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  1. My pleasure Troy

    I never watched the credits in Star Wars, though I recall James Earl Jones saying, in a Star Wars documentary (I paraphrase) : I played a very small role. As a writer in the fantastic fiction genre, I had or will frame the problem (science fiction phenotypical predominance) another way; I do not see the writing space dominated from white male sensibilities; I see the media space dominated from white male sensibilities; If I add the books in my home or in my knowledge, written from Black writers [published from Black owned publishing firm or not] concerning fables, to the stories from many Black fiction writers [more popular like Octavia Butler,may her spirit fly free, or lesser known like myself] I do not see science fiction absent enough work from the Black fiction writing race; the problem is the translation from their work into other media. Where as Philip K Dick had many stories from him made into movies or television shows[especially after his fiscally penniless death], no Black writer has a comparative history; that is problematic from a modern audience, phenotypically unbounded, that tend to use reference in one medium to gain interest in another medium (for example: the harry potter series was already popular before the movies yet gained more readers during or after the films). The answer is the big question going forward. One way or another the base to the answer involve Black owned film or television or online streaming services.

  2. 2917917._UY200_.jpg

    Interview to N.K. Jemisin from GoodReads Excerpt, link to full interview below
    Goodreads: In The Fifth Season the world is at the whim of apocalyptic earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides—and the select few who can control them. What inspired such a natural disaster-focused fantasy?

    N.K. Jemisin: I had a dream of a woman doing the "badass power walk" with a mountain falling behind her. And at that point I had to come up with an explanation: Why does this woman have a pet mountain? Why does she look like she's about to throw it at someone? And why do I get the sense that she can throw it at someone?

    And I've always been fascinated by seismic stuff in general, probably because I have grown up in parts of the country that had no mountains and no earthquakes. And volcanoes are cool as hell. Geysers are cool as hell. The idea that Yellowstone is this ticking time bomb is fascinating. Horrifying but fascinating! And I'm usually fascinated by horrifying things. It's a wonder I'm not a horror writer.

    Full Interview to N.K. Jemisin from GoodReads is below


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  3. Troy

    Thank you to providing the link. I concur wholeheartedly that the Kobo program will not be welcomed in the Black reading community wholesale. As I said to Myspace (in esocial environment), Kobo will be around forever in the same way. The global fiscal capitalistic model combine to modern media demand any firm that reach a certain level can retain a place as long as they are breaking even. Kobo will be around so, even if people trickle in, I am content in Kobo being around; that lead to the only issue Kobo has as a publishing house, the writers in house.

    As a writer, I feel writers have to do better. In the end, a publishing house is only as fiscally profitable or as well known balanced to the various author in it. Kobo was started late; it serve a particular market, a non english speaking market; it grew a little, remaining a minnow, and was bought into the Rakuten media empire, which is based in the non english speaking market. Inline, I comprehend the two main problem to Kobo: their general market is against the functional (whether accepted or not) global language, or their market is small. As a Black writer in their house, I have to cognize that in my books; my current project will be more considerate to this. Though, I am lucky to accept what all writer must accept: Poe only made profit from one work, his poem the Raven. No matter the literary quality in any work, the fiscal return need not reflect it. All a writer can do, in any house, is keep writing.

    And, so we push on Troy:) us minnows.

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  4. 27141-1.jpg?w=860

    I like this program and as a Kobo author, I hope you all relate your local bookstore to this program. To be blunt, most Black owned Bookstore are local. The Kobo program is self serving, to bring positive finance to Kobo, yet it can give a small lift to a local bookstore.
    What is the name to one Black owned bookstore in the city you live in ?
    article link
    associating a local bookstore <not barnes and noble>


  5. festival-latinidades-2015.jpg

    The Festival Latinidades is an annual event of nearly one week that highlights the experience of black women of Latin American and the Caribbean that takes place in Brazil’s capital city Brasília every year. It shines spotlight on talents and versatility of the feminine African Diaspora; scholars, intellectuals debate the position of black women and, now in its eighth edition, it is the largest black women’s festival in Latin America. Every year the event coincides with the July 25th celebration of the Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Day.  If you know the festival location online, please inform me through a private message.

    Janaina Oliveira who attended this year Festival Latinidades

    The link below is an interview [in english] to Janaína Oliveira concerning her thought to Black cinema
    Article Link
    The online channel Tá bom pra você? , showcased in Festival Latinidades


    The link below showcase Black Cultural Site online concerning Black Brazilian Culture : Cultne a digital online Black cultural library started or maintained from Don Filo http://www.cultne.com.br/ , Tá bom pra você?  from Kenia Maria or Érico Brás https://www.youtube.com/user/brasbando
    Article Link


  6. Goldest Karat Publishing is a Black Owned Children Book firm, designed to cater to the Black market exclusively, ala Boutique.
    I quote the firm: We are a boutique black-owned publishing company seeking to fill the diversity gap in traditional publishing by providing readers with high quality children's books featuring characters of African descent.
    All books are available in the Amazon network.

    The owner or main creator is Crystal Swain Bates


  7. MB-Slider-.png?resize=1450%2C437

    Romance Writing Life Competition
    Calling any Romance Author who has a new work in the books.
    Official Link http://www.romancewritingcompetition.com/
    Publishing giant Mills & Boon, high-street bookseller WHSmith, online eBook retailer Kobo along with the self-publishing platform Kobo Writing Life have partnered up to the end of offering  the Romance Writing Life competition.
    The winning novelist will be awarded the grand prize of a publishing contract with  Mills & Boon, including both print and digital release. The book will be jointly promoted by Kobo, Mills & Boon and WHSmith.
    Second and third prize winners will be awarded the brand new Kobo Glo HD.
    Authors will submit a synopsis and first chapter of their romance novel, up to a maximum of 5,500 words, which will be reviewed by a judging panel.
    The entry deadline is July 31st, 2015
    To be eligible for this competition, the author must reside in the UK, Canada, or the United States.
    Every author must have an active Kobo Writing Life account to enter the competition. You can register for an account here. https://www.kobo.com/writinglife
    The submitted title should be an original, unpublished or self-published, fictional Romance novel, to which the author owns all the rights. We are accepting any and all Romance genres, including but not limited to Historical Romance, New Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Paranormal Romance.
    Authors are required to submit a synopsis of no longer than 500 words, and the first chapter of the manuscript of no longer than 5,000 words. Though only the first chapter is required, the winner must be prepared to submit a full manuscript of 70,000 words or more to Mills & Boon on or about September 30, 2015.
     Read full Terms and Conditions here http://www.romancewritingcompetition.com/?page_id=241


  8. 1.png

    Jornal Afronta - a new newspaper catering to the Black community in Minais Gerais Brasil- created from Etiene Martins
    I paraphrase the article: “Releasing Jornal Afronta is for me the realization of a dream. Many ask me, but why a black newspaper for blacks? And I answer, why does no one ask this question when they sees a newspaper made by whites for whites? Since we blacks are in ‘fashion’, as they say, we should gain prominence on the covers of newspapers and magazines, but it is for our deeds and achievements and not as criminals, imprisoned, killed or on the run,” Etienne emphasizes. ... The Black Women’s March, held in downtown Belo Horizonte on May 13, with 500 women from 65 Minas Gerais cities, is the cover story of the first issue of Jornal Afronta. Coverage of the event by the Minas Gerais press disappointed Etienne Martins; She said: “Some newspapers covered it and took lots of pictures, but the next day, when I picked up the O Tempo newspaper to check it out, there was a line on the cover about the subject, but the photo chosen was of two white women. For me it was the last straw and I found that it was necessary to launch a Minas newspaper to give appropriate visibility to black people,” Read more including an interview involving Jornal Afronta Publisher Etiene Martins.
    Article Link
    Afronta( http://www.afronta.org/ ) The organization helping to organize Jornal Afronta Note: they operate as the liason to Jornal Afronta through their contact   facebook  twitter
    Raca Brasil - Note: It is owned from Universo Online , UOL is owned from Grupo Folha, primarily owned from the Frias family. Sequentially, Raca Brasil is not a Black owned magazine.
    Release Party to Jornal Afronta


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  9. monica-anjos-e-equipe-da-nova-campanha.j

    Fashion with identity of designer Mônica Anjos, seated above
    Her work is worn on the musician Fabiana Cozza http://www.fabianacozza.com.br/
    Monica Anjos information
    Shop Name: Loja Mônica Anjos
    Shop Address: Travessa Bartholomeu de Gusmão, 52 – Praia da Paciência –  Rio Vermelho – Salvador, Bahia
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/estilistamonicaanjos

    The model in her work is Aline Andrade(if you know her online presence please inform). For views from the designer, go to the article link
    Article link
    Aline Andrade


  10. 2015-06-061.jpg

    Tropical Tunic Collection from Fly Tie
    I quote Fly Tie : Admittedly, it hasn't been easy--or maybe the better word is convenient-- to pursue design/sewing activities in the last year given all that comes with having a baby as well as living in a space that doesn't necessarily lend itself to doing much of anything other than relaxing, playing, and preparing/eating good food.
     Last month though, I was inspired by some of the beautiful views that we witness on a day-to-day basis living right on the ocean on the west side of this island.(read the remainder in the article, if you want to buy go to the Etsy)
    Article Link
    Etsy shop link


  11. photo-original.jpg?v=1397853260&w=1536&h


    Rain from Maya Glick is a film kickstarted successfully, akin to Whoppie Goldberg's Moms Mably documentary
    I know Black Panther is having a hollywood financially backed film in the works? Can Iron First, Cleopatra Jones, or a Milestone comic [rest in peace dwayne mcduffie] get a similar kickstarted film made? Maybe Nollywood even?
    What character will you like a movie to, gardless genre[romance, fantasy, crime]?

  12. u2766318_mdsm.jpg?timestamp=142064999077
    I will share the plea from a Librarian My students need your help! I want to make sure my students have the materials they need to succeed. So I've created a classroom project request at DonorsChoose.org, an award-winning charity.
    I'm asking for donations of any size to help my kids.If you know anyone who is passionate about education, please pass this along. Your donation will brighten my students' school year, and you'll get photos and thank yous from our class.
    Here's my classroom request:


    My students and I greatly appreciate your support.
    Ms. Murray

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