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Found 1 result

  1. There was an interesting story on This American Life about a family in Maywood IL. The young woman (Italian) was date another student. Her beau was also Italian. At the same time the young lady was banging this Brother (Black) who was on the basketball team. The young lady became pregnant and as was custom during the time (about 40 years ago I believe), the girl's father forced the kids to get married When the child was born the young it was the Brother's child but the young lady was in complete denial -- so much so she truly believed the child was her husbands. The rest of the family, unaware of the young lady's jungle fever had no reason to suspect otherwise... at least not desire to. The family was Italian and suggested the darker complexion child, a boy, inherited Moorish trails from their southern Italian ancestry (which makes me think of Pioneer's argument ). Whenever the young man encountered people in public they assumed he was Black. The poor boy was confused too as he had no reason to believe he had a Black father. If you are into great telling of true stories check out This American Life, from Chicago Public Media. this story of just one of hundreds -- though fascinating this one is not even one of my favorites. It just reminded me of Cynique because the principals involved are from her neck of the woods. You can down load this and other stories (as podcasts) from Amazon or Itunes
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