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President Herman Cain’s 999 Plan In Action


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Bro Herman is pathetic. I watched him last night in an interview with Piers Morgan and I had to turn my head in embarrassment. This man has zero understanding of international and foreign policy and has no expertise nor savvy in politics (something he openly admits). His shrill rhetoric and defense of the Tea Baggers is a sham. Every credible independent tax policy and analysis entity has dismissed the viability of his vague and misleading 9-9-9 fantasy. His flip flops, retractions and FUBAR's have become the standard for his speeches. But it is funny to see a colored guy as a major GOP contender......for now......

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What would be equally mind-blowing would be a presidential race that pitted Cain against Abel - oops - I mean Obama. White people would then have to do what Blacks have done since they were granted the right to vote: choose between 2 candidates of the same race.

Cain serves a valuable purpose. He deflects accusations of racism being hurled at the Republican party, and would make an ideal figure head president, serving at the behest of the powers behind the throne. He would be America's token CEO, beholden only to the shareholders represented by corporate America.

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