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  1. @Troy :)  as shatner said in the interview, the content of the material inspired.  


    and remember to say the leadership will change, all communities in humanity go through phases of quality leadership, sometimes the quality is high plus the quantity is high sometimes the quality is low plus the quantity is low. 


    Sharpton said on local news in 2023, talking about coretta scott king and mlk jr, forget the show i apologize, that he wanted a christian movement when he started in his perm and third trimester days, he purposefully rejected other advocates who wanted to regale other aspects in the black community outside the black christian. so... 


    And you mention oprah and it is similar. 

     The modern black community in the usa is internally more multiracial than ever before and it isn't just the black, this goes into Schrumpt, the white community in the usa today has a greater level of internal multiraciality, and same to latinos, same to asian.  I have heard in NYC latinos call ocasio cortez crazy. Anyone in NYC know the koreans and indians do not get along with the chinese. Staten island, the mostly white borough,  wants to cede from nyc in the same way, the southern states white populaces want to change the imperial design of the usa from how the northern and western states have it.  These are splits , not impossible to lead, nothing is impossible, but the quality has to be higher and... 



    The question is, how do you lead an internally multiracial community that is only getting more and more multiracial per day?  The 1960s opened up the immigration doors in the usa but as someone i know who advocates for immigrants said very wisely, governments in general, don't tend to make comprehensive or wise immigration laws, looking forward. 




     I thought about your point, though worded differently initially,  who in the usa is as close to a confirmed black leader in the past? 

    Sharpton is as close a copy to a black christian leader pre 1980s, which is what sharpton wanted when he started, by his own words. But a black christian leader is inadequate to the structure of the modern black populace in the usa 2023

  2. @Troy

    I will not suggest any human being is unable to act randomly or radically. I can say that many, often times most, chose not too. 

    Al sharpton isn't the leader of the black community of nyc. so those who think similarly to me, which is not you, accept that  he can not be the leader of the black community of the usa. But I have no problem accepting you and those who think similarly to you see him as a black statian leader. 




    and that character is what tschrumpf/obama/biden/clinton/bush jr or sr/al sharpton /cornell west/ocasio cortez/current governor hochul/eric adams/ plus many others are. 


    of course it was a failure and corman mortgaged his house to pay for the film. but message doesn't sell like fun. It doesn't mean an artist has to present fun, but financially, the history of artistic revenue doesn't lie. 

  3. @ProfD 

    a person can be well known or popular and be a leader.

    I oppose your assertion that schrumpf is a leader, i consider him a mob guide, that goes back to his central park 5 opinion. it didn't lead, scrumpft comprehends a simple truth, the usa is a multiracial country which means a populace in every race in the usa: women/white/black/native/men/young/old/immigrant/christian/muslim/chinese/nigeiran/russian/any other you can think of dislike/hate everybody else. And the populace inside the white community in the usa that dislike/hate everybody else is large enough to be profitable in one way or another. 

    The proof is the black followers, people say it is shocking but it isn't. The black community in the usa don't have anyone like Schrumpf. a black person , financially safe that can or desires to  mouthpiece pure dislike or hate with an anti immigratory or anti integrated position. 

    Take a look at the film, the intruder, for free


  4. @Pioneer1 

    Does the non basic form of your definition have percentages or specifics?

    When you say safe, what do you mean? the NYPD has buildings full of domestic abuse cases they never bothered with. By safe what do you mean? 

    When you say establishing hospitals does that include ability to reach hospitals? In NYC , historically, top quality healthcare has always been blockaded to the majority of the populace including even traveling. and throughout the usa, many don't have a hospital near where they live.

    Based on your basic definition, it allows a majority of governments in humanity to b deemed effective or not effective based on the specificty your basic definition doesn't have ? is your basic definition effective in defining effective government then? 

  5. @Troy



    One would think Obama would have assumed the leadership role

    why? I admit, my definition of what makes a leader is specific, it isn't an open net that many can fit into. One of my rules is,  the qualities you have don't require big chairs. Obama wasn't the leader of the black community in the congressional district he won, that is why he lost trying to court the black vote and won by splitting the black vote and gaining most of the white. 

    Again, the problem is many black people who are well known can't even be considered the leader of black people in the city or state they live in, so how can they be the leader to the entire black populace in the usa. I don't comprehend how the assumption you allude to can be made unless one has a very very wide and in my view, foolish sense of what makes a leader.










    Please submit via email to Submissions@browngirlsbooks.com.



    • In the subject line of your email please include the genre, word count, and title.

    In the body of the email please send the following:

    • A synopsis and the first three chapters of your manuscript

    • Target audience

    • Your name and contact details

    • Any relevant information about the author should also be included

    • Please send all material for review as a single Word document or PDF file format


    Electronic versions of your manuscript should be in one file and not
    separate files for each chapter or section. Use Microsoft Word format, 12pt Times New Roman font,  and double-spaced. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Brown Girls Books only publishes children's books written by children. 

  7. HEre is the screenwriting course from tananarive due side steven barnes of lifewriting






    MY THOUGHTS AS I LISTENED, it started at 5:00pm eastern standard time

    i say 10 is in what the medals represent, they are proven rebel leaders

    haha, yes i bought the rod sterling/richard matheson/charles beaumont  scripts for twilight zone to learn

    many people don't have people in their personal lives who allow them to fail  

    write for you. if you like what you write you aren't failing, and keep writing till you like what you write 

    what does it mean to be human? you need to know what it means to be human. 

    and also extend the human comprehension to all characters. the hero isn't the only character to approach holistically 

    you did say it before , the writerjapanese anime called "black clover" said he wanted to do that in his anime

    exactly alot of boring science fiction or horror or adventure is in books/movies where the plot isn't existent, it is merely, experiencing someone doing stuff 

    I don't usually write the other. Definitely need to push that forward to learn about myself more 

    are the immortal villains in horror or scifi films , witness characters? 

    all writers get into habits and regular forms

    I make storyboards that helps this 
    writing without dialog in screenplays is vital, so that you can tell a story absent text

    of course, you never know when the doors of imagination open 

    i am on lifewriting, anyone else on the group from facebook? lets create together

    exactly tananarive, the immortal villains in horror are witness characters:) 

    I watched the twilight zone marathon while reading the scripts i had:) 

    screenplay elements for structure, remember just a template

    6:45 beat sheet for danger word
    I see, thank you,I felt it was a coming of age thanks for confirming

    6:47 they funded the movie with a visual storytelling element

    6:48 great story behind the scenes of danger word and crews influence

    6:50 danger word was crowd funded for 30,000 dollars

    QUESTIONS 7:09

    7:52 great information on working in hollywood. I wrote in my own notebook alot. 

    :) glengarry glen ross with M.A.G.I.C. will love to see that:) 


    Join the lifewriting group on facebook or the firedance weekly sessions on zoom, i have experience in either and both I have learned from or are uplifting or are positive.




  8. .


    Cento series 18th round
    Boy and Sir, more mirrors to Girl from Jamaica Kincaid

    Dates, Astrology , Astronomy

    The Intruder from charles beaumont +  roger corman , the roaming frictioner
    Indigenous suffering- still uncovering sins from the usa's government or its immigrant peoples to the indigenous
    How do you define Black greatness?
    Another round of education




  9. @ProfD well 

    A = quantity of human beings that want to help other human beings

    B = quantity of human beings that don't want to help other human beings

    C= quantity of human beings that follow the leader


    G1= fiscal effectiveness ( A)

    G2 fiscal  effectiveness(C) 

    G3= fiscal effectiveness (B) 


    G1 > G2> G3 

    (A-(B1(G1)-B2(G2)-B3(G3)) )<D

    thus, again, the algorithm is simple. Those who don't want to help are more effective. Which again, goes to the nature of fiscal capitolism, which is the core of the usa. 


    @Pioneer1 well over 95% of black people were once enslaved which is a pure combination of being incarcerated plus homeless at the same time, so I argue your assertion is wrong that black percentages to either are higher than ever. 

  10. @ProfD well the arithmetic is simple,

    A= USA revenue+ wealth in total

    B= USA revenue+ wealth owned by: the one percent, the billionaires, the millionaires,  or various other controlling interest like members of the federal government which includes the military

    C=A-B= the amount USA revenue + wealth available to the rest. 

    D= need to the rest. 


    B has always been large enough to make C<D. 

    And B being large is fair, the usa is a fiscal capitalistic country. Fiscal capitalism is not socialism or communism. In fiscal capitalism one has the freedom to obtain huge amounts of wealth thus the attraction of fiscal capitalism. China's fiscal capitalism , born from their own socialism, essentially disallows a private sector one percent while maintains a public sector one percent. The government of china is not only has the government share like the usa federal government has, but also the one percent. 

    But greed is acceptable in fiscal capitalism and sequentially, Fiscal Greed  which is completely legal in the usa makes (A-B)<D

    To rephrase in pure arithmetic terms

    (A-B(greed) )<D

    case closed. You can not criminalize fiscal greed in the usa. So, the need is honest. Now, if fiscal greed becomes illegal in the usa then .... a different algorithm

  11. @ProfD i oppose the need for the question of why, the british colonies that became the usa and the usa itself throughout its entire history was and is always mostly filled with financially poor people. You seem to suggest that once the usa became the militaristic empire , circa commonly called world war II , most people in the usa should not had been fiscally poor then and after. Militaristic power does not equal spreading of wealth, it never has. No need for the question of why poor . They were poor before and will be after. It is beyond design, it is the way of the country. 

  12. Bill Moyers recalled from LBJ

    We were in Tennessee. During the motorcade, he spotted some ugly racial epithets scrawled on signs. Late that night in the hotel, when the local dignitaries had finished the last bottles of bourbon and branch water and departed, he started talking about those signs. "I'll tell you what's at the bottom of it," he said. "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."


    The land of opportunity myth is one of the great tragedies of the usa. It's always been  even when british colonies mostly filled with the impoverished. A 1% ofrom each : whites/women/indigenous/blacsk/males/many more




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