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I wrote you 37 Letters - Book Review Request

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Requesting a Book Review of my fourth self-published book: I wrote you 37 Letters.  Thank you in advance for your feedback, interest and support.


Dear Chocolate Brutha, Dear Black Beauty, Dear Bathroom Facilities, Dear Anonymous Lover, Dear Random Thoughts, Dear Hennessy, Dear Mood Swings, Dear Son, Dear Life, Dear Sweet Angel of mine, 40 years, 7 Days, 2 Hours and a Kiss, Dear... 


For years, I let my pride, stubbornness, strong will, ego & fear hijack me, emotionally, but now that I've humbled myself, I wrote you 37 Letters to express my feelings about all of those things that I've been wanting to say. 


This book of 37 letters offers an opportunity for you to self-reflect and perhaps find the words that you have been looking for to express those suppressed feelings. This is NOT a book of Dear John letters, nor is it intended to be a self-help, love yourself, and then let me love you, book, but rather it's a thought-provoking book of letters that dare you to get in touch with your headspace when it comes to expressing your feelings. Oh, and feel free to 'borrow' my words. (wink)


Warning: Some of the letters are frisky, funny, and head-tilting, but trust me, they will make you smile, woosah, blush & want to write me back.  


ISBN: 979-8-218-09319-8

Published: 12/2022

Self-Distributing: contact me at DeeInspired1521@gmail.com 


About the Author

Hello, my name is Dee Miller.


I am, what I call, a 'Closet Artist’ - mostly commission-based pieces, yet my work is widespread.   As an artist, my work ranges from serious depictions of strength to clever portrayals of corporate slang, to metaphoric images that inspire thought, to simple lines that tell a story, with a dribble of graffiti art.  What’s so cool about being an artist is that the piece can change direction at the flip of the wrist or a mood swing.   Often called a wordsmith, my artistry also includes writings with the same artistic range. 


As a wordsmith, I have self-published three books -  poetry for the soul, short stories (inspired by life events) that make you laugh hysterically, and a book of articles explaining why Black Women are NOT always so angry. 


Book 1
The Sun Came out Last Night...rated D (A book of Love lessons from poetry sessions).

I believe that the ingredients for a good story or poem can come from many venues…experiences, imagination, and observations just to name a few.  What makes the story or poem come to life is its writer, the wordsmith and the execution.

“Six months, Seven days, Two hours and a Kiss”, “Blue Morning”, “When no means Yes – No means Yes when he places his lips…she takes control and says, ‘It’s time’”.


This book of Private Thoughts and Love Lessons from poetry sessions promises to take you on a ride from the inspiration of love to the adventures of “oh, lala”!

The Sun Came out Last Night....Rated D
Book II
LOL...You Can't make this Stuff Up (hilarious and embarrassing book of my reality that many can relate to).


When you sit back and recall the funny things that come out of a child’s mouth, you can’t help but laugh.  The innocence is priceless as you sit back and watch them try to figure out how to navigate the world.


What I find even funnier is listening to them as they near adulthood – the conversations that take place as they, now, try to figure out how to navigate the world that they ‘think’ they’re ready for.


Then, the conversations that take place as adults when they reflect about the past and share how they interpreted words, conversations and phrases that were spoken during their younger years – even they have to laugh at themselves.

Of course, there’s the spoken and unspoken conversations that take place between adults that are side-cracking, funny!!! Not to mention funny situations that you’ve gotten yourself into.


LOL... You CAN'T make this stuff UP!!
Book III
Are Black Women ALWAYS so Angry...Truth Excuse or Something else (An inspirational and educational book of articles that speaks to how Black Women Love)
The purpose of this book of narrative, non-fictional articles promise to bitch slap you into owning your truth, then apologizing, forgiving, and hugging it out.  It will enlighten, educate, answer that burning question that keeps so many up at night (smirk), and will help you help me help others who need help understanding the Truth, Excuse and the Something else as to why ‘Black Women are NOT always so angry’. Hmmmm.
Are Black Women ALWAYS so Angry...Truth, Excuse or Something Else


I wrote you 37 Letters.JPG

Edited by Dee Miller
wrong email
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Hi @Dee Miller would you list the ISBN13 of your books as follows:


9781520984773: Are Black Woman 'Always' so angry? Hmmm: Truth, Excuse or Something else


Let's see what I can do to get your books up on the site.


BTW the ISBN 9798218093198 does not come up in any queries -- not even Amazon, Can you double check it?



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The top 3 are on am*zon.   

I wrote you 37 Letters is not available online as I am looking to put this book on aalbc.  I am self-distributing at this time.  a copy of the INSB imprint on my book is attached


ISBN: 9781520984773: Are Black Women ALWAYS so Angry? Hmmm...Truth, Excuse, or Something Else

ISBN: 9781502341402, LOL...You Cant make this stuff up!!

ISNB: 9781496154255: The Sun came out Last Night...Rated D

ISBN: 9798218093198: I wrote You 37 Letters  


Thanks again, Triy

INSB 4.jpg

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