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  1. I thought of a simple premise. 
    Keith David
    James Earl Jones 
    Morgan Freeman 
    are three kings in a fantasy world, having a meeting they all agree to on equal terms, no tricks involved or surprise attacks. 
    Each has a great deep voice. In one word, name how you want each king to talk. The reason for the meeting is not divulged. 
    So for example: Keith David- vicious ; James Earl Jones- bemused ; Morgan Freeman - proselytic 
    GO ! lets have fun



  2. If I was the CEO of Discovery I will shut down all the activities of Warner Bros media that isn't making money and put up bids for temporary licensing of the horde of media properties, forcing them to be displayed on Discovery channel media outlets.
    If you were a board member, do you agree with me? What if you are the CEO of Discovery? 
    I explain in detail my thoughts below.  


  3. There is so much to say, I already said. But, this marijuana scenario in the United States of America is a great teacher to many things. 

    I admit it makes me very angry to so many things. Well if you live in the NY State, consider the following link for some information. The gateway to getting licenses is narrowing and comprehend, once the licenses environment is settled, the ability to get in will be as challenging as the liquor license. 



  4. You are the lead producer years ago on the Black panther 2 movie project for Disney. Chadwick Boseman's spirit flew.  Actors/Set designers/the lead director you hired are set. This is the first preproduction meeting. You start off with the question, will we recast tchalla or continue the Black PAnther as another character?

    What say you producer? 


    Extended thoughts

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  5. The following is the situation I want you to consider yourself in before you answer the question. 

    You are a financially successful author already. 

    Now... what are your thoughts on interpretations to your work? In my mind, based on many examples, not merely the one in the link below, it is clear that an author like me, needs to mandate titles of works have" inspired by" or "based on" not any direct labeling to me.

    your thoughts? 


    my expanded thoughts


  6. @Troy fair enough, good work

    @Troy one point, am*zon , google, microsoft, intel , kraft,  it isn't firms in the usa who are monopolies based on their own actions. they are monopolies based on the governments aiding and abetting their fiscal domination. I remember  the second phase of the internet, the government led to the tech companies being organized the way they are. I am not saying some firms can not or some firms are not capable of becoming monopolies, but the environment for monopoly is brewed by governments.

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