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  1. And while I'm offending groups, I think I’ll take on the Muslims. The prejudices they inspire don’t make them the new “niggers”, either. Like Gays, they can blend in if they so choose, plus they have their own distinct culture. And they are just as hypocritical as Christians, not to mention how repressed their women folk are. Islam has been out to get even with Christianity ever since the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. Building a mosque in the shadow of the 911’s ground zero is nothing but gloating, and all these PC people know it.

    (Boy, that was a disgusting display of ignorance and bigotry. If it hadn't been you, I'd be surprised.

    In the meantime, you might brush up on your grammar and spelling "A Long" or "Along"?


    And finally the main reason they have all these reality shows on tv is because they are very cheap to produce.

    And they work. You have been--and, no doubt are now--watching them with bated breath even though you know better.

    My advice?

    This is a BOOK site. Find you a good book to read.

    I been doing that and watching movies.

    You need to get you some good Takashi Miike movies on dvd and chill!

  2. In a Sea of Mediocrity

    Tom Sowell is a shrimp.

    Hey, Tom! How many criminals you think could afford to pay their way out? They are pulling crimes because they are

    usually stupid and poor.


    And if he thinks these Missouri Bushwhackers are liberals, he needs to get out of the library sometime--or use one!

  3. I mean, I got in at the tail end of it. Had a few school chums who were crippled and wore braces and that.

    That ain't what I meant though.


    We all know how Cynique just loves to play doctor. I don't think we should encourage her--before you know it she's prattling about poltices and charms and selling those wonder electric cures and using that fake Jamaican accent again.


    How you doing, honey? Kissy kissy.


  4. My GOD woman!

    Have you no CONSCIENCE? Does not the milk of human mercy warm thy BREAST? Is not thine pity stroked like the fabled Marmoset of Most Excellent Caliph Haroun Al Rashid at the very mention of the dreaded POX?

    Let me just say this. All those who were not carried away by the hideous infectation fair ENVIED the dead!

    That's all they honeyed word and silky flammery shall pry from my lips like the crowbar of the dreaded Moor.

    Away with thee!

  5. There has been a lot of talk about Polio in the news recently.

    My only experience with Polio was when I was a kid I had a counselor (white) that told me his older brother had polio and eventually died from it.

    It sounds like the threat of contracting Polio was a very scary thing back then. I heard somewhere that ice cream was suspected as a cause, because incidences of Polio increased during the summer when ice consumption increased.

    Was this a really that scary a time for us or did Black folks have more pressing things to be concerned with, like lynching, earning enough money to survive, etc...

    It is also funny I’ve spoken with Black folks who will not get the children vaccinated against Polio?! That is crazy; but given our country’s history of treating Black folks the way Dr. Mengele treated Jews I can understand the aversion. I don’t agree, but I understand…

    "Why did you address this question to Cynique?

    Inquiring minds want to know!"

  6. No surprise. When it comes to health, fitness and longevity, Negroes are at the bottom of the pole. Poor eating habits, ignorance of nutritional facts and often times groundless fear of doctors and treatment also attribute to shorter lifespans, higher mortality rates and overall poorer health. Often times Negroes are their own worst enemies.......

    "You're probably tickled pink about it. Fewer Negroes crowding up to lick Massa's boots.

    Admit it. You don't care about what happens to them really. It just gave you another opportunity for some self loathing and putting down.

    Hey, what do you think about all the bright young healthy things growing up in Appalachia?"

  7. I told ya so, though I was only reporting what everybody has known for months.

    Obama and the Demorcrats are going to get their butts whipped. Their heads handed to them. The voters are gonna whip them like they STOLE something.

    They were too greedy. This wasn't 1933 and they ain't Franklin Roosevelt administration.

    They should have kept their troops mobilized. Like good, ole time Chicago pols, they told all the committed idealistic young people to go sit down. We got this. Now they looking for them.


    But this presents an opportunity to see what the man is made of.

    Can he survive the next two years, sure to be a bloody, nasty desperate back to the wall fight and win in 2012?

    As long as he doesn't lose them by too much, he could lose BOTH houses and still surive--if he still got anything left.


    What do you say, Cynique? You know what's going down in Chi Town.

    Can Rahm win the Mayor's seat--it would be a big help for Obama in 2012.

  8. But, - alone at night, I still experience paranormal phenomenon. Strange noises and lights are common. My body often feels like I am sharing it with - "something". When awaking from a deep sleep, I see people whom I don’t know. I won’t even go into the weird dreams I have.

    "Oh allright! It is I, Cynique. Long have you suspected that the Varnado the Vampyre story is autobiographical. It is. It is me, there! Lurking in the shadows in the interstices between reality....and the TWILIGHT ZONE!

    Do you see me yet? I am coming! I am coming ta GIT cha!

  9. No it wouldn't.

    Somebody has to sell that dope for these people so they can balance out the payments. Also, you need a reservoir of unemployed people so you can keep wages down. Also, the inner cities, where most poor black people have, are the vice areas.

    Which means, they would have to have someone else in here doing that--import a bunch of Chinese or Indians.

    Besides all that-- didn't Bennet make that statement as an example of what might be an obvious answer to a problem but that wouldn't be morally acceptable?

  10. Up here on my mountain top, contemplating Life's mysteries, I’ve reached the conclusion that the reason the sexes are at odds is because somebody is always trying to get even. The reason communication breaks down is because nobody knows what they are talking about. The reason the family is deteriorating is because kids wanna be parents. And the reason women ridicule men is because they are funny. Ha.Ha.

    "I have come to realize the wisdom of Katherine "The Whitest White Woman of her Time" Hepburn--she said that men and women should not cohabit--just visit each other now and then--presumably when they GOT THAT FEELIN'!"

  11. Interesting story Xeon. For me, my brother gave me my first hit. He went off to college where he ran into some dudes from Jersey, they were there on music scholarships, and the rest is history. I wasn't into Miles at that time. In fact, I think James Brown was getting all my attention. But when I heard Miles, I was hooked.

    My brother continued to feed my addiction by sending me boot legged copies of other jazz artist. He was overseas where he could get those funny looking red and yellow LP's for 25 cents.

    Kind Of Blue continues to be my all time favorite, followed by a couple from Coltrane and West Montgomery. I am also a Eddie Harris fan. But wait, The Crusaders got a lot of my time.

    "Gawd! Not YOU, too!

    Listen to the Notorious B.I.G. and get your mind right.

  12. It's interesting how these things start. I've always been a major Miles music fiend. Love the Prestige (Philly Joe Jones, Red Garland, Coltrane, Paul Chambers, Arthur Taylor, etc, etc......) and Columbia (Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans, Hancock, Sam Rivers, Cannonball, Tony Williams, etc, etc....) classics. I have many stories to tell about me and Miles Davis's music. All good. Still and always will listen to him.....


    "I knew it. You're a baldheaded old fart.

    I don't listen to no Miles but "Bitches Brew" and "Live Evil".

    Ornette Coleman. Sun Ra. Pharoah Sanders. Marion Brown. Now THAT's what I call MUSIC!!!!"

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