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Ben Crump NAACP Award Winner

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As we know, Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump has been putting in work for a while now.


Last week, he won an NAACP award. His acceptance speech is here:




The quotable at the 5:30 mark for which he might be remembered is, "we have to be prepared to fight for our children's future until h8ll freezes over. And then, we have to be ready to fight on the ice."🤣


I have clowned brotha Ben Crump for his public speaking. But, I also give credit when it's due.


Ben Crump went hard in the paint at the NAACP awards and delivered. 😎

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                 Ben Crump  The  Family Man



He's got a beautiful wife.
I think I read somewhere he practices law too.

Another Barack and Michelle deal......Black power couple.

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16 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

Another Barack and Michelle deal......Black power couple.

I don't think Ben Crump will jump into politics. His law practice has been very lucrative.😎

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Maybe not, but I wouldn't put it past him later on.

Most politicians ARE lawyers by profession.

If you look at Congress and most state legislatures....the largest professions are lawyers and I BELIEVE the second biggest profession are doctors.

Probably because a lot of the laws and processes for coming up with them are so complex and nuanced that it takes the keen mind of a good lawyer to figure the shit out and introduce more of them.

I'm still thinking about his pretty ass wife.....lol.
That woman is gorgeous but to think that she's a lawyer too.....man....beauty and intelligence.

There's something about an intelligent woman who STILL knows how to talk and act like a lady and is very feminine.

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