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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Recently I was invoved in a project sponsored by a group known as ACAM, an organization which invited authors to utilize its site to make monthly installments of their books available on a pay-as-you-go basis. This plan, while innovative, was plagued with the gliches and complications that made its implemation problematic. So, now, I have elected to withdraw from the ACAM experiment and, instead, take advantage of the exposure provided by this site. Thanks to the kind indulgence of AALBC’s founder, Troy Johnson, starting next Monday, I will be serializing my novella in a chapter-a-week format, right here on "Cynique’s Corner". Hope you'e curious enough to check out "The Only One" episodes. Especially since the only thing you’ll have to spend is about 15 minutes a week of your time. Thanks! Cynique Carole Everly is bright, attractive and a lover of books. In fact, when it came to her romantic fiascos, she could’ve written one. Carole is also versatile which is why, in the absence of a steady boyfriend, she has currently found other diversions to embrace. These diversions suddenly take on a new twist when Troy Briggs swaggers into her place of employment and instead of deferring to the favorable reaction of Carole, he yields to the alluring distraction of their co-worker, Debbie Marlowe. Recently-divorced, the survivor of a stormy marriage, cool, handsome Troy Briggs is back in the mix, hungry to sample a different flavor of seduction. Enter Debbie Marlowe. In addition to her luscious blond hair, and creamy vanilla skin, what Troy sees in her inviting blue eyes is what really stirs his appetite! With the characters all cast, the stage is soon set for "the plot to thicken", and as the book unfolds, “The Only One” tells its story of how, with Troy Briggs as the prize, a plucky “sista girl" vies with a perky “Barbie doll” in the competition to nail this stud who makes their hearts pound. Also stalking the plot is a vicious serial killer who has his own way of dealing with the rocky road to romance, and Carole Everly is just his type! Full of drama, suspense, and humor, “The Only One” is an urban-contemporary slice of life, - a compelling novel that explores the complicated relationships that define black love.
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