penumbral eclipse. MEaning the moon will go across the penumbral which is where the light of the sun is refracted off the side of the earth, not the umbral where the sunlight is blocked by the earth.

    It is also a strawberry full moon, a better word I think is totluc moon meaning total light moon. The moon is always full. Where as the %paraluc moon can be for the other phases of the moon outside the new moon , which is more appropriately anluc meaning no light.

    It is called a strawberry moon based on the habit of algonquin's , a native people that used to live where the midatlantic states in the usa reside, who will pick strawberry's around this time of year.


    It is also the roman catholic st bonafice day who is known as the patron saint of the germans. As well as an Ember day for the Latin Catholics, so be ready to fast you latins.

  2. I made an audio version to the zenith power collage, it is self explanatory in the first slide but all you need to do is saw the movie the First Power and then the rest is enjoy the collage elements, wherever they take you. If you like the idea, I will try to make time to make the legend collage into an audio.


  3. The art of lying:) from #Omarosa enjoy what is the lesson concerning the fury from black folk that lick white people's balls or the lies we tell, for she is trying to bring down the, i quote her, the most powerful man in the universe, and she has the audiotapes to try  https://photos.app.goo.gl/G9RxaEaqCzGNepML9

    1. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      I was one of those "why" children who grew up to be a news reporter and I can usually tell when someone has rehearsed a "response". Omarosa rehearsed that one for awhile 😮

    2. richardmurray


      Of course she rehearsed it , very little, and I dare say nothing is unrehearsed in media in the usa. A rehearsed lie and yet, I think the cultural damage from such things are underrated. 

  4. What is the lesson to all artist after reading this article? never sell what you create, never! 



    supermans torn cape
    Artist: Sandra Chevrier
    place: Bülowstr. Berlin

    supermans torn cape


  5. There is a deadlock in the public paths voting, I want the public to decide so I will wait till the end of february if need be, if you have not voted:) use the link below 


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