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  1. Catholic saint day for dominicus, patron saint of astronomers


    August Skylights


    Aug 3 Full Moon at noon

    Aug 4 Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Spica line up around 10 PM looking south

    Aug 8 Mars, Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter line up around midnight looking southeast

    Aug 9 Moon at apogee (251,400 miles away)

    Aug 12 Perseid meteor shower peaks, pre-dawn

    Aug 11 Third Quarter Moon at 12:45 PM

    Aug 18 New Moon at 10:40 PM

    Aug 21 Moon at perigee (225,900 miles away)

    Aug 25 First Quarter Moon at 1:57 PM

    Aug 29 Saturn, Jupiter, Moon form a small triangle, under the big Summer Triangle, midnight



  2. blackcowboycard.gif


    The world seem dark, stepping hooves are still audible. A hand lift the veil of unending night into a day aside a rodeo troop.  

    “What did I tell you about walkin around when the horses are about with your hat down?” : speak a visibly mature female in an honest rodeo rider gown, gentle while luscious smile absent lipstick, smooth chocolate skin reflecting the light in the day; the little girl she is speaking to shrug her shoulders.  

    “Come on Candace”: speak another female troop member. The little girl, a third candace height or width with hair in a bun while some mud is in her face, look about the troop getting ready.

    “hey, Emae , be good ok and when we finish the afternoon show I will tell you a story from any card you want”: and Candace get on her horse, in front of the troop. Emae look to Candace horse.  

    “Jambalaya, please take care of Candace”

    The horse look down to Emae and winkle both nostril. Emae walk around the march and take something from her back pocket; it seem to be a card set. Suddenly, Emae drop the card set with a shimmy.  

    “Beebee!”: Emae shake her head while picking up the remaining fallen card. Beebee sit in the railing and Emae eventually join her.

    “Why do you take your cards out Em, I keep mine safe”

    “Cause Candace always gives good information on any one I choose in various times, I must be ready”

    “I don’t have that one, who is that”


    “This is Nat Love, my sister said he once jumped off of the Rio Grande Western Railway to catch a horse that was possessed by a vengeful spirit.”

    “you and your stories”: but Beebee listen.  

    “All are true!, the train was taking magical native american items from Mesa Verde, Colorada to Salt Lake, and from there to New York and go cross an ocean to Finnyland”

    “Well that explain the horse’s anger”

    “Yep, the horse was trying to cause an avalanche on the mountain side, but Love waited for it, climbing outside the train cars to the front of the train, and jumped on it, using his years of experience. No one in the company saw him wrassle a horse before. And he and horse tumbled aside the mountain. He was so tough. He saw the spirits in the horse and asked them what was wrong as he rode the bucking beast. GO CANDACE!”

    Beebee cheer. And, Emae continue talking as they watch.  

    “… backflip it Sara!… well, the spirits spoke to Love and they said, they don’t want to leave thier home. Love realized what needed to be done. The ancient spirits needed another vessel. But with so many spirits in need, the horse wasn’t enough, so Love made a bargain with the spirits. He will offer his body if he fail to return all the spirits to their ancestral home… eventually the train reached Salt Lake and with the spirits help, he acquired a set of horses, more than enough to hold all the spirits with room to spare and he escorted them back to Mesa. My sister said she will tell me how he fought the ghost panther, an ancient enemy of the spirits who tried to stop them from going home”

    “hmm, I got to get him, I like that one, Ohhh! I love that one”


    “You got a boyfriend!”

    Beebee punch Emae on the arm and continue: “My pa always dress up as him for harvest. Do you know about him?”

    EMae shake her head negatively.

    “Ned Huddlestone, later Isome Dart, was a thief of the range. He stole thousands of cattle in his lifetime, selling them illegally”

    “A real dangerous one”

    “Yes, but his early years proved he had a bright future ahead. During the War Between States, he aided hungry Confederate soldiers while freeing enslaved blacks in Arkansas. What whites didn’t know was he was a double agent, thus the two guns he always sported the rest of his life, one for the northerners and one for the southerners. One time, a wicked whitey named Nathaniel Price tried to undo his plan. He was a union soldier whose family once owned Ned. So he tried to stop his switches of food for people. Whenever Ned got boxes of food, he would organize with the Whispers Road”

    “Oh I love tales of the Whispers Road”

    “As you know, the Whispers Roads communicate by marks on trees or homes, but only the members know the places that are meant to be, but after the slaves reached Ned’s location he placed them in the boxes and prepared them for their journey. That is when Nathaniel Price came. He thought with Ned’s back turned he couldn’t attack him. But, Ned both guns ready, but unsure to which could hit, had to try both. He was in front of a old unused hearth in the shed and waited. Nathanial said to him- I got you know nigger, I will take these messages to the union back to their southern masters and their agent will be undone.”

    Beebee then got off the rail and took a pose facing it and continue: “agent, I am no agent to the north or south, my only goal is freeing my people, by any means necessary- and Ned faster than lightning, took a half step forward with one foot, half step backward with another , turned his torso ninety degrees and unleashed both guns and shot them, the two bullets hit off the old hearth, the southern bullet hit a wooden wall somewhere, but the northern bullet reflected straight on to Nathanial Price and through his scheming heart. ”  

    Beebee then start to walk slow or bowlegged like and continue: “well well, said Ned, it seems you are union after all, well no matter”, and Beebee made gestures with her hands like guns spinning before being holstered and then made a stylish pose. Emae clapped, shaking her legs in the rail. Beebee joined her back on the rail smiling at her successful telling.

    They both then cheered seeing a trick and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon show.  

    Later, Candace is refresh after the afternoon show and meet Emae at a table: “How is Beebee?”

    “She’s fine, you were great out there, we will be better than you and Sara one day”

    “of course you will, you better”: and Candace smile at Emae, and hand her a breakfast.  

    “Thank you … ”

    “I know, I know, ok, pull the one you want me to talk about… ok… yes, this guy was Bass Reeves”: and Candace give the photo back to Emae.  


    Candace continue, while she sit and eat an apple: “I never told you about him, well, Bass Reeves was a student of a Black Seminole family, led by their matriarch, Llorando Camino, she was a granddaughter to Osceola and chose to lead the Black Seminoles”

    “I know about them”

    “yes”: Candace smile:“… the Black Seminoles who were allowed to stay in the territory, while, as you know, the majority of the Black Seminoles followed Jonas Caballo to Mexico and true freedom. Anyway! She taught Bass many things, which she learned in a life fighting US army, bandits, drunkards or any in between, in close combat or the range. After the thirteenth amendment, he left since he didn’t have to worry about being enslaved again, with his skills first and the law second… you want more, well , you better eat and not just look at me talk… he eventually became a us marshall, you see, in the indian territories, many criminals tried to hide and murdered many native americans over the years. Bass never forgot his teacher and helped protect the lands from vile outsiders, one was called Jimmy the Breaker Stone. He came from a family of murderers for hire in europe, known for using their hands to murder people. Jimmy Stone escaped from law enforcers and went into the territory. He was in a cave, only one way in or out, but it had a small break of light inside where it was under a mountain and had a garden in it alongside a stream of water, allowing for food or survival. No one dared go into the Stone Cave as it was known. In the dark, who could face this raw killer. But, Bass Reeves was trained to fight absent the light. He went into the cave with a rope and no gun and three hours later, Jimmy Stone was being dragged out, hogtied. The other law enforcers never forget the face Stone gave Bass, but the words were more potent, The Justice of the Dark… good, nearly finished eating, well I will get ready for my evening show, do you want to wait for me or go back home with grandpa?”

    “You please”: say Emae with sandwich in the mouth. Candace shake her head and continue: “alright… have another card ready for the road”: and Candace leave Emae at a table.  

    Later in the evening, Emae is playing a game on her mobile video game player in the passenger side of the truck while Candace drive them home, smiling.  

    Emae react to something outside.  

    “Just thunder and lightning Emae”: calmly say Candace.  

    “Its so big”

    “Ahhh , so you are afraid of thunder and lightning like that”

    Emae shake her head in confirmation. Candace pull out a card from her shirt pocket and Emae interest rise. Emae take a flashlight out of her carry bag.  


    “This is a luxury edition card”

    “yes, and who is that”

    “Will Pickett, bill pickett bill pickett”

    “good… do you know how he bull dogged the white buffalo?”

    Emae shake her head in ignorance while smiling.  

    Candace continue: “do you even know the white buffalo? ”

    Emae ask: “Is it a buffalo with white skin?”

    “You haven’t been reading the legends book… well, The White Buffalo is not white, it is a buffalo from the spirit world that comes through a gateway made through storms, whenever a storm occurs over these lands, The White Buffalo can come through, all electric”

    “Like Storm of the Xmen”

    “Right, but with a body made of electricity and the legends say, if he can get through the gateway a storm will persists until he returns… well, one day, all the ranchers heard of a brewing storm. It was growing between Oklahoma, texas, arkansas and louisiana. Every day getting bigger and bigger. Natives said the White Buffalo is free, he must return to his world. But they were prepared to move as they always have been from ancient times. Ranchers complained about the growing storm destroying their livelihoods. Pickett knew as a ranchhand, he will lose pay and didn’t have anywhere to go. So asked a friend Sam Tootall, to help him speak to the Elders and see if he can help. The Elders agreed to see him and told him that The White Buffalo must agree to go back into its world. With so many of the native people murdered they are unwilling to risk their strongest and will leave as in the past. Pickett comprehended and rode a horse to the center of the storm. While the thunder and lightning was a vibrant symphony, the wind was relatively still, at first Pickett thought it wasn’t there but after patiently waiting he cognized a buffalo shape that will appear at times. He had no weapon but he galloped on his horse in a circle within a white brilliance and when he finally caught a moment where his stride, the buffalo’s motion were in synch, he leaped off his horse and grabbed The White Buffalo by the horns. Pickett’s horse immediately left and the Buffalo bucked upwards as if any piece of sky could be its ground and Pickett held on in the clouds and back near the ground again and again, some Natives recall their forebears saying they saw him in the sky russling lightning. Pickett was getting tired and The White Buffalo seemed to have no end of energy. Pickett then noticed inside the mouth of the White Buffalo seemed more solid and he chose to bite on its tongue. The White Buffalo spent wildly but Pickett held on and rasstled him to the ground. The eyes of The White Buffalo were incredulous. Pickett merely smiled and met his gaze, they seemed to speak without words, and pickett let go of the legendary life form and watched as it went through the gateway, and ”

    Emae yawn with sleepy eyes.  

    Candace continue: “you like the story… yeah, good, well, Pickett watched the White Buffalo go past its gate and I will tell you how Pickett was given a task by The White Buffalo later to save its child from the Red Cougar later, pleasant dreams”

    Candace watch Emae nodding while sleep, and drove home.

    Sunshine bath Emae in her bed. Suddenly, she get up and exit her room, and run down stairs.  

    “They are gone for today, Candace said she will bring you to another show later, but she is proud you spent all day with her yesterday”: say an elder female voice in a kitchen, sounds of frying food reverberating. Emae look downward. A male elder speak: “Get washed up Em, and come down for your morning meal”

    “ok Grampie”: Emae walk slowly up the stairs.

    Fresh, Emae sit down reverse her grandparents. She look to a younger photo of her grandfather.  


    Emae grandfather turn to the wall and smile:“ are you looking at me Em?”

    Emae shake her head in confirmation and say: “yes Grampie”

    “Good times, good times”: and he look back to the wall and see another photo.


    He continue while looking at his wife: “your grandmothers, father did not like me you know Em”

    “Here we go!”: say the Grandmother.  

    “I am telling it like it is”

    Emae smile while eating porridge with fruit in it.

    “I wish I could persuade you to not listen to him Em, but I am fully aware that his storytelling ways is part of the myth telling gene in this house”

    The Grandfather wink at Emae and say:“Em knows truth when she hear it”

    “ok, Hector, convince me, of your truthtelling”: and the Grandmother smile, arms in a fold.  

    “See it all began when I first met Mr Lemon, I thought it was funny, calling Mr Lemon, Mr Lime when he got angry, but I didn’t realize that his experiences with various citrus were on the adventurous or personal side because of his father Bob Lemon…”

    And, Emae sat eating her fruit porridge listening to her Grandfather tell a story to her side her Grandmother.

    Thank you for reading, if you want to read more of my work read below
    Poetry or More Audiobook
    Visasiki Audiobook
    Short Story Collection

  3. Mary Magdalene a little after dawn, in a simple road in the roman empire, recalls her life, and her love.


    She remembers being the daughter of a craftsman, who was also a successful merchant. People from Egypt to Phrygia sought the wares of Magdala. But while most Jewish girls with her fortune thought of marriage. She sought betterment, she sought activity, she sought a better world.


    And then her awakening when mercury, the ancient spirit of messages was furthest from the sun in the sky or closest to humanity, she went into the synagogue and proclaimed to the men, standing where women do not, breaking the mechitza barrier. The men felt humiliated, felt belittled, felt they had been dirtied by her presence. The men did not try to listen to her words, try to listen to her wisdom. They only saw a woman who was wrong, and cast her out of the synagogue and threw stones. But she did not die. She was not killed.


    Some did not throw stones because they knew her father, some did not throw stones because they knew her, and a strong body was enough to crawl back to her home. Her father was worried. He knew the village will look on her suspiciously and will want to control her life. He told her she must go, to be free, from the eventual persecutions that will come toward her. He knew fully well; he could not protect her when he was away from all harms. And so, she left Magdala. On the road, she met another Mary, many jewish women were named Mary, but this woman was quiet. Her husband was a craftsman and she was delivering a craft to a friend. She saw the Mary from Magdala and her spirit seemed familiar. The older Mary went over to the younger and they talked. The younger Mary talked about a vision she had of a future without boundaries, absent the shackles that bind humanity. The elder Mary asked the younger Mary if she wants to talk to others who may listen. The younger Mary said yes, as they embraced.


    The elder Mary spoke to the inn keep who knew her husband and said to tell her husband she will not be back, but she is safe. Over the next few weeks, Mary Magdalene became well known amongst the disenfranchised or abused women of Palestine. She even was able to communicate to her father who supported her quietly. One day a woman asked, what will all this talk do when we have to go back to the men who abuse us. Mary Magdalene asked elder Mary, is it possible, these women can go to her home on the way south, free from the Jewish rules, in Egypt or beyond. The elder Mary agreed. When the two Mary arrived at the elder Mary's home, they were accompanied by forty women, and a sunlight. A sunlight that can waken anyone from any sleep. Mary bathed in the light, still, and saw a man.


    He did not need to speak, but his walk seemed so gentle. The elder Mary told Mary Magdalene, this man is her son, Jesus. Mary Magdalene knew this man's calling. She realized what he can do. In a world where men cannot accept leadership from a woman, she saw a man who can, while giving men the face they need to be led a better way. And she gathered the woman in the sunlight with Jesus as the elder Mary watched, and her husband, Joseph, beamed with pride. From town to town, the women of Mary Magdalene spread the gospel or good news of Jesus. Where lepers were isolated, Mary and her women healed or comforted and Jesus was said to do it. Where people were said to be dead, Mary and her women tended them back to life and Jesus was said to do it. When men did not fish properly, Mary and her women, worked the nearby seas aiding the fisherman, and Jesus was said to do it. Mary had watched her movement grow. From one woman, to two women, to a group that threatened the order of things for the Jewish priests. Over time, men like Judas, became part of Mary's apostles, telling the other women, let those without sin cast the first stone. But other men came, at the behest of the jewish priest. Twelve of them came, who knew Jesus was not the miracle worker gossiped or rumored, but it was Mary Magdalene who needed to be stopped. Mary spoke with Jesus and told him, if he rejects these men it will destroy his image and all the work they have done. Thus, Jesus accepted these new apostles and though they tried to corrupt Jesus with gold or positions, he never wavered from the path Mary gave him, for he and Mary were already one in spirit, done beyond a temple/synagogue or place of worship. A simple ceremony under the sun. In desperation the twelve agents of the Jewish Priest, abducted Jesus and put him in the position of a Jewish murderer paying the roman guard to allow the switch. Mary tried to find him; her network unable to access the roman prisons. And then she heard a rumor that a jewish murderer had boasted he was freed for Jesus in a bar. Mary then realized what had happened. But it was too late. When she saw Jesus crucified for another man's crimes, she knew it was a sign.


    She thought a caring, honest, loving man could be the face of a movement of women. But as she watched his bleeding body, she knew, that asked too much of him. Her father's kindness saved her from stoning the first time. Jesus's love saved her from death the second time. She must have cried all night. The next morning, Jesus's mother woke her. She wanted to know where her son was buried. The two Mary's went to the tomb and Mary Magdalene held her stomach and touched the stone covering the tomb. Suddenly, she had a feeling. And when she turned, she saw her husband. It was like the first time she met him. His mother cried and Mary Magdalene hand embraced his, and she had an epiphany.


    The two Mary's went back to Nazareth and spread the final gospel, that Jesus was resurrected. The twelve spies weeks later, checked to see if the tomb was empty... and it was. They went to Nazareth to confront either Mary or Joseph but none were there. They had left. The twelve searched and searched and eventually found the male member Judas. He tried to find a woman like Mary to start a new group, with him in the role of Jesus, but was unsuccessful. The twelve tortured Judas but he either did not know or was strong enough to not say the location to any member of Mary Magdalene's sect. The twelve eventually became the originators of Christianity, using remnants of what they experienced, pieces of a true movement to create another, all the while in awe to what they knew.

    ... while Mary seeing the child between her and Jesus running to her end her remembering


    And, she smiles, in a new town, far from palestine, or the twelve spies, in the outskirts of the roman empire.

    ... today, few know the truth of Mary Magdalene, the movement she started, or its times. But, the children of her enemies cannot even deny, she was gifted, she had spirit. And, for now, that is enough, for tomorrow will be brighter, and it will shatter all lies with truth.



    Hope you enjoyed reading

    If you like more of my stories check out the gospel of joseph


    or other stories in my Short story collection series

    https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard Murray Short Story Collection&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=014c67c4-d29d-584e-ada0-62c0fa015714

    Or poetry in my poetry or more series

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  4. now0.jpg

    The database in the mind define: harmony as a positive fit, harmonies as two or more positive fit, harmonic as an attribute given to a thing if it make two or more fit pleasantly or have harmonies, harmonica as a harmonic musical instrument. 

    The database in the mind has no knowledge of the insignia on the harmonica, nor can the sensors in the eyes tell when it was made.   

    The database in the mind has the original video clip of the ancient hand the harmonica came from, shared to all through the dream link, all today are born with. 

    The database in the mind is of TheRom; a dark, electronic hobo, whose piezoelectric heart is enlivened by the symphonic vibratos of the cans/body parts/toys/trinkets/ or other objects varying in definability that hang about its frame.   

    While most today look up to the sky in their routine in ancient lands, TheRom began the travel in times before, when said lands were called global cities that shined like suns under the moon. And TheRom continues through civilizations gone and current around earth, breathing life into what fits perfectly to its heart. Is its destination the future? No, its destination is beyond. 

     Inspired by flash fiction from Thaddeus Howze  https://thowze.carrd.co/

    based on artwork from Dan G A Goiz  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Bm3WQz

  5. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are listening, I am richard murray and I have a question for anyone who is listening. The question will only require a sentence to answer. I promise.
    I want us to make an anthology , not of complete stories or short films but sentences. An anthology of sentences, all you need to do is comment to this tumble to add to it. But! wait, before you type in , Rich shut up, :) I want you to hear the question to be answered.
    The question for this anthology of sentences is... drumroll:)
    If the title of a book is the following, what is the first sentence, or the first line in the book, the title of the book is, On March thirteenth in the year two thousand and twenty Breonna Taylor was not murdered by Louisville police but lived?... what is the first line of the book with that title? I placed mine in the comments section. Please let us make an anthology together.


    In the midnight hour, the moon over the city of Louisville Kentucky showers on it a romantic light, a resting EMT worker, left breast held by her boyfriend, feel a gentle nibble in her ear.


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  6. now0.jpg

    @Troy@Mel Hopkins@Cynique maybe AALBC community can do something together ? Wild idea throw, a panel on black owned websites?

    thoughts @Sarah Gordon Weathersby @sabine ziya@Maame Dede maybe shesolidarity panel on womens empowerment in comics? @rosa@Uniquelymade7 @Lauretha Ward@Neftali Rivera Jr@Jasonnicholson05@M'Bwebe@Tyr1Jax@zetkabawn

    FIYAHCON is a virtual convention centering the perspectives and celebrating the contributions of BIPOC in speculative fiction.
    Put in your email to get updates! Hop around the website and see all the features we have coming your way. Get involved! We're looking forward to bringing this to SFF BIPOC fam
    The Meloscriptorium- add a spotify song, good idea to get your name in the list- add a song
    Chef’s Tables- host recipes from your kitchen, discuss food as a vital element of world building- host a show
    The Tea House- a place for small gatherings
    Panels + Presentations - for panels to discuss topics- suggest one
    Office Hours- one on one meetings, suggest you be a host
    Workshops- 1 to 2 hosts doing an interactive learning session - host one
    Submit an idea to program OR place yourself for consideration
    Host an office hour
    Add to the MELOSCRIPTORIUM -



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  7. July 4th is past but I ask all, at the end of the war of secession from the british empire by the thirteen american colonies, three groups of black people existed in the thirteen american colonies now the united states of america. Enslaved black people in the usa, black soldiers for the usa, black soldiers for the british.

    The enslaved black people in the usa represented a majority of the population of black people in the usa, I say over ninety percent. They were enslaved before said war, during said war and after said war.

    The second largest groups is the black soldiers for britian, they would be allowed to leave for what is now known as canada.  They were enslaved or free before said war, free during said war, free after said war.

    The third largest group is the black soldiers for the usa, who had to return to enslaved situations. They were enslaved or free before said war, free during said war, enslaved after said war.

    The question is simple:

    Has the Black community in the usa repeated the mistake of the black soldiers of the 13 colonies throughout its existence in the usa?


  8. Frederick Douglass July 5th speech- my replies to some points

    I will provide quotations in double bracket and reply in double colon.

    <<The task before me is one which requires much previous thought and study for its proper performance. I know that apologies of this sort are generally considered flat and unmeaning. >>

    ::This opening is true in a very key way. Douglass is admitting the topic he is about to discuss is complex. A log tragedy in modernity is the agenda driven use of communication or past prose. Many people in modernity say the title of this speech is a line in it, what is july 4th to the slave, but that is not the title in my mind. The title of the speech in my mind is "What is the USA?" Frederick douglass goes about defining the usa as he sees it and defends his claim that july 4th being erroneous to a community in the usa, proves the usa needs to be redefined and that it can be redefined. One point that people forget, is that Frederick douglass was a huge believer in the ability of the usa to change. Many white abolitionists opposed slavery but did not think the usa could exist absent it. This is an important idea. Frederick Douglass opposed slavery, wanted betterment for black people, but he opposed what some in modernity and definitely many what abolitionist at the time of this speech may call the "Unwritten constitution" Douglass believed that the legal system of the usa absent the unwritten mentality, which whites in majority absorbed or believed in, was one that could make the usa better than any other country. To be blunt, Frederick Douglass was a black abolitionist, a believer in black power, but he was also a believer in the community that the usa can form will be in the context of human relations better than any before or around it. I must restate myself, Frederick Douglass wanted Black improvement, but he didn't want it in the context of what was and is common in humanity, meaning improvement of one community to the detriment of others. His foresight was true cause if you take out the usa in modern humanity, the acceptance or allowance or positivity toward peaceful active multiracial relations in humanity is much less.  ::

    <<This, for the purpose of this celebration, is the 4th of July. It is the birthday of your National Independence, and of your political freedom. This, to you, is what the Passover was to the emancipated people of God.>>

    ::Speaking to an all white crowd, which most modern people forget to mention, he is suggesting a statement on the identity of the usa, having beforehand cited he is no great historian or student to provide pathways or solutions to the questions he will propose. He is making a clear statement, that July 4th is not the birth of the usa for all people in it. Most in modernity accept that as enslaved people never feel joyed to the country they are enslaved to. But he defends his position through a religiosity not history. He is not saying through history he is making his claim but through a morality, in this case religious. Morality being a code of conduct. ::

    << This celebration also marks the beginning of another year of your national life; and reminds you that the Republic of America is now 76 years old. I am glad, fellow-citizens, that your nation is so young. >>

    ::This is the beginning of the big philosophical schism between me and frederick douglass, not based on right or wrong but purpose. He does two things in this phrase. he separates the white american nation in the usa with the identity of the usa. HE doesn't say your republic of america, he says the republic of america. He is saying, that while the usa was started by white americans, it is owned by more than white americans. The republic of America is larger than the white american nation in it, even though the white american nation birthed it. Comprehend his position here. Frederick Douglass is not allowing the truth of free black people who mostly fought for the british against the usa to have a role here. He is not using history. he is using philosophy. Most black people at the time frederick douglass spoke this speech did not see themselves as american and only had one true wish and that was to kill white people and flee the usa. It is very important to comprehend that while frederick douglass view may comfort modern black/white/people agenda, it did not comfort he agenda to most black people in the usa during the time he spoke. Frederick Douglass's agenda isn't to the betterment of black people at the time he spoke, he is essentially skipping over the current needs of the enslaved populace to focus on an agenda assuming a phenotypically integrated society is in the future of the usa ::

    <<The eye of the reformer is met with angry flashes, portending disastrous times; but his heart may well beat lighter at the thought that America is young, and that she is still in the impressible stage of her existence. May he not hope that high lessons of wisdom, of justice and of truth, will yet give direction to her destiny? >>

    ::This quote from him proves my point. Douglass is flat out saying that the definition to the usa can still be changed, and that is what he wants. He has already suggested fellow citizenship and a white nation in the usa. He is saying he doesn't want a black exodus; he doesn't want a rival black state, he wants the usa to change. Now many modern people in the usa reading this [7/4/2020] may say, congratulations to frederick douglass. But, you may forget in your modern hubris, the reality that most black people in the 1852 didn't want to be part of the usa or the white nation in it. Thus frederick douglass is speaking against the majority opinion of black people in the usa. I oppose this position of frederick douglass. Comprehend, I am not saying, Frederick Douglass words hold no credence now. What I am saying is, Frederick Douglass is taking a minority opinion in the black community, as the biggest black leader in the usa at the time, and applying it to his public agenda for the entire black community. He is discarding the black community of his time for his hope of the Statian community in the future. I oppose Frederick Douglass curtailing the wants or needs of the black people in his time for the gamble of an unknown future. He is saying, the usa of 1852 dominated by a white nation within it is not completely associated to said white nation and even though the black peoples in the usa, in majority will want to leave the usa to be synonymous with the white nation in it, as a black individual, against the desire of the larger black community, must exist in the usa to force the usa to change. I oppose his leadership. He essentially sacrifices the black community of 1852 for the black community of 2020 ::

    <<Your fathers esteemed the English Government as the home government and England as the fatherland. This home government, you know, although a considerable distance from your home, did, in the exercise of its parental prerogatives, impose upon its colonial children, such restraints, burdens and limitations, as, in its mature judgment, it deemed wise, right and proper.>>

    ::The point here is clear. Frederick Douglass while referring to england is stating a bigger point back to the identity of the usa. His point is that the usa can change in a way beyond england. Which modern audiences must comprehend was idolized deeply by whites in the usa at that time. I argue it took the war between the states to severe Englandphilia as a majority culture in the white nation in the usa ::

    <<But, your fathers, who had not adopted the fashionable idea of this day, of the infallibility of government, and the absolute character of its acts, presumed to differ from the home government in respect to the wisdom and the justice of some of those burdens and restraints. >>

    ::This here is a historical point. He is saying the usa has become complacent. he is urging the usa to change faster, not through war, but through purpose, intention, he is asking what most black people have asked in my lifetime, he is asking whites to change. Though, I will have to add, he is asking whites to change for his agenda is not for blacks to leave or be separate. Remember he wants the white /black/ native/all human union in the usa to be. If his agenda was to segregate black people in the usa from the white nation in the usa, he will not need to ask for the usa to change as dramatically as suggesting the changes of 1776 need to occur [which of course can be argued did in the war between the states]. He even foresaw the bloodiness of such a call, citing the danger of those in 1776 who sided against the british empire ::

    <<The madness of this course, we believe, is admitted now, even by England; but , we fear the lesson is wholly lost on our present rulers.>>

    ::lovely play to the audience, worthless as a line really but good play, he made his money speaking, that is how he achieved white patronage::

    <<On the 2d of July, 1776, the old Continental Congress, to the dismay of the lovers of ease, and the worshippers of property, clothed that dreadful idea with all the authority of national sanction.>>

    ::This confirms my point, frederick douglass love the idea that the usa can change beyond the comfort it finds itself in. He said, as my father said, that the problem with slavery was that it continued after 1776 in the usa. In my father's mind, slavery of the british colonies is acceptable as a government act for the british saw the colonies as a cow to be milked, but the colonists wanting freedom functionally, wanted an independent nation of free peoples to be born while also being a cow to be milked. They wanted their cake and eat it to::

    <<Citizens, your fathers Made good that resolution. They succeeded; and today you reap the fruits of their success. The freedom gained is yours; and you, therefore, may properly celebrate this anniversary. The 4th of July is the first great fact in your nation's history-the very ring-bolt in the chain of your yet undeveloped destiny.>>

    ::He is saying here a number of things, though he may have not known it. First ,free blacks failure to aid the british in reclaiming the usa changed the role of july 4th for black people in the colonies that became the usa, this is true. if free blacks would had succeeded in helping the british retain the usa, history is changed. But, in whites maintaining slavery while creating a new nation, the black people in that white nation have not yet become part of the statian nation. Notice, he used the term undeveloped destiny. He is forecasting here, saying a day may come when a human nation, not white or black or native, absorb the white nation, and make july 4th an anniversary for all ::

    << I have said that the Declaration of Independence is the RINGBOLT to the chain of your nation's destiny; so, indeed, I regard it. The principles contained in that instrument are saving principles. Stand by those principles, be true to them on all occasions, in. all places, against all foes, and at whatever cost.>>

    ::This is another philosophical edge, between frederick douglass and I yet the key to alot of douglass's positions. HE loved the declaration of independence. Notice, not the constitution, the declaration of independence. It isn't a part of the constitution and yet for douglass its value is higher. why? the declaration of independence makes one point in a robust way. The point, is the government of the usa must serve everyone in it and if it does not it must be changed, and all governments need to be similar in nature. This idea to douglass says, black people in the usa , don't need governing elsewhere or opposition to the usa, need the government that the declaration alludes to. My problem is that the declaration is not a law. The declaration is not law for me. IT is claim. It is like making a speech on a pulpit. Does every speech on a pulpit warrant legal authority? I oppose this. Douglass lived by it. ::

    <<Fellow Citizens, I am not wanting in respect for the fathers of this republic. The signers of the Declaration of Independence were brave men. They were great men too-great enough to give fame to a great age. It does not often happen to a nation to raise, at one time, such a number of truly great men. The point from which I am compelled to view them is not, certainly the most favorable; and yet I cannot contemplate their great deeds with less than admiration. They were statesmen, patriots and heroes, and for the good they did, and the principles they contended for, I will unite with you to honor their memory.>>

    ::He views the founding fathers highly in a way I do not, I think it is interesting in discussions of mount rushmore, but douglass will probably hugely support the end of rushmore to the idea of change. Douglass liked the usa's ability to change possibly, the usa changing for him was when it is best, even at the cost of lives::

    <<How circumspect, exact and proportionate were all their movements! How unlike the politicians of an hour! Their statesmanship looked beyond the passing moment, and stretched away in strength into the distant future. They seized upon eternal principles, and set a glorious example in their defense. Mark them!>>

    ::This proves my point to the kind of black leader frederick douglass was. Frederick douglass , acted to the future, not the present. I am not saying he did not heed the present but he spoke to what he saw in the future, not what was present. Thus he didn't ambassador to haiti, he didn't advocate any sort of exodus out of the usa for blacks, not merely to africa, but to the caribbean[haiit] or mexico or what will become canada in time. And to that I think he opposed the state in rebuttal that black people will create. He opposed what spanish florida became, with jonas caballo side osceola. He opposed a black government made in anger against white oppression. He opposed haiti's anti white government, a government born from the former black enslaved, that at its heart was imperial, opposed to interraciality, integration, akin to the desires most black people in the american continent had. Ask any black person in the american continent in all the various white european languages, if they have a chance to live in a scenario like haiti over south carolina/bahia/jamaica and they will tell you haiti hands down. Frederick douglass opposed the immediate betterment of black people in his time. I oppose that idea. You can't be in a leadership position, whether you want to or not, and risk your people's safety for a possibility. Frederick douglass did that.  ::

    << It is a fact, that whatever makes for the wealth or for the reputation of Americans, and can be had cheap! will be found by Americans. I shall not be charged with slandering Americans, if I say I think the Americans can side of any question may be safely left in American hands.I leave, therefore, the great deeds of your fathers to other gentlemen whose claim to have been regularly descended will be less likely to be disputed than mine! My business, if I have any here today, is with the present. The accepted time with God and his cause is the ever-living now.>>

    ::He ends his thoughts on moment of independence of the usa strictly and moves on to the issue that plagues most black people in the usa at that time. His summary is that people in the usa in 1852, white people, adore the independence for what they gain from it absent financial or personal sacrifice. Essentially, he is saying to whites, end black enslavement not cause it will make you fiscally rich or strengthen property in the short term but cause it will make you rise above the founding fathers that you were raised to idolize. He is asking whites to not merely idolize the founding fathers but better them::

    << You have no right to enjoy a child's share in the labor of your fathers, unless your children are to be blest by your labors. You have no right to wear out and waste the hard-earned fame of your fathers to cover your indolence. Sydney Smith tells us that men seldom eulogize the wisdom and virtues of their fathers, but to excuse some folly or wickedness of their own. This truth is not a doubtful one. >>

    ::This culminates another call for whites to be better than whites in 1776. Stating that whites idolize the founding fathers with no intention to better them, but to merely live off their success, and as he said in a prior paragraph, become a large settled river that will eventually die as it is essentially unchanged. ::

    <<Washington could not die till he had broken the chains of his slaves. Yet his monument is built up by the price of human blood, and the traders in the bodies and souls of men, shout-" We have Washington to "ourfather."-A las! that it should be so; yet so it is.>>

    ::This is a great historical point. The truth is, the founding fathers were not solid when it came to the issue of slavery, they were in two camps. All showed their final thoughts through their life or before they died::

    <<Are the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice, embodied in that Declaration of Independence, extended to us?>>

    ::I only quoted this to support my own position, he is not stating the constitution, he is stating the declaration of independence is the source of independence to all in the usa. This prove my earlier point but has some modern relevance. Many constitutionalists in the usa in modernity, like clarence thomas , speak of the constitution's malleability. but frederick douglass here is asserting the constitution is not the key to change or stability, the declaration of independence is. From this line it is clear that the constitution in douglass's opinion can be eradicated but the declaration of independence is eternal and is the true basis of usa's positive uniqueness. If only more people can accept that in the usa and be willing to sacrifice. I will admit, my father agrees to douglass.::

    << The blessings in which you, this day, rejoice, are not enjoyed in common.-The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity and independence, bequeathed by your fathers, is shared by you, not by me. The sunlight that brought life and healing to you, has brought stripes and death to me. This Fourth July is yours, not mine.>>

    ::The key in this quote is reading the whole speech. he is saying july 4th is not black people's , more over not many an individual in the usa, but he already said it can be, and the original intent of the declaration of independence is for it to be. When black people in the usa in modernity [2020 ] suggest they don't want to celebrate july 4th cause of slavery, they are missing the point. July 4th is meant to be the independence of all from douglass's view, it merely is not, but the provision of change in the declaration of independence says it can be. In opposition, the black people who say they will celebrate july 4th for their forebears, are missing the point. You don't celebrate July 4th cause of the past, you celebrate it when you have earned what was intended philosophically in the declaration of independence. ::

    <<If so, there is a parallel to your conduct. And let me warn you that it is dangerous to copy the example of a nation whose crimes, towering up to heaven, were thrown down by the breath of the Almighty, burying that nation in irrecoverable ruin! I can today take up the plaintive lament of a peeled and woe-smitten people!>>

    ::A key point here is another reassertion, that he does not want history to guide actions, he sees that in the black community during his time. if black people use history, every black country has anti white laws. He wants a moral code to be used in assessing actions, not religious but religion has an example good for oration that relate to the christian majority in the usa::

    <<Fellow citizens; above your national, tumultuous joy, I hear the mournful wail of millions! whose chains, heavy and grievous yesterday, are, today, rendered more intolerable by the jubilee shouts that reach them.>>

    ::Douglass is making a simple point. Citizenship to the usa is unbounded, the slavemaster as well as the slave is a citizen to the usa but the white nation in the usa is not equitable to the usa , at least not yet::

    <<America is false to the past, false to the present, and solemnly binds herself to be false to the future.>>

    ::He is saying the usa is not white or black but human, intended through the declaration of independence to be human, throughout its entire existence and able to be changed in whatever way to make that human community possible. ::

    <<When the dogs in your streets, when the fowls of the air, when the cattle on your hills, when the fish of the sea, and the reptiles that crawl, shall be unable to distinguish the slave from a brute, then will I argue with you that the slave is a man>>

    ::he is saying here that the humanity of the enslaved has never been the issue, it is the treatment of fellow human beings that is the issue. I concur here, I am tired of people saying, humans are human. Everyone knows humans are human, including human beings who abuse other human beings. The husband who beats the wife knows she is human, he is not treating her as a free being ::

    <<Would you have me argue that man is entitled to liberty? that he is the rightful owner of his own body? You have already declared it. Must I argue the wrongfulness of slavery? Is that a question for Republicans? Is it to be settled by the rules of logic and argumentation, as a matter beset with great difficulty, involving a doubtful application of the principle of justice, hard to be understood? How should I look today, in the presence of Americans, dividing, and subdividing a discourse, to show that men have a natural right to freedom? speaking of it relatively, and positively, negatively, and affirmatively. To do so, would be to make myself ridiculous, and to offer an insult to your understanding.-There is not a man beneath the canopy of heaven, that does not know that slavery is wrong for him.>>

    ::What he is saying here is that ending slavery does not require an end to other issues. States rights/southern pride/white southern pride/fiscal agendas all of them do not require an end to slavery as a factor. He is saying it is a laziness and comfort that kept slavery from being ended, not other topics connection to slavery. I argue here, that he is suggesting the growing war between the states, could still occur absent slavery. Which has validity. The modern myth is that the war between the states was over slavery but it was more complicated than that. The war between the states was about two things. slavery as a fiscal allowance and the government of the usa being applicable over those that do not consent to it that do not abide by the principles in the declaration of independence. In the end of he day, the northern states position is we adhere to the line in the declaration saying all men are created equal to fiscally dominate the southern states. While the southern states are saying, we adhere to the line government by the people wishing to cede from the usa and free our culture from the machinations of the northern states. The problem is , this delicacy, this intricacy, this complexity of the war between the states is wiped away from most in the modern audience for their agenda of a multiracial usa that wasn't the agenda of most black people in the usa at the time of the war between the states. ::

    <<The feeling of the nation must be quickened; the conscience of the nation must be roused; the propriety of the nation must be startled; the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; and its crimes against God and man must be proclaimed and denounced.>>

    ::he here again, admits his desire for chaos, if to stir events, to whatever end. His faith in the principles of the declaration of independence give him resolve that its principles will outlast whatever chaos or deaths occur. Again, many black people had to die from 1852 to 2020 to get the multiphenotypical/multiracial union present in the usa to be. Was said union worth black peoples deaths? Never for me. Douglass accepts it all in the past. ::

    <<There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody, than are the people of these United States, at this very hour.>>

    ::What douglass is saying here is that the usa is not merely a country with slavery but that the usa's enslavement is more criminal than the european imperialists murdering sprees of the european empires all around the usa throughout humanity. an interesting historic position that is rarely accepted by many today::

    << It is called (in contradistinction to the foreign slave-trade) "the internal slave-trade." It is, probably, called so, too, in order to divert from it the horror with which the foreign slave-trade is contemplated. That trade has long since been denounced by this government, as piracy. It has been denounced with burning words, from the high places of the nation, as an execrable traffic. To arrest it, to put an end to it, this nation keeps a squadron, at immense cost, on the coast of Africa.>>

    ::here he is pointing out a legal truth, at this time, slavery is allowed while disallowed in the usa at the same time, much like marijuana use or possession in 2020, it is legal while illegal at the same time, and the base of that is the profiteers to it and those unwilling to unsettle said profiteers ::

    <<The duty to extirpate and destroy it, is admitted even by our DOCTORS OF DIVINITY. In order to put an. end to it, some of these last have consented that their colored brethren (nominally free) should leave this country, and establish themselves on the western coast of Africa!>>

    ::Here he defends his position against the back to africa movements. his point is that back to africa never involves the enslaved but the nominally free and the location is meant to take the "nominally free" out of sight to the usa, but he ignores the possibilities in mexico/caribbean/canada to be as if they are not options but that is cause he does not see in those options a country of humanism in the future of those plans. ::

    << Yet this is but a. glance at the American slave-trade, as it exists, at this moment, in the ruling part of the United States.>>

    ::As a historical note, he is saying the usa is led by the southern states, this is important cause many historians suggest the northern states were in control but this from a man living in those times, at least from the perspective of the enslaved is a fallacy::

    << they are usually driven in the darkness of night; for since the anti-slavery agitation, a certain caution is observed.>>

    ::well done Douglass, funny::

    <<The anguish of my boyish heart was intense; and I was often consoled, when speaking to my mistress in the morning, to hear her say that the custom was very wicked; that she hated to hear the rattle of the chains, and the heart-rending cries. I was glad to find one who sympathised with me in my horror.>>

    ::This is so vital to comprehending frederick douglass. He wasn't like the average black person, who had no positive relationship to any white person. I think it is so massive so comprehend, his views toward what was best for the black community, not taking heed to the majority black opinion of his time, stem from a life where he had the very rare positive relationship to a white person that proved to him that the declaration of independence wasn't the modern bullshit, but wisdom, purpose. Douglass knew most blacks did not feel this way, did not see it this way, but he did, and he felt if blacks stayed in the usa, the declaration of independence ideas, will come to the forefront, but it will only happen if blacks stay as citizen. So even though blacks did not have any loyalty to the usa, he used his voice in a way, independent of the black community en large, in opposition to it in 1852, who wanted every option involving leaving the usa altogether to killing all whites as a dream , a personal declaration that most blacks shared seamlessly. But a declaration he opposed, I do not. I would not had.::

    <<The Fugitive Slave Law makes MERCY TO THEM, A CRIME; and bribes the judge who tries them. An American JUDGE GETS TEN DOLLARS FOR EVERY VICTIM HE CONSIGNS to slavery, and five, when he fails to do so. >>

    ::The fugitive slave law was about making money. Douglass saw this law as a threat to the ability of the usa to change, moreover, as a threat to the parts of the declaration itself. To douglass, the consent of the governed, is seconded to all men are created equal. The usa during this time was saying the consent of some of the governed is able to refute all men are due inalienable rights. This is complicated actually. On moral grounds, which is where douglass is speaking from it is not. but on historical grounds, it is. Legally nothing was wrong with a fugitive slave act. And as a black woman once said, black people are free even if they are in an unfree place. Meaning, slavery does not undo the inalienable rights, a complicated legal position, but that is why douglass strayed away from that. He focused on morals, codes of conduct. Law or history can become muddy. ::

    <<A John Knox would be seen at every church door, and heard from every pulpit, and Fillmore would have no more quarter than was shown by Knox, to the beautiful, but treacherous Queen Mary of Scotland.-The fact that the church of our country, (with fractional exceptions,) does not esteem "the Fugitive Slave Law" as a declaration of war against religious liberty, implies that that church regards religion simply as a form of worship, an empty ceremony, and not a vital principle, requiring active benevolence, justice, love and good will towards man.>>

    ::Again he uses moral code as a basis to his position , his request for change, his call for all to gather and work to change. He is not using history or law. Law is not about right or wrong, it is about interpretation. History as precedence offers little comfort to those with a code in the mind::

    <<But the church of this country is not only indifferent to the wrongs of the slave, it actually takes sides with the oppressors. It has made itself the bulwark of American slavery, and the shield of American slave-hunters. Many of its most eloquent Divines, who stand as the very lights of the church, have shamelessly given the sanction of religion, and the bible, to the whole slave system. - They have taught that man may, properly, be a slave; that the relation of master and slave is ordained of God; that to send back an escaped bondman to his master is clearly the duty of all the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; and this horrible blasphemy is palmed off upon the world for christianity. For my part, I would say, welcome infidelity! welcome atheism! welcome anything! in preference to the gospel, as preached by those Divines!>>

    :: support to my point about moral code and it is interesting Douglass was an infidel to his wife, if a christian marriage is defined by the blockading of either partner from intimacy to one outside their two, I wonder if douglass was areligious, called atheist commonly. To be without a god is not to be without a religion. And to not have a god or religion does not deny faith. All humans but the truly inhuman have no faith in something ::

    <<Albert Barnes but uttered what the common sense of every man at all observant of the actual state of the case will receive as truth, when he declared that "There is no power out of the church that could sustain slavery an hour, if it were not sustained in it.">>

    ::This proves that Douglass clearly saw state as applicable to church, he did not say the state can deny church's existence , but church can be held liable, ala what the usa did later to the mormons concerning black people, but what the usa government is unwilling to do to the catholic church concerning the molestations to children::

    <<You hurl your anathemas at the crowned headed tyrants of Russia and Austria, and pride yourselves on your Democratic institutions, while you yourselves consent to be the mere tools and body-guards of the tyrants of Virginia and Carolina. You invite to your shores fugitives of oppression from abroad, honor them with banquets, greet them with ovations, cheer them, toast them, salute them, protect them, and pour out your money to them like water; but the fugitives from your own land, you advertise, hunt, arrest, shoot and kill. You glory in your refinement, and your universal education; yet you maintain a system as barbarous and dreadful, as ever stained the character of a nation-a system begun in avarice, supported in pride, and perpetuated in cruelty. >>

    ::I have said it before, whites in the usa could have solved a lot of problems by merely being honests from day one, chutting the declaration, chutting the variance between spoken actions/written actions or non spoken or written actions. I say today, the usa can call itself an empire,but as the time frederick douglass spoke, the usa historically has never been able to be honest about its condition. Part of that is fiscal benefit, the other is pseudo goodness, meaning false goodness. If you can cite a piece of paper or some speech or advertised morality, that is enough to cover the truth::

    <<But it is answered in reply to all this, that precisely what I have now denounced is, in fact, guaranteed and sanctioned by the Constitution of the United States; that, the right to hold, and to hunt slaves is a part of that Constitution framed by the illustrious Fathers of this Republic. Then, I dare to affirm, notwithstanding all I have said before, your fathers stooped, basely stooped. "To palter with us in a double sense : And keep the word of promise to the ear, But break it to the heart." And instead of being the honest men I have before declared them to be, they were the veriest imposters that ever practised on mankind. This is the inevitable conclusion, and from it there is no escape; but I differ from those who charge this baseness on the framers of the Constitution of the United States. It is a slander upon their memory, at least, so I believe. There is not time now to argue the constitutional question at length; nor have I the ability to discuss it as it ought to be discussed. The subject has been handled with masterly power by Lysander Spooner, Esq., by William Goodell, by Samuel E. Sewall, Esq., and last, though not least, by Gerritt Smith, Esq. These gentlemen have, as I think, fully and clearly vindicated the Constitution from any design to support slavery for an hour.>>

    ::Douglass barely mentions the constitution in this speech before the final segment, which concerns it, this proves my point. He does suggest that some in his day proved the constitution does not validate slavery, but he admits it is not easy to prove that, it is not straight forward and someone must be a student of the law to do so, which proves at the least, that the idea that slavery is allowed in the constitution is not absent some level of validity. The problem is, everyone knows that the people who owned enslaved peoples only accepted independence with asurity that slavery will continue. This is a simple historical fact. The problem is, the legal system of the usa bred from the declaration of independence and eventual into the constitution does not publicly accept the unwritten provision. Frederick Douglass tells people here to forego that provision and accept any challenges or battles against such an act. The historical lesson in the usa from 1776 to 2020 is that if a community joins a union with a clear desire but does not demand that desire is written in the legal documentation of the union as lawful, then that community risks its destruction.   ::



  9. On 7/1/2020 at 7:01 PM, Guest Ksingh said:

    merit should definitely score over money power

    if only the money thought that:)

    On 7/2/2020 at 9:56 PM, Guest Jarla Tangh said:

    This is a disturbingly accurate account of how things be in the movie world. I'm sure 2-D and 3-D artists would have their own versions of how galleries and museums evaluate their efforts. Siiiiigh.

    yes, well maybe control need to be vested away from money

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    The little girl finish and the man inquire: "well..."

    "It's a little tangy, not perfect Uncle": and the little girl smile. Her uncle throw down his hat in disgust and she continue: "You will get there uncle, we believe in you, you will make the perfect lemonade one day"

    "Ahh... thanks Raspy, come on and help me with the cooking for the party later"

    And the uncle and niece go to the back of the house, while the mother head to the far side. She soon notice her father's old car sitting in shiny glory, being taken care of by her brother Nicodemus.

    Independence Day Nomad

    The mother sit in the car and remember when she showed her parents, her first paid commission, the spirt of america. They made a cake for her and celebrated. She remember her father said: "I knew I was right, I may have not gotten the description incorrect, it seems the spirit of america is like lady liberty in her teenage years, no crown or lamp, hair flying, wearing wonder woman's clothes, wonder woman wouldn't mind and she needs the vibranium, can't imagine the skin getting cracked and she being chosen to stand before new york city, but, she is still, like a woman... yeah, the badass spirit of america"

    Ms America

    The mother hyper ventilate and start to cry. She think to the day after when her father no longer said anything was like a woman. Between the heat side her sadness she fall asleep.


    "Mommy!... mommy... MOMMY!": speak a little girl to her mother.

    "hey my sweet Raspberry": the mother gently waken.

    "Daddy say you need to eat... and here": the little girl kiss her mother.

    "Ohh... thank you, give him this for me... and I want you to have fun with the firecrackers, with all your cousins and everybody, ok": the mother after taken the plate, hug her daughter tightly.

    "Ok mommy, I love you"

    "I love you"

    "Don't be sad mommy": the little girl say walking away.

    "I am not my little light in the sky, just remembering... go on now"

    The mother eat a little food and place the plate on the dashboard, and lay back in the seat, back to sleep.

    "Nzinga...why aren't you eating Nzinga": a gentle voice speak to the mother. Nzinga open her eyes and is in amazement.


    "Hey , surprised huh, do you know some people where I now live visit loving ones during the aphelion"

    Nzinga is still in shock looking at her father.

    He continue: "... you know, when the earth is farthest from the sun, but it seems to only work when one is missed a lot... and I am not even like a woman"

    Nzinga lunge and embrace her father in the driver's seat.

    "I miss you papa"

    The spirit embrace his daughter and say: “ I know Nzinga, but no need, I am here just for a short while for a chance to get you not to miss me so much"

    "How long?!": energetically state the daughter.

    "Maybe only an hour"

    "What will we do?"

    "Drive around of course": Nzinga's father clip the seatbelt, and she smile, and he continue: "this is my car, that is a pretty special moon there". Nzinga look to the moon as her father stare at it.

    Red Moon

    Nzinga's father say while she look to the moon: "It will be nice having the penumbral eclipse escort us for our short time"

    Nzinga become stoic: "why won't you come back..."

    "I am having too much fun with your mother"

    Nzinga burst a laugh.

    Nzinga's father continue: "oh and she told me to give Raspy a message, she loves telling her stories in her dreams"

    Nzinga's father start the car, and Nzinga look back.

    He say: "Don't worry, let the magic happen"

    "Death has not seemed to stop your sense of wit papa"

    "Well, my little light, let me tell you something, ok, Death, is like a woman..."


    Hope you enjoyed reading

    If you like more of my stories check out my Short story collection series


    And I am on Bookbub


    My blog


  11. It is afternoon, a day on earth, a black woman sit in solace; Kalima look toward her photo of a prior penumbral eclipse, made in a roadtrip across the usa.
She continue to ignore the yells from her sanguine downstairs; they are ready to go to the...

    It is afternoon, a day on earth, a black woman sit in solace; Kalima look toward her photo of a prior penumbral eclipse, made in a roadtrip across the usa.  


    She continue to ignore the yells from her sanguine downstairs; they are ready to go to the July 4th Fireworks parade.
    “COME ON!!!… I know you can hear me K! We are now in phase three and I want us to enjoy being outside, none of us have been out in months! PLEASE!”
    Kalima lay back on her bed and put on a video online.  


    She can hear shuffling feet leaving the front door of the brownstone while she watch. She whisper: “see you soon” and continue to watch.
    At the end of the video she sit at her writing desk and take out paper and pencil and ruler; she compose a poem using looped cursive penpersonship on clear paper using the ruler she crafted as a guidetool.  
    A male red winged blackbird sitting on a tree branch outside watch Kalima and see the following on the page, Kalima finished.

    I know I’m free, while in an unfree place  
    To live in a free place… I must rally  
    Against Time’s steady pace, mortality  
    What certainty? The best finishing place  

    Choices I see? Bliss be the unfree place  
    Bliss out the unfree place, which choice is me?  
    History state no case… I must rally  
    Blind gamblin’ me, both length may eat my race  

    A bird yell free! I wingless… stall my race  
    Wait in the unfree place, one day for me  
    I see Time with it’s pace, safe while I see  
    I will rally, to live in a free place  

    The small uncaged passerine fly away, singing. Kalima look to the window and go to her bed, and lay thinking, and sleeping.

    A gentle nudge and a wet kiss on the cheek, wake Kalima up, from a figure unknown of body while familiar in voice.
    “Come on K, we are all back now, we want to tell you about our trip, especially little Bee”
    “Oh, hey Ma”
    Kalima plus her mother embrace.  
    “Here is some chocolate bars, colored like the flag, I know! but Mister Mohammed made them and I know you support Black business”
    Kalima took a whiff of the chocolate, and smiled with yummies.  
    Her mother pass her a photo of the clan, taken by uncle george.  


    And, Kalima’s mother pass Kalima another of a firework by uncle george.


    Kalima’s mother continue: “Fun…We will meet you downstairs and you can tell us about tonights eclipse ok”
    “It’s late, little Bee will want to stay up, so we need to get the hammock out for him”
    “ok”: Kalima’s mother leave, and Kalima look to the moon.


    Kalima place her chocolate in her minifridge and open her door to the sound of laughter and joy. She smile in the night, for another day.

    Thank you for reading, if you want to read more of my work read below
    Poetry or More Audiobook
    Visasiki Audiobook
    Short Story Collection

  12. I am a huge fan of Viola Davis, long before her larger popularity. She is correct in her point. I quote her in double brackets

    <<I got the Oscar, I got the Emmy, I got the two Tonys, I've done Broadway, I've done off-Broadway, I've done TV, I've done film, I've done all of it. I have a career that's probably comparable to Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Sigourney Weaver. They all came out of Yale. They came out of Julliard. They came out of NYU. They had the same path as me and yet, I am nowhere near them. Not as far as money. Not as far as job opportunities. Nowhere close to it. But I have to get on that phone and people say ' You're a black Meryl Streep' . There is no one like you. Okay, then if there's no one like me. You think I'm that. You pay me what I'm worth. You give me what I'm worth.>>

    Her point is simple. Make the wages based on merit. The problem is, fiscal capitalism in the USA is based on two things: ownership, race. First ownership, ownership means the financier, the producer, the revenue stream, the person with the money. The owner decides first and foremost where their money will go. Before the civil rights act of 1964, before the War between the States, few white people in ownership positions decided to hire black people, not most, not many,but a few did. What does that mean? Ownership has a record,albeit slightly, of operating against the majority scenario or common comprehended ruleset. Second is race, in the usa the main racial category is phenotype or appearance, the ruleset say, white people look a certain way, black people look a certain way, and  white people profit more than black people. A simple rule but one reinforced as a commonly comprehended unwritten, meaning not in the written constitution, law.

    The question going forward is: How does a country go from an ownership/race based employment style in majority to a merit style in majority?

    I will provide a fantastic example

    If I am a trillionaire, and I want to spend most of my money on making a movie studio with the sole intent of hiring black people for the entire creative process: I am the producer, I hire black directors like Julie Dash and Antonie Fuqua <equal number of male and female directors each paid the same>, Black writers like Tanararive Due and Steven Barnes <again equal quantity male or female plus equal pay>, Black thespians, set designers, musicians for the scores, production assistants, food trucks. Black men/women/descended of enslaved/african/asian/caribbean/south american/european/lgbtq+/paraplegic/drawf/muslim/christian/atheist/over80/under20/latino/anglo/bantu. But what if a director, Shonda Rhimes, for a film wants to hire Sandra Oh, a colleague or friend, and I say no? what if I say yes, but don't allow Sandra Oh to get paid as much as Cirroc Lofton?

    Now some will say SHonda Rhimes must demand Sondra Oh is paid per merit, but I tell Shonda she can leave if she doesn't like my way. I am the money. How can I be forced to pay Sandra Oh what she warrants? If it is up to me, in this example, I say an unchanging no. If I will not change then how can merit be enforced or demanded in my studio? I am paying for the studio, all the money is mine. 

    How does a country go from an ownership/race based employment style in majority to a merit style in majority?


  13. While my favorite war movies are: Paths of Glory<second phase of the world war>, Das Boot<second phase of the world war>, Buck and the Preacher<war between the state>, Posse<hybrid spanish american war-war between the states>, The Young Lions<second phase of the world war>, Seven Samurai<I will use the white european term, Feudal era in japan>, Throne of Blood <said feudal era in nippon, even though it reference macbeth, the history of the fall of osaka castle is what is referenced in it>, The Outlaw Jose Wales<war between the states>, Apocalypto <European invasion of the commonly called Americas> ;honorable mention to some moderns, not favorites for me yet, but warranted mention: Alexander, Valkyrie.

    But, when I think of soldiers who died in all armies, all wars, no restriction to the usa. This year, I think to one film in particular: Born on the fourth of July.  

    Yes, Oliver stone made it as a reply to "Top Gun" <a truly shameless modern propaganda film> , yes he demanded tom cruise be in it. Yes, many say it is a war film. But I do not, unlike all the other films I mentioned, “Born on the Fourth of July” is an anti-propaganda film, that masquerade as a war film.  It opens with a lie, American supremacy, american exceptionalism, american goodness, and that is a massive point.  

    When people say they want to honor the spirits of the fallen soldiers, who does that exactly include? I always say, the first Black soldiers in the context of the USA black people in the usa historically must consider is the Black soldiers fighting against the colonies for the british. It is well known more Black soldiers fought against the colonies than for the colonies. Sequentially, the first Black soldiers in the context of the usa were against the Usa.  

    I wonder do people in germany honor the german soldiers of the second phase of the world war, usually demonized in usa based film fiction?  Memorial is a thing of memory, the earlier title of decoration day is about decorating those who died fighting for the confederacy.  Do people, any community, honor what the losing soldier fought for?  

    Historically, during the age of global white european imperialism the only successful Black soldiers in the global white european imperial global era was in the : american continent soldiers of haiti under Dessalines who died killing whites of the usa/england/spain/france, in africa was of Menelik II in ethiopia against the italians aided by russia oddly enough. Excluding the japanese a white asian peoples as people of color, people of color defined as non white european people, everywhere else was controlled directly by white european powers for hundreds of years absent a break. Do Black Americans, America as canada to argentina, honor the memory of the old haitian soldiers?  Do Black Africans, Africa as yemen to cape verde or iraq to south africa, honor the memory of the Ethiopian soldiers?  

    The idea of Black Nationalism that the soldiers of Dessalines died for was not about sitting at a white table, it was about making Black tables by any means necessary. Again, why have Black people in the USA or any other country in the american continent started a black party of governance?  The religiosity in Africa is huge. But, why is it the religion of ethiopia is not highlighted, surely the christianity of ethiopia is a better suit for christian black africans than the italian catholicism, the german protestanism or some thing made out of the usa?  

    Remember the memory to fallen soldiers folks, but don't lie about why some soldiers died. Black soldiers in the usa dying for white man's wars is not honor, is not to be praised, even if it is your father or uncle or mom or sister. Don't turn your love for them into a manipulation of why they died. Don't tell me that a black woman died for the betterment of the world in iraq. Don't tell me that a black grandfather died for the betterment of the world at midway. Don't tell me a black uncle died for the betterment of the world at d-day. Don't tell me a black aunt died for the betterment of the world at the border between the usa and china controlled zones in Korea.  

    Don't lie and find the time to honor the soldiers that make your current life seem traitorous or uneasy. There is no shame in working for whites, marrying whites, befriending whites, living mostly around whites in a mile radius. But, don't turn your phenotypical lack of negative bias toward whites as the purpose of the Black soldiers of Dessalines, the black or native soldiers of Jonas Caballo, the black soldiers commonly called slave revolters, the black soldiers who fought for the british against the creation of the usa. Those forebears represented the best interest of black people in the american continent. Don't lie about why they died. They did not die for you to have a white friend, befriend white people, marry whites, sit at a white table, own a piece of a white table. They died hoping you will continue their fight and kill all white people who can.  

    To all others, who are not Black , honor your soldiers as well. Don't Knock down the nazi's because they lost, because they are criminalized in history books written by those they faced. Don't criminalize the soviets. Soldiers at their best die for their communities to be free, completely, totally, using all means including murder. You can dishonor the death of the modern soldier who applies to militaries whose actions are not about freedom to those in their country but slavery over those in others. But honor the soldiers in the past, who fought to make the lives in their community better. They may have lost, they may not have been aracial, but those soldiers died to make your community free from outsiders influence. Honor that in your memory.
  14. Richard Murray Gazette Excerpts 91-130  

    SIGN UP TO Richard Murray's Gazette

    Edition 91
    Rain in the forest- from Paysages Canadiens- trust me and click the youtube link immediately below
    Edition 92
    Dolores -enjoy the comic, I like page 8 the best, which is your favorite page?
    Edition 93
    Thiaroye camp - a film from Ousmane Sembene- I quote the article in brackets
    <In Autumn 1944 forces composed only by white soldiers are substituted to the colonial troops who have landed two
    months ago in South of France. These forces will fight and also will be celebrated after the winning on fascists. This
    substitution is the wish of the american general Walter B Smith who required that the segregation inside the american
    army is extend to all of the allied forces. The général de Gaulle follows that wish because he needed the help of the
    american logistics and also because he wanted to control better the underground forces. All the colonial forces were put
    together near the Toulon harbor and send back by boat to the Thiaroye camp in Senegal. These soldiers needed to receive
    their pay but the general who leads the camp decided to divide it by two. Angry by this decision the soldiers succeed to
    hold the général until he swears to give their money back but he doesn't respect his swearing. Early in the morning with
    the agreement of the politicians some armored cars shot the soldiers. The film director Ousman Sembene remembers
    himself his experience as a soldier from colonial troops for building the script based on three different personalities : the
    African sergeant Diatto a cultured man, the racist captain Labrosse and the humanist captain Raymond. The Ousman
    Sembene movie receives a special award at the Venice Mostra but it will be censored ten years (1988 - 1998) in France.>
    Edition 94
    love scenes 101 - I have a fun activity for any who read the article linked below. The activity is, come back here and write me the beginning of a scene, one sentence. I will write the next two.
    Edition 95
    the lone ranger - a movie about bass reeves will be made, your thoughts?
    video trailer
    Edition 96
    Hair Love - Aka AWww from sony pictures animation, this nearly put a tear in my eye:)
    Edition 97
    Moulid doll - a doable project, enjoy
    video instructions
    Edition 98
    Panerai engraved- video of engraving on a Panerai watch
    Edition 99
    indie romance - Do it yourself, the following is my result
    Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis
    I never heard of the author or book and the result seems to think I am female, but :) , how was your result?
    Edition 100
    sister night - her eye wear craft, from the watchmen television series
    Edition 101
    this is my story - Levar Burton
    1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsGlBNDf64c
    2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoNcVeu1yog
    3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajPbWmkJjy8
    4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdj4BziAnG8
    5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Oq-7YTdXbE
    6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwW1nSlZVJA
    Edition 102
    vogue - congratulations to milo manara, who earned the italian vogue cover, art not a photo on the cover of a major fashion
    Edition 103
    sleeping beauty - you must watch, but the question is after you watch, name the animated film you see yourself side your other in?
    Edition 104
    Karen Smith - A true artist, I have huge respect to her. If you can afford money, please assist her cause, if you can not please reshare her personal page on any social space
    her webpage
    The why
    Somi - the computer scientist, is a black doll :) but you may enjoy her
    the creator webpage https://www.bukolasomide.com/
    Innovant tech- the creators company to act as a fiscal arm to the non profit https://www.innovant-tech.com/
    The somi doll page on the innovant
    https://www.blackenterprise.com/black-woman-invents-first-computer-science-education-doll/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter 12/24_12/24/2019
    Edition 105
    The dominants - I like the plot in this one.
    A large thing ravage the basics of humanity... a mystery of extraterrestrials being placed in the earth...the survivors organize into three categories...those who want to be cohabitants, those who want to be eradictators, those who want to be a cult, Andrew refuse to choose, and you want camp do you choose? ... I am asking , what camp would you choose? click
    the link to see the video
    Edition 106
    just press- meet george jetson, his boy elroy, daughter judy... jane! his wife! ...what's for lunch? just press... well, we may not be at the jetsons time, but san francisco has from my knowledge first robotic burger joint in humanity. photos and explanations are in
    the article
    Edition 107
    Wika - the art in this bande dessinee is very nice, enjoy
    at angouleme
    Edition 108
    yinkaorafidiya - the organization has a crafting community project, share it about to those who live in the philadelphia area
    Edition 109
    Yoga - Rosa PArks doing yoga :)
    Edition 110
    Totoro -... totoro! what will the name of a totoro-esque creature be from black cultures? what will be the theme song?link or name a song, from the same black cultural source you chose.
    Edition 111
    Nichelle Nichols - Sorghum and spear interview
    Edition 112
    MAker Camp - enjoy
    Edition 113
    The First Lines - Lithub created the first ten lines of some books, converted for social distancing
    Edition 114
    Sequino - it makes an awful sound, but if you like sequins you will love it
    video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jpsiIsMG8U&feature=youtu.be
    Edition 115
    Robot Unicorn Dispenser - no not attack, though I will love for someone to attach a small audio device to emit the song everytime the soap spills
    the theme song for the uninitiated
    Edition 116
    Mustang - As a writer I know I need to make trailers for books, they invite people well and are one of the modern tools. I have the
    tools or ability but I have not yet felt the need to, but I may do something with Dupin. Any ideas?
    Book trailer
    My film noir interlude- after looking at the video I am inspired to provide a little film noir inner monologue
    "Ohhh, this is a sunday like when we first met, that voice from a southern church that was in the body of the glittering goddess, she only winked at me but in that instant I knew we were a couple for life, or at least, until the war started and we have been apart since, Thank you for singing for me baby, thank you for everything..."
    Edition 117
    Dune - what to say, what to say, the quizatch hadaratch!! <incorrect spelling> , it amazes how some works, every time they are attempted have consistencies in production, dune is one of them. I have the book, the book does one of the most dangerous things for a science fiction epic, it reads like a bible at times. Well , here is art from moebius for jodorowsky's pre production conceptualization of DUNE
    documentary trailer
    Edition 118
    The floating rubix - made by a chinese designer, it is lovely, solves itself, floats, using electromagnets
    Edition 119
    spy in the wild- see angles of butterflies rarely seen , view 7:58
    Edition 120
    Rotary - I like this project, I may consider doing it one day. It is a cellphone that has a rotary modification.
    video- 53 minutes
    Edition 121
    A history of fingernails - a video is in the article linked below
    Edition 122
    Movie ads - do you remember these, my favorite is the dark crystal. though gremlins is nice. Robocop oddly works, which is your favorite?
    Edition 123
    Homemade Boomerang - homemade, give it a try to help a child create, and the child can do the coloring themselves.
    video- click the link, full description, remember you can watch and pause as you need it.
    article- text based instructions are in it.
    Edition 124
    Grimoire - Doktor Johannes Faust’s Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis (Natural magic and unnaturals) is the grimoire, or spell book, in question. IT was published by Johann Scheible in 1849. An earlier book was published in 1612.
    Edition 125
    John Kenn Mortensen- Dark And Darker artwork, I really enjoyed the illustrated brothers grimm entry, the girl without hands. Do you know the tale?
    Edition 126
    Embroidery animations - enjoy the video, linked below, that burgundy like footloose:)
    Edition 127
    Mojo - or as I call it, Le legend du le Blues homme, I think the text was not done well enough, to unclear but the art style is grainy, earthy, reflects the deep south usa texture for the black community
    Edition 128
    Celui qui n'existait plus - The one does not exist longer- The premise is movie worthy, a man's family dies at the world trade center, he secretly was with a mistress when it happens. He was unhappy with his old life, what shall he do? Return into the world or become someone new?
    Edition 129
    Micrography - or micro-calligraphy is very intriguing to me, I will research it later when the libraries open. As some of you know, some of my artwork is within this genre of calligraphy.
    Edition 130
    coyote and badger- enjoy


  15. One day in the Serengeti, the moon blocking the sunlight above, a father giraffe is speaking to his daughter, who is jumping in the air and tumbling with laughter.

    Pride and Joy

    The father say: "that is why I tell the Sun when to sleep"

    "But sometimes when the sun go to sleep I don't hear you say anything"

    "telepathy my child, telepathy, it works all the time, like right now, I am telling you to giggle"

    "No papa, no, I am laughing cause you are funny"

    "well say what you want, doubter, but I once saw a child who had no doubts to their father"

    "what child is this heehee papa"

    "The child of the shepherd bear"

    Father's Day

    "What is the shepherd bear papa?"

    "What?! are you going to school, shall I tell your mom you are not learning your studies"

    "No, Teachers say I learn well, and mama say I always pass my test she give"

    "Well... anyone who doesn't know the shepherd bear is ignorant, so I will help you my daughter... the shepherd bear comes from an ancient line. Once the shepherd bears herded the dinosaurs"

    "hahaha not true papa, mama tell me dinosaurs live before us on Great mama earth"

    "So are you saying you believe your mother, one person, over me plus your great grandfather"

    "Mama say great grandpa tell tall tale too"

    "I don't recall any tall tales, my grandfather spoke histories, facts, ok... Here is the proof, look at this stick, this was left by a shepherd bear clearly, see the structure, the alignment, even the color, only a shepherd bear would own such an item, and leave it for his child"

    "the child who has no doubts"

    The father giraffe nibble his daughter: "Exactly candy cane, the bear I am mentioning told his son that a shepherd bear leaves his stick so he can gauge the health of a forest over long periods of time, as shepherd bears hibernate for hundreds of years"

    "how you hear the papa shepherd bear say this"

    "I was lucky enough to be resting on my belly and used my neck like a snake, the shepherd bears were not hibernating, this happened five years ago"

    "Oh! can I see shepherd bear?!"

    "No they are hibernating now, but remember they have sticks like these, but I know a parent you will be able to see one day"

    "Tell me, tell me": the daughter giraffe skip in a circle.

    "One day, when you are mature, you will be able to put your neck into a bird nest"

    "Ma say, you shouldn't invade other people's homes"

    "I didn't invade, i was a guardian to the eagle chick in the bird nest, the parents knew I ate some of the greens from the tree so they asked me to look after the baby when I grazed their way, I even protected the baby from a python"

    "I never saw you fight before papa"

    "I know, out of respect no one dares attack your father, they used to call me in my pit fighter days, the long walk"

    "Long walk": and the daughter giraffe follow her father to a drinking pool.

    "yes, cause when you face me, it is a long walk to your doom, this python in question thought it could sneak into the tree and eat the eagle chick but I head butted it with my horns": the father then gets on the ground and rolls around, his daughter laughing and he speak while acting:" the snake tried to jump on me but I double knotted my neck and out twirled it, the snake in confusion got dizzy and fell to the ground, I picked it up with my teeth and flung it to the other side of the Serengeti"

    The daughter giraffe look up to the sky and swing her head from side to side, panting.

    "Somebodies tired, please drink some water at the watering hole"

    The daughter giraffe drink and the father giraffe continue: "Well, I bid the mother eagle farewell as she fed her chick"


    "Candy corn, what do you see in the water?"

    The daughter giraffe lift her head and reply: "I see some water plants and rocks"

    "anything else": query the father.

    "no": smile the daughter.

    "when you are mature, you will not only be able to see high up, like into a bird nest, but also low, into the deep ocean, like me when I saw a human father, getting his son to a date with a mermaid girl"

    Deep Sea

    "where you see mermaids papa?"

    "You have to go to the ocean coast, the waters here are not deep enough for mermaids homes, but the ocean has many mermaids."

    "did you see the date"

    "of course, I merely grew my neck longer, you can do it to when you come of age"

    The daughter laugh and the father continue:" the human boy had on a breathing apparatus above his bowtie and black suit, the mermaid girl had on a purple blouse, all the adults chaperoned. The mermaid women sang songs like, the first song of the sea"

    "ohh please sing it for me papa"

    "It was in the mermaid tongue, I learned from a friend later, the title, but I can hum it"

    The father giraffe hum the song, the first song of the sea, as his daughter follow along as best she can for a first time hearing.

    "IT is getting late, time to get back"

    "I know the way papa"

    "Oh really, I knew a baby turtle who thought like you"

    "Please tell me papa?"

    "of course, well as you know, all baby turtles know the sea scent. But one particular baby turtle took so long to get out of the shell it was alone, it began to walk to the shore anyway, but a butterfly stopped it"

    My Dad's B'day Card Baby Turtles and Butterfly

    The father giraffe walk side his daughter, heading home, and say: "the well traveled old butterfly was looking for a sign of a mountain replying to love and saw the baby turtle, he told the baby turtle to not go toward the sea, the seagull clan is waiting for him like it waited for his turtle siblings, but the baby was not deterred so the butterfly took on a parental role"

    "It protected the baby turtle?"

    "yes, as the baby turtle went to the sea, the butterfly grabbed the attention of the sea gulls and continually escaped their attacks until the baby turtle reached the sea, the baby thanked the butterfly as it swam into the sea, and the butterfly went on its journey"

    "what were you doing, why didn't you help the baby papa?"

    "Sometimes being big is dangerous to those who are little, I could had hurt the butterfly or turtle, in one way or another, so I chose to aid them both by staying away, but I vigelele upon their success, oh , there is my wife, your mother"

    The daughter giraffe run to her mother, who provide, snuggles and kisses.

    "Have a great night papa, thank you"

    "Thank you my little Ngumu, dream well"

    The mother giraffe smile at her husband: "more tall tales"

    "I do not know what you are talking about, I am providing our child with necessary information, I am doing my half, but I can't speak for you my wife"

    The mother giraffe kiss his face: "I want you to whisper a bedtime story to me, while I give you more kisses"

    The father giraffe blush: "a perfect present": and he follow his wife in the darkening Serengeti.


    Hope you enjoyed reading

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  16. In Kingston, Jamaica, survivors of the Phobos incident, each in deep mourning, want to go into their memory and recall experiences that will comfort them.
A dreamguide prepare the table, the party sitting in a ring, that will allow communication.

    In Kingston, Jamaica, survivors of the Phobos incident, each in deep mourning, want to go into their memory and recall experiences that will comfort them.
    A dreamguide prepare the table, the party sitting in a ring, that will allow communication.  


    The four people hold each other hand in the sitting ring and let the muon receptor field begin operation to gather memories. After it is finished the dreamguide operate a muon high powered field emitter.  
    The first in the party experience a memory is Louisa Schwartz, head of Xu-Ali department of labor creation, she started as a designer of electrical interfaces in the cognitive sub department. XU-Ali operate the second most mines in the Jupiter moon belt.
    She sees nothing but hears her mother, she is in pain, not that of a knife but a pain she she wants to go through. Then Louisa feels soft hands massaging her. But they feel far away. Louisa realizes she is experiencing her father’s gentle touch through her mother. She touches her temples, remembering her father acting the same as he ventured with the other workers into the Phobos mines. She cries and enjoys her father’s love even before she could breath on her own.


    Hakiminho Wong-Blue Feather need no introduction to those who follow the Solar Gambling Hub at Titan, of Saturn, know he runs the largest tables. Starting as a trader, he was one of the first traders to give Unofficials the opportunity to trade and thus with increased volume he started to dominate gambling markets.
    He actually see his father, holding his little hand, telling him everything will be alright, the pain of that time he ignores now, focusing on his father, who was consumed by the fires in the operational quarter after the mine imploded. He was on his way to Olympus Mons to visit his grandmother, seeing the fire in space. He smiles thinking of his father’s gentle touch, his comforting when he felt sad.


    Shahare is the lead lawyer of the naturalists movement, who in solar year 2173 of the Statian Clock , under her guidance , won the right of the Naturalists to be born, live, or die in an isolated communities absent technology or external cultural guidelines, and she was able to succeed absent a religious cultural background for the Naturalists.
    She feel a gentle tickle at her side and let out a laugh. She place her hand over her mouth, startled in the rare feeling. She begin to laugh more and more, being constantly tickled by her father. She sighed a release of stress. She remember the message on earth telling her family that her father died in the promenade preparing for his comedy show, for guests. But her father’s tickles continue and she curl up holding herself laughing while being massaged by the happiness of tickles.


    Mike Thompson is the owner of the Lunar Grand Prix, where Michelle Hamilton while two month pregnant became Formula Zero Solar Champion winning the Lunar grand prix in a head to head last lap against Kamikaze Withers Chauntesielle, every one knows no circuit is as exciting as the Lunar circuit.  
    She remember a vacation to Earth where her father, played with her in the museum of playgrounds. He always supported her athletics, calling her iron mike. She will do anything to be lifted in the air by him again. She remembers when he will no longer be able to, after debris from Phobos fell to Mars. He was teaching a class of free Unofficials when the debris hit the southern hemisphere over the course of a martian day. Few survived, her father wasn’t one of them and she remember, biting her lip, learning this after winning a lunar track meet. Now, all she wanted was to catch her as she jumped off a bar or some height, just making her feel like she can fly with no worries. She meditate on the scene in her mind, hoping to never let it go again, and make sure she give it to his grandchildren.


    And the members on their own time, left the dreamguide’s table and went on their own way in life.

    I hope you enjoyed the story, if you want to read more of my work read below
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  17. An old sunflower, waken with the high sunlight.

    Late Opening Sunflower

    It know that today is the day the prisoner of the light is allowed to exit her prison. The sunflower watch as the prisoner take full form over a pool of water. The prisoner look at her reflection in the pool.

    A mirror under my feet

    The woman pull down and off her 1960s miniskirt, place the love beads gently on top, and run. The sunflower watch her leave out of sight, and retain the view to the sun. The woman run to the shore, smelling the great sea. Noticing the coast after two mile, she keep going, knowing time is of the essence. She stop on the edge of the land, the sea fronting her.

    heat of summer

    She dive into the water and swim, going farther and farther south. She inhumanely, go to depths where the sea greens grow large or free from human involvement. She search for something in the green sea.


    Searching and searching, knowing time is not on her side. She suddenly swim to a place and take something from the sea. She swims northward and northward to the substrate of sky plus sea. A small boat, a lone fisherman, see the female. She does not move but the man seem pleasant and greet her in a human language she know. She wait and the boat arrive. The fisherman help her out the ocean. He is very old and say, he always prepare to meet a mermaid. He hand her a red dress and she smile at him, but say nothing. She point to the shore and he comprehend. While on the way, he tell her that none of his drink mates will believe he met a real mermaid, and she smile. When they reach the shore, he tell her to be safe, while he go back out to catch a late fish. He promise to come by this coast when he is done to make sure she is safe. The woman take a lock of her hair and give it to the fisherman who smile. After the fisherman is out of sight, she sit and open up what she find in the green sea. It is a book and she read as the sun go to setting.

    Evening Reading

    Before the Sun finish setting she run back to the pool, and grab her other clothes and love bead necklace, with tears rolling down her face and a bright smile.


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  18. It is a day all the green blooded know well. It is when the light shine highest above for those who live above earth’s waist. A sunflower look up and wonder what it’ s life will be.
Will it get to grow old and watch seedlings make good on their...

    It is a day all the green blooded know well. It is when the light shine highest above for those who live above earth’s waist. A sunflower look up and wonder what it’ s life will be.


    Will it get to grow old and watch seedlings make good on their journey or will it be other. It can not be certain. Suddenly, it feel torn from the earth. Someone blindsided it. The sunflower yell out, who.
    The rapist turn it and give a smile. The sunflower is not amuse. The rapist place the sunflower in a glass basket. The flower protest to no reply, after being walked around by this abuser, for a seeming eternity. Then the sunflower is present to a human woman.


    The human woman is not happy at the first encounter, the sunflower is not either. What does this human want with me, it thought? The human woman eventually accept the imprison sunflower, calling it beautiful. The sunflower notice the light off her face and recall stories from the butterflies about the sides of mountain ranges on clear days. The butterflies said to the sunflowers, if you ever see a glint of light brighter than the sun off a mountain, that glint is the sign of a mountain in love. It makes a glint so that the mountain it is in love with can notice.  
    One butterfly said she saw another mountain reply under a deep blue clear sky, a brown mountain, glittering with various minerals, made two glints in reply. The butterfly said it crossed a big ocean to see this. When a sunflower asked, how can the mountains meet, what babies can they make? The butterfly said, they meet through the distance. Mountains are so sensitive they can make connections across great distance and as for children. They ask a midwife, usually a volcanic mountain, to take their love in the earth’s blood and make a new mountain for them. The sunflower thinking on the oldest mountain clans stopped as it notice it is alone in a human kitchen. It enjoy facing the sun, highest in the sky. Suddenly, someone turn it to face them.  


    The sunflower is not amuse. But when the interloper smile the sunflower remind itself to what a mountain lion said. A mountain lion said it was chasing wild sheep one time. A beautiful baby black sheep was separated from the pack and facing the mountain lion went off a cliff. The baby sheep fell in mud. And had so much fun it was smiling and giggling, not noticing the mountain lion, smacking its lips. The mountain lion checked the ground to make sure it evaded the mud, for slippage or a loose area. When the mountain lion made a run for the meal, some mud reached out from the ground and smacked it. The mountain lion realized the mud had become the protector, the skin, of the black sheep. A beautiful powerful skin that can not be defeated easily. And the mountain lion left. The sunflower thought on the location of that sheep and its clan, who put on the mud, distinguishing them from other black sheep. But, a discussion between the two human women broke the sunflower’s train of thinking.  
    The human woman it was given to is upset with the interloper, and point to her watch. The interloper make some gesture of hands, sunflowers never comprehend human movement. Suddenly, the interloper grab the sunflower, the sunflower tell her to stop. The sunflower want more sun. But the interloper does not heed her. And, she carries the Sunflower about for a seeming eternity. The sunflower dour mood was interrupted by a sudden feeling. The ebbing sun, it ask the woman to turn it to the sun, but to no avail. The sunflower is turn to a woman, the ebbing sunlight crowning her head.


    The sunflower is too angry to speak. But the waiting woman is gentle and give the sunflower a kiss. The kiss is so wet or succulent, it remind the sunflower to a story a baby snake told. The baby snake said it grew up around a brown river, brown since ancient times. After the baby snake was born it was told by mama snake to make its way in the world, crossing the brown river. Mama snake told all her babies, trust the river, it is our clans friend. The baby snake trusted naturally and went on its journey. A wicked fox, notice the baby snake, and leap from the green to pounce. Luckily the baby snake was close enough to other green to slip through the fox’s paw. The fox did not give up and leap into the ancient brown river after the baby snake. The baby snake remember the chant mama snake always sang while she was pregnant.  
    “G⁠r⁠e⁠a⁠t⁠ ⁠a⁠n⁠c⁠i⁠e⁠n⁠t⁠ ⁠b⁠r⁠o⁠w⁠n⁠ ⁠r⁠i⁠v⁠e⁠r⁠,⁠ ⁠p⁠r⁠o⁠te⁠c⁠t⁠ ⁠me⁠,⁠ ⁠li⁠k⁠e⁠ ⁠m⁠y⁠ ⁠a⁠n⁠c⁠e⁠s⁠t⁠o⁠r⁠,⁠ ⁠First⁠ ⁠s⁠na⁠k⁠e⁠.” And the ancient brown river, swirled the fox who leap out after, and the baby snake go through the river gaining a brown color that it has ever after, a power gain through the ancient river’s kiss.
    The two face the sunflower to the sunlight off the moon which waken the sunflower from memory. And the sunflower relax having one high flying day.

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  19. A twenty something female is playing GloboVans, trying to reach the upper percentile users in life viewers. Her grandparents see her and chant in unison: “Put that game down Karema, we want to spend time with you”.
“I can’t you two, I am still on the...

    A twenty something female is playing GloboVans, trying to reach the upper percentile users in life viewers. Her grandparents see her and chant in unison: “Put that game down Karema, we want to spend time with you”.  
    “I can’t you two, I am still on the clock”: Karema reply, linking the television in her room to the computer screen, displaying her Juneteenth town built for her life viewers to watch her avatar, where various firms can advertise or sell products inside.


    “come on Nicodemus”: say Karema’s grandmother. The two elders smile and go toward the door.  
    “Wait”: say Karema, can you two come back with some family photos about Juneteenth. “Ok K”: reply the grandmother.  

    “Ok everyone in the Kverse, we have two new members of the village, Nico and Eucy, here to explain these photos” Nicodemus and Euclaire sit with two cameras in front of them, a screen behind the camera offering their visualization. Karema speak offline: “ok guys, just tell the stories, to the members, like we talked about”
    Karema’s grandparents nod their heads and begin. Euclaire start off.
    “The following photo was taken in 1900..”. The number of residents grew by one thousand.


    Euclaire continue: “The woman with white hair was named Sister May, she led the local church of freeville texas, near the border of Louisiana. The woman on her right was Jude, she was married to Robert Six Pistols, the legendary gun fighter who defeated the Bones of Davis gang that terrorized black towns from Wyoming to Missouri, The man behind sister May was…”
    “Jacob Farmer, the last original cowboy”
    “yes, thank you my love, and next to him with the cane was Ol’ barrel Williams, he was involved with Sherman’s march, and the one farthest left was Youn’ Boulder Williams, they say he made reconnaissance trips in the confederacy, but he never told anyone, it all came as hearsay from friends around drink, the last was my great grandfather, Toby Tim, the master of the Coon can, my grandfather would only play Conquian because of him. He always sang, whenever family time was… many tried to be the best, from northern Virginia to southern Texas, many came on road or followed the blues, to seek out Toby Tim and the crown he used. Not made of gold or very old, but pure white with a black soul, many a man or wo-man thought the crown will be theirs but didn’t comprehend the first lesson, the coon plays the can, but the king knows conquian, all hail”
    Euclaire and Nicodemus say in unison:“ Toby Tim!”: and they laugh. The number of residents grew by two thousand, shares by ten thousand.  
    Euclaire continue: “Some of you may wonder where is Toby Tim’s hat these days, well, I can tell you, but you have to play a hand of conquian with me to make me”: and Euclaire stop.
    Nicodemus begin: “the following photo was taken in 1905, actually near where I lived as a baby in 2020”. The number of residents grew by eight hundred.



    Nicodemus continue: “if you look at the trolley you will some men in white there, in the mix they faced a lady was present, that lady was my great grandmother. Her name was Ludmilla L'Aventure. She owned the store in the center, of the dark colored building. She actually met Frederick Douglass in 1887, we still have the ledger to prove it, and he wanted a special dress made with a mocha boned shoulder strap bodice over the hips, and a red white and blue threadcount tartan dress with thirty eight ruffles around the dress with red white and blue threadcount tartan pattern but larger values hemlined just over the floor, if enough of you want I will share the photo with you later” . Two thousand shares are made.

    Nicodemus continue:“ My great grandmother, even met King T.T. , after he defeated a man by the name of Sally the rough, Lady L'aventure sewed a mulberry silk rim but you have to play with my wife for more” The number of residents grew by three thousand and Nicodemus end.
    Euclaire look to Karema and Karema make gestures and Euclaire begin:“ We will share the following photo with you all for a post Juneteenth quest”


    Euclaire continue: “We happen to know the two women in the carriage but we will like all of you to do research and find them for us. Whomever succeeds after placing their findings in the mail box will receive a thousand credits to use anywhere, in any village in GloboVans courtesy of Kverse’s mayor, QueenK! ”
    Euclaire end and Karema begin the next phase of her online activity. Nicodemus and Euclaire look to each other and smile. They wave to Karema as they exit her room.

    After supper, everyone in the house hold, Euclaire, Nicodemus, Jonas their son, Lukwana Jonas’s wife, Karim Lukwana’s father, oleone Lukwana’s mother, Karema the daughter of Jonas plus Lukwana, her little brother Nat adopted at ten and now twelve, all cleaned the kitchen and enjoyed the parlor. Karema went next to her grandparents playing Cubecule and showed them a video.


    Euclaire erupted in laughter.  
    “Can you still do the dance grandma?”
    “That little girl is long gone”
    Nicodemus lean over in a public whisper: “she still can”
    “Nicodemus Charles Lattimer shame! ”  
    Nicodemus smile and lean back.  
    “Please grandma”
    “No, no way… well, don’t give me that face… alright, if Nicodemus can defeat me in the game of Cubecule, I will do it”
    I hope you enjoyed the story

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  20. In the future, aside Mons Huygens, in the capitol of the E.N.U., a school for age 6s in district five, Gandhi Academy, has Origin Day. The children wait for the box of noted old things from Earth’s past to be revealed.  

    A teacher open up the box, flanked by her peers, and various items are present. Each child in the school’s roster take an item.  

    Marianne look at the storage unit and read from a letter, by White Feather.

    “My grandfather was told by his grandfather, as they opposed the building of a pipeline, that he remember his son, my great grandfather, fighting in the original American Indian Movement. How these white men came and took his son’s daughter one late evening. They found her weeks later two states over in Illinois. Local authorities or federal authorities never found out who did it. But, my great grandfather, with the bow he made, lived in the street and hunted those men with the old ways. He eventually found those men and murdered them. The police nor other law enforcement came but the family knew as he told them how he did it, and it coincided eerily to the news report. My grandfather was told this tale during the video presentation you are watching. The AIM flag was not preferred by my great grandfather but after avenging my great grandmother, he flew it proudly wherever he went”

    Gentle Cougar took out an old photo and read a letter from Candace Nascimento.

    “My grandmother was a field nurse during world war I. She knew about the field from her grandfather, a former buffalo soldier, who had a forebear that served the British during the united states war of independence. He told her he was forever shamed about his tenure in that unit and she should never serve the USA in any fashion, giving him the chance to kill for a fantasy. But, during the war to end all wars, she saw many of her friends heading off and wanted to join them. And she did. She lost her fiancé in Southern France, a sander from Louisiana, deterring the main German offensive. The USA never awarded him. But she survived and was emboldened to be a pan africanists. She wanted to find her way to a Black country. And she is waving the flag in this photo. Some white cops later that month confiscated all the money they had gathered to make a boat with provisions. It broke my grandmother’s heart. But, she found her husband, Rodrigo, later that year and he was always proud of her waving that flag, as he never had saw such an exhibition in Salvador”


    N'Dule took out a colored photo and read a letter from Georgina Blake Jefferson.

    “My grandmother grew up in the bayou, in true cajun country. She never finished elementary. And decided to work as a house cleaner for the elites in New Orleans. One day, soon before her eighteenth birthday, a group of guys from the North were partying for Mardi Gras. They waited for her to leave her shift and grabbed her. She couldn’t struggle against a group of five men. She learned later, her brother as a member of Beauregard’s men secretly patrolled new orleans to keep the cajun women safe. And, even though one had violated her, before the others could get there turn, her brother and his friends found the rig of her captors. She never forgot seeing the beauty of the battle flag of northern virginia on their jackets. It represented a safety the stars and stripes never did, a pride in being southern. This photo she took at her birthday party later, she would always carry a battle flag with her wherever she went”


    Carlos Tenji took out a drawing and read a letter from Madiba Patel.  

    “My grandfather was a refuge and his family chose the usa cause it was the biggest option. Any country in europe seem smaller and already too congested, and no one spoke chinese or russian or portuguese. My great grandmother spoke english so that was an assist. My grandfather was an internet millionaire with his roaming cinema verité. Going around hitchhiking, taking online viewers on his journeys. This graphic was designed for a government official. Some people were tearing it all down. My grandfather gained a limp trying to stop them. He told the people, he wasn’t trying to change them, but asking them to stop trying to change others. If we learn to live side by side unlikely neighbors, neighbors we oppose while we don’t try to change, we can have true peace, not a deceptive slavery. It took many decades but we finally did learn how”


    Other kids presented items from yore but none were flags.

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  21. May 18th 2020

    For today's blog, after Saturday's poll result honoring Joan of Arc's canonization, I will present fastidiously, the interview from yesterday, the positively incomparable senior rapper Simon Wheeler the third as my guest, and query him concerning a man over ten thousand voters do not know, Leo Smiley, advocate to the homeless Leo Smiley, and display it after I explain some reservations.  

    I have wondered the purpose behind my fanbase, even if they are free or real as the random write in winning a poll is the definition to modern falsehood, hoping it is not to convey information about JSmiles1, who Leo Smiley knows too well as episode 69 concerning banned internet words attest, and convey information about Leo Smiley will help a thesis for an online class I am taking, while JSMiles1 is not worth telling children about.

    Simon Wheeler the third was at a replica of Angel's Hotel in his house, kept a mask on even though he lived alone, eyes showed a love of life, a pizza stain on his captain planet shirt showed a love of food, he never looked at me during the interview, he looked to the left when sad, to the right when happy , to the ceiling when quiet, to the floor when bellowing, he seemed to be preaching to the world about a prophet, though I did not ask about one. So, I asked him one question, if he knew about Leo Smiley, and he gave his reply, which concluded our interview. He replied:

    Ohhhh, you know there was a playa, name JSmiles1 I tell ya, he live two blocks down the road. I think his ancestor, a simple harvester, came as a pilgrim , not the one's in films then, while eight others came from the east. But when he received, and after he was Extremely pleased, his first phone , a ring tone to moan, came after every messaging. For no one wanted, he was not stunted, to message him first you see. A simple moan, not like a loud one from ol' Joan, was all he wanted to hear. If he saw anything, whether or not a plaything, he wanted to text message it , announce or boast it, right then and there. If he saw a couple, even if their life seem supple, arguing in their home, he made a texting tome. If he saw a squirrel, whether still or in a twirl, busying about a tree, he will text how later it flee. If kids were playing ball in the street, he will text it; if a pigeon took bread and flew away, he will text it. If he saw two kids flying paper airplanes he will text it. If he saw some fellas, all of them brothas, on his favorite corner, not the one with music by werner, singing or drinking about,... he will wait, cause it's never too late, for Hakim Johnson , graduate of the Harlem boys choir, and invitational caroler to the Vatican twice the pride of his sire, to etch out a tune, with magic like a rune, and do it with a smile, like all the good unpaid acts of the Hollywood miles. If he saw a kid, not one that hid, on a bike being chased, he will follow his trail, longer than the route for mail, and message every step of the way. That is why whenever JSmiles1 was about, every kid, lady, playa, knew his route. He message anything he could, if messages was water he'd fill up the woods. One time a woman named Janine, fell from the city heat, and her fall made a loud scene. I can not say who picked her up, or her apartment or who put medicine in her cup, but JSMiles1 came in her place, and looked all interested at her face, and was told she will be all well, three high fathers and two hail mary’s, yes. JSMiles1 merely texted, "She ain't recovered yet"

    JSMiles1 had a video game system, officially it was called a Listem, but folk called her Susan, with eyes near the control port and all. To start took five minutes to load, the sound of popcorn waiting was always to explode, cause she would never turn on, with her insides all done, cause of rain, or some pain, after a lifelong injury with a fall. Her game was simple, shoot through a space like a fipple, all the players always let her go first. If cable was on she will pause, or maybe it was the telephone that was the cause, but the user always gained huge points, but before the winning tally, in each and I mean each and every rally, she will come out with a glitch, and literally say one word on the screen, ditch , hitch or witch, and then she win.

    And, he had a brown basketball, more like a handball, seemed to let out gas, with each and every pass, but whenever he was shot, turned into a perfect pi-rock, and clear out rivals from the lot. Some tried to use a different ball, but a calamity will always predate its fall, truck/knife/bullet or something where Ronald Reagan which is the name of the ball, passed around dead and dying, JSMiles1 telling all the angry they lying, until he get the ball whop, a shot go in and mouths drop, while JSMiles1 message what he saw. That ball was always good for a story, various literal glory, till the day the kids played with brown ball, bigger than a common handball, Reagan tried to replace him, but he wasn't able to trick him, and disheartened the old ball puffed all his air out. Ronald was a good ball, and could had made it onto Ringling brothers, but no call came before his fall, and he was unlike any of his others. Shed a tear, let the drink drop, the last great basketball I was once near, sad he went out a flop.

    The great JSMiles1, the only one, had a jump rope, dice, a rooster, a genie's collection of everything, so he could message about anything. He one time caught a frog, hopped into his hand from a fog, in the local park, texted "I have a green son to teach", for months he spoke like a lark, teaching under a year the hopper. Hop over a toy car, hop over the plastic star, catch a fly over an orange juice glass, catch a fly under the chair for his wee lass. The frog has no limit, he said, over and over again, each day teach a lil bit, he said, believe in him, believe in him. I saw Steph in my home, right behind me, begin a tome, "in the beginning flies " for no fee, and faster than superman, a hop over a stan' , then more stoic than a Tibetan monk as if all his ambition sunk. No frog was ever like him, before or afterward. JSMiles1 love to boast about the little green beastie, kept him safe when he traveled in a pocket made side his hoodie. One day, a loner, a stranger on the block, asked: "what is that thing on your neck, a sock". JSMiles1 say:"yoyoyo don't talk about my son, he may bite you like a snake or leap at you like a rat, but he is just my pet, frog"

    Surprised, the guy wonder what's it talent and why.

    JSMiles1 smile and smile: "he is the Frog that I always message everyone about, the frog that can outleap any other frog you can find or see"

    The distant neighbor shake his head, no and no and no.  

    "I am willing to put my money where my mouth is": JSMiles1 preach. "You have not studied the fine art of frog training, clearly, you only seen things on tv... He can out jump any frog in Calaveras county, cause he always did, and since your shirt show you a trader, I am willing to bet forty dollars, my fellow playa"

    The stranger hummin: "To bad, but I will never know and neither will you. I have no frog, but if I did... I will bet you"

    And JSMiles1 brighten: "wait a minute, stay right there, here is my hoodie I will be right back"

    The fella took out his wallet and sat down on the fire hydrant; he ponder to himself, about the possible new wealth, and took the frog out his blanket, and remembering his lunch, pushed in a bit from chopped rotisserie chicken, as a late frog brunch. On the concrete the frog sat, still like a wrestler out for the count on the mat.  JSMiles1 returned all muddy, clothes colored around a ruddy, with a common wild frog in his hands and say: "ok, we are now ready. Here... and place him next to Steph Hawkin, that is my frog' name, and you best remember it after this. On three we will let them go"

    Both men held their racers, each hopping a hop is no different than phasers. The stranger give a gentle tap, and the wild frog hop elsewhere on the concrete map. But, Steph just sat there, wonderin like the hippies did over there. No matter what his frog just sat and JSmiles1 had to admit, in his message, where his frog was at.  

    The guy took the money and went on down the sidewalk, but before he crossed the street, he look to Steph and balk: "us another simple frog I see"

    JSmiles1 was upset, and stared at his son now set: "What is wrong with you Steph, tell me" After a lift he noticed his weight, and all comprehension concerned his former fate. He saw the stranger turn a distant corner and raced after him getting warmer, and warmer, but he never caught him. And


    Suddenly a yell, the rapper leaped from his seat and placed his face close to the screen: "Stay right there , brother man"

    But, I think I learned enough about the infamous JSMiles1 and doubted much will come about Leo Smiley so I cut off the video conference with a polite message. Immediately after, I got a reply from Wheeler, about JSmiles1 Volkswagen beetle his grandfather gave him. But, I had no further inclination and took my leave.


    Happy Belated Canonization of Joan of Arc

    Happy Belated Jumping Frog Jubilee based on the first story published by Mark Twain, the Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County


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  22. I remember walking alongside you in this park Ma. Just like that baby duck, but walking. The sun was brilliant every time we went out. Hey stop that, I don't need preening. Here click the shot then.

    DD - Mother and child - Mute swan (Cygnus olor)


    I am not preening you back, no way. Yes I know the baby fox look cute but I am not a baby anymore. Ha! Don't look like that. Well alright, I will let fate decide. I will kiss you on the cheek while I take the photo.

    Happy Mother and Son - Vixen and fox kit



    I will get an exhibit in this gallery one day, don't worry Ma. No this is a collection from various photographers. Ha! you like that one. Ha! I wanted to play drums with Morris. I had to help my brother find his vocation. I can't wait to hear him later tonight.

    Mother and Child 03


    I have a question, does Dad still get a taste? I am not ashamed to ask a valid adult question to my mother in public? I am not tasting them now... I am not done doing it, I merely moved on to greener pastures. Ha! Yes, Rose and Makeda will meet us at the art exhibit. ... Yes, I stole milk from my daughter. Rose knew it would happen, she was complicit.

    mother and the child 2


    Look at those cheeks, sleepy head. I wish we can see inside a baby dream. I wonder what wonder. I was meditating Ma?! I was relaxed, in your arms was comfort, and during a hug... still is.

    Mother and Child


    Yeah, I love black mothers too. Amazing the happiness under such duress. ... do the dance now ? I know you have not forgotten. Did you do it when you held Makeda? ... Wait, here is my dance for my grandchild to be... Ha!

    Mother and son. SL



    Hi! there they are. ... You want some water Rose? Nanna gets all the attention huh? ... I love you to Makeda. ... Love the opening selection. Yeah she does. I remember when you looked like that Rose, I know Pop will say the same to you Ma. ... yes, it seems all females know it is time for another kind of strength when motherhood come. ... yeah, it is universal

    Tibetan Mother and Child


    It's Mary Magdalene... a woman in Christian lore little one. I agree Ma, Makeda was cuter. Oh thank you. I know you were cuter my love. You want to be a mom one day Makeda? Ha!

    Mother and Child
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