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  1. Hello, Troy


    This sounds exciting, creative, and viable, but I always do  research and sleep overnight on decisions. I'll get back to you tomorrow. I also might have some questions for you.


    Now to answer your questions about my Author's Page. Yes, delete all stores from the drop down menu and keep my website as the place to buy the book.


    But please keep "borrow from the library."  An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones is available in several New Jersey libraries and Roosevelt Library in New York. You can get the book through inter-library loan or the consortium if the library in question is a member.


    There are some corrections about my Author Page that are best dealt with via email.  That's it for now.


    1. Troy


      OK I'm going to need to change the site's code to do that.  Not  big deal, but it make take a day or two for me to get to it.

    2. Wendy Jones

      Wendy Jones

      Troy, taking a day or two is not a problem. Thank you in advance.


      Now to the matter at hand. I could not follow all of your discussion about needing a large bookseller and using Ingram as a distributor--but I gather you'd be moving large numbers of books and this would be the most efficient way to do it.


      I have a question and some suggestions.


      Is the correct domain name "www.readblackbooks.com" ?


      I sell my books through the website and in person.

      If someone sent a reader to the website and s/he bought a book, I would have no problem paying a $1 commission.


      I don't want to sell through independent bookstores of any color because they want the books on consignment, some are asking for a 55% discount, and they want the Depression era (yes, we're in a second Depression, but even in prosperous times they have kept the policy) return policy. It's not financially viable.


      If I sell one book one the website, I have enough money to pay to have one book printed. I would have to sell five books in a bookstore (with the 40% discount) to have  enough money to print one book. It's not financially viable. 


      The only exceptions I would make to this policy would be the bookstore at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture branch of the New York Public Library and the bookstore at the National African American History Museum in Washington, D.C. 


      They are such rich repositories of African American History, that I couldn't pass up the chance to be in these bookstores.


      Here are a few hand selling ideas I think would work:


      A book party like the Tupperware Party model with the organizer taking a percentage of sales. A brief reading would give potential readers a sense of the book.


      Going in person or via Skype to book clubs to give a reading. Within a week the club would let you know if they were going to purchase books for the club.


      A book swap in which readers presented their favorite books to each other and "swapped" with each other.


      I'll pass on others as I think of them.


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