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  1. Well any little girl who has a parents that would allow her to see this film has bigger problems to deal with than this film. Look, this is a dumb comedy that was critically crapped on and will have zero cultural significance. We have bigger fish to fry like Facebook's Instagram.
  2. @Pioneer1 you've missed the point. Don't you see that the video I shared is part of a strategy to get a wage increase? You are speaking as if the professors are complete morons without agency. In the short time I've been teaching my wages have increased twice once retroactively resulting in a 4 figure check. Not a ton of money, but what i make working part time, from home, is the more than what some wage earners make working full time. The adjuncts are unionized. I posted the video because the claim we make poverty wages is hyperbolic and I thought it might be interesting to share my story of poverty 🙂 Look, no one will get rich being adjunct, but poverty is a bit extreme. Again, it is a part time job and if it is your only source of income, living in NYC, then yeah, you are in for a world of hurt.... Of course I also feel more resources should be directed to education.
  3. Clearly, @Pioneer1 we are not the target audience for this film. But the film is rated PG-13 and not intended for "little Black girls" either. While I feel you, in this case you may be reading too much into it. You know major motion pictures have to have good white people in them or they can't be made. This is par for the course.
  4. Yeah I watched GOT last night. I wish they would release all the episodes so that I can binge watch the final season. Waiting a whole week for the next episode is so 20th century... Man if I did not have to wait for over a year for this season I would just wait until the end of this season to to binge. I have been watching the new season of Star Trek and it is a challenge to keep watching it is so much like a soap opera. If Michael Bernum (Spock's Black step sister) cries in again in the episode I swear I'm going to stop watching -- she was raised on Vulcan for Christ's sake... ah never mind... Well, I'm glad the site is not broken. Now how do I get all the people who register new accounts to participate? While I block more than I approve there are at least 10 to 20 new people signing up each week. In fact someone registered while I was making this post, but if history is any indicators that visitor will not post. One does not need to post to read the forums or to even post comments, so it has never been clear why someone would register and never post. If I had the resources I would try to figure out why this happens.
  5. There is a book out by a Johnson Publishing Insider: Empire: The House That John H. Johnson Built (The Life & Legacy of Pioneering Publishing Magnate) by Margena A. Christian Article from Chicago Sun Times "Last week, the iconic black publishing firm filed for bankruptcy to begin liquidation of assets — the historic archives JPC once offered for sale at $40 million, and what’s left of the Fashion Fair Cosmetics division founded by Johnson’s wife, the late Eunice Johnson. The company had been operated by their only surviving child and heir, Linda Johnson Rice. Johnson Rice’s only child, Alexa Rice, chose not to enter the family business." Book Description Johnson climbed over racial barriers and obstacles designed to deter his goals, but he succeeded against the odds anyway while holding true to his motif, "Failure is a word I don't accept." As founder of the Chicago-based Johnson Publishing Company (JPC), he quietly funded the Civil Rights Movement, providing a platform for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., to promote messages of freedom and equality for all. Johnson dared to show pictures of the battered body of Emmett Till on the pages of JET in 1955, sending a shockwave across the nation. When advertisers ignored black consumers, he showed Madison Avenue the power of profitably by including black models and themes appealing to his race. He advised presidents and became the first African American to construct a major building in Chicago's Loop. Hailed as "The Most Outstanding Black Publisher in History" and as "The Greatest Minority Entrepreneur in U.S. History," Johnson was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor. The poor boy from Arkansas City, Arkansas, who picked cotton as a child, made more history as the first black person named to the Forbes 400 richest Americans and amassed an empire, ranging from publishing, cosmetics, travel, radio stations, TV shows, hair care products, and world's largest traveling fashion show.
  6. The implication is that disunity is a uniquely Black problem. History tells us disunity is a characteristic of humanity, not just Black people. American are not unified, Christians are not unified, white people are not unified, some families aren't even unified. Of course, I and many of us here, are concerned with Black empowerment and recognize that Black unity is an important component of our empowerment. I just wanted to point out that a focus on achieving Black unity does not mean every other group is, or has been, unified.
  7. {Looking around like the last guy on Earth surveying his surroundings after a nuclear holocaust or the Rapture.} Since @harry brown has posted recently, I presume the site is not broken. Indeed, in the time that it took me to write this 16 people have visited this forum: I guess the period between Palm Sunday and Easter is really slow around here. Maybe everyone is on spring break (actually mine starts Friday). Or maybe, more ominously, social media's domination and control over the online conversation is now complete. Does that mean I can't communicate with my people unless I go to Facebook... Lawd help me!
  8. Ok we are working with the same definition. You know more about Melody so I'm not gonna debate whether she is in that group or not. Yeah right 🙂lets not forget white men -- even criminals like Joe Kennedy -- can bogart their way into the upper class in a generation.
  9. Your second is not clear to me. What does "long before" mean? Is it a few years or several decades? How or why was she "adopted" into the "upper" class? What changed in her life to lead to her adoption? @Mel Hopkins to clarify: using your definition of upper class, would you consider Lebron James to belong to the upper class?
  10. Again if you are using income as the only measure then you'd probably consider someone like Lebron James upper class too. I do not, at least not with my definition. I'm thinking old money, upper class, not someone like Bill Cosby or Trump. If Melody was born into modest means she would not be upper class. Upper class people are independently wealthy at birth. Now given her marriage to a white billionaire and George can move in those rarefied circles, but would they really be down? If is like this; Black people of modest means can rent a house in Martha's Vineyard for a couple of weeks, but would they really be down with the upper middle class Blacks who "summer" in homes they have owned for generations? If someone raised in the ghetto hits the lotto or signs a big basketball contract and buys a home in the Vineyard would be they readily embraced by the established Black elite? Do you see the distinction I'm illustrating between the two groups?
  11. Yes the mags were sold and well has the photo library. Jet was immediately scuttled after it was sold. I would have keep Jet and dropped Ebony - if only one could remain. The article did not discuss Ebony's business model (was it just cosmetics and the fashion show?). They did not say how much debt the had, but I guess there was just no way it could have survived. The fact that Johnson had to use a proxy to buy the office tower is amazing. How many Black owned office towers are there in America today? It is too bad because nothing will fill the void and not enough people care....
  12. Honestly, I could care less about these two, but if forced to offer an opinion and to be unduly judgmental I'll say this: First lets put things in perspective, Lucas is a 75-year-old white multibillionaire. Melody Hobson, who born around the time Lucas was married to his first wife is young enough to be his daughter. Melody is president of a prominent investment firm she would have been quote a catch for any Brother. So no, if pressed, I'm not exactly "happy" to see this, because I guess there was not a single Brother "good enough" for Melody to marry. As "non American Black man" suggests her descendants and all of that wealth will go to he white descendants. But at the end of the day who really cares about those two? @Pioneer1 I'd put Melody Hobson in the "upper class," one way to get into it is to marry into it like Meghan Markle
  13. If you truly believe "no man in his right mind...," getting rid of strippinguis worth consideration. In many cultures it is banned or not even contemplated as an activity because the people are mire advanced and have better things to do. Brainwasing another person whether it as street pimp, a charismatic preacher, or Mark Zuckerberg is never good.
  14. This is so very true. Still i could not help but complain and debate folks about all the attention the media gave to Trump before he became POTUS. Even smart journalists I know argued that it was important that 45's crackpot tweets be covered. Obviously the coverage of his innane tweets drew eyeballs and revenue the impact on our country did not matter. The journlist I spoke to felt it was important the cover the tweets of a huckster with zero political experience and even less couth and intellect -- treating him like a serious candidate-- Giving trump a platform that was unparalleled contributing to his being elected as President in some twisted reality tv show that has become our lives. But if the junk messages go unchallenged -- then what? Should the public simply ignore the pending disaster caused by man's impact on the earth or facebook's mind control over so many? Do we let any wack job say the measles vaccince causes autism, as so called journalists give any lunatic with a conspiracy theory equal standing with scientists and doctors? I don't think we can. I read the rest of guest message... sad. The person who made the comment will not likely reply. I'll see if i can retrieve their info, reach out, and see what they do. @Mel Hopkins I did not think the brain had a delete button -- at least not one we controlled. I'll read the article.
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