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What can africa do to help itself ?

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The continent of Africa is huge and comprised of 54 countries. You asked the wrong question because each individual nation has its own problems.

In the north, Islam prevails. So does drought and famine. Civil war rages in some countries. Political battles may result in bloodshed. No single answer will prove a solution for the whole continent. One cannot boil down Africa's problems into a paragraph.

African issues for 2023

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My focus isn't on the ENTIRE continent of Africa but on Black African nations specifically.

One of the first things Black African nations can and should do is throw off the shackles of colonialism by getting rid of their religions and laws.

1. Go back to their traditional African spiritual systems and codes of morality.
2. Disavow most of the laws and ethics and societal/legal structures that have been set up by Europeans and Arabs who came down there to impose them on the population and exploit them....and develop THEIR OWN laws and ethics and social, legal, and government structures.

Infact, many of the national boundaries in Africa need to be RE-DRAWN to establish a more harmonious order that respects tribal and ethnic boundaries and rites.

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Good example:


Why are so many judges and other government officials in many African nations still not only wearing suits and ties but damn BLONDE WIGS????
As the photo says, it's a symbol of their colonized minds that they inherited from generations past.

As long as so many Africans believe that European culture and values are supreme they will continue to ascribe to them, which means their own self esteem will end up paying the price.


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the same reason why everyone in china or japan each the second largest economy in modern humanity where european suits. White european imperialism did a job on the rest of humanity. It isn't something that can be undone with the snap of a finger


but your correct, all non white european people  need to reclaim the love to their own heritages or cultures that they lost when dominated by whites over multiple centuries

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3 hours ago, richardmurray said:


It isn't something that can be undone with the snap of a finger


Problem is they aren't even TRYING to do it.

It's one thing if there was a collective effort to throw off the shackles of Caucasian colonialism piece by piece and reform their culture.
But I don't see any major effort on the part of any nation in Asia, Africa, or Latin America to do this right now.

The closest we came to this so far was during the various Communist revolutions of China and Cuba but that was basically replacing one White ideology with another.

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well @Pioneer1 for me Haiti/Ethiopia/Nippon/China are the four countries to have reached freedom from white european imperial power completely. and of them china has succeeded.

Did you know in the chinese constitution, one of their bill of rights so to speak is that all in china must abide by chinese law. that shows china is very aware of white european domination that in their constitution it is against the law, elementally , for any law to supercede their own in china. think on that, most other countries of color, not white european, don't have anything like that. 


and in defense of china having some white european trappings, that is why you win wars. 

Gaul has no one who speaks Gaulish, they all speak a form of common latin, the language of the roman empire. Is that cause the roman empire is around? no, that is because the roman empire annihilated the gauls. War gives the victor a part of the future in the culture to the future humans. It is that simple. Hundreds of years of white european imperial rule will not be washed completely away. That is the history of war throughout all humanity. 

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