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  1. Nicky Gann’s Incognito Love is a story of relationships and romantic struggles. Two lovers become their own worst enemies, as they hide behind masks of lies and deceptions, unwilling to acknowledge true love is unattainable unless they shed those masks. The bond between sisters is tested when the gentler sister tries to enforce her independence against her strong-willed sibling. You will find yourself rooting for your favorite character as the twists and turns leave you emotionally involved in a storyline of erotica, suspense, and forgiveness. In the end, will the lovers be willing to do what it takes to overcome any obstacle? Will the sisters remain supportive of each other? Or will fear and pride overpower everyone’s desire for happiness? Published in March of 2017, the storyline begins shortly after. ISBN-13: 978-1545287798 Nicky Gann is the pseudonym for Nancy Tervalon.
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