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  1. It is afternoon, a day on earth, a black woman sit in solace; Kalima look toward her photo of a prior penumbral eclipse, made in a roadtrip across the usa.
She continue to ignore the yells from her sanguine downstairs; they are ready to go to the...

    It is afternoon, a day on earth, a black woman sit in solace; Kalima look toward her photo of a prior penumbral eclipse, made in a roadtrip across the usa.  


    She continue to ignore the yells from her sanguine downstairs; they are ready to go to the July 4th Fireworks parade.
    “COME ON!!!… I know you can hear me K! We are now in phase three and I want us to enjoy being outside, none of us have been out in months! PLEASE!”
    Kalima lay back on her bed and put on a video online.  


    She can hear shuffling feet leaving the front door of the brownstone while she watch. She whisper: “see you soon” and continue to watch.
    At the end of the video she sit at her writing desk and take out paper and pencil and ruler; she compose a poem using looped cursive penpersonship on clear paper using the ruler she crafted as a guidetool.  
    A male red winged blackbird sitting on a tree branch outside watch Kalima and see the following on the page, Kalima finished.

    I know I’m free, while in an unfree place  
    To live in a free place… I must rally  
    Against Time’s steady pace, mortality  
    What certainty? The best finishing place  

    Choices I see? Bliss be the unfree place  
    Bliss out the unfree place, which choice is me?  
    History state no case… I must rally  
    Blind gamblin’ me, both length may eat my race  

    A bird yell free! I wingless… stall my race  
    Wait in the unfree place, one day for me  
    I see Time with it’s pace, safe while I see  
    I will rally, to live in a free place  

    The small uncaged passerine fly away, singing. Kalima look to the window and go to her bed, and lay thinking, and sleeping.

    A gentle nudge and a wet kiss on the cheek, wake Kalima up, from a figure unknown of body while familiar in voice.
    “Come on K, we are all back now, we want to tell you about our trip, especially little Bee”
    “Oh, hey Ma”
    Kalima plus her mother embrace.  
    “Here is some chocolate bars, colored like the flag, I know! but Mister Mohammed made them and I know you support Black business”
    Kalima took a whiff of the chocolate, and smiled with yummies.  
    Her mother pass her a photo of the clan, taken by uncle george.  


    And, Kalima’s mother pass Kalima another of a firework by uncle george.


    Kalima’s mother continue: “Fun…We will meet you downstairs and you can tell us about tonights eclipse ok”
    “It’s late, little Bee will want to stay up, so we need to get the hammock out for him”
    “ok”: Kalima’s mother leave, and Kalima look to the moon.


    Kalima place her chocolate in her minifridge and open her door to the sound of laughter and joy. She smile in the night, for another day.

    Thank you for reading, if you want to read more of my work read below
    Poetry or More Audiobook
    Visasiki Audiobook
    Short Story Collection

  2. I am a huge fan of Viola Davis, long before her larger popularity. She is correct in her point. I quote her in double brackets

    <<I got the Oscar, I got the Emmy, I got the two Tonys, I've done Broadway, I've done off-Broadway, I've done TV, I've done film, I've done all of it. I have a career that's probably comparable to Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Sigourney Weaver. They all came out of Yale. They came out of Julliard. They came out of NYU. They had the same path as me and yet, I am nowhere near them. Not as far as money. Not as far as job opportunities. Nowhere close to it. But I have to get on that phone and people say ' You're a black Meryl Streep' . There is no one like you. Okay, then if there's no one like me. You think I'm that. You pay me what I'm worth. You give me what I'm worth.>>

    Her point is simple. Make the wages based on merit. The problem is, fiscal capitalism in the USA is based on two things: ownership, race. First ownership, ownership means the financier, the producer, the revenue stream, the person with the money. The owner decides first and foremost where their money will go. Before the civil rights act of 1964, before the War between the States, few white people in ownership positions decided to hire black people, not most, not many,but a few did. What does that mean? Ownership has a record,albeit slightly, of operating against the majority scenario or common comprehended ruleset. Second is race, in the usa the main racial category is phenotype or appearance, the ruleset say, white people look a certain way, black people look a certain way, and  white people profit more than black people. A simple rule but one reinforced as a commonly comprehended unwritten, meaning not in the written constitution, law.

    The question going forward is: How does a country go from an ownership/race based employment style in majority to a merit style in majority?

    I will provide a fantastic example

    If I am a trillionaire, and I want to spend most of my money on making a movie studio with the sole intent of hiring black people for the entire creative process: I am the producer, I hire black directors like Julie Dash and Antonie Fuqua <equal number of male and female directors each paid the same>, Black writers like Tanararive Due and Steven Barnes <again equal quantity male or female plus equal pay>, Black thespians, set designers, musicians for the scores, production assistants, food trucks. Black men/women/descended of enslaved/african/asian/caribbean/south american/european/lgbtq+/paraplegic/drawf/muslim/christian/atheist/over80/under20/latino/anglo/bantu. But what if a director, Shonda Rhimes, for a film wants to hire Sandra Oh, a colleague or friend, and I say no? what if I say yes, but don't allow Sandra Oh to get paid as much as Cirroc Lofton?

    Now some will say SHonda Rhimes must demand Sondra Oh is paid per merit, but I tell Shonda she can leave if she doesn't like my way. I am the money. How can I be forced to pay Sandra Oh what she warrants? If it is up to me, in this example, I say an unchanging no. If I will not change then how can merit be enforced or demanded in my studio? I am paying for the studio, all the money is mine. 

    How does a country go from an ownership/race based employment style in majority to a merit style in majority?


  3. While my favorite war movies are: Paths of Glory<second phase of the world war>, Das Boot<second phase of the world war>, Buck and the Preacher<war between the state>, Posse<hybrid spanish american war-war between the states>, The Young Lions<second phase of the world war>, Seven Samurai<I will use the white european term, Feudal era in japan>, Throne of Blood <said feudal era in nippon, even though it reference macbeth, the history of the fall of osaka castle is what is referenced in it>, The Outlaw Jose Wales<war between the states>, Apocalypto <European invasion of the commonly called Americas> ;honorable mention to some moderns, not favorites for me yet, but warranted mention: Alexander, Valkyrie.

    But, when I think of soldiers who died in all armies, all wars, no restriction to the usa. This year, I think to one film in particular: Born on the fourth of July.  

    Yes, Oliver stone made it as a reply to "Top Gun" <a truly shameless modern propaganda film> , yes he demanded tom cruise be in it. Yes, many say it is a war film. But I do not, unlike all the other films I mentioned, “Born on the Fourth of July” is an anti-propaganda film, that masquerade as a war film.  It opens with a lie, American supremacy, american exceptionalism, american goodness, and that is a massive point.  

    When people say they want to honor the spirits of the fallen soldiers, who does that exactly include? I always say, the first Black soldiers in the context of the USA black people in the usa historically must consider is the Black soldiers fighting against the colonies for the british. It is well known more Black soldiers fought against the colonies than for the colonies. Sequentially, the first Black soldiers in the context of the usa were against the Usa.  

    I wonder do people in germany honor the german soldiers of the second phase of the world war, usually demonized in usa based film fiction?  Memorial is a thing of memory, the earlier title of decoration day is about decorating those who died fighting for the confederacy.  Do people, any community, honor what the losing soldier fought for?  

    Historically, during the age of global white european imperialism the only successful Black soldiers in the global white european imperial global era was in the : american continent soldiers of haiti under Dessalines who died killing whites of the usa/england/spain/france, in africa was of Menelik II in ethiopia against the italians aided by russia oddly enough. Excluding the japanese a white asian peoples as people of color, people of color defined as non white european people, everywhere else was controlled directly by white european powers for hundreds of years absent a break. Do Black Americans, America as canada to argentina, honor the memory of the old haitian soldiers?  Do Black Africans, Africa as yemen to cape verde or iraq to south africa, honor the memory of the Ethiopian soldiers?  

    The idea of Black Nationalism that the soldiers of Dessalines died for was not about sitting at a white table, it was about making Black tables by any means necessary. Again, why have Black people in the USA or any other country in the american continent started a black party of governance?  The religiosity in Africa is huge. But, why is it the religion of ethiopia is not highlighted, surely the christianity of ethiopia is a better suit for christian black africans than the italian catholicism, the german protestanism or some thing made out of the usa?  

    Remember the memory to fallen soldiers folks, but don't lie about why some soldiers died. Black soldiers in the usa dying for white man's wars is not honor, is not to be praised, even if it is your father or uncle or mom or sister. Don't turn your love for them into a manipulation of why they died. Don't tell me that a black woman died for the betterment of the world in iraq. Don't tell me that a black grandfather died for the betterment of the world at midway. Don't tell me a black uncle died for the betterment of the world at d-day. Don't tell me a black aunt died for the betterment of the world at the border between the usa and china controlled zones in Korea.  

    Don't lie and find the time to honor the soldiers that make your current life seem traitorous or uneasy. There is no shame in working for whites, marrying whites, befriending whites, living mostly around whites in a mile radius. But, don't turn your phenotypical lack of negative bias toward whites as the purpose of the Black soldiers of Dessalines, the black or native soldiers of Jonas Caballo, the black soldiers commonly called slave revolters, the black soldiers who fought for the british against the creation of the usa. Those forebears represented the best interest of black people in the american continent. Don't lie about why they died. They did not die for you to have a white friend, befriend white people, marry whites, sit at a white table, own a piece of a white table. They died hoping you will continue their fight and kill all white people who can.  

    To all others, who are not Black , honor your soldiers as well. Don't Knock down the nazi's because they lost, because they are criminalized in history books written by those they faced. Don't criminalize the soviets. Soldiers at their best die for their communities to be free, completely, totally, using all means including murder. You can dishonor the death of the modern soldier who applies to militaries whose actions are not about freedom to those in their country but slavery over those in others. But honor the soldiers in the past, who fought to make the lives in their community better. They may have lost, they may not have been aracial, but those soldiers died to make your community free from outsiders influence. Honor that in your memory.
  4. Richard Murray Gazette Excerpts 91-130  

    SIGN UP TO Richard Murray's Gazette

    Edition 91
    Rain in the forest- from Paysages Canadiens- trust me and click the youtube link immediately below
    Edition 92
    Dolores -enjoy the comic, I like page 8 the best, which is your favorite page?
    Edition 93
    Thiaroye camp - a film from Ousmane Sembene- I quote the article in brackets
    <In Autumn 1944 forces composed only by white soldiers are substituted to the colonial troops who have landed two
    months ago in South of France. These forces will fight and also will be celebrated after the winning on fascists. This
    substitution is the wish of the american general Walter B Smith who required that the segregation inside the american
    army is extend to all of the allied forces. The général de Gaulle follows that wish because he needed the help of the
    american logistics and also because he wanted to control better the underground forces. All the colonial forces were put
    together near the Toulon harbor and send back by boat to the Thiaroye camp in Senegal. These soldiers needed to receive
    their pay but the general who leads the camp decided to divide it by two. Angry by this decision the soldiers succeed to
    hold the général until he swears to give their money back but he doesn't respect his swearing. Early in the morning with
    the agreement of the politicians some armored cars shot the soldiers. The film director Ousman Sembene remembers
    himself his experience as a soldier from colonial troops for building the script based on three different personalities : the
    African sergeant Diatto a cultured man, the racist captain Labrosse and the humanist captain Raymond. The Ousman
    Sembene movie receives a special award at the Venice Mostra but it will be censored ten years (1988 - 1998) in France.>
    Edition 94
    love scenes 101 - I have a fun activity for any who read the article linked below. The activity is, come back here and write me the beginning of a scene, one sentence. I will write the next two.
    Edition 95
    the lone ranger - a movie about bass reeves will be made, your thoughts?
    video trailer
    Edition 96
    Hair Love - Aka AWww from sony pictures animation, this nearly put a tear in my eye:)
    Edition 97
    Moulid doll - a doable project, enjoy
    video instructions
    Edition 98
    Panerai engraved- video of engraving on a Panerai watch
    Edition 99
    indie romance - Do it yourself, the following is my result
    Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis
    I never heard of the author or book and the result seems to think I am female, but :) , how was your result?
    Edition 100
    sister night - her eye wear craft, from the watchmen television series
    Edition 101
    this is my story - Levar Burton
    1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsGlBNDf64c
    2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoNcVeu1yog
    3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajPbWmkJjy8
    4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdj4BziAnG8
    5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Oq-7YTdXbE
    6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwW1nSlZVJA
    Edition 102
    vogue - congratulations to milo manara, who earned the italian vogue cover, art not a photo on the cover of a major fashion
    Edition 103
    sleeping beauty - you must watch, but the question is after you watch, name the animated film you see yourself side your other in?
    Edition 104
    Karen Smith - A true artist, I have huge respect to her. If you can afford money, please assist her cause, if you can not please reshare her personal page on any social space
    her webpage
    The why
    Somi - the computer scientist, is a black doll :) but you may enjoy her
    the creator webpage https://www.bukolasomide.com/
    Innovant tech- the creators company to act as a fiscal arm to the non profit https://www.innovant-tech.com/
    The somi doll page on the innovant
    https://www.blackenterprise.com/black-woman-invents-first-computer-science-education-doll/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter 12/24_12/24/2019
    Edition 105
    The dominants - I like the plot in this one.
    A large thing ravage the basics of humanity... a mystery of extraterrestrials being placed in the earth...the survivors organize into three categories...those who want to be cohabitants, those who want to be eradictators, those who want to be a cult, Andrew refuse to choose, and you want camp do you choose? ... I am asking , what camp would you choose? click
    the link to see the video
    Edition 106
    just press- meet george jetson, his boy elroy, daughter judy... jane! his wife! ...what's for lunch? just press... well, we may not be at the jetsons time, but san francisco has from my knowledge first robotic burger joint in humanity. photos and explanations are in
    the article
    Edition 107
    Wika - the art in this bande dessinee is very nice, enjoy
    at angouleme
    Edition 108
    yinkaorafidiya - the organization has a crafting community project, share it about to those who live in the philadelphia area
    Edition 109
    Yoga - Rosa PArks doing yoga :)
    Edition 110
    Totoro -... totoro! what will the name of a totoro-esque creature be from black cultures? what will be the theme song?link or name a song, from the same black cultural source you chose.
    Edition 111
    Nichelle Nichols - Sorghum and spear interview
    Edition 112
    MAker Camp - enjoy
    Edition 113
    The First Lines - Lithub created the first ten lines of some books, converted for social distancing
    Edition 114
    Sequino - it makes an awful sound, but if you like sequins you will love it
    video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jpsiIsMG8U&feature=youtu.be
    Edition 115
    Robot Unicorn Dispenser - no not attack, though I will love for someone to attach a small audio device to emit the song everytime the soap spills
    the theme song for the uninitiated
    Edition 116
    Mustang - As a writer I know I need to make trailers for books, they invite people well and are one of the modern tools. I have the
    tools or ability but I have not yet felt the need to, but I may do something with Dupin. Any ideas?
    Book trailer
    My film noir interlude- after looking at the video I am inspired to provide a little film noir inner monologue
    "Ohhh, this is a sunday like when we first met, that voice from a southern church that was in the body of the glittering goddess, she only winked at me but in that instant I knew we were a couple for life, or at least, until the war started and we have been apart since, Thank you for singing for me baby, thank you for everything..."
    Edition 117
    Dune - what to say, what to say, the quizatch hadaratch!! <incorrect spelling> , it amazes how some works, every time they are attempted have consistencies in production, dune is one of them. I have the book, the book does one of the most dangerous things for a science fiction epic, it reads like a bible at times. Well , here is art from moebius for jodorowsky's pre production conceptualization of DUNE
    documentary trailer
    Edition 118
    The floating rubix - made by a chinese designer, it is lovely, solves itself, floats, using electromagnets
    Edition 119
    spy in the wild- see angles of butterflies rarely seen , view 7:58
    Edition 120
    Rotary - I like this project, I may consider doing it one day. It is a cellphone that has a rotary modification.
    video- 53 minutes
    Edition 121
    A history of fingernails - a video is in the article linked below
    Edition 122
    Movie ads - do you remember these, my favorite is the dark crystal. though gremlins is nice. Robocop oddly works, which is your favorite?
    Edition 123
    Homemade Boomerang - homemade, give it a try to help a child create, and the child can do the coloring themselves.
    video- click the link, full description, remember you can watch and pause as you need it.
    article- text based instructions are in it.
    Edition 124
    Grimoire - Doktor Johannes Faust’s Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis (Natural magic and unnaturals) is the grimoire, or spell book, in question. IT was published by Johann Scheible in 1849. An earlier book was published in 1612.
    Edition 125
    John Kenn Mortensen- Dark And Darker artwork, I really enjoyed the illustrated brothers grimm entry, the girl without hands. Do you know the tale?
    Edition 126
    Embroidery animations - enjoy the video, linked below, that burgundy like footloose:)
    Edition 127
    Mojo - or as I call it, Le legend du le Blues homme, I think the text was not done well enough, to unclear but the art style is grainy, earthy, reflects the deep south usa texture for the black community
    Edition 128
    Celui qui n'existait plus - The one does not exist longer- The premise is movie worthy, a man's family dies at the world trade center, he secretly was with a mistress when it happens. He was unhappy with his old life, what shall he do? Return into the world or become someone new?
    Edition 129
    Micrography - or micro-calligraphy is very intriguing to me, I will research it later when the libraries open. As some of you know, some of my artwork is within this genre of calligraphy.
    Edition 130
    coyote and badger- enjoy


  5. One day in the Serengeti, the moon blocking the sunlight above, a father giraffe is speaking to his daughter, who is jumping in the air and tumbling with laughter.

    Pride and Joy

    The father say: "that is why I tell the Sun when to sleep"

    "But sometimes when the sun go to sleep I don't hear you say anything"

    "telepathy my child, telepathy, it works all the time, like right now, I am telling you to giggle"

    "No papa, no, I am laughing cause you are funny"

    "well say what you want, doubter, but I once saw a child who had no doubts to their father"

    "what child is this heehee papa"

    "The child of the shepherd bear"

    Father's Day

    "What is the shepherd bear papa?"

    "What?! are you going to school, shall I tell your mom you are not learning your studies"

    "No, Teachers say I learn well, and mama say I always pass my test she give"

    "Well... anyone who doesn't know the shepherd bear is ignorant, so I will help you my daughter... the shepherd bear comes from an ancient line. Once the shepherd bears herded the dinosaurs"

    "hahaha not true papa, mama tell me dinosaurs live before us on Great mama earth"

    "So are you saying you believe your mother, one person, over me plus your great grandfather"

    "Mama say great grandpa tell tall tale too"

    "I don't recall any tall tales, my grandfather spoke histories, facts, ok... Here is the proof, look at this stick, this was left by a shepherd bear clearly, see the structure, the alignment, even the color, only a shepherd bear would own such an item, and leave it for his child"

    "the child who has no doubts"

    The father giraffe nibble his daughter: "Exactly candy cane, the bear I am mentioning told his son that a shepherd bear leaves his stick so he can gauge the health of a forest over long periods of time, as shepherd bears hibernate for hundreds of years"

    "how you hear the papa shepherd bear say this"

    "I was lucky enough to be resting on my belly and used my neck like a snake, the shepherd bears were not hibernating, this happened five years ago"

    "Oh! can I see shepherd bear?!"

    "No they are hibernating now, but remember they have sticks like these, but I know a parent you will be able to see one day"

    "Tell me, tell me": the daughter giraffe skip in a circle.

    "One day, when you are mature, you will be able to put your neck into a bird nest"

    "Ma say, you shouldn't invade other people's homes"

    "I didn't invade, i was a guardian to the eagle chick in the bird nest, the parents knew I ate some of the greens from the tree so they asked me to look after the baby when I grazed their way, I even protected the baby from a python"

    "I never saw you fight before papa"

    "I know, out of respect no one dares attack your father, they used to call me in my pit fighter days, the long walk"

    "Long walk": and the daughter giraffe follow her father to a drinking pool.

    "yes, cause when you face me, it is a long walk to your doom, this python in question thought it could sneak into the tree and eat the eagle chick but I head butted it with my horns": the father then gets on the ground and rolls around, his daughter laughing and he speak while acting:" the snake tried to jump on me but I double knotted my neck and out twirled it, the snake in confusion got dizzy and fell to the ground, I picked it up with my teeth and flung it to the other side of the Serengeti"

    The daughter giraffe look up to the sky and swing her head from side to side, panting.

    "Somebodies tired, please drink some water at the watering hole"

    The daughter giraffe drink and the father giraffe continue: "Well, I bid the mother eagle farewell as she fed her chick"


    "Candy corn, what do you see in the water?"

    The daughter giraffe lift her head and reply: "I see some water plants and rocks"

    "anything else": query the father.

    "no": smile the daughter.

    "when you are mature, you will not only be able to see high up, like into a bird nest, but also low, into the deep ocean, like me when I saw a human father, getting his son to a date with a mermaid girl"

    Deep Sea

    "where you see mermaids papa?"

    "You have to go to the ocean coast, the waters here are not deep enough for mermaids homes, but the ocean has many mermaids."

    "did you see the date"

    "of course, I merely grew my neck longer, you can do it to when you come of age"

    The daughter laugh and the father continue:" the human boy had on a breathing apparatus above his bowtie and black suit, the mermaid girl had on a purple blouse, all the adults chaperoned. The mermaid women sang songs like, the first song of the sea"

    "ohh please sing it for me papa"

    "It was in the mermaid tongue, I learned from a friend later, the title, but I can hum it"

    The father giraffe hum the song, the first song of the sea, as his daughter follow along as best she can for a first time hearing.

    "IT is getting late, time to get back"

    "I know the way papa"

    "Oh really, I knew a baby turtle who thought like you"

    "Please tell me papa?"

    "of course, well as you know, all baby turtles know the sea scent. But one particular baby turtle took so long to get out of the shell it was alone, it began to walk to the shore anyway, but a butterfly stopped it"

    My Dad's B'day Card Baby Turtles and Butterfly

    The father giraffe walk side his daughter, heading home, and say: "the well traveled old butterfly was looking for a sign of a mountain replying to love and saw the baby turtle, he told the baby turtle to not go toward the sea, the seagull clan is waiting for him like it waited for his turtle siblings, but the baby was not deterred so the butterfly took on a parental role"

    "It protected the baby turtle?"

    "yes, as the baby turtle went to the sea, the butterfly grabbed the attention of the sea gulls and continually escaped their attacks until the baby turtle reached the sea, the baby thanked the butterfly as it swam into the sea, and the butterfly went on its journey"

    "what were you doing, why didn't you help the baby papa?"

    "Sometimes being big is dangerous to those who are little, I could had hurt the butterfly or turtle, in one way or another, so I chose to aid them both by staying away, but I vigelele upon their success, oh , there is my wife, your mother"

    The daughter giraffe run to her mother, who provide, snuggles and kisses.

    "Have a great night papa, thank you"

    "Thank you my little Ngumu, dream well"

    The mother giraffe smile at her husband: "more tall tales"

    "I do not know what you are talking about, I am providing our child with necessary information, I am doing my half, but I can't speak for you my wife"

    The mother giraffe kiss his face: "I want you to whisper a bedtime story to me, while I give you more kisses"

    The father giraffe blush: "a perfect present": and he follow his wife in the darkening Serengeti.


    Hope you enjoyed reading

    If you like more of my stories check out my Short story collection series


    And I am on Bookbub


    My blog


  6. In Kingston, Jamaica, survivors of the Phobos incident, each in deep mourning, want to go into their memory and recall experiences that will comfort them.
A dreamguide prepare the table, the party sitting in a ring, that will allow communication.

    In Kingston, Jamaica, survivors of the Phobos incident, each in deep mourning, want to go into their memory and recall experiences that will comfort them.
    A dreamguide prepare the table, the party sitting in a ring, that will allow communication.  


    The four people hold each other hand in the sitting ring and let the muon receptor field begin operation to gather memories. After it is finished the dreamguide operate a muon high powered field emitter.  
    The first in the party experience a memory is Louisa Schwartz, head of Xu-Ali department of labor creation, she started as a designer of electrical interfaces in the cognitive sub department. XU-Ali operate the second most mines in the Jupiter moon belt.
    She sees nothing but hears her mother, she is in pain, not that of a knife but a pain she she wants to go through. Then Louisa feels soft hands massaging her. But they feel far away. Louisa realizes she is experiencing her father’s gentle touch through her mother. She touches her temples, remembering her father acting the same as he ventured with the other workers into the Phobos mines. She cries and enjoys her father’s love even before she could breath on her own.


    Hakiminho Wong-Blue Feather need no introduction to those who follow the Solar Gambling Hub at Titan, of Saturn, know he runs the largest tables. Starting as a trader, he was one of the first traders to give Unofficials the opportunity to trade and thus with increased volume he started to dominate gambling markets.
    He actually see his father, holding his little hand, telling him everything will be alright, the pain of that time he ignores now, focusing on his father, who was consumed by the fires in the operational quarter after the mine imploded. He was on his way to Olympus Mons to visit his grandmother, seeing the fire in space. He smiles thinking of his father’s gentle touch, his comforting when he felt sad.


    Shahare is the lead lawyer of the naturalists movement, who in solar year 2173 of the Statian Clock , under her guidance , won the right of the Naturalists to be born, live, or die in an isolated communities absent technology or external cultural guidelines, and she was able to succeed absent a religious cultural background for the Naturalists.
    She feel a gentle tickle at her side and let out a laugh. She place her hand over her mouth, startled in the rare feeling. She begin to laugh more and more, being constantly tickled by her father. She sighed a release of stress. She remember the message on earth telling her family that her father died in the promenade preparing for his comedy show, for guests. But her father’s tickles continue and she curl up holding herself laughing while being massaged by the happiness of tickles.


    Mike Thompson is the owner of the Lunar Grand Prix, where Michelle Hamilton while two month pregnant became Formula Zero Solar Champion winning the Lunar grand prix in a head to head last lap against Kamikaze Withers Chauntesielle, every one knows no circuit is as exciting as the Lunar circuit.  
    She remember a vacation to Earth where her father, played with her in the museum of playgrounds. He always supported her athletics, calling her iron mike. She will do anything to be lifted in the air by him again. She remembers when he will no longer be able to, after debris from Phobos fell to Mars. He was teaching a class of free Unofficials when the debris hit the southern hemisphere over the course of a martian day. Few survived, her father wasn’t one of them and she remember, biting her lip, learning this after winning a lunar track meet. Now, all she wanted was to catch her as she jumped off a bar or some height, just making her feel like she can fly with no worries. She meditate on the scene in her mind, hoping to never let it go again, and make sure she give it to his grandchildren.


    And the members on their own time, left the dreamguide’s table and went on their own way in life.

    I hope you enjoyed the story, if you want to read more of my work read below
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  7. An old sunflower, waken with the high sunlight.

    Late Opening Sunflower

    It know that today is the day the prisoner of the light is allowed to exit her prison. The sunflower watch as the prisoner take full form over a pool of water. The prisoner look at her reflection in the pool.

    A mirror under my feet

    The woman pull down and off her 1960s miniskirt, place the love beads gently on top, and run. The sunflower watch her leave out of sight, and retain the view to the sun. The woman run to the shore, smelling the great sea. Noticing the coast after two mile, she keep going, knowing time is of the essence. She stop on the edge of the land, the sea fronting her.

    heat of summer

    She dive into the water and swim, going farther and farther south. She inhumanely, go to depths where the sea greens grow large or free from human involvement. She search for something in the green sea.


    Searching and searching, knowing time is not on her side. She suddenly swim to a place and take something from the sea. She swims northward and northward to the substrate of sky plus sea. A small boat, a lone fisherman, see the female. She does not move but the man seem pleasant and greet her in a human language she know. She wait and the boat arrive. The fisherman help her out the ocean. He is very old and say, he always prepare to meet a mermaid. He hand her a red dress and she smile at him, but say nothing. She point to the shore and he comprehend. While on the way, he tell her that none of his drink mates will believe he met a real mermaid, and she smile. When they reach the shore, he tell her to be safe, while he go back out to catch a late fish. He promise to come by this coast when he is done to make sure she is safe. The woman take a lock of her hair and give it to the fisherman who smile. After the fisherman is out of sight, she sit and open up what she find in the green sea. It is a book and she read as the sun go to setting.

    Evening Reading

    Before the Sun finish setting she run back to the pool, and grab her other clothes and love bead necklace, with tears rolling down her face and a bright smile.


    If you like more of my stories check out my Short story collection series


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    My blog


  8. It is a day all the green blooded know well. It is when the light shine highest above for those who live above earth’s waist. A sunflower look up and wonder what it’ s life will be.
Will it get to grow old and watch seedlings make good on their...

    It is a day all the green blooded know well. It is when the light shine highest above for those who live above earth’s waist. A sunflower look up and wonder what it’ s life will be.


    Will it get to grow old and watch seedlings make good on their journey or will it be other. It can not be certain. Suddenly, it feel torn from the earth. Someone blindsided it. The sunflower yell out, who.
    The rapist turn it and give a smile. The sunflower is not amuse. The rapist place the sunflower in a glass basket. The flower protest to no reply, after being walked around by this abuser, for a seeming eternity. Then the sunflower is present to a human woman.


    The human woman is not happy at the first encounter, the sunflower is not either. What does this human want with me, it thought? The human woman eventually accept the imprison sunflower, calling it beautiful. The sunflower notice the light off her face and recall stories from the butterflies about the sides of mountain ranges on clear days. The butterflies said to the sunflowers, if you ever see a glint of light brighter than the sun off a mountain, that glint is the sign of a mountain in love. It makes a glint so that the mountain it is in love with can notice.  
    One butterfly said she saw another mountain reply under a deep blue clear sky, a brown mountain, glittering with various minerals, made two glints in reply. The butterfly said it crossed a big ocean to see this. When a sunflower asked, how can the mountains meet, what babies can they make? The butterfly said, they meet through the distance. Mountains are so sensitive they can make connections across great distance and as for children. They ask a midwife, usually a volcanic mountain, to take their love in the earth’s blood and make a new mountain for them. The sunflower thinking on the oldest mountain clans stopped as it notice it is alone in a human kitchen. It enjoy facing the sun, highest in the sky. Suddenly, someone turn it to face them.  


    The sunflower is not amuse. But when the interloper smile the sunflower remind itself to what a mountain lion said. A mountain lion said it was chasing wild sheep one time. A beautiful baby black sheep was separated from the pack and facing the mountain lion went off a cliff. The baby sheep fell in mud. And had so much fun it was smiling and giggling, not noticing the mountain lion, smacking its lips. The mountain lion checked the ground to make sure it evaded the mud, for slippage or a loose area. When the mountain lion made a run for the meal, some mud reached out from the ground and smacked it. The mountain lion realized the mud had become the protector, the skin, of the black sheep. A beautiful powerful skin that can not be defeated easily. And the mountain lion left. The sunflower thought on the location of that sheep and its clan, who put on the mud, distinguishing them from other black sheep. But, a discussion between the two human women broke the sunflower’s train of thinking.  
    The human woman it was given to is upset with the interloper, and point to her watch. The interloper make some gesture of hands, sunflowers never comprehend human movement. Suddenly, the interloper grab the sunflower, the sunflower tell her to stop. The sunflower want more sun. But the interloper does not heed her. And, she carries the Sunflower about for a seeming eternity. The sunflower dour mood was interrupted by a sudden feeling. The ebbing sun, it ask the woman to turn it to the sun, but to no avail. The sunflower is turn to a woman, the ebbing sunlight crowning her head.


    The sunflower is too angry to speak. But the waiting woman is gentle and give the sunflower a kiss. The kiss is so wet or succulent, it remind the sunflower to a story a baby snake told. The baby snake said it grew up around a brown river, brown since ancient times. After the baby snake was born it was told by mama snake to make its way in the world, crossing the brown river. Mama snake told all her babies, trust the river, it is our clans friend. The baby snake trusted naturally and went on its journey. A wicked fox, notice the baby snake, and leap from the green to pounce. Luckily the baby snake was close enough to other green to slip through the fox’s paw. The fox did not give up and leap into the ancient brown river after the baby snake. The baby snake remember the chant mama snake always sang while she was pregnant.  
    “G⁠r⁠e⁠a⁠t⁠ ⁠a⁠n⁠c⁠i⁠e⁠n⁠t⁠ ⁠b⁠r⁠o⁠w⁠n⁠ ⁠r⁠i⁠v⁠e⁠r⁠,⁠ ⁠p⁠r⁠o⁠te⁠c⁠t⁠ ⁠me⁠,⁠ ⁠li⁠k⁠e⁠ ⁠m⁠y⁠ ⁠a⁠n⁠c⁠e⁠s⁠t⁠o⁠r⁠,⁠ ⁠First⁠ ⁠s⁠na⁠k⁠e⁠.” And the ancient brown river, swirled the fox who leap out after, and the baby snake go through the river gaining a brown color that it has ever after, a power gain through the ancient river’s kiss.
    The two face the sunflower to the sunlight off the moon which waken the sunflower from memory. And the sunflower relax having one high flying day.

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  9. A twenty something female is playing GloboVans, trying to reach the upper percentile users in life viewers. Her grandparents see her and chant in unison: “Put that game down Karema, we want to spend time with you”.
“I can’t you two, I am still on the...

    A twenty something female is playing GloboVans, trying to reach the upper percentile users in life viewers. Her grandparents see her and chant in unison: “Put that game down Karema, we want to spend time with you”.  
    “I can’t you two, I am still on the clock”: Karema reply, linking the television in her room to the computer screen, displaying her Juneteenth town built for her life viewers to watch her avatar, where various firms can advertise or sell products inside.


    “come on Nicodemus”: say Karema’s grandmother. The two elders smile and go toward the door.  
    “Wait”: say Karema, can you two come back with some family photos about Juneteenth. “Ok K”: reply the grandmother.  

    “Ok everyone in the Kverse, we have two new members of the village, Nico and Eucy, here to explain these photos” Nicodemus and Euclaire sit with two cameras in front of them, a screen behind the camera offering their visualization. Karema speak offline: “ok guys, just tell the stories, to the members, like we talked about”
    Karema’s grandparents nod their heads and begin. Euclaire start off.
    “The following photo was taken in 1900..”. The number of residents grew by one thousand.


    Euclaire continue: “The woman with white hair was named Sister May, she led the local church of freeville texas, near the border of Louisiana. The woman on her right was Jude, she was married to Robert Six Pistols, the legendary gun fighter who defeated the Bones of Davis gang that terrorized black towns from Wyoming to Missouri, The man behind sister May was…”
    “Jacob Farmer, the last original cowboy”
    “yes, thank you my love, and next to him with the cane was Ol’ barrel Williams, he was involved with Sherman’s march, and the one farthest left was Youn’ Boulder Williams, they say he made reconnaissance trips in the confederacy, but he never told anyone, it all came as hearsay from friends around drink, the last was my great grandfather, Toby Tim, the master of the Coon can, my grandfather would only play Conquian because of him. He always sang, whenever family time was… many tried to be the best, from northern Virginia to southern Texas, many came on road or followed the blues, to seek out Toby Tim and the crown he used. Not made of gold or very old, but pure white with a black soul, many a man or wo-man thought the crown will be theirs but didn’t comprehend the first lesson, the coon plays the can, but the king knows conquian, all hail”
    Euclaire and Nicodemus say in unison:“ Toby Tim!”: and they laugh. The number of residents grew by two thousand, shares by ten thousand.  
    Euclaire continue: “Some of you may wonder where is Toby Tim’s hat these days, well, I can tell you, but you have to play a hand of conquian with me to make me”: and Euclaire stop.
    Nicodemus begin: “the following photo was taken in 1905, actually near where I lived as a baby in 2020”. The number of residents grew by eight hundred.



    Nicodemus continue: “if you look at the trolley you will some men in white there, in the mix they faced a lady was present, that lady was my great grandmother. Her name was Ludmilla L'Aventure. She owned the store in the center, of the dark colored building. She actually met Frederick Douglass in 1887, we still have the ledger to prove it, and he wanted a special dress made with a mocha boned shoulder strap bodice over the hips, and a red white and blue threadcount tartan dress with thirty eight ruffles around the dress with red white and blue threadcount tartan pattern but larger values hemlined just over the floor, if enough of you want I will share the photo with you later” . Two thousand shares are made.

    Nicodemus continue:“ My great grandmother, even met King T.T. , after he defeated a man by the name of Sally the rough, Lady L'aventure sewed a mulberry silk rim but you have to play with my wife for more” The number of residents grew by three thousand and Nicodemus end.
    Euclaire look to Karema and Karema make gestures and Euclaire begin:“ We will share the following photo with you all for a post Juneteenth quest”


    Euclaire continue: “We happen to know the two women in the carriage but we will like all of you to do research and find them for us. Whomever succeeds after placing their findings in the mail box will receive a thousand credits to use anywhere, in any village in GloboVans courtesy of Kverse’s mayor, QueenK! ”
    Euclaire end and Karema begin the next phase of her online activity. Nicodemus and Euclaire look to each other and smile. They wave to Karema as they exit her room.

    After supper, everyone in the house hold, Euclaire, Nicodemus, Jonas their son, Lukwana Jonas’s wife, Karim Lukwana’s father, oleone Lukwana’s mother, Karema the daughter of Jonas plus Lukwana, her little brother Nat adopted at ten and now twelve, all cleaned the kitchen and enjoyed the parlor. Karema went next to her grandparents playing Cubecule and showed them a video.


    Euclaire erupted in laughter.  
    “Can you still do the dance grandma?”
    “That little girl is long gone”
    Nicodemus lean over in a public whisper: “she still can”
    “Nicodemus Charles Lattimer shame! ”  
    Nicodemus smile and lean back.  
    “Please grandma”
    “No, no way… well, don’t give me that face… alright, if Nicodemus can defeat me in the game of Cubecule, I will do it”
    I hope you enjoyed the story

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  10. In the future, aside Mons Huygens, in the capitol of the E.N.U., a school for age 6s in district five, Gandhi Academy, has Origin Day. The children wait for the box of noted old things from Earth’s past to be revealed.  

    A teacher open up the box, flanked by her peers, and various items are present. Each child in the school’s roster take an item.  

    Marianne look at the storage unit and read from a letter, by White Feather.

    “My grandfather was told by his grandfather, as they opposed the building of a pipeline, that he remember his son, my great grandfather, fighting in the original American Indian Movement. How these white men came and took his son’s daughter one late evening. They found her weeks later two states over in Illinois. Local authorities or federal authorities never found out who did it. But, my great grandfather, with the bow he made, lived in the street and hunted those men with the old ways. He eventually found those men and murdered them. The police nor other law enforcement came but the family knew as he told them how he did it, and it coincided eerily to the news report. My grandfather was told this tale during the video presentation you are watching. The AIM flag was not preferred by my great grandfather but after avenging my great grandmother, he flew it proudly wherever he went”

    Gentle Cougar took out an old photo and read a letter from Candace Nascimento.

    “My grandmother was a field nurse during world war I. She knew about the field from her grandfather, a former buffalo soldier, who had a forebear that served the British during the united states war of independence. He told her he was forever shamed about his tenure in that unit and she should never serve the USA in any fashion, giving him the chance to kill for a fantasy. But, during the war to end all wars, she saw many of her friends heading off and wanted to join them. And she did. She lost her fiancé in Southern France, a sander from Louisiana, deterring the main German offensive. The USA never awarded him. But she survived and was emboldened to be a pan africanists. She wanted to find her way to a Black country. And she is waving the flag in this photo. Some white cops later that month confiscated all the money they had gathered to make a boat with provisions. It broke my grandmother’s heart. But, she found her husband, Rodrigo, later that year and he was always proud of her waving that flag, as he never had saw such an exhibition in Salvador”


    N'Dule took out a colored photo and read a letter from Georgina Blake Jefferson.

    “My grandmother grew up in the bayou, in true cajun country. She never finished elementary. And decided to work as a house cleaner for the elites in New Orleans. One day, soon before her eighteenth birthday, a group of guys from the North were partying for Mardi Gras. They waited for her to leave her shift and grabbed her. She couldn’t struggle against a group of five men. She learned later, her brother as a member of Beauregard’s men secretly patrolled new orleans to keep the cajun women safe. And, even though one had violated her, before the others could get there turn, her brother and his friends found the rig of her captors. She never forgot seeing the beauty of the battle flag of northern virginia on their jackets. It represented a safety the stars and stripes never did, a pride in being southern. This photo she took at her birthday party later, she would always carry a battle flag with her wherever she went”


    Carlos Tenji took out a drawing and read a letter from Madiba Patel.  

    “My grandfather was a refuge and his family chose the usa cause it was the biggest option. Any country in europe seem smaller and already too congested, and no one spoke chinese or russian or portuguese. My great grandmother spoke english so that was an assist. My grandfather was an internet millionaire with his roaming cinema verité. Going around hitchhiking, taking online viewers on his journeys. This graphic was designed for a government official. Some people were tearing it all down. My grandfather gained a limp trying to stop them. He told the people, he wasn’t trying to change them, but asking them to stop trying to change others. If we learn to live side by side unlikely neighbors, neighbors we oppose while we don’t try to change, we can have true peace, not a deceptive slavery. It took many decades but we finally did learn how”


    Other kids presented items from yore but none were flags.

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  11. May 18th 2020

    For today's blog, after Saturday's poll result honoring Joan of Arc's canonization, I will present fastidiously, the interview from yesterday, the positively incomparable senior rapper Simon Wheeler the third as my guest, and query him concerning a man over ten thousand voters do not know, Leo Smiley, advocate to the homeless Leo Smiley, and display it after I explain some reservations.  

    I have wondered the purpose behind my fanbase, even if they are free or real as the random write in winning a poll is the definition to modern falsehood, hoping it is not to convey information about JSmiles1, who Leo Smiley knows too well as episode 69 concerning banned internet words attest, and convey information about Leo Smiley will help a thesis for an online class I am taking, while JSMiles1 is not worth telling children about.

    Simon Wheeler the third was at a replica of Angel's Hotel in his house, kept a mask on even though he lived alone, eyes showed a love of life, a pizza stain on his captain planet shirt showed a love of food, he never looked at me during the interview, he looked to the left when sad, to the right when happy , to the ceiling when quiet, to the floor when bellowing, he seemed to be preaching to the world about a prophet, though I did not ask about one. So, I asked him one question, if he knew about Leo Smiley, and he gave his reply, which concluded our interview. He replied:

    Ohhhh, you know there was a playa, name JSmiles1 I tell ya, he live two blocks down the road. I think his ancestor, a simple harvester, came as a pilgrim , not the one's in films then, while eight others came from the east. But when he received, and after he was Extremely pleased, his first phone , a ring tone to moan, came after every messaging. For no one wanted, he was not stunted, to message him first you see. A simple moan, not like a loud one from ol' Joan, was all he wanted to hear. If he saw anything, whether or not a plaything, he wanted to text message it , announce or boast it, right then and there. If he saw a couple, even if their life seem supple, arguing in their home, he made a texting tome. If he saw a squirrel, whether still or in a twirl, busying about a tree, he will text how later it flee. If kids were playing ball in the street, he will text it; if a pigeon took bread and flew away, he will text it. If he saw two kids flying paper airplanes he will text it. If he saw some fellas, all of them brothas, on his favorite corner, not the one with music by werner, singing or drinking about,... he will wait, cause it's never too late, for Hakim Johnson , graduate of the Harlem boys choir, and invitational caroler to the Vatican twice the pride of his sire, to etch out a tune, with magic like a rune, and do it with a smile, like all the good unpaid acts of the Hollywood miles. If he saw a kid, not one that hid, on a bike being chased, he will follow his trail, longer than the route for mail, and message every step of the way. That is why whenever JSmiles1 was about, every kid, lady, playa, knew his route. He message anything he could, if messages was water he'd fill up the woods. One time a woman named Janine, fell from the city heat, and her fall made a loud scene. I can not say who picked her up, or her apartment or who put medicine in her cup, but JSMiles1 came in her place, and looked all interested at her face, and was told she will be all well, three high fathers and two hail mary’s, yes. JSMiles1 merely texted, "She ain't recovered yet"

    JSMiles1 had a video game system, officially it was called a Listem, but folk called her Susan, with eyes near the control port and all. To start took five minutes to load, the sound of popcorn waiting was always to explode, cause she would never turn on, with her insides all done, cause of rain, or some pain, after a lifelong injury with a fall. Her game was simple, shoot through a space like a fipple, all the players always let her go first. If cable was on she will pause, or maybe it was the telephone that was the cause, but the user always gained huge points, but before the winning tally, in each and I mean each and every rally, she will come out with a glitch, and literally say one word on the screen, ditch , hitch or witch, and then she win.

    And, he had a brown basketball, more like a handball, seemed to let out gas, with each and every pass, but whenever he was shot, turned into a perfect pi-rock, and clear out rivals from the lot. Some tried to use a different ball, but a calamity will always predate its fall, truck/knife/bullet or something where Ronald Reagan which is the name of the ball, passed around dead and dying, JSMiles1 telling all the angry they lying, until he get the ball whop, a shot go in and mouths drop, while JSMiles1 message what he saw. That ball was always good for a story, various literal glory, till the day the kids played with brown ball, bigger than a common handball, Reagan tried to replace him, but he wasn't able to trick him, and disheartened the old ball puffed all his air out. Ronald was a good ball, and could had made it onto Ringling brothers, but no call came before his fall, and he was unlike any of his others. Shed a tear, let the drink drop, the last great basketball I was once near, sad he went out a flop.

    The great JSMiles1, the only one, had a jump rope, dice, a rooster, a genie's collection of everything, so he could message about anything. He one time caught a frog, hopped into his hand from a fog, in the local park, texted "I have a green son to teach", for months he spoke like a lark, teaching under a year the hopper. Hop over a toy car, hop over the plastic star, catch a fly over an orange juice glass, catch a fly under the chair for his wee lass. The frog has no limit, he said, over and over again, each day teach a lil bit, he said, believe in him, believe in him. I saw Steph in my home, right behind me, begin a tome, "in the beginning flies " for no fee, and faster than superman, a hop over a stan' , then more stoic than a Tibetan monk as if all his ambition sunk. No frog was ever like him, before or afterward. JSMiles1 love to boast about the little green beastie, kept him safe when he traveled in a pocket made side his hoodie. One day, a loner, a stranger on the block, asked: "what is that thing on your neck, a sock". JSMiles1 say:"yoyoyo don't talk about my son, he may bite you like a snake or leap at you like a rat, but he is just my pet, frog"

    Surprised, the guy wonder what's it talent and why.

    JSMiles1 smile and smile: "he is the Frog that I always message everyone about, the frog that can outleap any other frog you can find or see"

    The distant neighbor shake his head, no and no and no.  

    "I am willing to put my money where my mouth is": JSMiles1 preach. "You have not studied the fine art of frog training, clearly, you only seen things on tv... He can out jump any frog in Calaveras county, cause he always did, and since your shirt show you a trader, I am willing to bet forty dollars, my fellow playa"

    The stranger hummin: "To bad, but I will never know and neither will you. I have no frog, but if I did... I will bet you"

    And JSMiles1 brighten: "wait a minute, stay right there, here is my hoodie I will be right back"

    The fella took out his wallet and sat down on the fire hydrant; he ponder to himself, about the possible new wealth, and took the frog out his blanket, and remembering his lunch, pushed in a bit from chopped rotisserie chicken, as a late frog brunch. On the concrete the frog sat, still like a wrestler out for the count on the mat.  JSMiles1 returned all muddy, clothes colored around a ruddy, with a common wild frog in his hands and say: "ok, we are now ready. Here... and place him next to Steph Hawkin, that is my frog' name, and you best remember it after this. On three we will let them go"

    Both men held their racers, each hopping a hop is no different than phasers. The stranger give a gentle tap, and the wild frog hop elsewhere on the concrete map. But, Steph just sat there, wonderin like the hippies did over there. No matter what his frog just sat and JSmiles1 had to admit, in his message, where his frog was at.  

    The guy took the money and went on down the sidewalk, but before he crossed the street, he look to Steph and balk: "us another simple frog I see"

    JSmiles1 was upset, and stared at his son now set: "What is wrong with you Steph, tell me" After a lift he noticed his weight, and all comprehension concerned his former fate. He saw the stranger turn a distant corner and raced after him getting warmer, and warmer, but he never caught him. And


    Suddenly a yell, the rapper leaped from his seat and placed his face close to the screen: "Stay right there , brother man"

    But, I think I learned enough about the infamous JSMiles1 and doubted much will come about Leo Smiley so I cut off the video conference with a polite message. Immediately after, I got a reply from Wheeler, about JSmiles1 Volkswagen beetle his grandfather gave him. But, I had no further inclination and took my leave.


    Happy Belated Canonization of Joan of Arc

    Happy Belated Jumping Frog Jubilee based on the first story published by Mark Twain, the Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County


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  12. I remember walking alongside you in this park Ma. Just like that baby duck, but walking. The sun was brilliant every time we went out. Hey stop that, I don't need preening. Here click the shot then.

    DD - Mother and child - Mute swan (Cygnus olor)


    I am not preening you back, no way. Yes I know the baby fox look cute but I am not a baby anymore. Ha! Don't look like that. Well alright, I will let fate decide. I will kiss you on the cheek while I take the photo.

    Happy Mother and Son - Vixen and fox kit



    I will get an exhibit in this gallery one day, don't worry Ma. No this is a collection from various photographers. Ha! you like that one. Ha! I wanted to play drums with Morris. I had to help my brother find his vocation. I can't wait to hear him later tonight.

    Mother and Child 03


    I have a question, does Dad still get a taste? I am not ashamed to ask a valid adult question to my mother in public? I am not tasting them now... I am not done doing it, I merely moved on to greener pastures. Ha! Yes, Rose and Makeda will meet us at the art exhibit. ... Yes, I stole milk from my daughter. Rose knew it would happen, she was complicit.

    mother and the child 2


    Look at those cheeks, sleepy head. I wish we can see inside a baby dream. I wonder what wonder. I was meditating Ma?! I was relaxed, in your arms was comfort, and during a hug... still is.

    Mother and Child


    Yeah, I love black mothers too. Amazing the happiness under such duress. ... do the dance now ? I know you have not forgotten. Did you do it when you held Makeda? ... Wait, here is my dance for my grandchild to be... Ha!

    Mother and son. SL



    Hi! there they are. ... You want some water Rose? Nanna gets all the attention huh? ... I love you to Makeda. ... Love the opening selection. Yeah she does. I remember when you looked like that Rose, I know Pop will say the same to you Ma. ... yes, it seems all females know it is time for another kind of strength when motherhood come. ... yeah, it is universal

    Tibetan Mother and Child


    It's Mary Magdalene... a woman in Christian lore little one. I agree Ma, Makeda was cuter. Oh thank you. I know you were cuter my love. You want to be a mom one day Makeda? Ha!

    Mother and Child
  13. MAruice jackson 5112020.jpg

    The artwork above is from MAurice Jackson, the post I gained it from is deleted now.... I can easily talk about the various frictions in the Black Statian community but I rather make a point to the solution to the frictions. In my mind, the solution to the frictions in the Black Statian <meaning Black people who live in the usa, Black defined by phenotype, not geography of ancestral origin/language/religion/geography of birth/gender/financial level/membership to party of governance/ or anything except phenotype or appearance > requires an organization or a group that has the desire/resources/plan to unite the various Black Statian tribes, from the Black Militant to the Black non violent. But my second point is a question to you, What can unite the modern Black Statian? The commentary to the art above from Black people proved this art did not bring unity, among the various groups. What can?

  14. It is so warm mommy, stay there, don’t move around, I need to get my sauna time in. But I will be hungry in a little while. Oh wait, wait, let me get my pose in. Kata Stance!!!

    Mommy, that baby look like me, but why it covered in gold. why mommy? Poppa paint it that way. Poppa tickle my feet, I like that. But he wrong, I rather drink milk than look at your neck mommy. You call me Rosey, just like those things. But you say I’m cuter, I agree with you. Oh pappa want to hug us, hold on mommy. later, other mommy and baby.

    I want to run, like that kitty kat. Let me go and run mommy or you run with me, please?! Where is papa? why he play so many games? Your neck is shiny, can I see your neck? thank you. Ha! there is papa, he hide mommy. He hide behind a bush. What is over there?  

    MOMMY! I want to play with the cards now! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! It is not funny Papa MOMMY!  

    Thank you mom, thank you for this, I know you had to reschedule a conference. I think papa will like this photograph. Behave yourself Cocoa! Play the thumb game and be still for us, please. Ok go mama! Oh, yes… I remember when Papa showed that photo to me. It is not funny, I wanted to play with those Kemet cards. I still got them too. HOLD STILL! ok ok Got it!

    Yes Malika, isn’t this setup a nice concept. Ma told me about it years ago while your husband was in her womb. Lil Hakim is like him, so at peace. Remember to always call ma when you need assistance, I know I have for my little one. Yes, Malika, one month due… oh, there she is now, BUT HOLD STILL, this is it
    …If you enjoyed this tale check out the others utilizing the links below
    Poetry or More Audiobook
    Visasiki Audiobook
    Short Story Collection

  15. A double dose of creativity...


    Start With Love deviantart competition. I hope the planets can help humans comprehend how to socially distance happily. 



    Heavy Metal sixartschallenge : arzach /lorna/den/taarna/ranx/el borbah  all in my style




  16. A spirit to a world speak: "hmmm, I feel my grandmother as I sleep. She is singing to me, a song of timelessness. When she was a little star swimming free in the bottom or topless sea. I wish I will live as long as her, but I know I will not. At least some of my children are not marsupial and they may go on and live on their aunts and uncles or others in my large family... I feel the need to wake up to end my sleep. I see myself as I wake"

    Earth by Alpha-Element
    "I need to speak to one of my children today. In my waking dreams I can hear them speak to me. But, what was it about?  I think it was to celebrate something. I guess I will make an avatar".
    ... an avatar to Earth form in a bright afternoon.
    Goddess of Earth by Ry-Spirit
    And the earth avatar walked about a small town, walking along the main avenue, the green bushels forming her hair gently brushing through the air. People are in shock looking at this natural automaton. The earth spirit only know it remember someone is important today. She stop and look about and suddenly, a person claps. And another clap and the whole street fills up with people, clapping. The earth spirit is still unaware to the why or how? Then she see a banner: 'Happy Earth Day'.
    And a couple come out hand in hand and the woman speak: "this is for you Earth!". Servers came around a corner with little plates or folded tables holding cut pieces of dirt. The man speak to earth, winking at her: 'you taste good earth'.
    The earth spirit is flushed, unaware to what he was suggesting and she speak: "well, my water is nice right?"
    A little child go to the avatar and say: "I love water" and the earth spirit in the earth avatar on her body, grab the child and tickle their belly. The servers set the tables and place the sweets. The woman speak to the earth avatar: "do you want to know how you taste like?"
    The earth spirit look down and see the plate of sweets.
    Minecraft earth block chocolate cakes by Aphilien
    She look to it and sniff, and grab one block of earth looking sweet and offer it to the child, who loves the taste. The child say: "I love you earth"
    The earth smile and say: "I love you too"
  17. The elders say cats always walk the way to the lair of the Earth Seed. A child of earth born once every turn of the Earth about the Sun. Some say an earth seed is a child of earth with the sun, but no one has ever recorded such an event accept the plants.  The elders also say, you know when a cat is close to an Earth Seed when a cat cross the mushrooms that grow wildest.

    The elders say, if you follow a cat, long enough, though no exact distance is ever known, you will reach an arcade of trees

    That is only the gateway to an Earth Seed when a cat on the path goes through it, otherwise it is just an arcade of trees on earth, not unlike any other.
    In the year 1970, a man painted a moment in time in the year 1936 when he followed the town cat who lived in Mr. Madsen’s barn past a set of oddly wild mushrooms and through an arcade of trees in Decatur Iowa.
    The experienced man, then a young man, did not know what he would find in that little wood. But it surprised him. At first, he thought a dragon, but he never saw a dragon that seemed to be made of algae. The creature seemed so gentle, or unassuming, it merely looked at him and then went back into its nestling. Days came and the man enjoyed its company.  
    In the painting the man showed his younger self giving the Earth Seed an apple.  

    He recalls his younger self being perturbed when the dragon puffed the apple away. He did not know what to do and wondered why it had scars on it, while it never left this area.
    Time past and the experienced man is now decades older and he is standing in the same green way years in the future. A man whose secrets about the Earth Seed will seem to die with him, for reasons the common people may never know.
    But, standing in full glory before this man whose time is nearly up is a fully fledged Earth Seed, no longer algae-ic with wings cut into by the ills applied to earth, or that is what some suggest cause the wounds, but now a serpentine with wild leaves about itself. A gallant dragon needing to speak to its father.

    The experienced man can only look at the Earth Seed fly up into the sky and to beyond. The Experienced Man near the end of his time say a prayer: “or helping this life, please earth, sun, moon, stars, please help the other children of earth”.
    And the Earth Seed flew up into the sky. Days later astronauts in the International Space Station said they saw a brilliant green light emit on the atmosphere of earth.  

    They explained that the ions outside Earth’s electromagnetic field collide at it and produce the illuminations commonly called the Northern Lights, but what the now dead experienced man knew, and all those who get to aid an Earth Seed know, it is in those moments when the sun touch the earth , as the lords of the Nile depicted, when the Earth Seed can leave its mother and provide blessings to all children of earth, if the other children earned it.

  18. Each child from Earth is part in a community and between each perihelion the Earth must speak to each child's community at least once, per the agreement with the Sun. In the oldest swamp from Earth the human season come again, the time of Eostre, when the spirit in Earth take a humanoid form to speak to her human children. She slowly form the body deep in a swampland so thick, the morning sun seem a sunset.

    Queen of Mud by aeryael
    It is said if you are lucky to witness the spirit of the Earth before she settles her form, the Earth will allow you to take a piece from in her. But, I myself have never been able to witness such a thing to prove it myself. 
    The spirit of Earth, after forming the body, begin to walk out from the swamp to speak to the humans. She meets a hare, basking in the sunlight.
    The Hare by Nelleke
    The hare turn to look to her and cognize her immediately. It hop to her feet and ask:" what can I do for the earth Spirit". The Eostre ask the hare:" please take me to the human tribe". The hare bow and escort The Eostre out the swamp, out the wood and into a human roadway. A human man turn a sharp corner near the wood exit and is astonished at the figure before him. He ask The Eostre if he can take a photo of her. She nod her head. He ask her to take a look at it.
    Earth woman by fb101
    He ask her name, and she look down at the Hare, who head shake in disagreement. The man sulk off looking at the photo. 
    The Eostre look down at the road and ask the hare: "how far are the humans from their.... road"
    "Not far earth spirit, about ten thousand hops, but beware humans wearing odd smelling metal clumps"
    And The Eostre leave the hare, at the side of the road. 
    An Autumn Hare by tisbone
    The Eostre walk and walk, observing the humans in cars going by. In the late morning, she observe a small human girl carrying eggs in one hand, picking up an egg in the other. The Eostre go over to the girl and ask: "why did you take that egg and have an egg basket?"
    "Its easter": the little girl reply.
    "YEs, I know but egg is meant to be cared for not, thrown about, you never know what kind of life it may bring"
    The little girl stand confused or bored. The Eostre ask her to sit the egg she just found down. After the little girl did, the Eostre tap her foot once and the egg grow, and grow, wiping away decorations and a small dragon pop out.
    Egg Hunt by annewipf
    The little girl is very happy, even though the baby dragon tried to snap her finger off; she place the baby dragon in her egg basket. And, grab The Eostre hand and say: "Please, come home, my parents will love to meet you, my dad does magic and my mom loves dragons"
    "you think it is wise for your mom to see a dragon"
    "yes, lets go": and the little girl drag The Eostre to her home. The little girl ask The Eostre to notice the eggs on the table and say: "my dad made them"
    The Eostre look at the eggs and smile. You know, it will be good to talk to your parents. And The Eostretime happened successfully, albeit an initial shock of nudity from the parents to the little girl.
  19. It is April 12th 2020, Ess Mae Murard walk by her Easter painting aside her grandchildren.  

    The boy ask: “I never seen that painting before”
    “No you have not Hakim, it is one I did a while back but I only present it for Easter”: gently replied Ess Mae.  
    “Why grandma S?”: reply a girl.  
    “I was going to ask that Shaniqua!”: cut in Hakim.
    “No need to shout Hakim, it was a good question anyway right?”: Grandma Ess tickle Hakim and Shaniqua, either laugh.  
    Grandma Ess continue: “to answer the question you both want to know, I must go back to earlier days”. She take a photo off a desk.

    “Grandpa Clay!”: reply both children in unison.  
    “yes, your grandfather with me before church,1947, I was a little sad, a commission I was hoping to get was obtained by D. Scott, made me quite mad”: recall grandma Ess, and she continue: “We went to church, your grandpa Clay had to do some work in a white man’s house, So I chose to go to St. Nicholas park and sit to gather my thoughts and that is when I saw her…”: the children are attentive:“Eostre”:the children interrupt Grandma Ess.
    “who is Eostre”:ask Hakim.  
    “yes, please tell us grandma S”: Shanique pull on her grandmother’s arm.
    Grandma Ess continue: “… hmmm, well, at first I did not know who she was and I said, nice hat, she found that amusing and seemed interested in what I had to say… I learned she was the Earth”: the children look confused and Grandma Ess continue: “well, the spirit of the Earth who once every turn around the sun makes an appearance as a human to humans”
    Grandma Ess look to the children who are still confused, and smile. She continue: “think of it like this, we live on a planet, called Earth, and she is living so, she has a spirit, but her spirit is special, not like a humans, her spirit can inhabit many kinds of bodies.”
    “why grandma Ess”: ask Shaniqua.  
    “The earth is very old and powerful, I can not explain all in why Earth reacts the way it does in any way… but we talked about many things, and when she was done she offered me a chance to paint her”
    “So that is her, the spirit of Earth”: ask Hakim.  
    “hmmm rather, that is the form the spirit of Earth took”: reply Grandma Ess.  
    “but why only show it during easter”: ask Shaniqua.
    “well”: a car horn cut off Grandma Ess, and she speak to the matter: “you two, lets go , we can talk about it later ,lets go outside”: she take a photo.
    The three leave the house and meet a woman waiting by a wall.

    “come on Ma!”: speak the woman.
    “coming chile, now go on you two, go to your mother”: suggest Grandma Ess, but Hakim shake his head and Shanique tighten her grip.  
    “So you two want to bother your grandmother about something, alright, but just get in the car, ok”: and after the mother speak, the grandchildren usher into the car quiet and wait for grandma Ess.

    while driving to church Grandma Ess was active on her tablet and asked the children: “you two ready to learn why that painting can’t be shown”.
    “I see now what is going on”: the children’s mother smile.
    “Don’t say anything mommy”: request Shaniqua.
    “yeah, we want to hear it from grandma”: demand Hakim.
    “ok ok, may I listen to”: ask the mother, and the children nod.
    Grandma Ess smile and say: “take a look at the image on the tablet”: and she hand the tablet to the children in the back seat. Hakim plus Shaniqua look at the image.  

    Grandma Ess begin to finish her story: “well… once long ago, great birds existed, these birds could be ridden like a horse. Humans lived well with adult ones but could never breed children, but it didn’t matter for they continued to be born in the wild, until one day…”: the children gasp in preparation and grandma Ess continue: “the earth changed. These birds had only one nesting ground, and it was destroyed in a great earthquake, that burned the sky so none could fly away… the humans who used these birds was very angry cause these birds was the only way they could reach some of the remote locations where they lived. They asked the Earth to make more of the birds to restart their bloodline… but the Earth refused. The humans who rode these birds, became very angry and cursed all our mother… do you have an idea why the painting can not be seen now?”
    Hakim think, but shake his head. Shaniqua think and say:“ the eggs? ”
    “Yes, Shaniqua”: smile Grandma Ess, Hakim cry out in agony, their mother laugh.  
    “But, those little eggs in the painting are the eggs of those huge birds”
    “no, but they are the map… The Eostre made a map of eggs, utilized correctly, which I will not say how, they provide a map, the painting gives clues to those who know, thus the spirit of Earth demanded I not make that publicly shown… and I have kept my promise, and as your mother has kept it , I demand you two”
    Shaniqua plus Hakim smile: “yes grandma Ess”
    “Ok guys, we at church your”
    “Daddy!”: yell the two children in unison cutting off their mother’s instruction. The mother open the car doors and the children are out; she blow a kiss to her husband.
    “You know my sweet Roe, you can make a few more eggs for me to tell my story too”: explain Grandma Ess to her daughter.  
    “Momma , I am not going to be laying tons of eggs, I know you and Rick been talking and plotting, now enjoy your church, I will be back to take us all to Black Fort for lunch”: say Roe, as she watch her mother exit the car and meet up with the husband plus kids.

  20. Once long ago, a beautiful forest bloomed in spring.
    Spring by f-f-w-d
    But what few humans knew back then and fewer know now is that the trees can make the fairy folk bloom. But it cannot be any fairy, it has to be the one hundred and twenty fourth fairy in line from the last one bloomed. Meaning, if a fairy bloom, only her 124th descendant in line can bloom after her and so forth. Fairies are tiny and thus sometimes, a bloodline end and only special magic can force a blooming. But that special event is for another story. This story is about Asukume, and how her bloom survived. Asukume was the 124th descendant of the last fairy to bloom with the beautiful forest and she was very happy.
    Pregnant by Sprits
    She imagined all the great things her blooming can do. Unlike most fairy folk born from the flowers in a forest, when a fairy bloom, that child is not a fairy but a umoyuswi. They can make fairies even stronger and thus lie the danger. Some fairies betrayed their parents and seek to control nature, not serve her. One is Queen Itshe. Normally in stone.
    Spring by rvbhal
    She is no bigger than a walnut, safe from human eyes but kept hidden by her allies the squirrels. She placed a spell on herself to rise every 124th blooming to acquire an umoyuswi. When she rises she is a deadly grey color. 
    spring by AvantFae
    But her intent is clear. To take a umoyuswi's power, energy, and use it to not only revitalize herself, but extend her control. Forcing more to be here allies in the red-blooded tribes: humans, bears, et cetera.
    Asukume knew the danger, and always kept moving to make sure she was never in one spot long enough for Itshe or her squirrel spies to find her. Fortunately, Asukume had her baby. And in time it grew and blossomed into a fine umoyuswi. 
    Fairy by GDBee
    Her butterfly wings glittering everywhere. But she was still young. In her newness, she wanted to talk to everyone and forgot the warning her mother gave about talking to squirrels, and she talked to one. The squirrel informed Itshe and she came floating in. Asukume daughter was scared at the dull white sight of Itshe, but the squirrels held her down and Itshe began to absorb the energy of Asukume daughter. 
    Spring Catwalk by La-Chapeliere-Folle
    Itshe was reveling in getting her color back, intoxicated with a success that had to wait thirty thousand year. In her hubris, she forgot one key weapon, a name. Asukume daughter had not given herself a name, per the custom of umoyuswi. Asukume did not know the rule but a flower did and it spoke to Asukume daughter while being drained. It told the child to choose a name. The squirrels were to slow in chopping the flower down and Asukume daughter chose a word she heard her mother use, dodging through the expanse of the forest. Her mother always called the forest an ocean. And so, Asukume daughter named herself Ulwandle. With her name, she could do more and since Itshe had stolen so much color, she figured she needed to keep it and she turned her into a flower, a carnation. She turned her squirrel servants into one being, a dog. And after that Ulwandle, butterfly wings flapping, flew high up and promised her mother a safe return from the school in the moon.
    AWD spring 2010 contest by Si3art
  21. Most times when the Spring come, I know it by the trees. Many colors, many flowers, vibrantly coloring the world. It is a common arrangement. But, this spring , it is worse. It is one hundred and twenty-four days since the arrival of the first elf. Let me show you on my phone.


    She just popped up surrounded by this white light. Did she drop into the white house? no. Did she drop into the United Nations, perhaps with a powerful electronic or mechanical assistant, perhaps even boss? no. Did she make herself known anywhere the television people or movie people alluded to in the past? no.  She made herself known in the women’s bathroom at the local park, at Riverside. Police and some three-letter people arrived but she seemingly had no worries or need to worry.  It took a while but someone asked her a simple question, why is she here?
    She said it is a secret, and then disappeared, reappearing and disappearing per her desire throughout the one hundred and twenty-four day. Now, whenever you go outside you may see something like this stranger.


    I could had asked, did you know, flowers are growing around you, blossoming more by the second. I did not ask. At least like so many of the others, he seemed content with the magical green flung all over the city. But I forgot his plight quick, when I saw her. This big chocolate orange leaf floating around little orange leaves.  


    She paid me no mind, and was totally focused on playing with her fellow leaves. I pushed myself on her and asked her name. She said, Onluleon. I loved the way she sounded it better than the way I thought it. Onluleon I watched for hours playing with the leaves, never tired or concerned with any other. I left my bench and went back over to her, asking. You know it is the beginning of spring. She looked at me dumbfounded. But, she didn’t ignore me, and took me by the arm. She went to a purple tree where a songbird was grabbing nectar.  


    She asked me: “isn’t she lovely”
    “The tree”: I replied.
    “No, the tree is a he, I meant the songbird”
    I guessed she was right. I was happy just getting this time in. The songbird suddenly fell onto the ground and bloomed into a woman. The purple leaves coating her, with some sticking to her hair.


    I asked the former songbird; how does she feel. She simply stared at me and whistled away. I tried to go after her but I felt stiff. Too stiff to move fast. Onluleon ,I bet an Oriole at one time in her life, started sniffing me and I realized I had a flower growing out of me. I hobbled back to where I saw that guy and I realized he was no longer there, but a small blossomed tree sat in his general location. I wondered if he even comprehended me and how long did I have to be comprehended. I called for Onluleon and shook her faintly. I was frightened as I saw my vision covered in leaves. It all occurred to me, that spirit was going to turn the human into the plant, and the non-human into the human. One hundred and twenty-four days to bloom, and we all missed it. I missed it. If I can no longer think like before I settled my mind knowing that I will have time as a tree to bloom into something else later. A cardinal, turned into a ballerina for my last sight. 



  22. A little boy in the house with his father side mother, come into the study of his father. He hold a coloring page.  

    Shamrock by IkaikaDesign
    "Hey Papa, my school wanted me to color this shamrock image any color I wanted and share it online" 
    The father look on and say: "Nice choice of green son"
    "What do you know about Saint Patrick's Day Papa": inquire the son. The father nip his son. His son rub the nipped spot and give a little smile, in a face of confusion. 
    The father open his arms and the son sit on his lap, coloring page in hand: "Your grandmere nipped me if I didn't wear green on Saint Patrick's day, but beyond a little, I do not know much. We are not Irish. But I know someone who knows far far more"
    "Oh yeah, who dad"
    "Well, where do I begin..."
    Many years in the past, the father, a younger man, unmarried unparent, stand in front of a bar downtown Manhattan. A poster is in their window, and the day is Saint Patrick's day.
    St. Patrick Fairy by delphineart
    He goes inside and take a seat side friends. A waitress come by and ask what they will drink. R and LD, or D and A want Guinnesses. The father to be, alone, choose the same. A waitress come by with a drink.
    St Patricks Day by Enigma-Fotos
    He takes his sip and all five enjoy the day. As the sun is soon to sleep, the two couples go to their homes and the husband to be is alone, walking to fifty ninth street. He could had gone into the train station to get on the A train back home to Harlem, before the Blacks were pushed out. But, he chose to take a seat on a park bench and think of a lady on the other side of a southern sea.  He walk about a bench when he gets a nip. He lift his foot up and he can not believe it. A little man is looking up at him.
    Shamus a Leprechaun sculpture by pixiwillow
    "Amadán mór thú!" : yell the little man and he continue: "Ní thuigeann tú mé ... ahhh watch were ya going you fathach seacláide!" 
    The father to be look to the street. 
    "Iontach!, what do you think you are doing, dreaming, or drunk"
    The husband to be squat and speak to the little man:"maybe I am"
    The little man howl a laugh: "I once out drank Fionn mac Cumhaill who as a boy was better than most men, when he last saw his wife, before he ventured away I challenged him to a contest of wine made in the deepest cave in Tir na nog by the loveliest tuathe de women... ahhh now we were truly drunk, you are merely a weak bellied"
    The father to be rise: "well, I apologize, happy saint paddy day"
    "AHHHH!!!": the little man yell out:"You dhaoine associate the shamrock with that blue scarved baiste, that is not the truth". The husband to be, sit on a park bench. The little man sit next to him, and he look out.
    "Don't worry, none can see me": and the little man continue to shine a shoe, a pendant made for a bigger neck rolled up at his side, and he continue as the father to be smile at him: "the truth is, saint patrick was a good man, but he never wanted all this philandering and ag ol. He wanted calm, serenity, for when the real magic happens"
    "Real magic?": query the husband to be.
    "Yes, like when someone like you step on an old shoe shiner like me": the little man hold the medallion and continue: "You need to be transported to a church for that old saint Patrick, the banshee will be there"
    The husband to be startle: "banshee"
    The little man laugh:" calm down, a banshee isn't like in your te-le-vi-sion stories, banshees are helpful, very helpful... they tell you who will pass away soon, sometimes appearing as loving ones". The little man throw the medallion to the husband to be and snap his fingers. Suddenly, the father to be is in a church. 
    St Patrick by ranchforman
    Seemingly empty, the father to be hear names in the wind. He walk down the isle of the church looking for the speaker. 
    He opines to the calm air in the church:"Ms or MRS Banshee"
    He hears names over and over, whispered. The air begin to mist and the voices get louder. He feels a cool behind him and sees a female emanation, that look like a stranger
    Banshee by gothika248
    She wails out names, and turns into a younger girl, and then a man, and then an elder. The husband to be do not comprehend why so many, who is going to be gone. The father to be then realize the truth. The medallion shine in his hand, and he snap from the church to the bench. 
    The father to be look incredulous at the little man:" I don't get it"
    "The lesson is for you to figure out, that is what your kin never comprehend, the world you call magic is safe, so are old folk like from it, but your lives are mortal, are fragile, but your spirits are eternal, their magic is why we can speak to you sometimes, try to guide you, though..." : and the little man disappear from sight, the medallion leave the hand of the father to be, and the voice of the little man continue:"... we usually fail"
    The father to be rock in the park bench and get up, shaking his head, before the trek into the subway. 
    Back in the present, his son ask a question. 
    "Did you remember the names you heard, ever see that little man again?"
    The father hold the son tight: "no, I can not recall any name, but today I realize, the lesson"
    The son ask wondering: "what lesson"
    "The kin of each person is each other person"
    "Ceia is ready!": a female voice call out. 
    The son run out of the room, the father smile behind him, and exit his chair. The father get to the door and he hear the sound of a tiny cobbler, and smile without turning back, to get his supper.
  23. Piye the internet queen by HDdeviant
    A windy night in the city, a clean city; it no longer is the urban lair for street musicians, affordable hookers, or hungry hustlers. It is a countryside city, where the cats no longer sing to the light from the moon, where the streetlights make up the stars you see when you look out. No time for porno shows at one after midnight, no time for a coffee handed to you by that waitress you have desired for months. This is a clean city, where morning, noon, and night is on schedule. But, nothing is absolute, and if you look in the city, past the lights, the tourists, the fearful citizens, a small bit of darkness still exists. A small onyx sun attracts the last remaining city dwellers who know magic exists. We watch one enter an establishment with a wooden door. His jacket is made from mudcloth, the hoodie underneath is for extra warmth needed when one never gets home.  He sit down at the third table from the left, two row back; it is his common table cause he leaped by too many others. He places his jacket on his chair and sit comfortably in the chair facing the window. A waitress come by, shirt a little too tight up top, plump thighs and hips swinging gently to the table. She smile and speak.
    "The usual Ben"
    "Of course Sheeda, but I wouldn't mind your bottom"
    The Waitress giggle, and shake her head in reply:"but my bottom is married, why would it be unloyal for you".
    Ben wiggle in his chair:"Tell me the other problem, and maybe I can make it halfway"
    Sheeda turn to the counter:"then you will never make another step, a pervert can't stop but be perverted"
    Ben smile: "Some men wish they had my vitality". Sheeda walk to the counter, shaking her head. Her hips stared at by Ben. He smiles while he look past the window. Suddenly, the bar door blast open.
    "Did I miss his failed attempt at you Sheeda!": yell a man with a camera around his neck and a worn leather shoulder bag. His white khakis offsetting the wooden floor.
    "You know it!": Sheeda yell across the bar.
    "Karl!": say Ben, with his hand out. Karl and Ben shake hands while Ben continue: "do you find my failures entertaining?". Karl sit down and reply:"No, but it is a mystery how a smart man can be that foolish."
    "Well... Did you succeed in your part of the bet?": snicker Ben.  Karl sigh and lament:"I almost did... I put my camera down on automatic shutter, as the statue made from virgins bones was animating before my eyes,  Zara said she only needed to give it a father, and I said, I would for a kiss, but I had a vile of water graced by Ametarasu, and broke it in my mouth while she had her mouth open. I never got to actually kiss her"
    "Oh Karl, so close, so close"
    Karl look at his camera:"It gets worse, the damn camera's automatic shutter failed on the first revolution, I didn't even get one photo of that thing for the paper tomorrow"
    Ben laugh:"Oh Karl"
    "Well... what about you?": Karl starts his audio recorder, and Ben smile.
    "Ok Karl, I will let you in on it.... As you know, Piye is a global phenomenon, millions of fans everywhere, from Chatter to Xhersize or P-US-eye, they all love her, she generates more traffic than any other. I myself couldn't resists her, but after I did some research I found out, she looked like a Black dancer in the 20s and those earrings of hers was the key"
    "I saw those too, what is it about them"
    "I admit, I di": Ben is interrupted the bar door slowly opening.
    "Get in here Jimmy": yell Karl, not turning his head, while he keep recording. Ben signal to Sheeda, who already is preparing drinks.
    "Jimmy, I was telling Karl here, how I won our bet".
    Jimmy look tired, and sit back in his chair, while Sheeda place drinks. And, Ben continue.
    "ummm I admit, I didn't think she would let me close, but she said I reminded her to someone she knew long ago. She told me to sit as she told me a story, a story of a Nubian acrobat and some unique earrings, supposedly from the ancient waters east of the nile"
    "you mean the atlantic ocean": chimed in KArl.
    "No Karl, not atlantis": rebuked Jimmy.
    "No karl, not atlantis, I place she called an eden, but I wonder after tonight... anyway, she obtained the earrings which keep these special jewels spinning, and she says they are the source to her power. Her unparalleled ability to manipulate the video streams, offering secret images that even the streaming services are unable to detect yet are spoken off in every chat room on a daily basis, sometimes to her, sometimes to more... that old looking mat is supposed to be a game board, snet, or something and it helps amplify the power of the earrings. She said, she even learned a spell that works through that tattoo under her eye, some book of the dead spell or something, and  a-"
    "So how did you get the kiss Ben!": pushes Karl. Jimmy laughs.
    "I got lucky... I told her to pity me and... she did": Ben laugh incredulously,and continue:"She told me, she does pity me, and in my ear told me why..."
    "well": rush Karl. Ben become stoic and reply:"Maybe another time Karl, but here is the photo, signed and delivered."
    "She was naked": yell out Jimmy. Everyone in the bar laugh. Karl look suspiciously at Ben. Ben look toward Jimmy.
    "Well, another hard night?"
    Jimmy lean over the table: "today yeah, today she wanted to talk, I tried to get close, get intimate, but she jumped off the rooftop and didn't pay me any mind." Karl side Ben giggle at Jimmy.
    "You had the hardest of all Jimmy": chime in Karl.
    Suddenly, everyone hear police sirens outside the bar door. Sheeda go to the door, and Ben watch with sadness as she reaches the door and open it quickly. Flashes and an evening ends in the city, a windy evening. MAgical women, magical events, will remain unknown, unreported, and the little semblance of life in the city, took another hit.
  24. It is a hot day, in a late Summer, in Salvador,Bahia, and people are walking about the Lift Series, interchanging people from the Baixa to the Alta or vice versa. Two blocks from the eternal bustle of the Lifts, at the Baixa, sits a painters shop. In it, the owner, a painter is nearly finished his painting of Catalina Ndule Freedman da Silva, a most busy patient.


    Catalina chose ninety year old Pedro cause he painted her mother and grandmother, both Ialorixa in the Ile Irin; as a new priestess in the temple, granted entry by Oya’s blessing, she earned the right to have a painting under the vitral of Oya in the AnelOrisha of the temple, aside other priestesses or priest accepted by Oya. The painting’s theme was based on Oya’s blessing her, while she was using her hyper acute high powered mineral driver to successfully cut away unwanted elements from an eclogite deposit, mostly filled with white quarts, to reveal a diamond shaped heart within. But, the painting will have to wait, again. She has a meeting with Fernando, and she needs to meet him before his airship starts to the Amazon. Catalina runs out of the shop, and takes a lift up; a small child on a lift down notice her and smile; she take out her tungsten electrochromic circuit balloon and blow it, her small battery allowing it to switch colors in its spirals; the child cheer visibly as it disappears beneath her.  She walks through the multicolored pastel pelourinho neighborhood with bitterness when her family was forced to leave by the Mayor’s edict, granted approval by the King. Finally, she reaches Fernando , past the rainbow.


    Fernando stand perturbed. Panting Catalina reply:“I had to wait for the painting, my Mae told me to get my painting done soon, before the Orisha find insult”
    “Sim, if only the Orishas knew how to deprive us of the King”: he jest.
    “Silencio, behave… Well, do you have it?”: Catalina put out a hurried hand.
    “Hungry aren’t we. The shops in the Amazon are full of many curiosities, o Marajo made tech from wood, bits e’ pieces are here e’ there, I couldn’t verify whether that dealer was honest”: proclaimed Fernando with his free arm going into his coat.
    “It was an acceptable arrangement for the trip, besides what I need is a piece within, not exactly the whole”: Catalina snap her fingers, and Fernando produce the goods. The Marajo relic is partially broken or withered or gone, but the lenses are in tact.  Catalina smile and kiss Fernando on the cheek. She wish him a safe journey on his airship and will see him when he return for his families arrival from Maputo.
    In her home, Catalina ponder if the lens will work.
    She places the lenses in the helmet of her narrow band electromagnetic filter, no problem. She look at herself in the mirror, the cat paws are stylish, her colored tattoos about her right arm are eternally cool, she is ready to use.


    She goes outside and cuts on the helmet. Next, she fine tunes the frequency she determined from explanations to the sounds made when flashes appeared over the Caribbean in the journal of Juan Garrido. She noticed nothing in the sky. Perturbed she put down the helmet. And, she went to her desk, thinking over everything.
    Night came, and her mother called her to supper. She freshened up and exited her room. Her mother greeted her.


    “my fofofilha, I know, eu sobre, something is wrong”: she smiles at her daughter.
    “I just did everything, I was just hoping to see the signal, it can lead me to the lair of the phoenix, I know it”: huff and puff Catalina.
    “I noticed your notes, did you take into account everything”: query gently Catalina’s mother. Catalina look inquiringly, and her mother continue:“well, I noticed the sequence he presents throughout the three days and I recall the measurement of time used back then, I am certain he missed an hour, between his measurement of time and his travels about to the Americas”. Catalina is stunned. Her mother hands her the calculations and Catalina runs into her room. Her mother smiles as she walks away. Ten minutes later, Catalina look to the sky with the changed frequency and see the purple light emitted from the lens based on the emissions beyond. The pulses are clearly coming from the north, slightly west, somewhere near Caracas. The phone ring, and Catalina answer, and listen to her mother.
    “Thank you Ma, for everything, I will be down in a minute to eat, thanks for saving me some spicy acaraje… yes, I will tell you all about the purple glow tomorrow… I need to give Benjamin a call, he probably thinks it is to late to call me, but forgets we don’t use daylight savings time here, so I am still in yesterday”

  25. I am walking alone, far from bourbon street. Far from the sound of beads hitting bare breast, drunken stammers acapella through the krewes horns, just a man alone with the moonlight looking down upon me. I see a small shop, too small to have a sign, only the merchandise in the window provide any clue to the innards. Nothing particular I notice: masks/cloaks/old horns with stories to tell. But wait, a small figurine catch my eye. A simple figurine ready for Mardi Gras in an appropriate outfit.

    Sofia Mardi Gras by geekyartistgirl
    I hear a sound in my ear as I look upon the figurine. But I cannot decipher it. "venez ici": I hear clear while subtely. I shake my head wondering why I am hearing french. "come here": I comprehend but I do not know from who. Again, the voice repeat and I notice my attention to the figurine. She is not moving, she does not seem mechanical, and yet I seem to know the voice is from here. I enter the shop. "Bonjour": is the shopkeeper courtesy. I am surprised he think I know a lick of french. I ask about the figurine in the window. He say, she is very old, made for a gens de colour libre woman. I ask him the price, a gentle fifteen dollars. I accept, and he gathers the figurine and place her in a box with bubble pop for cushion. I leave thinking, I have no wife or daughter and I am getting a cute figurine. Well, at least I can tell people she is old. "trouver ma peinture": I sense from the figurine but I keep on walking. "find my painting!": and I face the unchanged figurine, holding it high above my head, and ask a silly question: "where is your painting?" I wait but no reply. I continue to walk finally satisfied this nocturnal magic is finished with me. "North roman entre Beinville et Iberville" I recall the two streets, I think I know where she mean. I take out my map and recall I passed that location and I begin to walk there. My companion stay muted even as I approach the methodist church at the locale. I look down to the figurine and wonder if this is alright. A light is on, inside. I walk to the door and knock. A cleaning man open the door. "Why aren": he stop speaking and seem in a daze. I wave my hand in his face. No change. I decide to go inside foolishly, not knowing if the magic I did not use will come again if more strangers find a stranger in their church. But I look about the nave or the walls and see no painting. I look behind a column and see her.
    Dinaya by LadyMiralys

    Somehow I know the figurine is happy. But then a question occur to me. This painting is you. I thought you were given to a gens de colour libre girl, not that you are a gens de colour libre woman. The painting then wink at me. I look up and she speak. "Bon soir anglo, I... need your help": she speak simply. I ask her, what can I do to help you. "You need to face the woman who did this to me and then face me to her, i can do the rest": she speak surely. I have many doubts. "Whomever did this to you is way beyond me, I am no sorcerer": I say escapingly. "Y do not need to know how to wield the magic, just know I need your actions to aidez moi... and the woman in question is located in La Fourche, you will find here where three tree intertwine": and then the painting became still. I look at the figurine and nothing. I go to the door of the church and the cleaning man is still quiet, so I slip past him and close the door behind me. It can be unwise walking around new orleans or around cajun country at night, even during mardi gras but I figure the figurine will help. I buy a sandwich from a local deli and a pack of cigarettes. I eat while I walk, figurine safely in her box, and I keep walking. By the time I get to La fourche I am smoking cigarettes. A car with a confederate sign, fill to the rim with white men who are looking at me, drive but do not stop. I know I need to make this quick. I go by homes, some literally at the river edge, and look for the three entwined tree. I hear a scream. I see a man violently moving and decide to hide behind a bush. I creep near the window and see a dangerous sight.

    Mardi Gras Distress 2 by sandrasilvers
    I look down at the figurine and wonder if this little magic will not get me killed. "Sud, sud!": I hear in my head. Clearly my wavering got the attention to my master. I leave the scene, and hope I can find this tree before I end up in a horror movie. I walk south and finally I see the tree. But no one else is there. "Speak these words anglo...Je te donne mon cœur, tu me donnes un objectif, personne ne doit le savoir": the figurine speak hurriedly in my soul. I am hesitant but finally I decide, all well what the hell. And, after speaking the words, nothing. "PUT ME AWAY QUICK": the figurine speak, I can hear her ceramic heart beating, the black priestess soul underneath determined. Suddenly, a half of a mask appear on one side of the three twined tree. The eye behind one half of the mask seem to be a fluid blue. I hear a loud sniff. and, a woman appear from behind the tree.
    Mardi Gras by Cinnamoncandy
    A forked tongue hiss whisper from the mask: "You are pretty fonce to be down here, anglo...now what is your goal, if your coeur is not heavy enough, I get the rest of the deal". I reply firmly: "alright ma'am, though I already gave my heart to another, though I cannot comprehend exactly why": and I pull out the figurine quickly, facing the masked woman straight away. A hiss is heard from all angles and I hear the figurine in my head:"Vous devez m'avoir oublié, imbécile. Joséphine vous l'a toujours dit, pour faire attention aux vieux sorts que vous lancez." The masked woman, writhing, spit out in french:"Anacaona, mais je connais le sang de ta famille, tu n'avais pas de descendants, pas de clan pour t'entendre." The figurine spoke again:"Imbecillia, vous avez oublié que le membre du clan peut avoir n'importe quelle distance, et l'esclavage de votre côté de notre famille a profité d'éclats faits dans mon clan il y a longtemps." And, a flash. Something knocked me down but someone not present helped me up. "LEve! anglo, leve!": said a woman, a black woman in the gown from the tree woman. Her hair pure white. She kneeled down and looked at a figurine on the ground. 
    Mardi Gras 2007 by GoblinQueeen
    Suddenly, I realized where is my fifteen-dollar figurine. I hear a giggle from the stranger masked woman:"it is me, the figurine" I am amazed. And then I realize the figurine on the ground is the woman formerly behind the mask. My figurine, pick up her nemesis, and say:"retourne, go back to new orleans, and thank you". My honesty perk up. I did not do anything. She smile and say:"This magic was not really of spells but circumstance, will a descendent of mine find me, me living in a porcelain figurine in a small shop in new orleans, but you found me, pure chance and that was the magic that tipped the scales, no spells, no incantations". I stand up and offer a hand, and I notice her hand has age. "aucun problem anglo, I have been dormir a while": she lift up and give me a hug and continue:" I will be alright, I think I know where I can help myself around here, and I thank you for that". Before I can speak, a sole horn player, standing aside a wall is playing, while the rest of bourbon is empty. It is very late. I think to go back to the three entwined tree, but I am tired, and I need to get rest. For some reason, I need to get rest, and I do. ... Back in New York City, I wonder if I had a dream induced by someone planting something in a drink or spraying me with something. I think on that for weeks. And then I get a postcard.
    Happy Mardi Gras!! (2014) by BigDead93
    I turn to the back and I see Anacaona Liber's name attached to that old churches address. Her message is:" Figure I needed a new painting with a new style, I will wait for you to decide about listening to your heart"
    I realize, what may have happened but hesitate to confirm and when I turn the postcard back around, the image wink at me.
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