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Maine has a 94.2% WHITE population with one of the LOWEST crime rates in the United States

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3 hours ago, Jaboris said:

Jobs, housing, ecenomic opportunities, and education systems are all failing because of the incompetence, laziness and general thug culture prevelant within alot of our black communities 


There may be something to having a smaller more well off black population rather than lots of blacks many of them living in concentrated poverty. But if you have less racism, poverty, and more opportunity then you can have thriving black communities like Prince George's County Maryland.

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Maine has a low crime rate because it HAS NO PEOPLE....lol.

Now let's go to the Ukraine where it's damn near ALL White.
How's the murder/crime rate THERE?




"Boy...I'm sure glad there are no niggers around to mess up
the good thing we got goin' here!"


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