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  1. @ProfD yes, one white group controls other white groups and they all accept that control as pertains to non whites. so which black group is going to control the other black groups then? That is the question. 


    This forum alone proves black people as no human community can truly come together en masse as equals. This forum plus simple black history proves black people can unite globally, we did it already before, but when the next time happens, it will need one or a few to manage the whole as in the past. But, you are very sure about white power. Based on what you said white folks will do, should black people simply be penitent to whites? Any option displaying whites will fail you didn't mention. 


    An old saying exist, war is never a game. I do not know the truth, i am not in the halls of power in humanity. But I will say this, that smokescreen you refer to is red with blood. 


    true, non white europeans have spent the last two to five centuries being killed or dominated by white europeans. Survivors in such a scenario are not the native americans who fought the colonists and was shot, the blacks who jumped off the boats and tried to swim back, the asians who revolted  by hand against arms. But history proves again, all empires fall, no exceptions exist. Are you suggesting the modern white empire in humanity is an exception?


  2. @ProfD 

    the question is,  were law enforcement organizations in majority, in general , started to protect and serve citizens? The answer is no in my view.

    I can't speak for every single law enforcement agency. But, the LAPD, the chicago police department, the texas rangers, the canadian mounties, the us marshalls, all were started by government officials looking to gain votes, manipulate populaces and gave the ones they chose an avenue to profit from various illegal or criminals activities safe from accusal or prosecution based on their badge.  


    If Law enforcement agencies were born militarized or criminal and live militarized or criminal then what is the real problem when they act criminal? The real problem isn't them. We all know they are criminal. The problem is those who are not law enforcers, suggesting/wanting/desiring law enforcers not to be criminal or illegal actors. 


    How many black people say one of the following:

    • Most cops are good
    • It is only a few bad cops
    • My relative is a cop and isn't bad
    • law enforcement is tough, people don't comprehend the life
    • People need to learn how to interact to cops
    • The training of cops is the problem
    • cops should protect of help the people

    Those phrases and similar phrases to them are the problem. Said phrases are the problem. If non law enforcers just accept the true nature of law enforcement in the usa, then it isn't news anymore. They shot some one in the back? yeah ok. They chocked someone till they couldn't breath? yeah ok. The clans of the deceased take the government to court and the government pay out. No marches needed. No big news. A dirty organization acted dirty. ok. The need for people, especially black people who are not law enforcers to speak of law enforcements and needing to be something they are not, i argue is the problem. 



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  3. @ProfD 

    Well, Black Americans include Black people in the american continent which is from canada to argentina so black jamaicans who are rastafarian at odds with black jamaicans who are not is part of the course so to speak. but in my travels to africa, i find binds are weak as well. My personal experience is in north western africa, but the hutu or tutsi in rwanda are the most public example. 


    And to be honest, whites are no better. Brexit wasn't about people of color, white people of england didn't want want people of eastern europe and now the white people of poland and nearby countries are trying to stop white ukranians from entering their countries. 


    So it seems the lack unity is more a human reality  than a problem.  HEll, even white jews in nyc oppose the commonly called conservative white jews in nyc. So, I argue unity isn't the problem between the black majority and the black minorities as much as poor leadership or planning or coexistence. Maybe the problem isn't that the black minorities need to be united with the black majorities but maybe they need a better way of coexisting than simple crude unity , which is not present in humanity historically. 


    If white unity had that power, why are the irish still at it with the english. 

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  4. @ProfD

    The beginning of your prose relates to what I feel are law enforcements biggest problem, people referring to them in terms of supposed things or suggesting they were once better. That is the problem with law enforcement, that prose is a lie. 

    History has value when you look at any organization for one key point, history will show an organizations truth, and the history of the NYPD isn't what you state. 

    The NYPD wasn't started to serve or protect citizens. the NYPD was started because Boss Tweed wanted the irish vote and he knew the best way to get any communities vote is to give them industry. 

    He started the NYPD grabbing irish people you will call thugs or criminals off the street and gave them a badge, it is that simple. 

    So when you say at some point they became militarized, if by they you mean the NYPD , you are wrong. the NYPD were always militarized. The irish community in NYC was terrorized by the NYPD first and foremost cause the irish thugs now had a badge and the mayors protections. 

    But the mayor, tweed, created the nypd , do you comprehend. 

    Your words suggest the NYPD for example, should be protecting or serving, wasn't an overseer in the past. that is not true. 

    The NYPD was started to make a powerful growing voting block in an ever growing city that can be used by potential or current officials to gain or maintain power. 

    The NYPD is a legalized gang, who profit off of many things.

    The NYPD also serve a necessary function for a city of individuals who don't have strong communal affiliations in an extremely multiracial city, by instilling fear in the populace, the very condensed populace not to break the law. 

    The NYPD is needed, but like all other law enforcement agencies, at their core they have nothing to do with the common good. They are agencies for government profit/government control whose members achieve various levels of illegal or criminal wealth.



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  5. I quote @Rodney campbell concerning Bob Marley in italics.


    I never could embrace his leaf smoking cultural habits. Which became propagandized as being somehow a Jamaican normal behaviour.

    Which. At that TIME it was not.

    I respected his position as a spearhead for the black people.

    I respected his outright denouncement of the racial negativity.

    But thanks to propaganda the documentaries that focus on those aspects are few and far apart.

    Instead we have generations of leaf inhalers who have been convinced they are contributing to the black experience by being high. Like that is somehow a black thing.


    I was not interested in doing anything but honoring bob marley on his birthday. But now that it is past, Rodney's thoughts to me, lead to a very valuable issue in the Black community globally, which is not present straightly in his prose. And that is the issue of minority communities in the black community. 

    I am not rastafarian. To be blunt, I think Ras Tafari , or duke Tafari, more commonly known by his appointed name, Haille Sellasie made tremendous errors as king of ethiopia. And my views towards ethiopia like haiti are particular. For anyone black in humanity who looks for inspiration based on black achievement in total opposition to non blacks, then haiti/ethiopia/karnataka are the rare examples of black achievement before the 1960s that is not within a white fold.<No black achievements post 1960 exist outside a white fold> So ethiopia is beyond haille selassie, and I don't think he earned the praise the ras tafarians gave him, though I think he should be praised for some things. 

    But gardless what anyone black thinks of the ras tafarians in jamaica or the greater caribbean or greater still american continent the rastafarians are a minority community in the black community, and in Black history month I think one of the problems with the black community globally , while definitely in the USA is the relationship the black majority has to black minorities.


    The gullah of the carolinas /the creoles of louisiana/the rastafarians of jamaica are not the majority in the black community in those places but they each with other similars tend to have a cultural relationship that can be at odds with the majority in the black community about them. To be blunt, the gullah's language is at odds with the culture of the majority in the black community who are zealous anglophiles. The creoles unique cultural makeup , that fusion of poly african/french catholic/ anglo protestant doesn't fit the very christian very statian culture of the majority in the black community. The rastafarians are in the same scenario. Most jamaicans in the past and many jamaicans now are anglophiles. I know a number of jamaican families. the women's hair is straight, they try to speak english with a slight english accent, and they are very much in the rigid black church mold. Not all , but many. 


    I think Rodney's point leads to a deeper issue in the black community globally or in parts and that is how black majorities handle black minorities. In my experience , many black people who are part of a majority tend to have a negative view toward black minorities. And the reason why is obvious. All minorities, like the white jew in the white community, have to deal with the fact that the majority doesn't care for your heritage or culture. WHich is obvious why, it is different. But, the black majority has a tendency to want to universalize in the black community whereas whites in the usa at least have a more white union appeal in modernity, I don't think black people in the usa at least, are as interested in a pan black approach.


    The full quote from Rodney Campbell is at the following forum post



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    A simple question , you can relate it to any law enforcement agency.

    I only repeat what law enforcement agencies need is someone to say they are needed while also corrupt. The problem with law enforcement agencies is too many wish to make them out to be honor guards or mythical comraderies when they are simply havens for mostly bullies or reared wrong or financially proud in the worst sense people who serve a necessary function when they are not killing, maiming, spitting, clubbing, violating, cheating, stealing.. or all the other many crimes or illegalities or negatives they are free from being penalized from including not incarcerating or giving testimony to other law enforcers when they act illegally or criminally which is called aiding or abetting, 

    if you want to access the 590 page assement fo the nypd in 2020 from the ccrb then use the following link?


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  7. @Pioneer1 well throughout humanity the cyclical moment called new year isn't universal in definition. The reason why Julian Calendar new year date is celebrated throughout humanity isn't because all view it as a new year, but the popularity of new year's festivities, which bring in money to be honest, is present. 

    The christian calendar originally didn't have easter but the people's they wanted to join all had easter so they made an easter celebration and the jehovah's witness population shifts prove that being adamant against majority cultural elements is not easy and tends to lead to people leaving the minority culture. 

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  8. @Pioneer1it seems of all the films the biggest distances in rankings occur with crooklyn side four little girls based on the both our commentaries. 


    It is interesting cause crooklyn was based on a concept by spike lee's sister that she pitched to him. and four little girls which I place at number 1 is a straight documentary. 

    of the three rankings, i am the only who mentions four little girls and two , you or I , place crooklyn higher in standing than the articled reviewer....


    The question is why do those films have the biggest ranking gaps between ranking orders? 


    @Troy any ideas. I imagine this connects to the peele post earlier in some way

  9. The following is my thoughts to Elliot SMith's ranking of spike lee films


    interesting that the first movie spike lee didn't appear or use his artistic norms was get on the bus. I have many feelings about the million man march not appropriate for her.


    Awww crooklyn or school daze got less than chi-raq awwww I oppose that.


    Mo better blues , da 5 bloods ok


    clockers is one of his most common appearing films


    he got game ahhh, is it denzel


    summer of sam is better than crooklyn aww


    jungle fever , another provocative movie but is it really better than the one's before? 


    she's gotta have it, his first film, that is always a complex thing


    Inside man, the criminal caper part was nice, good ensemble


    Bamboozled is five, no way, that movie I do not care for and it isn't the blackface alone, it is deeper than that, the story is poor for me. I get the message lee wants to convey but i think he covneys it poorly or rudely


    black klannsman ahhh


    I never saw 25th hour


    again, denzel washington or his son is on this list combined 4 times. MAlcolm X 


    Do the right thing ahhh no four little girls in here. ahhh no way this is trash. For me, four little girls is his best film. Most of his films I don't care for how he tells the story. Easy for a writer to say that and one who has never directed a film, but no I think a number of films I would replace and do the right thing, no way


    Spike Lee makes obvious messages but the problem I have is his framework. I rarely find i care for it. I am one who is always willing to state flaws or critique in a negative tone in prose concerning the black community but in fiction, I dislike Black creators having a majority negative tone, which i find spike lee does in general. And to be blunt, i think he comprehends the black or white viewing market in the usa. most whites in the usa seem to  love to see black struggle, black difficulty. and most Blacks  in the usa seem to like it as well. Power/Empire are clear examples of my point.





  10. @ProfD  I suggest reading the points that I feel are important: 2/3/6 , the others are for clarification.


    First,  an unimportant point, but one I need to make, I said the majority, not the collective. the collective is the whole. NYC has more billionaires among its populace than any city in the USA. I did not say the collective, i said the majority. 


    Second, an important point,  when you say working citizen, you mean working citizen who still has to live in a shelter cause the rent is to high? when you say working citizen do you mean people who are in the USA illegally who are getting wages? When you say working citizen do you mean those who are working at making money illegally? When you say working citizen you don't mean the many unemployed whether listed or unlisted, like people coming out of prison? when you say working citizen you don't mean those getting nothing but welfare checks? when you say working citizen you don't mean those who are only getting retirement checks? when you say working citizen you don't mean those getting only social security? 


    Third, an important point, let's say, each of the people you think should give a dollar do? who can handle that money? you? me? troy? NYC? who? IT amazes me how every year you hear of people giving their money to someone for a community effort and it gets abused. A few months ago, a bunch of chinese in new york city complained about a chinese man who stole their community money. I repeat who should be trusted with this? you? me? troy? nyc? 


    Fourth, an unimportant point, as all in this forum have said countless times, the USA prints money for a reason, this is the point of the debt ceiling. just keep printing, the government finds money for itself. The issue is the ability of the citizens, outside the government. 


    Fifth, an unimportant point, but one i must make, It is funny how people say their are infinite ways to raise money and yet, none of the ways seem to work. In my experience or those relayed to me , the only way that truly works, not philosophially, historically, is somebody giving money. The museums, the cultural centers, many schools, all were and are based on people who have significant wealth giving up money and that includes white things in the city, or white jewish things, not just people of color. the common white jew isn't behind the jewish community, it is wealthy white jews who make it all happen. So until that community center find a sugar daddy it will be broke after trying all the infinite other philosophical methods. 


    Sixth, I apologize, I confused you with another member of aalbc , maybe pioneer. but I am uncertain at this point who I was thinking og. 

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  11. Good comments all


    @ProfD the one problem i have with your statement is the potential suggestion that people in nyc aren't protesting. People including whites have been protesting in NYC since its founding. The problem is lobbying. The majority populace of NYC is financially flat broke. So they don't have the money to just dictate what they want, sequentially they protest. But, protesting has limits on function.It can do somethings. The preservation of buildings/community boards/public schools, protesting in nYC has generated alot but it can't do everything. Now after all these dialogs, i know you are anti violence. but there is a limit to protest and voting unfortunately has the major flaw that NYC is soft on direct democracy, meaning no initiaitves or recalls, nyc allows for referendums but they are not easy to come through. The bureacucracy has set it up where major government changes require lobbying to get through in NYC. It is that simple. But the cost of lobbying in NYC is massive. Remember NYC is a country that masquerades as a city 10 million is a country. 


    @KENNETH yeah well, if you are truly desiring that, then start a political party , and I am being serious. The platform is your chocie but if you want governmental change, then start a party, and start with one seat and then work on the second seat and keep going, it is that simple. At this point, i think all can agree that the idea that the donkeys or the elephants can be used as vehicles to get somewhere for all things is clearly a lie. But, starting your own party is a lifework, it isn't twenty years. the two parties have made it where you need to give your life to that. do you love the USA kenneth? how much? 


    @Stefan Your correct, years ago I recall a former prime minister of england saying Alexandra Ocasio Cortez's green new deal was not applicable. So, your correct, her and the other green candidates philosophy will not work with the current status quo. I argue the problem with the green donkeys or the snow white elephants is both want things that are not impossible, but require massive changes that too many others will be against and to be blunt, they don't care about the others.  The USA historically is a country that tends to get very tribal. And I think modernity is merely the calm before the storm. The lack of cohesion amongst plans by elected officials in the same party of governance or between parties of governance is the writing on the wall. Yes some centrist exists but it is clear that the elected body is majority or near majority non centrist and the result is dysfunction, cause every elected official wants but none are willing to make a deal. The entire USA is going through an identity crisis. In this very forum you can read that black people in this forum barely agree, and yet we are all here supporting this black platform. All we have in common is we want to support black but the details .. ahhh.  The migrant crisis started because Biden wants the USA to be a docking place for the global poor. The problem is  the southern states :) didn't want more color in them, so they shipped the color to the haven states. In that way the potential donkey voters will grow but the elephant states aren't touched. It goes back to identity. Is TExas the same as New York? Is California the same as Mississippi? States are different, and the populace of the usa with all these various peoples has only made state identity more valuable. In NY state the donkey state senate blocked the latino judge appointed by the donkey governor cause the state senate wants someone green. Everywhere in the USA you can see lines being drawn. And the power of those lines has no bounds. 


    @Troy you pulled away from the topic but I read that article. I live in HArlem. I believe I wrote in this very forum that HArlem was no longer black or at least majority black years ago. I am glad the new york times now concurs with me or other harlemites who have been saying this for a while. REal news would be if we all in harlem left and the lenape came back from the grave to live in manahata. The Black internal migration in the usa is a long known thing. The black populace historically shifts back and forth to the south. I will only add the wish of FRederick douglass was that black people in the usa would embrace the multiracial community at the local level. He didn't want black towns. He wanted everything mixed. and through various things the black community in the usa has slowly made that happen. and that is that for me. 


    @harry brown well, let's take your idea another way, instead of complaining that black people give money to churches let us ask why the churches don't spend that money better on the village. MAybe a new christian denomination needs to occur, why not? I don't know if you are christian but you can start it.

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  12. New York City has paid 121,000,000 dollars for police misconduct this past year which is is the highest cost to the city in five years but the magnolia center needs 350,000 and has to have a fund raiser.


    Landmark preservation phase 1



    Landmark preservation phase 2



    Go Fund Me if interested, please share







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  13. Here are some question for Black History Month 2023, I answered them at the following link.
    What Black artists have inspired you, and what about their work do you find inspiring?
    What are some of your favorite artworks that depict African American culture?
    In what ways do you think art can be used to foster understanding and appreciation across cultures?

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