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  1. Okay, here is my Jaeger submission. I had three conceptsm first which i liked alot but didn't really fit the narrative was Old Jaeger Park. The second was the Legendary Central Park Five, whose story I wrote, and comic, whosei did not finish. The last idea was a superway. In each idea, i wanted to do something else with JAegers, old used Jaegers/another kind of interwoven wireless neurological system using also history revisioning, and lastly, just another kind of city. In the films, like most big mecha or being films, cities seem designed ignorant to these things running around that will create damage. so, instead of a regular city, what if New York City has a run way, or walk way, that is above the street mostly, sidewalk somewhat, and thus Jaeger can use it to travel fare more easily through the city. This also coincide to my particular Jaeger, the Parkour Jaeger, yes, not a well thought of name. But, the idea is this Jaeger has joints that allow for more comlicated acrobatic movement than other Jaeger. Most Jaeger are designed on the human body but when you are facing things that are reptilian or insect in variance, i think you need more flexibility. the ability to turn through momemtum three hundred and sixty degrees. Thus, the nodes you can see in the image, are as large as the limbs, they make the Jaeger taller than average but also allow for that flexibility. In the image, the ParkRei Jaeger... better name right?... is holding on to a section of the superway while it flicked another Jaeger whose beam cannon tip we see at the top. I could had colored but I wanted to really focus on my inking as it connect to other plans going forward. The other element in the rules was to depict a place where you live. I took photos for reference all about new york city. For the Old Jaegers I took for a local park. For, the legendary central park five i took empir estate building or world trade. For Old Jaeger park or Legendary Central PArk five i didn't have the photos I liked. i needed another angle for reference, especially as I had wrote up the concept. But for the last one, ParkRei, i used rockefeller center. The structure of Rockefeller center worked in terms of my vision. It has a central urban feel while also some true space to get the angle i liked. Well for my emailers, you will have image stills. For all look to the creating videos below, yes I am still getting used to being recorded while I draw, angle wise. The official submission is in my deviantart page. Enjoy, i wonder what ideas you have. 

    Development videos 


    DeviantArt Submission

    I wish more had joined me:) I will see you next time


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  2. Ok, I learned about the Onmyoji contest on friday. While going to deviantart to look at some entries for the Jaeger contest. Well, having no knowledge to the online massive multiplayer game Onmyoji, and little time to conceptualize what my entry will be, I came up with the following.
    The idea was the character emma aside seven deadly sins. I am content for such a hurried creation while having no thoughts to the content. In contrast, I am a fan to gundam, or mechas in general so the jaeger comes with more familiarity for me. 

    In a prior post, I utilized links to my skydrive storage area, but i realized upon more videos that a space limit is inevitable. 
    Thus, i had to figure out where to go to place the stores. I chose google photos. Instagram or snapchat are used for personal purposes. I know artists in that system but usually they focus on photos not videos. Laslty, google photos space is the largest. 
    AALBC is my blog place, and I invite you all to join AALBC, especially if you are artist. But, the black owned website, has obvious limits to loading content like videos.

    Below are links to videos made as I sketched or created. My first time doing so many, and especially while drawing. Another learning experience.   
    If you are seeing this in an email, the photos stages are attached at the end. If you are seeing this in AALBC, the videos are all their is. 

    ...before the links to the Onmyoji videos , here is a link to the Jaeger contest which end in seven days. I invite you all to share any ideas you may have to that. 

    Do tell me if the links are blockaded, they are supposed to be public. 

    Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (1)

    Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (2)

    Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (3)

    Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (4)

    Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (5)

    Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (6)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (1)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (2)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (3)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (4)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (5)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (6)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (2)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (3)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (4)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (5)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (6)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (7)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (8)

    onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (9)

    The Folder Link 

    Happy creating

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  3. My pleasure @TroyI did not read the article , I just wanted to read your thoughts. For me, the whole argument is false. In the same way, people in the past liked various kinds of books, people like various kinds of websites. Twitter is correctly named a microblogging site, thus it is no good for conveying a message through text, more a notice board, good for advertising or linking, but poor for in depth communication. Youtube is a video site. Thus people who use that mostly are not looking to read, but to view or listen. Snapchat/instagram are photo sites, that have video capability though not as in depth as youtube While they also have no grouping functions. Facebook is a complete social media platform. Thus the sites are not even similar, thus the comparison is flawed by default, for me. AALBC for example, is text based, though embedding to image or video is capable, thus the users will not be the same. If anything, my prediction long ago that the future internet will have people nestled to where they are comfortable is coming to fruition. None of the firms above will ever be out of business cause too many people are on them, enough money is made to keep going or it serves the function to a larger online media presence. Myspace is still in existence so... What site has the most people, like what book genre is the most bought, is a matter of taste from the viewership/audience not a suggestion that some site or genre is dead. and, taste change over time, sometime going back to formers, not new things. 

  4. I thought about black soldiers in memory and i wondered, why do black people in the usa not honor the soldiers who fought against the usa for the british in the secession of the thirteen colonies from the british empire? it may seem silly, but I pondered, those black folk were a small population but when you consider ninety percent from black people were enslaved in the thirteen colonies and the thirteen colonies did not make freeing black folk an agenda, are not those black people the primary people black folk in the usa need to honor , if we are to honor soldiers in the usa? 

    If any of you are interested in viewing some screenplay drafts I have constructed and are willing to reply your thoughts... and you are not a member to my emailing list:)   and you have an email, just tell me and we can connect. 



    Now onto the Jaeger contest, i will have some drawings hopefully by wednesday. Information is below 

    Who wants to join me in building a Jaeger? let us spend a week sketching, thinking, anything, then next week, wednesday, present our sketches to each other? 
    *From the page* 
    Your last name may not be Pentecost, but you can still help avert the apocalypse. Pacific Rim Uprising will be available via download on June 5 and on Blu-ray/DVD June 19, 2018. To celebrate, we want to see what your Jaeger would look like on your turf and give you prizes for it!

    Create your own Jaeger and place it where you live, anyplace in the world you may be–maybe it's posing in your actual backyard, protecting the town square, or defending a local landmark. There are tons of options! Your Jaeger can be inserted into a photo or you can artistically recreate the location.

    First, Second, and Third Place winners will be chosen by Steven S. DeKnight, Director of Pacific Rim Uprising!


  5. Who wants to join me in building a Jaeger? let us spend a week sketching, thinking, anything, then next week, wednesday, present our sketches to each other? 
    *From the page* 
    Your last name may not be Pentecost, but you can still help avert the apocalypse. Pacific Rim Uprising will be available via download on June 5 and on Blu-ray/DVD June 19, 2018. To celebrate, we want to see what your Jaeger would look like on your turf and give you prizes for it!

    Create your own Jaeger and place it where you live, anyplace in the world you may be–maybe it's posing in your actual backyard, protecting the town square, or defending a local landmark. There are tons of options! Your Jaeger can be inserted into a photo or you can artistically recreate the location.

    First, Second, and Third Place winners will be chosen by Steven S. DeKnight, Director of Pacific Rim Uprising!

  6. We are in the age to the biography, taking out the visual spectacle from the high fantasy/space opera/super hero comic world <lord of the rings/star wars/avengers> the prime stories in film and in book are biographies. It make sense in two levels. one, the biography is the antithesis,  the opposing idea, to the highly fictional harry potter/twilight worlds that are very desired today. The artistically interesting point is that when the high fiction makes a key cultural point worthy to nonfiction it can strike a poignancy in the readership/audience or other receivers that stick in the mind. When darth vader threw the emperor over the side the truth is, a character introduced through violence, destruction, murder who emits that throughout the entire trilogy is forgiven as a parent who saved a child's life, who he was trying to kill just before then. The truth is, some parents will be low quality parents, even if they try their hardest not to... it is called nature, in nature all things can happen. WE as humans know it. Darth is a well made example to that. The audience forgives darth for the one moment, when living side negativity was put on a scale to risking death saving a child, when the character act opposite to the entire known history at that moment; and that relate to an element in many human being unwritten biography, the element being a failed parent whom the author wish for one moment be the most loving parent or the author had for one moment as the most loving parent. In the reverse, biographies are in existence cultural points in a series while they have unknown fictional glints that can betray or reject the entire message from the biography. Take hidden figures, Taraji p henson or Janelle monae did not look like the women they depicted but more importantly, the role more segregated education had on all three women, the movie underrates.  Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson went to high school on the campus of west virginia state college and then went to college in west virginia state, now west virginia state university. Dorothy Johnson Vaughan went to Wilberforce university, graduating at 19 with a bachelors in mathematics, thus she spent her high school years in a black college. Mary Winston Jackson went to the George P. Phenix Training School created from the hampton institute and then entered Hampton Institute now Hampton university.  Each woman's educational background from modern day junior high/high school to their bachelors was in a totally phenotypically segregated setting. But that did not blockade them from working side whites peacefully or positively despite white negativity toward them, later in life. Now the absence to their educative roots is not a lie, merely an absence. A biography is not lessened from absence. But, the movie give the impression these women had dealt with whites intimately,especially concerning arithmetic, their entire life; they did not. The message in the film is that blacks side whites made the usa what it is today. While some suggest today, no black america or white america exist, like the director to the film whom I quote:" It's just a film. And if we keep labeling something 'a black film,' or 'a white film'— basically it's modern day segregation." ; They are missing the fact that in the segregated times, when a black usa or a white usa visibly or unquestioningly existed, black schools existed, and their existence was not confined to only a high school education or variations to shacks for facilities; said segregated Black Schools aided or fermented the black women that are lauded as champions to desegregation, hidden figures. 

    I imagine spike lee's new film blackkklansman will be a similar design to hidden figures in storytelling; the following link , an interview between Ron Stallworth side Ed Gordon said it all LINK ; while attacking trump will occur in the film, the people who voted for trump <the majority in the white community in the usa> is the real story. 

    What say you?


    ...Most of you know I love well crafted photography, but sometimes the best photography is not in artful craft but in the raw moments they catch, these two photos were taken at the same time , a few miles from each other , you will have to click the following link to see the photos spaced together, but it is worth it LINK 



  7. A link to The Shack from William P Young http://wmpaulyoung.com/the-shack/  

    That was part to why I asked @Mel Hopkins globally or highly well known strong mom characters are rare, as involved characters especially. Someone said, harry potters mom is an example but potters mom died before the books started. her action was strong, but everything about her is memory from other characters, thus, if not forgettable she is a de facto side note as a character. 

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  8. @Mel Hopkins true:)  but, what separate a baby from a program is a baby while it is created at least physically through parents, its design is special. the parents can not determine what it will be, like all the rest created from humans. 

    @Kalexander2 yes , the one key thing that black people must state or remember is that our vote would not had changed it. The presidential election in the u.s.a. is fifty elections. whomever get the majority vote in a state gain all their electoral votes, except for two states, where the votes are divided upon the percentage. Black people do not have a majority vote in any state in the usa, and the white vote this past election voted as a block for donald trump. The black vote voted against trump, all non white votes , voted against trump  side carson, but none of them separately or together did and do have the quantity to win it alone, as the white vote proved. 



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  9. I see @Mel Hopkins:) yes, one member in the masses at a time:) 


    Nice line Data analysts can collect all the information in the world;  sift through it and concoct part of our stories but it will never be accurate. It will always lack intimacy. 


    For me, artificial intelligence will never be truly intelligent. Merely an illusion alluding to intelligence that serve the vanity in humans to be masters to something. 



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  10. For kobo Authors

    This week we’re announcing our upcoming takeover of the Reedsy short story contest!

    Who is Reedsy?
    Reedsy is an online marketplace of professional editors, marketers, and cover designers who are available to guide you through every stage of the publishing process. Reedsy handpicks these professionals for their incredible work experience in the publishing industry.

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    What is the Reedsy Short Story contest?
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    How do I enter?
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  11. Black owned creative outlets I apologize for posting these late cause creativity require time, but if any of you have work, please apply. I sadfully will not be able to apply to the fiyah in time so my work to that I will probably submit in the email listing once finished.


    Issue 7 Theme: Music | Accepting submissions April 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018
    Black contributions to musical genres are unmatched. Music is the language of the soul, and for this issue we’re looking for stories where music plays a central role. Maybe the devil really does hand out talent at the crossroads, or maybe that lounge singer isn’t quite what she seems. Send us all of your stories featuring music as magic, music as catalyst, or whatever your devious little hearts come up with.

    Share your favorite stories on Twitter with #FiyahLit

    Nubianpoets.com is proud to have Latorial Faison who has been featured along with Iyanla Vanzant, Danny Glover, and Dr. Cornel West in the 2003 NAACP Image Award winning book Keeping the Faith: Stories of Love, Courage, Healing, and Hope from the Black Community as this year’s contest judge.


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  12. I thought about Under the Cherry Moon from Prince, part of the prince film trilogy: purple rain/under the cherry moon/graffiti bridge... all the titles are lovely are they not. I think the style in under the cherry moon is good for an animation. I wish I had been able to artistically connect to Prince on those films. Maybe animated films between the live actions. In ode to his spirit flying yesterday, the lead song from the PArade album, which operated as the soundtrack to the film, under the cherry moon

    Imagine Aeon Flux animation design remaking under the cherry moon ?



    Ouaga is a beautiful city, This is a great story, if you have patience some things will change, not everything but something. Burkina faso is very beautiful. 

    On Sunday, March 11th, 2018, at the Méliès de Montreuil cinema, Caroline Carré receives the director Theresa Traore Dahlberg, accompanied by the distributor Matthieu de Faucal (Juste Distribution), who presents her film "Ouaga girls". At the end of the screening, she met the public with Delphine Kohler from the Montreal association "Les filles du facteur".

    youtube.com - "Ouaga girls" en questions

    See the complete credits list
    see the trailer


    What is the best film showing internal communal problems in a religious community? The following film made me think to it 

    Has anyone seen the trailer for the film disobedience? As a new yorker I have seen or communicated to members in, what I call religiously rigid, what is commonly or falsely called orthodox jewish community. Orthodox means the correct path.
    The religion does not seclude said community; their interpretation to the jewish spirituality is what does it. They choose to let parts to a book rule their entire community. Two from the same gender fornicating is a gression, a movement, but it is passionate/lusting/sweaty it is not trans meaning powerful. Forbidden love, they mean to say illegal love... love is never truly forbidden, it has to come from the heart, the rule from the hearts to the people who feel it. It is like the Lovings, the law made it illegal, not the hearts to either from the Lovings. love, faith,freedom in many form are in the story but not sexuality. sexuality is not being challenged or changed in any way. A woman fornicating side another woman has not changed her gender or sex.
    The trailer is excellent, it is clear what the base points are, but the relationship to all the characters in the community is still up in the air. It is clearly a statement film. I am interested to see how it plays out, not to go to a movie theater, but to see once on cable or some service that i pay for later... yes.
    This was funny enjoy 
    3:16 was an excellent point 3:24 the woman who has the large breast was so exhilarated she had to bounce up and down while the center figure in the camera shot... like she did not know she was on camera? :) I love  the views 1, 257,460 views for people reacting to a television program in a bar, if only i can get those numbers:)
    The biggest problem is that in the book , most of the people killed in the show are still alive and well. so the difference is massive between show or book, which is probably why george rr martin has so many delays to the winds of winter. Geoffrey was killed by a shade from melisandre not littlefinger. The guy in the video is a clear littlefinger fan. 
  13. the early script for get out , notice the beginning and end,

    I know why he cut out the beginning... Peele himself said, that he did it for thrilling effect. The man, who we know later is a white man, is masked. the woman he was talking to on the phone, the crazy white woman, we did not know was her. The white family, alluded to in the lights on at the ground floor in the scene, were not given time but the feeling was present. My sense of stating truth is so high I would not had cut that scene but it was worth cutting, a smart artistic choice. The end scene is again another. I think the original script end scene is more honest, worth telling. But I think his ending is better as an art piece. Like the best twilight zones, leave it for the audience to bring the story beyond, do not force future obvious to the audience in their thoughts to the story. Well done, peele. 

    the enjoy https://scriptslug.com/assets/uploads/scripts/get-out-2017


    Title: Get Out
    Photographer: Ma_Co2013


    Get Out


    I could not paste the original text here

  14. *What is the best fictionalized account referring the annihilation native american peoples suffered that led to the birth and modern united states of america?* 

    Between 1776 and 1887, the United States seized over 1.5 billion acres 
            from America's indigenous people by treaty and executive order. Explore how 
            in this interactive map of every Native American land cession during that period.

    To watch the United States expand across the continent: click the icon in the top right, then See Video; Or use the tool at the bottom of the map to manipulate time and watch how things changed year to year.
    Click on any area of the map to see who ceded the land and when. Popup boxes contain links to treaty text.
    Find your home or a different address using the 'Find Places' search at the top of the map.
    Use the "Find Nations" tool at the bottom of the map to find all cessions by the Cherokee,the Sioux, or others.<br>
    Use the tool to switch the basemap to the source maps; nineteenth-century maps of land cessions.
    Use the tool to manipulate layer visibility

    Interactive map 

    The annual Shinnecock Pow-Wow, Long Island

    Alison Toon

    Shinnecock Pow-Wow, 2010


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