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  1. Kween Yakini
    I am learning why I must be patient when it comes to planting the seeds.  For some seeds take a long time to grow like trees from the roots out of the ground until they touch the sky, and some are like bulbs that sprout  up after a few weeks.  Some need more water than others and some only need a few drops, but I still need to give them the time that they require to grow.  For example, as I was going about my day having my first book signing event, I ran into another soul.  And, this soul recognized me and knew that we would work together.  My point is take every opportunity because they are the bread crumbs that will lead you to your destiny.  So now I sit back and wait for my seeds to grow into what ever they are meant to be for me.  The lesson has been learned, and patience is indeed a virtuous trait to have.  

  2. Kween Yakini
    We all realize that the media really knows how to do a good job at painting Black people in a certain light. They are good at convincing us to hate on each other, and good at convincing us that nothing will ever change. But I disagree, because I was able to create a profound change in my own life by using the power of my mind.  And I know without a doubt that we all have the power to change, if that is what we truly desire.  So, I published my book to show them the truth about who we are, and that one of our greatest powers is the ability to change.  "Woke: A Poetic Journey" (available on Amazon.com) is my testimony.  So, I really hope you will read it with an open mind and heart, and let it touch your soul. 

    Thank you,
    Kween Yakini
    Spoken Word Artist
    Self-Published Author

  3. Kween Yakini
    She Said:
    I am Impressed by your Confidence
    And you must be the Bravest of Hearts
    If you dare enter my Room
    Some men never come this close
    For they fear it will be their Doom
    Because this is the place where a 
    Lion’s Heart may be consumed
    And most men can’t fathom all the Hidden Galaxies
    That I have planted inside my Sacred Womb
    But I see you're bravely standing here before me
    Trying to Taunt me with your Dark and Very Long Spear
    Tell me King is it your Burning Hunger that draws you near?
    But please beware Beloved for your Pride has No Sanctuary here
    Yes in due time you will surrender
    All your Love without any Fear
    And like a Queen I will give you Flames of Passion
    And show you all the Mercy my Sweet Darling Dear…
  4. Kween Yakini
    This is the link for My New Video "THE TRUTH" From My New Book “Woke A Poetic Journey” and it is now available for purchase at Amazon.com
  5. Kween Yakini
    Greetings Friends and Family,
    Today I am happy to announce the release of my new book
    Woke A Poetic Journey which is now available for purchase on Amazon.com
    I am so proud of this book because it demonstrates the power of the mind
    And what a I can do when they put my whole focus in to one thing 
    This book represents the power of words being transformed into thoughts
    And thoughts being transformed into action
    And then actions being transformed into a physical form or manifestation
    And I am honored to be able to share this collection of work with you
    I truly hope that you will support me on this continued journey
    Thank you Family,
    And as always I wish you Love Light and Blessings!  
  6. Kween Yakini
    Greetings Family
    Today I am very proud to announce that I will soon be releasing my first book entitled
    I will be publishing this book independently, and it will soon be available for sale at various online venues as well as in paperback form upon request. The years that I have spent writing this book has been a labor of love for me and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. 
    Please stay tuned as more announcements will be coming.
  7. Kween Yakini
    We must begin to let go of anyone and anything that does not serve our purpose if we want to achieve elevation.  This was one of the most important lessons that I had to learn through my journey.  Because I discovered that when I was holding on what I thought I needed, it was preventing me from finding what I truly needed.  I also found that our growth is born from our pain and that we have to morn our losses and then move on to our next level.  Because negative energy can not co-exist with positive energy therefore one must replace the other.  This means letting go of any toxic relationships personal or business in order to cleanse your environment.  This process will hurt, but it will also release you and allow your mind and spirit to rise.  Then you will begin to focus on the things that are meant for you and this is when you will find peace and true happiness.  There is an old proverb that says: “When one door closes another door will open”.  Ase’
  8. Kween Yakini
    Creative Minds Have the Power to Heal
    By:  Kween Yakini 
    Creative minds were born to be different
    For our purpose is to touch others with our light 
    And creative thinkers will continuously evolve
    Because we are the ones who make the others think
    And we usually have awareness of many things
    Because we always take notice of our surroundings
    So, our perspectives are constantly expanding
    We are inspired by things like moon lit nights
    And the beauty of the sun
    Creative minds are the music writers
    Because there is music in our souls
    And Art is the fuel that drives us
    Performing feels like church to us
    So, we give each other praise
    And we will face our fears 
    So that we can bare our souls 
    Even if it feels like our heart is about to bust out of our chest
    Because that is what we were meant to do
    Creative thinkers interpret their feelings 
    And recite their thoughts
    We are magnetic to other souls
    They feed off our energy
    Because there is force inside us
    Creative minds are unique spirits
    And we were made to heal souls
  9. Kween Yakini
    Black Bodies © 2018
    Kween Yakini
    Black bodies
    Black bodies
    We use to chill with the hotties
    Now the police got us screaming
    It’s Murder like Irv Gotti
    Black bodies
    Black bodies
    They must think killing black folks is a hobby
    Send a rescue squad ASAP
    We are under attack like Benghazi
    Black bodies
    Black bodies
    The police look like
    They wanna kill somebody
    We felt sick
    When the bullets hit
    Couldn’t believe the MF emptied the whole clip
    Black bodies
    Black bodies
    We use to like to party
    We didn’t cause trouble
    We didn’t bother nobody
    We use to cruse in cars
    We use to be here on earth
    But I guess now we flying high
    With the stars
  10. Kween Yakini
    When I was a child I loved writing short stories because it felt like I was transporting my mind to another world.  And when I was a teenager I got involved in the Hip Hop Scene and I began writing verses and rhymes just for fun.  Then I stopped writing, and I tried doing all the things that I thought would bring me happiness like work, family, and so on.  But my creative energy always kept rising up inside me.  So, I tried doing Arts and craft, and small projects to keep my mind busy.  But I it didn’t have a true passion for any of those things.  Later in 2013 I got divorced, and eventually I started dating which is a whole other story, but let’s just say I learned a lot.   By 2015 I quit my job which I absolutely hated and I began feeling lost and unsure.  Until one day I started to write again as I did many years ago.   And I began to write every day.  I started out writing simple short poems and then they grew in length and then I began to write about my perception of life.  So, I decided to start a page on Facebook, and my page grew to over 11,000 likes.  I could not believe that this was because of me and my words.  But I continued writing until one day I decided to perform Spoken Word, which turned out to be one of the most profound experiences of my life. Now I have several platforms on social media and a Youtube Channel.  And today I am ready to speak about my journey and write about it because I am ready to manifest my dreams.  So, today I’m telling my story to whoever reads this because I feel like if I write it, then it becomes an affirmation.  And like the Beloved Luther Vandross used to sang it “A chair is still a chair even if no one’s sitting there”.  So, I may just be a chair but here I am.  Thanks for reading😊
    Youtube Channel                  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCDoduDLKNn3vrpsXD0mc1g?view_as=public
    Instagram                             https://www.instagram.com/kween_yakini/?hl=en
  11. Kween Yakini
    By:  Kween Yakini
    Please don’t tell her that she’s too pretty to be a Black Girl
    Don’t let her think that life would be better 
         if she wasn’t so Black
    Now I even hear some Africans bleach their skin
         because they think Dark skin is wack
    Can you imagine that?
    I just don’t understand why some Black Girls 
         don’t love being Black 
    And why some would rather lighten their complexion
         cause they want to be anything other than dark black
    It’s sad that they should ever learn to think like that
         and sometimes I just want to give them a little smack
    How did so many of us get so off track? 
    I think most of you know the answer to that
    But now it’s time for us to praise our young girls 
    Time to help them get their confidence back
    Cause all Black Girls are Lit and that is a #Fact!
  12. Kween Yakini
    Written By:   Kween Yakini  3/18/18
    I like sipping on ginger honey tea
    I like meditating to center my chi
    No, I don’t like soda or colas
    I prefer a Salted Carmel Mocha Frappuccino
    Because I imagine that’s what I taste like
    Yeah you heard me right
    And my favorite colors are Red, Black & Green
    Summa Yawl know what I mean
    I like writing my name on a black board with Chalk
    I like summertime strolls along the boardwalk
    I like midnight moon gazing
    And my favorite ice cream is Rum and Raisin
    Some think that I’m spoiled
    Cause I like to rub down my skin with
    Shea Butter and Coconut oil
    I like playing in Video Arcades
    I like playing Checkers,
    Dominos and Spades
    Because I’m a jack of all trades
    And if you on my team then you’ve got it made
    I like fruits and veggies
    I like Manicures and Pedi’s
    And oh yeah, I like garlic bread and spaghetti
    But I make a homemade sauce
    Cause I cook like a Boss
    I don’t like Guns
    but I do love roses
    I like music slow
    I like music fast
    I like music that make me wanna back that Azz
    I low key like getting glammed
    I like the adrenaline I get after a Poetry Slam
    Yeah, I did that
    Because I know I can
    And two of my favorite foods
    Are Cornbread and Yams
    I love strolls through in the park
    And watching Old School Martial Arts
    Yeah and, I do my best thinking after dark
    So if you ask me again
    I’ll just have to say  
    How much do I love me?
    Well just let me count the ways!
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